Able Rodriguez wins Nobel Prize in Literature

STOCKHOLM (World News) - American writer Able Rodriguez won the 2021 Nobel Prize in Literature for works exploring comedy in spoof writing, an "unmistakable…voice that with intelligent perception makes humor universal", the Swedish Academy said on…

Spoof Site To Offer More Statistics For Readers And Writers To Get Orgasmic About

A satirical news and parody website is set to make an effort which, it hopes, will help to keep its writers more aware of the site's daily goings-on, by providing a whole swathe of new information full of historical data regarding 'popular stories' i…

Man Defers Wank For Another Time

A Fort Lauderdale man postponed a highly anticipated wank after realizing that he ran the risk of getting caught in the act by either his wife, his daughter or the guy who 'does the garden'. The man, whose identity cannot be revealed, had planned…

#DeleteFacebook! Facebook Group Deleted

A Facebook Group created calling for a boycott of Facebook after it took the extraordinary step of banning users in Australia from accessing news in a row over paying for content, has been deleted, by Facebook. 'Delete Facebook', 'Boycott Zuckerbe…

Child Welfare Looking Into Parental Skills Of Senator Ted Cruz

After confessing that his daughter's demands motivated him into “Being a good dad and taking them to Cancun,” child welfare services are taking a closer look at the parental skills of Texas Senator Ted Cruz. Is there no discipline in the Cruz hous…

Mars landing is a massive marketing hoax claim inhabitants of other planets in our solar system!

(NOT EDITED) Aliens inhabiting planets in our solar system are up-in-arms (We don't quite know how many arms aliens have) because they believe the Mars landing was a fake, massive publicity stunt, sponsored by a transvestite Bounty-Hunter smelling of…

Man Doesn't Give A Flying Fuck About Space Exploration

Space, the race to the stars, boldly going where no man has gone before, and the colonization of other planets - the stuff of dreams! But not for one man, who spoke up loudly this week, saying that, as far as he was concerned, he really couldn't…

Man Was Forced To Endure Excrutiating Wait Outside Bathroom

A man who was absolutely desperate to use the toilet and who was made to wait outside the bathroom by his wife and daughter who were having a shower, has revealed how 'nipping his cheeks in' caused him extreme discomfort, as well as a good degree of…

Many Republican Women Are Getting “I Love Trump” Tattoos Removed From Their Bodies

DUCK DUNG, Alabama â€" (Satire News) â€" The GOP Gushings News Agency has just divulged that a Republican research group has learned that millions of GOP women are going to tattoo parlors throughout America, and asking to have their “I Love Trump” tattoo…

Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk Form Bezos-Musk Inc.

AUSTIN, Texas â€" (Satire News) â€" The two richest men in the world have just joined forces to form what pundits are calling a super-colossal company. Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk recently met at the Buckaroo Bunkhouse Barbecue Restaurant in Austin, wher…

Subway Denies That Their Roast Beef Sandwiches Contain Jellyfish

LOBSTERVILLE, Connecticut â€" (Satire News) â€" A spokesman for the famous sandwich franchise is denying reports that were allegedly put out by a member of the American Nazi Party. Bruno Dirtenhoffen, 42, who is the sergeant-at-arms of the ANP, told a…

Radiohead divulge the truth behind their mega-hit, "I'm a Creep!"

(NOT EDITED) Without mentioning Kardashian and Kanye, which Jaggedone did, sorry, it seems there are more mind-blowing scandals in the rock-pop world than a silicone butt, and extended penis! Droopy-eyed lead singer of Radiohead, Thomas Edward Yor…

A Kansas Farmer Has a Chicken That Lays 80 Eggs a Day

SCARECROW, Kansas â€" (Satire News) â€" The news media has confirmed that a chicken farmer in Scarecrow Kansas, has an astounding eye-laying hen that can lay 80 eggs per day. RumorLand News reporter Zackary Yukon, interviewed Nathan Tadpole, and he wa…

Tehran Nuclear Anvil Showdown: Wile E Biden vs The Trump Runner

BILLINGSGATE POST: Transporting Wile E Biden and the Trump Runner from the friendly confines of the Sonoran Desert to a deserted tarmac outside Tehran was not easy. Promises of being supplied with the advanced ACME ANTI-GRAVITY ANVIL WITH NUCLEAR C…

Editor To Anticipate Stories, And Publish Them Without Writer Having Written Them

A chance, off-the-cuff remark from one of its leading contributors has led to one saitirical news website announcing that its editor will, in the future, approve, correct, and publish submissions BEFORE they have even escaped from the tiny minds of t…

Senator Ted Cruz Still In Hot Water

Texas is frozen, but Ted Cruz is still in hot water. So hot, Cruz could defrost the grid and reconnect gas and electric power for the still frozen Texas community. “I wanted to be a good dad,” he defended. Who can fault that? Certainly not h…

A Cocktail Waitress in Cleveland Has a Vagina That Can Yodel

CLEVELAND â€" (Satire News) â€" Cleveland’s Eye-Spectator News Channel 91 reports there is a woman who works as a cocktail waitress who has just found out that she has an amazing talent. Lea Jo Skeggy, who is 27 years old, says she recently discovered…

Ted says Goodbye to his Dog on the way to the Tropics

You’ll be OK, boy. You know that shivering makes you warm right? Good boy. Now, when your water freezes, you can scratch at it with your claws OK? Remember the vet saying your nails should be clipped once a year? Wasn’t he a moron? So daddy…

Spoof Boss Admits That Technical Glitch Now Means That 1-Star Ratings Now Benefit Writers By 100 Points

The owner of a satirical news website has admitted that a technical error made during some routine maintenance work has resulted in a bonus for writers whose work attracts a normally derogatory 1-star rating - they now GAIN 100 points, instead of 1 p…

Besides Skipping Texas, Senator Ted Cruz Has A Puddle Belly

Besides skipping Texas during the freeze to vacation in Cancun, Senator Ted Cruz was filmed walking across the airport, pulling a pregnant suitcase, as though he were planning to stay a month. He claimed it was an overnight stay. All that was suf…

Aldi & Lidl offering Covid-19 vaccines at discounter prices!

(NOT EDITED) German giant supermarket discounters have discovered a medical loophole to increase their popularity even more! Personnel joining their teams of slave-driven shelf-fillers, and non-smiling cashiers, are being given 'jab courses'! Punt…

Oceanic Scientists Discover That The Bermuda Triangle is Really a Trapezoid

MIAMI â€" (Satire News) â€" A group of oceanic scientists have just announced that the mysteriously mystical Bermuda Triangle is actually not a triangle, but a trapezoid. Dr. Filbert R. Fibbingshire stated that the somewhat scary, somewhat legendary B…

Daytona 500 NASCAR Driver Was Caught With 75 Pounds of Marijuana in His Race Car

DAYTONA BEACH, Florida â€" (Sports Satire) â€" NASCAR officials are red faced after racing authority inspectors found that one of the drivers was found to have a quantity of marijuana stashed underneath the driver’s seat of his race car. Inspectors ch…

Man With Herpes On His Top Lip Told His Wife "It's Nowt"

A man who had a rather unsightly mark on his top lip, which eventually turned out to be a nasty case of Herpes Simplex* was forced to tell a blatant lie to his wife when she asked him what it was. Moys Kenwood, 57, noticed the pronounced red blemi…

Texas Is Freezing

How can the citizens of the fuel capital of the nation be freezing? Yes, there’s a storm of biblical proportions, but Texas has always been regarded as the nation’s fuel capital. People in Texas are burning old clothes not fuel, bringing barbecue…

"You Don't Have To Live Like A Refugee" played continuously at Greek Refugee Camp

Lesbos, Greece - Refugees at the infamously wretched refugee camp on the Greek island bordering Turkey, tell the international Press willing to go there that Tom Petty's 1980 classic rock hit "You Don't Have To Live Like A Refugee" is sometimes playe…

Biden Hits One Out Of The Ball Park

After four years in the gloom and negativism, and the fighting of Donald Trump, his family, his sycophants and his hangers-on and his wannabees, has come to a stop, the windows are open wide, fresh air is coming in, and Joe Biden is President of the…

Scientists prove a 'Bad Day at the Office' is only curable by going back to bed!

