All answers to "A Thousand Questions with Paimon" in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact has new quiz event for adventurers in the game and it is called A thousand Questions with Paimon. Players who will complete answering all of the questions will receive 10,000 Mora to 50,000 every day and there will be a total of 10 questions each day.

Only travelers who reaches Adventurer Rank 10 can participate on this event. Answering the questions incorrectly will not affect the rewards you collected, you'll only rewarded once you've answer a question correctly.

Table of Contents

  1. List of Questions and Answers
  2. How to Participate in the Event

Players can restart the questions and answers anytime they want and re-answer those question.

List of Questions and Answers

Here are list of questions and answers to Genshin Impact new event "A Thousand questions with Paimon".

Questions Answers
When the anemo Traveler is affected by Pyro, holding the Traveler's Elemental Skill can be used to cause an Elemental Absorption. True
Which of the following Hilichurl tribes does not appear at Dadaupa Gorge? Lunar Tribe
Who wrote the Favonius Survival Rulebook for Klee? Kaeya
Can two characters of the same element activate an Elemental Resonance in Co-Op Mode? Yes
Which of the following is the customary Hilichurl greeting? Olah!
Which of the following characters did not have a pet turtle as a child? Amber
What do Cecilias represent in the language of flowers? "The true feelings of the prodigal son."
Which of the following will not allow you to obtain Shrine of Depths Keys? Completing a Story Quest
What is Amber the champion of in Mondstadt? Gliding
Who is "that red, burny friend" mentioned by Razor? Klee

If you have no idea on how to participate in the event, check our guide below.

How to Participate in the Quiz Event

To participate in the event, you just need to go to the menu by clicking the Paimon icon on the top left of the game screen, then Notices.

Then at the left tab, select "A thousand Questions with…".

Scroll down the page until you will see a button ">> Click here to take part in the event <<".

After that, it will take you to the event and just click Begin Answering to start.

That's it guys! Hope this will help you answer all of the question of Paimon correctly.

For reference, here is the a video guide for Day 1 quiz in Genshin Impact.

How to exit Brain Dance in CyberPunk 2077 on PC

When you're tasked to do a Brain Dance with the best editor in the town of Night City, Judy, you specially investigate the memories of Evelyn to find clues against Yorinobu. But as you finish the task and already completed everything, you're clueless on how to exit the BrainDance, because there are no key instruction shown on the screen on how to exit the editor aside from other navigation.

Some players think it is another kind of of bug or some sort of. However, this problem occurs only for players in PC, in the console there are no reported problem because you can exit by pressing a single common button.

How to exit BrainDance

If you're using a PC on playing Cyberpunk, exiting the Brain Dance Editor is quite problematic. To exit the Braindance, you just need to press the "X" on your keyboard.

Other BrainDance Navigation

Aside from exiting the Brain Dance, as a reference here are other navigation you can do in the editor.

  • Play/Pause – Space
  • Fast Forward – Hold E
  • Rewind – Hold Q
  • Restart – Hold R
  • Playback Mode – Tab
  • Switch Layer – Left Shif
  • Exit Braindance Editor – X

That's it! Hope this little guide helps you if you're stuck on the game.

List of All Monsters and Location in Flyff Project M

Fylff Project M has been officially released their first Closed Beta Testing (CBT) and a lot of you probably playing the early stage of the game, you probably have hard time looking for monster in your quest and looking at the map will take you some time looking for it as there are no search function in the map.

To help you look for these monsters, we have compiled all of the monster you find in all region in the Flyff Project M with their specific drops.

Flaris Region

There are currently 15 different monsters you will find in Flaris, each of these monsters has different variant and levels.

Monster Variant Location
Aibatt Lv.1 Small Aibatt
Lv.1 Aibatt
Lv.2 Captain Aibatt
Lv.5 Giant Aibatt
Mushpang Lv.3 Small Mushpang
Lv.3 Mushpang
Lv.4 Captain Mushpang
Lv.6 Giant Mushpang
Burudeng Lv.5 Small Burudeng
Lv.5 Burudeng
Lv.6 Captain Burudeng
Lv.9 Giant Burudeng
Pukepuke Lv.7 Small Pukepuke
Lv.7 Pukepuke
Lv.8 Captain Pukepuke
Lv.11 Giant Pukepuke
Peakyturtle Lv.8 Small Peakyturtle
Lv.8 Peakyturtle
Lv.9 Captain Peakyturtle
Lv.12 Giant Peakyturtle
Demian Lv.9 Urchin Demian
Lv.9 Demian
Lv.10 Bad Demian
Lv.13 Giant Demian
Doridoma Lv.11 Small Doridoma
Lv.11 Doridoma
Lv.12 Captain Doridoma
Lv.15 Giant Doridoma
Lawolf Lv.13 Young Lawolf
Lv.13 Lawolf
Lv.14 Grownup Lawolf
Lv.17 Giant Lawoff
Fefern Lv.15 1st Class Fefern
Lv.15 Fefern
Lv.16 2nd Class Fefern
Lv.19 Giant Fefern
Nyangnyang Lv.17 Cute Nyangnyang
Lv.17 Nyangnyang
Lv.18 Creep Nyangnyang
Lv.21 Giant Nyangnyang
Bang Lv.19 Bang
Lv.19 Captain Bang
Lv.20 Boss Bang
Lv.21 Giant Bang
Mothbee Lv.20 Small Mothbee
Lv.20 Mothbee
Lv.21 Captain Mothbee
Lv.25 Giant Mothbee
Zendros Lv.28 Small Zendros
Lv.28 Zendros
Lv.29 Captain Zendros
Lv.33 Giant Zendros
Neparuba Lv.35 Neparuba
Lv.35 Captain Neparuba
Lv.36 Boss Neparuba
Lv.40 Giant Neparuba
Rockepeller Lv.49 Small Rockepeller
Lv.49 Rockepeller
Lv.50 Captain Rockepeller
Lv.53 Giant Rockepeller

Saint Morning Region

In the nest region, players will be able to find 18 different monsters, good for players who are leveling beyond 20.

