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PCGamesN Sunday, March 12, 2023 2:49 PM
     Solasta DLC brings DnD RPG game's campaign to a frosty conclusion

New Solasta: Crown of the Magister DLC Palace of Ice promises to bring its campaign to a rather chilling climax. Delightful DnD RPG game Solasta is among the best games on Steam to bear the official nod from Wizards of the Coast, and employs the tabletop game's SRD 5.1 ruleset to craft a faithful digital adaptation. Its newly announced DLC adds a high level adventure across frozen lands that expands upon the main game's campaign.

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PCGamesN Sunday, March 12, 2023 1:28 PM
     Multiplayer horror The Outlast Trials gets release date on Steam, Epic

If you love a spot of co-op horror, then you'll be pleased to hear that The Outlast Trials release date has been set, and it's not too long until the multiplayer follow-up to two of the scariest horror games on PC arrives in early access on Steam and the Epic Games store. Following the success of its first two games, developer Red Barrels reveals exactly when you'll be able to work together to try and survive Murkoff's Trials.

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PCGamesN Sunday, March 12, 2023 12:13 PM
     STALKER 2 developer asks fans to

The STALKER 2 development team has released a public statement about a data breach that it says occurred following a hack on one of its employee's accounts. GSC Game World, the Ukrainian developer of the upcoming horror-themed RPG game set in the Chornobyl Exclusion Zone, urges fans to wait for the STALKER 2 release date and avoid watching any potentially leaked images or video surfacing from the incident.

PCGamesN Sunday, March 12, 2023 2:38 PM
     Destiny 2 Root of Nightmares guide

How do you complete the Destiny 2 Root of Nightmares raid? The Destiny 2 Root of Nightmares raid, introduced as part of the Destiny 2 Lightfall expansion, is exciting showdown of skill, wits, and bravery as players take on a powerful enemy from an ancient time.

Bungie's newest Destiny 2 raid, now available with Destiny 2 season 20 content in the FPS game, is a showdown against Nezarec, a Disciple of the Witness.

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Twinfinite Sunday, March 12, 2023 5:50 PM
     Black Hole!

Twinfinite Sunday, March 12, 2023 1:34 PM
     The eternity continues.

Siliconera Sunday, March 12, 2023 6:00 PM

The Irregular mobile game shutting down The Irregular at Magic High School: Reloaded Memory

Square Enix announced that the mobile game The Irregular at Magic High School: Reloaded Memory is shutting down in August 14, 2023 at 1pm JST. The company announced the game back in 2020, and it finally launched in Japan on June 28, 2022. Before service ends, the game will be updated with the second arc of the original story, titled "Public Security Covert Operations." [Thanks, Game Watch!]

The second arc of the game will consist of 12 chapters, with the first two chapters releasing on April 11, 2023. Chapters 3 through 6 will appear on May 11, 2023. People can play through chapters 7 through 10 starting on June 11, 2023. The last two chapters will debut on July 11, 2023. In addition, the game will offer character birthday gacha bonuses and daily login bonuses before it shuts down. The sale of premium currency stopped shortly after Square Enix announced termination of the game. Unused paid in-game currency will be refunded after service ends.

The Irregular at Magic High School: Reloaded Memory is a mobile game with turn-based RPG battles and visual novel elements. The visual novel elements consist of 2D hand drawn sprites and backgrounds, whereas the RPG turn-based sequences feature 3D models. The game is based on the anime adaptation of The Irregular at Magic High School that aired in 2022, with the anime itself being originally a web comic that was later adapted into a series of light novels.

The Irregular at Magic High School: Reloaded Memory is available on Android and iOS devices in Japan until August 14, 2023, when it will shut down.

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When one thinks of the Three Kingdoms era of China and Koei Tecmo, their first thought might be the fast-paced hack-n-slash action of the Dynasty Warriors series. But Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, despite its differing playstyle, does not let its predecessors overshadow it. While it is definitely more action-oriented than other Soulslike games, it is still quite the challenge. Unfortunately, part of the challenge involves dealing with things beyond the player's control when on PC, such as laggy framerates and shoddy controls depending on how you're playing.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, like most other Dynasty Warriors games, takes place during the Yellow Turban Rebellion during the Eastern Han Dynasty. The nameless player avatar (whom the player can customize) finds themself swept into a conflict between the various kingdoms. However, this time they're after an elixir of immortality, rather than territory. You fight through levels with historical figures such as Zhao Yun or Guan Yu as your partners, all while wielding magical powers and Divine Beasts in a fantasy version of China. The story is not very impressive and ultimately forgettable, but the action and cutscenes are a delight to watch.