(NOT EDITED) Sometimes everything goes 'pear shape' in one day! So, a group of over-worked Dutch psychiatrists have engaged a team of scientists to find a solution for this ever-increasing syndrome. This frustrating syndrome has tripled ever sinc…

Donald Trump Announces 3rd Divorce

Stop the presses! This is a surprise. Guess who is getting a divorce? Donald Trump! But here's the real surprise: it isn’t from Melania, but from, of all people, Rudolph Giuliani! It was the dripping hair color. Soooo un-Trump! One inch, maybe. I…

Irish Split

Despite the recent bitterly cold spell in Ireland, unlike most sensible people, Pegeen Na Squarehole insisted on going out without gloves on, as well as washing her hands in cold water, without applying moisturiser afterwards. As a result of all…

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is coming to Nintendo Switch and Xbox this summer

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is coming to Nintendo Switch and Xbox this summer
This game just never gets old.

Nintendo Switch | SNK VS. CAPCOM【RYU vs. KYO】#1

Nintendo Switch | SNK VS. CAPCOM【RYU vs. KYO】#1

Casually Grounded Dev Stream E04 w/ CM: Aarik, SMM: Shyla, and Programmer Brian MacIntosh

Casually Grounded Dev Stream E04 w/ CM: Aarik, SMM: Shyla, and Programmer Brian MacIntosh

No Man's Sky's Companions update is now live

No Man's Sky's Companions update is now live
All these intergalactic pets look so awesome!

Worms Rumble - Battlegrounds Bank Arena Out Now!

Worms Rumble - Battlegrounds Bank Arena Out Now!

Marvel's Avengers Operation: Hawkeye - Future Imperfect Trailer

Marvel's Avengers Operation: Hawkeye - Future Imperfect Trailer

Marvel's Avengers: Next Gen Story Trailer

Marvel's Avengers: Next Gen Story Trailer

You can grab the original Kao the Kangaroo trilogy on

You can grab the original Kao the Kangaroo trilogy on
Jump, jump!

Nintendo Switch: SNK VS. CAPCOM: THE MATCH OF THE MILLENNIUM- Trailer (Europe)

Nintendo Switch: SNK VS. CAPCOM: THE MATCH OF THE MILLENNIUM- Trailer (Europe)

Nintendo Switch: SNK VS. CAPCOM: THE MATCH OF THE MILLENNIUM- Trailer (North America)

Nintendo Switch: SNK VS. CAPCOM: THE MATCH OF THE MILLENNIUM- Trailer (North America)

Nintendo Switch: 頂上決戦 最強ファイターズ SNK VS. CAPCOM- Trailer

Nintendo Switch: 頂上決戦 最強ファイターズ SNK VS. CAPCOM- Trailer

Nintendo Direct is taking place today

Nintendo Direct is taking place today
Brace yourselves!

Trials of Mana celebrates one million shipments and digital sales

Trials of Mana celebrates one million shipments and digital sales
The legacy lives on...even in the remake.

Warhammer Underworlds: Online - NEW PRICE!

Warhammer Underworlds: Online - NEW PRICE!

Test Your 5-Second Focus with Pikmin 3 Deluxe

Test Your 5-Second Focus with Pikmin 3 Deluxe

Marvel's Avengers: Next Gen Story Trailer

Marvel's Avengers: Next Gen Story Trailer

Marvel's Avengers Operation: Hawkeye - Future Imperfect Trailer

Marvel's Avengers Operation: Hawkeye - Future Imperfect Trailer

Marvel's Avengers WAR TABLE Deep Dive - Hawkeye

Marvel's Avengers WAR TABLE Deep Dive - Hawkeye

Assassin's Creed Valhalla: River Raids Free Update

Assassin's Creed Valhalla: River Raids Free Update

Blasphemous: Strife & Ruin - Announce Trailer

Blasphemous: Strife & Ruin - Announce Trailer

City of Gangsters – Beta Sign Up

City of Gangsters is a crime syndicate simulation game where you start out with nothing and build a well-oiled crime empire during the Prohibition era in America.

Currently in development by SomaSim (creators of Project Highrise) City of Gangsters is a management sim set in 1920's America. In the game you will start small and use your smarts (and a little physical force) to … Read More

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Atrio: The Dark Wild – Alpha Sign Up

Atrio: The Dark Wild features a sinister fusion of survival and Factorio-esque factory automation gameplay as you capture creatures and exploit them to help you survive in a creepy cyberpunk world.

Set in a post-apocalyptic cyberpunk world, Atrio: The Dark Wild sees you trying to bend nature to your will as you attempt to survive at all costs. All the creatures can be captured … Read More

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KIDDO – Alpha Demo

KIDDO is a beautifully animated point and click adventure that blends domestic squalor with surreal oddity as a slobbish wastrel sets out to fix the only thing he still cares about.

In KIDDO you follow the adventure of the titular Kiddo, a mask wearing waster who has all but given up on life. His entire house is a pit of squallour, with garbage and dirty … Read More

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Ecosystem – Beta Sign Up

Ecosystem is a simulation game that allows you to create a beautiful underwater ecosystem and populate it with weird aquatic lifeforms that evolve as you play, with the fittest of each species passing on its DNA to future generations.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer back when it was in Alpha, Ecosystem literally allows you to play god as you summon life into an … Read More

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Diablo 2: Resurrected – Alpha Sign Up

Alpha sign ups are now live for Diablo 2: Resurrected, Blizzard's remastered version of the 2000 hack 'n slash RPG classic!

Diablo 2: Resurrected will feature the classic Diablo 2 gameplay with fully remastered graphics for the environment, monsters, heroes, items and spells. It will also feature support, cross-platform progression, revamped ladder sessions, a redesigned UI and an expanded loot stash. It'll support … Read More

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Where Safety Ends – Alpha Demo

Where Safety Ends is a surreal existential horror adventure about confronting your fears or retreating to a memoryless safety.

In Where Safety Ends you awaken in a small room with no memory of who you are or how you go there. The room is called SAFETY and inside it are three other people who you don't know. They've been in the room for varying amounts … Read More

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Knockout City – Beta Sign Up

Knockout City is a lighthearted fusion of dodgeball and arena combat from EA, which sees teams of players facing off in large urban environments and hurling dodgeballs at each other to earn points.

