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Kotaku Thursday, December 16, 2021 7:35 PM

This time last year a group of investors filed a class-action lawsuit against CD Projekt Red over Cyberpunk 2077's disastrous launch, saying the game was "virtually unplayable on the current-generation Xbox or Playstation systems due to an enormous number of bugs".


Kotaku Thursday, December 16, 2021 6:30 PM

STALKER 2 developers GSC Game World announced yesterday that they'd be adding NFTs to the game. Public reception was, as you'd imagine, not kind.


Kotaku Thursday, December 16, 2021 6:15 PM

Animal Crossing: New Horizons' days as a virtual nudist colony are no more. Nintendo has released a patch fixing a glitch that caused villagers to walk around their island paradise in their fuzzy birthday suits.


Kotaku Thursday, December 16, 2021 6:00 PM

Grand Theft Auto Online's relationship with GTA V's timeline and narrative has been weird for years, thanks in large part to continued free expansions that sometimes contradict past updates or events. However, that hasn't stopped Rockstar from trying to connect GTA Online and GTA V's narrative and the latest DLC…


Kotaku Thursday, December 16, 2021 5:40 PM

Thanks to the ongoing covid threat, 2021 was another banner year for sitting inside your house playing with lovely bits of colored plastic and cuddly plushies. That being the case, we thought we'd rustle up our picks for the best action figures, playsets, and building toys of the year, everything from transforming…


Kotaku Thursday, December 16, 2021 5:15 PM

Today, publisher EA released its annual "Year in Gaming" report, which details player behavior from across its portfolio of games. Most of the data are relegated to the realms of sports games, Apex Legends, and The Sims 4, but there are some juicy tidbits for Mass Effect fans, too—specifically, the survival rates of…


Kotaku Thursday, December 16, 2021 5:05 PM

In an industry that can all too often feel like it wants to wring us of every last drop of money, there's a special pleasure in noting those most entertaining of freebies: the games hidden inside other games. For instance, did you know the original Animal Crossing was crammed with classic NES games? We've rounded up…


Kotaku Thursday, December 16, 2021 3:50 PM

Apparently, the rivalry between Twitch and YouTube is so cutthroat that Twitch has dipped into revisionist history with some of its former streamers. Ludwig, DrLupo, and TimTheTatman were removed from Twitch's end of the year celebratory recap event.


Kotaku Thursday, December 16, 2021 3:30 PM

Video games had a lot to be sorry for in 2021, from the usual screenshot apologies over delays and busted launches, to things that actually matter like years of reported workplace abuse. Don't worry though, everyone's trying to do better.


Kotaku Thursday, December 16, 2021 3:10 PM

You may have seen me writing tons of Genshin Impact blogs around here, and that is definitely a free-to-play game that I think is outstanding and deserving of extensive coverage. However, there are actually tons of other great free-to-play games in the mobile gaming ecosystem, too.


PCGamesN Thursday, December 16, 2021 6:48 PM
     Demeo ditches VR to bring the co-op D&D experience to PC

Demeo caught the attention of VR enthusiasts earlier this year, allowing folks to enjoy the tactile experience of playing D&D at the tabletop through the magic of expensive headsets - and with a ruleset that doesn't infringe on Wizards of the Coast trademarks, of course. Soon that experience will be available to folks without VR, as Resolution Games has just unveiled Demeo: PC Edition.

Demeo: PC Edition wraps up all the content of the VR edition and rebuilds it for a "native PC experience" - one which will feature full cross-play support with VR players. Since its initial launch in May, Demeo has continued to get regular updates with new adventures to play through, and those updates will keep coming simultaneously to both the VR and PC versions.

On April 7, 2022, Demeo: PC Edition will launch into Steam Early Access, and the devs expect it to stay there for about a year. They've already published a roadmap for 2022, including another pair of adventures that'll be available in both versions of the game.

PCGamesN Thursday, December 16, 2021 6:36 PM
     STALKER 2 devs cancel NFT plans after backlash

Yesterday, the devs at GSC Game World announced that STALKER 2 would have NFTs. Today, after intense backlash, they have announced that STALKER 2 will not have NFTs. The announcement comes in tweet posted just one hour after the devs previously took to Twitter defending their use of blockchain tech.

"We hear you," the STALKER 2 devs say in a tweet. "Based on the feedback we received, we've made a decision to cancel anything NFT-related in STALKER 2. The interests of our fans and players are the top priority for the team. We're making this game for you to enjoy - whatever the cost is. If you care, we care too."

In the previous, now-deleted, tweet, GSC Game World said that STALKER 2 is "truly the biggest and the most complex game we ever created. All the funds that we earn during the development process (including the potential income from NFT) will be spent on improving the long-awaited game to make it even better."

PCGamesN Thursday, December 16, 2021 3:58 PM
     Dying Light 2 will need an RTX 3080 to hit 60 fps with ray-tracing at 1080p

Detailed system requirements are out now for upcoming zombie game Dying Light 2: Stay Human. While the barrier to entry to Techland's next parkour-fueled adventure is pretty low, you'll need some top-of-the-line hardware if you want to run it at 60 fps with fancy ray-traced lighting effects enabled.

As long as you can handle 30 fps and graphics options set to low, you'll be able to take to the streets and rooftops of Dying Light 2 with hardware that's more than five years old. With ray-traced lighting off and settings on low, in fact, Dying Light 2 will run on an even older operating system: it's compatible with Windows 7, Techland says.

If you want the glittery ray-tracing effects, you'll have to be quite a bit more current. You'll need at least an Nvidia RTX 2070 for 30 fps, and as you flip on more options, the graphics card you'll need will get increasingly beefy. In the requirements Techland provided, it says you'll need an RTX 3080 with 10GB VRAM for high graphics settings and ray-tracing to run at 60 fps, and that's at 1080p - so unless you're running bleeding edge hardware, 1440p and 4K are probably off the table completely.

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Rock Paper Shotgun Latest Articles Feed Thursday, December 16, 2021 6:26 PM

Expeditions: Rome got a release date of January 20th, 2022 just last week. From tomorrow, you'll be able to play four hours of the RPG campaign in a demo that lets you conquer Lesbos.

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Rock Paper Shotgun Latest Articles Feed Thursday, December 16, 2021 6:07 PM

Dota 2 has a new event mode and battle pass. Aghanim from last year's Aghanim's Labyrinth event has returned, and this time a "multiverse-melding mishap" has split him into several doppelgängers players must rescue. The event mode is free, but it arrives alongside a new battle pass that'll cost money to enter.

More strangely, today's update also introduces experimental gamepad support.

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Rock Paper Shotgun Latest Articles Feed Thursday, December 16, 2021 5:16 PM

Diablo 2's last patch to make changes to class balance was 1.13c, released on March 23rd, 2010. Now Diablo 2: Resurrected is getting new tweaks to class balance, as explained in a Blizzard blog post. Ladder rank play is also on the way in early 2022.

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Rock Paper Shotgun Latest Articles Feed Thursday, December 16, 2021 4:54 PM

Update: GSC Game World have announced on Twitter that they're cancelling plans for NFTs in S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2.

"Based on feedback we received, we've made a decision to cancel anything NFT-related in S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2," reads the post. "The interests of our fans and players are the top priority for the team. We're making this game for you to enjoy - whatever the cost is. If you care, we care too."

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Rock Paper Shotgun Latest Articles Feed Thursday, December 16, 2021 3:02 PM

The makers of Arma and DayZ have revealed Enfusion, the new cross-platform game engine they plan to build future games on. No, Bohemia Interactive haven't announced Arma 4, but they do say they would use Enfusion for "any potential new Arma game", so maybe that's something to bear in mind while looking at its screenshots of vast landscapes. While they don't have much more than screenshots and a wee video to show right now (sorry, engine enthusiasts), they do hint that they'll release some sort of "playable demonstration of its features" at some point "soon".

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Twinfinite Thursday, December 16, 2021 8:45 PM

Compile Heart released another of its upcoming JRPG Hyperdimension Neptunia: Sisters vs Sisters, showing gameplay and more.

The post Hyperdimension Neptunia: Sisters vs Sisters for PS5 & PS4 Shows Characters & Gameplay In New Trailer appeared first on Twinfinite.

Twinfinite Thursday, December 16, 2021 7:08 PM

Today Star Citizen developer Cloud Imperium Games released a new video about the growing space simulator, focusing on the past year and more.

The post Star Citizen Video Reveals the Drake Cutlass Steel & More as Crowdfunding Passes $422 Million appeared first on Twinfinite.

Twinfinite Thursday, December 16, 2021 5:36 PM

Today NIS America released a new trailer of the Nintendo Switch version of the upcoming JRPG Crystar, focusing on the character Sen.

