Final Fantasy XIV's composer reveals he was battling cancer last year while working on the game

Final Fantasy XIV's digital fan festival has been full of moments; plenty of game reveals, some brilliant developer dancing, and a moment where composer Masayoshi Soken took the stage to deliver a rendition of the track Civilizations complete with Otamatones. It also was the place where it was revealed that Soken had been fighting against […]

Dauntless adds new radiant monster, opens a new location, and celebrates its 'Slayerversary' on May 20

If you've been following along with the Twitter account of Dauntless, you know that the previews and teasers have been churning out quite a bit recently. That's because the game's next update is looming on the horizon, bringing with it the promise of a new radiant Behemoth, new radiant gear, and a new Hunting Grounds […]

The MOP Up: Valorant fights against the smurf invasion

What is Valorant doing to fix its matchmaking? The studio explains its system in a community Q&A session, in particular addressing the problem of "smurfs" in the game. "Combating smurfing is not only about punishment, it's also about making Valorant more accessible so those without bad intentions no longer feel the need to smurf. Once […]

Destiny 2 brings back Future War Cult weapons, dates the next Iron Banner, and plans to sell baby Fallen plushies

The weekly Bungie newsletter is very often a stew of various things, but this week certainly seems more mixed than most as it outlines a variety of Destiny 2 tidbits from various points of interest for fans of the shooter. As players know by now, the Season of the Splicer has kicked off, bringing an […]

ZOS director says The Elder Scrolls Online will keep releasing content for as long as players stick around

What's the life expectancy of any MMORPG? Certainly there are games that have been around for decades, but those are edge cases at best. ZeniMax Online Studios director Matt Firor certainly seems surprised by The Elder Scrolls Online's lifespan of seven years, and he doesn't foresee the game ending its update cadence until players decide […]

Epic v Apple: Fortnite at 'full penetration' on console, more industry profit details, and text descriptions of trailers

It's the stupid gift that keeps on stupid giving. It's the lawsuit that might have industry-wide shockwaves. It's a trial that has seen whether a banana not wearing clothes is inappropriate was discussed in a court of law. It's the Epic vs. Apple trial, and once more there are a variety of news pieces to […]

One Shots: Flowers love the sun more than you do

Mental note: If I ever want the legions of readers to flood our One Shots comments with submissions, I merely need to ask for sunrise and sunset pictures. You guys went nuts (in the best of ways). We'll kick off today's submission tour with this stunning pic from IronSalamander8. "What better way to appreciate the […]

The Daily Grind: Would you rather be in a guild of strangers or alone in an MMO?

Back in my day when I started playing MMOs, I took it as pretty well understood that you were going to want to join a guild of some sort. The guild mechanics in Final Fantasy XI weren't very robust at all, coming down to just a chat channel, but the important point was that you were […]

Book of Travels delays early access again, this time to late summer

Have you been dying to crack open Book of Travels and see what stories lie within? You'll have to be patient, dear child, for Might and Delight announced that it's delaying the mini-MMO from its original June early access release window to sometime later this summer. "We can tell you Book of Travels really is […]

Diablo Immortal and World of Warcraft lead artist Glenn Rane leaves Blizzard

Blizzard suffered another high-profile defection this past week, as art lead Glenn Rane departed the studio. Rane joined several of his former Blizzard colleagues (along with some ex-Epic Game Studio ones) at Lightforge Games to be a co-founder and art director. Lightforge has yet to announce any of its projects, as it's currently prototyping roleplaying […]

Guild Wars 2 kicks off a week-long WvW bonus event and releases the full Icebrood Saga soundtrack

Whether you like smashing face in the zerg of WvW PvP or listening to pretty tunes, there's a little something for most fans of Guild Wars 2. Or at least something for fans of the game that like to do those two specific activities. Which I assume is a lot of those fans. Yesterday saw […]