Monster Variant / Drops Location
Bang Lv.19 Bang
Lv.19 Captain Bang
Lv.20 Boss Bang

Golden Wing
Mothbee Lv.20 Small Mothbee
Lv.21 Mothbee
Lv.21 Captain Mothbee
Lv.25 Giant Mothbee
Wagsaac Lv.21 Small Wagsaac
Lv.21 Wagsaac
Lv.22 Captain Wagsaac
Lv.25 Giant Wagsaac

Blue Honey
Flybat Lv.21 Small Flybat
Lv.21 Flybat
Lv.22 Captain Flybat
Lv.25 Giant Flybat

Mia Lv.23 Small Mia
Lv.23 Mia
Lv.24 Captain Mia
Lv.27 Giant Mia

Mia Doll
Mr. Pumpkin Lv.25 Stale Mr. Pumpkin
Lv.25 Mr. Pumpkin
Lv.26 Rotten Mr. Pumpkin
Lv.29 Giant Mr. Pumpkin

Farious Match
Red Mantis Lv.27 Red Mantis C
Lv.27 Red Mantis B
Lv.28 Red Mantis A
Lv.31 Giant Red Mantis

Zendros Lv.28 Small Zendros
Lv.28 Zendros
Lv.29 Captain Zendros
Lv.33 Giant Zendros

Jack the Hammer Lv.29 Small Jack the Hammer
Lv.29 Jack the Hammer
Lv.30 Captain Jack the Hammer
Lv.33 Giant Jack the Hammer

Giggle Box Lv.31 Small Giggle Box
Lv.31 Giggle Box
Lv.32 Captain Giggle Box
Lv.35 Giant Giggle Box

Rock Muscle Lv.33 Small Rock Muscle
Lv.33 Rock Muscle
Lv.34 Captain Rock Muscle
Lv.37 Giant Rock Muscle

Crescent Stone
Bucrow Lv.33 Small Bucrow
Lv.33 Bucrow
Lv.33 Captain Bucrow
Lv.37 Giant Bucrow

Hobo Lv.35 Small Hobo
Lv.35 Hobo
Lv.36 Captain Hobo
Lv.39 Giant Hobo

Neparuba Lv.35 Neparuba
Lv.35 Captain Neparuba
Lv.36 Boss Neparuba
Lv.40 Neparuba

Dumb Bull Lv.37 Small Dumb Bull
Lv.37 Dumb Bull
Lv.38 Captain Dumb Bull
Lv.41 Giant Dumb Bull

Totemia Lv.39 Small Totemia
Lv.39 Totemia
Lv.40 Captain Totemia
Lv.43 Giant Totemia

Cardpuppet Lv.41 Maid Cardpuppet
Lv.41 Cardpuppet
Lv.42 Manager Cardpuppet
Lv.45 Boss Cardpuppet

Clock Heart
Flbyrigen Lv.42 Small Flbyrigen
Lv.42 Flbyrigen
Lv.43 Captain Flbyrigen
Lv.47 Giant Flbyrigen


Garden of Rhisis Region

In the garden of Rhisis region, you'll only find 6 greatest monsters in preparation for the end-game monsters.

Monster Location
Flbyrigen Lv.42 Small Flbyrigen
Lv.42 Flbyrigen
Lv.43 Captain Flbyrigen
Lv.46 Giant Flbyrigen

Tombstone Bearer Lv.43 Small Tombstone Bearer
Lv.43 Tombstone Bearer
Lv.44 Captain Tombstone Bearer
Lv.47 Giant Tombstone Bearer

Tomb Marble
Scorpicon Lv.43 Small Scorpicon
Lv.43 Scorpicon
Lv.44 Captain Scorpicon
Lv.47 Giang Scorpicon

Basque Lv.45 Phantom Basque
Lv.45 Basque
Lv.46 Lumping Basque
Lv.49 Giant Basque

Golden Fist
Prankster Lv.47 Small Mage Prankster
Lv.47 Prankster
Lv.48 Master Mage Prankster
Lv.49 Giantmage Prankster

Wheelem Lv.49 Rough Wheelem
Lv.49 Wheelem
Lv.50 Bounching Wheelem
Lv.53 Giant Wheelem

Golden Cup

Darkon 1 and 2 Region

Stepping stone for the end-game, this will help players who are in the mid-game where players can grind for monsters who are 50 up to 70.

