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Kotaku Thursday, October 6, 2022 6:15 PM

Patience is a virtue, as somehow it is still difficult to find a PlayStation 5 some two years after launch. But fortunately, if you're in the market for a Steam Deck, there's no longer any need to chase after a far-off pre-order: Valve is now shipping them right after purchase. No waiting, no queues, no $5…


Kotaku Thursday, October 6, 2022 6:04 PM

Nintendo's trailer for The Super Mario Bros. Movie is finally out in the world, and so is Chris Pratt's extremely normal-dude Mario voice. The first look didn't explain why everyone's favorite Italian plumber lost his ass, but it does appear to confirm the recent leak of a Mario movie calendar by an alleged McDonald's…


Kotaku Thursday, October 6, 2022 5:40 PM

Nobody is excited about Chris Pratt's Normal Dude rendition of Mario in Nintendo's upcoming Super Mario Bros. movie, but that's perfectly okay. The disappointment is balanced out by the sheer hype we now all have after hearing Jack Black as Bowser. It sounded like perfect casting the moment it was announced, and the…


Kotaku Thursday, October 6, 2022 4:15 PM

Today, a Nintendo Direct dedicated entirely to the upcoming Super Mario movie gave us our first proper look at the film, letting us see what all the familiar characters will look like and, more importantly, letting us hear what Chris Pratt sounds like as Nintendo's mustachioed hero. It's all timed to coincide with…


Kotaku Thursday, October 6, 2022 2:40 PM

Nintendo lobbed a grenade the size of a King Bob-omb at the social fabric of America yesterday when it announced that Hollywood leading man and charming village idiot Chris Pratt would be Mario. That's right, the Italian plumber is finally re-appearing on the big screen after a nearly 30-year hiatus. The Marvel…


PCGamesN Thursday, October 6, 2022 5:25 PM
     New World

Amazon Games' MMORPG New World is adding 'Fresh Start World' servers at the beginning of next month. Starting November 2, you'll be able to join brand new servers in which Aeternum is just like it was at the launch of New World - but with all the improvements and streamlining that's happened in the meantime.

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PCGamesN Thursday, October 6, 2022 4:06 PM
     Steam Deck reservations are no longer required, you can just order one

You don't have to make a Steam Deck reservation to buy Valve's handheld gaming PC anymore. Valve has announced that starting October 6 (today), you can simply order a Steam Deck whenever you want to, and the company will put it in a nice box and send it to you.

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Rock Paper Shotgun Latest Articles Feed Thursday, October 6, 2022 3:47 PM

Up until now, buying a Steam Deck meant first purchasing a reservation, then waiting weeks or months until you came to the front of the queue before you could complete your purchase. No longer. Valve say that they've increased their manufacturing capacity such that you can now buy a Steam Deck without a reservation.

They've also made the Steam Deck's dock available to purchase. It costs $80/£80 and has the same 1-2 week delivery estimate as the Deck itself.

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Rock Paper Shotgun Latest Articles Feed Thursday, October 6, 2022 3:19 PM

Core developers of Disco Elysium were allegedly "fired on false premises", according to Martin Luiga. Luiga, who worked on the game in its early days, made the comment in a new interview in which he also says that he believes "fans had a right to know" about the developers' departure from the studio.

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Twinfinite Thursday, October 6, 2022 9:28 PM
     Pilotwings is the next game to be added to the Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack service of games. The trailer is oddly seductive.

Twinfinite Thursday, October 6, 2022 9:15 PM
     Here's a recap of everything that happened in She-Hulk episode 8.

Twinfinite Thursday, October 6, 2022 9:01 PM
     You can still find a bargain in FIFA 23.

Twinfinite Thursday, October 6, 2022 8:24 PM
     The Solar Opposites are going to Season Five

Twinfinite Thursday, October 6, 2022 8:16 PM
     Hishokuzu Telepath is a new sci-fi anime adapted from a 4-panel manga that tells the story of a high school girl who meets an alien girl.

Twinfinite Thursday, October 6, 2022 8:03 PM
     Whether you loved or hated it, here are some of the best reactions to the Super Mario Bros. Movie and Chris Pratt's Mario voice from Twitter.

Twinfinite Thursday, October 6, 2022 6:22 PM
     If you weren't a fan of Chris Pratt's interpretation of Mario, see if you like the French voice actor's version better.

Twinfinite Thursday, October 6, 2022 5:01 PM
     Let's meet the talented cast behind The Super Mario Bros. Movie.

Twinfinite Thursday, October 6, 2022 4:55 PM
     Mario stars in his first animated film.

Twinfinite Thursday, October 6, 2022 4:45 PM
     Ones to Watch are back with a twist in FIFA 23.

Twinfinite Thursday, October 6, 2022 4:29 PM
     Here's everything you need to know on the changes to Adept Raid weapons in Destiny 2.

Twinfinite Thursday, October 6, 2022 3:57 PM
     It's not open-world long, but it's pretty long

Twinfinite Thursday, October 6, 2022 3:39 PM
     Here is how to get great players cheap in SCBs for FIFA 23.

Twinfinite Thursday, October 6, 2022 3:26 PM
     Here's everything you need to know on why Divinity is getting nerfed in Season 19 of Destiny 2.

Twinfinite Thursday, October 6, 2022 3:04 PM
     Find out which healers are the best in Overwatch 2 with this ranked list.

Twinfinite Thursday, October 6, 2022 3:02 PM
     This news might actually mean the Steam Deck is about to start selling like crazy.

Twinfinite Thursday, October 6, 2022 2:50 PM
     GTA Online is getting into the Halloween spirit.

Twinfinite Thursday, October 6, 2022 2:43 PM
     JJ in Star Ocean: Divine Force is a samurai with a mechanical body and the voice of one of gaming's coolest heroes.

Twinfinite Thursday, October 6, 2022 2:19 PM
     Which Overwatch 2 Support character are you? Time to find out.

Siliconera Thursday, October 6, 2022 5:00 PM

The Super Mario Bros. Movie Trailer

Nintendo has revealed the first trailer for the upcoming Super Mario Bros. Movie. The company held a Nintendo Direct to premiere the trailer, which went live at 1:05 PM PT (4:05 PM ET). The presentation aired simultaneously at New York Comic Con 2022.

You can watch the trailer below.


Before showing the trailer, the Nintendo Direct aired messages from several of the people involved with the project. Nintendo's Shigeru Miyamoto, Illumination's Chris Meledandri, and Chris Pratt and Jack Black, who voice Mario and Bowser, respectively, each shared some of their thoughts on the movie.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie trailer opens with Bowser's huge, fiery castle landing in an icy kingdom. Bowser and his army of Koopas attack the penguins living there and burn down the castle to find a Power Star. Then, we see Mario shoot out of a warp pipe, landing on the outskirts of the Mushroom Kingdom. While trying to figure out where he is, he meets Toad (Keegan-Michael Key), who leads him to the kingdom itself. A list of much of the voice cast is shown, followed by a short scene where Luigi (Charlie Day) is chased across a river of lava and into a castle by a horde of Dry Bones. The trailer ends with a reconfirmation of the movie's April 7 release date.

Following the trailer, Meledandri and Miyamoto thank viewers for watching. Miyamoto then mentions that the finishing touches are being put on the movie, and says to look forward to a future trailer.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie comes to theaters worldwide on April 7, 2023.