In Knockout City teams of players do battle in 3v3 matches across a large city environment using different types of ball as their weapon. The aim is to KO your rival by … Read More

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Search Party: Director's Cut – Beta Demo

Search Party: Director's Cut is a creepy retro SNES styled survival horror game about a young boy who goes missing inside a strange house.

The original version of Search Party was released to Puppet Combo Patreon subscribers back in 2019, but the Director's Cut will be releasing on Steam and will be a substantial upgrade from the original. It's being created by Lum (creator of … Read More

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Realworld – Beta Sign Up (VR)

Realworld is an incredible looking new VR app that allows you to explore the world in 3D and even alter it in real-time.

Google Maps/Street View is great but you're pretty limited to what you can do with it and it's not intuitive as it could be. Step forward Realworld – a new VR app where the world is at your fingertips. You can easily … Read More

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The Parrot That Summons Demons – Alpha Demo

The Parrot That Summons Demons is a very weird and unsettling FMV horror visual novel where your new pet parrot summons demons.

In The Parrot That Summons Demons you follow the story of a family who has recently come into the possession of a parrot who was once the pet of an evil satanic worshiper. It seems that the parrot is now causing some horrifying … Read More

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Going Medieval – Beta Sign Up

Going Medieval is a colony building simulation game where you attempt to rebuild a civilization that's been decimated by a plague that wiped out 95% of humanity.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer last year, in Going Medieval you will design, build and manage your own medieval settlement to keep your citizens happy, prosperous and safe. It takes place after a plague wiped out … Read More

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Dinohazard – Prototype Download

Dinohazard is a tense and atmospheric Dino Crisis inspired PS1 styled survival horror game where you attempt to escape from a frostbitten research facility that's overrun with dinosaurs.

Feeling like a blend of Dino Crisis and The Thing, in Dinohazard you take on the role of the last surviving member of a team that was stationed at a mysterious research facility in an undisclosed … Read More

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Sunblaze – Beta Sign Up

Sunblaze is a hardcore precision platformer where every level is a single-screen puzzle that's filled with moving parts.

Drawing inspiration from Celeste, Sunblaze is a precision platformer with puzzle elements, set within a superhero training simulator. You take on the role of Josie, a young superhero in training, who must make her way through ober 300 levels to prove her abilities.

Josie is pretty … Read More

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Labyrinth City: Pierre the Maze Detective – Beta Demo

Labyrinth City: Pierre the Maze Detective is a beautifully illustrated puzzle adventure where you attempt to find clues and navigate vast labyrinthine levels that are packed full of intricate detail.

Labyrinth City: Pierre the Maze Detective is probably most comparable to the Where's Wally/Waldo books, with each level being a huge, beautifully illustrated scene that's packed full of detail. However, rather than trying to spot … Read More

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Ynglet – Beta Demo

Ynglet is a beautiful explorative platforming adventure without platforms, where you control a weird little tentacled organism that jumps between bubbles that float in the sky.

Currently in development by Nifflas (creator of Knytt, Uurnog and Affordable Space Adventures), is a very unique adventure with beautiful doodle visual style and a reactive soundscape. In the game you take control of an odd little tentacled … Read More

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Sapiens – Alpha Sign Up

Sapiens is a first person civilization building game where you evolve a colony of primitive hunter gatherers through thousands of years of technological advancement.

In Sapiens you'll be on the ground floor as you help guide a colony of early humans across thousands of years. Along the way you'll need to help your population feed and protect themselves, as well as researching new technologies, building … Read More

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Disciples: Liberation – Alpha Sign Up

Disciples: Liberation is a mature RPG adventure with strategic turn-based battles and promise of endless stories hidden within its rich dark fantasy world.

The latest installment of the long running Disciples franchise, Disciples: Liberation sees you commanding a team of fighters as they attempt to liberate the land of Nevendaar from the tyranny of a mad queen. The full game promises an 80+ hour campaign … Read More

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Steelrising – Beta Sign Up

Steelrising is a single player action RPG where you join a revolution and fight off an automata army that's terrorising the citizens of 18th century Paris.

Currently in development by Spiders (creators of Greedfall and Of Orcs and Men), Steelrising is an action RPG set in a gothic alternate version of 18th century Paris. In the game you'll form part of a revolution that's … Read More

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What Lives Below – Prototype Download

What Lives Below is a fantastic sea monster hunting game that could perhaps best be described as Shadow of the Colossus on a boat!

In What Lives Below you set out to sea in an absurdly small boat to slay some absurdly large sea monsters. They really are gigantic and they have an assortment of different ways to smash your boat to smithereens. Don't worry … Read More

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Narita Boy – Beta Demo

Narita Boy is a beautifully animated narrative-driven pixel art action platforming adventure where you find yourself transported into an old 80's video game and become the saviour of its digital world.

In Narita Boy you take on the role of an avid video game player who finds themselves trapped within the world of a best-selling 80's video game. It turns out you've been teleported there … Read More

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The Last Spell – Pre-Alpha Demo

The Last Spell features a fun fusion of city-building, tower defense, roguelite and turn-based tactical RPG gameplay as you try to protect your town from hordes of freaky monsters.

In The Last Spell you are tasked with defending the last bastion of humanity – a small ruined town where a group of mages toil to cast a spell which will banish the strange purple fog … Read More

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Squadron 51 – Beta Demo

Squadron 51 is a 1950's black and white Sci-Fi B-movie styled side-scrolling shoot 'em up with a ludicrous plot about an alien invasion and suitably silly live-action cutscenes.

Squadron 51 takes place in a version of the 50's where aliens have come to earth and offered an alliance with humans to help build a better future. However, it's not long before the aliens show their … Read More

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Fights in Tight Spaces – Beta Sign Up

Fights in Tight Spaces is a deck-building turn-based tactics game that essentially allows you to choreograph your own John Wick style action movie battles, with the cards you lay dictating what moves your fighter makes.

In Fights in Tight Spaces you're presented with one ass-kicking character in a black suit who has to dispatch various bad guys within a small area. Each turn you can … Read More

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Nine to Five – Beta Sign Up

Players can now sign up to Beta test Nine to Five, a 3v3v3 tactical first person shooter from a team of devs who have previously worked on Max Payne, Arma 3 and World of Tanks.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer back in 2019, Nine to Five is a multiplayer FPS where teams of 3 do battle in 15 minute matches … Read More

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Loop Hero – Beta Demo

Loop Hero is a very inventive RPG adventure that combines CCG and roguelike elements as you fight to escape a never ending loop of chaos that a Lich has plunged the world into.

Currently in development by Four Quarters (creators of Please, Don't Touch Anything), Loop Hero is an RPG adventure where you set out on unique roguelike expeditions into looping battlefields that evolve … Read More

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MLB: The Show 21 – Beta Sign Up (Playstation & Xbox)

Playstation and Xbox owners can now sign up to Beta test the upcoming MLB: The Show 21 game, the latest installment of Sony's popular Major League Baseball franchise.

There's not a huge amount of information about what new features to expect in MLB: The Show 21, but you can expect it to be an evolution of previous games rather than a revolution. The main … Read More

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Merge & Blade – Beta Demo

Merge & Blade features a very addictive fusion of match 3 puzzling and dungeon crawling auto-battling as you combine your fighters to form more powerful ones as you battle your way through a monster-filled kingdom.