Monster Variant / Drop Location
Rockepeller Lv.49 Small Rockepeller
Lv.49 Rockepeller
Lv.50 Captain Rockepeller
Lv.53 Giant Rockepeller

Leyena Lv.51 Small Leyena
Lv.51 Leyena
Lv.52 Captain Leyena
Lv.55 Giant Leyena

Trangforma Lv.51 Small Trangforma
Lv.51 Trangforma
Lv.52 Captain Trangforma
Lv.55 Giant Trangforma

Steel Knight Lv.55 Small Steel Knight
Lv.55 Steel Knight
Lv.56 Captain Steel Knight
Lv.69 Giant Steel Knight

Nutty Wheel Lv.55 Small Nutty Wheel
Lv.57 Nutty Wheel
Lv.58 Captain Nutty Wheel
Lv.61 Giant Nutty Wheel

Zombiger Lv.55 Small Zombiger
Lv.55 Zombiger
Lv.56 Captain Zombiger
Lv.59 Giant Zombiger

Nuctuvehicle Lv.57 Small Nuctuvehicle
Lv.57 Nuctuvehicle
Lv.58 Captain Nuctuvehicle
Lv.61 Giant Nuctuvehicle

Risem Lv.59 Small Risem
Lv.59 Risem
Lv.60 Captain Risem
Lv.63 Giant Risem

Zem Mark
Driller Lv.59 Small Driller
Lv.59 Driller
Lv.60 Captain Driller
Lv.63 Giant Driller

Volt Lv.61 Small VoltLv.61 VoltLv.62 Captain VoltLv.65 Giant Volt

Elderguard Lv.63 Small Elderguard
Lv.63 Elderguard
Lv.64 Captain Elderguard
Lv.67 Giant Elderguard

Garbagepider Lv.65 Small Garbagepider
Lv.65 Garbagepider
Lv.66 Captain Garbagepider
Lv.69 Giant Gargabepider

Zenma Lv.65 Small Zenma
Lv.65 Zenma
Lv.66 Captain Zenma
Lv.70 Giant Zenma

Syliaca Lv.69 Young Syliaca
Lv.69 Syliaca
Lv.70 Grownup Syliaca
Lv.73 Giant Syliaca

Greemong Lv.71 Small GreemongLv.71 GreemongLv.72 Captain GreemongLv.75 Giant Greemong

Mong Tear
Longwang Lv.73 Small Longwang
Lv.73 Longwang
Lv.74 Captain Longwang
Lv.78 Giant Longwang

Carrierbomb Lv.73 Small Carrierbomb
Lv.73 Carrierbomb
Lv.74 Captain Carrierbomb
Lv.77 Giant Carrierbomb

Bomb Timer

Darkon 3 Region

The end-game map, Darkon will bound players to more stronger monsters at level 70+.

Monster Variants/Drops Locations
Hoppre Lv.75 Small Hoppre
Lv.76 Hoppre
Lv.77 Captain Hoppre
Lv.80 Giant Hoppre

Drops: Prewing
Mushpole Lv. 78 Small Mushpole
Lv. 79 Mushpole
Lv. 80 Captain Mushpole
Lv. 83 Giant Mushpole

Drops: Poiespore
Watangka Lv. 84 Small Watangka
Lv. 85 Watangka
Lv. 86 Captain Watangka
Lv. 89 Giant Watangka

Drops: Tangkask
Antiquery Lv. 87 Small Antiquery
Lv. 88 Antiquery
Lv. 89 Captain Antiquery
Lv. 92 Giant Antiquery

Drops: Rootioe
Nautrepy Lv. 68 Small Nautrepy
Lv. 69 Nautrepy
Lv. 70 Captain Nautrepy
Lv. 73 Giant Nautrepy

Drops: Repygie
Boo Lv. 72 Small Boo
Lv. 73 Boo
Lv. 74 Captain Boo
Lv. 77 Giant Boo

Drops: Boopoison
Grrr Lv. 60 Small Grrr
Lv. 61 Grrr
Lv. 62 Captain Grrr
Lv. 65 Giant Grrr

Drops: Grrr Bandage
Dump Lv. 64 Small Dump
Lv. 65 Dump
Lv. 66 Captain Dump
Lv. 69 Giant Dump

Drops: Dumptire
Luia Lv. 90  Small Luia
Lv. 91 Luia
Lv. 92 Captain Luia
Lv. 95 Giant Luia

Drops: Luchest
Fafnir Lv. 85 Young Fafnir
Lv. 85 Fafnir
Lv. 86 Grownup Fafnir
Lv. 90 Giant Fafnir

Drops: None
Kern Lv. 99 Small Kern
Lv. 100 Kern
Lv. 101 Captain Kern
Lv. 104 Giant Kern

Drops: Rnamond
Glaphan Lv. 102 Small Glaphan
Lv. 103 Glaphan
Lv. 104 Captain Glaphan
Lv. 107 Giant Glaphan

Drops: Phanbubble
Gongury Lv. 93 Small Gongury
Lv. 94 Gongury
Lv. 95 Captain Gongury
Lv. 98 Giant Gongury

Drops: Eronsimint
Shuhamma Lv. 96 Small Shuhamma
Lv. 97 Shuhamma
Lv. 98 Captain Shuhamma
Lv. 101 Giant Shuhamma

Drops: Hammamer
Muffrin Lv. 111 Trainee Chef Muffrin
Lv. 111 3rd Chef Muffrin
Lv. 112 2nd Chef Muffrin
Lv. 113 1st Chef Muffrin
Lv. 116 Great Chef Muffrin

Drops: Rincruet
Popcrank Lv. 114 Pawn Popcrank
Lv. 114 Knight Popcrank
Lv. 115 Rook Popcrank
Lv. 116 Bishop Popcrank
Lv. 119 Queen Popcrank

Drops: Popshift
Chimeradon Lv. 105 Soldier Chimeradon
Lv. 105 Brigadier Chimeradon
Lv. 106 Major Chimeradon
Lv. 107 Lieutenant Chimeradon
Lv. 110 General Chimeradon

Drops: Merahook
Bearnerky Lv. 108 Private Bearnerky
Lv. 108 Specialist Bearnerky
Lv. 109 Sergeant Bearnerky
Lv. 110 Captain Bearnerky
Lv. 113 General Bearnerky

Drops: Nerkymane

That's it guys! Hope this list help you with your adventure in Flyff Project M.