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Siliconera Thursday, October 6, 2022 4:00 PM

KonoSuba Aqua in Sound Voltex

Aqua, one of the main characters in KonoSuba: God's Blessing on This Wonderful World, is making her appearance on the arcade rhythm game Sound Voltex. Konami revealed that it has added Aqua-related content for Sound Voltex: Exceed Gear that players can unlock for a limited time. The company has also added the anime show's first opening theme, "fantastic dreamer," as a playable song.

Players in Japan can access the Premium Generator to purchase in-game content related to Aqua. The main highlight is Aqua's appearance as a Nemsys Crew that will greet the player in the game's menus. The lineup also includes 10 Voiced Stamps and 20 Slide Show Touch Panels based on Aqua's famous pictures.

While Sound Voltex is also available in several other countries, the announcement has a fine print notifying players that content related to KonoSuba's Aqua will be available exclusively in Japan.

KonoSuba Aqua content in Sound Voltex

Sound Voltex is an arcade rhythm game with additional mixing effects from knob and button inputs. Konami has been regularly holding public contests to add user-submitted songs to the game series. The company also occasionally adds tracks from other IPs, such as Toby Fox's Undertale.

Sound Voltex: Exceed Gear is available in arcades and on PCs via Konami Amusement Game Station. Players of the arcade version in Japan have until October 16, 2022, to unlock content related to KonoSuba's Aqua.

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Siliconera Thursday, October 6, 2022 3:00 PM

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot PS5 Xbox Series

Bandai Namco confirmed the launch date for Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S consoles in a new announcement. The publisher also promised that players who own the original PS4 and Xbox One releases will be given a free upgrade to the new-generation console editions.

The PS5 and Xbox Series X|S editions of Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot will have upgraded graphics, performance, and loading times. The Card Warriors minigame will also be available for offline, solo play.

Check out a trailer for the upgraded editions below.


The upgraded versions launch on January 13, 2023. The PS5 and Xbox Series X|S standard editions of Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot are available for pre-order now on the Bandai Namco store. The digital versions will become available at launch.

Players who plan to get the new-generation editions at launch and beyond can also avail of a pair of pricier bundles that include extra content.

The Digital Deluxe Edition includes the base game, a deluxe cooking item, and the first Season Pass. Season Pass 1 includes the A New Power Awakens story arc and Trunks: The Warrior of Hope.

The "Legendary" digital edition includes a deluxe cooking item, a legendary cooking item, and both Season Passes. The 2nd Season Pass includes the game's latest DLC story arc, Bardock - Alone Against Fate. Two more story arcs are planned but haven't been revealed as of yet.

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot is available on PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch. The PS5 and Xbox Series X|S editions launch on January 13, 2023.

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Siliconera Thursday, October 6, 2022 2:00 PM

Street Fighter 6 Challenge Screen Customize

Capcom revealed that players will be able to customize their challenge screens in Street Fighter 6. The feature will allow players to change the portraits and effects that appear before online matches. In a short clip, Capcom showed off a few of the possible combinations for Luke, Ryu, Juri, and others.

The challenge screen appears when players fight in online matches against other players and shows off what character they will be facing. The screen appears to have several elements to customize, including a background with possible animated effects, effect color, and, most importantly, the character portrait. Notably, Capcom stated that players can choose and combine these elements, implying that the customization feature will be optional.


Capcom's tweet showcasing the feature gives a brief look at a few of the portrait variations. Luke, for example, comes with a default portrait, a key illustration-style portrait, and a retro pixel art-style portrait. Players can then add custom background effects, such as animated flames, stars, or paint splatters. Additionally, as shown in the final collection of challenge screens, players can choose the color of these effects.

You can get a better look at each of the featured Street Fighter 6 customized challenge screens in the screenshots below:

[gallery columns="4" ids="936866,936863,936862,936865" link="file"]

Street Fighter 6 will release for the PS4, PS5, PC, and Xbox Series X|S sometime in 2023. The launch roster is expected to include 19 new and returning fighters, including one that players can create themselves. The closed beta test for Street Fighter 6 will start tomorrow, October 7, 2022.


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PC Invasion - FeedDDD Thursday, October 6, 2022 6:30 PM
     Disco Elysium developers in-game firefightA few days ago, fans of the 2019 RPG Disco Elysium learned that three individuals, namely Aleksander Rostov, Robert Kurvitz, and Helen Hindpere, all left developer ZA/UM for mostly unknown reasons. This news came courtesy of Martin Luiga, the editor of Disco Elysium, who stated that all three left through "involuntary" means and hinted that studio investors might have had a hand in their departure. This naturally resulted in alarm among fans who wanted to learn more about why this happened to such key developers. Well, just today, and as spotted by PC Gamer, Luigi elaborated further on the situation, claiming that someone within ZA/UM fired the Disco Elysium developers "on false premises." Luiga shared this information in an interview with Gamepressure, where he suggested that the incident led to trauma among the three individuals and the people they were close to. He could not relay all of the information he had on hand, presumably due to an NDA, and he doe...

PC Invasion - FeedDDD Thursday, October 6, 2022 5:30 PM
     Babylon's Fall PlatinumGames protagonists sunsetBabylon's Fall has officially gone down as perhaps the biggest blunder that PlatinumGames has faced. It received a sound thrashing for its cynical live service elements and overall poor design, and only saw an infinitesimal amount of current players throughout its lifespan. This abysmal performance culminated in the announcement that Square Enix would take the game's servers offline in February 2023, not even a full year after its launch. PlatinumGames mostly remained tight-lipped ever since this announcement, but CEO Atsushi Inaba finally spoke about the impending closure of Babylon's Fall today, saying the developers feel "extremely sorry." In an interview with VGC, Inaba stated that he couldN't talk about certain aspects of Babylon's Fall's development due to the studio's publishing agreement with Square Enix. He can only discuss the closure itself, which he acknowledged may have led to disappointment or even anger among fans. ...

PC Invasion - FeedDDD Thursday, October 6, 2022 5:00 PM
     Steam DeckValve announced on their Twitter that starting today you can buy a Steam Deck, sans reservation. "Order one now, and we'll ship it to you now," the tweet proudly proclaims. Three years ago it might have seemed laughable that this would be a major accomplishment to be lauded. Now, however, it's newsworthy. Valve is one among many companies that have struggled to keep their gaming devices in stock over the past two years, but it seems to have finally to have caught up with demand. This comes after Valve had announced that Steam Deck production was ramping up, and clearly they weren't exaggerating. Six months after release, the company is meeting demand for the Steam Deck, which is no small feat. Very quickly after reservations opened up for the Steam Deck, it was sold out for months after it's eventual launch.   Deck, meet Dock The Steam Deck has certainly been successful, and is a great alternative to buying a full gaming PC or laptop. Also annou...

PC Invasion - FeedDDD Thursday, October 6, 2022 4:30 PM
     Moonbreaker Cargo Run ContractsUnknown Worlds has made the decision to remove Cargo Run Contracts from their Early Access title Moonbreaker. Cargo Run is a game mode in Moonbreaker where players progress from battle to battle, gaining rewards as they win. Each game is a standard game of Moonbreaker. You fight your opponent's squad and can progress to the next match once you defeat their captain. If you fail, your run ends. Starting a Cargo Run requires a Contract to start. During your run, you pick up cargo, which is a power boosts for your squad, as well as Blanks — a form of currency in the game.   Contract killers What are Contracts, and why are they being removed? Well, Contracts are essentially another form of currency in In Moonbreaker, and players felt that it was unfair to lock this mode behind a paywall, given that they already put money into the game. In a community post, developer Unknown Worlds revealed that it is removing Contracts, not just from Cargo Run but out of Moonbreaker altoget...

