Starbuster – Beta Demo

Starbuster is a fantastic new Sci-Fi action platforming adventure that plays like a blend of Mega Man Zero and Sonic as a sentient droid and a lizard woman face off against a nefarious imperial army.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer last year, Starbuster is a fantastic Sci-Fi action platformer with huge multi-route levels, big bosses, lots of interchangeable character upgrades and a well … Read More

Sonic Revert – Alpha Download

Sonic Revert is an incredibly fast, cool and challenging Trackmania inspired Sonic multiplayer racing game where up to 100 players race at high speed through insane gravity defying tracks.

Currently in development by Taldius, Sonic Revert is essentially a multiplayer racing game that imagines what it would be like if Sonic had car-like controls (but still had to navigate crazy gravity-defying Sonic tracks). It turns … Read More

Sonic Galactic – Alpha Demo

Sonic Galactic is a fantastic 2D Sonic fan game with beautifully animated characters, a gorgeous color palette, large sprawling levels, boss fights and five playable characters.

There are plenty of 2D Sonic fan games floating around on the internet, but most of them are just trying to emulate the classic Genesis games. Sonic Galactic does what Sonic Mania managed to do – it recreates the … Read More

Super Mario Flashback (2020) – Alpha Demo

A new build of the fantastic Super Mario Flashback game is now available to download, complete with three full normal levels and one secret one!

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer back in 2018, Super Mario Flashback is a Mario fan game currently being created by Mors. It's been a long time in development (and will likely still be a lot longer in … Read More

FOBIA: St. Dinfna Hotel – Alpha Demo

FOBIA: St. Dinfna Hotel is a first person survival horror game set in the ruins of a hotel that's full of dark secrets.

In FOBIA: St. Dinfna Hotel you take on the role of a young journalist who plans to investigate the rumored supernatural events at a city in Treze Trilhas, Brasil. After staying there for a week with nothing happening and your contact not … Read More

Cosmic Dawn – Alpha Download

Cosmic Dawn is a fast paced and gloriously brutal QUAKE inspired retro run 'n gun FPS where you use big guns to blast big monsters into little fleshy chunks.

Cosmic Dawn is very much a love letter to id Software's classic QUAKE games with fast paced run 'n gun gameplay, chunky 3D visuals, chunky weapons and monstrous enemies that you can blast into bloody chunks. … Read More

Scavengers – Beta Sign Up

Scavengers is a PvPvE multiplayer sandbox survival shooter where teams of players compete with each other while also dealing with the harsh frostbitten environment and the hostile wildlife that inhabits it.

We first featured Scavengers on Alpha Beta Gamer back in 2018 but a lot more information has recently come out about the game and it seems that Beta testing is about to open up … Read More

Crash Bandicoot: On The Run – Beta Sign Up (iOS)

Crash Bandicoot: On The Run is a new Crash game for mobile devices where the titular bandicoot and his sister team up to defeat the evil Dr. Neo Cortex across a multitude of dimensions.

Coming to iOS and Android (though the Beta test will only be on iOS), Crash Bandicoot: On The Run is a Temple Run-esque runner where you switch between lanes, jump, … Read More

Contraband Police – Beta Sign Up

Contraband Police is an immersive simulation game which puts you in the shoes of a border police inspector in a 1980's communist country where smugglers are trying to sneak all kinds of illegal contraband across the border.

In Contraband Police you take on the role of a border police inspector who works on a remote border station for a fictional East European 1980's communist country. … Read More

The Falconeer – Beta Sign Up

The Falconeer is a beautiful open world aerial combat game where you take control of a giant falcon as it soars through the skies and battles man-made war machines and giant monsters.

In The Falconeer you jump on the back of giant customizable warbirds and take to the skies and seas of a fantasy world called The Great Ursee. It's a perilous place to explore, … Read More

Structural – Game Jam Build Download

Structural is a dark and disturbing psychological horror game with a touch of cosmic horror, where things get weird as you endure a quarantine lockdown.

Created for the Haunted PS1 Summer of Screams, in Structural you find yourself in an apartment located in an area that's currently under a strict quarantine lockdown. There's little information about what the quarantine is for, but it requires you … Read More

Mindcop – Alpha Demo

Mindcop is a beautifully animated, strange and humorous detective game where you analyse clues, interrogate witnesses and surf brainwaves to solve a grizzly murder.

In Mindcop you take on the role of a very unique homicide detective who can really get into the minds of those he interrogates. You can search for clues and question witnesses as in most detective games, but you also have … Read More

Artificer: Science of Magic – Beta Sign Up

Artificer: Science of Magic is a stylish hand-drawn Sci-Fi fantasy survival RPG which takes place in a strange alien planet where magic exists.

In Artificer: Science of Magic you follow the adventure of Raymond Everett, a science officer aboard a spaceship that crash landed on a hostile alien planet. The planet is a place where magic actually exists and it's inhabited by lots of strange … Read More

Loveland – Alpha Demo

Loveland is a very creepy and unsettling PS1 styled mystery horror game where you investigate a strange cult of frog worshiping rednecks at a trailer park.

Created for the Haunted PS1 Summer of Scream game jam, in Loveland you are a Detective who has been sent to investigate reports of cultish behaviour at a trailer park in Loveland, Ohio. When you get there you find … Read More

PsychoFlesh – Game Jam Build Download

PsychoFlesh is a freaky and disorientating retro styled first person horror game where you can walk on walls as you make your way through a giant living flesh monster with thousands of eyes.

Created for the Haunted PS1 Summer of Screams game jam, in PsychoFlesh you find yourself alone in a large fleshy structure with only a flaming torch to light your way. All the … Read More

Lab Rat – Beta Sign Up

Lab Rat is a satirical Sci-Fi puzzle game that blends sokoban-esque puzzles with lasers and a little pain as you complete tests for an inquisitive AI that is imprisoning you.

Currently in development by the co-creator of The Flame in the Flood and her a dev team (Chump Squad), Lab Rat is a sokoban-esque Sci-Fi puzzle game where you become a human lab rat for … Read More

Death Flush – Game Jam Build Download

Death Flush is a thoroughly ridiculous PS1 styled horror game that's a little like A Nightmare on Elm Street, but if Freddy was more into toilets than finger knives!

Created by Imposter Syndrome (creator of the excellent M.STAIN) for the Haunted PS1 Summer of Screams, Death Flush tells the story of a couple and who are terrorized by a freaky Freddy-esque psycho called … Read More

Polydeuces – Game Jam Build Download

Polydeuces is an atmospheric six degrees of freedom Sci-Fi horror game where you pilot a drone with a couple of mechanical arms that it uses it to grab objects and operate mechanisms.