The Stream Team: Wandering Conan Exiles aimlessly and living to tell the tale… maybe

There's still plenty more land to roam in Conan Exiles' big Isle of Siptah update, and Massively OP's MJ plans to explore every inch or die trying! Well, there is actually a good chance she will die trying, but that is part of the allure of survival games, right? Join us live at 2:00 p.m. […]

The Game Archaeologist: Dragon Empires, Codemasters' abandoned MMO

The name "Codemasters" is far more familiar to European players than North American ones, as the British developer and publisher was active on the continent since 1986. It got its fingers in the MMO genre early as it acquired ownership of The Realm, a 2-D game, in 1999. Personally, I'm most familiar with its operation […]

Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis has kicked off its closed beta test on PC

As promised when the global closed beta was first announced back in April, testing of Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis has begun in earnest, kicking off on PC yesterday at 9:00 p.m. EDT via everyone's favorite games distribution platform, the Windows Store. Of course, this being a beta, there are a number of known […]

WRUP: How to let's face it you're not paying attention to this anyway edition

Oh, whatever. Yes, I get it, this is where you're supposed to find everything being deliciously random and then everyone laughs because non-sequitur, and I'm so tired of it all. I'm already tired and I haven't even written this week's What Are You Playing, which none of you are even going to pay attention to […]

The Daily Grind: How long do you need to wait to 'recharge' your MMO enthusiasm?

Whenever I leave an MMO — usually because I'm approaching boredom or burnout — I recognize that there's a good chance that I'll be back. I usually am. I've left and come back to LOTRO so many times that they don't take my picture off the wall above the cash register. But I also know […]

Everything we learned from the Final Fantasy XIV Digital Fan Festival 2021

Update: We've now summarized the event after the intro; the liveblog itself can still be found in the comments. The original intro follows. It's time, folks! Time to learn about the second new job coming with Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker, along with new areas, most likely the release date and alliance raid, and more! It's all […]

The Stream Team: Finishing Warframe's final anniversary alerts

It's the final week of Warframe's anniversary mission alerts and Massively OP's MJ wants that Excalibur Dex noggle! Decorating her landing craft with fun knickknacks is top priority, of course. After she finishes the alerts, there's plenty more she needs to do, from resources to gather to planetary nodes to unlock. Tune in live at […]

Betawatch: New World plans tests, previews dungeons, and assuages cash shop fears

It's been a busy week for New World, so much so that it could probably get bullet points of its very own along the way. For one thing, we got a look at the first expedition in the game (that's "dungeon" for those of us who don't want to bother learning game-specific terminology). For another, we […]

Retro-themed MMORPG Ravendawn talks up equipment and mounts

If you find yourself pining for ye olden days of isometric 2-D MMORPGs but want a new land to explore, the makers of Ravendawn would love to invite you into their domain. This Tibia-like title is working on a release for later this year, talking up different core systems as a way to get players […]

Bless Unleashed offers a compensation package for its final PC test event

The final PC testing period for Bless Unleashed offered some technical issues. This is not in and of itself a bad thing; the whole reason for a technical test would be identifying and fixing these technical issues, after all. Still, the team recognizes the issues caused by the sheer number of people logging in at once, […]

Star Citizen talks about upcoming capacitor changes and missile operator mode gameplay

It's time once more to round up Star Citizen's latest weekly development video, which talks about ship-based gameplay updates that are in the pipeline for the internet spaceship sandbox. First, the devs discuss changes to capacitors that will allow players to divert a set pool of extra energy to improve thrusters, shields, or weapons. The […]

The Stream Team: A heaping helping of healer hunting AdventureQuest 3D

Massively OP's MJ is quite happy to have her favorite class now in AQ3D. Now that she finally gets to play the class, she needs to level it up. And since she needs a bunch more voidshards from the Sandsea, why not conquer both goals with one grind? Join us live at 3:00 p.m. for […]

