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GamersHeroes Friday, March 8, 2024 6:44 PM

The latest trailer for ILCA and Bandai Namco's Sand Land serves as a showcase of its motorcycle gameplay.

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GamersHeroes Friday, March 8, 2024 4:05 PM

A number of new anniversary campaigns, rewards, and characters will make their way to Square Enix's suite of mobile games this month. 

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GamersHeroes Friday, March 8, 2024 4:05 PM

The world of Atlus West and Vanillaware's tactical RPG Unicorn Overlord is now available for console players - gear up with the launch trailer for the game.

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Kotaku Friday, March 8, 2024 5:26 PM

Sony is currently running a pretty awesome sale for a number of its first-party games, particularly those in the action genre. Whether you're looking to check out Nathan Drake's swan song in Uncharted 4, Sam Porter Bridges' strange trip through the apocalypse in Death Stranding, or Kratos' dramatic shift into sad dad…


Kotaku Friday, March 8, 2024 5:15 PM

Electronic Arts has added nine classic games to Steam including Dungeon Keeper Gold, SimCity 3000, and WW2-era open-world action game The Saboteur, which had previously been delisted from Valve's digital PC store, but is now back and on sale.


Kotaku Friday, March 8, 2024 5:00 PM

Peter Moore knows a lot about making video game consoles. He was Sega of America's chief operating officer and president from 1999-2003, the man behind the Xbox and Xbox 360 at Microsoft from 2003-2007, and an EA executive vice president from 2007-2017. (You might remember him for his (possibly temporary) Halo 2 and GT…


Kotaku Friday, March 8, 2024 4:30 PM

The first game since 2005 with Princess Peach in the starring role launches on Switch on March 22. That's not far from now. And while we have a demo for Princess Peach: Showtime and have seen plenty of trailers for it, we still don't know who actually developed Showtime. Weirdly, when asked directly, Nintendo just…


Kotaku Friday, March 8, 2024 4:00 PM

It's time again for one of those made-up video game holidays in which we celebrate a long-running franchise. This time, it's Mar10 Day, or Mario Day. On March 10, Nintendo celebrates the Super Mario franchise's long history and even puts some games and merch on sale. But if we're going to reflect on the plumber's many…


Kotaku Friday, March 8, 2024 3:15 PM

Folks, Akira Toriyama's passing has completely shaken me in a way I didn't think possible. It's always sad when someone responsible for a thing you love passes away, but what's getting to me today is how much it feels like I took him and his work for granted. I didn't recognize he was a hero of mine until it was too…


Kotaku Friday, March 8, 2024 3:00 PM

Square Enix's epic RPG Final Fantasy VII Rebirth isn't short on activities to do outside of its main story. Each region is home to a number of side-quests you'll come across by talking to NPCs and checking each town's job board. But which ones should you play?


Kotaku Friday, March 8, 2024 2:45 PM

Corporate entertainment giant Warner Bros. Discovery has begun sending notices to developers behind Adult Swim-published video games that their creations will be delisted and removed from digital stores in the next 60 days. While the company has yet to confirm what will happen to nearly 20 Adult Swim titles currently…


Kotaku Friday, March 8, 2024 2:00 PM

If you haven't heard, Akira Toriyama, the legendary creator of the Dragon Ball franchise and character designer of beloved games like Chrono Trigger and the Dragon Quest series, has passed away at the age of 68. As fans and collaborators have expressed condolences and tributes online, a lot of attention has…


Kotaku Friday, March 8, 2024 1:45 PM

It seems like there is always some great sale or bundle on Steam filled with great games. The ubiquitous PC games storefront is best known for its seasonal sales that offer some of the biggest games at huge discounts.


Kotaku Friday, March 8, 2024 1:30 PM
Some of our posts include links to retailers. If you buy something from clicking on one, G/O Media may earn a commission. Because editorial staff is independent of commerce, affiliate linking does not influence our editorial content.