wo long story

Another reason why I have such a hard time remembering the story is because it takes me a while to get through each level. For reference, Team Ninja split up Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty into various battlegrounds. Once you complete one, you move onto the next. Every level partners you up with a Three Kingdoms figure, or you fight one. Before you face off against the boss, you must explore the region and cut through the enemies you encounter. You can deal with the random mobs in various stylish ways. But if you let your guard down, they can seriously mess you up. At the end, you open a door to a boss. Some of these bosses are ridiculously hard, whereas others are a cakewalk. There is a very simple formula to follow when going up against bosses: parrying. Soulslike veterans should have expected that, though.

The thing with Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is that it's obviously not as easy as it sounds on paper. Parrying depends on your weapon, with ones like polearms having a broader window in exchange for slower attacks. I also found that the timing can be severe, even when I used a weapon with a lower deflecting difficulty. You also have to balance your Spirit (essentially you can't play too conservatively), which means the game forces you to get in close and combo the enemy. Some bosses have a small pause before they unleash their critical hit, which is easy to fall for when it's your first time fighting against them. Fortunately, there is always a save point right before the boss fight, so you don't tend to lose much progress.

Wo Long perfect victory

Surprisingly, Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is really approachable. Now, obviously, you do need some skill in order to fight the bosses. The game takes no pity on you. However, the Morale and Fortitude systems can make your life easier. The more enemies you defeat, the higher your Morale is. As well, your Fortitude rises every time you raise a battle flag. The closer your Morale is to boss's, the more damage you deal and the less damage you take. Fortitude, on the other hand, is the minimum level of Morale you have. So players who want an easier time can grind to boost their Morale and make each strike count. Conversely, players who prefer a challenge can let simply maintain the bare minimum of Morale before a boss fight.

Wo Long occasionally stutters, making my frame rate terrible despite my gaming laptop's fairly good specs. It would be a minor nuisance except for the fact that every frame is literally what separates my character from a successful deflect or a world of hurt. There are also some oddities in the patch I played when it came to the menu. Due to certain circumstances, I played with a mouse and a keyboard. This is a configuration that Koei Tecmo supports. Unfortunately, the team likely did not expect anyone to actually use a mouse and keyboard. Even at its fastest setting, the camera feels sluggish when turning. As well, it was difficult navigating the Wizardry menu to give my character new spells. This is because my cursor disappeared more than half the time, forcing me to exit the menu and click back in just to check out the skill tree.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty has a unique world view and a fun but challenging battle system. Unfortunately, there are a few issues that bog it down other than its performance on PC. The dull environments can get boring to look at, and the story is fairly generic despite the setting. I also felt like the historical figures could have had more screentime rather than existing as glorified decoys. Perhaps that is my bias as a Three Kingdoms fan and not necessarily a soulslike fan, though. It has promise as a new Three Kingdoms-inspired Koei Tecmo game, but needs to polish off its rough patches before it can shine on its own.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is readily available on the PS4, PS5, Windows PC, Xbox Series X, and Xbox One. Windows PC version playtested.

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Guilty Gear Strive Next DLC Character May Be Asuka, Season 3 Announced

At Arc World Tour 2022 Finals, Arc System Works teased Asuka is the next Season 2 DLC character and confirmed Season 3 is in development. While the developer didn't show Asuka, it did strongly hint at him after revealing Delilah and Bedman? as the third character in Season 2. It featured a gloved hand holding the Tome.

Here's the teaser from the Arc World Tour 2022 Finals, as captured by GamersPrey. It features Asuka's hand holding the spinning Tome of Origin. The video then notes that the next "daredevil" will arrive in May 2023.

The Season 3 DLC announcement appeared after the Guilty Gear Strive reveals of Asuka and Delilah with Bedman?. No characters or release windows were teased for it. However, as a reminder, Season 1 included Baiken, Goldlewis Dickinson, Happy Chaos, Jack-O, and Testament as additional characters, with Testament ending that first pass with a March 2022 debut. Season 2 started in August 2022 with Bridget. Sin Kiske followed in November 2022. Delilah and Bedman? are set to arrive on April 6, 2023.

