Pathfinder: Kingmaker Gallery

Pathfinder: Kingmaker Gallery
Latest images for Pathfinder: Kingmaker

Windbound Review

Windbound Review
A fresh sea breeze.

Windbound Gallery

Windbound Gallery
Latest images for Windbound

Crusader Kings 3 - August Update

Crusader Kings 3 - August Update

Fall Guys has some really cool medieval levels lined up for Season 2

Fall Guys has some really cool medieval levels lined up for Season 2
Can't October come already?

Shing! PC/ PS4 Launch Trailer

Shing! PC/ PS4 Launch Trailer

Games of Summer Trailer | Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® & Warzone™

Games of Summer Trailer | Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® & Warzone™

Desperados III - Money for the Vultures: Part 1 Teaser

Desperados III - Money for the Vultures: Part 1 Teaser

Wasteland 3 Gallery

Wasteland 3 Gallery
Latest images for Wasteland 3

We have a new Destiny 2: Beyond Light gameplay trailer

We have a new Destiny 2: Beyond Light gameplay trailer
We can finally take a closer look at some of the new features.

DIRT 5 | Official Playgrounds Trailer | Arena Creator Mode! | Xbox Series X, PS5

DIRT 5 | Official Playgrounds Trailer | Arena Creator Mode! | Xbox Series X, PS5

Star Wars: Squadrons – Official Single Player Preview

Star Wars: Squadrons – Official Single Player Preview

Ninja Chowdown is a proof that you won't always lose weight while running

Ninja Chowdown is a proof that you won't always lose weight while running
Another arcade runner.

Marvel's Avengers: Time to Assemble CG Spot

Marvel's Avengers: Time to Assemble CG Spot

Desperados III - The Smallest Collector's Edition in the Whole Wild West

Desperados III - The Smallest Collector's Edition in the Whole Wild West

Mario Kart's Tour Summer Festival adds Yutaka Daisy and Happi Mario to the mix

Mario Kart's Tour Summer Festival adds Yutaka Daisy and Happi Mario to the mix
They both look cute.

Launch Week - Marvel's Avengers WAR TABLE

Launch Week - Marvel's Avengers WAR TABLE

Xbox Frostbite Release & News - Developer Livestream - 5PM UTC - August 26th

Xbox Frostbite Release & News - Developer Livestream - 5PM UTC - August 26th

Grounded - Thank You Trailer

Grounded - Thank You Trailer

Guild Wars 2 will be playable on Steam starting from November

Guild Wars 2 will be playable on Steam starting from November
The accounts won't transfer, though.

Endling – Pre-Alpha Demo

Endling is a beautiful, touching and harrowing eco-conscious adventure where the last fox on Earth tries to raise her cubs and reach the only place left on Earth that mankind can't harm them.

In Endling you take on the role of a mother fox who tries to look after her four little fox cubs in a ruined world full of pollution, traps and humans who … Read More

Ghostrunner – Beta Sign Up

PC owners can now sign up to Beta test Ghostrunner – an adrenaline-fueled cyberpunk parkour action game where you use a monomolecular katana to slice your way through enemies.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer during the limited-time demo release, Ghostrunner is a stylish and uber-violent game that delivers a much more edgy (and more entertaining) take on Mirror's Edge's style open world … Read More

Observer: System Error – Beta Demo

Observer: System Error is a remastered definitive edition of the 2017 Observer cyberpunk horror game, starring Rutger Hauer as a neural police detective who hacks into dying peoples minds.

In Observer: System Error you follow the story of a neural police detective as he hunts down an elusive killer in a dystopian cyberpunk city. To aid your investigation you also have the ability to use … Read More

Cyanide & Happiness: Freakpocalypse – Beta Demo

Cyanide & Happiness: Freakpocalypse is a hilarious point and click adventure set within the Cyanide & Happiness universe, where a weird ginger haired school boy sets out to save the world.