A new patch hit Helldivers 2 on March 6 that unfortunately didn't go over well with the game's community. In Discord servers and Reddit posts, folks argued with Arrowhead Game Studios staff over the changes that were made to the third-person live-service shooter and the comments some developers gave back to the…


PCGamesN Friday, March 8, 2024 6:04 PM
     Baldur's Gate 3 mod fixes irritating inventory management problem

While inventory management and organizing supplies have vastly improved since Baldur's Gate 3 was first released, most players still experience irksome quirks and or bugs when shuffling around all their items. Mods can be super helpful here, and this new one makes the pesky problem of read books go away for good.

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PCGamesN Friday, March 8, 2024 2:37 PM
     Watch Dogs is getting a movie, and it might actually be good

The tides have turned in the cultural consensus on videogame adaptations, thanks to the success of The Last of Us, Sonic movies, and more well-received live-action projects in recent years. This might be good news for Watch Dogs, which is lined up to receive the big-screen treatment.

PCGamesN Friday, March 8, 2024 2:13 PM
     This new highly-rated deckbuilder is chaotic in the best way

Duelists of Eden is winning over hearts and minds on Steam, and for good reason. The 2D deckbuilder game is frenetic, dynamic, and chaotic in an extremely fun way.

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PCGamesN Friday, March 8, 2024 1:27 PM
     Promising tactical RPG releases 1.0 update to very positive reviews

As of Friday, March 8, 2024, the promising new tactical RPG Stolen Realm is out of Early Access on Steam with the arrival of its 1.0 update. And with a healthy amount of positive reviews already, it's a title we're keen to dive into.

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PCGamesN Friday, March 8, 2024 1:22 PM
     All Monopoly Go events, tournaments, dates, and rewards

What is the next Monopoly Go event? With so many limited-time events in Monopoly Go, it can be hard to keep track of the rewards you can get your hands on. Monopoly Go events can last anywhere from a few hours to a week, so bookmark this page as we'll keep it regularly updated with the next events and their start and end dates.

Monopoly Go is the latest online board game sweeping the globe, but completing all of these events won't be easy without some Monopoly Go free dice links, so check out our daily updated guide for some freebies and rewards before you get started on the next Monopoly Go tournament.

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     Fortnite server status and extended downtime

Are the Fortnite servers down? While the downtime between patches and season changes is usually predictable, there are occasions when something more serious has occurred, warranting prolonged maintenance.

Any downtime in Fortnite is annoying, particularly if you've only got a few hours in the day to play the battle royale game, but the servers can go down at any point. If that is the case right now, you can always check out the latest Fortnite map or Fortnite weapons to discover the new meta. With all that out of the way, here's the latest info on whether Fortntie is down.

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Rock Paper Shotgun Latest Articles Feed Friday, March 8, 2024 3:03 PM

Remember when Ubisoft announced they were working on a movie adaptation of hacking series Watch Dogs, before it was even released? I sure didn't! Well, allow us both to be reminded of something from over a decade ago, because the Watch Dogs film is still apparently A Thing. It's more of A Thing now, too, because it has actual names attached rather than just a corporation's vague "excitement" about licensing out its IP.

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Rock Paper Shotgun Latest Articles Feed Friday, March 8, 2024 2:31 PM

The sequel to emotional 2014 World War I adventure game Valiant Hearts: The Great War has hit PC, after a year and change locked down to mobile devices and a Netflix subscription - and a decade after its predecessor.

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Rock Paper Shotgun Latest Articles Feed Friday, March 8, 2024 1:44 PM

After cracking open its virtual Pandora's Box using the magical key of "shooting it with a lot of bullets", Fortnite's mythical next season is due to roll out later today. Chapter 5 Season 2 - or Myths & Mortals, if you prefer - will bring a pantheon of god powers, locations from Greek mythology and, uh, Korra from the Avatar: The Last Airbender sequel, who has a gun now I guess.

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Rock Paper Shotgun Latest Articles Feed Friday, March 8, 2024 1:05 PM

Akira Toriyama, the mangaka whose work in video games included designing the characters for two of the most influential RPGs ever made, Chrono Trigger and Dragon Quest, on top of creating one of the most influential series across all of pop-culture in Dragon Ball, has passed away.