The post Crystar For Nintendo Switch Gets New Trailer Introducing Sen appeared first on Twinfinite.

Twinfinite Thursday, December 16, 2021 4:26 PM

Earlier today, indie developer Scrambler revealed that they'd be adding a suspicious new playable character and stage would be coming to their platforming fighter Samurai Gun 2. The Imposter Crewmate and The Skeld from Among Us are set to add plenty of fun new features to the game, as you can see in the trailer […]

The post Among Us Joins Samurai Gunn 2 With a New Character & Stage appeared first on Twinfinite.

Twinfinite Thursday, December 16, 2021 4:12 PM

For those of you considering picking up Dying Light 2 on PC, Techland today released the minimum and recommended PC specs for their upcoming parkour-zombie-survival game. Check them out below. The minimum requirements seem fairly reasonable. You'd have to be running something quite old in order to not run Dying Light 2 at all. You […]

The post Dying Light 2's Minimum & Recommended PC Specs Have Been Released appeared first on Twinfinite.

Siliconera Thursday, December 16, 2021 5:00 PM

The necklaces range in price from around $150 for silver to over $1,000 for white gold.

The post Tales of Arise Necklaces Will Be Made by U-Treasure appeared first on Siliconera.

Siliconera Thursday, December 16, 2021 4:00 PM

A Cris Tales update is out and adds a new character to the cast, a new dungeon to explore, and a new ending. It also fixes Switch load times.

The post Cris Tales Update Adds New Character, Dungeon, and Ending appeared first on Siliconera.

Siliconera Thursday, December 16, 2021 3:00 PM

Yu-Gi-Oh! Rush Duel: Dawn of the Battle Royale!! is a fresh start for Yu-Gi-Oh!, with new cards and faster play. But it needs help to be fun.

The post Yu-Gi-Oh! Rush Duel Is Flawed, But You Can Make It Better appeared first on Siliconera.

Destructoid Thursday, December 16, 2021 7:30 PM

I see what they did there I'm always on the hunt for some cool new indie games. I want something...

The post Get ready for the zany sleuthing adventure Loco Motive in 2022 appeared first on Destructoid.

Destructoid Thursday, December 16, 2021 7:05 PM

Egg meet face Stalker 2 NFTs? Well, not anymore! In what is becoming an increasingly teachable moment for game studios, Stalker...

The post STALKER 2 developer goes all in on NFTs, gets dunked on, then cancels them appeared first on Destructoid.

Destructoid Thursday, December 16, 2021 7:00 PM

A not-so-sneaky addition in update 2.0.4 In classic Nintendo fashion, this week's update 2.0.4 for Animal Crossing: New Horizons stamps...

The post Gyroid fragments can wash up on your beach in Animal Crossing: New Horizons appeared first on Destructoid.

Destructoid Thursday, December 16, 2021 6:30 PM

Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can win you a chicken dinner The battle royale trend may...

The post Babble Royale turns Scrabble into a heated battle royale appeared first on Destructoid.

Destructoid Thursday, December 16, 2021 6:00 PM

The developers discussed feedback and changes they're making to the event pass The Fracture: Tenrai event for Halo Infinite is currently...

The post 343 Industries discusses changes coming to Halo Infinite Tenrai event appeared first on Destructoid.

Destructoid Thursday, December 16, 2021 5:30 PM

Square Enix is freezing newcomers to help out the old-timers The Final Fantasy XIV expansion Endwalker is out for everyone, and servers have...

The post Final Fantasy XIV temporarily halts new sales to help with server congestion appeared first on Destructoid.

Destructoid Thursday, December 16, 2021 5:00 PM

Retrospect in a pandemic The following contains major spoilers for the main story of Insomniac's Spider-Man (2018). You have been...

The post Insomniac's Spider-Man hits different in 2021 appeared first on Destructoid.

Destructoid Thursday, December 16, 2021 4:30 PM

Save $10 on PC games that are $14.99 and up, or just hop in for 15 days of free games...

The post Epic Games Store has $10 coupons again for the Holiday Sale, and there are daily free games appeared first on Destructoid.

Destructoid Thursday, December 16, 2021 4:03 PM

2042's PC-only free-play event is already here Battlefield 2042 is looking to climb up Steam's concurrent-player chart this weekend as...

The post Battlefield 2042 is free for the weekend on Steam with a trial event appeared first on Destructoid.

Destructoid Thursday, December 16, 2021 3:30 PM

Also, Dungeon Munchies As we near the end of any given year, game releases slow down a bit. Though we...

The post Nintendo Download: Chicory: A Colorful Tale appeared first on Destructoid.

Destructoid Thursday, December 16, 2021 3:00 PM

I should just 'remaster' last year's text Well, it clearly isn't a fad. As Destructoid's annual nominees have frequently shown,...

The post Nominees for Destructoid's Best Remaster/Remake of 2021 appeared first on Destructoid.

PC Invasion - FeedDDD Thursday, December 16, 2021 5:30 PM
     Shenmue 3 free Epic Game StoreWhen Shenmue 3 originally came out, I was very fond of it. Honestly, it's the best of the Shenmue games, offering better combat, more content, and the most believable world of any game in the series. But it's also very dedicated to being a Shenmue game, which annoyed people who either didn't like the other ones so much or whose nostalgia glasses kept them from remembering what the first two games were actually like. Thanks to Epic Games, however, everyone on PC can now give the game another shot because Shenmue 3 is free on EGS. Starting today, Shenmue 3 can be added to your Epic Games account, either through the client or on the site. This is a great chance for people on the fence to actually give the game a fair shake. Granted, it also means people who haven't played a Shenmue game are going to try it, which might backfire. While I love the game, it's meant for a specific niche. It isn't built for people who like to roam around empty, open maps ...

PC Invasion - FeedDDD Thursday, December 16, 2021 5:00 PM
     intel driver support 2025 gpu cpu new DG3An Intel driver has been spotted that will support GPUs and CPUs due for release in 2025. This information comes via VideoCardz and Twitter user KOMACHI. Intel's accidentally released driver indicates support through 2025. This was discovered when Intel accidentally released an Intel Graphics DCH driver for future GPUs. The driver in question was for an integrated GPU that has yet to be announced. It's also been revealed that these integrated GPUs will be used alongside several future CPU architectures. This isn't exactly a rare sight when it comes to any kind of technology. Developers are constantly tweaking and tuning support for future products, long before they see the light of day. After all, it takes a long time to ensure integrations and stability so that said new products work at release. It just so happens that, this time, someone spotted what they were up to.   Intel's plans for future GPUs and CPUs The driver that accidentally got released was...

PC Invasion - FeedDDD Thursday, December 16, 2021 4:30 PM
     Final Fantasy XIV queue libraryRecently, players of Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker have experienced incredibly lengthy queue times due to overwhelmed servers. To make up for these queue times, Square Enix allowed players to experience a week's worth of free game time while it attempted to resolve the issue. This certainly came across as a nice gesture, but unfortunately, the problems with the servers have only grown worse. According to Final Fantasy XIV director and producer Naoki Yoshida, the queue times ended up becoming so bad that Square Enix decided to temporarily stop giving away free trials, and it even halted the sales of Final Fantasy XIV Starter Edition and Complete Edition for now. Yoshida's latest news blog post on the matter stated that after "nearly two weeks since the start of Early Access," players have still regularly encountered "substantial congestion when logging into the game." Because of this, Square Enix will now provide an extra seven days of free game tim...

PC Invasion - FeedDDD Thursday, December 16, 2021 4:00 PM
     Halo Infinite Tenrai Event cosmeticsThe multiplayer scene of Halo Infinite hit an early slump when it launched into beta last month. Players bemoaned the mind-numbing grind, and its first event left many feeling disappointed. Fracture: Tenrai brought samurai-themed items to the game, but many of the fancier cosmetics were locked behind paywalls. The Halo Infinite Tenrai event is returning in January, and 343 Industries plans to make it better by offering up more cosmetics as opposed to other awards. The developer announced the changes in a recent Holiday 2021 livestream. The head of design, Jerry Hook, was on hand to go over things. Many of the paid cosmetics are breaking out of store jail. The company is exchanging XP Boost and Challenge Swap awards for the items, allowing players to actually earn some of the cosmetics through playing — instead of with their wallets.   Much of the frustration came out of the way the Fracture: Tenrai event was marketed. Months ago, 343 showed off a Spartan decked out in ful...