Currently in development by Explosm (creators of Cyanide & Happiness) and Skeleton Crew Studios (creators of Grave Chase and Abobo's Big Adventure), Cyanide & Happiness: Freakpocalypse brings the Cyanide & Happiness brand … Read More

9 Monkeys of Shaolin – Alpha Demo

9 Monkeys of Shaolin is a side scrolling beat 'em up that draws inspiration from arcade classics and 70's kung fu movies as a Chinese fisherman sets out to avenge the death of his friends and family.

In 9 Monkeys of Shaolin you follow the story of Wei Cheng, a Chinese fisherman who returns home to find that pirates have raided his village and slaughtered … Read More

Chicken Police – Beta Demo

Chicken Police is a satirical buddy-cop film noir detective adventure that follows a couple of crime-fighting chickens as they get to the bottom of a case in a city full of anthropomorphic animals.

Currently in development by The Wild Gentlemen, Chicken Police blends visual novel and point and click adventure gameplay as two chickens attempt to crack a case in the city of Clawville. It's … Read More

Override 2: Super Mech League – Beta Sign Up (PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Switch & PC)

Override 2: Super Mech League is a high octane mech fighting game where up to four players face off against each other in stages from all around the world.

A sequel to the 2018's received Override: Mech City Brawl, Override 2: Super Mech League is 3D mech fighting game where players do battle in action packed mech-on-mech battles. Up to four players can play … Read More

Prodeus – Beta Sign Up

Prodeus brings modern visuals and buckets of blood to the classic 90's DOOM style run 'n gun first person shooter genre.

Drawing inspiration from classics like DOOM, Quake and Duke Nukem 3D, Prodeus is a reimagining of the classic 90's shooter that uses modern graphics to make for a much more brutal and visceral experience. It's a fast paced run 'n gun shooter … Read More

Safety Protocol – Student Game Download

Safety Protocol is a dark narrative-driven Sci-Fi adventure where you solve environmental puzzles as you make your way through a space station that's been the scene of a catastrophic incident.

Created by students at Futuregames Stockholm, in Safety Protocol you take on the role of a new crew-member on a distant space station. However, there's no welcome party when you get there – it seems … Read More

Vesper – Alpha Demo

Vesper is a beautiful Limbo-esque puzzle platforming adventure where a little android controls other robots as it makes its way through a fallen world filled with merciless machines.

In Vesper you take control of a little robot that has awakened in a world that's ruled by deadly robots. You have no real weapons, but you do have a handy Drive Gun that can harvest … Read More

Insula: Bounty Royale – Alpha Sign Up (Update)

Insula: Bounty Royale is a PvPvE multiplayer arena shooter with battle royale elements and plenty of high octane aerial acrobatics as you use customizable combat exosuits and mechanized battle robots to collect bounties a mysterious alien planet.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer back in 2018, in Insula: Bounty Royale you take on the role of a combat engineer who has awoken from stasis … Read More

Sword Slinger – Alpha Demo

Sword Slinger is a very clever little puzzle game where you program the actions of a magical sword to make it eliminate all the goblins on each level.

In Sword Slinger your aim is to use a sword to kill all the goblins on each level. However, you don't have direct control of the sword. Instead you program the actions it will take before the … Read More

Dwerve – Kickstarter Demo

Dwerve is an innovative Zelda inspired dungeon crawling action RPG with tower defense elements, where you use types of towers to fight the enemies you meet on your adventure!

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer during the closed Alpha sign ups, at first glance Dwerve looks a lot like a classic Zelda style action RPG adventure, complete with a charming fantasy world and beautifully … Read More

A Little to the Left – Game Jam Build Download

A Little to the Left is a fun little puzzle game with a touch of OCD, where you attempt to perfectly arrange everyday objects to cause you less anxiety.

Created for the GMTK Game Jam 2020, in each level of A Little to the Left you are presented with a selection of randomly arranged everyday objects and you must try to arrange them. This can … Read More

Insurmountable – Alpha Demo

Insurmountable is a tactical roguelike adventure where you fight the elements, rather than monsters, as you attempt to scale a huge snow-capped mountain.