Created for the Haunted PS1 Summer of Screams game jam, in Polydeuces you take control of a drone as it completes a series of objectives in a zero gravity environment. Your only form … Read More

Overloop – Beta Sign Up

Overloop is a darkly humorous pixel art puzzle platforming adventure where you sacrifice clones of yourself to aid your quest to overthrow a dystopian empire.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer when it was called Infinity Inc, Overloop is a puzzle platforming adventure where you can create clones of yourself and use them to solve problems. These problems come in many forms – such … Read More

Itorah – Alpha Demo

Itorah is a beautifully animated non-linear 2D action platforming adventure where you are the only human in a strange land that's infected by a black plague.

In Itorah you follow the adventure of a young woman who seems to be the last human left alive in a fantasy world full of strange creatures. You and your magical talking hammer will fight your way through the … Read More

30XX – Pre-Alpha Demo

30XX is a roguelite action platforming love letter to the classic Mega Man X games, with two playable characters, stackable upgrades and challenging procedurally generated levels with plenty of replayability.

Drawing inspiration from Mega Man X, Binding of Isaac, Enter the Gungeon and Dead Cells, 30XX is essentially a Mega Man game you can play forever. It's a roguelite action platformer with procedurally … Read More

Tunic – Alpha Demo

Tunic is a charming Zelda-esque action adventure where a cute little fox fights his way through a beautiful isometric world filled with ancient monsters.

There's very little information about the actual narrative of Tunic, but the demo build takes around 20 minutes to play through and follows a cute little fox as he awakens on a beach and fights his way through a … Read More

Bravery Network Online – Beta Demo

Bravery Network Online is a wonderfully weird comic book styled turn-based battle RPG where you manage a team of immortal fighters as they do battle in a competitive fighting league.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer during the closed Beta Sign Up, Bravery Network Online is a beautifully animated and delightfully strange turn-based tactical RPG set in a distant future where technology has made … Read More

Orbital Bullet – Alpha Demo

Orbital Bullet is a very fast paced roguelike action platformer where you blast your way through procedurally generated planets that wrap around like the levels in Resogun.

In Orbital Bullet you control a lone soldier as they blast their way through procedurally generated worlds populated by mechanical monsters. Each world is made up of a handful of 360° cylindrical levels that you can climb … Read More

Endling – Pre-Alpha Demo

Endling is a beautiful, touching and harrowing eco-conscious adventure where the last fox on Earth tries to raise her cubs and reach the only place left on Earth that mankind can't harm them.

In Endling you take on the role of a mother fox who tries to look after her four little fox cubs in a ruined world full of pollution, traps and humans who … Read More

Ghostrunner – Beta Sign Up

PC owners can now sign up to Beta test Ghostrunner – an adrenaline-fueled cyberpunk parkour action game where you use a monomolecular katana to slice your way through enemies.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer during the limited-time demo release, Ghostrunner is a stylish and uber-violent game that delivers a much more edgy (and more entertaining) take on Mirror's Edge's style open world … Read More

Observer: System Error – Beta Demo

Observer: System Error is a remastered definitive edition of the 2017 Observer cyberpunk horror game, starring Rutger Hauer as a neural police detective who hacks into dying peoples minds.

In Observer: System Error you follow the story of a neural police detective as he hunts down an elusive killer in a dystopian cyberpunk city. To aid your investigation you also have the ability to use … Read More

Cyanide & Happiness: Freakpocalypse – Beta Demo

Cyanide & Happiness: Freakpocalypse is a hilarious point and click adventure set within the Cyanide & Happiness universe, where a weird ginger haired school boy sets out to save the world.

Currently in development by Explosm (creators of Cyanide & Happiness) and Skeleton Crew Studios (creators of Grave Chase and Abobo's Big Adventure), Cyanide & Happiness: Freakpocalypse brings the Cyanide & Happiness brand … Read More

9 Monkeys of Shaolin – Alpha Demo

9 Monkeys of Shaolin is a side scrolling beat 'em up that draws inspiration from arcade classics and 70's kung fu movies as a Chinese fisherman sets out to avenge the death of his friends and family.

In 9 Monkeys of Shaolin you follow the story of Wei Cheng, a Chinese fisherman who returns home to find that pirates have raided his village and slaughtered … Read More

Chicken Police – Beta Demo

Chicken Police is a satirical buddy-cop film noir detective adventure that follows a couple of crime-fighting chickens as they get to the bottom of a case in a city full of anthropomorphic animals.

Currently in development by The Wild Gentlemen, Chicken Police blends visual novel and point and click adventure gameplay as two chickens attempt to crack a case in the city of Clawville. It's … Read More

PBA Basketball Slam's Early Access is now Out on Steam

PBA fans rejoice! You can now finally play the most anticipated PBA game in your PC as an Early Access of the game are now available on Steam. An independent game studio from the Philippines, Ranida Games announced this week that the PBA Basketball Slam: Arcade Edition is now available on Steam as an Early Access.

PBA Basketball Slam: Arcade Edition is a two on two arcade style full court basketball game, you can pick different from PBA and their roster lineup like from the PBA rosters like June Mar Fajardo, James Yap and many more. The game supports multi-language like English, Tagalog, Spanish and Portuguese with more to be added soon.

If you'd like to try out the game, it is now on sale for their special launch week promotion of 25% off at PHP 119.96 from its regular price of PHP 159.95. You can check their steam page at

You can also check their launch trailer below.

Here are some features of the game at Early Access version:

  • PBA teams and roster
  • 2-on-2 arcade-style full court basketball gameplay
  • 6 free court locations to play
  • Full controller support
  • Option to use keyboard on single player mode
  • Local Multiplayer mode, supporting up to four players
  • Play online using Steam Remote Play
  • English, Tagalog, Spanish, and Portuguese language support

When the game is fully release, these features will also be added into the game and it will be available for free to those who own the Early Access version.

  • Campaign mode
  • Create Player feature
  • Shops and locker feature
  • More basketball court locations
  • More music and voice-overs
  • More polished gameplay and user interface

Are you playing this very first Filipino basketball game on Steam and PC? Let us know in the comment section below.

How to Get 300,001 Bloodpoints Redeem Codes in Dead By Daylight

Dead by Daylight in partnership with Discord is giving away a FREE 150,000 Bloodpoints to all players in the game. Plus, another giveaway that will give you 150,001 Bloodpoints. In total you'll get 300,001 Bloodpoints that you can use in the game, the giveaway will be in a form of a redeem key.