Guilty Gear Strive is available for the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Windows PC. The Delilah and Bedman? DLC character will launch on April 6, 2023. In May 2023, it seems the next Guilty Gear Strive character will be Asuka R. Kreuz.

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paranormasight endings

Square Enix's Paranormasight horror-mystery adventure game has six different endings depending on the various choices your protagonists make. Some are easy to stumble upon. Others, however, will require a bit more work on your part. The true ending in particular is fairly elusive. But this guide will help you to see the story through to the end.

While this guide will not mention any explicit plot details, it will still contain spoilers for Paranormasight endings. Read ahead at your own risk.

Ending 1: Michiyo's Grudge

paranormasight endings michiyo

In the "Seiman" chapter of Yakko Sakazaki's route, she and Mio encounter Yutaro Namigaki after speaking with Hideki Araishi. When the option comes up to either go to the school or talk to Yutaro, choose to speak with him. This will unlock the Michiyo's Grudge ending.

Ending 2: Nejima's Reminiscence

paranormasight nejima endings

In the "Manhunt" chapter of Tetsuo Tsutsumi's route, he has a conversation with Nejima on the bridge. After the conversation, you will get the chance to move your camera. At this point, do not look behind you at Ayame Tono. Instead, talk to Nejima to unlock the Nejima's Reminiscence ending.

Ending 3: Harue's Legacy

paranormasight endings harue

In the "Last Resort" chapter of Harue Shigima's route, use the curse on Ayame during the conversation at any point you wish. However, avoid topics about smoking or tobacco. Ayame will find it suspicious and have tossed away her lighter, preventing you from using Harue's curse. After you use your curse on Ayame, you unlock the Harue's Legacy ending.

Ending 4: Ayame's Inspiration

ayame's inspiration

In the "Last Resort" chapter of Harue Shigima's route, you will get the opportunity to ask Ayame a series of questions. All of these questions will lead down the same path, in which Ayame asks if Harue is a curse bearer. Choosing "No" or "..." will unlock the Ayame's Inspiration ending.

Ending 5: Conclusion


In the "Manhunt" chapter of Tetsuo Tsutsumi's route, turn around after your conversation with Nejima and click on Ayame Tono. Tetsuo will speak with her. It does not matter what dialog option you choose, nor the order you choose them in, during this interaction. Afterwards, you have to decipher the Yin scroll. The order is:

  1. The Taiko Drum Seal
  2. The Beech Leaf Seal
  3. The Reed Seal
  4. The Carp Seal
  5. The Light Seal

After this, you will unlock the Conclusion ending.

Ending 6: Another Conclusion

another conclusion

This is the secret true ending. All the previous chapters remained lit up if you had not fully explored all of the options, which made it easy to see which Paranormasight chapter you needed to play through to watch all the endings. However, the game does not give you a straightforward visual hint for this one. In order to access it, go to "Kinshibori Park (Part 3)" in Shogo Okiie's chapter.

Choose "Start from talking to Takumi," but look to the right side of the screen to see the Beckoning Light. Make sure you do not turn around towards Yoko. Interact with the Beckoning Light, look back at Takumi, and then look back at the Beckoning Light. Click on it and when the game prompts you to, choose to touch it.

Touching the Beckoning Light will unlock the "Cleansing" chapter for Shogo. The Storyteller will give you a few questions just to see if you actually understand the story. Here are the correct answers:

  1. The Beckoning Light
  2. Shogo
  3. Your name (as in what name you put in when you started the game)

Finishing all of this will unlock the Another Conclusion ending. Once you have seen all six, then congratulations! You have witnessed all of the endings that Paranormasight has to offer.

Paranormasight is readily available for the NIntendo Switch and the Windows PC.

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Some Original Chrono Cross Character Art was Unfinished Until the Remaster

Various character art came up as part of the almost hour-long Chrono Cross interview Square Enix shared. We already knew that Character Designer Nobuteru Yuuki created new art for the remaster. However, during this discussion Producer Koichiro Sakamoto and Project Manager Mariko Sato went over how that came to be because the original art was unfinished. Sato then explained how Yuuki was the one to ask to redraw the characters. As a reminder, both Sakamoto and Sato confirmed every Chrono Cross character's was redrawn or retouched for the remaster.

First, Sakamoto explained how they broached the idea of revisiting the Chrono Cross character art.

