Met a girl at a party …

I met a girl at a party and she said, "Come outside and I'll show you a good time."So we went outside and she ran 100 metres in 9.79 seconds.

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Electrician's Clothing

An electrician's favourite article of clothing would be their shorts.

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This Supermarket Joke

This Supermarket joke.Its an Aldi but a goodie.

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What's Brown and lies beside the piano?

What's brown and lies beside the piano? Beethoven's last movement.      

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Dropping Latin phrases into conversations to sound smart… That's my modus operandi.

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An interesting game clouded by features from another title.

Guilty Gear: Strive gets a delay into June

Guilty Gear: Strive gets a delay into June
More time needed to polish some aspects of the game.

Clubhouse Pass Season 2 Is on the Green in PGA TOUR 2K21

Clubhouse Pass Season 2 Is on the Green in PGA TOUR 2K21

Karakuri-kun Official Steam Trailer

Karakuri-kun Official Steam Trailer

Marvel's Avengers: Next-Gen Capabilities Trailer

Marvel's Avengers: Next-Gen Capabilities Trailer

Devs Lost In Space - A New Space Engineers Weekly Community Stream - March 4th

Devs Lost In Space - A New Space Engineers Weekly Community Stream - March 4th

Doom VR Edition is bringing the iconic classic to PSVR headsets

Doom VR Edition is bringing the iconic classic to PSVR headsets
We'll get the chance to experience this nightmarish horror by the end of this month.

NBA 2K21 is coming to Xbox Game Pass today

NBA 2K21 is coming to Xbox Game Pass today
A perfect dunk.

Airport CEO Gallery

Airport CEO Gallery
Latest images for Airport CEO

Airport CEO Review

Airport CEO Review
Like Airports? Like Planes? Like construction and management? You've come to the right place.

The Survivalists Farming & Animal Console Update!

The Survivalists Farming & Animal Console Update!

Nintendo Switch | SNK VS. CAPCOM【Super Impact Blasts - CAPCOM】

Nintendo Switch | SNK VS. CAPCOM【Super Impact Blasts - CAPCOM】

Casually Grounded Dev Stream E06 w/ Aarik, Shyla, Roby Atadero, and special guest RooDaaR!

Casually Grounded Dev Stream E06 w/ Aarik, Shyla, Roby Atadero, and special guest RooDaaR!

Casually Grounded Dev Stream E05 w/ Aarik, Shyla, Adam Brennecke, and special guest Mike Lowery!

Casually Grounded Dev Stream E05 w/ Aarik, Shyla, Adam Brennecke, and special guest Mike Lowery!

It's time to tell you who I am...

It's time to tell you who I am...

Apex Legends now has a new Nintendo Switch gameplay trailer

Apex Legends now has a new Nintendo Switch gameplay trailer
Legends on the roll.

Rust's console version now has a new trailer as well

Rust's console version now has a new trailer as well
Just in time.

Nintendo Switch | SNK VS. CAPCOM【Super Impact Blasts - SNK】

Nintendo Switch | SNK VS. CAPCOM【Super Impact Blasts - SNK】

Outriders Soundtrack - Main Theme

Outriders Soundtrack - Main Theme

Littlewood, a Stardew Valley-like RPG is now out on Nintendo Switch

Littlewood, a Stardew Valley-like RPG is now out on Nintendo Switch
"The world has already been saved".

ENDO – Beta Demo

ENDO is a whimsical psychedelic first person puzzle platforming adventure with a stop-motion-esque visual style and gameplay that focuses on physical interaction.

In ENDO your aim is to make it to the exit portal of each level, but to get there you'll need to explore and physically interact with the environment in lots of unique (and unexpected) ways. You're not given any instructions, you simply … Read More

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Endling – Beta Download

Endling is a cleverly crafted narrative-driven Sci-Fi adventure where you live within a house that automatically adapts to your preferences, with an aim of making a perfect day that's worth reliving.