For you who haven't yet played Dead by Daylight, it is a 4 vs 1 multiplayer game where one player will take the role of a save killer, and the other four will play as survivors, trying to complete some objectives to escape from the killer.

Dead by Daylight was first released on Windows in 2016. And later available on console platform PS4, XBOX and Nintendo Switch.

How to Redeem the Code

Redeeming the code is simple, basically, you need to go to the in-game store.

Then there should be a Redeem Code at the front page.

Enter the following code to receive the total 300K Bloodpoints


You need to redeem the code one by one.

Once done, you'll receive the points and ready to use it to pay for some in-game item at the store.

The code is available on PC and Consoles platform.

That's it!

Banoobs luckily draws "Pink Pegasus", similar mount auctioned last year for 3.2 Million PHP in Ragnarok Mobile

It's been 1-year and 9 months since Ragnarok M Eternal Love breaks their own record. In just a single day, the game makes PHP 7.3 Million out from a digital items sold on their online auction. One of the rare item that was auctioned was "Key of Heaven" aka Pegasus, a mount item where a player can increase their movement speed by 50%, plus a cosmetic item that are super unique from everyone. The item was sold to an Indonesian player named MambaaElChap for a whooping price of PHP 3.2 Million and was one of the most expensive digital-item that was sold in the game next to Evangelion Costume. Today, a similar rare item was resurfaced – but in a different color, a Pink Pegasus named "White Love Soaring".

The Pink Pegasus was included in the September Event "Freshman Celebration" where player can purchase a loot boxes in two different tiers; 30 BCC (PHP 249) each 0.5% chance of getting the Pink Pegasus plus other in-game item and 15 BCC (PHP 124) each 0.2% chance of getting it plus other in-game items.

Banoobs obtained the Pink Pegasus from Loot Boxes

Last night, a prominent game streamer from the Philippines, Banoobs was able to obtained the Pink Pegasus after drawing 150 loot boxes during his live stream on Facebook. Banoobs spent a total of 3,750 BCC (PHP 31,125) for the Pink Pegasus, a similar item valued at PHP 3.2 million last year.

During his live stream, the Pink Pegasus didn't come out on his first try. Using the tier with 0.5% chances, he draws 100 loot boxes in a single dropped worth 3,000 BCC (PHP 24,900), but nothing shows up. Ragnarok Mobile is known for being a low ball for giving chances to player of getting a rare items. His fans even says "Bye 20k".

On his second try, he opened another 50 loot boxes in one shot again worth 750 BCC (PHP 6,225), but this time using the 2nd tier with 0.2% chances. Bless with good luck and his oration technique, the Pink Pegasus finally showed up.

Fans congratulated Banoobs for another Gacha achievement, one of the fan says "Sanaol boss haha" (I hope all boss haha). Here is the highlight stream from his YouTube Channel.

What is more fascinating is that, his friend DR Esports send him 1,700 BCC as a compensation for his first unsuccessful attempt.

White Love Soaring and Key of Heaven Comparison

For comparison, here is the Pegasus in two variant with different color and stats.

Item Details Preview

White Love Soaring

Item Type: Mount
Move Spd + 50%

Unlock Rewards:
Atk + 8
M.Atk + 8

Key of Heaven

Item Type: Mount
Move Spd + 50%

Unlock Rewards:

As of writing, two pieces of White Love Soaring is currently available in the Exchange shop that can be purchased using an in-game currency "Zeny". It is available for 177 Million Zeny each, but the catch is only 2 out of 794 buyers are able to purchase the item using their random snapping period.

To know more about Banoobs, you can follow his Facebook page at

Are you still playing Ragnarok Mobile? Care to check out the new event in the game and try out the new Pink Pegasus? Who knows, you might be lucky as Banoobs for getting this rare item.

NetEase announced Top Clans 2020 eSports Tournament

Top Clans eSports tournament will return this year in much bigger and bolder events with a prize pool of $85,000 (PHP 4,125,000). Gamers from all all over the Southeast Asia region are welcome to join and get there chance to show their skills for five different titles and genres.

Players will compete for the following games; for Battle Royale eSports, Rules of Survival, MOBA eSports like Dota 2 for PC and Marvel Super War for mobile will also join. As well as fighting game, like Tekken 7 for PC and the last title is Tom and Jerry: Chase for mobile.

The Top Clans 2020 tournament will starts on September 25, 2020 with group of stages. Whole month of competition for all players and fans for the five games. The fiery competition between teams in the group stages and knockout stages will conclude on October 26, while the crack of gunshots will continue to echo across the battlefield during the Rules of Survival Semi-Finals on October 20-22.

Battle-hardened players who survive the group stages will continue their journey into the playoffs. Both Dota 2 and MARVEL Super War will have a Double-Elimination bracket for playoffs. Meanwhile, pugilists will trade punches in the Tekken 7 tournament over a single weekend, on October 16-18.

Top Clans 2020 will be capped off by Super Heroes and Super Soldiers with a double Grand Finals weekend for MARVEL Super War and Rules of Survival. The final weekend of the tournament will commence with a battle between heroes and villains in the MARVEL Super War Grand Finals on Friday, November 6. As the dust settles for all the battles across the five competitive titles, the last soldiers of fortune will conclude Top Clans 2020 with a grueling Grand Finals match from November 7-8.

Top Clans 2020 Event Calendar

Here are the list of scheduled of tournaments for different games.

Date Competition
September 25, 2020 Opening Day
September 26 to October 18, 2020
October 24 to 27, 2020
Group Stage / Knockout Stage
October 20 to 23, 2020
October 27 to 29, 2020
October 30 to November 1, 2020
November 6 to 8, 2020
Grand Finals

Registration for the tournament is yet to be announce, so keep checking our site for updates.

How to Get More Freshman Celebration Coin in Ragnarok Mobile

Ragnarok M Eternal Love is featuring another new redeem item for the game, The Freshman Celebration Coin. Adventurers can exchange various item for this coin and it can be obtain from various activities for this month event.

Table of Contents

  1. What is Freshman Celebration Coin
  2. What is All Purpose Formula
  3. How to Get More Freshman Celebration Coin

In this guide, we will give you a clearer reference on where to obtain these coins.

What is Freshman Celebration Coin

Before anything else, here are the list of items that you can exchange for Freshman Celebration Coin (FCC).