We also asked Mr. Nobuteru Yuuki to refine the character illustrations. Some of the original illustrations were actually unfinished. So we had Mr. Yuuki draw them…

…There are so many great characters. Some people may be emotionally invested in the original illustrations. So we let you switch between the original and the remastered versions…

…Some of the color filling is a bit different. Some people will be able to tell the difference.

Project Manager Sato then brought up how Yuuki agreed, but then also asked to create new designs.

Initially, I went to ask if we could use the illustrations. He had a few regrets about them and he said, "Let me redraw them." That sounded like a boon for us, so I asked him to do it.

Initially, we were just asking to use them. But there are so many characters in Chrono Cross that I wondered if he could get it done on time. He said, "Let me check my schedule!" And he managed to get it done on time.

Here's the full Chrono Cross and Radical Dreamers interview with Director Masato Kato.

Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition is available on the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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     RimWorld is an incredibly hostile game that will do its best to destroy every last colonist you have. This is the main attraction that keeps bringing players back to this game. However, there are a lot of weapons that your pawns can use to combat all the raiders, insects, and mechanoids. Some are better, while some can be a lot worse. Recommended Read: How to Do Quests in RimWorld The best weapons in RimWorld are, by far, guns. But there are a lot of different guns and some melee weapons that also hold their ground. Here are all the best […]

Gaming Instincts – Next-Generation of Video Game Journalism Sunday, March 12, 2023 5:13 PM

Gaming Instincts – Next-Generation of Video Game Journalism Sunday, March 12, 2023 4:45 PM

A new trailer was also released

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Gaming Instincts – Next-Generation of Video Game Journalism Sunday, March 12, 2023 4:22 PM

upcoming updates will add subtitle settings, Steam Deck support, and more

The post Atomic Heart Update Fixes Several Bugs, Adds FOV Settings appeared first on Gaming Instincts - Next-Generation of Video Game Journalism.

Mar 12, 12:00

PCGamesN Sunday, March 12, 2023 10:51 AM
     Hogwarts Legacy mod lets you change your appearance and voice anywhere

A new Hogwarts Legacy mod makes it easy to change appearance in the Harry Potter RPG game at any time. Rather than requiring you to make a costly trip to Madam Snelling, this mod for Hogwarts Legacy lets you quickly and easily change your character's entire look, along with their voice, gender, and pronouns, as well as switch between houses on the fly.

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PCGamesN Sunday, March 12, 2023 8:17 AM
     WoW Dragonflight is free to play, but you don't have long to do so

If you've wanted to try WoW Dragonflight for free, you can now do just that - but you'll have to act fast, because Blizzard isn't offering the option for long. The latest expansion for one of the most influential MMORPGs of all time, Dragonflight takes players to World of Warcraft's Dragon Isles and introduces the new Dracthyr race, along with their unique Evoker class, and a delightful Dragonriding feature that lets you soar around on your own scaly mount.

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PCGamesN Sunday, March 12, 2023 7:38 AM
     Atomic Heart update 1.3.4 finally lets you change FOV settings

A new Atomic Heart update introduces a highly requested FOV slider to the Steam FPS game, along with disabling mouse acceleration on PC. Atomic Heart patch 1.3.4 also fixes a bug causing achievement progress to be lost, improves the Nora storage menus on ultrawide monitors, and resolves a number of other minor issues. The devs also note that official Atomic Heart Steam Deck compatibility is in the works.

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Rock Paper Shotgun Latest Articles Feed Sunday, March 12, 2023 7:00 AM

Sundays are for saving a Steam Deck unboxing for when you get back from holiday, just to beat away those blues. Before you almost lose all willpower, let's read this week's best writing about games (and game related things).

Read more

Twinfinite Sunday, March 12, 2023 9:01 AM
     New world, same stone problems.

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paranormasight guide header mayu's escape darkness

Paranormasight unravels its yarn through the points of view of three protagonists: Tetsuo, Harue, and Yakko. However, during Harue's chapter, you unlock a fourth route titled "Darkness," which features another new playable character. Unfortunately for our new protagonist, she starts her tale inside of a mysterious dark room. Who is she, where is she, and how can she get out? Read ahead for some minor spoilers to learn how to complete the Darkness chapter in Paranormasight and earn the Mayu's Escape achievement.

Though this guide will not touch on anything plot-wise, it obviously contains some spoilers for the Paranormasight Darkness chapter. Read ahead at your own risk.