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Twinfinite Friday, March 8, 2024 4:29 PM
The Sega Dreamcast is a treasure trove of odd gems - here are the rarest and priciest from the short-lived console

Twinfinite Friday, March 8, 2024 4:29 PM
Will the GTA 6 phone apps be more focused around form or function?

Twinfinite Friday, March 8, 2024 4:00 PM
Toriyama's impact on worldwide culture was by no means limited to one medium.

Siliconera Friday, March 8, 2024 5:00 PM

Like countless others who grew up in the 1990s, I devoted my childhood to watching Dragon Ball Z. The wait for new sets of episodes to come to Toonami here in America always seemed to feel like decades. At the time, I had no idea that a single storyteller and artist named Akira Toriyama was the creative force behind everything.

When the name Akira Toriyama comes up, it's usually his artwork that starts the conversation. Rightly so! His style is iconic and instantly recognizable. But Toriyama was also as a gifted and unique storyteller. Many people often credit his creations for their monumental influence on modern stories. I'm not suggesting his writing is some hidden gem. However, it is important to highlight the way he told stories and how his work influenced not only my personal taste into adulthood, but countless others.

Dragon Ball Z was the first serialized show I ever watched. Unlike Power Rangers, with its monster-of-the-week format, Dragon Ball ended up divided into story arcs. It made me feel grown-up, like I was watching a "real" show. That's why we all eagerly waited for new episodes, craving to know what happens next. I lost count of how many times I'd see Goku land on Namek. Then, it would go right back to the beginning with Raditz in the next episode.

Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods Heads to Movie Theaters in October
Image via Toei Animation

I didn't realize it then, but everything I've been reminiscing about with Dragon Ball Z was thanks to Akira Toriyama's storytelling finesse. Goku's dramatic entrance onto Namek wasn't just a scene. It was a culmination of multiple storylines. It was both an anticipation and resolution all at once. Some may argue that Toriyama relied on this formula too heavily in later arcs. However, for me, the balance of tension and release he crafted within each one, especially when a new character arrived after a hard-fought battle, was unparalleled. I struggle to think of anyone who executed it as masterfully as he did. One standout moment for me is Gohan's epic arrival to confront Buu in Dragon Ball Z's final arc. Even now, rewatching the scene gives the same chills as it did in my youth.

However, the fights aren't everything, despite some detractors suggesting otherwise. Let's face it, Akira Toriyama crafted a downright bizarre world in Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, and Dragon Ball Super. Talking animals are just part of the scenery. Pocket-sized cars? Totally normal. It's all wonderfully odd, and that's precisely what makes it so captivating. Toriyama fully embraces the goofiness of it all. Nothing is ever too serious … until it suddenly is. That's the twist. That's why countless epic moments from this show are still etched into my memory.

Goku is undeniably a wonderfully goofy character; even during fights, he's just there to enjoy himself. However, when Frieza killed Krillin, Goku's demeanor changed drastically. This pivotal moment marked Goku's transformation into a Super Saiyan for the first time. Describing it as iconic almost feels like an understatement.

What makes it so impactful is how Akira Toriyama, as a storyteller, subverted our expectations of a character we know so well. The once gentle and playful Goku is now consumed by rage and fury. It's a tense moment. He's still our hero, but now we're left wondering at what cost this victory will come. It also moves the narrative forward, closing an arc that started back with Raditz: Goku accepting his heritage.

Image via Toei

There are countless moments like this in Dragon Ball Z and other parts of the series' storyline that strike me as incredibly creative. I believe it stems from Toriyama's background in writing comedic manga and series like Dr. Slump. Transitioning from comedy to drama seems far smoother than the reverse. This balance is what prevents Dragon Ball from ever tipping into melodrama. The serious moments feel genuine, but the lighter moments are equally cherished and bring a sense of warmth to the series.

