Friday, 17 September 2021

Massively Overthinking: How much would you pay for an MMO sub in 2021?

A few weeks back, MMO YouTuber Napyet tweeted that he liked Fallout 76's private servers but that compared to MMORPGs, the subscription for the game was on the high side. The optional Fallout First sub is around 13 bucks a month, with the base game – which launched almost three years ago – still clocking […]

Browser MMO Genfanad plans an alpha event for September, pushes off Kickstarter

Back in July, we covered a new-to-us browser-based MMORPG called Genfanad, and if you remember anything about it, it's probably the concept art of a buff Abe Lincoln shaking hands with a medieval knight. As we noted at the time, that bit of weirdo humor is intentional, as the Rose-Tinted Games seeks to turn "traditional […]

Trove asks players to side with fae or undead in latest event, releases the Bard class to Xbox and PlayStation

If you had to choose between undead horrors or trickster faefolk, which would you go for? That's the question being asked of Trove players in the game's latest event, which is tasking players with joining a side in a conflict between the fae and the undead. Or players could just choose both sides; the stakes […]

Aion NA's producer hypes up the arrival of new updates coming to retail and classic in a latter

While it's still only September, the producer for Aion in North America has plenty to write about. The letter in question is mostly about recent developments for the MMORPG, including the consolidation of servers, the game's 12th anniversary, and the release of Aion Classic to the west in June. Naturally, there are tidbits in the […]

Star Citizen fixes a currency bug, confirms that alpha 3.15 will feature a full progression wipe

Star Citizen's official forums have a couple of important announcements to share with players. First, a bug that was seeing aUEC disappear has been found and squashed with a recent hotfix. Players should see more accurate space bucks in their space wallets, though the announcement did stress that some aUEC may be lost forever due […]

Valheim's Hearth and Home update has officially arrived for the early access sandbox

First announced back in June, Valheim's Hearth and Home update is finally upon us, and before you ask, the multiplayer survival sandbox game has still not exited early access, although it's pretty cheap right now – $15.99 – on Steam if you're so inclined. Hearth and Home is a pretty hefty update, particularly for crafters […]

Swords of Legends Online offers a moon-filled festival for players to enjoy

We're going to go ahead and make a bold statement: The moon is the prettiest lifeless space rock locked in perpetual orbit around our planet. And Swords of Legends Online apparently agrees because the game is kicking off a whole moon festival dedicated to the big shiny moon from now until October 7th. You can […]

Bless Unleashed PC introduces a new high-level boss fight and new dungeon in latest update

If you've got a character that's between level 35 and 42 in Bless Unleashed's PC version, you've got some new content to face with the most recent update. This patch introduces a level 35 dungeon known as the Nightspire and a level 42 boss fight in the form of the Twisted Spider Queen. Both promise […]

Combat style testing for Star Wars The Old Republic now moves to the Assassin and Sorcerer classes

Public testing for the new combat styles of Star Wars: The Old Republic's classes rolls on. As of yesterday, the game's PTR has started testing for the Sith Assassin and Sith Sorcerer, granting both classes their opportunity to be put through their paces. As with other class adjustments, the idea is to make the Assassin […]

Time-travel MMO Into the Echo releases new video and alpha signups

Back in August, we covered a newly unveiled time-travel MMORPG called Into the Echo. Canada-based ETLOK Studios pitched the game as one with "traditional mechanics of resource collection, crafting, puzzle-solving and combat to build next generation social experiences" as well as "a launching pad for next generation social interactions where each player has a unique […]

BitCraft is a new upcoming MMORPG promising a procedural sandbox environment for players

So, want a new sandbox to look forward to? BitCraft has shown up as a new procedurally generated wide-open sandbox for players to explore, with the focus apparently leaning far on exploration and social interaction rather than combat. Players will be able to craft their own towns, explore the aforementioned large world, level up a […]

Stick and Rudder: Gaining traction as a newbie in EVE Online

EVE Online has a reputation for being difficult for new players. The varied, complex systems, some of which are a product of the era when EVE launched and some of which have been accumulated over time, do indeed present a steep learning curve for a pilot attempting to jump right into New Eden. While I […]