As soon as you wake up, you have no idea who or where you are. You only have the memory of a man talking to you, and when the prompts comes up, you can type in either Yoshimi or Hajime. But that's not your name. So the first course of action is figuring out your identity.

There is a mirror in the room but it is so grimy that you cannot see your reflection. If you look around the room, there is a container of soap on the steel shelf. Grab it. Soap on its own cannot do anything, so you have to find something to use it with. Check the lockers and open the left one; you will grab a mop that you can douse with the soap.

mayu's escape darkness guide paranormasight spoilers soap

Now that you are able to clean off the mirror, do so. After you see your face, which should be familiar to you, you have to input this Paranormasight character's name: Mayu Chozawa. You can use either her first or last name. Once Mayu remembers who she is, you can use the soapy mop to turn on the lights above you. Pick up the curse stone on the ground and then there will be a scene where you learn the circumstances behind Mayu's capture. During her flashback, she hears her captor mention that the password to the combination lock on the cabinet is the same year as the founding of Hihaku Soaps. If you check your Files, you can see that Hihaku Soaps was founded in 1946.

Inside the cabinet is a fax machine. Fantastic! Now you can call for help provided that you have a pen and a phone number. There is a pen on the desk but the tip is dry. You also cannot find a phone number inside of this room. So you have no choice but to suspend your investigation.

paranormasight mayu's escape darkness fax machine

The phone number should be fairly easy to get. Enter "Too Much to Handle" in Harue's route and go to the Shigima Residence. She has a fax machine in her reception room. Click on it and she will suddenly say her phone number out loud, to Richter's befuddlement.

mayu's escape darkness paranormasight fax number spoilers

With phone number in hand, go to the "Standing By" chapter in Tetsuo's route. He is standing outside Komagata High School with Erio. If you talk to Erio, he asks about their next course of action. Talk to him again and Tetsuo will ask him about pens. Erio will then tell you that you can fix a dried-up pen tip with nail polish remover. You now have everything you need to escape, so return to the "Darkness" chapter.

nail polish remover

You can find nail polish remover in the stack of cardboard boxes near the switchboard. Open up your items menu and then use it; you will automatically clean up the pen's tip. Afterwards, examine the fax machine and you will have the Shigima Residence's phone number telepathically beamed into your head. As for your location, you unlock Mayu's route after Harue sees her curse echo at Ho'onji Bridge. So that's where her captors are holding her.

Now that you have called for help and given them your location, all you have to do is wait for your rescue. Return to "Too Much to Handle" in Harue's route and go to the Shigima Residence. She will receive the fax and with Richter, she will go and rescue you. Completing this "Darkness" chapter will garner you the Mayu's Escape accomplishment on the Steam version of Paranormasight.

Paranormasight is readily available on the Nintendo Switch and Windows PC.

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2023 snack box micro

The 2023 Snack Box MICRO is a compact take on the all-button style controller for fighting games. It's so compact that I was wondering how well it would work for me. At ten inches long and five inches wide (and a height of less than three quarters of an inch), it's so small that I can almost cover its entire face with one hand. That size had me worried it would be too tiny for me to play comfortably after using the much-larger Victrix Pro FS 12 the last few months, and using bigger fight sticks for a while before that. Little did I know that its compact size would end up being the element I liked best about this fantastic controller.

Having only really gotten into fighting games in the last two years, I've been playing around with what feels best for input styles. Precision has been what I'm looking for. Control pads and fight sticks have been all right for directional inputs, but I found that nothing compared to the all-button style. Trying out the Victrix made a lot of things click, and motions that were constant headaches on other controllers suddenly worked (with a bit of practice). Even so, I was still learning the arcade-style button layout, which meant tapping the wrong attack buttons or losing my hand position on the controller. Sometimes I'd be one button too far to the left or right, resulting in some interesting losses. So, I'd solved one problem only to have found a new one.

The 2023 Snack Box MICRO has been doing a great job of fixing that issue for me, and its size has been what's helped. While I love the feel of larger fight sticks and that sense of having a giant control panel (I am terrible at Steel Battalion, but do I ever love that controller), there was so much open space for my hand to roam on the controller. Yes, I know the buttons are all in one spot, but when you're navigating by touch and have a larger spread of similar-feeling buttons to shuffle through, it can be easy to move your hand to the wrong place. It's something that I could have fixed with constant practice, but it's also something that I could easily goof up in a heated match even after I got good at it. I have shaky hands when I'm stressed, after all.

