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Hades 2 is here, bringing with it all kinds of questions about how to gather materials, unlock the ward, and a whole lost of other things. Well, we've got answers. We'll also shine a little light on the darkness of Shadow Moses with some fun tips for Metal Gear Solid, get you started right in V Rising, and more.


PCGamesN Sunday, May 12, 2024 12:50 PM
     Stellar vampire survival game continues Steam climb after 1.0 launch

Now that V Rising 1.0 has arrived, it's time to take on the world's most famous vampire in the survival game. With plenty of new features like an extra region to explore, more weapons to use against the undead, and new difficulty options, it's no surprise that we're seeing the popularity of V Rising increase after Steam Early Access. In fact, the game's doing so well that it's on track to demolish its previous max concurrent player count.

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PCGamesN Sunday, May 12, 2024 11:31 AM
     Dragon Adventures codes May 2024

May 12, 2024: We're looking for new Dragon Adventures codes for the Double Guild Wars Points weekend.

What are the new Dragon Adventures codes? From the very first moment you climb atop your starting dragon, this Roblox game has you fly around looking for treasure. The most valuable of these are the many dragon eggs scattered around the land, as hatching them will give you new friends.

Of course, plenty of similar Roblox experiences are available, ranging from expansive open world RPG games to farming simulators where you take care of animals. If you like tending to the needs of cute creatures, we have plenty of Pet Simulator 99 codes to help you get free gems or Elemental Dungeons codes if you want more action-based fantasy fun.

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PCGamesN Sunday, May 12, 2024 11:27 AM
     Aura RNG codes May 2024

May 12, 2024: We're looking for new codes for the Calamity update to Aura RNG.

What are the newest Aura RNG codes? The main point of Aura RNG is to roll for the coolest effect possible and apply it to your Roblox avatar. You can earn coins by exploring the world and completing quests to buy potions that boost your chances. However, that takes quite a while, especially if you're new and want a fantastic look out of the gate.

That's where these Aura RNG codes come in, as they'll give you free potions that increase your luck. These Roblox games allow you to roll the in-built gacha system without financial commitment. If that thrill appeals to you, you should probably check out our Anime Roulette codes, as that experience has remarkably similar gameplay.

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PCGamesN Sunday, May 12, 2024 11:28 AM
     Jujutsu Shenanigans codes May 2024

May 12, 2024: We spent a bit of time searching for Jujutsu Shenanigans codes for update 1.21.

How do you get Jujutsu Shenanigans codes? If you love anime and also happen to love taking on people in battles to the death, then Jujutsu Shenanigans is the game for you. Based loosely on the Jujutsu Kaisen manga series, this Roblox game will see you take on all-comers, to be crowned the ultimate fighter.

This particular Roblox game doesn't only take inspiration from manga, it also takes cues from "many battleground games" and has "destruction inspired by combat mayhem". It's certainly shaping up to be one of the best Roblox games we've played recently. If you're looking to get involved, but want some free stuff to get you started, we have the latest Jujutusu Shenanigans codes for April right here.

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PCGamesN Sunday, May 12, 2024 11:29 AM
     Anime Switch codes May 2024

May 12, 2024: Anime Switch is down for an update. We're hoping for new codes when it returns.

What are the new Anime Switch codes? Though plenty of similar Roblox games are available, Anime Switch has just a little more polish than most. You'll summon characters from One Piece, Dragon Ball Z, and Bleach, and you can upgrade each one with trait tokens to give them unique bonuses.

Anime Switch is a little more action-orientated than most similar Roblox experiences. However, it's still an anime game where the best characters are randomly summoned at the cost of some gems. Since you're here, you may wish to get free stuff with these Anime Last Stand codes and All Star Tower Defense codes, or the latest Demon Piece codes and Blox Fruits codes if you want something more active.

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PCGamesN Sunday, May 12, 2024 11:20 AM
     Red Dead meets Doom in Wild West boomer shooter you can try for free

The Wild West is such a fantastic setting, yet it sometimes feels a little underutilized in gaming. Classics such as Gun, the original Red Dead Revolver, and the excellent Call of Juarez paved the way for Rockstar's masterful Red Dead Redemption 2. Yet new boomer shooter Chambers, from the developer of the surreal Golden Light, blends that western charm with fast-paced classic FPS games like Doom and Quake, and you can try an early taste thanks to a prequel available to play now as a free Steam game.