Even his iconic artwork doesn't just adorn the story. It's a vital thread woven into the very fabric of the narrative, enhancing the entire experience Take, for instance, the reason Super Saiyans have blond hair. It was simply easier for Toriyama to leave the hair uncolored, rather than meticulously fill in the black! This approach exemplifies Toriyama's penchant for working smarter, not harder, and using art to guide the story.

I mean look at it this way. Almost every new Dragon Ball Z game essentially just retells the show's plot. Yet every time, we eagerly dive in, ready to relive the saga with unabashed enthusiasm. There's a comforting familiarity to it, woven seamlessly with Toriyama's signature blend of humor, action, and suspense.

Akira Toriyama's impact is all over so much of the content that captured my interest as I grew up. His whimsical, almost aloof, characters set the bar for the kind of characters I grew to favor in JRPGs. Actually, who knows if I'd even like JRPGs if I hadn't been looking for games "similar to Dragon Ball Z." His fusion of sci-fi with fantasy elements also paved the way for iconic titles like Chrono Trigger (which, of course, he had a hand in). In one way or another, I can trace many of my interests back to Dragon Ball Z and the rich universe Toriyama created.

Akira Toriyama was an undeniable powerhouse of talent, no matter how you look at it. As fans around the globe mourn his passing, it's important to remember that the legacy he left behind continues to shape and inspire countless new writers and artists. And with any luck, it always will. Rest easy, Akira Toriyama, and thank you for everything.

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Siliconera Friday, March 8, 2024 4:30 PM

Dragon Quest Creator Yuji Horii Commented on Akira Toriyama Death

Dragon Quest creator Yuji Horii shared some words about the death of renowned manga artist Akira Toriyama. After news of his passing started spreading, many close friends and colleagues in the Japanese entertainment industry started to share their feelings.

Through his personal X (formerly Twitter) account, Yuji Horii shared a post where he talked about his relationship to Akira Toriyama. The original post is in Japanese, and here is an English translation of his words:

"I still cannot believe the sudden news of Toriyama-san's passing.

I have known Toriyama-san since I was a writer for Shonen Jump and, at my editor Torishima-san's suggestion, I decided to ask (Toriyama-san) to make drawings for Dragon Quest when it released.

In the over 37 years I've known him, (Toriyama-san) has drawn character and monster designs for countless of fascinating characters.

The history of Dragon Quest is tied to Toriyama-san's designs.

Toriyama-san and the late (Koichi) Sugiyama-sensei were two longtime friends that worked on Dragon Quest.

I can't believe he's gone...

I don't know what else to say. I am so, so sorry."

And here is the original post by Yuji Horii about the death of Akira Toriyama:

Akira Toriyama died on March 1, 2024 at the age of 68, and Bird Studio confirmed the news on March 8, 2024. He was the creator behind plenty of popular manga series like Dragon Ball, Arale, and Sand Land, in addition to being the character and monster designer for the Dragon Quest game series.

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Siliconera Friday, March 8, 2024 4:00 PM

Dave the Diver, Guilty Gear Strive

The Nintendo Switch version of Dave the Diver is set to get crossover content from Guilty Gear Strive, including rhythm minigames, boat skins, and cosplaying customers. The Dave the Diver Anniversary Edition will also get a physical release on May 30, 2024, and it is available to pre-order from the official website and select retailers.

The Anniversary Edition trailer also gives us a look at some of the Guilty Gear content which, as well as the aforementioned minigame and skins, will also include a weapon based on May's anchor. The Guilty Gear content will be exclusive to the Switch version of the game, while the physical anniversary edition will also include a digital artbook.

You can watch the Dave the Diver Anniversary Edition trailer via YouTube below:

The Guilty Gear franchise is also set to appear on Epos Visa credit cards in Japan, starting March 15, 2024. The latest game in the series, Guilty Gear Strive. is also set to be part of the lineup at Evo 2024 in Japan.