Items Cost (FCC) Limit

All-purpose Formula Blueprint
200 FCC 1

Glittering Rune Stone – Star
80 FCC 2

Oracle Dust
6 FCC 20

Oracle Crystal
10 FCC 20

Gold Medal
8 FCC 20

Valkyrie's Gift
8 FCC 20

Smooth Rune Stone
12 FCC 15

25 x Eden Coin
1 FCC 200

25 x Adventure Meatball
1 FCC 200

In total, you need at least 1,500 FCC to purchase all of the available items in the exchange shop.

What is All-Purpose Formula

It is an tail item that you can exchange its blueprint for 200 FCC. Materials needed to craft the blueprint are the following:

  • 712 x Necklace of Wisdom
  • 566 x Brigan
  • 1 x Time Twister
  • 15 x Topaz

Here are the complete stats of the All-Purpose Formula.

Item Details Preview

All-Purpose Formula

Item Type: Tail
All Attribute + 5
Atk + 20
M.Atk + 20

Deposit Reward:
Atk + 3
Max HP + 30

Unlock Reward:
Def + 2
Max HP + 30

How to Get More Freshman Celebration Coin

You can get more Freshman Celebration Coin from joining various activities from the Ragnarok Mobile September Event.

Here are the list of events where you can get these coins.

Events Details
Pet Adventurers
Sept. 1 to 17, 2020
You need to train your pet from Pet Adventure, specifically at the Prontera Square to get random amount of FCC.

To go to Pet Adventure, open up your inventory > Marvelous Pet Bag
Raccoon Pet Gift Pack (BCC Shop)
Sept. 1 to 17, 2020
Purchase this gift box from BCC Shop for 15 BCC.

Per pack contains 20FCC.
Entrance Exam
Sept. 17 to Oct 1, 2020
Take the quiz exam at Prontera Square from Quiz Creating Director NPC.

Correct Answer: 40 FCC
Incorrect Answer: 20 FCC
Treasure Hunt
Sept. 24 to Oct 1, 2020
Participate in the Treasure hunt.

You'll get 20 FCC per day.

Coupon Code Giveaway for Black Desert SEA Remastered (PC)

Black Desert SEA has recently launched its very first simultaneous updates for the PC and mobile version, making the newly added class available on both of the platform. In celebration with this new updates, Pearl Abyss reached out to GamingPH and dropping a coupon code giveaway contest for everyone.

The coupon code contains rare in-game item for Black Desert SEA (PC) such as Advice of Valks, Shakatu's Rarity Box, Enhancement Help Kit and an special rewards goes to one winner of Classic Outfit Box.

To join the giveaway, adventurers needs to go to the giveaway post from our Facebook page at

The Mechanics

Adventurers needs to answer the question in the video. You need to write the answer in the comment section of our Facebook post.

Unlimited number of players will win for Tier 1 and Tier 2 as long as they reach the number of likes. While a lone lucky adventurer will receive a Classic Outfit Box for the most numbers of likes.

Tier 1 – 10 likes reward

  • 1 x Advice of Valks (15 to 25)
  • 1 x Enhancement Help Kit I

Tier 2 – 30 likes reward

  • 1 x Shakatu's Rarity Box
  • 1 x Enhancement Help Kit II

Tier 3 – Most likes (1 Winner)

  • 1 x Classic Outfit Box

The event will end until September 9, 2020 @ 11:59PM only.

Winners who reach the number of interactions (For Tier 1/Tier 2) must PM the page along with screenshot for proof, rewards will be sent on September 10, 2020.

For Tier 3 winner, one of our representatives will contact you directly.

Coupon code is valid until September 30, 2020 @ 11:59PM.

Nvidia's RTX 3070, 3080 and 3090 Priced, here are the official Prices on different Countries

A graphics card that can play 8K resolution at a smooth 60fps, this is what RTX 3090 can do with its latest ampere technology which utilize its 3-core (Shader, RT Core and Tensor Core).

During the NVIDIA's GeForce Special Event they revealed the first 3 graphics card for the 2nd generation of RTX. Surprisingly, these card are much cheaper and faster than its predecessor; RTX 3070 is priced at $499 (PHP 24,250) which is they said, faster than the RTX 2080 Ti, RTX 3080 is priced at $699 (PHP 33,970) which they said again "double the speed of RTX 2080 ti", and lastly, its RTX 3090 that can run your favorite video game on 8k display at 60fps.

Most of you probably want to know the official priced when it is landed here in the Philippines – but, unfortunately, there are no official priced yet for our country. To give you overview of what the prices look like, you can check prices from other countries that could be your basis on how the pricing looks like when it arrives in the Philippines. Here are the list of official prices from NVIDIA website.

Update as of 09/03/2020 @ 9:00 AM, official pricing for NVIDIA's founder edition is finally here. Credits to Yves Aguilos for spotting the PH NVIDIA Page (

Countries  Prices  Differences 
United States  RTX 3090
1,499 USD

RTX 3080 
699 USD

RTX 3070 
499 USD
 Based Price
Philippines RTX 3090
PHP 88,000
(1,811 USD)

RTX 3080
PHP 41,000
(844 USD)

RTX 3070
PHP 29,500
(607 USD)
RTX 3090
+312 USD

RTX 3080
+144 USD

RTX 3070
+108 USD
Singapore  RTX 3090
2,365 SGD
(1,737 USD)

RTX 3080 
1,100 SGD
(808 USD)
RTX 3070
790 SGD
(580 USD)
RTX 3090
+238 USD

RTX 3080
+109 USD

RTX 3070
+81 USD 
Malaysia RTX 3090
7,208 RM
(1,730 USD)

RTX 3080
3,306 RM
(793 USD)

RTX 3070
2,399 RM
(575 USD)
RTX 3090
+231 USD

RTX 3080
+94 USD

RTX 3070
+76 USD
Thailand RTX 3090
52,800 THB
(1,680 USD)

RTX 3080
24,600 THB
(783 USD)

RTX 3070
17,600 THB
(560 USD)
RTX 3090
+181 USD

RTX 3080
+84 USD

RTX 3070
+61 USD
China RTX 3090
11,999 CNY
(1,753 USD)

RTX 3080
5,499 CNY
(803 USD)

RTX 3070
3,899 CNY
(569 USD)
RTX 3090
+254 USD

RTX 3080
+104 USD

RTX 3070
+70 USD
India  RTX 3090
152,000 INR
(2,080 USD)

RTX 3080
71,000 INR 
(971 USD)

RTX 3070
51,000 INR 
(698 USD)
RTX 3090
+581 USD

RTX 3080 
+272 USD

RTX 3070 
+198 USD 
Taiwan  RTX 3090
46,900 TWD
(1,597 USD)

RTX 3080
21,900 TWD
(746 USD)