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PCGamesN Sunday, May 12, 2024 11:23 AM
     Second Piece codes May 2024

May 12, 2024: There's a new Second Piece code out but the game is unavailable.

What are the newest Second Piece codes? We've seen plenty of One Piece-inspired experiences on Roblox, and Second Piece is one of the newest on the market. Your goal is to become king of the pirates, but your journey isn't going to be easy. Powering up in the early game might seem simple at first, but the game becomes much more difficult when you hit the level cap.

There is a silver lining, however. Once you reach the higher levels, you can start entering several Second Piece codes to get free stuff. If you find this Roblox game a bit difficult to start, we also have Fruit Battlegrounds codes and Blox Fruit codes, which are available to everyone from the beginning.

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PCGamesN Sunday, May 12, 2024 11:25 AM
     Moto Trackday Project codes May 2024

May 12, 2024: We're getting closer to the 50k likes code for Moto Trackday Project.

What are the newest Moto Trackday Project codes? Occasionally, you want to experience the thrill of cruising at well over 100 miles per hour, all without the risk of physical injury. Some of you may want the latest and coolest bike purely to flaunt your wealth. Whatever your reason, you're going to need a lot of cash beforehand.

Winning races and driving along long stretches of the open road without crashing can net you the big bucks in this Roblox experience. However, if you'd rather not bother with all that, these Moto Trackday codes will give you more than enough dollars to buy the bike of your dreams. If you don't like bikes, fans of four-wheelers can check out the latest Car Dealership Tycoon codes, or if you prefer racing on foot, these Race Clicker codes help you reach outrageous speeds.

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PCGamesN Sunday, May 12, 2024 1:32 PM
     Marvel Rivals apologizes for

Marvel Rivals developer NetEase has apologized for a contract it sent to content creators looking to play the hero shooter's alpha playtest. The contract contained a non-disparagement agreement that forbade streamers and creators from being critical of the game and "providing subjective negative reviews," with NetEase telling PCGamesN that it is now working with creators to revise the terms of the agreement.

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PCGamesN Sunday, May 12, 2024 11:21 AM
     Anime Roulette codes May 2024

May 12, 2024: Three new Anime Roulette codes have been added to list.

What are the latest Anime Roulette codes? Becoming the character of your dreams is as simple as spinning a wheel and earning a species as a title, forever altering your avatar. So, if you've ever fancied yourself as a Stand user from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, a Super Saiyan from the Dragon Ball series, or a Devil Fruit user from One Piece, this is the Roblox experience for you.

However, brand-new players can reliably earn very few titles in this Roblox game. This is where Anime Roulette codes come in. They give you money to expand your storage and some Super Rolls to roll and potentially win rare in-game titles. If you fancy playing a more active anime experience, we have Anime Last Stand codes, Tower Defense X codes, and Blox Fruits codes for a whole bunch of freebies.

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PCGamesN Sunday, May 12, 2024 11:26 AM
     Pet Catchers codes May 2024

May 12, 2024: We're looking around for a new Pet Catchers code for this week.

What are the newest Pet Catchers codes? Catching cute critters in capsules is the way to go in this creature-collecting simulator. What begins with you gathering rather ordinary creatures, such as dogs and rabbits, quickly evolves into one where you're trying to swipe mythical monsters.

To help you in your endeavor, you can use these Pet Catchers codes to help nab even the rarest and most challenging pets. One or two even give you some unique new friends to join you. As it's a relatively young game, you may run out of stuff to do. However, there are also plenty of other cute animal-based Roblox experiences available. We have plenty of Pet Simulator 99 codes if you want a more established pet-collecting simulator, while there are also the more focused Bee Swarm Simulator codes for those who love buzzing around with cute bumblebee friends.

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PCGamesN Sunday, May 12, 2024 11:18 AM
     Tower Defense X codes May 2024 – free in-game cash

May 12, 2024: We've looked around for new TDX codes for update 2.1.