The Dave the Diver Anniversary edition containing Guilty Gear content is available to pre-order now and will release on May 30, 2024. The game is also available on PC, PS4, and PS5. Meanwhile, Guilty Gear Strive is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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Siliconera Friday, March 8, 2024 3:00 PM

summerhouse game review 1 friedemann

I don't own a house. I don't know if I'll ever get to own a house, given the state of the economy, the volatility of the industry and job market, and the fact that AI and venture capitalists make me wonder if I'll be working in an Aldi or Costco in the next five to ten years. I suppose that's why I like Summerhouse, a relaxed Friedemann and Future Friends Games "game" that is basically a house-building wish simulator. I don't know if I'll ever have this kind of tranquility, but I can pretend!

If you played the sandbox building simulator Townscaper, then a game like Summerhouse should feel quite familiar. There are no scores. No requirements. A few building restrictions, due to limitations of blocks available and control. No one tells you what to do. You choose bits and pieces and assembles houses, neighborhoods, and anything you can manage to fit in the handful of vistas available to you.

Now, there are limitations to this. An array of items are available, but there aren't a ton of different options. The ones that are there are available in a single color. There's no resizing that I can see, but given there is no tutorial or explanation of how to start building, it is possible I just haven't happened upon it. Some items are locked, requiring a person to do things like place duplicates of the same item right next to each other to trigger the appearance of new customization options. Some sort of introduction, or even a note saying, "Here's what you can do and how to do it" would have been great.

While it isn't a perfect toybox or game, I do find quite a bit of value in Summerhouse. Sometimes, I like to approach it as a zen experience. I click the random box repeatedly and make do with what I'm given. I create a home or building and appreciate what comes of my self-imposed guidelines. I'd try building a small neighborhood that would fit the ambiance. It's a playground, to be certain, with the goal seeming to be to relax and enjoy the moment.

It's very good at evoking a feeling. There is no stress. There is nothing you need to do. You don't have to worry about anything. Just enjoy lo-fi music, place some bits and pieces around, and see if you like what you come up with. If you don't, that's fine too. Once you feel like maybe you're done, turn the UI off and just watch the breeze blow. Maybe see how it looks at night or in the rain, to be certain this is the right house for the moment.

With Summerhouse, it feels like I'm encouraged to live in the moment and play with what I've been given. If someone is a creative kind of person who enjoys playing around with things like Picrews or the more aesthetic elements of building homes in The Sims, I could see this being a low-key diversion to cool down after a busy day or when you want to do something simple. But if you want endless opportunities and a packed array of building blocks, it isn't it.

Summerhouse is available on PCs via Steam.

The post Summerhouse Is a Wish Simulator Sandbox, Not a Game appeared first on Siliconera.

Siliconera Friday, March 8, 2024 2:30 PM

Tarako, Voice Actress of Chibi Maruko-chan, Died

Tarako, the voice actress most famous for her work as Maruko on Chibi Maruko-chan, died at age 63. This comes the same day we learned that Akira Toriyama also died in March 2024. [Thanks, Livedoor!]

Tarako died on March 8, 2024, and it was a sudden passing. The cause of her death is unknown. Her family reported her death to Fuji TV and her agency, and will hold a private funeral. The Fuji TV representative who heard the news from the family said that Tarako had been sick earlier this year but still participated in recordings until very recently. Her death was so sudden that they were at a loss for words.

In an interview in Summer 2023, Tarako talked about her views on life and death. She revealed that her parents died very sudden deaths, which in turn caused her to lose her fear of dying. She said that if she dies, then she could go to Heaven and meet her parents, dog, cat, and friends. She stated that when people go to her funeral, she wants people to wear what they would normally wear. As well, she hoped that people would mourn her by acting out the scripts that she wrote for plays.

Tarako debuted in 1981, but her voice-acting career took off after she appeared as Momoko Sakura in Chibi Maruko-chan. The anime is a very popular Japanese series that has a significant cultural impact in Japan. It is on par with the likes of Doraemon, Dragon Ball, and Crayon Shin-chan. Aside from voicing Momoko, Tarako was also Kirara on Inuyasha and Melody on Hunter x Hunter (1999). She replaced Nobuyo Oyama as Monokuma in Danganronpa after Oyama's retirement in 2015 following a dementia diagnosis.