RTX 3070
15,900 TWD
(541 USD)
RTX 3090
+98 USD

RTX 3080 
+46 USD

RTX 3070 
+42 USD 
Japan  RTX 3090
229,800 YEN
(2,167 USD)

RTX 3080
109,800 YEN
(1,038 USD)

RTX 3070
79,980 YEN
(754 USD)
RTX 3090
+667 USD

RTX 3080 
+336 USD

RTX 3070 
+255 USD 



RTX 3090
1,549,00 EUR
(1,843 USD)

RTX 3080
719,00 EUR
(855 USD)

RTX 3070
519,00 EUR
(617 USD)
RTX 3090
+345 USD

RTX 3080 
+157 USD

RTX 3070 
+118 USD 
Poland  RTX 3090
7,029 PLN
(1,907 USD)

RTX 3080
3,279 PLN
(889 USD)

RTX 3070
2,359 PLN 
(640 USD)
RTX 3090
+408 USD

RTX 3080 
+190 USD

RTX 3070 
+141 USD 
United Kingdom  RTX 3090
1,399 GBP
(1,871 USD)

RTX 3080 
649 GBP
(868 USD)

RTX 3070
469 GBP 
(627 USD)
RTX 3090
+372 USD

RTX 3080 
+169 USD

RTX 3070 
+128 USD 
Russia  RTX 3090
136,990 RUB
(1,858 USD)

RTX 3080
63,490 RUB
(861 USD)

RTX 3070 
45,490 RUB 
(617 USD)
RTX 3090
+361 USD

RTX 3080 
+163 USD

RTX 3070 
+118 USD 
Finland  RTX 3090
1,589 EUR
(1,890 USD)

RTX 3080
739 EUR
(879 USD)

RTX 3070 
529 EUR
(629 USD)
RTX 3090
+393 USD

RTX 3080 
+181 USD

RTX 3070 
+130 USD 
Canada  RTX 3090
1,499 USD

RTX 3080 
699 USD

RTX 3070 
499 USD 
No difference

The nearest country with the cheapest prices is so far in Taiwan at a difference of +46 USD (2,235 PHP) for RTX 3080. In average, there is +150 USD (7,500 PHP) differences on prices for RTX 3080 and it is somehow close to that price range when it is landed in the Philippines. Also to take note, this price is for the Founders Edition and prices for other brands (ASUS, MSI, GIGABYTE, ZOTAC, PALIT, etc..) may also different.

For full specification of these graphics cards, check it below.

GeForce RTX 3090

  • NVIDIA Cuda Cores: 10496
  • Boost Clock: 1.70 GHz
  • Memory Size: 24 GB GDDR6X
  • Memory Interface Width: 384-bit
  • Graphics Card Power: 350 W
  • Recommended System Power: 750 W
  • Power Connector: 2 x PCIe 8-pin

GeForce RTX 3080

  • NVIDIA Cuda Cores: 8704
  • Boost Clock: 1.71 GHz
  • Memory Size: 10 GB GDDR6X
  • Memory Interface Width: 320-bit
  • Graphics Card Power: 320 W
  • Recommended System Power: 750 W
  • Power Connector: 2 x PCIe 8-pin

GeForce RTX 3070

  • NVIDIA Cuda Cores: 5888
  • Boost Clock: 1.73 GHz
  • Memory Size: 8 GB GDDR6
  • Memory Interface Width: 256-bit
  • Graphics Card Power: 220 W
  • Recommended System Power: 650 W
  • Power Connector: 1 x PCIe 8-pin

All of the three cards has the following specification:

  • Ray Tracing Cores: 2nd gen
  • Tensor Cores: 3rd gen
  • NVIDIA Architecture: Ampere
  • NVIDIA Encoder: 7th gen
  • NVIDIA Decoder: 5th gen
  • VR Ready: Yes
  • Standard Display Connectors: HDMI 2.1, 3x DisplayPort 1.4a
  • Multi Monitor: 4
  • HDCP: 2.3

Black Desert Q&A with Executive Producer Jaehee Kim, New Class Hashashin and first Simultaneous Updates for PC & Mobile

Pearl Abyss has officially launched the new class for Black Desert SEA and Mobile, the new Hashashin Class. A surprising updates for all adventurers, as this is the very first time a new class will simultaneously to both platform of Black Desert for the mobile and PC. It gives us ideas and high hopes that the mobile counterpart will no longer left behind from getting new updates from the game.

We got a chance to get a Question and Answer with Pearl Abyss Executive Producer Jaehee Kim, it will give us some insights for the new Hashashin Class updates and future plans of Pearl Abyss for the Black Desert game. 

Questions & Answers with Executive Producer Jaehee Kim

Q1. This seems to be the first time that a new class has been updated simultaneously on PC and mobile. What motivated you to do that? 

Yes, it is. This is our first time attempting such an update, and could only be executed because we saw potential. It has been six years since the first launch of "Black Desert" in Korea, and more than two years have passed since the first release of "Black Desert Mobile" also in Korea. As a result, we have accumulated much more know-how regarding game service. We were in the middle of developing a new class for Black Desert when it was suggested having our mobile studios get involved in the development too. This ended up happening quite quickly. Using this opportunity as an experience, I would definitely like to make further simultaneous worldwide launches in the future. 

Q2. It must not have been easy for two different studios to simultaneously update new content. Were there any memorable episodes that you could share with us? 

Both the PC and mobile studios have a well-established process that can apply developments quickly. However, for global services, it takes a certain amount of added time to translate text into each country's native language. In particular, in the case of Hashashin, we prepared translations to apply to all platforms. It would have been difficult had it not been for the skill and dedication of our employees from various departments, such as the Localization Center, who have the know-how accumulated through localizing Black Desert and Black Desert Mobile over many years. I would like to take this opportunity to convey my gratitude to everyone. 

In the case of the mobile studios, this was a class that was completely unexpected. I know there was another class that they originally planned, but when we talked about Hashashin, the mobile studios were able to develop the class quickly and within schedule knowing that Hashashin was a better option for our users. I realized then just how much knowledge and experience we had accumulated. In addition, by sharing the concept with each other and creating it at the same time, different styles of the character emerged for each platform. 

Q3. What was the motivation behind creating the Hashashin class? The name 'Hashashin' itself means 'Assassin' and originates from Middle Eastern etymology.  

As Black Desert and Black Desert Mobile are serviced all over the world, it made us consider the i various cultures of the Adventurers we  come into contact with., As such, it was our Adventurers in Turkey & MENA that provided the initial inspiration for the conception of the Hashashin.