PC Invasion - FeedDDD Thursday, December 16, 2021 3:00 PM
     back 4 blood offline campaign updateBack 4 Blood got its anticipated December update today, finally allowing players to enjoy the campaign offline with progression unimpeded. However, that change is merely the tip of the corpse pile. The update is massive, including a new card type, a seasonal holiday event, and three new cards. The meat of the patch consists of bug fixes and changes, with a focus on the campaign mode. It also updates how Special Ridden spawn into the game, decreasing their numbers and adding a cooldown. Offline campaign with progression has been a top concern for developer Turtle Rock Studios. Solo players felt burned by being unable to make their way through the story without it feeling like a punishment of sorts. Sure, you could play the game offline, but you couldn't earn progression points. But all that changes today. Hopefully, going through the game won't be too challenging with quite possibly the dumbest bots in recent gaming memory. Of course, changes to Special spawns should help...

Tabletop Gaming News Thursday, December 16, 2021 6:00 PM

Tabletop Gaming News Thursday, December 16, 2021 5:00 PM

Tabletop Gaming News Thursday, December 16, 2021 4:00 PM

Player Assist | Game Guides & Walkthroughs Thursday, December 16, 2021 5:17 PM
     With powers beyond mortal limitations, players can use objects and the world as weapons while fighting in Control. From trash cans to bottles, nothing is off-limits when your enemies are terrifying to confront. And speaking of challenging enemies, Tommasi is one of the bosses that can kill you quickly. Although the fight is a daunting […]

Player Assist | Game Guides & Walkthroughs Thursday, December 16, 2021 3:17 PM
     Tanks of various makes and types come together in World of Tanks to battle each other. Players can pick their favorite designs to pilot on the battlefield, but you'll first have to get the vehicle in your inventory. In 2019, the developers introduced the Blueprint system to make unlocking new tanks easier. Players new to […]

Latest Games on Play iDev Games Thursday, December 16, 2021 5:25 PM
     Have you ever wanted to experience the thrill of skimming stones but from the comfort of your own home? Well... Now you can!...

Dec 16, 15:00

Kotaku Thursday, December 16, 2021 1:55 PM

Grand Theft Auto Online's latest update, The Contract, is a great reminder of just how much time has passed since GTA V's 2013 release. Now, over eight years later, Franklin is an older and richer man running a Los Santos company dedicated to helping the rich and famous with their problems. And he needs your…


Kotaku Thursday, December 16, 2021 12:10 PM

Face it: The past year has been…not great. Over the course of 2021, the global temperature rose at a once again alarming rate, Marvel released not one but two panned films, and we've all gotta come to terms with the sobering realization that this covid-19 pandemic might never fully end. A fitting timeline for a year…


Kotaku Thursday, December 16, 2021 11:10 AM

Halo games have always encouraged the player to go where they're not supposed to go. Halo Infinite, which saw its campaign hit Xbox and PC last week, is no different. Free advice: If you haven't done so yet, scale the Tower. It's a fun climb, and you get a terrific view, but you'll also unlock the IWHBYD skull, an…


PCGamesN Thursday, December 16, 2021 2:04 PM
     Valhalla gets a tattoo from the best Assassin's Creed

Assassin's Creed's big move into RPG territory has proven pretty successful, but some series fans - myself included - have a soft spot for the tighter, more stealth-focused early entries. While future Assassin's Creed games are unlikely to get any smaller, at least we're getting some aesthetic throwbacks to the old days, including a new tribute to what is arguably the greatest entry in the series.

A fresh community challenge is live, awarding participating players with an Assassin's Creed Brotherhood tattoo in Assassin's Creed Valhalla. The challenge requires players to recruit a total of 350,000 Jomsvikings and - as with most of these challenges - it's already most of the way to completion. You'll just need to recruit a single Jomsviking to mark your participation.

It's been a busy week in Valhalla, with free DLC featuring an Odyssey crossover, a sizable patch adding new stealth and difficulty settings, and as the reveal of the Dawn of Ragnarok expansion coming next year.

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PCGamesN Thursday, December 16, 2021 1:28 PM
     Fortnite is giving out three free skins during Winterfest

Fortnite Winterfest is here, and with it comes a fortnight of giveaways. Starting today, you can get a daily present from Epic by dropping by the Winterfest Lodge. Two new Fortnite skins are included as part of those giveaways, and you'll be able to get a third free outfit by visiting the Epic Games Store.

Next time you load up Fortnite, you'll see a snowflake tab in the lobby, which will get you access to the Winterfest Lodge. There you can open up your daily present. Even if you miss a day, you'll still be able to go back and unwrap any missed presents up to January 6 at 6am PST / 9am EST / 2pm GMT.

The rewards include two outfits, two pickaxes, two raps, a glider, contrail, emote, lobby track, loading screen, emoticon, spray, and banner. Epic has already revealed the two outfits, as you can see in the image above - those skins are "Krisabelle, a festive take on the community-inspired Isabelle, and Polar Peely, one cool banana (literally)".

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PCGamesN Thursday, December 16, 2021 1:14 PM
     New World's Winter Convergence Festival has begun, watch for yeti

The holiday season has begun in Amazon Games' MMORPG New World, bringing with it a layer of snow and bundles of presents. The Winter Convergence Festival begins today, December 16, and runs through January 11, which means there are seasonal quests, new resources to collect, and lost presents to deliver - all in exchange for rare loot that's now available in the Holiday Shop.

It's a time of "dichotomy and duality" in Aeternum, with two chilly entities making their presence known. The Winter Wanderer will grant special Winter Tokens for completing repeatable content around the island, which you can turn in at the Holiday Shop to get your hands on new armours, weapons, skins, furniture, and more. There are four Holiday Villages to visit as well, set up in Everfall, Monarch's Bluffs, Weaver's Fen, and Brightwood. You can meet the Winter Wanderer at these locations and accept special holiday quests.

Meanwhile, there's the Winter Warrior and his 'frigid folk' who are causing mayhem across the land by stealing presents. You can recover lost presents and return them to Holiday Huts that you'll find in the new villages, and earn more Winter Tokens in the process.

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PCGamesN Thursday, December 16, 2021 1:02 PM
     Nvidia may release two GeForce RTX 3050 GPUs with different amounts of VRAM

It's getting hard to keep track of Nvidia's RTX 3000 lineup, regardless of whether we're talking about the company's best graphics cards or budget options. However, it seems like Nvidia is planning to add not one but two GPUs to its product stack. According to hardware leaker Kopite7Kimi, there will be two versions of the RTX 3050 with a few key differences.

A card with 8GB of VRAM and another with 4GB could be in the works (for some reason), harking back to the GTX 1060 6GB and 3GB. Given that this GPU will likely target the low-end of the market, it's surprising that Nvidia isn't simply releasing the 4GB version, as that's plenty of VRAM for 1080p gaming.

The other key differences between these RTX 3050 graphics cards relates to their GPU model and CUDA core count. The 8GB version will supposedly use a GA6-150 chip and pack 2,560 CUDA cores, while the 4GB uses a slightly cut down GA106-140 with 2,304 CUDA cores. Unfortunately, It's impossible to say what impact these differences will have on gaming performance until we can get our hands on the two RTX 3050s.

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PCGamesN Thursday, December 16, 2021 12:55 PM
     All Fortnite Winterfest 2021 presents

Wondering if there's a way to figure out what every Fortnite Winterfest 2021 present contains before actually opening one? Like a naughty child on Christmas Eve, we can't help but wonder what festive gifts await us - but there's no need to shake each present and listen to it rattle around; we've put together a comprehensive list of every Fortnite present - and checked it at least twice.

Every day from now until January 6, 2022, at 6am PT/ 9am ET/ 2pm GMT, there's a new Fortnite daily challenge as part of the Winterfest 14 days of Christmas event. To complete the first of these winter-themed set of challenges, you must visit the Winterfest Cabin.

Unlike the usual Fortnite challenges, the Winterfest Cabin isn't part of the map; instead, it's on the main menu screen. You'll see a snowflake at the top of the main menu - simply click it to open up a screen showing the Winterfest Cabin in the background. Continue to the lodge where you can open a present every day, shake them to try and predict what's inside, and rest by the fire for some Supercharged XP. Read on to learn what's inside the Fortnite Winterfest 2021 presents, and how to get your hands on other holiday-themed goodies.

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PCGamesN Thursday, December 16, 2021 12:48 PM
     GTA The Contract cars – price list for all vehicles

Want to know where to buy the new cars in GTA Online The Contract? The latest update to the popular open-world game has players meet up with Franklin and Dr. Dre to help the duo get some unreleased music back. It also adds several new cars to the game for you to buy with your hard-earned dollars and take out for a spin.