2023 snack box micro

The small size of the 2023 Snack Box MICRO meant that I could feel the edges of the fight stick with my wrist and hand based on where I was resting them. The lower right corner of the controller would be in the lower right corner of my right hand. Same deal for the left hand. If my hand felt anything but that corner, then I knew that I'd gotten my hands into a different position and would need to adjust. It seems like a tiny thing, but when you're learning a whole new control scheme, something like this can help you locate yourself on the stick while you get to know it. It's been hugely helpful in being able to hit my Roman Cancels and Bursts in Guilty Gear Strive – buttons that may as well have been on another planet while using the larger stick.

That smaller size has also worked well because it allows me to easily adjust the stick's position and find a spot that's most comfortable for me to use. I don't have a dedicated spot to set up the controller as I play games in my bedroom. I usually just sit on the bed rather than at a desk. So, this has meant that bigger sticks have to sit in my lap, which, while functional and decently comfortable, means the controller needs to stay in one specific position. There's not much ability to move it to better suit how my wrist or fingers move.

The 2023 Snack Box MICRO is small enough that I can make tiny tweaks to how it sits in my lap, allowing for better wrist rotation and finger taps. As an example, doing Potemkin Buster in Guilty Gear Strive requires I do a half circle motion from forward to back, then forward again. Despite a lot of practice, my inputs have been unreliable at best mostly due to how my wrist rolls and what feels natural for drumming my fingers along the buttons. I naturally drum my fingers from pinky to pointer, which has worked pretty good when I'm fighting on the right side. On the left, though, I have to twist and roll my wrist to do it right. That's hard to do when the controller is sitting flat, but if I put it at a slight angle, I can get the move fairly reliably. That's only been possible thanks to this tiny, lightweight controller and how easily I can move it.

[caption id="attachment_954056" align="aligncenter" width="1200"] Image courtesy of Danny Valencia (Instagram, Twitter). Artwork courtesy of Saf (Instagram, Twitter).[/caption]

It helps that the buttons gently cup your fingers, too, which helps keep you in place. The stick features concave keycaps out of the box that feel soft, but have just the tiniest bit of grip to them. I don't know much about the complex features of fight stick buttons, but I do know that the way these buttons gently keep your fingers oriented simply by curving around the finger, and the fact that they have a little bit of grip, has helped me keep my fingers in place while getting to know the stick. The buttons also have a slightly softer feel while pressing them that's been nice, and all while preserving that delightful clicky sound that my brain loves while playing fighters.

What's great is that this controller works on dang near everything, so once I get comfortable with it, I can hook it up to so many different systems. It works with the PS4, PS5, and even the PS3. Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S are covered, as is the Nintendo Switch. I can plug it into my PC or even my Steam Deck if I like. It'll even connect to my Android device if I really want it to. I honestly used to have several different fight sticks for all of the different systems in the house, but now I can just use this one and I'm good to go.

The 2023 Snack Box MICRO has some other nice features as well. I picked up the artwork case version which allows me to customize the art in the stick. I haven't done that yet because I kind of like being able to see the inner workings of the controller through the frosted case. There's also an LED lighting system around the buttons that lights up as you press them, creating a fun display that's also useful if you want to look down and see why an input went one way or another. Seeing the wrong button glowing has been a fun learning experience. Watching the whole thing light up while I do a Heavenly Potemkin Buster makes an already-incredible experience that much better, too.

[caption id="attachment_954057" align="aligncenter" width="1200"] Image courtesy of Danny Valencia (Instagram, Twitter). Artwork courtesy of Saf (Instagram, Twitter).[/caption]

You're free to customize the lights to your liking as well with an app that lets you make tweaks to the controller. You can change the brightness, fiddle with colors, and choose different animations with it. While you're there, you can also play around with the Simultaneous Opposing Cardinal Directions (SOCD) system, although I am not at a point where I feel like I want to make changes to how that operates. I just know that holding forward and backwards sets the directions to neutral so you can't walk and charge backwards at the same time. That's been good enough for me.

The closest thing I have to a complaint about the stick is that the 2023 Snack Box MICRO only comes with a six foot cable. Don't get me wrong, it's a strong, durable USB C cable. The controller even has a little loop and velcro strap to connect it to the side so that it reduces wear and tear on the USB port on the stick (honestly a great design decision there). It's just that my tv is far across the room and I have to sit fairly close to it for this cord to reach. If you had a setup where you were sitting closer to your monitor or tv you'd be fine, but a longer cord would have been nice. Since it's USB C cable, you can swap in another one (say, from another fight stick you also have lying around), so it's not likely going to be a big issue for many folks.