Crowfall lays out roadmap, addresses newbie zones and requests for auction halls

If you were worried about the state of Crowfall following the layoffs early this month, you can at least be comforted by the fact that ArtCraft is still putting out ACE Q&A videos. The latest features ArtCraft Executive Producer Gordon Walton and Design Director Thomas Blair. The duo begin by discussing the milestone update and […]

Vague Patch Notes: Returning MMO players need tutorials too

One of the nice things about Final Fantasy XIV is that it is explicitly designed by someone who thinks that it's not just reasonable but expected that you'll take some time off from the game. While there's certainly nothing stopping you from playing the game on a daily basis, producer and director Naoki Yoshida has said explicitly […]

Lord of the Rings Online does some more work on the Brawler and LI 3.0

If you haven't yet gotten an advance look at the new Brawler class and the revamped legendary item system for Lord of the Rings Online, you have a short window to check out the latest build for these on the test server before it goes down tomorrow. Beta 2 for Update 30.3 tweaks a number […]

Mad World is in open alpha and can be played in a browser until tomorrow

It has been almost a full year since we had any major reports arrive about Mad World, the grimdark isometric multiplayer ARPG from developer Jandisoft. Readers will recall that the game was supposed to launch on Steam in 2018, but then the delays began to pile up, starting with a planned 2019 alpha test, a […]

Guild Wars 2's sixth End of Dragons elite spec is the Elementalist's Catalyst

ArenaNet has just unveiled its sixth End of Dragons elite spec for Guild Wars 2, the third this week: It's the hammer-wielding Elementalist known as the Catalyst. "Catalysts were casters from a bygone era, working to protect Cantha and the throne from enemy threats. They wielded intricate apparatuses called spheres that were used as conduits […]

WoW Classic releases Overlords of Outland, WoW Patch 9.1.5 undergoes additional testing

The watchword of World of Warcraft this week is "patches." Patches of patches of patches. Miles of patches. Patches of all shapes, sizes, and attitudes. WoW Classic got a big one thanks to the release of Overlords of Outland, which brings in the Serpentshrine Cavern and Eye in Tempest Keep raids (and their related attunement […]

The Daily Grind: Are there MMOs that would be better off without crafting?

Crafting is important. I like crafting. In games that do it well, I flat out love it; in games that do it decently but not quite as well, I still enjoy the fact that it's there. While no one would ever confuse crafting with my main focus in an MMO, that doesn't mean I don't […]

Warhammer Online rogue server Return of Reckoning preps anniversary celebration and huge reveal this weekend

If you've been keeping an eye on Warhammer Online rogue server Return of Reckoning, you probably already know that the game is knee-deep in its take on the Stronghold Saga, which currently pits Dwarves against Greenskins in the Marshes of Madness. But this month, the player dev team has been hinting that there's more than […]

Prosperous Universe talks about its recent patch and mobile launch as it gets a spotlight on Reddit

Prosperous Universe has been busy recently according to the game's most recent development log. Discussion among the devs focuses primarily on two topics: work on the game's recent patch, which has brought features like base exploration, market filters, and base demolition; and a whole lot of UI work for the game's mobile version, which apparently […]

LittleBigPlanet's PS3 and Vita servers will remain offline permanently thanks to a toxic hacker

This past May we reported on the woes of the original LittleBigPlanet, a cutesy 2.5-D platformer that is a primarily single-player experience but also let players craft their own levels and share them online — that is until one particularly toxic hacker managed to find a way to take control of the game's error messages […]

Conan Exiles is cracking down on toxicity and sploits on official servers

Funcom appears to be cleaning up the Conan Exiles official servers, as this week it announced a change to its terms of conduct. It specifically forbids hogging servers and land, abuse of the claim and construction system, hacks, exploits, and the usual run of extremely offensive (racist, sexual, hateful, threatening) chat, along with "terrorist and criminal […]

Bless Unleashed answers a whole slew of player questions

The most recent community livestream for Bless Unleashed answered a lot of player questions. No, really, a lot of player questions. You would be kind of blown away by the sheer number of questions answered. But you don't have to take our word for it, nor do you have to wade through the entire video to catch […]

Path of Exile asks for community votes on what the game will sell you next

Market research is a tricky thing. It can be hard to figure out what exactly will get people to spend money on a product and what will convince people to drop money. Of course, you could always go with Path of Exile's approach and just ask people what to sell them next and then make a […]