City of Titans shares travel power mechanics and video previews

You will believe a man can fly. At super high speeds. Holy crap, watch out for those trees, my dude. That's some of the impressions I got when checking out City of Titans' travel power preview, which showcased some of the work being done on superheroic locomotion and how the system will generally work. All […]

SoulWorker has officially made its self-published global debut on Steam

Don't call it a comeback, just call it coming back from obsolescence. Which is sort of the same thing? The point is that Korean developer Lion Games has officially taken over publishing duties for SoulWorker, bringing the free-to-play MMO back to Steam after Gameforge elected to shutter the game in the west, just as the […]

Fallout 76 starts testing July content update, runs double SCORE event

Fallout 76's test server is humming with activity and promise today, as the shard starts putting the July update through its paces. This content update is going to add the Steel Reign quest series, legendary crafting, legendary power armor, and updates to (you guessed it) legendary attributes. However, Bethesda also has a smaller patch coming […]

DC Universe Online is abuzz with a new seasonal event for spring

Spring has sprung into DC Universe Online, and it brings with it bees. Yes, the bees! It's the Bee Game up in here as players take on a plot by Poison Ivy to to wreak havoc and ultimately collect some sweet, sweet honey. That is, the players will collect the honey because they'll be dressed up as bees. […]

Swords of Legends Online maps out its May and June western betas

Swords of Legends Online showed up in the West virtually out of nowhere this spring, the western version of Gu Jian Qi Tan Online being published here by Gameforge. The company has been pushing out trailers left and right to hype up the launch, a date for which we still don't have, apart from a […]

Massively on the Go: Why Pokemon Go's COVID changes should stay, not roll back

Pokemon Go's already tried rolling back some of its COVID features, and between the original announcement of its June disappearance and the announcement of Gible Community Day – a pokemon that's popular, rare, and useful – players should probably assume Niantic will try to revert the game a bit to its pre-COVID form. From a […]

Stadia's developer marketing lead insists that the platform is doing fine

Hey, folks, did you hear that Google Stadia is doing fine? You probably didn't. Actually, you probably thought the opposite, what with the the platform having lost its first-party development outfit altogether and the biggest new feature added being a search bar (and when your product is made by Google, a search feature would seem likely to […]

Final Fantasy XIV's digital fan festival kicks off tonight at 9:00 p.m. EDT

Eager for more information about Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker? You'll get some tonight as the game's digital fan festival kicks off tonight at 9:00 p.m. EDT, with two days of livestreamed events free for everyone. Players can also acquire digital commemorative items if they feel like dropping a little cash on it, including the game's first […]

Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen discusses Alpha One test features and overall alpha philosophy

As Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen nears closer to its still-undated Alpha One test, producer Ben Dean and creative director Chris Perkins decided to take a moment to discuss some of the previously announced features that will be in the test build and why they chose those features in a recent livestream. A lot of […]

City of Heroes Homecoming is finally allowing videos and streaming again

In March of 2020, City of Heroes rogue server Homecoming, the largest of the server groups, put a moratorium on videos and streams created on its servers "whilst [the group was] still working on legitimizing the server." The rule applied to both players and journalists, though the group would not comment on the penalty for […]

New World confirms cash shop items will be cosmetic-only at launch after alpha test storefront worries arise

New World very nearly doused its own flame before even leaving alpha. With the game's last major alpha update, the devs elected to test a number of things including the in-game cash shop, which according to some in-game notes (that were shared despite being under NDA) would include cosmetics and "quality-of-life items or boosts that […]

WoW Classic backs down on cloning prices, connects soon-to-be-desolated servers

You see, it wasn't just us complaining about the obscenely high price point of WoW Classic's upcoming cloning service. The $35 option received so much intense backlash from every quarter that Blizzard uncharacteristically has backed down and made this macrotransaction a microtransaction. "Over the last week or so, we've gotten a very large amount of […]

The Daily Grind: Are there MMOs you watch but don't play?