As a result, we were able to create a charming character that could appeal to users across the world. In addition to Turkey and MENA, we will strive to continue incorporating other diverse cultures in our own way to the world of Black Desert

Q4. We are also curious about Hashashin's skills. How difficult will it be to control this class? 

With Hashashin, we focused more on character management than character manipulation. For example, you can create special 'areas' to your benefit within a battlefield by means of his unique skills. For instance, the "Hourglass of Defiance" skill allows you to return to the desired point at any time, while "Hourglass of Death" and "Arid Assault" attack targets in the air. Although the difficulty level of controlling Hashashin is not particularly low, users who enjoy character management will have a new experience that they haven't had with any of the existing Black Desert classes before. 

Q5. What efforts are being made to ensure users continue to have a positive, long term experience with Black Desert? What are your plans for future operations and services?   

We are always thinking of ways to grow and settle new users into Black Desert, and this is something that we have begun paying even more attention to lately. As the number of streamers and YouTubers has increased recently, they are helping users to engage in creative activities by exerting a positive influence. In the case of North America, I am grateful that there are streamers to introduce the Black Desert IP alongside Black Desert console and mobile. 

For PC, stabilization is a top priority for everything from content to service. Since the service has been around for a long time, there is a lot of content, so our concern is to figure out how new content will be incorporated into existing content. 

Both Hashashin and the Season Server are providing a new experience for new and existing users alike. Since our intended goals have been well received, I would like to continue presenting various content based further on stabilization. 

Q6. As mentioned earlier, it's been quite a while since Black Desert was first released. What can you tell us about future, large-scale updates such as the Great Desert and the Great Ocean?    

We're always on the lookout for new updates that deliver on the needs of our users. The Great Desert and the Great Ocean are both good examples of this. 

Take the Great Ocean, for instance. It offers an opportunity for users to expand their reach across a wide area on a ship. But in addition to that, we also plan to introduce new features to take into account the various needs of our users across the globe, like the bartering system we added in the Great Ocean. 

We're also continuously improving our content through focused efforts to optimize and stabilize the game. Not to mention, we're still discussing ways to introduce new expansions to the world as well. Our team will continue to strive to ensure that all of our content satisfies the needs of our users. However, greater content diversity and the introduction of vast territories will require more attention to the optimization process, which is expected to increase lead time to development. However, we would never give up but continue our efforts to optimize content and introduce new territorial expansions to the game. 

Q7. Considering the latest development process of all studios, can we look forward to more cases like Hashashin in the future?  

Of course. The addition of Hashashin taught us that our organization was capable of so much more. Through Hashashin, we were able to simultaneously introduce content that had previously been released separately at the same time. This has not only allowed us to take on new ideas and challenges but also pushed us to challenge ourselves beyond our limits. I believe that one day, we will be able to add content to all platforms across the world at the same time. 

Q8. I heard Pearl Abyss' next-generation game engine will only be applied to its new titles. Will there be any improvements to Black Desert's engine? 

Black Desert's engine has been improved through optimization, performance and graphics improvement, and provision of various options. In particular, we worked on the Remastered version to provide quality differentiated from the existing one. 

Quality improvement is important, but considering that it is an MMORPG genre, a lot of attention should be paid to optimization. This is because the world of an MMORPG requires several new content updates. For example, there was an inquiry reporting a lag that occurred during every Siege War. Although we provided the server specifications, there were some areas that still needed improvement. Therefore, we are looking for a way to optimize the game more fundamentally and radically. 

Q9. How are you planning to direct the development of the Black Desert IP in the future? 

The Black Desert IP is an important asset for Pearl Abyss on all platforms, and is an asset that we will continue to expand. There is still room for improvement and it is our lifelong goal to keep fixing, improving, and providing great performance.  

We work hard every week, but sometimes certain issues take as longer to handle than expected. Nevertheless, we never give up. As we never give up, we are able to try new ideas little by little. In the future, we will continue to pursue new ideas while taking care of existing content. 

Q10. Last but not least, is there anything you would like to say to our Adventurers? 

Black Desert is a game IP that can be enjoyed through any platform, such as PC, mobile, and console thanks to the support of all our Adventurers around the world. I would really like to take this opportunity at this point to say thank you to our Adventurers for that. The Hashashin update allows us to reach a larger, more diverse userbase and enable both new and existing Adventurers to enjoy the same character on various platforms together. 

Our goal for the future is to provide entertainment while continuing to challenge ourselves with new ideas in a way that only Pearl Abyss can. Adventurers' feedback is very important for Pearl Abyss and Black Desert to achieve this goal. I would like to ask users to please continue giving us great opinions through our community page on the official website. We will continue striving to become a game and IP loved for a long time. 

The new class Hashashin is now available on Black Desert Mobile and Black Desert SEA PC version. You can also check below the gameplay first imprerssion and overview by Anders of the Hashashin Awakening.

To know more about this new class, head to

Hashashin is the new Class in Black Desert SEA and Mobile

Pearl Abyss announced last week with their upcoming new class for the Black Desert SEA and Mobile which will arrived on September 2, 2020. The new class Hashashin is now available to pre-create and can also get rewards while waiting for the official debut.

To know more about Hashashin:

The 20th added new class in Black Desert SEA and Mobile, it possesses a unique ability to manipulate sandstorms. Using the native Valencian god Aal power, Hashashin can teleport in any location using its sandstorm. For wiping out enemies, he can also summon it that can cause devastating damage.

Players can now pre-create Hashashin class in the game until September 2, and players will able to earn special rewards like pet (pearl item).

In addition, Autumn Season will also begin on September 2, as well as the Secret Quest Challenge which offers global ranking rewards per region.

For now, watch Hashashin teaser trailer below.

Ragnarok Mobile September 2020 Event (Freshman Celebration)

Ragnarok M Eternal Love official Facebook page has finally announced their upcoming event for the month of September. The theme for this month is titled "Freshman Celebration Events", where adventurer can complete 11 different events. 

Table of Contents

  1. Event Puzzle (Event 1)
  2. Pet Adventurers (Event 2)
  3. Racoon Pet Gift Pack (Event 3)
  4. Nerdy Teen's Trouble (Event 4)
  5. White Love Soaring Box (Event 5)
  6. Daily Vitality Gift Box (Event 6)
  7. Gem Tribute (Event 7)
  8. Entrance Exam (Event 8)
  9. Mysterious Merchant (Event 9)
  10. Freshman Orientation: Treasure Hunt (Event 10)
  11. Freshman Gift (Event 11)

They also announced that they have problem posting up a note from their page and could not post a lengthy overview for this month. With that, their post for the event doesn't look good.  