This guide has prices for all seven currently available cars in GTA The Contract: six on sale at Legendary Motorsport and one more at San Andreas Super Autos. All of the new vehicles in this update are available via the internet shopping app on your phone, and more will be available throughout the update.

Some cars are cheaper if you raise your reputation with certain groups or complete one of the jobs sufficiently well enough to impress your contact, shown as the trade price below. If you'd like to learn more about how to start GTA Online The Contract, our guide includes step-by-step instructions on what you need to do to begin this update.


PCGamesN Thursday, December 16, 2021 12:46 PM
     Devotion devs are making a

The developer behind indie horror games Devotion and Detention has revealed what it's working on next. While you may find the sense of Asian myth familiar, it looks like the upcoming game leaves psychological horror behind for something more fantastical.

Nine Sols is the current name of the game, though that may change. Red Candle Games describes it as a "lore-rich, hand-drawn 2D action platformer with Sekiro-inspired deflection-focused combat" - quite a mouthful, then. Little has been given away about the story, though the team says we'll be following a vengeful hero's quest to slay nine Sols, who are the rulers of a "forsaken realm". The developer also describes this one as an Asian fantasy that's set in a land once home to an ancient race.

Devotion initially launched on Steam to favourable reviews before being dogpiled by Chinese players following the discovery of a Winnie the Pooh meme referring to president Xi Jinping. The horror game was briefly set to return through GOG, but those plans ended after the storefront received "many messages from gamers". These days, though, you can buy Devotion DRM free from the developer's site.

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PCGamesN Thursday, December 16, 2021 12:37 PM
     The Witcher season 2 release time – here's when the Netflix series goes live

We tend to stick to actual videogames here at PCGamesN - we let our friends at The Digital Fix handle the broader entertainment coverage. But if you're a fan of PC gaming, there's a pretty good chance you're looking forward to The Witcher season two on Netflix, even though it's technically based on the book series. So let's break down when you can expect The Witcher season two release time.

The Witcher season two is expected to release on Friday, December 17 at 12:01am PST / 3:01am EST / 8:01am GMT. This launch time has not officially been confirmed, but Netflix pretty much always launches its new shows at midnight Pacific time on the release date. With The Witcher season two release date set for December 17, that makes the release time pretty clear.

The Witcher season two is made up of eight episodes, so you can expect the show to take up about eight hours of your weekend. The Witcher season three has already been confirmed, so you can look forward to whatever adventures Geralt and the gang get up to here to be continued in the future.

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PCGamesN Thursday, December 16, 2021 12:28 PM
     Best Warzone Pacific guns: the top weapons for Season 1

Want to know what the best Warzone Pacific guns are? The Warzone integration with Vanguard introduces drastic changes to the game, including a new Warzone map set in the Pacific, and over 30 Vanguard weapons to play with. While Verdansk may not be around anymore, the guns from Modern Warfare and Black Ops Cold War remain in the battle royale game, but they're only accessible in specific modes.

The Cold War to Warzone integration had a number of teething problems when it launched back in December 2020. As a result, some of the weapon attachments featured incorrect stats which caused balancing issues. Each Cold War weapon needed tuning before they launched in Warzone - for several seasons, Cold War guns were either far too powerful or completely unusable.

Warzone Pacific is currently split into two types of mode which feature Vanguard weapons only, or every weapon ever released in Warzone. We've split the list of the best Warzone Pacific guns into two sections - this should make things easier for players interested in both modes.

PCGamesN Thursday, December 16, 2021 12:02 PM
     Grab Resident Evil Village at 48% off in Fanatical's Winter Sale

No doubt many of you will have recently spent a lot of money buying gifts for the loved ones in your life. Very admirable, but you know who else deserves a gift? You. The true path to inner fulfilment is paved with acts of self-love. If you're a bit low on cash because of your festive generosity, worry not, because you can get some fantastic bargains in Fanatical's Winter Sale, including Resident Evil Village, which now has 48% off the RRP.

Resident Evil Village is the latest Biohazard game and this one sees Ethan Winters from Resident Evil 7 fighting to survive in an abandoned village populated by strange mutant creatures. Though it takes a somewhat more action-oriented approach to the series than some of the previous instalments, to quote our review: "it's a creative take on everything that's made Resident Evil great over the years."

This is just one of this year's fantastic new games to receive a hefty discount in the Fanatical Winter Sale. Below, you'll find a ton of 2021 releases with up to 68% off. Whether you like action RPGs like BIOMUTANT, sports titles like Football Manager 2022, or party games like Super Monkey Ball: Banana Mania, you'll be pleased to hear that all of these games, and more, are included in the sale.

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PCGamesN Thursday, December 16, 2021 11:34 AM
     Best AIO cooler – the top liquid coolers for your CPU in 2021

The best AIO cooler is one that should make the perfect combination with some of the best gaming CPUs. Despite increases in performance-to-TDP ratios, processors can still get mighty hot these days - especially if you overclock them. If you've learnt how to overclock your CPU and want to put these skills to the test, you might have an easier time of it using one of the best liquid coolers over an air cooler. As more and more graphically intensive titles like Metro Exodus are released, overclocking might become more common. A good AIO cooler lets you overclock to crank out more performance with less risk of melting your CPU to a crisp.

The top cooling manufacturers have been put to the test on our test bench, with all-in-one (AIO) liquid CPU coolers from MSI, Cooler Master, NZXT, and Corsair. But why do you need to go all out on a CPU cooler? If you want to push your processor's clock speeds to meet its potential then you need to make sure overheating isn't a factor, and that's where liquid coolers come in.

You might think liquids shouldn't mix with electronics, yet an effective pump and radiator combo will move heat away from that CPU faster than you can say 'thermal throttling'. Of course, they often feature more RGB LEDs than you can shake a stick at, so you need not worry about colour-matching with the rest of your rig.

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PCGamesN Thursday, December 16, 2021 11:16 AM
     French games workers union calls Ubisoft's NFTs

A French videogame workers union that represents Ubisoft employees has issued a statement calling blockchain and NFT technology "useless, costly, and ecologically mortifying," following the launch of Ubisoft's Quartz platform, which now supports non-fungible tokens called Digits in Ubisoft's open-world stealth game, Ghost Recon Breakpoint.

The statement from Solidaires Informatique Jeu Vidéo says the move has no real benefit for players, and is simply a financial securities market by another name. "Putting aside the technical part, this so-called innovative technology boils down to a certificate of ownership to which is associated an abstract monetary value whose amount fluctuates on an external market," the English translation of the statement reads. "You like dividends, subprimes, financial derivatives, crises, speculation, fast trading, money laundering, etc.? This is the assured and unspoken promise of NFT."

The statement further accuses Ubisoft's leadership of failing to understand the technology in the first place: "By multiplying the restrictions of use, the group claims it wants to limit the commercialisation of NFT (forgetting that the nature of NFT prevents such limitations other than marginally)."

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PCGamesN Thursday, December 16, 2021 11:08 AM
     Civ 6 tier list – a guide to civ 6 leaders in multiplayer

Civilization 6 is a great 4X game that can give you countless hours of fun, even playing it solo against the AI, and the various Civ 6 leaders help make it a consistently diverse experience. If you're lucky enough to have friends who also like playing the game and who can commit to regular play sessions, then this turn-based strategy epic becomes truly transformative.

'Competitive' Civ isn't really a thing in the same way it is in mainstream esports, but there is a certain objective truth to every civilisation and leader. Some are good, some are bad, many are situational. We've already got an excellent list of the best Civ 6 civilisations across the various victory types, as well as a guide to all of the different agendas in Civ 6 when playing against the AI.

For this latest guide, we've taken a look at the various leader options through the lens of multiplayer. Credit to reddit users Riparian_Drengal, Kirbylover314, and Flyingpengguins, we've used their own excellent multiplayer tier guide as a basis for our own rankings. There is also this guide from user Lpexlaheavy, so there's plenty of other theory crafting out there if you want to go have a look. Additionally, thanks to boesthius and peppermint_butler, whose post-April 2021 balance patch tier lists provided additional insights.

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PCGamesN Thursday, December 16, 2021 11:04 AM
     Epic's next free game is Shenmue 3

It's the holiday season, and you know what that means – another round of free PC games from the Epic Games Store. You've run out of time to grab Godfall's Challenger Edition or Prison Architect, but thankfully Epic Games has revealed the next one you'll be able to pick up for the lowly sum of nothing.

This time around you're getting Shenmue 3, and you can grab it from the usual Epic Games Store promotion page today. It'll be there for one full day, at which point it'll likely by replaced another freebie. As always, you'll 'purchase' the game at a price of zero dollars, and it'll remain in your library just like any other game you might pay money for.