I've seen a few folks in our comments and Reddit lately mention that they like MMOs – but that they're more interested in watching MMOs than playing them. I genuinely understand this when it comes to some non-MMO titles, or when the streamer is more entertaining than the game. But for the most part, I […]

The Stream Team: The first rule of DDO's underground fight club…

Forget that! When Massively OP's MJ learns about a secret underground fight club in DDO, she doesn't care whether or not she can talk about it — she's going to show it! She'll be sharing the entire "Tharashk Arena" adventure. After that, she'll move on to help a mage imprisoned in her own mind. Ever […]

Massively Overthinking: Should PvP MMOs offer PvE servers?

Last week, we covered the revelation that Corepunk is considering adding PvE servers to roster, and I have to say I didn't see it coming. Usually, adding a completely different mode midway through development demands. But in this case, Corepunk's a bit of an old-school open world combat setting, and the game as originally planned […]

Path of Exile promises more aggressive VRAM engine changes to make for a better game experience

Who wants to learn how VRAM works today? See, Path of Exile is making some changes to how it utilizes VRAM in terms of resource management, and it wants to make absolutely sure that everyone reading about the update understands precisely what that means. So there's a whole lot of discussion about how VRAM works, how […]

Black Desert esports players will determine the best class in the Arena of Arsha Championship this weekend

Now to be clear, you shouldn't feel compelled to follow any game's meta if you don't want to, especially one that takes its cues from esports. What Black Desert is determining is the best class as it applies to the Arena of Arsha Best-in-Class Championship esports event. Try not to read too much into the […]

Old School RuneScape announces A Kingdom Divided quest line for June

The kingdom of Great Kourend is on the brink of discord and possibly worse as implied by an announcement post for the new quest line A Kingdom Divided, which is coming to Old School RuneScape in June. "Since the death of the last king, Great Kourend has been ruled by the Kourend Council. Under the […]

The Elder Scrolls Online doubles up on rewards with the Explorer's Celebration

There's about two weeks left until the next major content drop (Blackwood, naturally) arrives for The Elder Scrolls Online, so maybe you think you've done just about all there is to do in the game for the moment. But perhaps you could be enticed back with… doubles? Specifically, a whole lot of doubled rewards during the […]

Grab a stack of currency and premium account time for Gaijin's WW2 shooter Enlisted

Darkflow Software's multiplayer shooter Enlisted burst onto the scene this past spring as one of Gaijin's inCubator games, built on Gaijin's own engine and largely funded by players themselves. The game hit open beta on PC and all the consoles back in April, and this week it's rolled out a patch, adding more content in […]

World of Warships spearheads 17-hour international virtual museum hop next week

If the suggestive World of Warships transmedia synergy we joked about earlier this week didn't grab you, maybe this much more serious and wholesome one will: Wargaming announced today that it's spearheading an enormous campaign to bolster real-world museums and historic sites in conjunction with the already-existing Long Night of Museums tradition. The company is […]

Survival shooter Generation Zero introduces base defense gameplay and new craftable items in the Resistance update

The co-op survival FPS Generation Zerio has introduced some potentially intriguing features to its gameplay loop, not the least of which is a shift from simple survival to resistance against the game's robotic threat. That's mostly what's implied by the fact that this is called the Resistance update, anyway. Of course it's not just a […]

Osiris New Dawn's Discovery update adds new biomes, flora investigation, and space station building

Most of the time in games, a discovery system usually involves aiming a scanner at something and hitting a button. In the Discovery update for sci-fi survival title Osiris: New Dawn, discovery involves players hitting multiple buttons — as well as actually finding out more about the plant they're testing. The discovery system in question […]

Gear and house deco await Oblivion portal plunderers in Elder Scrolls Online's Blackwood

Elder Scrolls Online players might be buzzing about Blackwood's companion system and the chance to drag an NPC all over Tamriel to keep them alive, but the chapter is a lot more than that. To wit: ZeniMax Online Studios has dropped another dev blog today, this one focused on the actual Oblivion portals that gave […]

WoW Factor: What would it take for big changes in World of Warcraft?