The 2023 Snack Box MICRO is just a solid little controller overall, especially for someone like me who is learning the stick. Its compact size helps keep my fingers situated on the right buttons and allows me to adjust the stick so that certain inputs become more comfortable. The concave buttons continue to help keep me in place and they just feel really good to press. Finally, the controller just looks really cool in action with its lights and the ability to see right into its electrical innards. It's easily my favorite fight stick, and with its size adding that ease of portability, I'm excited to start bringing it to locals to start Potemkin Buster-ing folks. See if they like the light show as much as I do when it's playing because I stomped them.

Preorders for the next batch of 2023 Snack Box Micro fight sticks are open now at Junkfood Arcades.

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     In RimWorld, you are faced with many architectural choices every time you try to build something. The game will always want you to choose from dozens of materials. When it comes to stone, there are 6 types that you can use for your walls, floors, and furniture to protect yourself from fires and impress your pawns with their beauty. Recommended Read: Best Clothes to Use in the Heat and in the Cold in RimWorld Unfortunately, they are all very different from each other, and one can be better than another, depending on the circumstances. In this guide, we will tell […]

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     What's up all? We have another remarkable giveaway from Giveaway Of The Day for Sacra Terra Angelic Night. Read on for their offering. Sacra Terra Angelic Night is available as a Giveaway of the day!You have limited time to download, install and register it. A few words about Sacra Terra Angelic Night Exclusive offer from Giveaway of the Day and ToomkyGames! No third-party advertising and br...

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DNF Duel Switch Release Date Set, DLC roadmap Spectre

Back at Arc Revo Japan 2022, Arc System Works announced DNF Duel would head to the Switch and Spectre would usher in DLC for the game. Since then, the company's been quiet about both. However, the Arc World Tour 2022 Finals marked an update on add-ons. While Spectre is still listed as a Summer 2023 add-on, it is confirmed she will be one of five DC characters in the first season pass.

Here's the full DNF Duel DLC roadmap, which begins with Spectre in Summer 2023. She'll also be accompanied by both a new system and new awakening system. Two more characters are tentatively set to appear in 2023 alongside her. One will show up in Fall 2023. The other will launch alongside a new stage in Winter 2023. The last two characters in this season pass will show up in 2024. There's no exact release window for either one.

DNF Duel Switch Release Date Set, DLC roadmap Spectre

And here's a closer look at Spectre in action:

There are currently 16 playable characters in DNF Duel. All of them are based on classes from Dungeon Fighter Online, aka Dungeon & Fighter. This means people can end up playing as people like Berserker, Dragon Knight, Grappler, Kunoichi, and Ranger.

As a reminder, there's also a limited pre-order offer for the Switch version of the game.

DNF Duel is available for the PS4, PS5, and PC, and the Switch release date is April 20, 2023. Spectre will usher in the first wave of DLC for its Season Pass in Summer 2023.

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Next Guilty Gear Strive DLC Character is Delilah and Bedman?

At Arc World Tour 2023, Arc System Works revealed the next Guilty Gear Strive DLC character will be both Delilah and "Bedman?". The two will function as a single character. They will appear on April 6, 2023, as will a new Fairy's Forest Factory stage. People who purchased the $24.99 Season Pass 2 will have access to both. Someone could buy the new add-on character alone for $6.99 and the stage for $1.99. There's also a new trailer showing the DLC off.

Delilah is a character that's been teased throughout Guilty Gear Strive's recent story ahead of her DLC debut and is the sister of the original Bedman. While fighting, the bed

Here's a first look at Guilty Gear Strive Delilah and Bedman? gameplay.

And here's an array of screenshots showing the new character in-game.

[gallery link="file" columns="2" size="full" ids="955121,955122,955123,955124,955125,955126,955127,955128,955129,955130"]

This means there is one more DLC character in the Guilty Gear Strive Season Pass 2. Both Bridget and Sin Kiske both joined the cast for its second season. The first season pass added Baiken, Goldlewis Dickinson, Happy Chaos, Jack-O, and Testament.

Guilty Gear Strive is available for the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Windows PC. The Delilah and Bedman? DLC character will launch on April 6, 2023.

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