The gameplay in Merge & Blade is split up into two phases – the match 3 puzzler phase and the auto-battling phase. During the match 3 phase you are given … Read More

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Tormented Souls – Beta Sign Up

Tormented Souls is an old school survival horror game that draws inspiration from classic Resident Evil and Alone in the Dark games as you investigate the disappearance of two young twin girls in a creepy old mansion.

In Tormented Souls you awaken naked, in a bathtub and connected to some strange old medical equipment. You had gone to the Winterlake mansion to investigate the disappearance … Read More

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Foregone – Beta Demo

Foregone is a slick 2D action platforming adventure with lots of loot and unlockable upgrades as your ass-kicking super-soldier fights back against a corrupting force called the Harrow.

Taking place in the dark Sci-Fi fantasy world of Calagan, Foregone is a loot-filled action platforming adventure where you battle a corruption that's reanimating the dead. Your heroine is agile and skilled in melee and ranged combat. … Read More

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Blind Drive – Beta Demo

Blind Drive is a darkly comedic driving game where you race along roads with a blindfold on and use audio cues to help you avoid traffic!

In Blind Drive you take on the role of a hard-up young man who's agreed to undergo a test in exchange for some cash. However, when you agreed to do the test you had no idea what it was … Read More

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Crayon Shin-chan is back as Game for Nintendo Switch

Remember this 90's anime TV series Shin-chan? If you didn't know, this is one of the beloved anime series back then and it was dubbed by the legendary Filipino-rapper, Andrew E. Though the new updates for Shin-chan is not about a TV series but a video game, the new game is titled Crayon Shin-chan: Ora to Hakase no Natsuyami which is coming to Nintendo Switch this year on Japan.

Announced for Japan Nintendo Direct for the month of February, it is directed by Kaz Ayabe known for his video game Boku no Natsuyasumi. The developer of the game is Millenium Kitchen and published by Neos Corporation.

Crayon Shin-chan: Ora to Hakase no Natsuyami is an adventure game set in a 90's Japanese town where players will be controlling the protagonist of the game Shin-chan (Shinnosuke Nohara), as he and his family will be spending a summer vacation in Kyushu for seven days. Shin-chan adventure includes fishing, catching bugs, interacting with the locals and completing story to progress on the game.

However, since the game is locally released in Japan, the language it supported is limited to Japanese and as to date, there is no official Crayon Shin-chan game that has been localized (except for a fan-made english translation of a Game Boy Advanced game).

You can watch the video game trailer below.

Twitch Streamer earns PHP 800K by Streaming himself sleeping

Sleep is essential to everyone's health, but could also be a key to a streamer's wealth. Though it is a night full of broken sleep, this 26-year-old Twitch streamer goes by the name of "Asian Andy" made a whooping PHP 800,000 in one single night of streaming. He filmed himself while sleeping and letting his viewers disturb him.

Andy set up a text-to-speech recognition so viewers could send a message by means of donation, the message will then read aloud in each donation. He also set up an Alexa beside him in which this orally translated message was converted into a command that will either play loud music, imitate a dog barking or make his alarm clock go on or off.

His viewers make fun of him by instructing Alexa to play blasting music, sending him funny messages and even scaring him that someone was at the window next to his bed.

After the 8-hour "sleep stream", Andy was surprised by the huge amount of money he received and thanked his viewers by their generosity. "I used to drive Uber for $16 an hour", he said. 

You can also watch Andy's full stream below.

Aside from Twitch, there are other people who made similar trends. Last year, an Indonesian YouTuber posted a video of himself sitting on his couch, doing nothing for 2 hours straight just staring into the camera. The YouTube video garnered around 4 million views. You can also watch the 2-hour doing nothing video here:

New Events and Valuable Items rewards in Black Desert SEA

Pearl Abyss announced today that a number of in-game events are taking place this week that offer valuable items in Black Desert SEA. Adventurers can also obtain various additional buffs by participating in these events. 

A Daily Login Challenges event is now available, which will provide great rewards including Extra Life EXP Scrolls and a Rare Boss Furniture Box. Adventurers who log in can claim special items like these and receive buffs every day until February 23. These Challenges can only be completed once per Family. 

It is time for Adventurers to fight against the World Bosses and obtain Shiny Rings. Until February 24, those who defeat Kzarka, Nouver, Kutum or Karanda will have a chance to get Shiny Rings as loot. This ring can then be exchanged for Belongings of an Adventurer, a special item that will get them additional items such as Ogre Rings and Basilisk's Belts. 

Moreover, a special update will take place on February 24 in which the effect of Merv's Palette will be added to Value Packs. Instead of using Merv's Palette and Value Packs separately, Adventurers can now receive more benefits through the combined effects that are now available with this update. Those who already have both items in their possession can claim a Merv's Palette depending on the expiration date of the two items. 

Find more information about Black Desert SEA on the official website at    

Ragnarok Mobile February 2021 Event (Lucky's Adventure)

Ragnarok M Eternal Love finally releases the event for the month of heart and lunar new year. As celebration it contains 13 different rewards dedicated for the Lunar's new year and as usual contains a lot of rewards that adventurer can participate. Sorry for the previous event, we haven't update some of the daily quest because we got a busy schedule, but we promised this month to make this guide up to date as possible.

Table of Contents

  1. Poring Showdown (Event 1)
  2. Daily Quest (Event 2)
  3. Right out the old and ring in the new (Event 3)
  4. Lantern Festival Riddle – Question and Answer (Event 4)
  5. Payon Phantom Thief – Mini Rift (Event 5)
  6. Material Hoarder's Summon – Materials (Event 6)
  7. Taste of Love – Marriage (Event 7)
  8. New Year Countdown (Event 8)
  9. Welcome the God of Wealth in the New Year (Event 8)
  10. Lunar New Year Double Reward Celebration (Event 9)
  11. Divine Blessing of Thanatos (Event 10)
  12. Glorious Card Box (Event 11)
  13. Commemorative Gift Box (Event 12)

Below you can find all of the available guide for this month of February 2021 in the Ragnarok mobile.

Event 1: Lucky's Adventure (Poring Showdown)

Starting February 1 to March 1, 2021, the Poring Showdown event will start. Adventurer can participate on this event by clicking the New Event button at the top corner of the game screen.

There will be 8 randomized rewards where you'll be hitting small poring. When 8 small poring are all hit, a large Poring will appear with additional rewards. There are total of 4 rounds of poring showdown.

Players needs a Small Wooden Hammer to join this event, this can be obtain from different event for this month.

Events reward for each rounds are the following:

  • Round 1: 30 x Big Cat Voucher 1
  • Round 2: 1 x Limited Toy Light of Giallar
  • Round 3: 30 x Big Cat Voucher Feast
  • Round 4: 1 x Limited Headwear Coronation for the Gallant

Event 2: Lucky's Adventure (Daily Quest)

Starting February 11 to 25, 2021, players can participate in a daily quest event where you'll be helping the little beast Nian. Adventurers needs to go and interact to the Prontera Square Board to get a Lucky's Adventure quest series.

There will be a total of 5 consecutive quest for this event and adventurers can accept this until February 18 only. Each quest will rewards adventurer a 1 x Friendship Proof.

Completing the 5 quest will get an additional limited headwear blueprint called Overnight Millionaire.

Event 3: Ring out the Old and Ring in the New (Chat)

Starting February 12 to 17, 2021, there will a chat event in which players need to enter the word "Happy New Year" at the world chat to get a rewards.