PC Invasion - FeedDDD Thursday, October 6, 2022 4:00 PM
     Corsair K100 Air Wireless keyboard reviewSay what you will about the popularity of tenkeyless (TKL) and 60% keyboards, but full-size gaming keyboards will always have a place in the market. Corsair is back with another offering for PC enthusiasts with the new Corsair K100 Air Wireless mechanical keyboard. It's an enthusiast's keyboard geared, in my opinion, to the professional that also wants to game without the need for multiple boards. The Corsair K100 Air Wireless is an ultra-thin low-profile board that's as enjoyable to type and work on as it is to game. But at a retail price of $279.99, it may be out of the range for many based on what you get.   Corsair K100 Air Wireless design, specs, and features Sitting at just 17mm at its thickest point, the Corsair K100 Air Wireless features low-profile Cherry MX Tactile switches with a 0.8mm actuation distance and a 1.8mm total distance. It also offers battery life of up to 50 hours with the RGB backlighting active or up to 200 hours with it off. Charging it tak...

Tabletop Gaming News Thursday, October 6, 2022 6:00 PM

Tabletop Gaming News Thursday, October 6, 2022 5:00 PM

Tabletop Gaming News Thursday, October 6, 2022 4:00 PM

Tabletop Gaming News Thursday, October 6, 2022 3:00 PM

Player Assist | Game Guides & Walkthroughs Thursday, October 6, 2022 5:00 PM
     Riot Games gives Fracture a makeover. Tactical FPS veterans will be used to seeing maps that feature an A-site, a Middle Lane, and a B-site in their layout. This traditional map layout design puts a great emphasis on Middle lane control because of how it opens up additional entry lanes towards the A and B […]

Player Assist | Game Guides & Walkthroughs Thursday, October 6, 2022 4:00 PM
     Pokemon Legends: Arceus is set in the old times in the Pokemon world at a time when it was rare to find harmony between people and Pokemon. Set in the land of the Hisui region, which will be known as Sinnoh region in the modern times, you'll join the Galaxy Expedition Team (or just Galaxy […]

Player Assist | Game Guides & Walkthroughs Thursday, October 6, 2022 3:00 PM
     Team Cherry's Metroidvania action-adventure game, Hollow Knight, follows the journey of a nameless warrior called the Knight as he travels through Hallownest which is now a kingdom in ruins because of a supernatural disease. As the Knight journeys through Hallownest, he will be able to unlock new abilities, spells, and charms that will help him […]

Player Assist | Game Guides & Walkthroughs Thursday, October 6, 2022 2:00 PM
     Keep an eye on your enemies on Bind. Bind is a relatively well-balanced map where Attackers win around 49% of the time while Defenders win closer to 50%. Despite the Defending side getting the upper hand, the advantage is so slight that both sides have equal chances of winning on Bind assuming everything else is […]

Gaming Instincts – Next-Generation of Video Game Journalism Thursday, October 6, 2022 5:26 PM

Gaming Instincts – Next-Generation of Video Game Journalism Thursday, October 6, 2022 4:54 PM

Gaming Instincts – Next-Generation of Video Game Journalism Thursday, October 6, 2022 4:22 PM

It could temporarily sell out again in the future

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Gaming Instincts – Next-Generation of Video Game Journalism Thursday, October 6, 2022 3:50 PM

Including a new Pokemon called Farigiraf

The post Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Gets New Trailer and Details appeared first on Gaming Instincts - Next-Generation of Video Game Journalism.

Latest Games on Play iDev Games Thursday, October 6, 2022 2:32 PM
     Make the two pins reach the 2 green square (the end) collecting some coins on your path but don't make the pins touch each other! More levels coming soon....

Pivotal Gamers Thursday, October 6, 2022 9:15 PM
     Hello all. We have another great offer from itch.io for EBOLA 2. Their message follows. Get EBOLA 2 for FREE! A few words about EBOLA 2 DESCRIPTION OF THE GAME: Last minute notes Login with your itch.io account, follow the on-screen instructions to add it to your library. So what are you waiting for? Just click on the button below and follow the listed instuctions. It couldn't be any easier!...

Pivotal Gamers Thursday, October 6, 2022 9:15 PM
     What's up all? itch.io holds a new giveaway for EBOLA 3. Their message follows. Get EBOLA 3 for FREE! A few words about EBOLA 3 EBOLA 3 – is created in the spirit of the great classics of survival horrors. In this game, you will control the main character with a first-person camera which makes you feel like you're in a real horror movie. http://cdn.akamai.steamstatic.com/steam/ap...

Oct 06, 14:00

Kotaku Thursday, October 6, 2022 1:45 PM

Here's some good news for those who got the dreaded "Player is in a different version of Overwatch" error. You can still play with your friends right now. It just takes a very simple workaround.


Kotaku Thursday, October 6, 2022 1:00 PM

Ubisoft's chief creative officer, Igor Manceau, will step down next month after only a year in that position at the troubled Assassin's Creed publisher, the company announced internally on Thursday. According to a message to staff from CEO Yves Guillemot, the move comes as part of a larger change in how some of the…


Kotaku Thursday, October 6, 2022 1:00 PM

At first glance, the news revealed in today's Pokémon Scarlet and Violet trailer seemed just lovely: You can now have a picnic with your Pokémon! But then, it turned out, everything is wrong there. Because unless the Pokémon world has been hiding pigs from us, these people are eating the Lechonks…and maybe even their…


Kotaku Thursday, October 6, 2022 12:25 PM

Another year, another busted version of Skyrim. After being on the market for over a decade, Bethesda's game that never dies just saw its Anniversary Edition update hit Nintendo Switch. (This edition, which hit other platforms last year, includes a new fishing mini-game along with other exclusive content.) You can…


Kotaku Thursday, October 6, 2022 12:08 PM

Babylon's Fall is one of the worst games of the year and a massive warning to anyone preparing to make or buy an always-online live service game. Despite bold plans for season content and continued updates, publisher Square Enix announced last month the action-RPG would be removed from store shelves and shut down…


Kotaku Thursday, October 6, 2022 11:50 AM

It's a sad time for titty lovers everywhere. Last week, the publisher of Hot Tentacles Shooter announced on Twitter that the game will no longer be available on the Nintendo Switch, because Nintendo no longer allows "uncensored boobs" on its consoles.


Kotaku Thursday, October 6, 2022 11:20 AM

Sometimes you really don't need more than a headline. But as we were watching the new 14-minute trailer for Pokémon Scarlet And Violet this morning, among the news of Terastalizing creatures and Far Cry-like base battling, one thing stood out to us above all else: You can give your Pokémon a bath.


Kotaku Thursday, October 6, 2022 10:45 AM

Even by the loose standards of video game marketing, calling Far Cry 6 one of 2021's games of the year was a stretch. But Ubisoft went ahead and did it anyway. It didn't stop there, either. The French publisher will also be charging $120 for this spruced-up release of its 2021 sequel. That's the price of two GOTYs,…


Kotaku Thursday, October 6, 2022 10:15 AM

As November 18 slowly crawls toward us, Nintendo is increasingly raising the hype for the first all-new mainline game in three years. Pokémon Scarlet and Violet received their latest enormous 14-minute trailer today, and you can see the whole thing right below.