In Endling you awaken in the bedroom of a pleasant looking house that's filled with IKEA-esque furniture. As you awake you're greeted by an AI voice (called IKEA) that talks to you as you … Read More

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Green With Energy – Beta Sign Up

Green With Energy is a chilled out simulation game where your aim is to build self-sufficient eco-friendly power grids for towns and cities that are dependent on fossil fuels.

In Green With Energy you'll need to balance cost, efficiency and environmental impact as you attempt to create self-sufficient power grids for different locations. To do this you'll use environmentally friendly technologies such as wind, solar … Read More

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Blood Reminds – Beta Download

Blood Reminds is a first person thriller puzzle adventure where you are a half-vampire who can relive the final moments of recently deceased people's lives and do things that alter the present.

In Blood Reminds you follow the adventure of a young half-vampire noblewoman called Elizabeth. She's recently returned to the palace that her family lived in and found that it's in ruins and everyone … Read More

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Long in the Tooth – Game Jam Build Download

Long in the Tooth is a beautifully drawn point and click adventure that follows the adventure of a toothless old man who has just discovered the Fountain of Youth.

Created for AdvJam 2021, Long in the Tooth is a lighthearted point and click adventure about an old man who has spent his life in search of the Fountain of Youth. The game starts with him … Read More

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StarCrawlers Chimera – Kickstarter Demo

StarCrawlers Chimera is a turn-based first person cyberpunk dungeon crawler where you fight your way through a futuristic research facility filled with experimental abominations, guards and robotic defenses.

Taking place in the same universe as the well received StarCrawlers, StarCrawlers Chimera is an Eye of the Beholder style grid-based dungeon crawler with tactical turn-based combat and movement. Your goal is to infiltrate a Chimera … Read More

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Were.Wolf – Student Game Download

Were.Wolf is a beautifully animated stealth action platforming adventure where a werewolf sneaks through a mysterious castle to break his curse.

In Were.Wolf you take on the role of a man who was turned into a werewolf and imprisoned in a castle. The castle owner appears to be behind it all and she has some very macabre practices. You need to sneak through the castle … Read More

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DepowerBall – Beta Sign Up

DepowerBall is a competitive multiplayer party platformer where players compete to please a Dragon Queen and when a player wins a round, the other players can choose to take away one of their abilities!

Playable with up to four players online or locally, DepowerBall is a party platformer where players all compete to feed a Dragon Queen lots of tasty treats. Each player starts the … Read More

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The Forest Quartet – Beta Demo

The Forest Quartet is a beautiful supernatural puzzle adventure where the ghost of a musician attempts to fix the corruption plaguing the souls of her bandmates in time for their final farewell concert.

In The Forest Quartet you take control of Nina – the spirit of a recently deceased lead singer of a popular band called The Forest Quartet. She was more than just the … Read More

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ANVIL – Beta Sign Up

ANVIL is an intense Sci-Fi roguelike twin-stick shooter where Vault Breakers with mechanical bodies search for the remnants of alien civilizations across the galaxy.

Playable in single-player or online co-op, ANVIL is a spectacle-filled roguelike action shooter set within galaxies of randomly generated planets. You take on the role of a Vault Breaker – skilled fighters with mechanical bodies that are rebuilt and upgraded when … Read More

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Clucky's Picnic Adventure – Alpha Download

Clucky's Picnic Adventure is a freaky first person horror game where you attempt to complete a weird glitchy video game while also fending off mutant chickens that keep breaking into your home!

In Clucky's Picnic Adventure you return home to find a note written on your TV from your son. It seems he's struggling to beat a video game and he's asked if you can … Read More

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Rocket Rumble – Open Beta

Rocket Rumble is a multiplayer racing brawler where players race and beat each other up as they compete to be the first past the finish line.

Previously featured on Alpha beta Gamer during the closed Beta sign up, Rocket Rumble is currently hosting an open Beta weekend so everyone can join in the fun. It plays a little like a blend of WipEout, … Read More

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Mr. Hopp's Playhouse 2 – Alpha Demo

Mr. Hopp's Playhouse 2 is a freaky stealth horror adventure which sees the murderous stuffed bunny Mr Hopp make a return, and this time he's brought some pals!