The last time I wrote an installment of this column, it was in specific response to an interview that contained no small number of tone-deaf and kind of community-enraging statements, the sort of thing that doesn't really seem like a good idea. Today, as I'm writing, we're just on the edge of another interview, containing […]

Bless Unleashed's final PC beta has begun, and yes you can play right now

If you've got a Steam account and played an older version of Bless (ahem), you might have noticed that your account has been flagged for PC Bless Unleashed beta access on the platform. Go on and check because that final beta begins today and runs the whole weekend, open to everyone with a Steam account […]

Four Winds: Final thoughts on Elyon's first closed beta test

Elyon's closed beta test came and went, and boy am I happy with what I played. It was unfortunate that the test fell on Mother's day weekend, since I couldn't play as much as I wanted. But in the time I did get to play, I was thoroughly impressed. In my initial impressions, I argued […]

The Best Stealth Games on PS4

Want to play some games that aren't all about shooting or slashing enemies? Check out this list of the best stealth games on PS4 for inspiration.

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What Difficulty Should You Play Mass Effect Legendary Edition On?

Starting Mass Effect Legendary Edition and wondering which difficulty level you should play on? Hopefully we can help you with your choice.

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Does Mass Effect Legendary Edition Have Co-op or Multiplayer Features?

If you've just picked up Mass Effect Legendary Edition, you might be wondering if there's any way you can play with friends. Well, is there?

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How Long Does it Take to Beat Mass Effect Legendary Edition?

Wondering how long it'll take you to beat Mass Effect Legendary Edition? We've got all the information you need right here.

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The Worst Thing About Mass Effect Legendary Edition on PS4/PS5 is its 100GB Install

We're very impressed with Mass Effect Legendary Edition so far, but having to install all three games at once on PlayStation is a bit of a bugbear.

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Sony's Next Play At Home Drop is a Host of In-Game Content

As part of Sony's Play at Home campaign, the company is giving away a haul of in-game items from Monday 17th May.

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Does Subnautica: Below Zero Have a Creative Sandbox Mode?

Are you wondering if Subnautica: Below Zero has a creative mode so you don't to deal with dying or resource collecting? We have the answer.

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How to Swim Faster in Subnautica: Below Zero

Have you just started Subnautica: Below Zero and are wondering how you can swim around a little faster? Here's how to do just that.

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Does Subnautica: Below Zero Have Co-op or Multiplayer Modes?

Wondering if you can share the joys and terrors of Subnautica: Below Zero in co-op or competitive multiplayer? Here's what you need to know.

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ExtremeRate Launches a Range of PS5 DualSense Controller Shells

Fancy changing the look of your Playstation 5 controller? ExtremeRate has a new range of eye-catching (but warranty invalidating) shells.

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How to Find Blueprints in Subnautica: Below Zero

Are you playing Subnautica: Below Zero but wondering how to get your hands on new blueprints? Here's what to do.

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How to Get More Oxygen in Subnautica: Below Zero

Are you playing Subnautica: Below Zero but drowning an awful lot? Here's how to get more oxygen.

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Which Difficulty Mode Should You Play Subnautica: Below Zero On?

Subnautica: Below Zero has more than one difficulty mode. So which one do we recommend you choose for the best experience? Read on.

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How Do You Stay Warm in Subnautica: Below Zero?

Do you keep freezing to death in Subnautica: Below Zero? Here's how to stay warm.

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How to Get Water in Subnautica: Below Zero

Are you dying of thirst in Subnautica: Below Zero? Here's how to stop that happening.

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How to Get Food in Subnautica: Below Zero

Are you starving to death in Subnautica: Below Zero? Here's how to stop that happening.