Flyff Project M Closed Beta is now Available

Good news to all MMORPG fans! another nostalgia game is coming back, the Flyff. GALA Lab Corp. & Sniegu Technologies finally announces the first Closed Beta testing for their new MMORPG game Flyff Project M. Though the "M" stands for mobile, it is not a mobile exclusive but a playable game in web browser which will work on mobile, Mac and PC as well. However, there are no announcement yet if it will have native app for Android and iOS.

Flyff was first released in Korea and it is one of the most popular MMORPG game in the Philippines back in 2007. In total, the game has been downloaded 30 million times in over 13 countries including the Philippines. The game gained its popularity because it is one of the first MMORPG game that uses 3D graphics after the classic Ragnarok Online.

The Flyff Project M faithfully recreates the original Flyff PC game with added features that will work on todays technology especially mobile support. So expect to play your favorite character in the game against your favorite monster.

How to Register for Flyff Project M CBT

Players who wants to participate the CBT can register to their forum website at, make sure to activate the account via email after registration.

Once done, you can head to to play the game. It works on any browser both on PC, Mac and mobile devices. You can then login and create your first account.

For those who has problem activating their email, getting this error message "Your account is currently disabled". You can resend the activation email from this here

Since this game is in Closed Beta Testing, all game progress will not carry over to the official launch or to open beta. To report for suggestion and bugs, you can join their discord group at

How to maxed out Cyberpunk 2077 configuration for increase FPS and Performance

A post from a reddit user named u/Thephoneixroyal became a trending post in reddit sub /r/cyberpunkgame, because it is not only increases the overall performance of the game but also unlock much more possibilities on tweaking the in-game configuration. However, the increase in performance will only benefit for those who has higher specs. For those who has lower specs, try to be cautious on trying this tweak.

Table of Contents

  1. How to Tweak
  2. How to Check Available RAM
  3. How to Check Available GPU VRAM
  4. Increasing Field of View

But before anything else, we have to warn you that these changes may possibly create unexpected crash in the game or to your Windows. Maxing out the game configuration will also increase the CPU usage up to 100%, as well as power consumption will further increase.

In our case, we are using GTX 1080 Ti GPU and our fps are ranging from 50fps to 60fps with the default settings and in 1080p. After tweaking we were able to peak 80fps and at lowest average of 65fps.

If you have more RAM you could also potentially increase the performance as the game only allotted 1.53GB for the game. And in GPU they only allotted 3GB which is very low if you have OP graphics card.

How to tweak

To tweak your Cyberpunk 2077 configuration, you need to go to the installation folder, in our case its E:/GOGGames/Cyberpunk 2077/.

Now, you have to find and enter these folder /engine/config/.

From here, edit the file memory_pool_budgets.csv with a Notepad. The default configuration are the following:

;;;  ; ^[1-9][0-9]*(B|KB|MB|GB) - Pool budget  ; -1 - Pool does not exist on the current platform  ; 0 - Budget will be computed dynamically at runtime                                    ;       PC        ;        Durango     ;        Orbis  PoolRoot                        ;                 ;                    ;  PoolCPU                         ;       1536MB    ;        1536MB      ;        1536MB  PoolGPU                         ;       3GB       ;        3GB         ;        3GB  PoolFlexible                    ;       -1        ;        -1          ;        0  PoolDefault                     ;       1KB       ;        1KB         ;        1KB  PoolLegacyOperator              ;       1MB       ;        1MB         ;        1MB  PoolFrame                       ;       32MB      ;        32MB        ;        32MB  PoolDoubleBufferedFrame         ;       32MB      ;        32MB        ;        32MB  PoolEngine                      ;       432MB     ;        432MB       ;        432MB  PoolRefCount                    ;       16MB      ;        16MB        ;        16MB  PoolDebug                       ;       512MB     ;        512MB       ;        512MB  PoolBacked                      ;       512MB     ;        512MB       ;        512MB

Now, you need to edit the PC's PoolCPU and PC's PoolGPU. To know the maximum settings you can add in the configuration you just need to know how many RAM and Video RAM for GPU you have.

For GTX 1080 ti, it has 11GB of Video RAM, while we have 64GB of RAM. It is not necessary to maxed out your Ram on the PoolCPU, but it requires 4GB extra space for other processes in your computer.

Basically, if you want to maxed out everything you can adjust PoolGPU to 11GB and PoolCPU to 16GB, you could go as high as 60GB, but it will not add any improvements. Here is how it looks like.