Kotaku Thursday, October 6, 2022 10:00 AM

The PlayStation Stars program, Sony's revamped reward system for players, is out in the wild starting today. It's also just about as confusing as you might expect from the company that brought you nine different editions of Horizon Forbidden West and made PlayStation Plus into a confusing, multi-tiered service. Here's…


Kotaku Thursday, October 6, 2022 9:45 AM

Two days after Chess.com released a 72-page report detailing Grandmaster Hans Niemann's repeated history of online cheating on its website, the beleaguered pro is now, much to everyone's surprise, competing in 2022's U.S. Chess Championship. And while the internet has cracked plenty of jokes about how, exactly,…


Kotaku Thursday, October 6, 2022 9:30 AM

It's time once again for Steam Next Fest, a one-week period in which Valve's gaming storefront becomes flooded with tantalizing demos for promising upcoming games. One major takeaway from this year's event is that, yes, there are indeed a hell of a lot of awesome games on the horizon. And the best part? You can play…


PCGamesN Thursday, October 6, 2022 1:54 PM
     FIFA OTW Sterling SBC solution

The FIFA OTW Sterling SBC has been released, and if you're looking to add pace and trickery to your Ultimate Team, he could be a winner. The SBC contains only two segments, an 85-rated squad, and an 86-rated squad. If you consider how potent Sterling can be in front of goal, and the seeming resurgence of Chelsea, he could be in for more than a few upgrades over the course of the season.

Ones To Watch cards gain upgrades throughout the year if the player in question earns themselves a TOTW card, with the OTW variant matching the highest overall rating. Two segments of an SBC could seem like a bargain in a few months' time if you have a 90-rated winger in your club. Here's a cheap solution so you can get your hands on OTW Sterling.

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PCGamesN Thursday, October 6, 2022 1:16 PM
     Battlefield 2042 Liquidators limited time event dates revealed

A new Battlefield 2042 limited time event called The Liquidators is set to run this month, and it features a new game mode for the multiplayer FPS game. The Liquidators introduces the new Tactical Conquest mode, which is based on smaller teams fighting in tighter playspaces in infantry-only combat. The event is set to run October 11-25.

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PCGamesN Thursday, October 6, 2022 1:00 PM
     Free Games: Humankind free weekend celebrates DLC release date reveal

Humankind developer Amplitude games has announced a Humankind free weekend. The Civilization-style historical strategy game from the team behind Endless Space and Endless Legend is one of the best 4X games on PC right now, and brings some great ideas to the table that are worth a shot if you have had your fill of Civ or just fancy something a bit different. Thankfully, anyone wanting to try it can do so as Humankind will be a free game for several days to celebrate the release date reveal for its first expansion, Together We Rule.

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PCGamesN Thursday, October 6, 2022 12:35 PM
     The Invincible gameplay preview: Fear and Loathing on Regis III

As my hands-on preview of sci-fi adventure game The Invincible opens, my screen fills with the view through the scuffed visor of a space helmet. It's the kind from classic science fiction paperback covers, the ones the first Lego astronauts wore. I'm looking at a sandstone canyon on an alien planet - one that has apparently claimed the lives of my colleagues aboard our sister ship, Condor.

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PCGamesN Thursday, October 6, 2022 12:29 PM
     Best Overwatch 2 settings for PC graphics, FPS, and performance

Making sure you have the best Overwatch 2 settings when you run Blizzard's new FPS game will help improve visual performance - as well as your own. After all, the best way to make sure you see your opponent before they see you is with the right graphics and frame rate.

Being a few years on, Overwatch 2 has more demanding requirements than its predecessor, so once you've ensured you have the right setup and best graphics card to handle the Overwatch 2 system requirements, set the game up to give the very best performance - and make sure you never miss a shot.

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PCGamesN Thursday, October 6, 2022 12:28 PM
     The best FPS games on PC in 2022

What are the best FPS games on PC? From the classic physics chaos of Half-Life 2 to Overwatch's incredible guns, these are the finest FPS games. For more than two decades, FPS games have been the driving force of the PC games industry. They've let us travel from the depths of Hell in Doom to the outer reaches of space in Titanfall 2. Others have taken us on a detour through the likes of Half-Life 2's zombie-infested Ravenholm, while some have embraced futuristic cities.

Some of these games are old, others are new, all are great. Wolfenstein 2's amazing campaign; Rainbow Six Siege and its tight tactical multiplayer; Overwatch 2 and its vast array of amazing heroes. No matter what sort of virtual gunplay you're after, the following titles will satisfy your itchy trigger finger. So crack those knuckles, get ready to make all the headshots, and keep in mind that guns will solve all your problems in the following shooty gems. These are the best FPS games on PC.

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PCGamesN Thursday, October 6, 2022 12:19 PM
     Nvidia RTX 4090 officially asks for 850W, but your PC may need more

You'll soon be able to slot an Nvidia RTX 4090 into your PC, with the launch date of the RTX 4000 flagship just around the corner, but you may want to check your power supply before placing any orders. While an 850W PSU is recommended for the GeForce graphics card, you might need a bit more juice to get some models of the pixel pusher running in your rig.

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PCGamesN Thursday, October 6, 2022 12:17 PM
     Valorant ranks order, distribution, and ranking system explained

Want to know about Valorant ranks and how the ranking system works? Like all competitive FPS games, Riot's Valorant has an ascending ladder of titles to sort the player base by ability. Whether you're starting out as a lowly Iron or maintaining your dominance as a mighty Immortal, if you play Valorant competitively your life is governed by the ranking system.

Valorant has a couple of different ways it measures ranking progress and the overall rating of players against each other. Each player has an overall Valorant rank, but there's also a dedicated 'Act rank' for each act. On top of that, there's also a concept called 'rank rating', which is connected to MMR. Here is everything you need to know about Valorant ranks, the current rank distribution, and competitive play.

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PCGamesN Thursday, October 6, 2022 11:54 AM
     Genshin Impact leak suggests Alhaitham is coming later than expected

This Genshin Impact leak gives us a full rundown of which characters to expect in future updates, including the long-awaited Alhaitham and Baizhu. It seems that the pair won't be joining the roster any time soon, as players will likely have to wait until version 3.6 for Baizhu and version 3.7 or 3.8 for Alhaitham. The anime RPG doesn't offer many Dendro options at the moment, so this isn't the best news.

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PCGamesN Thursday, October 6, 2022 11:49 AM
     Call of Duty brings back Shepherd with Modern Warfare 2 teaser

Call of Duty is bringing back the despised General Shepherd from Activision and Infinity Ward's iconic FPS game, so confirms a subtle Easter egg buried in the new Modern Warfare 2 trailer.

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PCGamesN Thursday, October 6, 2022 11:37 AM
     Destiny 2 King's Fall loot table weapons, god rolls, and armor

The Destiny 2 King's Fall loot table has a lot to offer because Bungie is known for rewarding its games' most strenuous activities with top-tier gear. You can pick up some of the FPS game's top weapons and neat-looking armour pieces, and now that Bungie has introduced a Master version of King's Fall, players can also earn Adept versions of the same weapons.