Below are the list of rewards when entered in the following days:

  • February 12 – 1 x Fantasy Generator I Appreciation
  • February 12 to 17 – 1 x Big Cat's Red Packet 2021

The Fantasy Generator 1 Appreciation is a coupon in which adventurer can receive a blue-print of headwear gachapon for the month of March. There's also a chance to receive all of the March 2021 headwear gachapon items.

The Big Cat's New Year Red Packet 2021 on the other hand, when opened adventurer can received the following:

  • 30 x Big Cat Voucher I
  • 60 x Big Cat Voucher Feast
  • Random item like: 10 x Mora Coin, 10 x Oracle Dust, 10 x Oracle Crystal, 5 x Gold Medal, 1 x Mastela Fruit and 5 x Praying Card Pack

Event 4: Lantern Festival Riddle (Question and Answer)

Starting February 18 to 25, 2021, there will be an event in Prontera Square, players need to find the NPC Moon Agents. The NPC will asked you a riddle question where you need to answer it correctly to get 1 x Joy of Snowflake. There will be a new set of question every day.

The Joy of Snowflake contains the following when opened:

  • 30 x New Year Firecrackers
  • 5 x Big Cat Voucher I
  • 4 x Furniture Gift Voucher
  • 8 x Mora Coin
  • 1 x Small Wooden Hammer

Event 5: Payon Phantom Thief (Mini Rift)

Starting February 1 to 8, 2021, every evening from 9:00 PM to 10:00 PM (Manila, Philippine Time), there will be a mini rift event where players can participate. The exact maps is not mentioned as of the moment, but it will be displayed at the quest tab during the event.

Players will get 1 x Hunt Proof when they finish the each quest, a limit of 3 quest per day. It contains the following when opened:

  • 20 x New Year Firecrackers
  • a chance to get the following:
    • 9 x Mora Coin
    • 1 x Mastela Fruit
    • 6 x Oracle Dust
    • 4 x Oracle Crystal
    • 5 x Hardcover Card album remains
    • 1 x Food Voucher
    • 50% chance to receive Small Wooden Hammer

Event 6: Material Hoarder's Summon (Materials)

Starting February 8 to 15, 2021, there will be a material donation event where players can get a rewards when they exchange an material. Players need to go the Prontera Square and find the NPC Lucky and send the material needed.

During the event, there will be a Lucky's Intimacy server progress where there will be rewards when it reaches 30%, 50% and 100%. When completed, lucky will unlock the Lucky's Private Collection at the Shining Gift Shop.

At the Shining Gift Shop, a Small Wooden Hammer will also be sold for 1 Zeny and has a limit of 2 purchased.

The Lucky's Private Collection contains the following:

  • 60 x New Year Firecracker
  • 10 x Big Cat Voucher Feast
  • 10 x Big Cat Voucher I
  • 10 x Mora Coin
  • 2 x Small Wooden Hammer
  • 1 x Dragon Chest

Event 7: Taste of Love (Marriage)

Starting February 14 to 18, 2021, there will be a theater at the Prontera, players need to enter the theater Taste of Love from the NPC Phil Cupid.

In the love theater, player can experience a wedding according to the gender set in their account and get a limited toy reward Cupid's Party.

The event will also set a 50% off discount sale of the following:

  • Wedding Ceremony
  • Sakura Wedding Dress
  • Sakura Suit
  • Wedding Suit
  • Wedding Dress

Event 8: New Year Countdown

In the midnight of February 12, 2021, there will be a New Year's countdown event starting February 12 at 2:00 AM (Manila Philippine Time), where a 10 seconds countdown will appear on the screen and a "Happy Lunar New Year" will pop up.

So far, the event didn't mentions any rewards. We will also update the exact time for PH.

Event 9: Welcome the God of Wealth in the New Year

In February 16, 2021, there will be a 5 event in that day scheduled in different time, a Big Cat will dispatch God of Wealth at Prontera, Geffen, Morroc and Payon on the said day. A total of 88,888,888 Zeny will be distritbute to all players. By following the path of God of Wealth, players can receive a 2021 Zeny each time until it disappear after 15 minutes.

The following are the schedule (The location are random):

  • 11:00 AM (Manila, Philippine Time)
  • 1:00 PM (Manila, Philippine Time)
  • 8:00 PM (Manila, Philippine Time)
  • 10:00 PM (Manila, Philippine Time)
  • 12:00 MN (Manila, Philippine Time)

Event 10: Lunar New Year Double Reward Celebration

Starting February 8 to 22, 2021, there will a double rewards when participating the Oracle Dungeon and Endless Tower.

Event 11: Divine Blessing of Thanatos

Starting February 4 to 19, 2021, there will be a new set of item sold at the Big Cat Coin Recharge (BCC Shop), limited to 60 purchase, Divine Blessing of Thanatos will be sold for 30 BCC.

The Divine Blessing of Thanatos contains the following:

  • 1 x God's Bliss Chest
  • 1 x Arcane Treasure
  • 1 x Abyss Box
  • 1 x Passing the Cassette Glory
  • 12% chance to get one of the following:
    • 1 x Mini Gryphon Monster Egg
    • 1 x Valkyrie Crown
    • 1 x Valkyrie's Wings
    • 1 x Blazing Rune Shadow
    • 1 x Wisdom Light Key
    • 1 x Broken Sanction
    • 1 x Broken Nightmare
    • 1 x Cursed Scar
    • 1 x Depraved Glow
    • 1 x Abyss Whisper
    • 1 x Rotten Sleep
    • 1 x Moonlight Nightmare
  • 0.1% chance to get one of the following:
    • 1 x Valkyrie Rathgricy Card
    • 1 x Tesseract Card
    • 1 x Mentalist Card
    • 1 x Runemaster Thanatos Card
  • 0.25% chance to receive 1 x Angel Snow Feather

Event 12: Glorious Card Box

Starting February 11 to 18, 2021, a new item called Glorious Card Box will be sold for 30 BCC at the Big Cat Coin Recharge or BCC Shop. Limited for 60 purchase per account.

The Glorious Card Box contains the following:

  • 1 x Gorgeous Card Album
  • 40 to 60 x Nolan Card
  • One of the following:
    • 75% 1 x Poker Album
    • 20% 1 x Tarot Card
    • 5% Ancient Magic Card Album
    • 5% chance to get random Oracle Card

Event 13: Glorious Antique Box

Starting February 27 to March 6, 2021, an item called Glorious Antique Box will be sold for 10BCC at the Big Cat Coin Recharge or BCC Shop and has a limit of 100 purchase per account.

The Glorious Antique Box contains the following:

  • 1 x v2.0 Boss Material (1 mini or MVP Material)
  • 100,000 Zeny

Event 14: Commemorative Gift Box

Starting February 4 to 19, 2021, the Commemorative Gift Box will be sold for 30 BCC at the Big Cat Coin Recharge or BCC Shop with unlimited purchase.