Aion's European version kicks off its anniversary celebration

It's been 12 years for Aion running on European servers, and unfortunately it looks like the game's carnival barker does not particularly care. Seriously, look at the face on that guy. That is the face of not giving a damn. That is someone who is not excited by the game's 12-year anniversary celebration, and frankly, it's kind […]

The Stream Team: Facing more xenomorphs with a friend in Aliens Fireteam Elite

If you're about to go into an alien-infested hell with only a bunch of weapons and your wits, it's probably wise to bring a friend. That's just what MOP's Chris is doing as he and a good buddy of his team up for a bit of duo action in the co-op shooter Aliens: Fireteam Elite. […]

Amazon Games hired a former Ubisoft Toronto boss to lead its new Montreal studio

Amazon Games announced today that it's picked a new leader for its new Montreal-based studio: Alexandre Parizeau. If that name sounds familiar, it's because he was a co-founder of Ubisoft Toronto alongside Maxime Béland. Béland, of course, was ousted following a slew of allegations of abuse and violence lodged against him last year. Parizeau himself, […]

Swords of Legends Online brings extreme dungeons, a hard mode raid, and a Moon Festival tomorrow

The next update arriving to Swords of Legends Online tomorrow, September 16th, could easily be described as having two halves. On the one side, you've got harder content to tackle, while on the other side, there's a serene and beautiful-looking autumn festival. So a little bit of something for everyone, then. Assuming there are plenty […]

Vampire multiplayer survival title V Rising shows off gameplay and plans a 2021 beta

V Rising, the multiplayer vampiric survival title from Stunlock Studios (of Battlerite fame) has been doing a lot of talking to this point. Readers will recall this game first hit our notice in June, talking up PvE and PvP challenges as players raise their own vampire lord to eventually rule over the game world, and […]

Perfect Ten: Shapeshifting classes in MMOs

After my wife and I saw an X-Men movie a while back, we got into a discussion about what mutant power we'd pick for ourselves if we had the choice. I was torn between teleportation and quick healing, while my wife wanted to be able to turn into cash to pay off our mortgage. I […]

Black Desert launches PC season+ server, offers next-gen console support and roadmap

It's Wednesday, which means another weekly deluge of Black Desert news. First, over on the PC servers, where the game is celebrating 2000 days online in the west, Pearl Abyss is launching the Season+ server as planned. As we've previously covered, this server replaces the truncated summer season with a special server meant for onboarding […]

PlanetSide 2 brings its retooled player starting experience online in today's update

Today is the day that new players to PlanetSide 2 get to experience some new onboarding. The shooter's newest update is set to go live today and it's bringing a host of tutorial adjustments designed to make starting up more informative, dynamic, and fun. The update isn't only just about getting newbies used to which […]

Star Trek Online talks about ship remasters, offers a charity bundle, and makes players angry over pants

Care for a random bundle of Star Trek Online news? Well you've come to the right place, friend. Let's get started. Seeing as how the game is all about the Mirror Universe with the latest season launch, it's given a reason for the devs to remaster some of the ships. STO's lead starship artist Thomas […]

Book of Travels promises early access release 'really isn't far away'

Like the space shuttle on a bad weather day, Book of Travels has been in a holding pattern ever since Might and Delight announced an indefinite delay for the early access launch – its fourth delay, no less – with no new launch date on offer. While the studio isn't ready to commit to a […]

Guild Wars 2 just revealed End of Dragons' Warrior elite spec, the Bladesworn

In just a week, ArenaNet is throwing open the doors of its second Guild Wars 2 End of Dragons elite spec beta, during which we'll get to play the as-yet unrevealed spec, the Revenant's Vindicator, and… oh yeah, the brand-new Warrior spec, the Bladesworn, fresh off the hype train this morning. "Advances in Cantha technology […]

EverQuest II announces Visions of Vetrovia expansion, while EverQuest kicks off Fun Fall event

Are you ready to go on a new expedition with EverQuest II? Then set sail for this fall's expansion, Visions of Vetrovia. Daybreak just announced this seafaring pack, which sounds piratey indeed: "An enterprising captain by the name of Douglan Wakerunner is convinced there are uncharted lands still waiting to be found! He has convinced […]

The Daily Grind: Do you like building your own MMO house or having the shell created for you?