What are the new Tower Defense X codes? Promising all-out tower warfare unlike anything the various other Roblox TD games released over the years can offer, using codes is the best way to stay ahead of the curve in this new strategy experience. And be sure to redeem them quickly. Roblox codes don't last forever. Without them, you risk falling behind in record speed.

The bite-sized nature of Roblox experiences means it's entirely possible (and common) to master a few favourites at the same time. To help with the biggest out there, check out these Shindo Life codes for ninja adventures, Blade Ball codes to cut through the competition, and Blox Fruits codes to be the best pirate you can be.

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PCGamesN Sunday, May 12, 2024 11:13 AM
     Toilet Tower Defense codes May 2024 – free coins and more

May 12, 2024: We've had another look around for new Toilet Tower Defense codes.

What are the new Toilet Tower Defense codes? A sweeping success when it comes to on-trend releases on the Roblox platform, one of the best ways to keep up (or get started) in this massively popular TD game is to keep on top of the various codes that come and go. Awarding valuable coins and other items, they're a great way to pull and upgrade the best units without spending a buck.

Known to bring in over 100k visitors even on the quietest of mid-week mornings, this Roblox game is only second to a few others. If you want to check out the competition, Blade Ball codes can help you cut through the rabble, Blox Fruits codes can get you the Beli you need for powerful fruits, and Tower Defense X codes can jumpstart your efforts in the newest trendy TD game.

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PCGamesN Sunday, May 12, 2024 11:12 AM
     War Tycoon codes May 2024

May 12, 2024: There's a new War Tycoon code to use.

What are the new War Tycoon codes? If you're tired of having enemy players storm your base to steal your oil reserves or just need a speedy vehicle to transport the oil barrels back to your encampment, then chances are you need a quick boost to your cash reserves.

No matter if you're starting to build up your arsenal or need that extra bit of help against the competition in order to capture key points on the map, these active War Tycoon codes provide plenty of prizes to assist you in this popular Roblox experience. While you're here, there are plenty of codes for other games on the platform, such as Blox Fruits codes, Blade Ball codes, and Project Slayers codes, among many others.

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PCGamesN Sunday, May 12, 2024 11:03 AM
     Tower Heroes codes May 2024

May 12, 2024: We've had another good look for new Tower Heroes codes for today's bug patch.

What are the latest Tower Heroes codes? Bashing monsters to protect your towers is not a new concept for a Roblox experience, but Tower Heroes is picking up steam thanks to some charming heroes who you can upgrade into more powerful forms. Even the freebies are adorable.

The best way to earn new heroes for your roster is to redeem Tower Heroes codes for additional coins. You'll also find that some codes unlock free stickers, skins, and enemies you won't find anywhere else. If you're in the mood for more Roblox freebies, check out our Blox Fruits codes, Fruit Battlegrounds codes, Anime Champions Simulator codes, and Blade Ball codes guides. For now, though, this is what Tower Heroes has to offer.

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PCGamesN Sunday, May 12, 2024 11:09 AM
     Untitled Boxing Game codes May 2024

May 12, 2024: A new UBG code dropped. A few others have expired.

What are the new Untitled Boxing Game codes? These freebies will light your fists on fire with tons of extra spins. This relatively secretive Roblox brawler is gearing up for a big release, and its dynamic camera and fancy footwork already have it feeling like a beat-'em-up poised for the big leagues. Climb into the ring and fight fair. Just use a few codes beforehand. Nobody needs to know.

Ready your fists and challenge anyone in this Roblox arena to a punching match. Stand your ground, stay on your toes, and keep your head in the game. And if you can't quite cut it, we have plenty of Shindo Life codes for you to use instead, with Blox Fruits codes and King Legacy codes available if you're more of a pirate than a ninja.

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PCGamesN Sunday, May 12, 2024 11:00 AM
     Tower Defense Simulator codes May 2024

May 12, 2024: At long last, a new Tower Defense Simulator code has arrived.

What are the new Tower Defense Simulator codes? And oldie but a goodie, this particular Roblox experience has been kicking around for years now. A mix of two very popular genres, even in the face of fierce competition, it keeps us coming back with big new updates, features, units, and seasonal events. And it's showing no signs of slowing down.