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How to Save Your Game in Subnautica: Below Zero

Are you wondering how to save your game in Subnautica: Below Zero? Here's how to go about it.

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The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim's Bare Feet are Horrible, Fleshy Shoes

If we had to to see this, so do you.

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Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance Arrives Day One on Xbox Game Pass

Fancy a Day One dungeon crawl? Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance is coming to Xbox Game Pass the day of its release.

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GetsuFumaDen Slashes its Way Onto Steam Early Access

Bless you.

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Dying Light 2 Will Have "A Lot More" Open World Events Than the First Game

dying light 2

In spite of its troubled development and multiple delays, Dying Light 2 developer Techland has been sharing updates and details on the upcoming game much more frequently of late. Recently, they started uploading AMA videos to answer questions from fans, and in another video they've released a few more details about the game.

Specifically, when asked about the game's open world and how it will compare to the first Dying Light, associate producer Julia Szynkaruk said that Dying Light 2's open world is going to have a lot more to do, not just in terms of events and encounters, but also in terms of areas to explore.

"Yes, there will be a lot more open world events in Dying Light 2," Szynkaruk said (transcribed by MP1st). "Not only will we have a living world with encounters all over, but also you will be able to explore new locations, such as GRE Quaratines or Dark Places."

Meanwhile, lead game designer Tymon Smektala also said that though Dying Light 2 is going to be a choice-based games, as far as aligning with the factions in the game goes, you will not have the option to not align with anyone whatsoever.

"You have to understand that our world is extremely brutal, extremely primal, full of threats and conflicts," he said. "So, if you have no allies, you basically die very quickly — and we don't want you to die very quickly, and we also want you to make a decision,  we also want you to make a statement. So a lone wolf option is not available, you will have to decide if you want to play with those guys or the other ones."

Dying Light 2 currently has no firm release date. It's in development for PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, Xbox One, and PC. On next-gen consoles, the game will support 4K, 60 FPS, and ray-tracing across multiple graphics modes. Read more on that through here. Meanwhile, Techland is also working to ensure that the game is properly optimized on PS4 and Xbox One.

PlayStation Studios Steam Page Hints at More Upcoming PC Releases

PlayStation Studios

A year ago, it seemed impossible that first party PlayStation games would ever be playable on any platform, but of late, Sony's started bringing over some of its marquee games over to PC. It started with Horizon Zero Dawn, and soon, Days Gone is releasing for PC. PlayStation Studios now has a dedicated page on Steam, appropriately enough, and the page suggests that more games might be coming in the near future.

The PlayStation Studios creators page lists 41 games under its Steam publications so far, which includes games as well as DLCs. Interestingly enough though, only 24 of those are currently viewable on Steam- Horizon Zero Dawn, Predator: Hunting Grounds, Helldivers, and all of their respective DLCs. Of course, Days Gone is coming up as well, and it's going to have DLCs of its own added to Steam, though that still wouldn't explain the sizeable gap between the total games listed and the ones that are currently viewable.

Of course, while announced Days Gone for PC, PlayStation Studios boss Jim Ryan did say that "a whole slate" of first party PlayStation games will also be released for the platform in the future, so this doesn't come as a surprise. It is interesting, however, that they might be ready sooner than you would have thought.

Biomutant Gameplay Trailers Showcase PS4 and Xbox One Performance


With Experiment 101's Biomutant out this month, the developer and THQ Nordic have released some new gameplay trailers highlighting the performance on Xbox One and PS4. Check them out below. Frame rates and resolutions that can be expected across each platform, including PS4 Pro and Xbox One X, have also been revealed.

On PC, the action RPG will run at 4K/60 FPS but there won't be a cap on the frame rate. For Xbox One and PS4, you can expect a dynamic 1080p resolution and 30 FPS performance. PS4 Pro and Xbox One X players can look forward to 60 FPS performance but again, at a dynamic 1080p resolution.