A raid is a challenging endeavour that requires a lot of patience and coordination, so if you're like most players, you'll want to know if it's worth it for you at your skill level and Power level. Before you get started, check out our Destiny 2 King's Fall raid guide, which offers everything you need to know to make it through the raid. You'll also want to see our Destiny 2 King's Fall weapon loadouts to see what weapons you'll want to use for each encounter.

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PCGamesN Thursday, October 6, 2022 11:46 AM
     Need for Speed Unbound release date set for EA racing game

EA has revealed its newest racing game, setting the Need for Speed Unbound release date for December as it unveils the next iteration of the long-running series. After many rumours and much speculation, the newest game from former Burnout developer Criterion Games has been shown off in an official reveal trailer featuring American rapper A$AP Rocky, who looks to feature prominently in the game itself.

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PCGamesN Thursday, October 6, 2022 11:31 AM
     This Atari 2600 gaming PC can run The Witcher 3 and GTA 5

A custom gaming PC enthusiast has transformed an old Atari 2600 into a modern system, and it trades classic games for contemporary releases like GTA 5 and The Witcher 3. The retro console originally arrived in 1977, but cramming a motherboard, RAM, and an AMD gaming CPU into its ancient shell could extend its life tenfold.

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PCGamesN Thursday, October 6, 2022 11:28 AM
     Fall Guys Star Trek crossover adds Worf, Uhura, and Spock beans

A Fall Guys Star Trek special kicks off today with the Final Frontier event, which adds new official costumes of classic Trek characters to the chaotic multiplayer game. The event, which runs October 6 - 10, adds the original series' Uhura and The Next Generation's Worf to the shop, as well as a bean version of Spock for season pass owners.

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PCGamesN Thursday, October 6, 2022 11:29 AM
     Diablo Immortal tier list

This Diablo Immortal tier list will help you choose the best character class for you. After all, there's nothing worse in an RPG game than investing countless hours into levelling your character only to discover they don't suit your play style. You can also now change class in Westmarch once you reach level 35, so at least it's not permanent any more.

We've taken a close look at every class to determine their place on this Diablo Immortal tier list. There are classes that specialise in crowd control, but perform badly against bosses, and then there's other aspects like PvP and Challenge Rifts to factor in. Your MMORPG character class is also a very personal choice as well, so maybe consider this information alongside your own preferences. And, since Diablo Immortal is frequently updated, it's entirely possible that the worst class on our list could become the best after a balance patch.

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PCGamesN Thursday, October 6, 2022 11:14 AM
     How to slide in Fortnite

Want to know how to slide in Fortnite? Fortnite Chapter 3's island is filled with hilly areas, the perfect place to introduce a sliding mechanic. What's more, you don't need to be in a snowy environment in the battle royale game to utilise this mechanic.

Performing a Fortnite slide is as simple as crouching during a sprint - it's worth learning how to slide early on as it's a staple of the Fortnite meta. Sliding down a steep hill allows you to move much faster than if you were running, making it easy to avoid enemy fire and outrun the storm circle. It's possible to slide on a level platform, though you won't travel very far as you need an angled surface to utilise this mechanic effectively. In addition, you can also use Fortnite grapple gloves or the Fortnite Baller to swing around the environment, while the new chrome splash item helps you move quickly.

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PCGamesN Thursday, October 6, 2022 11:00 AM
     Dead by Daylight becomes a free game in time for Halloween horror

Dead by Daylight will become a free game to mark Halloween weekend, as the multiplayer horror gets a spooky update from BHVR adding new mechanics, a new Tome, memories for Ghost Face and Mikaela, and fresh skins for Oni and Wesker.

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PCGamesN Thursday, October 6, 2022 10:53 AM
     Fortnite Marvel crossover could be incoming with new X-Men skin

A new Fortnite skin could be another crossover from the world of Marvel. The battle royale game has been getting a fairly steady influx of Marvel characters for a while now, with the next character potentially coming from the world of Iron Man, Wolverine, and the X-Men, in the shape of X-23.

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PCGamesN Thursday, October 6, 2022 10:53 AM
     Minecraft copper uses guide

Minecraft copper arrived in the long-awaited 1.17 Caves and Cliffs update, introduced as part of Mojang's promise to the community to spruce up the cave and mountain systems. As well as copper, the update added new Minecraft mobs such as adorable mountain goats and sweet little axolotls.

The colourful new resource has many facets, but a fun quirk that veteran players will adore is that Minecraft copper turns green over time when naturally exposed to the elements, making a unique building material. But with more uses than just building, how do you use copper, how does it work, and where can you find it?

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PCGamesN Thursday, October 6, 2022 10:48 AM
     Genshin Impact events – all current and upcoming events

Want to know more about the upcoming Genshin Impact events? A new version of Genshin Impact arrives every six weeks, complete with new characters, quests, and events. It's difficult to keep track of which events are currently running and if there are any new ones coming soon, so here's a schedule for all current and upcoming Genshin Impact events.

There are usually a number of Genshin Impact events running simultaneously, and they aren't just in-game events. When a new Genshin Impact character joins the game, the devs launch a web event at the same time - players learn about the latest characters through an interactive story told through a web browser. The rewards for completing different events range from in-game items like primogems and mora, to real life prizes like mouse mats and plushies.

Just like the Genshin Impact banners, most events are only available for a limited time, so it's worth participating as soon as you can. New events are usually added to Genshin Impact after an update, but it's worth keeping an eye out on this page as the devs do like to surprise the community.

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PCGamesN Thursday, October 6, 2022 10:42 AM
     Half-Life roguelike shooter approved for Steam by Valve

A Half-Life isometric shooter with a roguelike game mode is in the works and has been approved for a release on Steam by Dota 2, Portal, and Left 4 Dead developer Valve, certainly something to keep us busy as we continually ponder whatever happened to Half-Life 3.

PCGamesN Thursday, October 6, 2022 10:47 AM
     The best Indian VPN services in 2022

We've picked out five top choices for the best Indian VPN. These will give you a chance to connect through an Indian server when outside the country and protect your privacy on the internet in the process. To clarify, these are services with Indian servers, rather than VPN businesses based in India.

Before we go any further - those seeking an Indian VPN service need to keep something in mind. Servers which are physically located in India cannot provide you with the same level of privacy as those located in certain other countries due to Indian laws. VPN providers who have physical servers located in India are required to keep logs on the activities of those using them.

If your priority is something other than privacy, then that won't be a problem. That said, if you want the most private VPN services, then you'll have to pick one that uses virtual servers instead. Fortunately, many of the best VPN services offer virtual servers, and we have recommendations for both kinds below.

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PCGamesN Thursday, October 6, 2022 10:36 AM
     A Plague Tale: Requiem will come to Nvidia GeForce Now at launch

A Plague Tale: Requiem is shaping up to be one of the most gorgeous and grotesque video games to launch this year, as the stealth game brings us back to its uniquely macabre rat-infested medieval France. If you're worried about your ageing rig not doing the game's visual splendour justice, worry not, as the sequel will be available to steam on Nvidia GeForce Now from launch.

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PCGamesN Thursday, October 6, 2022 10:36 AM
     How to find Minecraft diamonds in 1.19

Knowing how to find diamonds in Minecraft 1.19 is crucial to upgrading your weapons and armour quickly. Among the rarest of materials in the survival game, you'll have to dig a little deeper to find diamonds - especially since the new world height change of the Caves and Cliffs update - but it will be worth it when you strut into battle donning your sparkling war attire.