Assuming you're not sticking to just one Roblox game, you can find more freebies on our Blade Ball codes page. That's the latest experience to make it big on the platform. For more classics, Blox Fruits codes and Legends of Speed codes  are both worth checking out, too. It's like taking a crash course in the history of the platform's greatest hits.

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PCGamesN Sunday, May 12, 2024 10:58 AM
     Strongman Simulator codes May 2024

May 12, 2024: We're looking for new Strongman Simulator codes for the Trading update.

What are the current Strongman Simulator codes? If you want to pump some iron and need that little extra boost, then you've come to the right place. Here we have all the current rewards that temporarily buff your movement speed, the energy you accrue, and workout gains for exercising at dumbbells.

Of course, we also have codes for other macho sports-based Roblox games, including Muscle Legends codes, Punch Wall codes, and Legends of Speed codes. For now, though, if you want to get strong specifically in Strongman Simulator, here are some bonuses you can gain to maximize your workout.

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PCGamesN Sunday, May 12, 2024 10:57 AM
     Southwest Florida codes May 2024

May 12, 2024: We're still searching for new Southwest Florida codes. We need a new ride.

What are the latest Southwest Florida codes? In this RPG, you can become whoever you want to be. More often than not, though, the goal is to earn enough cash to buy the best ride that money can buy. Some codes will give you more than enough to afford a new car, while others will put you closer to buying your dream vehicle.

To afford this lifestyle, you'll need cold, hard cash, and with these Southwest Florida codes, you'll have plenty to spend on nice cars in this Roblox experience. Of course, there are other similar games available, so if you'd rather take to the crime-filled streets, we have all the current Da Hood codes and Pet Simulator 99 codes. Or if you prefer something a little more chill, then these Berry Avenue codes may help you get the best outfit.

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PCGamesN Sunday, May 12, 2024 10:52 AM
     Slap Battles codes May 2024

May 12, 2024: We've looked for new Slap Battles codes for the Plank Glove update.

What are the new Slap Battles codes? In this Roblox experience, the only thing that matters is getting the most slaps. For each one you get, you can work your way closer to having the most destructive palm in the galaxy.

So, if you want to have the most powerful slapping hand, you'll need to work for it. There are plenty of other Roblox experiences out there if this one loses its appeal, and we have the latest freebies for the likes of Blade Ball codes, Anime Last Stand codes, and Toilet Tower Defense codes. Without further ado, these Slap Battles codes will give you a bit of a boost to get started.

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PCGamesN Sunday, May 12, 2024 10:51 AM
     Shindo Life codes May 2024

May 12, 2024: Four new Shindo Life codes dropped for patch 234.

What are the new Shindo Life codes? Shindo Life is among the most popular gacha games on the Roblox platform thanks to its lightning-fast action, wealth of unlockables, and Naruto-like vibes. Developer RellGames is also an extremely active creator, delivering a tight weekly update schedule and serving up regular codes for rellcoins, spins, double XP, and more.

If you want to stay ahead of the competition, you'd be wise to make use of our codes list down below, which we update regularly to bring you the latest rewards before they're gone. We'll also explain how to redeem Roblox Shindo Life codes as well as when you can expect new codes to arrive. If you need more freebies, we also keep updated lists of new Blox Fruits codes, Pet Simulator 99 codes, and All Star Tower Defense codes.

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PCGamesN Sunday, May 12, 2024 10:49 AM
     Sakura Stand codes May 2024

May 12, 2024: After a good long while, a new Sakura Stand code has arrived.

What are the newest Sakura Stand codes? Revamped from an old game of the same name, Sakura Stand is a JoJo's Bizarre Adventure-inspired anime Roblox game with gameplay that matches similar fighting and farming experiences.

Like many Roblox games, this one has a bunch of codes you can redeem to get more chances to receive tokens and experience boosts. It's far from the only anime game out there, especially when it comes to Roblox games, so while you're here, check out the latest Anime Champions Simulator codes, Blox Fruits codes, and Fruit Battlegrounds codes for some more freebies.

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PCGamesN Sunday, May 12, 2024 10:47 AM
     Ro Ghoul codes May 2024

May 12, 2024: Following a recode, there's a new Ro Ghost code in.