While the title will be playable on Xbox Series X/S and PS5 through backwards compatibility, it will likely default to the Xbox One X and PS4 Pro frame rates and resolutions respectively. Experiment 101 hasn't revealed plans for a current-gen update so we'll need to wait for more details in the coming months. In the meantime, Biomutant is out for Xbox One, PS4 and PC on May 25th.

Arkane's New Fantasy IP is Reportedly Called "Omen"; Vampire-Related and Coming Next Year – Rumour

arkane studios logo

Earlier this year, job listings suggested that Arkane Studios' Austin team, who developed Prey and Dishonored, were working on a new fantasy IP. Now, some new details on whatever this new game is have potentially emerged- and the game's apparently closer to launch than you'd expect.

The rumour originated on ResetEra and has since been shared on Twitter by @_XboxNews. Arkane Austin's new IP is apparently called Omen (or that's its working title, at least) and has vampires. The game apparently has Spring 2022 target launch window, and will allegedly be revealed at E3 next month, perhaps with a CGI trailer.

Of course, this is an unconfirmed, unverified report, so take this with a grain of salt, but if it does turn out to be accurate, it'll be interesting to see what a studio as talented as Arkane does with this premise. We'll keep you updated on all new details, of course, so stay tuned.

EA Motive's Next Game isn't Mirror's Edge – Rumour

ea motive logo

Star Wars: Squadrons developer EA Motive confirmed late last year that it's working on several upcoming unannounced projects (but not Star Wars), which was followed shortly afterward by GamesBeat's Jeff Grubb teasing that the studio is working on an established EA IP that fans are going to be happy about.

The guessing game has been on since then, and the IP that's been mentioned most often by hopeful fans is Mirror's Edge. It seems, however, that that's not what the developer is working on after all. Speaking during the recent GamesBeat Decides podcast, Grubb re-iterated that EA Motive is working on an established EA IP, but added that it's not Mirror's Edge. He later also added that the game is probably not going to be at the EA Play Live event in July.

An established EA IP that fans will be happy about? That sounds like Dead Space to me- at least I hope that's what they're working on. Either way, all we can do right now is wait and watch. Stay tuned, and we'll keep you updated on any new details that come our way.

Sony Exec Hypes up Upcoming PS5 Third Party Releases


PlayStation Studios head Hermen Hulst recently said that Sony has over 25 exclusive games in development for the PS5, and with those games including the likes of God of War: Ragnarok, Horizon Forbidden West, Gran Turismo 7, and many more on top of those, it definitely looks like PS5 players are going to have a lot to look forward. But there's plenty more on the horizon as well.

Responding to a post abut the aforementioned quote on his LinkedIn page, Christian Svensson – vice president and head of global third party relations at PlayStation – teased the upcoming third party output for PS5 as well, saying, "Just wait until you see what's coming from our third party partners too."

Plenty of major third party exclusives have already been announced for the PS5, including the likes of GhostWire: Tokyo, Deathloop, Forspoken, and Final Fantasy 16Kena: Bridge of Spirits is also launching as a PlayStation exclusive in August.

The Division Heartland Gameplay and Details Have Leaked

Tom Clancy's The Division Heartland

Ubisoft confirmed recently that it would be focusing more on free-to-play games going forward, and the upcoming The Division Heartland is an early step in that direction. The game was recently announced, and though details on it are still scant, a new leak has spilled the beans on some of them. Ubisoft recently held closed tests for the game, which is where these details come from.

A little bit of gameplay footage has also become available, via @SkyLeax on Twitter. Meanwhile, an internal developer briefing (via VGC) also details the game. Apparently, it will have two main modes- a PvE mode set in a small town called Silver Creek called Expedition, and a 45-player PvPvE mode called Storm.

Lead game designer Taylor Epperly explained in the leaked video that both modes will see players "scavenging, exploring, looting, fighting and surviving, all while avoiding the most aggressive and unpredictable virus contamination The Division has ever seen."