For reference, you can check the summary list of event below.

Event Date Details
September 1 to October 1, 2020 Event Puzzle (Event 1)
Collect the 9 puzzle to get rewards.
September 1 to 17, 2020 Pet Adventures (Event 2)
New quest under Pet Adventure, the event-time-limited Prontera maps.

Open Marvelous Pet Bag from your bag inventory.
September 1 to 17, 2020 Raccoon Pet Gift Pack (Event 3)
Raccoon Pet Gift Pack is available at the BCC Shop.
September 3 to 24, 2020 Nerdy Teen's Trouble (Event 4)
Talk to the NPC Noel at the Prontera Square to help Yannick, complete the 5-daily quest.

Main reward is All Pass headwear.
September 3 to 10, 2020 White Love Soaring Box (Event 5)
White Love Soaring Gift Box 1 and 2 are available for 15 BCC and 30 BCC respetively.

Goal is to get White Love Soaring mount. Remember the 3million pesos mount? similar mount item 🙂
September 3 to 10, 2020 Daily Vitality Gift Box (Event 6)
Find secret item at the BCC shop (Recharge) for a red dot to purchase gift box for 1 Zeny.
September 10 to 17, 2020 Gem Tribute (Event 7)
Exchange various gem from the NPC Celebration Gem Exchange at Prontera Square.
September 17 to October 1, 2020 Entrance Exam (Event 8)
Participate in the Yannicks entrance exam, answering correctly will earn rewards, while wrong answer is half of the rewards.
September 17 to 24, 2020 Mysterious Merchant (Event 9)
Give Away is available at the "New Event", players can purchase various items and unlock different tiers.

Goal is to get Duke Gem (Mount) and Cute Bear (Headwear)
September 24 to October 1, 2020 Freshman Orientation: Treasure Hunt (Event 10)
Find the NPC Celebration Treasure Ambassador at the Prontera Square to participate in the treasure map.
September 24 to 1, 2020 Freshman Gift (Event 11)
New item available at the BCC shop, the Freshman Gift for 15 BCC.

Event 1: Event Puzzle

Starting September 1 to October 1, 2020, as usual there will be a puzzle event for the Freshman Celebration. You can find these puzzle pieces by clicking the New Event button on the top of the game screen and head to Puzzle. 

There will be 9 different puzzles to solve and every time you complete the number of puzzles, a reward will be unlocked: 

Puzzle Completed  Rewards 
Every Puzzle Pieces  1 x Mysterious Box 7.0 
3 Puzzle Pieces  2 x Gold Medal 2 x Smooth Rune Stone 
6 Puzzle Pieces  4 x Praying Card Pack 4 x Valkyrie's Gifts 
9 Puzzle Pieces  1 x Limited Edition Card Freshman Celebration 

Here are the all of the Event Puzzle challenge.

Objectives How to Complete
Complete the Nerdy Teen's First Love Finish the atleast 1 mission of Nerdy Teen's Trouble
Obtain the All Pass Blueprint Complete the Nerdy Teen's Trouble 5-day mission.
You can exchange All Pass from the Exchange Hall.
Gather 100 Youth Celebration Coins Obtain these from Raccoon Pet Gift Pack, Treasure Hunt, Entrance Exam Quiz and Pet Adventure Handbook.
Obtain 5 Youth Vitality Gift Boxes Obtain these from Pet Adventure Handbook, Entrance Exam and Treasure Hunt.
Obtain 10 Youth Vitality Gift Boxes Same above.. 🙂
Obtain 1 Universal Formula Blueprint Use the Freshman Celebration Coin to exchange this item for 200 FCC.
Answer 1 questions correctly and complete the combat exercise Answer the Entrance Exam correctly at least once.
Answer 3 questions correctly and complete the combat exercise Answer the Entrance Exam correctly at least three times.
Obtain 1 Term Opening Ceremony Treasure Map Complete the Treasure Hunt.

Event 2: Pet Adventurers

Starting September 1 to 17, 2020, a new pet adventure event will be featured this month for the map of Prontera.

You can now open Pet's Adventure and Pet's labor with its new name Marvelous Pet Bag from your bag inventory. Use it to open the Pet Adventure.

The new event for Pet Adventure will rewards you the following:

  • Youth Vitality Gift Box
  • Random Pet Catching Item Gift Box
  • Freshman Celebration Coin
  • Random Boss Material Gift Box

Using recommend pet will also allow you to get Youth Vitality Giftbox. The rommended pets for this event is Raccoon Apprentice, Fairy and Succubus.

You can join participate in Prontera's Pet Adventure for three times a day. 

Youth Vitality Giftbox contains the following randomly: 

  • Mora Coins 
  • Oracle Dust 
  • Oracle Crystal 
  • Valkyrie's Gift 
  • Gold Medal 
  • Eden Coin 

Event 3: Racoon Pet Gift Pack

Starting September 1 to 17, 2020, a new item will be available at the BCC Shop. The Raccoon Pet Gift Pack which is available for 15 BCC. 

Opening this new gift pack contains the following: 

  • 20 x Freshman Celebration Coin 
  • 300 x Colourful Shells 
  • Get a chance to get additional Raccoon Apprentice Monster Egg 

Tips: Players can combine Raccoon Apprentice pet with Fairy pet to obtained Raccoon High Wizard pet. 

Raccoon Apprentice has the following skills.

Skill Description
Treasure Hunt Lv.1
Passive Skill
Increases the chance to gain rare chests in adventure by 1%
Labor: Cooking I Lv.7
Passive Skill
Increases working efficiency by 3.5% at the Cooking Center
Seeking Knowledge Lv.7
Passive Skill
Increase pet and master's intelligence by 7 points
Energetic Lv.10
Passive Skill
Increases pet and master's Max HP by 5%
Potion Mad Throw Lv.6
Active Skill
Inflict neutral Physical Damage of Atk * 480% on a single enemy unit with a 18% chance of freezing or stunning the target for 3 seconds.

Casting Range: 6.0 m
Skill CD: 5.0 sec

Event 4: Nerdy Teen's Trouble

Starting September 3 to 24, 2020, players can participate in a quest helping a Yannick who doesn't have a gf since his he started his college. It's his 4th year now and he will be graduating, you need to help him find a girlfriend before he graduates.  

But he has love at first sight on the gift who he first met during the Freshman Orientation; her name is Leona. Since Yannick is torpe, you need to help him get the heart of Leona in the game. 