What are the Roblox Ro Ghoul codes? Despite still being in beta, Ro Ghoul, inspired by Tokyo Ghoul, is one of the most popular Roblox games at the moment. The developer, Sushi Walrus, celebrates this regularly with some great in-game redemption codes, and we've tested all the latest ones.

In Ro Ghoul, you take on the role of either an investigator or a ghoul as you try and defeat the other group and stay alive. If you're after some bonus in-game currency, we've got all the latest Ro Ghoul codes you need, but if you're here, then you're a Roblox fan, so you should also take a look at the latest Roblox music codes and all the most up-to-date Roblox promo codes.

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PCGamesN Sunday, May 12, 2024 10:42 AM
     PLS Donate codes May 2024

May 12, 2024: a lot of new hats just went up. PLS Donate codes, though? Read on.

What are the new PLS Donate codes? This donation simulator is a big hit on the Roblox platform, chiefly because it's one of the few games where you're in with a real chance to earn free Robux. Setting up a donation stand is simple enough, but standing out from the crowd is essential if you want to entice big donors. That's where PLS Donate codes come in handy.

Our up-to-date list of PLS Donate codes includes the Giftbux you need to customize your donation stand and a few items to trade in return for a donation. PLS Donate is one of the best Roblox games, so be sure to get ahead of the economic curve and redeem these PLS Donate codes. We also have a collection of Roblox promo codes and Roblox music codes if you fancy firing up some tunes while working your stand.

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PCGamesN Sunday, May 12, 2024 10:44 AM
     Race Clicker codes May 2024

May 12, 2024: The Slime Pet Quest update came without a new Race Clicker code.

What are the new Race Clicker codes? We've compiled a list of all the new Race Clicker codes for free wins and boosts in this click-to-win Roblox game. The codes can be redeemed in-game, providing many competitive advantages to help you win the clicking frenzy.

The game is simple, the faster you click, the faster you go. Some of the codes offer free auto clicks and pets, while you can get boosts and luck for a limited time. If you're looking for further Roblox freebies, we regularly update our lists of the latest Anime Adventures codes, Blox Fruits codes, and All Star Tower Defense codes.

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Hello reader who is also a reader, and welcome to Booked For The Week - our Sunday feature where we ask a selection of cool industry folks questions about books! Did you know that if you cup a book over your ear you can hear the gentle ambience of a thousand seagulls screaming how Charles Bukowski is literally them fr? I cannot judge these irritating gulls. "Air And Light..." is still one of my all time favourites. This week, it's El Paso, Elsewhere developer, Hypnospace Outlaw writer, and RPS contributor Xalavier Nelson Jr! Cheers Xalavier! Mind if we have a nose at your bookshelf?

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Twinfinite Sunday, May 12, 2024 11:19 AM
Freebies? Don't mind if I do.

Siliconera Sunday, May 12, 2024 3:00 PM

Which Nintendo Switch Multiplayer Games Do You Like Best

There are so many Switch multiplayer games, with different types of experiences ready for people of all levels. The library is huge, both when it comes to first-party and third-party titles. To help make it easier to pick up new ones, we decided to share some of the Nintendo Switch multiplayer games we liked best and hear which ones you recommend too. 

I have put an unbelievable amount of hours into Dragon Ball: The Breakers. I have played essentially every Dead by Daylight clone out there and this is the one I keep coming back to. There is something about the mix of stress with Xenoverse-style action that I can't get enough of. Even on my busy weeks, I play three or so matches to relax and unwind. — Cody

A quick glance at my Switch library tells me I have 235 hours in Splatoon 3, so I'm clearly embedded in the world of the squid kids. It's the only multiplayer shooter I've spent any significant amount of time in. I love the setting, the emphasis on territory over k/d ratios and the fact I can wear the most terrible mismatched outfits and still look fresh. Plus Splatfests are a fun time, even if I've managed to consistently fail to be on a winning team since the game released. — Leigh

Out of all the Switch multiplayer games I've played, I think I like Let's Play! Oink Games the best. It features these wonderful adaptations of various Oink Games board games, with the developer directly releasing versions of them for everyone to play. There's cross-play with versions on other platforms. DLC keeps coming out to increase the library, and it's affordable. Plus, only one of the players in the session needs to own the DLC for everyone to play it. It is worth it for Start Ups alone. — Jenni

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Siliconera Sunday, May 12, 2024 1:30 PM

Final Fantasy XIV TTRPG Returns in September FFXIV tabletop role-playing game

Square Enix announced that, due to popular demand, the Final Fantasy XIV TTRPG will return to its online storefront after selling out. The second wave of the FFXIV tabletop role-playing game will appear again in English in September 2024.