A prequel to the 2019 original, Mr. Hopp's Playhouse 2 is a 2D stealth horror game about a young orphan girl named Esther, who comes into possession of a stuffed rabbit called Mr. Hopps. He's no … Read More

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Let's Build a Zoo – Steam Beta Key Giveaway

We have 5,000 Steam Beta keys to give away for Let's Build a Zoo, a Theme Park-esque zoo tycoon game where you can create over 300,000 DNA spliced animal hybrids for your visitors to enjoy.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer last month during the closed Beta sign up, Let's Build a Zoo is a zoo tycoon game that plays like a … Read More

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CipherPilot – Alpha Demo

CipherPilot is an incredibly fast and brutally tough survival racer where you race at break-neck speeds through 100+ levels of corrupted cyberspace.

The goal in each level of CipherPilot is simple – survive. It takes place in a glitchy cyberspace called "The Verse" that's being destroyed by "The Corruption". As you race through the Verse you need to stay ahead of the Corruption, while also … Read More

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Saturated Outer Space – Beta Sign Up

Saturated Outer Space is a turn-based tactical Sci-Fi adventure where you lead a team of operatives who are essentially the emergency services of space – called in to rescue galaxy citizens from fires, disasters and hostile life-forms.

In Saturated Outer Space your main aim is to save lives as you command a team of Salvation Operating Service operatives in a variety of perilous missions. Your … Read More

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Hope – Alpha Demo

Hope is a beautiful atmospheric puzzle adventure where a cute little red panda carries the last light on Earth to awaken slumbering Guardian Spirits.

In Hope you take control of a little red panda who carries the last light in a world filled with darkness. You need to use your light to help you solve a series of self-contained puzzles as you make your way … Read More

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WIREWALK()↳ – Beta Sign Up

WIREWALK()↳ is a charming looking Game Boy styled top-down action RPG adventure set in a world where a powerful virus has infected a computer systems across an entire city. And you hack into it just for fun!

In WIREWALK()↳ you follow the adventure of a roller-skating and baseball-loving hacker who has created a piece of software called The Wirewalker. This software allows her to hack … Read More

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The Transylvania Adventure of Simon Quest – Alpha Demo

The Transylvania Adventure of Simon Quest is an excellent tongue-in-cheek homage to the classic NES era Castlevania games, which sees you attempting to resurrect Count Dracula so that you can kick his ass!

In The Transylvania Adventure of Simon Quest you take on the role of a vampire hunting hero called Simon Quest who has set out to slay Dracula. However, when he gets to … Read More

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Hell of an Office – Beta Demo

Hell of an Office is an intense speed-running first person platformer where you run, dash and rocket-jump your way through the world's most hellish office!

In each level of Hell of an Office your aim is to traverse its bizarre landscape of fire, brimstone and office furniture. You can run and jump as in a traditional platformer, but you can also air-dash over large distances … Read More

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Spiritle – Beta Sign Up

Spiritle is a stylish turn-based tactical digital board game where forest spirits challenge each other to regain a place within the World Tree.

Playable in single-player or with up to four players, Spiritle sees forest spirits of Nature, Earth, Water and Fire battling to earn a place in the World Tree. There will be eight characters to choose from, with each player controlling a different … Read More

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The Cycle – Alpha Sign Up (Steam & Epic)

Alpha sign ups have reopened for The Cycle, a stylish PvPvE first person shooter where 20 players race to complete contracts on a lush alien planet filled with hostile wildlife.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer back in 2018, The Cycle is a PvPvE FPS that sees Prosepctors competing against each other in fast paced 20 minute matches. The gameplay is somewhere between … Read More

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Panzer Shoot – Beta Download

Panzer Shoot is an intense twin-stick shooter where you pilot an upgradeable tank and attempt to fend off hordes of mutants.

