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iPhone 15 launch date leaks, behind the scenes at Samsung, and remembering MySpace
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August 4, 2023
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Welcome to the Week in Review
We’re now in the supposedly quiet mid-period between Samsung’s Galaxy Fold 5 launch and Apple’s big iPhone 15 party, but in the TechRadar office at least there’s still plenty happening.

Predictably, those two events continue to dominate our thoughts. On the Samsung front, we’ve been busily following up on the big stories from Unpacked, with our US Editor-in-Chief Lance Ulanoff taking advantage of his trip to South Korea to enjoy a fascinating tour of the S23 Ultra production line, and our Fitness Editor Matt Evan putting the Galaxy Watch 6's battery life under the microscope. Over in Apple land, meanwhile… well, that iPhone 15 event just got a little more real, in the form of the first believable rumors around the likely date.
More on all those stories below, along with the latest news about Elon Musk’s ongoing destruction of Twitter (sorry, X) and lots, lots more.
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Marc McLaren, UK Editor-in-Chief
The week in Samsung
Taking a tour around the Samsung Galaxy factory
Inside the phone-building process (Samsung)
TechRadar was treated to a special tour of the South Korean manufacturing plant where Samsung makes its Galaxy phones, and it was quite an eye-opener – there are many more meticulous steps to building and testing a flagship smartphone than you might think.
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The week in Apple
We may have learned the iPhone 15 launch date
Will the iPhone 15 Pro Max go one better than the iPhone 14 Pro Max with a 10x optical zoom? (Future)
Reports coming out of Apple HQ point to September 13 being the launch date for the iPhone 15 series. Whenever the big reveal happens, we'll be there – and we have some thoughts on what Apple's new phones need to do in order to impress us.
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The week in social media
MySpace launched 20 years ago, and we miss it
The way social media used to be (MySpace)
The messy and toxic state of much of social media today has us pining for the MySpace age: the venerable social network launched 20 years ago this week, and we've been reminiscing about some of the long-lost features that we very much miss.
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The Week in Entertainment
Netflix's most-watched show faces cancellation calls
Henry Cavill is bowing out as Geralt (Netflix)
The third season of The Witcher hasn't been well received by viewers at all, though the ratings from critics have been more positive, and plenty of people are watching it. It doesn't look as though season 4 of the show is under threat – at least, not yet.
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The week in TVs
Disney might seriously be killing off 4K Blu-ray
Blu-rays could be an endangered species (Proxima Studio / Shutterstock)
Streaming is going to win out in the end, it would seem: the rumor is that Disney is going to stop putting out movies in the 4K Blu-ray format, which would be incredibly sad for those of us who still prefer owning the media that we buy in a physical format.
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