This second run of the game will be identical to the first. Pre-orders for it initially were revealed back in September 2023. It arrived in May 2024 for $59.99. The rerelease reprint cost the same amount. It will also include all of the same items and accessories as the first run. People also still get 59 Members Rewards Points when purchasing it from the Square Enix Store.

As this is a starter set, people get everything they need to play a tabletop role-playing game inspired by FFXIV. There are Gamemaster and Player Books included, to introduce a DM and player to the game, and a Rules Summary & Strategy Guide appears for quickly jumping in or getting refreshed on the game. People get four premade Character Sheets for a Black Mage, Dragoon, Warrior, and White Mage. There are also ability markers, character tokens, an encounter map, and 16 6d20 and 10d6 dice. 

Here's a closer look at the set and its included dice:

The Final Fantasy XIV TTRPG is available now, and pre-orders of the rerelease of the game are now open ahead of its September 2024 debut. Final Fantasy XIV is available for the PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X, and PC. The Dawntrail expansion debuts on July 2, 2024.

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Siliconera Sunday, May 12, 2024 12:00 PM

Eiyuden Chronicle Theme Song

The stunning and lengthy Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes does a solid job of capturing the feel and style of Konami's Suikoden series. Well, at least on PC that is. With the high likelihood of a sequel in the future — sadly without Yoshitaka Murayama — here is what I want to see in the possible Eiyuden Chronicle 2 sequel.

For all that the first game gets right, it has some major issues. To be honest, most of these come from too much emphasis on nostalgia, and less inclusion of modern features we expect from a JRPG in 2024. As such, most of the changes and improvements that need to happen come from this lack of quality-of-life. Making those adjustments could improve the experience on all platforms.

How to Recruit Frida and an Armor Shop in Eiyuden Chronicle 
Screenshot by Siliconera

For instance, I'd love to see fast travel unlock much more quickly in Eiyuden Chronicle 2. It took me roughly 15 hours in-game to unlock fast travel. It felt way too late at that point. Even a major character joked about its absence. A huge chunk of that time up until that point was spent backtracking, and that wasn't necessary. Rather, it pointlessly padded out the experience. Fast travel should always be reserved for places you've already been to, so adding it in after the prologue wouldn't hurt the game's progression.

In the same vein, it is high time for a proper quest log in a possible Eiyuden Chronicle sequel. Despite having more than 100 heroes to collect, there is no reliable way to keep track of their sidequests. For example, someone might ask you to collect 10 of a certain material for them. But if you happen to walk away and forget what they asked for or where to get it, you'd have to search online. It's this type of frustrating system that makes the game less fun than it should be.

At the same time, it would be nice to see legitimate side quests. The only quests in the first game stem from the recruitments. There are no proper additional missions outside of these. Give the player the chance to get to know some of the heroes on a deeper level. Heck, give us a proper relationship and bonding system. This could lead to romance options, optional dungeons, and exclusive rewards. While it isn't necessary to romance every character in Eiyuden Chronicle 2, having a dozen or so with their own separate storylines would be nice.

The best part about the first game is it laid a fantastic foundation. The combat, world, visual style, and everything already exists. It is now time to just build upon that with features speeding up fights. In this first game, things can take quite some time. A little more efficiency, or even just a 2x speed, would make a world of difference.

How to Get Eiyuden Chronicle Wheel-Eye Seabream for Huang
Screenshot by Siliconera

In addition, terrible launch state of Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes should never happen again. The state of some platforms at release, such as Nintendo Switch, is downright unacceptable. I get not wanting to make backers wait longer, but a few more months is a better outcome than shipping a broken game. Ideally with this Eiyuden Chronicle sequel, more focus can, hopefully, be spent on tightening up the experience. The overwhelming number of bugs, performance issues, and more don't need to be as prevalent. Instead, the Rabbit & Bear Studios can focus on providing an optimal gameplay experience.