Minecraft diamonds are used to craft high tier and extremely durable weapons, tools, and armour, and can also be used to create an enchantment table which is needed for Minecraft enchantments. You can also trade diamonds with villagers at Minecraft villages. The level at which diamond can be found changed in the 1.18 update, so read on to find out where to find diamonds in Minecraft 1.19, as well as everything you can create using this rare and valuable mineral.

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PCGamesN Thursday, October 6, 2022 10:32 AM
     Best SMG Warzone: the top SMGs in Season 5 Reloaded

Looking for the best SMGs in Warzone? Caldera, the new Warzone map, has completely changed the way the battle royale game is played. Compared to Verdansk's large open spaces spread throughout the map, Caldera is much tighter overall, packing each area with unique points of interest to keep things interesting. As a result, long-range battles aren't as prevalent, causing weapons types like the best AR in Warzone and SMGs to dominate the meta.

If you're still trying to pick off enemies from a distance using the best snipers, you need to have a reliable secondary weapon like the best SMGs in Warzone to immediately blast any flankers away. Don't forget to check out our best Warzone loadouts guide to see which attachments you need to build these game-breaking setups.

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Rock Paper Shotgun Latest Articles Feed Thursday, October 6, 2022 1:57 PM

Battlefield 2042 is getting a new in-game event from October 11th until the 25th. Called The Liquidators Event, it adds a new mode focused on fast-paced, close-quarters combat featuring only infantry and no vehicles. You'll find a trailer and more details below.

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Rock Paper Shotgun Latest Articles Feed Thursday, October 6, 2022 1:33 PM

Prison Architect's next expansion will arrive on October 11th, just in time for spooky season. The timing is significant because the DLC is called Undead and its main new feature is zombies.

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Rock Paper Shotgun Latest Articles Feed Thursday, October 6, 2022 1:00 PM

Far Cry 6's Game Of The Year edition is out now, which is great news for people who have £100 to spend and who have never felt regret. That's how much it will cost you to buy the package from the Epic Games Store. It includes the base game and the three pieces of DLC released thus far. More interestingly, it also includes a new expansion that hasn't even been announced yet.

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Rock Paper Shotgun Latest Articles Feed Thursday, October 6, 2022 12:30 PM

When the mysterious sci-fi action shooter Scars Above was first unveiled during Geoffcom's Opening Night Live at the end of August, I thought it had big Returnal energy. Based on the reveal trailer, it certainly seemed to be riffing on several of the same themes as Housemarque's challenging PlayStation exclusive - what with its lone female scientist stranded on an alien planet schtick, third-person shooting, and big eerie alien monsters after her etc. - so when I saw it was part of this month's Steam Next Fest demo bonanza, I knew I had to give it a try. And while it certainly captures the same kind of atmosphere as Returnal, I'm sorry to say that's about as far as the comparison goes, as the rest of Scars Above is a much slower, more traditional kind of space action game.

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Rock Paper Shotgun Latest Articles Feed Thursday, October 6, 2022 12:15 PM

A launch trailer for Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 has popped onto the Internet a full three weeks before the military shooter's launch date of October 28th. Pre-orderers can play the campaign a week early, technically, but that's still a good couple of weeks away as well. By the way, could you help me out? I can't remember the actor who's playing the shouty general's name and it's really bothering me. He's in the trailer below, watch it and let me know in the comments please.

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Rock Paper Shotgun Latest Articles Feed Thursday, October 6, 2022 12:00 PM

Let's be clear about one thing: whatever else I say today doesn't deny that building games are in a great state right now. Within just the last few years, we've not only had many releases, but an impressive proportion of well-designed, enjoyable games made with obvious care and enthusiasm. Things, in a word, are good. And yet I keep coming back to Ostriv, and Workers & Resources. Neither are out of early access yet. But they've had me contemplating the nature of a settlement, and the complex relationships between people, leaders, and the land itself, where so many of their peers feel like a dispassionate excercise in placing tokens.

Building games are doing well. But they could be doing more.

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Rock Paper Shotgun Latest Articles Feed Thursday, October 6, 2022 11:51 AM

The next Need For Speed has been revealed at last, and its new graphical direction is what I can only describe as pulling an 'Into The Spiderverse'. Yep, Need For Speed Unbound is looking pretty cel-shaded, with little cartoon streams of dust flying up from the wheels of your speeding vehicle. Substantially pimped-out vehicle, might I add, courtesy of rapper and general lad A$AP Rocky. Take a look at his motor in the trailer below.

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Rock Paper Shotgun Latest Articles Feed Thursday, October 6, 2022 11:31 AM

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 isn't even out yet and there's already a rumour circulating that, to celebrate the series' 20th anniversary, the game's going to receive a paid "Greatest Hits" map pack featuring a bunch of the classic maps from across the series. We're talking favourites from Infinity Ward, Sledgehammer Games, and Treyarch, all rolled into one mega-bundle.

Of course, it's only a rumour, which means it could be debunked at any moment. But it did get Hayden and I – the resident codders of the RPS Treehouse – thinking. If this rumour turns out to be true, which maps would we like to see return for Modern Warfare 2?

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Rock Paper Shotgun Latest Articles Feed Thursday, October 6, 2022 11:00 AM

Sci-fi colony simulator RimWorld is capable of generating some scenarios that could make The Sims 4 blush, and the newly announced Biotech expansion isn't likely to change that. Y'see, Biotech introduces pregnancy, child-rearing, and families. It isn't stopping there, because there's also genetic engineering now. Your character will be able to psychically command semi-living machines too thanks to a special implant, making them your thralls. That's one word for it, anyway.

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Rock Paper Shotgun Latest Articles Feed Thursday, October 6, 2022 11:00 AM

We're back with a bang, a villainous laugh, and a dose of coronavirus I've brought back from somewhere in Tenerife. The two week drought is broken with a shower of Electronic Wireless Show podcast rain, were we discuss the best villainous breakdowns we've enjoyed in video games. Matthew is sadly away this week because, while my coronavirus dose is mild, like the tingle of delicious Rio Tropical on your tongue, Matthew's is wild and aggressive, like a super-charged Electricity Cop.

In his absence, Nate and I talk about some proper good villains, and even discuss some sensible things like evil cartoon monsters vs. villains you can sort of sympathise with. Handsome Jack? GLaDOS? LeChuck? Andrew Ryan? That's one hell of an awkward dinner party. Plus stick around for a Cavern Of Lies that proves Warhammer 40k is essentially the same as Tumblr.

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Rock Paper Shotgun Latest Articles Feed Thursday, October 6, 2022 8:43 AM

Fantasy roguelike Dead Cells has brought out the big guns for its latest update, adding a promised boss rush mode. You can now go head to head in a sequence of four stages, pitting you against familiar bosses and their enhanced versions. Oh, and there's a humongous fancy statue to decorate for some reason. Get your dander up by watching the trailer below.

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Rock Paper Shotgun Latest Articles Feed Thursday, October 6, 2022 8:14 AM

Last month, I enjoyed playing Card Cowboy, a wee wild west adventure which uses cards to tell silly stories. As you cross the land in search of revenge, you build a hand of cards representing resources and events, which you use to resolve situations—often with strange and surprising results. What does happen if you try to lasso a villain with a mezcal worm? That free version was fun, and now the devs have expanded it into a £2 paid version with new cards, conundrums, and voice acting. It too is fun!