In Panzer Shoot you take control of a speedy little tank that packs a big cannon and a few machine guns. The game is a twin-stick shooter, but your tank actually moves like a vehicle (so you drive forwards/backwards and steer left and right) … Read More

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Dies Mortis – Student Game Download

Dies Mortis is a visually stunning platforming adventure where you traverse vast liminal spaces that represent a metaphorical view of death.

In Dies Mortis you go on a journey that alternates between two worlds – a supermarket that symbolises an everyday element that you can hold on to, and a vast red-tinged world (called the Absentia) that's filled with oppressive architecture. The supermarket sections are … Read More

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Cry of Athena – Beta Sign Up (Oculus VR)

Cry of Athena is a VR battle simulator where you can create large scale battles between a variety of mythical monsters and armies from throughout history.

Playing a little like a VR version of Totally Accurate Battle Simulator, but with more of a focus on Greek mythology, Cry of Athena allows you to create and join in your very own sandbox battles. You'll be … Read More

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Time to Morp – Alpha Sign Up

Time to Morp is a quirky colony simulation game where you build a base, explore a strange alien world and take care of adorably odd creatures called Morps.

Currently in development by Team HalfBeard (creators of Dude, Stop), Time to Morp features a fun looking blend of farming, factory building, exploration, base building and creature caring. It takes place on a vibrant alien planet … Read More

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PUBG: NEW STATE – Alpha Sign Up

Alpha sign ups are now live for PUBG: NEW STATE, a new standalone PUBG game for iOS and Android devices that takes place decades after the original PUBG.

Looking for some battle royale action on the go? From the looks of it you could do a lot worse than PUBG: NEW STATE. It's being developed by PUBG Studio and has been developed … Read More

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Skeleton Crew – Beta Sign Up

Skeleton Crew is a single-player or multiplayer co-op action platforming brawler where you form part of the Yeoman Eldritch Extermination Team, tasked with protecting the remnants of humanity from the monsters that lurk in the world of Karpathia.

Taking place in a world where humans are an endangered species, in Skeleton Crew you set out on a dungeon crawling action adventure to make sure they … Read More

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Hunted: Kobayashi Tower – Beta Sign Up

Hunted: Kobayashi Tower is a single-player digital card game where you use cards to dictate your actions as you sneak and fight your way to the top of a skyscraper to rescue your wife.

A digital adaptation of the game of the same name, Hunted: Kobayashi Tower, which sees you fighting your way through a Die-Hard-esque skyscraper filled with terrorists. Along the way … Read More

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The Amazing American Circus – Open Beta

The Amazing American Circus is a single-player deck-building game with business management elements, which sees you running your very own circus as it travels across the Gilded Age of the USA.

In The Amazing American Circus you'll build a circus empire as you travel through late 19th century America. Key to this is keeping the audience entertained, which you do in card duels between you … Read More

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Skyforge's Hunters of Terra update is live now for PC players with imminent console rollouts

The latest update for Skyforge that unlocks the new Bounty Hunter class is here… sort of. There are a few caveats, you see. For one thing, it's only here for PC players, with Xbox players waiting until June 3rd, PlayStation players waiting until June 4th, and Switch players waiting for an as-yet-undetermined length of time. For […]

Book of Travels shares a preview of its tiny Omin spirits

The entire idea of Book of Travels is roaming a wide world, which would certainly leave some to look at wide vistas and potentially large dangers, but the latest Kickstarter dev blog invites players to think small as it previews the tiny spirits known as Omin. These little spirit beings take their inspiration from a […]

Enter to win a Star Trek Online Klothos and Klingon Personnel Package key and Bat'leth No Touch Tool

Star Trek Online fans are surely busy with their captains in the game's House United patch that just rolled out last week. But maybe we can tempt them away for a minute, as Cryptic and Perfect World have put together an epic set of giveaways for our readers in honor of the release. For our […]