After all, Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes is far from a bad game. It has a solid cinematic prologue sequence. The story is pretty decent if you get far enough into it. But little changes here and there will make the potential Eiyuden Chronicle 2 a significantly more memorable experience. One, in fact, that could be truly worthy of succeeding Suikoden.

Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes is available right now for Nintendo Switch, PS5, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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honkai star rail hope is the thing with feathers ep

HoYoVerse has uploaded a new EP for Honkai: Star Rail, with the song this time being "Hope Is the Thing With Feathers" featuring vocals by Chevy. As a note, both this article and the video itself contain major spoilers for the Version 2.2 Trailblaze Mission.

You can watch the "Hope Is the Thing With Feathers" Honkai: Star Rail EP here:

The video shows scenes from the latter half of the Honkai: Star Rail Version 2.2 Trailblaze Mission. This includes the Watchmaker's death, the showdown against Sunday, and the final shot of Robin giving Sunday a hug. In-game, "Hope Is the Thing With Feathers" plays in the third phase of the fight against Sunday. You can hear it from Echo of War: Salutations of Ashen Dreams as well.

Chevy is the singing voice for Robin in all four languages of the game. Earlier this week, HoYoVerse released an EP for "If I Can Stop One Heart From Breaking," which was one of the first Chevy songs we heard in Honkai: Star Rail. You can also now stream "Inside," which is the ninth soundtrack album featuring the three Chevy songs for Honkai: Star Rail.

Honkai: Star Rail is readily available on the PS5, Windows PC, and mobile devices.

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Pokemon TCG Best Twilight Masquerade Cards

The new Pokemon Trading Card Game expansion set, Twilight Masquerade, brings the world and characters of Kitakami to the TCG. But which cards are the set's best? We'll try to break it down.

The coolest Pokemon TCG Twilight Masquerade cards

We've been, perhaps, a bit harsh on Tera Pokemon around here, but it's undeniable that the new Greninja ex is quite cool. And useful! For one energy, it can deal 170 damage and search for any card in your deck, and its second ability is a good contingency choice for when you need to hit two bench targets for 120 instead. Now… is the new type relevant? Not particularly. But it doesn't hurt anything either.

In terms of coolest pulls, though? Those are always the Hyper Rares. This set's selections to get the gold treatment are Teal Mask Ogerpon ex, Bloodmoon Ursaluna ex, Buddy-Buddy Poffin, Enhanced Hammer, Rescue Board and Luminous Energy. The gold looks special with anything, but it's particularly funny for us to see it applied to street food.

Pokemon TCG Best Twilight Masquerade Cards
Photo by Siliconera

The most meta-relevant Pokemon TCG Twilight Masquerade cards

The pool of ACE SPEC cards is expanding by six with this new set, adding options for players. Legacy Energy is a nice addition for decks that could use a rainbow energy, with the bonus of decreasing the opponent's prize card reward for knocking a Pokemon out. Hyper Aroma lets you search for three Stage 1s, which would likely need a specific build, but that many searches as an Item has potential.

Speaking of lots of searches! Fellow ACE SPEC Secret Box costs itself and three discards, but gets you an Item, Tool, Supporter and Stadium of your choice. Rounding out the selection is Survival Brace, which lets you survive a one-hit KO; Unfair Stamp, which responds to a knockout with an asymmetrical hand re-draw; and Scoop Up Cyclone, a card that could see use if nothing else as a way to re-play enters-the-field utilities but might get you out of other jams from time to time.

Adding to the ranks of bench utilities is Drakloak, bringing back the old Pidgeotto ability to filter through and draw cards every turn. We also see some potential in Boomerang Energy, which is a colorless energy that reattaches itself when you discard it as an attack cost. Right now, we're not sure there's a viable enough user of it, but maybe there's one on the horizon.