;;;  ; ^[1-9][0-9]*(B|KB|MB|GB) - Pool budget  ; -1 - Pool does not exist on the current platform  ; 0 - Budget will be computed dynamically at runtime                                    ;       PC        ;        Durango     ;        Orbis  PoolRoot                        ;                 ;                    ;  PoolCPU                         ;       16GB      ;        1536MB      ;        1536MB  PoolGPU                         ;       11GB       ;        3GB         ;        3GB  PoolFlexible                    ;       -1        ;        -1          ;        0  PoolDefault                     ;       1KB       ;        1KB         ;        1KB  PoolLegacyOperator              ;       1MB       ;        1MB         ;        1MB  PoolFrame                       ;       32MB      ;        32MB        ;        32MB  PoolDoubleBufferedFrame         ;       32MB      ;        32MB        ;        32MB  PoolEngine                      ;       432MB     ;        432MB       ;        432MB  PoolRefCount                    ;       16MB      ;        16MB        ;        16MB  PoolDebug                       ;       512MB     ;        512MB       ;        512MB  PoolBacked                      ;       512MB     ;        512MB       ;        512MB

If you don't know how much Video RAM your GPU has, search the internet for its specs or simply follow our instruction below.

Check available RAM (PoolCPU)

Open up Task Manager (ALT+CTRL+DEL), then go to performance tab. You'll find Memory in there, that's the available RAM you have in your computer or laptop. The allowable PoolCPU you can set is -4GB of your available. In our case, we have 64.0 GB, the maximum PoolCPU we set is 60.0GB.

Check available GPU VRAM (PoolGPU)

To check your available VRAM, you need to search dxdiag in cortana. Open it up and it will show the DirectX Diagnostic Tool, click the Display 1 tab to show the device specs. From here, the Display Memory (VRAM) is your VRAM. The maximum PoolGPU you can set is your VRAM value.

Once done, save the file and open up Cyberpunk 2077. You'll notice everything starting to smooth and if you have FPS counter, it will boost to 65fps to 80 fps.

Of course, the improvements will still depends on the specs you currently have. For those who has less than 3GB of VRAM, you will not see any difference as it is the maxed out.

Increasing Field of View

If you want to increase the FOV (Field of View) in Cyberpunk, you can also do that by changing some settings in the configuration files. The default FOV in the game is pretty narrow, if you want a widen the view you can increase it up to 150.

To edit this configuration, you need to open up the options.json with notepad file at E:\GOGGames\Cyberpunk 2077\r6\config\settings\platform\pc.

Then find and search for "FieldOfView", until you find this default line of codes:

            "options": [  				{                      "name": "FieldOfView",                      "display_name": "UI-Settings-Video-Basic-FieldOfView",                      "description": "",                      "order": 2,                      "is_visible": true,                      "in_pre_game": true,                      "in_game": true,                      "update_policy": "immediately",  					"can_be_restored_to_default": true,  					"type": "float",                      "value": 80.0,                      "default_value": 80.0,                      "min_value": 70.0,                      "max_value": 100.0,                      "step_value": 5.0                  },

Now, you can increase the max_value up to 150. Though, you can increase it at any value you want. Then don't forget to set the default value.

Once done, your code should look like below.

            "group_name": "/graphics/basic",              "options": [  				{                      "name": "FieldOfView",                      "display_name": "UI-Settings-Video-Basic-FieldOfView",                      "description": "",                      "order": 2,                      "is_visible": true,                      "in_pre_game": true,                      "in_game": true,                      "update_policy": "immediately",  					"can_be_restored_to_default": true,  					"type": "float",                      "value": 80.0,                      "default_value": 130.0,                      "min_value": 70.0,                      "max_value": 150.0,                      "step_value": 5.0                  },

Note: Increasing Field Of View won't give you performance boost, it just an enhancement on your gameplay so you can see wider area when playing. Below are the differences for FOV.

When set to 150. You might get motion sickness when you try this maximum value and some assets will load delay.

Best FOV so far is 120.

The default maximum FOV, at 100.

The super default FOV at 80.

Best Bitrate for Recording Gameplay in OBS or Elgato

One thing that you will encounter when recording a gameplay either in OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) or from an Elgato capture card (HD60 S, HD60 S+, 4K60 S+, 4K60 PRO), even in AverMedia, there is this bitrate that makes you clueless on what it is for. The bitrate is the number of bits per second that it can transmit media, for recording gameplay its the data from your recorder to the storage device.

Aside from transferring the media to the storage, there is another factor that affects bitrate, this is the encoder, that processes the data and compression, most of the encoder commonly used in recording are the HVEC/H265 and H264 which gives the best compression.

Basically, the bitrate settings is for the gameplay's quality and file size. The higher the bitrate, the higher the quality and the file size. The lower the bitrate, its the opposite. However, you can find a better bitrate settings that produces unnoticeable changes from high quality with reduce file size.

Bitrate Comparison

So, let's dig in. In our testing, We will also be using 1-minute average recording to compare the file size and for comparing the quality, we will take a capture after the movement and motion blur, so we can capture the noises and low quality portion of the video. And the following hardware and settings:

  • Hardware: Elgato 4K60 S+
  • Storage: SD Card with 120MB/s write speed
  • Resolution: 1920 x 1080
  • Frame Rate: 60fps

To help you decide which bitrate settings is for you, we have listed the file size and quality comparison below for each bitrate settings. The comparison is incremental with 10,000Kbit/s or 10Mbit/s.