The Division Heartland is set to launch for PC, consoles, and cloud some time before April 2022.

Starfield Will be Exclusive to Xbox and PC – Jeff Grubb


Talk about Starfield has been heating up these last few weeks and months, but the one question that's been around for significantly longer than that is that of what platforms it will launch for. Now that Bethesda is owned by Microsoft, can PlayStation players expect to see the upcoming sci-fi RPG on their platform of choice?

Journalist Jeff Grubb recently took to Twitter and claimed, quite definitively, that Starfield is going to be exclusive to PC and Xbox. Whether or not the game will cross-gen remains to be seen (it would be safe to assume that it will be), but if Grubb's words are anything to go by, a PlayStation launch is off the table.

That, honestly, shouldn't be surprising to anyone. Microsoft paid a lot of money for Bethesda, so it's no surprise that they want Bethesda's biggest upcoming games exclusively for their own platforms. When the acquisition was finalized, Xbox boss Phil Spencer suggested that Bethesda content would be exclusive to platforms where Xbox Game Pass is available– so again, the writing's been on the wall for some time.

Starfield currently has no launch date, but reports have suggested that the game's going to be at E3 next month, and that Microsoft is pushing for a Holiday 2021 launch. Meanwhile, recently a bunch of screenshots from a 2018 build of the game also leaked- take a look through here.

Final Fantasy 16 Ranks High in Famitsu Most Wanted Charts

final fantasy 16

The latest weekly Famitsu charts for the most highly anticipated upcoming games are in, and there are some interesting movements this week. On top of the charts, things are rather routine, with Tales of Arise topping the charts again, and Final Fantasy 16 trailing it by a little over thirty votes to claim second place. In third place, Bayonetta 3 has seen a massive jump.

Resident Evil Village, which hadn't yet launched when voting for these charts took place, is in fourth place. Following that, a number of upcoming Switch exclusives dominate the charts, including Rune Factory 5, the sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, and Shin Megami Tensei 5. Meanwhile, Pragmata at ninth place and Samurai Warriors 5 at tenth place round out the top 10.

You can check out the full top 10 below. All votes were cast by Famitsu readers between April 15 and April 21.

1. [PS4] Tales of Arise – 599 votes
2. [PS5] Final Fantasy 16 – 564 votes
3. [NSW] Bayonetta 3 – 427 votes
4. [PS5] Resident Evil Village – 382 votes
5. [NSW] Rune Factory 5 – 368 votes
6. [NSW] The Legend of Zelda Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 – 348 votes
7. [NSW] Pokemon Brilliant Diamond/Shining Pearl – 297 votes
8. [NSW] Shin Megami Tensei 5 – 294 votes
9. [PS5] Pragmata – 289 votes
10. [PS4] Samurai Warriors 5 – 273 votes

[Via Nintendo Everything]

Watch Dogs: Legion – Title Update 4.5 Adds 60 FPS Mode for Xbox Series X/S and PS5

Watch Dogs Legion - Mina

Following the last major update, the Watch Dogs: Legion development team is busy working on Title Update 4.5. Along with the Tactical Op "Project OMNI", it also adds the much-anticipated 60 FPS performance mode. The latter will only be available for Xbox Series X/S and PS5 players though.

Title Update 4.5 will also have a number of bug fixes for the Hero character Mina. Along with Mina keeping a previously possessed NPC's weapon, there will be fixes for some NPCs being able to utilize her skills. An issue that occurred when using Mind Control on an NPC and then going out of bounds, which resulted in having to forcefully restart the game, will also be fixed.

Proper patch notes will be revealed near launch so stay tuned for more details. Watch Dogs: Legion is currently available for Xbox One, PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PC and Google Stadia. You can read about the single-player mode in our review here. An online mode was added back in March and allowed players to co-op together in various missions.