Neverwinter's first new class since 2016 is the Bard, and it hits the test server tomorrow

Trove isn't the only MMORPG showing off its new Bard class this week: Apparently, Neverwinter's got one on deck too. According to IGN, the class will launch "later this year" as the first new class since 2016 (that was the Oathbound Paladin). "For players that choose the Bard class, they will become a stylish fighter […]

Champions Online holds a player Q&A session about serials, archery, and more

It's been a relatively busy period over in the world of Champions Online, with the game's first serial story, revamps to the archery powerset, and updates for Therakiel's Lair and Eidolon. As one might expect, there are some player questions that have come up after all of these updates, and the devs at Cryptic recently […]

NetEase launches new cross-platform sci-fi multiplayer online title Infinite Lagrange

NetEase is launching a new online game today: It's called Infinite Lagrange, and it's a multiplayer sci-fi strategy simulation title with a noticeable EVE Online-esque aesthetic. It game rolled out in Europe earlier this spring, but today's launch is for the Americas. The game boasts territorial expansion, ship unlocks, massive battles, exploration, and treasure hunting. […]

Eight major unannounced MMO projects that are in the works

There's nothing more tantalizing nor frustrating than knowing that an MMO or MMORPG is in the works but hasn't been formally announced yet. We see many of these cross our paths here at Massively OP and thought that today might be a good time to compile them together. What upcoming projects are still under wraps […]

The Division 2 puts a rerun of its third season back into rotation

Seasonal content is fun and all, but it does run into the small problem of being somewhat less fun when you miss out on the season and have to live without getting all of the fun perks and rewards associated with it. If you're in precisely that situation with The Division 2, you'll be happy to […]

Black Desert announces the upcoming co-op dungeon Atoraxxion

It's time to team up in Black Desert this summer. Players on both PC and console will be able to take part in exploring the game's new co-op dungeon, Atoraxxion. It's a dungeon nearly the size of a whole new region of the game, complete with puzzles to be solved, ancient weapons to be fought, and […]

No Man's Sky launches the Prisms update to make the whole game look prettier

There are times when No Man's Sky can be a remarkably beautiful game. It gets even prettier with the new Prisms update, which adds in a whole lot of visual enhancements to make the game even more lovely to behold. New shafts of light, fur technology, reflections, more details in various biomes, rain getting the surface […]

Albion Online mobile launches June 9 – here's how to get some free loot

Yesterday, our team was joking about how just about everything was happening on June 9th. Here's one more to add to the pile: Albion Online's mobile version. If you're currently thinking to yourself, hey didn't that game already have a mobile version, then you're right because it did and we've even played it. But it […]

Phantasy Star Online 2 introduces players to New Genesis, has Conan O'Brien preview the game

With Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis officially confirmed for a June 9th release, it's time for Sega to start winding up the hype for the open world multiplayer RPG with some new videos. First, there's an introductory video available in 4K 60 FPS resolution, talking up the game's story and features, including its character […]

WoW Classic Burning Crusade's launch successfully navigated queues and DDOS attacks

Were you prepared? Can we stop making are-you-prepared jokes now? I sure hope so since Blizzard pushed Burning Crusade live for WoW Classic fans yesterday afternoon as promised. And someone was apparently really mad about it since the service was almost immediately slammed with a DDOS attack. Just for old times' sake, I suppose. Likely […]

The Daily Grind: How long can you grind content in an MMO?

It might seem kind of odd, but part of my problem with playing Final Fantasy XI back in the day was just about the time spent grinding in any given zone. Now, I've mentioned before how a bit of grind can be a good thing in its own right, but the thing is that speaking personally […]

The Stream Team: Teaching a Guild Wars 2 skimmer to swim

Now that Massively OP's MJ has her griffon mount in Guild Wars 2, she only needs the warclaw, skyscale, and the roller beetle to complete her collection. She also needs to teach her skimmer to swim! Today's goal is to turn the skimmer into a swimmer, and if there is enough time, try and acquire […]