Bitrate Average 1-minute Filesize Quality after moving

So far, the best settings for bitrate in terms of quality and sizes is at 40,000Kbit/s (sweet spot). If you want to further down the file size, you could go as low as 30,000Kbit/s that somehow maintains the quality and if you want for more quality you could go as high as 50,000Kbit/s. Using above 50Mbit/s doesn't really give noticeable changes or improvements.

Even in NVIDIA's GeForce Experience also uses 50,000Kbit/s as their 100% high quality for 1080p recording. We will be also adding more bitrate comparison for 4K and other resolution.

Video Comparison

For your reference, we also uploaded the video of the comparison above so you can check it yourself.

Storage (SD Card, HDD, SSD) and Bitrate

It is also important that you'll be using a storage that is above your bitrate speed. For example, if you're using 100,000Kbit/s bitrate, you need to make sure that your storage device write speed is above 100MB/s, or else, it will have problem transferring files and data corruption.

This is similar to DSLR camera that has minimum write speed requirement when using SD Cards.

How to Breach Protocol (Simplified Sequence) in Cyberpunk 2077

There are so much hacking happening in Cyberpunk 2077, that you might misrecognized it of being a new DLC version of Watch Dogs game. There is this certain hacking activity called Breach Protocol that requires a lot of time to figure out how it works and you are probably here because you are looking for an answer.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. How to Create Simplified Sequence
    1. Formula Sequence
    2. Simplifying the Sequence
    3. More Examples
  3. How to Solve the Matrix

In this guide, we will try to explain in an easy way on how to complete the Breach Protocol.


There are four different section in the Breach Protocol. First, we need to understand what these are, so below are the following information:

  • Breach Time Remaining – Basically, this is the time you need to complete the puzzle. If you are unable to complete it on the given time, it will automatically fail.
  • Buffer – This is the number of moves you are allowed to select for the code matrix. By default, there are only 4 moves.
  • Sequence Required to Upload – This is the number of sequences you need to solve. At first, there are only 1 sequence you need to complete, but as you go by, the number of sequences becomes 3. Well, basically, you are only required to complete one sequence and the other sequence are just optional. Of course, getting the third sequence which is harder will give you more rewards. While solving the other sequence at the same time will give you extra reward as well.
  • Code Matrix – The 5×5 matrix is the puzzle; you need to match Sequence Required to Upload at the code matrix. At first you need to select the vertical matrix, then horizontal and so on.

How to Create Simplified Sequence

You probably see tutorials from other websites and YouTube that only discusses how to solve the matrix. But here, you will learn how to write a simplified form of the sequence so that you will get more rewards.

Since the Breaching Time will only start counting when you have selected your first move, you have enough time to simplify the sequence by just using a pencil and a paper. Or even in a notepad.

First, you need to create two 4 x 3 or 5 x 3 (Optional) box matrix in a sheet of paper. Here you'll write the initial formula sequence and the simplified formula. You can also print these layout (1-pair per breaches).

Once it is all prepared, we can move on creating a simplified sequence.

Formula Sequence

When we try to solve the puzzle in Breach Protocol, we get the example sequence.

In the left box matrix, write the following. (We just added the DATAMINE label so that you will have a reference on what we are saying. hehehe)


Simplifying the Sequence

The next step is to arrange the 3-formula sequence that will allow us to make 1 single simplified sequence. To arrange the formula, you just need to move them in the boxes and create a horizontal matches. Note, you are not allowed to change the order of the sequence.

In above example, we can see that the DATAMINE_V2: E9 and E9 are not present in V3, there is also no space if we try to move and match them, so V2 is not solvable. But for DATAMINE_V3, 1C is present and there is still one space available for V3, with that we can move the BD, BD, 1C one step to the right and place E9 on the first move instead. This will give us a simplified formula of E9, BD, BD, 1C which allow us to solve the two Datamine at the same time.

The simplified sequence:

Simplified E9 BD BD 1C

If you understand what we are saying :), you can now move on solving the matrix. If not, we have prepared more example below for your reference.

More Examples

We will also add more example for other sequence that are not solvable, partially solvable and completely solvable.

Example 1 (All Sequence Solvable)

DATAMINE_V3 55 1C 55

The simplified sequence is 55, 1C, 1C and 55. We've move the other 55 on V1 to the 3rd row so that it will match on other 55. Then the 55 and BD of V2 was moved to the most right. But this will only solve DATAMINE_V1 and DATAMINE_V3.

DATAMINE_V3 55 1C 55
Simplified 55 1C 55 BD

Example 2 (Two sequence Solvable)


The simplified sequence is 1C, 1C, BD and E9 which solve DATAMINE_V1 and DATAMINE_V3. We cannot solve the V2 because there are only 1C on V3. However, you can solve V1 and V2 but it will give you fewer rewards. So our best choice for more rewards is V1 and V3.

Simplified 1C 1C BD E9

Example 3 (Two sequence Solvable)


The simplified sequence is BD, E9, BD and 55, solving the DATAMINE_V2 and DATAMINE_V3. The V1 is not solvable because 55 and 1C is not in the V3. We moved the BD and 55 to the most right so that it will match the V3 sequence.

Simplified BD E9 BD 55

Example 4 (Two Sequence Solvable)


The simplified sequence is 1C, 1C, BD and BD. Allowing us to solve the DATAMINE_V1 and DATAMINE_V3. However, V2 is not solvable because BD, 55 and 55 are not in the V3. But sequence of V1 can be match by moving the sequence of V3 to the most right.