One thing that I very much like about the current state of Fallout 76 is that the game gives you two options in regards to player housing. You can build an abode from scratch out in the game world — or you can pop into a pre-fabricated underground shelter. As I don't always want to […]

Star Stable offers players a free horse for its anniversary

For ages on the internet we have all used the idea that something will give you a pony as accepted synecdoche for giving someone something nice. Well guess what, people? Star Stable is going to celebrate the 10-year mark by giving you a free pony. The Soul Steed is available to all players as part of […]

Multiplayer sandbox Staxel is launching on the Switch next week

Staxel is a cutesy cozy multiplayer sandbox we've been covering for a few years; it boasts farming, fishing, housing, building, hunting, and more all in a very Stardew Valley-esque gameplay loop but with Minecraftier graphics. Dutch studio Plukit hasn't been idle over the last few years either, and we've covered a few of those updates […]

Dual Universe outlines core combat stress, shield changes, and PvP fixes coming in the Ares update

When Dual Universe kicked out a tease to its Ares update on the game's roadmap, it had plenty to list but not a whole lot of detail. Those details are now starting to come to light thanks to the first part of a dev blog series, which talks about PvP fixes, what it calls "shields […]

Lost Ark previews four regions of Luterra as we wait for the new 2022 launch

So you're bummed about Lost Ark getting the boot to 2022. I get it. You know what might make you feel better? Lore! That's Amazon's plan, anyway, as the game's latest dev blog says it's going to "spend the coming months touring some of the continents found across Arkesia" and then sets out exploring four […]

Massively OP Podcast Episode 338: No power in the multiverse can stop Raph Koster

Justin and Bree discuss Elyon, Lost Ark, New World, Crowfall, LOTRO, and Raph Koster's multiverse, with adventures in Runes of Magic, Fallout 76, and SWG Legends, plus mailbag topics on when leaving an MMO isn't an option and whether WoW is still an MMO.

City of Heroes Rebirth server tweaks various rewards and adds new powersets in its latest update

We've got some fresh news coming out of the Rebirth rogue server of City of Heroes. The game's second issue, Paths to Power, has officially gone live as of yesterday, following the server's first issue release in April that added a new Guardian archetype among other things. As the issue's title suggests, a lot of […]

Grab a Fiesta Online mount and costume voucher in honor of Realm of the Gods

Back in August, we covered the news that Gamigo's Fiesta Online had released an expansion called Realm of the Gods, and as we noted, it was indeed a real expansion, with three new zones, 100 new quests, and a level cap bump to 140. In celebration of that launch, the studio has granted Massively OP […]

World of Warcraft promotes Overlords of Outland and Shadowlands 9.1.5 as labor organizers take the fight to Activision-Blizzard

The Blizzard currently pumping out videos, timelines, and recaps of impending content is not really a Blizzard we recognize, but uh, it's definitely happening. In what still appears to be a transparent and understandable attempt to repair spoiled relations with the playerbase, the World of Warcraft team has dropped yet another summary of inbound patches […]

New World dishes on its China-themed Ebonscale Reach endgame zone

Amazon has put out a new video on New World today, this one on the cultures and civilizations in the game. If you spied the version on Twitter, you might want to scoot over to the YouTube version, which is six times longer and does a better job delivering on the premise in the tweet […]

Choose My Adventure: Slowly acclimating to the goofiness of DC Universe Online

Boy did this one start out strangely. Apparently I have played DC Universe Online a few times before — I even have a level 19 hero and level 12 villain — but I don't remember too much. I do remember the starting tutorial bit because I like making lots of alts in superhero games and […]

Star Wars: The Old Republic makes a mystery merchant always available

According to Wookieepedia, the man known as Kai Zykken is "a male Human who was captain of the Corellian Run Scoundrels, a pirate gang during the Galactic War. A persistent rumor was that Zykken once kidnapped the adult daughter of Viril Shu, a corporate magnate on the planet Denon. Rather than ransom her, Zyyken unsuccessfully […]

Flameseeker Chronicles: Everything we learned about Guild Wars 2 End of Dragons' fishing and skiffs

Fishing is one of those weirdly ubiquitous RPG systems. Nobody picks an MMO based on how good its fishing skill is, and nobody complains when a new MMO launches with no fish to catch. Yet, with the launch of End of Dragons, all of the "big five" MMORPGs will have it, and countless other MMORPGs, […]