The Shenmue games put you in the shoes of Ryo Hazuki, an 18-year-old Japanese martial artist who is determined to avenge his father's death. In this one, you're trying to solve the mystery behind an artefact that's sought after by your father's killer. Your journey takes you to towns and mountain villages in rural China where you can further your training, gamble, play arcade games, and work part-time jobs while you hunt down said precious artefact.

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PCGamesN Thursday, December 16, 2021 10:23 AM
     Lamar roasts Franklin again in GTA Online's The Contract update

In many ways, GTA Online's The Contract update shows how things have changed since Grand Theft Auto 5's story has wrapped up. Franklin is married to Tanisha, they have kids, and Chop the dog is now old. Some things, though, stay the same - like Lamar roasting the hell out of Franklin.

Once you complete all of Dr Dre's missions in The Contract update, you and a pal can play a special mission called Fire it Up as Franklin and Lamar. The task involves destroying the weed storages of one of Lamar's rivals in an act of revenge while the two bicker and banter as they do it. The real highlight, though, comes at the end. Once you drop Franklin off at his house, Lamar will roast him for not letting him in.

If you've been out of the loop, fans have been modding a GTA 5 scene where Lamar roasts Franklin in various wonderful ways for a while now, though it really took off at the start of the year. The modified scenes typically involve various character swaps or duplicates, but the end result is always Franklin getting mugged off. Sometimes it's by a gang of Lamars, other times it's by Optimus Prime or Pingu. Heck, even Franklin and Lamar's voice actors got in on the fun.


PCGamesN Thursday, December 16, 2021 12:49 PM
     How to start GTA The Contract missions

Want to know how to start GTA The Contract missions? The latest GTA Online update brings back Franklin, one of the playable characters from GTA 5. He is now in the music business and the close associate of Dr. Dre, both of which set missions for you to earn extra money.

However, much like other GTA Online expansions, starting the missions can be the most frustrating part, as it's not always clear how to do so. Eagle-eyed gamers may have noticed a new website on their phone's internet browser that sells luxury office space. Here, you meet Franklin, who can help get you started with the available missions in The Contract to help Dr. Dre steal back his music.

In this guide, we'll go through the steps you need to take to start and finish GTA Online The Contract missions. In addition, you can earn a discount for some of the new GTA The Contract cars by gaining reputation or by completing the update's missions with minimal problems.


PCGamesN Thursday, December 16, 2021 9:31 AM
     The best Cooper Carbine loadout in Warzone Pacific

Want to know what the best Cooper Carbine Warzone Pacific loadout is? As the popular battle royale game drops onto another island, many of the best Call of Duty Vanguard guns that made the transition to Warzone share similar stats. The launch of Call of Duty Vanguard and Warzone Season 1 introduced new weapons to the game, and one of the more exciting options is the Cooper Carbine.

With the right attachments, this powerful assault rifle is capable of handling enemies at close and medium range, making it the perfect secondary weapon counterpart for a decent sniper rifle such as the Kar98k.

The best Warzone Cooper Carbine loadout focuses on a few key upgrades: giving you a boost in accuracy and recoil control, as well as an extended magazine with improved bullet penetration. If the Cooper Carbine isn't for you, other options are available for the assault rifle. So do check out the best STG 44 loadout to see how it stacks up and if it might be the better gun for you.

PCGamesN Thursday, December 16, 2021 9:35 AM
     Best gaming chair 2021 – the top chairs to perch your posterior on

It's time to give your spine the support it deserves, bidding farewell to your faithful but aged folding seat and replacing it with one of the best gaming chairs. Our guide should help you sort through the wide range of gaming chairs out there, from renowned gaming brands like Corsair and Razer to more specialised companies like Secretlab and Noblechairs, whatever your build or budget.

With more people either working or playing games from home right now, a new chair can go a long way in making those extended periods sat at your desk all the more comfortable. It's worth thinking about pairing your new gaming chair with one of the best gaming desks, for maximum functionality and aesthetic cohesion.

Just like people, gaming chairs come in varying shapes and sizes, so it's important to look at the specifications of each seat to make sure it's the right fit for you. Don't worry about finding something for your exact height or weight, as manufacturers will typically list a range. Also, if you're prone to back pain, it might be worth prioritising ergonomic features.

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PCGamesN Thursday, December 16, 2021 9:20 AM
     Fortnite Spider-Man – how to swing 50 meters with web-shooters

Are you looking for Spider-Man in Fortnite? The legendary wall-crawler has finally made his battle royale game debut in Fortnite Chapter 3. If you purchase the new battle pass, you can unlock the original Spider-Man Fortnite skin to dominate the battlefield in style. The web-slinging fun doesn't stop there, as Spider-Man's web-shooters are going to be made available for all players to use throughout the season.

The latest chapter of Fortnite flips the Chapter 2 island upside down, introducing a massive undiscovered world to explore. Punchcard quests are out this season, so instead, the devs have decided to opt for weekly season quests, including one to use Spider-Man's web-shooters to travel 50 metres in one swing. There's also the new Fortnite victory crown mechanic, which rewards skilled players for wearing the coveted crown with bonus experience points.

Here's everything you need to know about Spider-Man in Fortnite, including how you can unlock his skin in the battle pass, and how to use his web-shooters to swing 50 metres to complete this season challenge with ease.

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PCGamesN Thursday, December 16, 2021 9:09 AM
     The best strategy games on PC in 2021

What are the best strategy games on PC? Some would say Command and Conquer, others Civilization VI, while more still would say "actually, Civ IV was the better ga-" but at that point we'd stop listening because nobody cares. Join us as we explore a curated collection of the genre's greatest hits, from newcomers to classics.

Fun fact: the strategy genre was first invented back in 1938, when Winston Churchill looked out an aeroplane window over France and thought, "Hey, this would make a really cool videogame, whatever that is." Probably. Since then, there have been about a hundred million different strategy games, simulating as many different kinds of fighting as we humans have had reasons to fight one another.

Turn-based or real-time, grand strategy or tactical... this genre is as diverse as they come. But which are the absolute top strategy games on PC? Well, just drag a selection box over our bodies and right-click on the horizon, and we'll find out. We have a strategy editor on our team now, so we can't be wrong. (Editor: could be immediately wrong)

PCGamesN Thursday, December 16, 2021 9:22 AM
     Hearts of Iron 4 supply guide – everything you need to know

So, you want to know about Hearts of Iron 4 supply? The grand strategy game's recent expansion, No Step Back, along with the free 1.11 patch brought about some significant changes to how supply and logistics work. Not all of these changes have been explained clearly either, leaving many players a bit confused.

We're here to help clear things up and provide you with a basic primer on the new supply mechanics and how they interact with the game's combat mechanics. It's worth noting that there was some very clear design intent behind these changes, as game director Peter Nicholson recently intimated - just because things are going wrong, doesn't mean the system isn't working as intended.

We've drawn from a few sources to help put together this guide. FeedBackGaming's rather ad hoc tutorial video explains things quite well, but it's worth revisiting the relevant developer diaries as well, although it's worth noting that many previously discussed features have changed across the supply system's development.

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PCGamesN Thursday, December 16, 2021 11:48 AM
     Best CPU cooler in 2021 – our picks of the top air and liquid coolers

Keeping your CPU temperatures low is essential for good gaming performance from your PC, whether that's because you're planning to overclock, or to prevent performance throttling and ensure reliability. That's why we've assembled this guide to buying the best CPU cooler for your system. With the odd exception, the stock CPU cooler that comes with your AMD / Intel processor probably isn't going to cut it, and in any case it's always worth looking to upgrade if your system is struggling to stay cool when put to the test.

Water cooling solutions reign supreme when it comes to overclocking because liquid needs much more energy added to it than air to increase its temperature. Still, you can get some pretty respectable speeds with the best air coolers and you won't have to worry about any potential water leaks or the higher cost of an AIO cooling system.

If you want to learn more about the best AIO coolers, then head over to our dedicated guide as it can do wonders if you're pondering how to overclock your CPU. Otherwise, stick around to find out the best CPU coolers you can buy, whether you're being mindful of your budget, form factor, or style.

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PCGamesN Thursday, December 16, 2021 8:51 AM
     Halo Infinite's next Tenrai event features more armour and less XP boosts

343 Industries has confirmed that Halo Infinite's next Tenrai event will feature items that were previously only available in the store in place of most challenge swaps and XP boosts. The team has held a community stream for the holidays, where head of design Jerry Hook reflected on the game's multiplayer launch and outlined some changes moving forward.