Simplified 1C 1C BD BD

Example 5 (ALL Sequence Solvable)


The simplified sequence is BD, 1C, 55 and E9 that solves DATAMINE_V1 and DATAMINE_V3. All sequence are solvable because all of the characters order of sequence matches together. V1's 55 can be moved to the 3rd row, V2's 55 and E9 to the most right, matching all of the sequence.

Simplified BD 1C 55 E9

Example 6 (One Sequence Solvable) – In this example, obviously, you can only solve DATAMINE_V3 because there are no longer room for moving the characters for V1 and V2.


The simplified sequence is just the DATAMINE_V3. The problem here is that V1 and V2 character order didn't match V3 and its impossible to match them with the 4 available moves.

Simplified 55 BD 55 1C

Example 8 (Two Sequence Solvable) – In this example, we will try not to solve V3, but rather the V1 and V2 only.


The simplified sequence is BD, 1C, 1C and 55. But this will only solve DATAMINE_V1 and DATAMINE_V3. However, you can still choose to answer DATAMINE_V3 alone which is 55, 1C and BD.

Simplified BD 1C 1C 55

How to Solve the Matrix

Since we already have the simplified sequence, you can now solve the Breach Protocol just like the first time you encounter it.

First, you need to find a path that your sequence will match. Since the initial selection of row is vertical, you need to make sure that the next horizontal selection contains the next sequence.

If there are no longer moves available for the sequence, it will automatically fail.

Once you've successfully selected all of the sequence, you are good to go.

Just Cause Mobile is a new Co-Op Action Shooter Game

Set in the Just Cause universe, the franchise of the game is coming to mobile. Square Enix has announced their upcoming game Just Cause: Mobile, a co-op free to play action-shooter game that can be played single-player and multiplayer. However, the developer of the game is not Avalanche Studios, it was developed by a new team led by Square Enix.

Though the game is not set to its usual 3rd-person mode, it is set in a 3D like isometric game where players can do grappling, gliding, shot and ride an helicopter. The game is powered with Unreal Engine 4.

The single-player aspect of the game includes action-packed story campaign. While the multiplayer will have up to 4-player co-op missions against 30 person in a brawl like match.

Just Cause: Mobile is set to release on 2021 on Android and iOS. For PC version, the team has no confirmation yet if they have a PC or console version. However, they remain commited as ever to the future of the franchise and to their fans.

To know more about the game, checkout our exclusive Facebook group for the game at or to their official website at

Ragnarok Mobile Rainbow Fall Event

Ragnarok M Eternal Love announces an alternative event for this month, the Rainbow Fall event that will be held starting December 16, 2020. This is a separate event from the dedicated monthly event Icy Event which includes 9 additional events.

Table of Contents

  1. Puzzle Event (Event 1)
  2. Eye of Heimdall (Event 2)
  3. Iridescent Fall (Event 3)
  4. Epic Spirit Dungeon (Event 4)
  5. Salvation of Glow (Event 5)
  6. Otherworld Guard Officer Dungeon (Event 6)
  7. Saint from another Realm (Event 7)
  8. Guild Rewards (Event 8)
  9. Gold Coin Package 2 (Event 9)

In this guide, we will show all of the each event that are available for Rainbow Fall.

Event 1: Puzzle Event

Starting December 16, 2020 to February 8, 2021, there will be new event puzzle under the New Event on the top of the game screen. Players need to collect the 9 pieces of puzzle to complete the whole event. Each puzzle solved will allow players to receive a reward.

The following are the possible rewards you'll get for every puzzle solved.

Rewards Puzzle Solved
Build Magic Cannon 2 Pieces Puzzle
Wonder Protection 2 Pieces Puzzle
Heavenly Water Ancient Coin 1 Piece Puzzle
Otherworld Trophy 1 Piece Puzzle
Rainbow Keepsake Giftbox 1 Piece Puzzle
100 x Rainbow Light Shards 1 Piece Puzzle
300 x Rainbow Light Shards 1 Piece Puzzle

However, players will also get the following rewards:

  • Each Puzzle Solved: 1 x Mysterious Box 7.0
  • 3 Puzzle Solved: 8 x Oracle Dust and 8 x Oracle Crystal
  • 6 Puzzle Solved: 2 x Glittering Rune Stone and 4 x Praying Card Pack
  • 9 Puzzle Solved: Rainbow Fall Card

Event 2: Eye of Heimdall

Starting December 16 to 23, 2020, players can submit specific materials to get a rewards. Players need to find the NPC named Materials Collecting located at the Goblin Forest, daily players can submit a material.

Players can exchange common to rare materials to the NPC. Everyday, they can exchange up to 12 times only.

The rewards players will get are 5 x Rainbow Light Mark and 1 x Kingdom's Thank-you Gift. For every submission, players will also rewarded with Magic Cannon Construction Gift Pack and Guild Points.

Item Description

Kingdom's Thank- you Gift
Open to obtain the following:
200 x Eden Coin
20 x Plateau Wood
1 x Nine World Rough STone
200 x Honor Proof
2 x Mora Coin
Rainbow Light Mark ???

Event 3: Iridescent Fall

Starting December 25, 2020 to January 29, 2021, players can participate in an investigation where there are 5 crash site to investigate. In the crash site, players need to defeat the monster Rainbow Light Spirit. However, there are specific schedule that these monster will appear.