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Rock Paper Shotgun Latest Articles Feed Thursday, October 6, 2022 7:22 AM

It's Call Of Duty season once again, which means that people are already speculating about the series' future rather than concentrating on the game that's about to ratatat out of the end of Activision Blizzard's rifle. Ahead of Modern Warfare 2's eruption on October 28th, rumours are circulating that Sledgehammer Games will return to the near-future world of their 2014 boots-off-the-ground instalment, Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare. COD help us all.

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Rock Paper Shotgun Latest Articles Feed Thursday, October 6, 2022 6:11 AM

Blizzard have said they've disabled the phone number account requirement for most Overwatch 2 players, following issues with registration for some. The company originally insisted on all players providing a phone number as part of the hero shooter's new anti-cheat system, dubbed Defense Matrix. The planned change should go into effect from October 7th.

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Twinfinite Thursday, October 6, 2022 1:45 PM
     A new Halloween event is headed to Dead by Daylight. Here's everything you need to know about when it begins.

Twinfinite Thursday, October 6, 2022 1:32 PM
     Today Mojang revealed the third candidate that will participate in the popular mob vote at Minecraft Live 2022.

Twinfinite Thursday, October 6, 2022 1:23 PM
     Halloween Happy Meals are back.

Twinfinite Thursday, October 6, 2022 1:09 PM
     We have plenty of information on a Need for Speed Unbound release date.

Twinfinite Thursday, October 6, 2022 1:04 PM
     How to change sens between Valorant and Overwatch 2.

Twinfinite Thursday, October 6, 2022 12:54 PM
     A certain horror sequel has floated into the Top 10 on Hulu

Twinfinite Thursday, October 6, 2022 12:04 PM
     Valorant's new Agent 21, Mage, has arcane power.

Twinfinite Thursday, October 6, 2022 12:00 PM
     Check out our review of Werewolf by Night.

Twinfinite Thursday, October 6, 2022 11:44 AM
     The developers of One Piece Odyssey have found a way to play with the fans' nostalgic heartstrings even in a new story: enter Alabasta!

Twinfinite Thursday, October 6, 2022 11:28 AM
     Players are facing considerable queue times to get into Overwatch 2. Here's everything you need to know about the wait times.

Twinfinite Thursday, October 6, 2022 11:15 AM
     A new update is available for Marvel's Spider-Man Remastered that allows players to unlock certain in-game items by linking their PSN account.

Twinfinite Thursday, October 6, 2022 10:49 AM
     Take to the streetrs of Lakeshore City alongside A$AP Rocky in Need for Speed Unbound.

Twinfinite Thursday, October 6, 2022 10:35 AM
     One Piece Film Red will be one of those anime films you'll want to see on the big screen.

Twinfinite Thursday, October 6, 2022 10:34 AM
     Keep swinging until your Grapple Glove's out of charge.

Twinfinite Thursday, October 6, 2022 10:32 AM
     The Black Clover anime movie has received a trailer revealing its title and release date.

Twinfinite Thursday, October 6, 2022 10:00 AM
     Today the Pokemon Company revealed a new trailer for the massively-anticipated Pokemon Scarlet & Violet.

Twinfinite Thursday, October 6, 2022 9:56 AM
     Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 visuals once again wow us in this trailer.

Twinfinite Thursday, October 6, 2022 9:09 AM
     Fan-made Valorant Ion Vandal skin looks amazing.

Twinfinite Thursday, October 6, 2022 9:07 AM
     Lengthy OP!

Twinfinite Thursday, October 6, 2022 8:14 AM
     How long Valorant servers take to come back online.

Siliconera Thursday, October 6, 2022 1:00 PM

final fantasy assassin's creed magic gathering

Hasbro has announced that Final Fantasy and Assassin's Creed cards will appear in Magic: The Gathering. Players can expect them some time in 2024. This news came out during Hasbro's Investor Day, and they will be part of the Universes Beyond Initiative. [Thanks, IGN!]

There are no details about what characters will appear from the series, but Cynthia Williams (Wizards of the Coast president) has commented that the releases would appear "from 2024." Williams has not mentioned if the Final Fantasy and Assassin's Creed cards would be individual cards available through Secret Lair drops, or pre-made decks.

During the announcement, Williams commented that 2022 would be the 35th anniversary of Final Fantasy and the 15th anniversary of Assassin's Creed. Both franchises are still releasing games, with Final Fantasy XVI set to come out in Summer 2023. Meanwhile, Ubisoft announced three upcoming Assassin's Creed games during the Ubisoft Forward in September 2022.

Other IPs that Hasbro previously collaborated with for the Universes Beyond Initiative include Fortnite and Lord of the Rings. The Fortnite cards are Secret Lair drops that are reprints of existing Magic cards. Meanwhile, the Lord of the Rings cards will appear as an entire complete set.

The Final Fantasy and Assassin's Creed cards for Magic: The Gathering will appear some time in 2024.

The post Final Fantasy, Assassin's Creed to Join Magic: The Gathering appeared first on Siliconera.

Siliconera Thursday, October 6, 2022 12:00 PM


A report in the Japanese industry news outlet Gamebiz suggests that tri-Ace, developer of the Star Ocean and Valkyrie Profile series, is having financial difficulties. The story is based on tri-Ace's public financial report for the fiscal year ending in June 2022. [Thanks, GSK!]

In essence, the disclosures show that despite turning an operating profit of more than 171 million yen (about $1.18 million USD), project cancellations, development delays, and a lack of new work coming in resulted in an overall loss of more than 684 million yen (about $4.73 million USD). Sales also amounted to about 1.25 billion yen (about $8.64 million USD), though this figure is down 42% from the previous year. The Gamebiz report suggested that tri-Ace is currently insolvent, or unable to pay off outstanding loans.

Though not specified in the Gamebiz report, one potential source of tri-Ace's financial woes could be the loss of Star Ocean: Anamnesis, its mobile RPG. Square Enix shut the game down overseas in 2019, and in Japan in June 2021. Prior to that, its only notable credited projects before the upcoming Star Ocean: The Divine Force were the 2017 remaster of Star Ocean: The Last Hope and the 2018 remaster of Resonance of Fate. It is not involved in the development of this year's Valkyrie Elysium, which was developed by Soleil.

Star Ocean: The Divine Force releases on October 27, 2022, for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC. A playable demo is available on consoles.

The post Report: Star Ocean Dev Tri-Ace Takes Major Fiscal Losses appeared first on Siliconera.

Siliconera Thursday, October 6, 2022 11:00 AM

wild hearts

The official YouTube account for Wild Hearts has uploaded a video showcasing over seven minutes of gameplay. It focuses on the hunt for Kingtusk, which is a large and aggressive boar-like Kemono. Plenty of karakuri appear in the video to give a feel for how players can use them to move around the map and take down enemies.

You can watch the gameplay video here:


Though the protagonist initially fails to take down the Kingtusk, working together with another player turns things around. Comments on the video are mostly positive, with many praising the karakuri and the fact that a game other than Monster Hunter is breaking into the…monster hunting genre.

Wild Hearts is a monster hunting game that players can tackle either alone or in co-op. It is a collaborative effort between EA and Koei Tecmo. In Wild Hearts, you hunt Kemono, which make the land of Azuma a dangerous place to live in for humans. Players can use the 'Seed of Invention' to construct weapons and tools on the fly. The trailer showed off how you could build small items such as swords, or large items such as catapults.

