The iPhone 15 battery could be an entirely new design

Netflix password crackdown is working as planned, Nothing Phone 2 review, and more
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July 17, 2023
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The iPhone 15 could switch to a new type of battery tech
The iPhone 14 series (Apple)
Batteries that are physically smaller and yet last longer could be on the way with the iPhone 15 series: the rumor is that Apple wants to switch to a stacked battery technology, which enables higher energy densities and which is already in use in electric vehicles.
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It seems Netflix's password crackdown is actually working
Netflix doesn't want you sharing passwords (Burdun Iliya / Shutterstock)
Reports in the press suggest that Netflix is about to announce a significant increase in subscriber numbers – which makes us think the streaming platform's recent efforts to crack down on users sharing passwords is having the intended effect.
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Intel's next processors could blow the MacBook Air away
New CPUs are on the way from Intel (Alexander_Safonov / Shutterstock)
Leaked data on the upcoming Arrow Lake processors from Intel suggest that we're in line for some groundbreaking performance when they finally launch – which should in turn mean we'll see lightweight Windows laptops ready to take on Apple's MacBook Air.
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    The Nothing Phone 2 is here, and we've reviewed it
    The Nothing Phone 2 is here (Future)
    Nothing wants to break the dominance of Apple, Samsung, and Google in the US and European phone markets – and our full review of the new Nothing Phone 2 suggests that the handset might have enough about it to be a serious flagship contender.
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    M3-powered Macs could be closer than we thought
    Faster MacBooks are on the way (Apple)
    We continue to wait patiently for Apple to announce its next-gen M3 processors, and the desktops and laptops that will run on them – and according to one well-placed rumormonger, new M3-powered iMacs and MacBook Airs will arrive this year.
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    Jul 17, 02:00

    Twinfinite Sunday, July 16, 2023 10:03 PM
    There's nothing plain about Team Vanilla's win.

    WGB, Home of AWESOME Reviews Sunday, July 16, 2023 7:08 PM
         The possibility that Microsoft would make Call of Duty exclusive to the Xbox was always a stretch but was still an understandable fear. That fear has now been put to rest as Microsoft and Sony have entered into a "binding agreement" to ensure that the long-running FPS will continue to come to PlayStation.