Hook admits that he "didn't do a good enough job" in reviewing the assets that went out with marketing for the Tenrai event, which led the team to show off the Yoroi armour to build up excitement. The problem, though, was that various parts of the gear were purchasable in the shop. Moving forward, the team wants it to be clear whether something it's showing off is free or from the store.

"The problem is that they showed a mixed samurai," Hook says. "Our goal is always that if you see something for earn in a season and it's earnable in an event track, you can't earn that gear in the shop or the battle pass - it's dedicated to your events."

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Rock Paper Shotgun Latest Articles Feed Thursday, December 16, 2021 12:45 PM

The Epic Games Store Holiday Sale started today, with lots of discounts and that but more importantly: 15 days of free video games. They're starting with one that I'm certainly curious enough to play for free but not buy: Shenmue 3. Yeah gwan, I'll grab that. Epic are also going wild with coupons again, giving a £10 (or $10) coupon on every game you buy which costs at least £13.99 (or $14.99). Given Epic's habit of paying for timed exclusives, they do have discounts on some games you'll not get elsewhere, or at least not with those vouchers.

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Rock Paper Shotgun Latest Articles Feed Thursday, December 16, 2021 12:00 PM

Let me slap you with the caveat up front. Halo Infinite's best place is its open world, through which you can swing like a honking metal Tarzan and do sweet Warthog jumps from cliffs. But its best level, the most satisfying A-to-B gun boulevard, comes late in the campaign (spoilers ahead). The House Of Reckoning is a series of rooms where contrived artificial battlefields have been constructed inside an alien fortress. They are abstractly human structures surrounded by sand, as if your extraterrestrial enemies have been playing house but believe a homo sapiens' house looked exactly like a chunk of Normandy beach circa 1944. The narrative reasoning behind this level is absurd. But the fights that occur within are excellent.

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Rock Paper Shotgun Latest Articles Feed Thursday, December 16, 2021 11:00 AM

God rest ye merry listener, let nothing you dismay - for today, for one night only, EWS stands for Electronic Wrestling Show. Yes, our podcast's wrestling promotion has rolled into your town for a showstopping tag team match. Each of your pod hosts fields a three-game tag team of our favourite games of the year, and fields them in a spectacular(ly described) ladder match. The victor will claim the GOTY In The Bank briefcase and win the chance to compete next year as well.

Before we get to that, though, we must first discuss (at length) whether 200 t-shirts is a lot of t-shirts, what Nate is having for his Christmas dinner, what kind of cop duo would be named Halloumi & Date, and also what our favourite Christmas songs are. Nate also does a really good Mankind pun. Plus: which wrestler would be the best hugger?

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Rock Paper Shotgun Latest Articles Feed Thursday, December 16, 2021 10:10 AM

If your PC's drive space is fuller than Mr. Creosote, it might be time to call in some external backup. You can currently grab the WD Black P10 external hard drive in its vast 5TB configuration for a very reasonable £97 - it won't be able to hold any wafer thin mints, but 5TB makes room for an awful lot of game installs.

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Rock Paper Shotgun Latest Articles Feed Thursday, December 16, 2021 10:05 AM

I'm beginning to think I need a dreamcatcher. The Lynx Africa on my bedroom shelf simply doesn't have the same level of nightmare suction. In fact, I bet it attracts bad sleeps. Anyway, I'm considering the installation of a feathery net because DokeV's music video from the latest Geoff Awards has infiltrated the darkest recesses of my brain again. I thought I'd shaken off the trailer song, but it's back with full force and haunts me more than ever.

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Rock Paper Shotgun Latest Articles Feed Thursday, December 16, 2021 9:30 AM

Final Fantasy VII Remake certainly knows how to make a good first impression. The original's bombing mission sequence, which sees Cloud and co. blow up a planet-killing mako reactor in the industrialised hellhole of Midgar's city centre, was already one of the Final Fantasy series' best openers, but here we get to really luxuriate in every last detail of its twenty-four-year glow-up. Director Tetsuya Nomura may have a reputation for excess in JRPG circles (both in his tangled storylines and his passion for buckles and belts), but in FF7R that tendency toward indulgence has been applied with deadly, laser-like precision.

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Rock Paper Shotgun Latest Articles Feed Thursday, December 16, 2021 9:23 AM

CD Projekt have announced plans to pay out $1,850,000 (£1.4 million) to settle a class action lawsuit brought by investors over Cyberpunk 2077's troubles. The suit started in December 2020 with investors primarily upset with the fact that the console version was in such a state, claiming that CDP hadn't been honest about the game and its prospects. CDP say that the proposed settlement terms make clear that though they are paying out, this "does not imply admission of any responsibility".

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Rock Paper Shotgun Latest Articles Feed Thursday, December 16, 2021 9:18 AM

It's been nearly a year since Nvidia started reissuing older GPUs, like the GeForce RTX 2060 and GeForce GTX 1050 Ti, to help deal with the great worldwide graphics card shortage. More recently, Nvidia went a step further, quietly launching a brand new version of the RTX 2060 that doubles its VRAM to 12GB.

Emphasis on the "quietly", mind – even if you've been regularly checking for available GPU stock or perusing our graphics cards deals guide, you probably won't have even noticed there's a 12GB RTX 2060 knocking around. So what's the deal with this mysterious card, and should you even consider buying an RTX 20 series card in this day and age?

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Rock Paper Shotgun Latest Articles Feed Thursday, December 16, 2021 9:00 AM

The Gunk might not be the most sophisticated name in the universe for a gooey black jelly that pulses with an ominous red light, but goodness it sure is appropriate. As space haulers Rani and Becks touch down on a forgotten planet in search of a strange energy signal, the place is absolutely gummed up with the stuff. It oozes and throbs in the caves, plains and rivers of this once vibrant landscape, and the urge to suck it all up into Rani's chunky power glove (a literal hand vac in this case) is overwhelmingly strong. After all, when it turns the ground black and saps the world of all its colour, this is one case of Extremely Bad Vibes you'll want to remedy as soon as possible.

Your reward for scooping up all the gunk in any given area is the kind of graphical wizardry video games do best. A burst of light, a shruum of sound, and the world is instantly transformed back to its former glory. Despite its gloopy namesake, The Gunk is frequently stunning, its soft pastels and coral-esque flora showing such an eye for jaw-dropping visuals that it's hard to believe this is SteamWorld developer Image & Form's first ever 3D video game. If this is what they've been holding back on all these years, then their upcoming action adventure SteamWorld Headhunter should be a real treat for the old eyeballs. That said, while Image & Form have clearly navigated their 2D to 3D transition from an art perspective, their typical flair for adding their own spin to different genres has been less successful. There's a lot to like about this 3D action platformer, but it's missing that spark to really make it sing.

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Rock Paper Shotgun Latest Articles Feed Thursday, December 16, 2021 8:03 AM

Roll7 have announced that their next skating game OlliOlli World comes out on February 8th, 2022. This latest OlliOlli game swaps out the 2D style for a cel-shaded 3D world that looks absolutely lovely. Or radical. Or sick. Or other skater words. The action-platformer's plot sounds great too, it drops you into Radlandia on a search for the skate gods. Skate gods! Don't anger them, kiddos, they'll break your collarbones.

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Twinfinite Thursday, December 16, 2021 2:32 PM

Third-party developers have revealed plenty of new assets and released new addons for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

The post Microsoft Flight Simulator Bae 146 & Kodiak Get New Screenshots; Helsinki Airport, REX AccuSeason, & More Released appeared first on Twinfinite.

Twinfinite Thursday, December 16, 2021 2:11 PM

To celebrate the success of Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy video game, Square Enix is teaming up with Adidas to bring fans an amazing collaboration. This collection features six unique shoes, each inspired by the Guardians' distinct looks and personalities. Check out the description of each unique shoe below, as described by Adidas Senior Designer […]

The post Fresh Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy Adidas Collaboration Revealed appeared first on Twinfinite.

Twinfinite Thursday, December 16, 2021 1:39 PM

Greetings, Tolkienites! Can you believe that Peter Jackson's acclaimed Middle-earth debut feature, Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, came out twenty years ago this Sunday? We know! Absolutely wild, right? Well, to celebrate one of the most iconic fantasy series of all-time, Stephen Colbert and his crew on The Late Show has […]

The post Lord of The Rings is "The Greatest Trilogy in Movie History" in Colbert's Hilarious 20th Anniversary Rap appeared first on Twinfinite.

Twinfinite Thursday, December 16, 2021 12:42 PM

Today Sega and Creative Assembly released another new trailer of the upcoming Warhammer strategy game Total War: Warhammer III.

The post New Total War: Warhammer III Gameplay Trailer Is All About "Succulent War" Between Slaanesh & Nurgle appeared first on Twinfinite.