Tarako, the voice actress for Momoko Sakura on Chibi Maruko-chan, died at 63.

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Siliconera Friday, March 8, 2024 2:00 PM

FFVII Remake Aerith, Tifa, Cloud, and Sephiroth Plush Return

Square Enix announced its FFVII Remake Aerith, Tifa, Cloud, and Sephiroth plush will return to its Japanese eStore on May 25, 2024. They will once again cost 4,180円 (~$28). 

These dolls first started to appear worldwide in 2021. The initial batch included them, as well as Barret. Each one is about seven inches tall. They're soft plush in outfits inspired by the remake trilogy. Each one also features stylized, embroidered, two-tone eyes. When they first appeared, Cloud and Barret showed up before being followed by Aerith and Tifa. 

In case you forgot how they look, here's a gallery of images Square Enix shared with us:

As for the US Square Enix Store, all of the plush are still in-stock there. They sell for $44.99. Even the limited version of Yuffie, which includes her Moogle hood, is still available. Later runs also included the Shinra characters Rufus, Reno, and Rude.

Final Fantasy Remake is available on the PS4, PS5, and PC, and FFVII Rebirth is available on the PS5. The Rebirth exclusivity arrangement ends on May 29, 2024. The FFVII Remake Aerith, Cloud, Tifa, and Sephiroth plush will return to Japan on May 25, 2024.

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Siliconera Friday, March 8, 2024 1:30 PM

Persona 5 Tactica collaboration with Marion Crepes Patisserie

Marion Crepes revealed via its official X account that it will hold a collaboration event with Persona 5 Tactica. This tie-up will feature new merchandise featuring the game's characters and exclusive crepes inspired by the title. The event will be available from late March 2024 to early April 2024.

The tie-up will have twelve Persona 5 Tactica characters dressed up as staff members of the Japanese crepe store chain. The lineup will feature the original eight Phantom Thieves—The Protagonist, Morgana, Ryuji, Ann, Yusuke, Makoto, Futaba, and Haru—along with Goro and Kasumi. The two Tactica original characters Toshiro and Erina (who is alternatively known in Japan as Elle) will complete the roster.

The collaboration will appear in four of Marion Crepes' stands. Three of them will be located in Tokyo at WACCA Ikebukuro, Shibuya MODI, and Kichijoji Marui. The only non-Tokyo stand to feature this collaboration will be Nittoh Mall in Saitama prefecture's Kumagaya city.

Persona 5 Tactica will not be the only franchise to collaborate with Marion Crepes. The Japanese crepe chain has also announced collaborations with Oshi no Ko and The Idolmaster: Cinderella Girls among others.

The Persona 5 Tactica - Marion Crepes collaboration event will run from Wednesday, March 20, 2024, to Sunday, April 7, 2024.

The post Persona 5 Tactica Marion Crepes Collaboration Announced appeared first on Siliconera.

PC Invasion - FeedDDD Friday, March 8, 2024 7:59 PM
     Fortnite's Zeus posing next to the Thunderbolt of Zeus Mythic weaponThunderbolt of Zeus is a powerful Mythic weapon in Fortnite that allows players to ascend to the skies and strike enemies below. This guide covers everything you need to know to complete the "Damage opponents with Thunderbolt of Zeus" Quest, including where to find it and how to use it. Thunderbolt of Zeus Mythic location in Fortnite Screenshot: PC Invasion In Fortnite Chapter Five Season Two, the Thunderbolt of Zeus Mythic weapon is obtainable through Chests or by defeating Zeus himself. Like all other weapons in the game, you can also collect it from eliminated players. To challenge Zeus and steal his Thunderbolt, follow these steps: Head to Mount Olympus in the southwest portion of the Island. Walk into the throne room and interact with the Altar to summon Zeus. Eliminate Zeus and collect the Thunderbolt of Zeus. In addition to the Thunderbolt, Zeus drops the "Zeus' Huntress DMR" Mythic weapon and the Aspect of Speed. Zeus has...