The most interesting Pokemon TCG Twilight Masquerade cards

We're most interested to see what shenanigans players can formulate with the Ogerpon variants. The Ogre's Mask card lets you essentially hot-swap the different ex cards from a Teal Mask variant that really needs grass energy to the others that only need one of their type to operate. With type switching not being a huge part of the competitive metagame and these moves not immediately showing their synergy to us, we're not sure this'll be great? But it's certainly a creative attempt.

Also, though we're not sure it rises to the level of competitive quite yet, the Festival Grounds suite of cards is purpose-built to provide a budget combo deck of its own. Creatures with the Festival Lead ability can attack twice when that stadium is in play. That sounds pretty great, yeah? Well unfortunately, most of the attacks available to them are really weak. But combining Dipplin's longtime-favorite Do the Wave attack with the color-sharing Thwackey and its Boom Boom Groove ability to search for any card every turn? That might work.

Pokemon TCG Best Twilight Masquerade Cards
Photo by Siliconera

The cutest Pokemon TCG Twilight Masquerade cards

Grookey just hanging out and having a good time is a definite mood-booster, as is a sedentary but still highly relatable Bellibolt. Eevee and Shinx are always safe bets, but their portrayals here do look quite nice.

We also like when the card art experiments with medium and style. The Ducklett works well for the character, and a knitted Sandygast brings whimsy to a species that can honestly be pretty disturbing when you think too long about it.

As always, the Illustration Rare cards have a much better opportunity to show personality. Hisuian Growlithe hams it up for the camera. Eevee pile up in a living room. Applin play a strange variant of Where's Waldo in which Waldo is everywhere.

The latest Pokemon Trading Card Game expansion, Scarlet & Violet: Twilight Masquerade, launches May 24, 2024. For more information on the TCG, check out our overview of the set or our Pokemon TCG archive.

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     Game Pass Ultimate price hike could be in the works, along with a new ad-supported tier.

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Sega released Persona 3 Reload in the same year.

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Bethesda recently announced on its Twitter account.

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     Helldivers 2 Steam situation

Even with the PlayStation Network (PSN) requirement now reversed, Helldivers 2 is in a rough spot. The Sony-published game has been delisted on Steam in almost 200 territories, with developer Arrowhead telling players it's trying to bring it back to Valve's platform. What started as Sony's best PC launch to date has very quickly turned sour, as even with PSN no longer being required, the damage has been done.

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     Free Monopoly Go dice links May 2024

May 12, 2024: We've added two new Monopoly Go dice links for free dice rolls and removed expired ones from our list.

How can I get Monopoly Go free dice links? The household favorite board game has been reimagined as a free-to-play application on smartphones, allowing everyone to experience the thrills of Monopoly on practically any device. Everything that makes the board game special is here in Monopoly Go, so you'll be collecting properties and building hotels as you go around the board, and there are a variety of multiplayer minigames to get through along the way.

You're going to need to get your hands on Monopoly Go dice rolls, but they are difficult to come by no matter how far you are into the board game. There are ways to earn additional dice rolls, including logging into the game every day to collect daily bonuses, progressing further in the game, and inviting friends to try Monopoly Go. While you can also spend real money to unlock more dice rolls, you may want to give our list of Monopoly Go dice links a try instead. Take a look at all the currently active Monopoly Go free dice links for today.

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Sundays are for celebrating the fact that my washing machine now drains correctly. Before I deliberately spill beans down all my white tees just so I have an excuse to spin from dawn to dusk, popping caps off non-bio liquid like F1 champagne, let's read this week's best writing about games (and game related things!)

For Video, Kirk McKeand shared a free chapter of his book - The History Of The Stealth Game - with a foreword from Harvey Smith, in tribute to Arkane Austin. Smith writes:

"Hit points are so useful, so easy to understand, and quick to apply, that the concept closes off pathways to other concepts; real-world experiences that could be noise-reduced and abstracted down for gameplay modeling. Asymmetrical awareness, for instance. Lighting, shadow, and sound. Enemy facing. The fade-off of peripheral vision. But the concept of hit points also enables very-low-hit-point games, in which one or two shots are fatal, creating hyper-tense, high stakes situations, where thoughtful observation becomes all-important. Sneaking is a subset of that type of play."

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