Twinfinite Thursday, December 16, 2021 12:39 PM

Far Cry 6 is continuing to release more content for players as it holds to its post-launch plans that were outlined before the game came out. Today, Ubisoft has dropped a trailer to let fans know that the free Danny Trejo crossover mission is available now for Far Cry 6 on all platforms. This mission […]

The post Far Cry 6 Danny Trejo Crossover Mission Is Available Now for Free appeared first on Twinfinite.

Twinfinite Thursday, December 16, 2021 12:15 PM

Today Ubisoft launched a new trailer of its upcoming tactical shooter Rainbow Six Extraction, focusing on operator Marius "Jäger" Streicher.

The post Rainbow Six Extraction Gets New Trailer All About Jäger appeared first on Twinfinite.

Twinfinite Thursday, December 16, 2021 12:02 PM

Monster Hunter Rise will soon get a PC version, and among other things, it'll support resolution up to 4K. Here's a look.

The post Monster Hunter Rise for PC Gets New Video Showing Rathalos in 4K appeared first on Twinfinite.

Twinfinite Thursday, December 16, 2021 11:38 AM

Today Sony Interactive Entertainment and Polyphony Digital released another trailer of the upcoming racing game Gran Turismo 7.

The post Gran Turismo 7 Gets New Trailer All About The Power of PlayStation 5 appeared first on Twinfinite.

Twinfinite Thursday, December 16, 2021 11:22 AM

Even if you've never played the Mass Effect series, there is a good chance you know of Garrus "The Bro" Vakarian. Anyone who has played through the series definitely does, as this awesome Turian stands out as one of the most loyal and interesting characters in the series. To celebrate Vakarian, one talented fan decided […]

The post Mass Effect Fan Paints a Beautifully Detailed Quarter-Scale Garrus Statue appeared first on Twinfinite.

Twinfinite Thursday, December 16, 2021 10:51 AM

Gearbox has just dropped a new trailer that gives us a quick look at two newly introduced classes in their upcoming looter shooter, Tiny Tina's Wonderlands. Today, we get to see the magic-using Spellshot and the hammer-wielding Clawbringer in the second Welcome to Wonderlands video. The Spellshot uses 'Ambi-Hextrous' wizardry to fire different elemental spells […]

The post Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Introduces Clawbringer & Spellshot Classes appeared first on Twinfinite.

Twinfinite Thursday, December 16, 2021 10:46 AM

With GTA Online's latest update, The Contract, players get a nice combination of nostalgia and freshness when it comes to the content. Characters like Franklin, Lamar, and Chop have returned for the first time in a long time and new characters like Dr. Dre have been integrated into the story in an interesting way. Yet, […]

The post GTA: Online Brings Back the Classic Lamar Meme in The Contract appeared first on Twinfinite.

Twinfinite Thursday, December 16, 2021 10:32 AM

Sony Interactive Entertainment and Guerrilla Games presented a new trailer of Horizon Forbidden West, focusing on awesome mecha dinosaurs.

The post Horizon Forbidden West Gets New Trailer All About the Machines appeared first on Twinfinite.

Siliconera Thursday, December 16, 2021 2:00 PM

The latest version of the Sonic Adventure 2 song "Escape from the City" is part of the Sonic Sessions and is sung by Persona 5 singer Lyn.

The post Persona 5 Singer Lyn Sings Sonic Adventure 2's 'Escape from the City' appeared first on Siliconera.

Siliconera Thursday, December 16, 2021 1:00 PM

The 2021 Epic Games Store Holiday Sale again includes a 15 days of free games promotion, which is kicking off with copies of Shenmue 3.

The post Epic Games Store 15 Days of Free Games Starts With Shenmue 3 appeared first on Siliconera.

Siliconera Thursday, December 16, 2021 12:30 PM

Kotobukiya's Tales of Arise figure line is expanding, as it showed off an Alphen prototype and announced a Dohalim one is in the works.

The post Tales of Arise Alphen Figure Shown, Dohalim Figure Announced appeared first on Siliconera.

Siliconera Thursday, December 16, 2021 12:00 PM

Shop Atlus is now accepting pre-orders for a Persona 5 Royal skateboard inspired by the Big Bang Burger restaurant in the game.

The post Persona 5 Big Bang Burger Skateboard Will Appear in 2022 appeared first on Siliconera.

Siliconera Thursday, December 16, 2021 11:30 AM

Yet another Hololive Vtuber is getting a new outfit, as Usada Pekora will be showing off a new look later this week.

The post Usada Pekora is Getting a New Outfit appeared first on Siliconera.

Siliconera Thursday, December 16, 2021 11:00 AM

The latest KOF XV story explains why Athena, Mai, and Yuri are working together on Team Super Heroine for the latest entry in the series.

The post KOF XV Athena, Mai, and Yuri Team Super Heroine Story Shared appeared first on Siliconera.

Siliconera Thursday, December 16, 2021 10:30 AM

Like Genshin Impact, Honkai Impact 3rd now has its own Battle Chronicles section in the HoyoLab app that lets you see your gameplay stats.

The post Honkai Impact 3rd Battle Chronicle Appears appeared first on Siliconera.

Siliconera Thursday, December 16, 2021 10:00 AM

The game's soundtrack will be available both physically and digitally.

The post Kuro no Kiseki Soundtrack Will Appear in March 2022 appeared first on Siliconera.

Siliconera Thursday, December 16, 2021 9:30 AM

Shinra is looking to citizens to help recover Red XIII.

The post Final Fantasy VII Remake Promotional Video Stars Red XIII appeared first on Siliconera.

Siliconera Thursday, December 16, 2021 9:00 AM

This version will come with enhanced visuals and audio.

The post The Legend of Nayuta: Boundless Trails Switch Release Planned for Spring 2022 appeared first on Siliconera.

Siliconera Thursday, December 16, 2021 8:30 AM

The title will serve as a sequel to the first Kuro no Kiseki game.

The post The Legend of Heroes: Kuro no Kiseki II Crimson Sin Announced appeared first on Siliconera.

Siliconera Thursday, December 16, 2021 8:00 AM

The turn-based RPG puts players in control of a school of dungeon explorers-in-training.

The post Ouritsu Anapoko Gakuen Released for the Nintendo Switch appeared first on Siliconera.

Destructoid Thursday, December 16, 2021 2:30 PM

RIP DisneyQuest and most Microsoft Stores Back in the '90s, corporations had tons of cash to toss at elaborate "store"...

The post I want to visit this physical PlayStation Store, circa 1999 appeared first on Destructoid.

Destructoid Thursday, December 16, 2021 2:00 PM

Team hopes to set precedent for the industry Independent outfit Vodeo Games is now officially recognized as the first unionized...

The post Vodeo Games staff form North America's first game studio union appeared first on Destructoid.

Destructoid Thursday, December 16, 2021 1:30 PM

"I still don't really understand the 'problem' being solved here" Can you explain the Ubisoft NFT strategy debacle? No? I...

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Destructoid Thursday, December 16, 2021 1:00 PM

Turn Back Time In an industry of glum news, it's a happy story. A modest story, sure, but a happy...

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Destructoid Thursday, December 16, 2021 12:30 PM

The Retem region is live I've been waiting a long time for this Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis expansion. The game has...

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Destructoid Thursday, December 16, 2021 12:00 PM

Fashioninja If you check the calendar, you'll see that today is a day, and that means it's time for Nexon...

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Destructoid Thursday, December 16, 2021 11:30 AM

Via Unreal Engine 4 The next time you play Shin Megami Tensei V and see the protagonist's wavy hair, just...

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Destructoid Thursday, December 16, 2021 11:00 AM

School's out for Summer During yesterday's exciting Nintendo Indie World Showcase, publisher WayForward offered up some new tidbits on its...

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Destructoid Thursday, December 16, 2021 10:00 AM

Wizards and Warriors I have to say, despite the chance that the humor will grate over time, I'm starting to...

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Destructoid Thursday, December 16, 2021 9:00 AM

Gunk sat alone in a boggy marsh The Industry's Chris Moyse and I often have conversations about reviewing games and...

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PC Invasion - FeedDDD Thursday, December 16, 2021 2:30 PM
     Valorant Health Systems SeriesRiot Games is taking players through a Valorant Systems Health Series over the next few weeks. In it, the developer will discuss things like AFK detection, toxicity, smurfs, and striving for balanced matchmaking. The first topic of discussion is AFK players in Valorant over the last year and moving forward. At the beginning of 2021, Riot improved the systems used to detect AFK players. It also added more severe penalties for players who go AFK during a match. The result of these two updates is substantial. According to Riot, the number of players who go AFK in a Valorant match has more than halved since the improvements.   Every Valorant player now has an AFK rating. This ensures you don't get punished harshly if you rarely go AFK. It assumes you only do so when there is no other choice, and you are not intending to ruin the match for your teammates. The more you go AFK, the lower your AFK rating becomes, and the more severely you will be punished. These punishments do not appl...