Shroud of the Avatar's Release 90 introduces stat-boosting Imbued Gems and Jewels

Do you like slotting watered-down Infinity Stones into your equipment as a means to incrementally adjust your character's stats by the barest of measurements, granting you the illusion of character build customization? Then you're going to love the Imbued Gems that were added to Shroud of the Avatar in Release 90. The latest update has […]

Final Fantasy XI ups equipment drops and brings back Sunshine Seeker

Dang, your gear in Final Fantasy XI leaves something to be desired. You should get some better gear. If only the game would run some sort of campaign in which you could get better gear more easily! Say, an event where various sources of gear from BCNM fights to Vagary to Voidwatch would have increased rewards, and […]

Blue Protocol debuts the new Heavy Smasher class, lets players hold hands, and adjusts to beta feedback

It's been a little bit of time since we'd heard much out of Blue Protocol. Up until now, we knew the game was going to feature a photo mode and a customizable radial menu, but otherwise the MMORPG from Bandai Namco has been in closed beta testing in Japan, starting as late as April of […]

Massively OP Podcast Episode 324: All-mail revue

Justin and Bree answer a whole ton of your mailbag questions on WoW retention, MMO disillusionment, MMO oldies, development hurdles, EG7 and Daybreak, MMO world exploration, guild perks, and underwater zones.

Crowfall cuts together a highlight reel for its recent Eternal Champions esports event

Who has time to watch an esporting event from start to finish? Some of us work during the weekends. Some of us have other things to do. And there are those who would just rather have the whole affair summarized for the sake of convenience. Whatever your reason, Crowfall has made it easier for fans […]

Final Fantasy XIV reveals patch 5.55's new items and goes on sale

Patch 5.55 for Final Fantasy XIV has been out for just about a week now, and that means players have had a chance to get a sense of what's in the patch by this point. (Relic weapons, for one thing.) Still, just in case you had been waiting on it, the official site has updated the […]

Jagex Interview: Everything you need to know about RuneScape's mobile edition

With the insane response to Old School RuneScape's mobile launch back in 2018, the pressure was on for Jagex to deliver an equally deserving product for RuneScape proper. It looks like those efforts are about to come to fruition with this summer as RuneScape Mobile's going through its beta paces on both Android and iOS […]

The Wagadu Chronicles recaps progress on biomes, UI, and tabletop RPG

Have you been keeping up with what's happening in The Wagadu Chronicles' development? No? Well that's OK because the devs at Twin Drums have put together a helpful Twitter thread and an update blog on Kickstarter that summarize the moves made in the studio and the game over the course of this past May. In […]

Choose My Adventure: The slow setup for adventure in Star Wars Galaxies Legends

This week's Choose My Adventure probably had more preliminary preparation than any other game I've had. Most of the time I tend to fly by the seat of my pants to varying levels of success (read: failure), but it was impressed upon me early on that my time in Star Wars Galaxies Legends would be […]

Elder Scrolls Online's Blackwood is officially live on PC, Mac, and Stadia – here's the launch trailer

As promised, The Elder Scrolls Online has gone live on PC, Mac, and Stadia with its Blackwood chapter and sideloading update 30. Console players will be waiting until June 8th to leap in and until June 14th for the Console Enhanced version. The highlight of Blackwood, of course, is the new companion system, which essentially […]

Stick and Rudder: Elite Dangerous Odyssey is not bad, but it is broken

All right. I get it. I understand. The Elite: Dangerous community is pretty rancorous right now, and I can't say that I blame them. The Odyssey expansion arrived with all of the grace of a comet's strike, and people absolutely have a right to be upset about that. I don't know that I'm in that […]

CD Projekt Red sees profits plummet in 2021 thanks to Cyberpunk 2077 woes

We reported yesterday that Cyberpunk 2077 had lost its top director, Adam Badowski, but as it happens, the latest news from the game is even grimmer: Apparently, while the game performed well in its launch quarter at the tail end of last year in spite of all its problems, sales have plummeted to the degree that […]