Wild Hearts will come out for the PS5, Xbox Series X, and Windows PC on February 17, 2023.

The post Wild Hearts Gameplay Trailer Showcases Karakuri and Co-op appeared first on Siliconera.

Siliconera Thursday, October 6, 2022 10:00 AM

Pokemon Scarlet Violet

Nintendo debuted a new trailer for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, as the game's November 18th release date draws closer. The new trailer highlights the "Paldean Journey" of four particular player-controlled trainers, showing off slices of the game in action.

Check out the extended gameplay trailer below.


Through the trainers' individual journeys, the trailer focuses on Pokemon Scarlet and Violet's unique features. A major new addition emphasized encounters with Terastallizing, a unique Paldean phenomenon. Terastallizing a Pokemon causes it to take on a crystalline form, enhancing the moves that match its Tera type. There are 18 different Tera types, and any Pokemon can have any one of them, adding variation even between Pokemon of the same species. Tera Pokemon can be encountered in the wild and captured, so players can look out for unusual or rare type/Tera type combinations. In the cooperative Tera Raid battles, players will have chances to capture Pokemon with rare Tera types, like a Chansey with a Ghost Tera type. Terastallized Pokemon can also use a new move called Tera Blast, an attack that uses the Tera type of the Pokemon that's Terastallized.

Meanwhile, players tackling the story can take on Team Star in the "Starfall Street" storyline. They can bust into Team Star's bases, taking on Team Star Grunts' Pokemon by using the previously detailed "Let's Go" function. "Let's Go" sends out a Pokemon to take independent action, like retrieving faraway items or even battling on their own. Players will also take on boss characters, like Mela, boss of Team Star's Fire Crew.

The Pokemon Scarlet and Violet trailer also revealed the TM Machine, a sort of crafting system that uses items dropped by Pokemon and trainers in battle. In the trailer, the player created a TM to teach her Drifloon the Icy Wind skill. This TM-using trainer followed the "Path of Legends" story, where players seek out legendary herbs. This portion of the trailer featured a fight with a Titan Pokemon. It also showed off link trading and introduced Farigiraf, a giraffe-like Pokemon that evolves from Girafarig.

Then there's the "Victory Road" storyline, involving conquering the regional gyms. As in previous Pokemon games, gyms require tests for entry and feature battles with the gym's leader. The trailer showcased a fight with Brassius, the Grass Gym Leader. Other features demonstrated things like Pokemon Scarlet and Violet's cosmetic customization, the camera app, and new Pokemon hangout activities. Trainers can play ball with their Pokemon, wash and scrub them, and go on picnics. During picnics, they'll prepare sandwiches to gain buffs.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet launch on November 18, 2022, on the Nintendo Switch.

The post Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Trailer Introduces the Paldean Journey appeared first on Siliconera.

Siliconera Thursday, October 6, 2022 9:00 AM

ps5 pt

Those who missed the chance to download PT from the PSN during its limited release on the PS4 will have the chance to get it for the PS5. Albeit, a PS5 that has been jailbroken. And you cannot actually launch it. Yet. But hey, at least you can see it on the main menu. A user named SpecterDev (aka Specter) has reportedly published a "jailbreak" (a reverse-engineering trick designed to "open up" closed hardware to run unauthorized software) for the PlayStation 5. Some users of the jailbreak have already employed it to install the defunct game PT to their PS5s. [Thanks, VG247!]

Here's a tweet thread from modder Lance McDonald demonstrating the jailbreak in action and installing PT to a jailbroken PS5.


According to McDonald (who recently helped publicize news of the user-made NieR Automata modding tools), he legally downloaded PT when it was available on the PS4 store. When Konami removed PT from the PS4 store in 2015, everyone lost access to the demo. Even those who had originally downloaded it could not re-install it. However, McDonald put the game onto the USB stick via the debug menu. This allowed him to access the PSN store's blacklist, but he cannot actually launch the game from the PS5 because of another blacklist on the console that he cannot get rid of yet.

Specter's jailbreak method on Github applies to PS5s operating under firmware kernel version 4.03. However, as October 5, 2022, Specter was able to add support for 4.50. This means that even if you have a PS5 at firmware 4.50, you can jailbreak it. Firmware regularly gets updated, though, and on October 5, Sony also released a firmware update, potentially affecting the exploit. Platform holders and device manufacturers, like Sony and Apple, typically take a dim view of jailbreaks and similar software exploits. Inexperienced or careless users running unapproved software can threaten the security or functionality of their devices. It's not unusual for a jailbreak installation gone wrong to "brick" a device, making it unusable. And though customized firmware allows users to run "homebrew" software on their devices, the same exploits have often gone hand-in-hand with enabling software piracy.

Manufacturers typically discourage the use of jailbreaks by issuing updates to combat them, voiding warranties on devices that use them, and occasionally banning accounts connected to jailbroken devices. Most game consoles typically require the latest firmware to be installed to connect to platform networks or use online play, meaning a jailbroken device is often unable to play online.

That said, this particular jailbreak is quite limited. As mentioned, it can't actually launch PT on the PS5 . Further, the jailbreak exploit doesn't always work, with some estimates placing the success rate around 30%. It can't install homebrew code, either. But these are early days, and one jailbreak tends to lead to another.

The post Report: PS5 Gets Jailbroken, Man Installs PT appeared first on Siliconera.

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Shirakami Fubuki performed her Hololive song KingWorld on Jubeat

Several songs performed by Hololive VTubers will appear in Jubeat. Shirakami Fubuki made the announcement at her 2022 birthday stream. A Jubeat cabinet appeared in the VTuber's 3D stream for the first time.

After playing several of the game's original tracks, Fubuki revealed that Konami made a special build for this presentation. The latter included several Hololive songs in this cabinet, and Fubuki went on to showcase some of the tracks. The VTuber later announced that these songs will also appear in both arcade and mobile versions of the rhythm game.

Here is the list of six Hololive songs that will be available in Jubeat. Also, note that Shirakami Fubuki is present in all six songs mentioned below.

  1. "KingWorld" (Fubuki's solo song)
  2. "Say! Fanfare!" (Fubuki's solo song)
  3. "Wakuwaku Everyday" (duet with Ookami Mio)
  4. "Happiness World" (duet with Houshou Marine)
  5. "OniKemoDance" (trio with Ookami Mio and Nakiri Ayame)
  6. "Let's Go Bakataration" (trio with Tsunomaki Watame and Shiranui Flare)

6 Hololive songs appearing in Jubeat

The person behind Shirakami Fubuki has been known to be an avid Jubeat player long before Cover secured a collaboration with Konami. The appearance of a Jubeat cabinet in Fubuki's birthday 3D stream and the addition of her songs to the rhythm game also constitute birthday gifts that fulfill her dreams.

In recent months, Konami has also been working with Toby Fox of Undertale fame. Tracks from the Undertale game have appeared in at least three Bemani titles, namely Dance Dance RevolutionSound Voltex, and Gitadora. Toby Fox also collaborated with Camellia to compose a new track titled "Summerblue" for Beatmania IIDX 30 Resident.

Jubeat is available on arcades, iOS, and Android devices in Japan. The latest arcade version available as of this writing is Jubeat Ave.

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