The following are the schedule, time are based on Manila, Philippine Time.

Schedule Location Rewards
January 7 to 14, 2021
12:00PM to 12:00AM
Mjolnir 0.1% chance to get Pet Egg
8% chance to get 1 to 10 Colorful Shell
0.25% chance to get Random Pet Catching Item
January 14 to 21, 2021
12:00PM to 12:00AM
Plain of Ida 0.1% chance to get Pet Egg
8% chance to get 1 to 10 Colorful Shell
0.25% chance to get Random Pet Catching Item

Event 4: Epic Spirit Dungeon

Starting December 25, 2020 to January 29, 2021, there will be event dungeon appearing in 5 different maps. Each dungeon will opened every 7 days with a duration of 10 minutes only. Only 6 players can enter each dungeon and there is a daily limit to enter, after that there will be no rewards when the limit is reached.

After completing each dungeon, players can use Renovatio Breath to purify Epic Spirits and get a BigCat Voucher Feast. Once the purified level reaches 100%, the Epic Spirit may help players in the next battle to deal more damage to bosses.

There is a chance to get rewards when defeating the Epic Spirit like the Heavenly Water Ancient Coin and corresponding magic debris from the gift pack.

The following are the giftpacks.

  • Valkyrie's Bliss – Justice
  • Valkyrie's Bliss – Battle
  • Valkyrie's Bliss – Glory
  • Valkyrie's Bliss – Protection
  • Valkyrie's Bliss – Faith

Everytime players will able to reached 100% purification, the whole server will be rewarded with 100 x Rainbow Light Shards.

Event 5: Salvation of Glow

Starting December 23, 2020 to 25, 2021, players will be able to unlock new dungeon story by obtaining magic debris. When each epic spirit story is completed, the rewards will corresponds a specific epic spirit card.

Event 6: Otherworld Guard Officer Dungeon

Starting December 25, 2020 to January 29, 2021, similar to Epic Spirit Dungeon, there will be new 5 dungeons available in 5 different maps. Each dungeon will allow up to 6 players. Players need to talk to the dungeon entrance NPC for the details.

Defeating Spirit will allow players to get 1 x Otherworld Guard Officer's Relic.

Event 7: Saint from another Realm

Starting January 29, 2021 to February 3, 2021, Every day, there will be one rift dungeon opened in a fixed sequence. Each dungeon is limited to 6 players only. Arcana and monster will appear in the rift and player can clear 1 rift dungeon daily, after that, there will be no rewards.

Player can exchange Ninja Transformation Scroll and Ninja Summoning Scroll with an NPC at the Prontera.

Defeating the monster will drop Rainbow Light Shard. However, it is capped up to 400 per day.

Rewards are 1 x Otherworld Trophy and 45 x Rainbow Light Mark

Event 8: Guild Rewards

Starting February 9, 2021 to 14, 2021, an NPC named Honor Inscription at the Goblin Forest will become permanent.

Players may check their guild points at the NPC and the rewards they can get.

Guild Rank Rewards
1 to 10 Rainbow Encounter (Time)
God of Thunder's Temper
Starlight Wish
10,000 x Honor Proof
10,000,000 Zeny
11 to 50 Rainbow Encounter (Childhood Dream)
God of Thunder's Temper
5,000 x Honor Proof
5,000,000 Zeny
51 to 150 Rainbow Encounter
Starlight Wish
3,000 x Honor Proof
1,000,000 Zeny

Event 9: Gold Coin Package 2

Starting February 11 to 16, 2021, a new item will be available at the Big Cat Coin Store (ReCharge) for limited time. The Feather Chest for 25 BCC and has a limit of 60 purchase per account.

The chest contains the following item:

  • 6 to 12 x Oracle Crystal
  • 8 to 15 x Oracle Dust
  • 1 x Ominous Magic Book
  • 1 x Praying Card Pack
  • 0.5% chance to get Rainbow Light Dreamy Dance

Pearl Abyss premiers its newest game trailer for Crimson Desert

Today, Pearl Abyss revealed the first gameplay trailer of the upcoming game Crimson Desert during the Game Awards. The trailer will answer all your questions of the game since it was first revealed last month. Surprisingly, it will be the first single-player story driven game of Pearl Abyss with a mixed of online multiplayer which sound promising as they have their own game engine and very fluid game graphics since the Black Desert.

Crimson Desert is an open world action-adventure game and a single-player story driven game with an elements of an online multiplayer. The game is set in the continent world of Pywel, a war-torn world with different territories, cities, cultures and religion. The land is filled with turmoil because of many factions and regions are fighting for controls.

The online features of the game seamlessly interwoven with the main story content and multiplayer content. It also includes breathtaking character customizations and supports true next generation 4K graphics and performance.

Players will be playing the role of the main protagonist Macduff, a downtrodden mercenary fighter trying to reclaim their land from the enemies. You'll also be fighting alongside with the members of the mercenary group, who will traverse the continent of Pywel to overcome its many perils.

In the trailer, you'll get to check its fantastic battles and powerful boss fights. Though most of the graphics are similar to the great graphics of Black Desert, you'll find new interesting features like the flying dragon, story telling and cut-scene. We can't wait to try this game when it will land to consoles and pc next year.

Over the coming months, Pearl Abyss intends to provide more information on the game, and to involve players in Crimson Desert's development process. Sign up for more information at and follow related social media channels for the latest Crimson Desert news.