PC Invasion - FeedDDD Friday, March 8, 2024 7:39 PM
     Fortnite Huntress DmrEvery season of Fortnite brings a whole array of new and exciting things to the ever-changing world. Fortnite Chapter 5, Season 2 promises to be a huge one with the Olympic Gods, Persona, and Buzz Lightyear, but when will it all come to an end? End date for Fortnite Season 2 Fortnite Chapter 5, Season 2 will run from March 8, 2024, to May 24, 2024. This gives us almost two and a half months to enjoy the latest season of Fortnite and collect all the great loot. There are plenty of new additions to the game to keep you more than occupied for the coming weeks. Of course, over the coming season, we will see many new additions to Fortnite before it ends. Some have already been leaked. As the rumour mill and leaks grind on, we are seeing characters such as Luffy from One Piece making an appearance, and of course, Buzz Lightyear. Image: Epic Games As with most seasons in Fortnite, I expect we will see all sorts of changes to the map and the roster of characters. Epic like to k...

PC Invasion - FeedDDD Friday, March 8, 2024 7:08 PM
     SMG Mythic FortniteFortnite Chapter 5, Season 2, has us facing off against the gods themselves. If you want to get your hands on some of the best loot this season, you are going to have to challenge an Olympian boss using their altar in Fortnite. How to start a boss fight using the Olympian altars To begin the fight for victory in Fortnite, you will have to go to one of the four boss locations around the map. Each of the various bosses will drop different loot. If you want to grab some of the best weapons, you will have to challenge the Olympian boss using their altar. The boss's locations and their weapons are as follows. Hades – The Underworld in the Northwest of the map. Mythic Harbinger SMG. Zeus – Mount Olympus found in the Southeast of the Fortnite map. Thunderbolt of Zeus and Mythic Huntress DMR. Ares – Found in the far southeast of the map. Mythic Warforged Assault Rifle. Cerberus is found at the Grim Gate, located Northwest of the centre of the Fortnite...

PC Invasion - FeedDDD Friday, March 8, 2024 6:31 PM
     Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2 Key ArtThere are only two reasons why you may be experiencing Fortnite server issues: either the Fortnite servers are down, or you're experiencing technical issues. If Fortnite truly is down, you need to confirm that it is with a reliable source. Once you've determined that it's either on Epic Games' side or not, you can get to work trying connection fixes on your end. How to fix the "servers not responding" error in Fortnite The Fortnite servers are currently down to prepare for Fortnite Chapter Two Season Five. Due to an "unexpected issue," downtime has been extended for at least twelve hours. Fortnite should be back up by 9 PM EST on March 8, 2024, though it may take longer. We're continuing the work to bring Fortnite back online. Players will be able to pre-download an updated version of v29.00 in approximately 5 hours.We're grateful for your patience and can't wait for everyone to be able to jump in. ?

PC Invasion - FeedDDD Friday, March 8, 2024 5:53 PM
     Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2 Key ArtFornite Chapter Five Season Two allows you to embrace your inner Kratos and battle legendary figures from Greek mythology. This guide covers the location of this season's bosses, such as Zeus and Hades, and the rewards you can expect for taking them down. All Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2 boss locations and loot Image: PC Invasion In Fortnite Chapter Five, Season Two, you can challenge four bosses from Greek mythology by summoning them through the Golden Altar in their domain. Hades, Zeus, Ares, and Cerberus all drop at least one unique Mythic weapon and Aspect each. Aspects replace Medallions in Season Two, granting you godlike power at the cost of being marked on the map for all players. The location of each boss is labeled on the in-game map with their Aspect icons, but you can also refer to the handy maps in this guide during the heat of battle. Zeus location, loot, and Aspect Screenshot: PC Invasion As you would expect, Zeus can be summoned in the throne ...

Gaming Instincts – Next-Generation of Video Game Journalism Friday, March 8, 2024 1:48 PM

" An announcement trailer was also released.

The post Outward 2 Announced for PC and Consoles appeared first on Gaming Instincts - Next-Generation of Video Game Journalism.

Gaming Instincts – Next-Generation of Video Game Journalism Friday, March 8, 2024 1:04 PM

A highlights video for the game was also released.