The Commemorative Gift Box contains one of the following items:

  • 1 x Doppelganger Card
  • 1 x Smokie Card
  • 1 x Rotar Zairo Card
  • 1 x Eclipse Card
  • 1 x Clock Card
  • 1 x Develing
  • 1 x Duke Gem
  • 1 x Exquisite Goat Helmet
  • 1 x Blazing Soul Weapons Voucher
  • 1 x Shattering Snow Weapons Voucher
  • 1 x Astral Weapon Voucher
  • 15 to 30 x Mora Coin
  • 15 to 30 x Oracle Dust
  • 12 to 25 x Oracle Crystal
  • 5 x Hardcover Card Album Remains
  • 2 x Card Album Remains

AYA Neo is so powerful, it can play any PC Games at 30+ FPS

Probably one of the first handheld PC gaming device that uses 7nm of AMD Ryzen 5 4500 U, AYA Neo is so powerful that it can run any PC games at 30+ FPS. Recent games like Cyberpunk 2077 at 30 to 35fps and Death Stranding at 30 to 45fps.

This device was first launched on China and next month the Founder edition will be available globally at $699 via a crowdfunding campaign at Indiegogo. However, the price is only exclusive for Super Early Bird backers and other backers may get this at $799 or higher. The specs includes Radeon RX Vega 6 GPU (6 compute unites and up to 1.1 TFLOPs), 7-inch display (1,280 x 800), 16GB of LPDDR4x-4266 RAM, 512GB NVMe SSD and a 47 WH battery.

Here is an example gameplay from a YouTuber (Taki Udon):

Though those specs are not that powerful compare to a laptop and still using the previous generation of AMD, considering it is a handled device, it is actually not bad. The technology they put all together in this small device are just pretty interesting. Here are the complete specs of AYA NEO Founder:

  • Processor: AMD Ryzen 5 4500 U (AMD Zen 2) 6 cores/6 threads @ 4.0 GHz
  • GPU: AMD Radeon Vega 6 @ 1.5 GHz
  • RAM Memory: 16GB DDR4 LPDDR4X-4266
  • Storage: 512GB /1 TB NVMe SSD
  • Display: 7 inch, 1280 x 800 IPS
  • Connectivity: Wifi 6, Bluetooth 5.0
  • Battery: 47 Whr
  • Weight: 650 g
  • Dimensions: 25.5 x 10.6 x 2.0 cm
  • USB Connection: 3 x USB-C, 3.5mm
  • Other Features: Gyro, Touchscreen, Rumble
  • OS: Windows 10

Here are the frame rates of tested PC games:

  • Assassin's Creed Hall of Valor – 25 to 40 fps
  • Watchdogs – 25 to 40 fps
  • Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice – 40 to 50 fps.
  • Devil May Cry 5 – 60 to 70 fps
  • World of Warcraft Retro & Official – 35 to 50 fps
  • Death Stranding – 30 to 45 fps

What do you think of this new handled PC gaming device? Is it worth it? or you'll wait until they can run PC games at full 60fps? Let us know in the comment section.

WD_BLACK SN850 NVMe 500GB SSD Review

If you're planning to have a future-proof PC Build for gaming, Western Digital releases their high-performance SSD with PCIe® Gen 4 Technology in the market, this is the WD_BLACK™ SN850 NVMe™ SSD. The new flagship comes with two variants with a heatsink and a non-heatsink, it also comes in three capacities 500GB, 1TB and 2TB. The pricing for the Philippine retail store starts at PHP 7,900. However, the heatsink variant will be available in the 1st quarter of this year, 2021.

Table of Contents

  1. Packaging
  2. WD Black Dashboard
  3. Testing Methodology
    1. Crystal Disk Mark Benchmark
    2. AS SSD 2.0 Benchmark
    3. Anvil's Storage Utilities Benchmark
    4. PCMark 10 Storage Benchmark
    5. Installing Windows 10 Benchmark
    6. Cyberpunk 2077 Loading Benchmark
  4. Backward Compatibility
  5. Warranty
  6. Conclusion
  7. WD Black SN850 Specification

We are so honored to receive a copy of WD_BLACK™ SN850 NVMe™ SSD non-heatsink (500GB) from Western Digital for us to review their mighty SSD.

WD_BLACK™ SN850 NVMe™ SSD takes advantage of the PCIe® Gen 4 technology, where it provides much greater bandwidth speed in terms of storage performance. This is compatible with all models with PCIe® Gen4 support. With PCIe Gen 4 going full steam ahead this year that can be found on the next-gen console and PC gaming, the new technology is a preparation for the next-gen AAA titles.

Though regular SSD have no problem running current games today in PC, we have seen this leap in gaming way back in May 2019, where Sony held a demo for their exclusive game title Spiderman and tested out the performance of PS5 SSD (PCIe® Gen 4) against the PS4 Pro. The result shows significant improvements, less loading times and an instantaneous data streaming even moving around in an open-world rich environment, which means a true real-time loading of in-game assets. In the demo, it shows the building and texture assets loads in real-time with no noticeable loading delay while Spidey swing and move across the vast streets of New York. You can also watch the demo here of Epic Games showing their next-gen game engine which takes advantage of the leap performance of storage for gaming.

So, let's jump into the review. As advertised, the WD_Black™ SN850 NVMe™ SSD has a sequential read speed of up to 7,000 MB/s and sequential write speed of up to 4,100 MB/s for 500GB, 5,300 MB/s for 1TB and 5,100 MB/s for 2TB. The form factor is M.2 2280 and the dimensions are 2.38mm X 22.15 X 80.15 (HxWxL) for non-heatsink variant.


Who doesn't want to see or even preserve the packaging of the product they bought (except for Matteo Guidicelli)? Since we think this is an important little detail for some of our readers, as usual we will showcase how they packed their SSD in a small snackbox-like package. Covered with black-themed and dotted pattern at the front, WD wanted to show the speed advantage of WD Black SN850, its sequential read speed of SSD 7,000 MB/s and some important details are highlighted as well like the recommended interface for the device.

At the back where the sealed stickers are located, it shows more specification and specs of the SSD along with it is the IOPS (Input/Output operations per seconds) of up to 1 million. There is also a small rectangular hole at the back where the SSD is visible. In case you are planning to use it on a NAS or a server, it states at the back that it is not intended for that use.

Unboxing the WD_Black™ SN850 NVMe™ SSD shows the SSD in its clear plastic casing which we think is a shock proof in case you drop the unopened package accidentally. The manual was also placed at the back.

Since this is an M.2 SSD and has a form factor of 2280, it is very small, smaller than a one-peso coin. The WD_Black™ SN850 NVMe™ SSD we got is the non-heatsink variant, instead of the military looking heatsink, the front is covered with a sticker.

At the back, there are no any components or any thermal sticker. It is covered with black paint and has a pattern appearance of the circuit board tracing.

WD Black Dashboard

To get more juice out of your WD_Black™ SN850 NVMe™ SSD, you need to get its management software WD_BLACK™ Dashboard (Windows® only) where you'll be able to keep the firmware up to date and to enable game mode where it overrides the default power saving mode of the SSD. However, even not turning on the game modes we still manage to get the peak speed, but we see improvements on average usage while using the WD Black Dashboard.

What's more is WD_BLACK™ Dashboard allows you to customize and control your gaming experience even further!

Testing Methodology

So, let's check if we can achieve those peak speeds in our benchmark. For the OS, we are using a fresh copy of Windows 10 with the latest graphics driver, OS updates and firmware installed. The power option was also set to High Performance to get its peak performance.

For the hardware system, we are using the following:

  • AMD Ryzen 7 3700X
  • 64GB of DDR4 2,400 MHz RAM
  • GTX 1080 Ti
  • TUF Gaming B550M-PLUS Wifi.