The Burning Crusade is live today for WoW Classic

No more preparation allowed for the WoW Classic crowd because it's time to once again dive headlong into the broken realm of Outland as The Burning Crusade releases today! Everything old is new again, indeed. Yes, there's even a helpful recap of global release times available for players who are already enjoying the pre-patch and are […]

Swords of Legends Online begins CBT 2 this week with faction PvP, English VO, and harder dungeons

As of 8:00 a.m. EDT today, the second closed beta test round for Swords of Legends Online kicked off, and there has been a wide swath of changes applied to this round. A number of new features are available for testing, while existing features have seen several tweaks. One of the bigger additions is the […]

Tamriel Infinium: Elder Scrolls Online's Rich Lambert on Blackwood, companions, lore, and more

Elder Scrolls Online PC fans are in for a treat today as the MMORPG is dropping its biggest content blast of the year in the form of the Blackwood chapter and update 30. The highlight, of course, is the new map and companion system, but there's loads more to the updates. We had a chance […]

Elite Dangerous Distant Worlds 3 postponed indefinitely as malaise over Odyssey sets in

It's no secret that the launch of Elite Dangerous Odyssey has been poorly handled, with a wide swath of errors and issues plaguing the initial launch and a whole lot of unhappy players bemoaning the update's changes to UI and planets among other things. In fact, part of one Elite podcast points to abyssmal community […]

Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis sets formal launch date for June 9

You knew Phantasy Star Online 2 was launching New Genesis in June. You knew this because SEGA said so. But you didn't know it was June 9th. Now you know that too, as SEGA announced bright and early this morning that June 9th is the magic day. "Due to the PSO2:NGS launch, the scheduled maintenance […]

The Daily Grind: Are there MMOs you've dramatically changed your mind about?

I will never forget that when I first started playing City of Heroes back in 2004, my guild an I didn't last but a month or two. While I loved the idea of the game and spent hours obsessively planning out characters, in practice the game at launch was a slow, grindy, punishing mess, and […]

The Stream Team: Acquiring a first Ascendancy in Path of Exile

Of all the time Massively OP's MJ has played Path of Exile, she has never once acquired an Ascendancy class. Today she'll rectify that; she's starting down the path toward her first Ascendancy and all the power that affords. Can she finally get one before PoE 2 comes out? Join us live at 8:00 p.m. […]

Iron Harvest launches Operation Eagle expansion, goes on sale

Iron Harvest 1920's first expansion, Operation Eagle, arrived this past week, bringing with it the American Usonia faction, new flying units, and a new story campaign. Usonia sets itself apart from previous factions with a heavy emphasis on air units and area of effect attacks, with virtually all of their mechs dealing splash damage over […]

Is there a long future in Star Wars Galaxies server emulation?

With high profile news updates like the trainwreck launch of the hybrid CU/NGE rogue server and the addition of Bespin to the Legends rogue server, now seems like a pretty good time to reintroduce yourself to Star Wars Galaxies. But are these developments running on borrowed time? Is there a point where this much noise […]

Star Citizen grants a look at the process of creating AI behavior

As much as MMOs are about other players in a shared area doing things and lending a sense of ambience to a game world, NPCs also bring life to things as they mull about doing a variety of tasks. That NPC and AI behavior was the subject of last Friday's devstream from Star Citizen, which […]

The Soapbox: Reconsidering social media as an MMORPG

At GDC 2011, Raph Koster gave a talk in which he said, "Games are fundamentally social media and always have been." You can watch starting at around 58:18 in the video from back then, and it's admittedly a bit lofty. As a trained educator myself, I don't agree that simply sharing information and knowledge is […]

Fight or Kite: Chivalry 2 is a blood-soaked, action-packed experience of absolute mayhem

Grab your sword. Grab your board. Grab a pile of horse poop. Better yet, grab the head of your enemies rolling on the ground and lob that at your foes. Whatever, you do, grab something and get ready: Chivalry 2 is here! Like a wet fart when all you were expecting was a silent killer, […]