The post Dragon's Dogma II Gets New 'Character Creator & Storage' Demo appeared first on Gaming Instincts - Next-Generation of Video Game Journalism.

MonsterVine Friday, March 8, 2024 2:30 PM
     Clockwork Labs's MMORPG BitCraft will begin its closed alpha release on April 2nd.  A new gameplay trailer was released today showcasing its community and how players influence the world through their choices. BitCraft allows players to play solo or with others to build a new civilization through building, hunting, crafting, trading, and exploring. BitCraft will […]

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Apple's best laptops just got better, and a pep talk from an AI Snoop Dogg life coach
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March 8, 2024
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Welcome to the Week in Review
The arrival of any new Apple device is noteworthy, so it’s a little surprising that Apple rolled out its new MacBook Air M3 models with such little fanfare. Okay, so we’re not exactly in Vision Pro territory in terms of how groundbreaking they are – really, this is just a specs upgrade – but these are still among the very finest laptops you can buy, and so arguably deserving of a higher-profile launch.

Never fear, because we’re going to shout about the new devices, even if Apple isn’t. We’ve reviewed both the 13-inch and 15-inch models already, and we're happy to declare the former to be “easily the best laptop for most people” – high praise indeed from our Managing Editor of Computing, Matt Hanson.

Apple also found time to give iPhone users a treat, in the form of iOS 17.4 – which is a really big deal, particularly if you’re in the EU, where you can now access third-party iOS app stores. Elsewhere in phones, we’ve been musing on what a Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 Ultra could look like, digesting some early rumors about the Galaxy S25, and marvelling over the flagship bargain that is the OnePlus 12. You can read about all of that below.

There’s also plenty for camera fans to dig into thanks to the launch of a new Leica, big news in the AI world from a competitor to ChatGPT, and lots, lots more. Enjoy!
Marc McLaren, UK Editor-in-Chief
The week in Apple
M3 MacBook Air reviews: the best laptop just got better
The new 13-inch MacBook Air (Future)
We've been taking a detailed look at the new M3-powered 13-inch and 15-inch MacBook Airs from Apple. Our full reviews of both are now live, and while the previous Air was almost perfect, we think Apple has managed to make these laptops even better.
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The week in phones
Rumored Galaxy Z Fold 6 Ultra could be a gamechanger
There are now more foldables than ever (Future)
The latest Samsung rumor doing the rounds is that a more expensive, better specced version of the Galaxy Z Fold 6 is on the way this year. If this 'Ultra' model brings with it top-tier cameras, it could be a breakthrough moment for foldable smartphones.
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The week in cameras
The Fujifilm X100VI is now back-ordered for 'months'
Fujifilm's latest digital camera (Future)
The Fujifilm X100VI could well be the best premium compact camera for most people in 2024, thanks to a host of useful upgrades and its distinct retro look, but you might find yourself struggling to get hold of one, as we're hearing that supply is running low.
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This week's top deals picked by TechRadar's experts
Where to buy the new MacBook Air M3
Apple has some shiny new laptops to sell (Apple)
So you've read our reviews of the new 13-inch and 15-inch MacBook Airs, and you want in... so where do you go? We can guide you to the best preorder prices for these laptops on the web, so you get your new laptop as soon as possible.
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The week in AI
Getting life advice from the 'Snoop Dogg' AI
The real Snoop Dogg (Getty Images / Greg Doherty / WireImage)
Generative AI's reach is extending into every corner of our digital lives, and we've been chatting with a Snoop Dogg-inspired AI persona in Instagram – one of dozens of personas added by Meta that are ready and waiting to hold a conversation with you.
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The week in entertainment
The best new movies and shows to catch this weekend
Wonka is now streaming on Max (Warner Bros. Pictures)
Looking for something to watch this weekend? Timothée Chalamet's whimsical take on Willy Wonka is streaming on Max, while the Oscar-nominated Poor Things comes to Hulu in the US and Disney Plus in the UK. And don't forget the Oscars themselves on Sunday!
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