There will be a total of 5 daily mission for this event, players need to go to the Prontera Square and talk to NPC Noel, players can accept the mission until September 17 and must complete the mission until September 24.

You will basically help Yannick in the mission to gather love tips on how to be closer to Leona.

Completing each task will allow players to received Yannick's Thank-you Gift, which contains one random item from following:

  • 1 x Smooth Rune Stones
  • 2 x Oracle Crystal
  • 2 x Gold Medal
  • 2 x Praying Card Pack
  • 1 x Glittering Rune Stones
  • 1 x Seed of Mastela
  • 1 x Dusty Rune Stone II

Finishing all the 5-mission will allow players to get an exclusive headwear blue print All Pass

Item Details Preview

All Pass
Type: Headwear
Luk + 8
Dex + 8

Deposit Rewards: MaxHP +30
Unlock Rewards: M.Atk +3

The event can only participate with one account only. 

Event 5: White Love Soaring Box

Starting September 3 to 10, 2020, soaring boxes at the BCC shop will be in sale. If you remember way back last year January, a mount was sold for 3 million pesos, the Key of Heaven. Well, the item inside this box will give you a chance to get a similar item, which is the White Love Soaring.

The only catch is you only have 0.2% to 0.5% chances.

  • White Love Soaring Gift Box 1 – 15 BCC 
  • White Love Soaring Gift Box 2 – 30 BCC 

White Love Soaring Gift Box I contains the following items:

  • 10 to 20 Mora Coins
  • 10 to 25 Gram Dust
  • 50,000 to 10,000 Zeny
  • 0.2% chance of getting a bonus mount White Love Soaring.

White Love Soaring Gift Box II contains the following items:

  • 25 to 40 Nolan Card
  • 15 to 30 Gram Dust
  • 200,000 to 400,000 Zeny
  • 0.5% chance of getting a bonus mount White Love Soaring.
Item Details Preview

White Love Soaring

Item Type: Mount
Move Spd + 50%

Unlock Rewards:
Atk + 8
M.Atk + 8

Event 6: Daily Vitality Gift Box

Starting September 3 to 10, 2020, there will be secret sale in the BCC shop that you can purchase a giftbox for only 1 Zeny. Players who spot a red dot on the Recharge shop will able to buy the secret item for 1 Zeny. 

It is unknown when this red dot will appear or what time, so it will be better to check out Recharge from time to time. In our case, Daily Vitality Gift Box was the red dot item for 1 Zeny.

After successfully purchased, the red dot will no longer appear. 

Event 7: Gem Tribute

Starting September 10 to 17, 2020, players can donate gem to exchange for a limited item. You need to help Leona collect some specific gem. 

During the event, players need to go to the Prontera Square and talk to the donate gem NPC Celebration Gem Exchange.  

As usual, the gem requested each day will be different. Each player can donate one type of gem per day. 

Event 8: Entrance Exam

Starting September 17 to October 1, 2020, players can answer a quiz to get exciting rewards. You need to help Yannick take the entrance examination to impress Leona. 

During the event, players need to go to the Prontera Square and talk to the Quiz Creating Director NPC Homeroom Teacher to start the quiz. 

Answering the quiz correctly, players get the following rewards: 

  • 2 x Youth Vitality Gift Box 
  • 40 x Freshman Celebration Coin 

If answered incorrectly, players will get half of the rewards: 

  • 1 x Youth Vitality Gift Box 
  • 20 x Fresman Celebration Coin 

Obtaining 20 pieces of Youth Vitality Gift Box will unlock the event-limited achievement and title "Youth Vitality". 

The Freshman Celebration Coins can be exchanged for the limited tail blueprint Universal Formula. 

Event 9: Mysterious Merchant

Starting September 17 to 24, 2020, there will be an quest under the New Event button on the top the screen, the Give Away which contains Mora coins and limited item.

From September 17 to 20, these items will be available for sale. 

Tier 1  Tier 2  Tier 3 

Mora Lucky Bag 

Contains the following: 
– 20 x Mora Coin 

Price: 400,000 Zeny 

Bear Mora Goody Bag 

Contains the following: 
– 100 x Mora Coin 
– Chance to get Cute Bear  

Price: 30 BCC  

(Purchase 5 x Tier 1 to unlock Tier 2) 

Ready-to-Burst Mora Goody Bag 
Contains the following: 
– 200 x Mora Coin  

Price: 2,000,000 Zeny  

(Purchase 30 x Tier 2 to unlock Tier 3)  

From September 21 to 24, these items will be available for sale. 

Tier 1  Tier 2  Tier 3 

Oracle Gift Box

Contains the following: 
– 5 x Oracle Dust 
– 5 x Oracle Crystal

Price: 400,000 Zeny 

Big Kitty Oracle Gift Box

Contains the following: 
– 25 x Oracle Dust 
– 25 x Oracle Crystal
– Chance to get Gem Duke  

Price: 30 BCC  

(Purchase 5 x Tier 1 to unlock Tier 2) 

Oracle Gift Box Unable to Shut

Contains the following: 
– 50 x Oracle Dust 
– 50 x Oracle Crystal  

Price: 2,000,000 Zeny  

(Purchase 30 x Tier 2 to unlock Tier 3)  

Here's how Cute Bear and Gem Duke looks like when you obtained them from Tier 2.

You can check all of their details stat and preview below.

Item Details Preview

Cute Bear [1]

Item Type: Headwear
All Attributes + 1
Dmg + 4%
M.Dmg + 4%

Carry my own scenic spot! Put on the Cute Bear and become a scenic spot yourself. Adventurers can take a photo of it with the camera feature to unlock the event spot Next Stop Happiness!

The event spot will automatically hidden once unlocked in the Adventure Handbook

Deposit Rewards: Atk + 6, M.Atk + 6

Duke Gem

Item Type: Mount
Move Spd + 25%

Unlock Rewards: Atk + 6, M.Atk + 6

Event 10: Freshman Orientation: Treasure Hunt

Starting September 24 to October 1, 2020, players can find the NPC Celebration Treasure Ambassador at the Prontera Square to participate this event. 

Each day, players will receive a treasure map. Once the quest is completed, players will get the following rewards: 

  • 1 x Youth Vitality Giftbox 
  • 20 x Freshman Celebration Coin 

Event 11: Freshman Gift

Starting September 24 to 1, 2020, a new item will be available at BCC Shop, the Freshman Gift which cost around 15 BCC. 

The gift cointains the following items: 

  • 4 x Oracle Dust 
  • 6 x Oracle Crystal 
  • 25% chance to get Commemorative Medal