PC Invasion - FeedDDD Thursday, December 16, 2021 2:00 PM
     dell luna laptop concept replaceable partsDell announced Concept Luna as its take on a sustainable laptop earlier in the week. It's made in collaboration with Intel and is the manufacturer's vision for a repairable laptop. The laptop's made out of sustainable materials and designed to be easily repairable should anything go wrong with the device. It's also designed to be as simple as possible while giving the user direct access to all of its inner components. Dell is the first of the big computer manufacturers to announce a laptop with easily replaceable components. However, other companies have taken stabs at the concept before. For example, the Framework laptop is another device that allows easy access to the inner workings of the system. But, the intent there was to create a laptop that was entirely modular, not necessarily sustainable. While it was impressive to see a third-party manufacturer give that a go, it's also interesting to see where Dell is headed with this sort of concept.  ...

PC Invasion - FeedDDD Thursday, December 16, 2021 1:00 PM
     Vanguard best Cooper Carbine ClassThe Call of Duty: Vanguard Season One update introduced some new weapons into the mix. One of these weapons is the Cooper Carbine. To get your hands on it, you must reach tier 15 of the battle pass where you can unlock it for free. Already, the gun has been making a statement in multiplayer and Warzone Pacific. With the best attachments, you can build a Cooper Carbine class to take over in your next Vanguard match. The Cooper Carbine may be the most versatile assault rifle in the game. It is a submachine gun hybrid, which makes it effective when shooting an enemy player at almost any range. As a result, you will find success with the gun on smaller maps such as Hotel Royal. In addition, you can confidently take out the lobby on larger maps such as Paradise. This class will focus on improving the Cooper Carbine's best assault rifle and submachine gun qualities to make a well-rounded loadout.   Call of Duty: Vanguard Cooper Carbine class Muzzle: F8 Stabilizer Barrel: 22" C...

PC Invasion - FeedDDD Thursday, December 16, 2021 12:30 PM
     Tiny Tinas Wonderlands ClawbringerThe latest update on Tiny Tina's Wonderlands details a bunch of new gameplay information, showcases new environments, whips out some guns, and unveils the next two classes. They are the Spellshot and the Clawbringer. The classes join the Stabbomancer and Brr-Zerker in the roster of characters. You can check them all out on the classes section of Tiny Tina's Wonderlands website. The site also indicates another class is still to be unveiled. Tiny Tina's Wonderlands is scheduled for release on March 25, 2022. I'm sure there will be a few more reveals before then. And that's fantastic, because each \trailer for Tiny Tina's Wonderlands manages to delight in new ways. You can check out the Clawbringer and Spellshot trailer below.   Magic and a maul In Tiny Tina's Wonderlands, you mix and match skills through the multiclass system to create an adventurer that is truly your own. With the addition of the Spellshot, you can now include magical attacks in those skills. Wield the elements,...

PC Invasion - FeedDDD Thursday, December 16, 2021 12:15 PM
     Warzone Pacific best Bar ClassThe launch of Call of Duty: Vanguard Season One saw the roll out of Warzone Pacific and the new Caldera map, bringing along more weapons. The BAR assault rifle is a powerful choice and with the best attachments equipped, you can create a class that will take out opponents in just a few shots in Warzone Pacific. Although the BAR has a slow fire rate, the bullets can deal some serious damage. Scouting for enemies at long range will not be a problem with this assault rifle. When you are using the BAR, being accurate with your shots is important because of its single fire nature. As a result, this class will focus on making the BAR as accurate as possible.   Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific best BAR class Muzzle: MX Silencer Barrel: CGC 30″ XL Stock: Chariot WR Underbarrel: M1930 Strife Angled Magazine: .50 BMG 30 Round Mag Rear Grip: Fabric Grip Perk 1: Hardscope Perk 2: Fully Loaded Ammo Type: Lengthened Optic: G16 2.5x Let's get that build going. First up, the MX Sile...

Gamer Empire Thursday, December 16, 2021 10:13 AM

Fighters, also known as characters, have a small chance to be shiny in Anime Fighters Simulator. Shiny fighters' appearance is different than the non-shiny version of the fighter, and they are stronger. Recommended Read: Anime Fighters Simulator Divine Characters Guide In this guide, we give you all the information that you need on shiny fighters […]

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Tabletop Gaming News Thursday, December 16, 2021 2:00 PM

Tabletop Gaming News Thursday, December 16, 2021 1:00 PM

Tabletop Gaming News Thursday, December 16, 2021 12:00 PM

Tabletop Gaming News Thursday, December 16, 2021 11:00 AM

Tabletop Gaming News Thursday, December 16, 2021 10:00 AM

Tabletop Gaming News Thursday, December 16, 2021 9:00 AM

Player Assist | Game Guides & Walkthroughs Thursday, December 16, 2021 2:18 PM
     The daily routine of Animal Crossing players involves fulfilling Nook Miles tasks and checking almost every corner of the island. Sometimes you want to clean up or move stuff and continue with your island designing. Perhaps one of your daily tasks is to shake trees and check for items and creatures that fall from them. […]

Player Assist | Game Guides & Walkthroughs Thursday, December 16, 2021 12:09 PM
     The general of the Tenryou Commission, Kujou Sara, is a bold, decisive, and skilled leader in battle. Due to her strong sense of duty, she became known to the Inazuma people as a stern and ruthlessly efficient military person. Her goal is to serve and support the Almighty Shogun's will to manifest Eternity and she […]

Player Assist | Game Guides & Walkthroughs Thursday, December 16, 2021 10:45 AM
     With this Minecraft guide, learn how to create a viable nether wart farm in the overworld for all your potion brewing needs. Nether wart is a rare resource in Minecraft that can only be obtained within specific places inside the Nether. But what is the use of nether warts? Nether wart is a fungus that […]

Player Assist | Game Guides & Walkthroughs Thursday, December 16, 2021 9:59 AM
     In Team Cherry's Hollow Knight, the Knight has a plethora of charms, abilities, attacks, and Nail Arts at his disposal. One of these Nail Arts is the Dash Slash. This guide will teach you how the Knight can learn the Dash Slash Nail Art. Dash Slash Taught by Nailmaster Oro, Dash Slash is a Nail […]

Gaming Instincts – Next-Generation of Video Game Journalism Thursday, December 16, 2021 2:44 PM

The settlement looks to be about $1.85 million.

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Gaming Instincts – Next-Generation of Video Game Journalism Thursday, December 16, 2021 1:58 PM

This is the latest in a long list of departures brought about by these types of allegations this year.

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Gaming Instincts – Next-Generation of Video Game Journalism Thursday, December 16, 2021 12:34 PM

Final Fantasy XIV is just too popular for its own good.

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Pivotal Gamers Thursday, December 16, 2021 10:30 AM
     Hello fellow gamers. gamehag is giving all the opportunity to win on multiple games. Let's hear them out. To get: 2500 KD, 2000 KD, 1500 KD, 1000 KD, 850 KD, 700 KD, 500 KD, 250 KD, 200 KD, 100 KD, 50 KD, 10 KD To get this key your Steam level must be at least 5. Last minute notes Login with your gamehag account, complete all steps to get your key. So what are you waiting for? Click on the b...

MonsterVine Thursday, December 16, 2021 12:09 PM

It's hard to believe it's been fifteen years since we were blessed with Battlefield 2142, and with the eagerly anticipated release of Battlefield 2042 we're shown proof that monkey's paws really do exist. Battlefield 2042 Developer: DICE Price: $60 Platform: PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X MonsterVine was supplied with a PC code for review […]

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Level Up Thursday, December 16, 2021 12:33 PM
     IGN published a new report last Friday detailing a toxic work culture at Bungie, including…

Level Up Thursday, December 16, 2021 11:45 AM
     The first event for Halo Infinite's multiplayer, Fracture: Tenrai, wrapped up a couple of weeks…

Level Up Thursday, December 16, 2021 11:04 AM
     Red Candle Games is the team behind well-received horror games Devotion and Detention, but it…

Level Up Thursday, December 16, 2021 10:26 AM
     Gearbox Software has released new details about its upcoming fantasy looter shooter, Tiny Tina's Wonderlands,…

Level Up Thursday, December 16, 2021 10:22 AM
     The latest Back 4 Blood update, which goes live at 10 a.m. PST/1 p.m. EST,…