For benchmark software, we are using the following:

  • CrystalMark v 7.0.0 and 8.0.0
  • AS SSD 2.0
  • Anvil's Storage Utilities 1.1.0
  • PCMark 10 Storage Benchmark 1.0
  • Cyberpunk 2077
  • Windows 10 OS Build 19042.685

Crystal Disk Mark Benchmark

For our first benchmark, we are using Crystal Disk Mark 7.0.0 (CDM) Benchmark in which the advertised speed was performed. Let's see if we can get the same result on our system.

We managed to get a peak read sequential speed of 7,000.15 Mb/s and write sequential speed of 4,079.43 MB/s on Crystal Disk Mark Benchmark. However, we only get these results when the temperature of our SSD is below 65 degrees. To get the peak speed all of the time, we have to make sure our system has good airflow. Lesser temperature to the SSD means more consistent peak speed.

If your system is not well ventilated, the sequential read speed drops to 6,500 MB/s while the write speed remains the same at 4,077 MB/s (This happen when we didn't attached the glass side cover of our CPU). We are curious if the other variant with a heatsink that cooldowns the temperature will have the consistent sequential read speed.

AS SSD 2.0 Benchmark

On the second benchmark, we are using the AS SSD 2.0, a popular benchmarking tool dedicated for SSD storage devices. However, we are expecting a lower result on this benchmark because AS SSD uses a different algorithm compared to the Crystal Disk Mark.

The result of AS SSD Benchmark shows the WD_Black™ SN850 NVMe™ SSD 500GB ssd obtained sequential read speed of 5,736 MB/s and sequential write speed of 3,815 MB/s with an overall total score of 7,255.

Anvil's Storage Utilities Benchmark

On the third storage benchmark we are using is the Anvil's Storage Utilities, a tool that is currently in beta. Though it is more flexible because you can customize your test according to your preferences.

As expected, WD_Black™ SN850 NVMe™ SSD 500GB SSD scored at 20,203 in the standard test, breaking the 20k score mark. Read speed is at 4,853.08 MB/s and Write speed is at 3,849.62 MB/s.

PCMark 10 Storage Benchmark

For the last storage benchmark, we are using the PCMark 10 Storage Benchmark ( It will test our SSD into relevant real-world operations from different type of applications and common tasks used repeatedly performed to get the benchmark score.

For the Full System Drive Benchmark, where WD_BLACK SN850 will be tested to wide-range sets of applications such as Adobe's software, Microsoft office, Call of Duty Black Ops 4, Battlefield V, and other operations.

We obtained a score of 3,033. Overall bandwidth of 482.62 MB/s and Overall access time of
55 µs (microseconds).

For the Quick System Drive Benchmark, where it will be tested in a shorter test with lighter workloads like using Microsoft Excel, Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator and some operations.

We got a score of 3,743, the overall bandwidth at 454.32 MB/s and Overall access time of 34 µs.

For the Data Drive Benchmark, where it will be tested for storing files rather than applications, mostly operations like copying 339 JPEG files (2.37 GB) and other read/write test.

We obtained a score of 5,210, Overall band with of 776.70 MB/s and overall access time of 30 µs.

Installing Windows 10 Benchmark

We are also doing a reformat benchmark where we install Windows 10 from scratch to the WD_Black™ SN850 NVMe™ SSD. Let's see how many minutes it should take to complete the installation.

In the first test, this part is where the installation files of Windows were copied from the bootable USB then installed into the main drive (WD_Black™ SN850 NVMe™ SSD).

The result is quite fast, it only takes 70 seconds to complete the first phase of Windows 10 installation.

The next test is the "This might take several minutes" test where the final installation setup is made. Prior to this, it takes us approximately 1-minute to complete the manual Basic, Network, Account and Services setup.

In the last test, it takes about 72 seconds to complete the final phase of Windows 10 installation. In total we have completed Windows 10 reformat in just 4 minutes and 36 seconds including reboot time.

Cyberpunk 2077 Loading Benchmark

For this benchmark, we can only do loading times for PC games as this game basically works fine on any type of SSD storage. What we can do is to measure the difference between the loading times. For this test, we use the Load Game function and load the portion where V can roam around the city right after he arrived in the apartment.

From the main menu to the game, it takes about 9.5 seconds for you to play the game immediately. While on a regular SATA SSD it takes about 14.8 seconds and on other M.2 NVMe SSD it takes 10.8 seconds.

The speed difference between SATA SSD and WD_BLACK SN850 is noticeable, but for other M.2 – the difference is almost the same.

Backward Compatibility

The WD_Black™ SN850 NVMe™ SSD is also backward compatible with the following PCIe interface: (Not in the list are not compatible like the PCIe Gen3 x4)

  • PCIe Gen3 x2
  • PCIe Gen3 x1
  • PCIe Gen2 x4
  • PCIe Gen2 x2
  • PCIe Gen2 x1

Having a backward compatible for several PCIe Gen3 and Gen 2 interfaces is an advantage for SN850. But keep in mind that when you connect these SSD into a PCIe 3.0 or 2.0, the speed will be a bottleneck, theoretically at 3,500 MB/s for sequential read speed depending on your system.


The WD_Black™ SN850 NVMe™ SSD has a rated endurance of 300 TBW (TeraBytes Written) for every 500GB of capacity, which means 300TBW for 500GB, 600TBW for 1TB and 1,200TBW for 2TB. It also comes with a 5-year limited warranty.


If you're into building a future proof PC Build for gaming, getting the WD_Black™ SN850 NVMe™ SSD is one of the components that you should consider. With a peak sequential read speed of 7,000MB/s, this SSD is just fast enough that exceeds the maximum speed of the next-gen console that is currently running at 5,500MB/s. Making this SSD a future proof for PC gaming for the next 5 to 6 years.

Considering its price point, this SSD is worth a purchase if you're planning to have a new setup for a long run.

WD Black SN850 Specification

Here are the full specifications with the WD_Black™ SN850 NVMe™ SSD without heatsink 500GB:

  • Model name: WDS500G1X0E-00AFY0
  • Capacity: 500GB
  • Interface: PCIe Gen 4.0 x 4
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 80mm x 22mm x 2.38mm
  • Sequential Read Speed: 7,000 MB/s
  • Sequential Write Speed: 4,100 MB/s
  • Warranty: 5-year limited warranty

How to turn off Notifications on RetroArch

RetroArch emulator has a new design, but these new design consist of big notification and sometimes its blocking the game screen when you're doing quick save and load. However, removing this notification is quite not an easy task, turning off the notifications are lucrative to find and sometimes you ended up turning off the wrong settings.

Table of Contents

  1. Adjust Notification Settings
  2. Totally turn off Notification

Some users also prefers not to totally turn off the notification, because they still want to see notification for saving and loading. But in this case, they want it to be smaller and didn't distract the game screen. While for users who wants to totally turn off the notifications, it is easy peasy.

Adjust Notification Settings

Those fancy and decorated notifications you find in RetroArch seems to very big and excessive when playing your favorite games (especially the splash screen). Adjusting this notification to disable it without totally turning off the whole notification will make your gameplay clean from distraction.

First we need to go to Settings > On-Screen Display > On-Screen Notifications.