Wisdom of Nym: Final Fantasy XIV's last stretch of Bozja is pretty good, but a little annoying

For various reasons, it doesn't seen as if it's been only a week since the last Final Fantasy XIV patch. (All right, it's technically been just under a week if you want to be pedantic, but you know what I mean.) I attribute this almost entirely to Zadnor, which is… basically just Bozja but more, […]

ARK Survival Evolved releases an ultimate edition, confirms Genesis Part 2 launch date of June 2

The saga of ARK: Survival Evolved will be closing extremely soon — at least in a narrative sense — as Studio Wildcard has confirmed its Genesis Part 2 expansion will be arriving on Wednesday, June 2nd. The expansion, which stars Doctor Who's David Tennant and The Wheel of Time's Madeleine Madden, promises to be a […]

CD Projekt Red assigns a new game director to Cyberpunk 2077

There's some new leadership blood pumped into the veins of Cyberpunk 2077. The RPG's original director, Adam Badowski, has reportedly stepped down from his position in order to "focus on other leadership duties at the Polish company," leaving him to be replaced by Gabriel Amatangelo, who joined CDPR in 2020 and was formerly the game's […]

Do you hear what I hear? Trove is getting a Bard class!

One thing is for certain: Out of all of the MMOs that Gamigo bought off of the now-defunct Trion Games, Trove is the one getting the most love at present. Not only is the title coming to Nintendo Switch this summer, but it's also busting out a brand-new class for players to enjoy. In fact, […]

The Daily Grind: Have you ever given up sleep for MMOs?

There's a saying I always try to remind myself of when it comes to staying up late to do anything (but especially to play games): Don't stay up late to do anything you wouldn't get up early to do. And that rule of thumb works great right up until… you start getting up early to […]

MMO Week in Review: Daybreak, BlizzCon, and Ashes of Creation

It was a strange sort of businessy sort of week in MMO land, as Daybreak's games got a ticket to 4Game, Blizzard canceled BlizzCon again, New World tried to explain its monetization, and Ashes of Creation lost its lead designer. Meanwhile, we dipped our toe into Swords of Legends Online and learned NCsoft is go […]

Xsyon's ranged combat update is live, plans to leave early access after a month of updates

Specially engineered apparatuses meant to fire carefully fashioned sharpened sticks at enemies in order to engage in combat at great distances have been applied to Xsyon. Or to put it another way, ranged combat is live. Yes, now players of the sandbox MMORPG can use bows and arrows on one another. As was mentioned previously, […]

The MOP Up: Overwatch teases a huge new feature

Something big is coming to Overwatch — and no, we don't know what it is just yet. For the game's fifth anniversary, Blizzard teased an unnamed feature that's coming to the game: "One large feature will be announced somewhere in the timeframe between soon and really soon." Speculation ensues. This came as part of a […]

Path of Exile Ultimatum statistics and more game mechanic Q&A answers

Players of Path of Exile have been very busy indeed in the Ultimatum League according to some stats shared by the devs. The data provided shows that hundreds of thousands of Ultimatum encounters were started across all levels, with some pretty high completion rates overall except for the level 78+ bracket, which sees Wave 10 […]

Massively on the Go: Pokemon Go's June events bring slowpoke days and poison pvp buffs

Ah yes, summer. Relaxing on beaches, letting shellfish pokemon bite your tail or head to cause evolution, maybe move to an England-inspired territory and gain a poison typing… sounds like a normal summer for the slowpoke family, but also just a bit of what's happening in June for Pokemon Go players. We're seeing shakeups for […]

Camelot Unchained details caravan mechanics and biomes, 'expects' a full game experience by summer's end

Camelot Unchained is has once more delivered its monthly newsletter, this one taking a deep dive into the game's caravan system, or vox rota, as it's referred to in-game. Rota are floating disc platforms that can follow a route placed by players on the ground to help ferry crates of goods from point A to […]