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Wednesday, 27 February 2019

[Gamers] Score: 7 Summary: BioWare's cooperative...

Judah Richardson shared a post with Gamers
Judah Richardson:
Score: 7

Summary: BioWare's cooperative shooter soars with combat but struggles with story.
Concept: A cooperative shooter that soars with combat but stumbles with story
Graphics: The blending of fantasy and science-fiction genres pays off handsomely in visual design. Few games shower the battlefield with a show of particles and explosions like Anthem achieves
Sound: A constant stream of character chatter is joined by a great score that hits unique notes during combat
Playability: Playing as Iron Man is a lot of fun, yet most combat scenarios end up unfolding similarly
Entertainment: Anthem tries to be too many things, and ends up losing focus in all aspects of the experience
Replay: High
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Anthem Review – Grinding Gears
BioWare's cooperative shooter soars with combat but struggles with story.

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