From here, Make sure that On-Screen Notifications stays turn on. Then find the Graphics Widgets then turn it OFF. (This will disable the decorated animations, notifications, indicators and controls)

Then adjust the font family and sizes. Lastly, then the horizontal and vertical positions. You can also set the RGB color of the notification, by default it is set to color yellow.

Here is our preferred settings:

  • Font: Default
  • Size: 9
  • Position (Horizontal): 0.010
  • Position (Vertical): 0.010

Lastly, to make your changes takes effect, you have to restart the RetroArch. Once you've open a game, the splash screen will never appear as well as the warning notifications.

Totally turn off Notification

To totally turn off the notifications, you just need to turn of the On-Screen Notifications.

You can do this by going to Settings > On-Screen Display > On-Screen Notifications, then turn off the On-Screen Notifications.

Then don't forget to restart your RetroArch after changing those settings.

How to fix No Sounds on RetroArch for Windows 10

If you've been using RetroArch to emulate some of your retro games for your PC for quite some time now and didn't encounter any problem. But, suddenly one day, sounds on every game you've played becomes muted. Well, in our case it takes scratching our head to get a solution to fix the issue. The problem mainly, Windows 10 are having hard time recognizing the driver of your RetroArch program if its recently updated, moved or opened into a new formatted OS.

When you recently do those changes on your computer, most likely you'll get a mute sound problem on RetroArch.

To fix this issue, there are several ways to troubleshoot this problem. Below are some of it.

  1. Check if the RetroArch is muted
  2. Sound Audio driver was not properly set
  3. RetroArch is muted on Volume mixer of Windows 10
  4. New copy of RetroArch and place in a new directory

Check if the RetroArch is muted

First of all, you might unknowingly muted the RetroArch while pressing random keys on your computer. You need to check your RetroArch program if its muted or the volume was set to 0.

To check if RetroArch is muted, go to Settings > Audio. Then make sure the Mute is turned OFF.

In game, for toggling mute, press F9. Then for increasing the volume up, press +. (If you change this key configuration, you can check the key binding by going to Settings > Inputs > Hotkeys).

If this doesn't solve your sound problem, you can move on the next solution.

Sound Audio driver was not properly set

The next troubleshoot solution might be your Drivers was not set properly. The default audio driver and settings for RetroArch was Wasapi.

To set it back to its default sound driver, go to Settings > Audio > Output.

For Audio driver, you need to use Wasapi.

Then turn off the following:

  • WASAPI Exclusive Mode
  • WASAPI Float Format

Make sure to restart after you change these settings, then run RetroArch again and play some games to try out.

RetroArch is muted on Volume mixer of Windows 10

If the configuration of your RetroArch has no problem, the volume might be turned off on Window's volume mixer. In Windows 10, users are allowed to manually set the volume of each programs in Windows 10 by adjusting it on the volume mixer.

To check if volume mixer is the culprit, right click the volume icon on the bottom right corner of your Windows 10 taskbar. Then click Open volume mixer.

From here, all programs that uses sounds will be listed. Check if RetroArch was set to low volume or it was muted.

If RetroArch is not listed on Volume Mixer, there might be an issue where Windows 10 cannot recognized any of the sound driver in the program. You need to do the next step to fix this.

New copy of RetroArch and place in a new directory

If RetroArch is not listed on the volume mixer, you need to grab a new copy of RetroArch from their website. You just need the zipped package, the installer is optional.

You can get the zipped package on their download page website. Scroll down for Windows 10 / 8 / 7, then you'll find Download (64bit) or Download (32bit). Just pick what OS system you have.

After downloading the zipped file, extract it into a new directory. For example, at C:/your_directory/retroarch_x.

Open up RetroArch then try checking game if there are sounds, it should also appear on the volume mixer after doing this.

To load your old configurations, you just need to copy the retroarch.cfg from your old directory to your new one.

That's it! If you still encounter the problem after doing all of the troubleshoot above or if you have a better solution. Please leave a comment down below so we can look into it.

Bomber Crew is now FREE on Humble Bundle for limited time

The Winter sale just launched in the Humble Store and the sale will be live starting today until January 28, 2021. Together with that, they will also be giving away Bomber Crew for FREE for limited time only, 48 hours to be exact.

You can get the game here:

Bomber Crew is a strategic simulation game where you can form your own crew to take to an aerial adventure, you'll be dropping bombs to different mission and you should protect your crews and your arsenal in good shapes to complete your mission.

If you haven't yet tried the game before, this is your chance to play this unique experience game.

Testing 512 MB VRAM on 2021! Here's what you'll get!

Battle Royale Games like Apex Legends, Call of Duty Warzone and PUBG requires enormous amount of specs to win and to run smoothly on your computer. If your computer is a stove (low specs), you will probably not get good fps on gaming. The modern games will be tested on an AMD Radeon R7 Graphics, with a Vram of 512 mb.

Here are the 5 modern games tested on a 512 mb vram graphics card.

5. Gta V

Grand Theft Auto 5 is a really good game, the game was released back 2013, but it has received many updates making it one of the demanding games today. It has titles that until today is appreciated. Grand Theft Auto V is more like a graphics kind of game, it focuses on the graphics and the realism the game can get, but in doing missions or online your gonna need a lot of fps to be able to complete and compete. Some Influencers even made videos about it online, giving gamers the thought of GTA V being better than the Cyberpunk 2077.

The video card requirements of the game is a NVIDIA 9800 GT 1GB/ AMD HD 4870 1 GB, we should be able to run the game without burning the pc, but we need to make some adjustments.


If you badly want play GTA V on a low end pc, your gonna need to make some configuration to the game files or using some graphics mods.

While running the game at the lowest graphics possible (without configuring the settings), we did not get fps drop but we got textures loading for 3 minutes. When driving faster, it gets worst until the game freezes, but it gets back after few seconds.

4. Minecraft (Resource Packs and Shaders)

The never aging game; Minecraft, Minecraft is one of the few popular games today that is playable on a low end pc. The game is developed by Mojang, a game where there are no limits to your imagination, the game doesn't have specific goals to make, except for the survival mode where you have to beat the ender dragon and continue Free Roam. Minecraft is still very popular to Influencers as well, Youtubers like MrBeast Gaming, Dream, Pewdiepie, Technoblade and more are still streaming the game.

Minecraft can look way cooler when shaders are applied, shaders are the one that brings realism to the game that makes your pc into a stove. A youtuber named Austin Evans cooked an egg using his gaming pc, this became one of the unheard trends online. Shaders can cause your pc to be 4x slower when running at a 512 mb VRAM. You might even be able to cook an egg at your pc.


After few minutes, I decided to remove the shaders since it costed a lot of fps, the minimum fps was 2. I used the Shaders SEUS Lite.

3. Call of Duty: Mobile (Gameloop)

Call of Duty: Mobile is one of the best android game with good graphics, the game is also very addictive because of the ranks and the season events. Call of Duty has finally reached to mobile and we will be running it at a low end pc, so expect some of FPS drops.

Thanks to Gameloop, we can run Call of Duty: Mobile, without enabling VT or Virtualization on our PC, You can also play CODM on other emulator like Nox and LD Player.


On the lobby the FPS is still good, but when reaching the start of the battle royale the game starts to drop at medium graphics. The game runs smoothly on low graphics, so if you are looking for a call of duty warzone on your 512 mb VRAM, this is it.