In Insurmountable you take control of a mountain-climber who has been sent to climb the forbidden mountains to satiate Old Powers and save his village. At the start of the game you can choose from a loadout of useful items (a torch, … Read More

Sword Reverie – Alpha Sign Up (VR)

Sword Reverie is a VR action adventure where you step into the shoes of an Anime hero who has been summoned to a far away land to help save it from powerful elemental monsters.

Coming to Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Windows Mixed Reality, Sword Reverie is a VR action adventure set in a vibrant Anime world. In the game you take on the role … Read More

Solace Dreams Remake – Alpha Download

Solace Dreams Remake is a mindblowing DOOM Total conversion mod that draws inspiration from Dark Souls and PS1 era survival horror games as you enter the nightmares of your classmates and try to save them.

A remake of the already insanely good Solace Dreams, the Solace Dreams Remake takes DOOM total conversion mods to a whole new level as a schoolgirl enters the uniquely … Read More

King of the Cul-De-Sac – Beta Download

King of the Cul-De-Sac is a beautifully drawn and increasingly weird comic book styled branching narrative adventure where a young kid uses her fists and her wits to win the coveted title of "King of the Cul-De-Sac".

In King of the Cul-De-Sac you follow the story of Karah, a young girl whose big brother is moving to college and relinquishing his title of "King of … Read More

Gestalt: Steam & Cinder – Alpha Sign Up

Gestalt: Steam & Cinder is a narrative-driven 2D pixel art action adventure that draws inspiration from 16-bit and 32-bit classics as you unravel conspiracies and battle robots in a beautifully animated steampunk world.

In Gestalt: Steam & Cinder you follow the story of a skilled fighter called Aletheia, who lives in a large steam-powered city of Canaan – the last bastion of mankind in a … Read More

Drill Deal: Borehole – Alpha Download

Drill Deal: Borehole is an offshore oil rig simulator where you build and manage your own oil platform with an aim of producing, refining and selling as much black gold as possible.

In Drill Deal you'll be placed in charge of oil rigs in various challenging scenarios – such as freezing arctic conditions or near a cluster of haunted islands. The Drill Deal Alpha features … Read More

Mariachi Undead – Alpha Demo

Mariachi Undead is a hand drawn 2D side-scrolling shooter with cover-shooter and rhythm action elements as an undead mariachi player makes his way through a post-apocalyptic Earth to save his son.

In Mariachi Undead you take on the role of the titular mariachi who has been brought back from the dead in a post-apocalyptic Earth. You must now use your guitar and a magic pistol … Read More

Marvel's Avengers – Open Beta (PS4, Xbox One & Steam)

Marvel's Avengers is now in open Beta on Steam, PS4 and Xbox One, so budding superheroes can now download it and step into the shoes of their favorite Avengers for free!

Marvel's Avengers is a new third person action adventure from Crystal Dynamics' (creators of the Tomb Raider games) and Square Enix, which allows you to become an Avenger and team up with other players … Read More

Frostpoint VR: Proving Grounds – Beta Sign Up

Frostpoint VR: Proving Grounds is a team-based VR multiplayer shooter with a PvE twist, as two teams of 10 face off in a frostbitten Antarctic military base that's over-run with biomechanical monsters.

Currently in development by InXile Entertainment (creators of the Wasteland games and The Bard's Tale), Frostpoint VR: Proving Grounds looks set to really up the ante when it comes to VR multiplayer … Read More

Warriors: Rise to Glory – Beta Sign Up

Warriors: Rise to Glory is a gladiatorial tactical turn-based combat game with RPG elements, which sees warriors facing off in 1v1 battles for loot, XP and glory!

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer back in 2017 Warriors: Rise to Glory is a comically brutal turn-based combat game where you customize and upgrade fearsome warriors and fight to the death in gladiatorial combat. Each battle earns … Read More

It's a Wrap – Game Jam Build Download

It's a Wrap is an inventive little puzzle platforming game where you take on the role of a movie director and decide at what times parts of each scene start to move as the film's hero tries to complete their goal.

Created for the Brackey's Jam 2020, in It's a Wrap each level is a scripted scene that you get to control when the various … Read More

EREGORE. – Game Jam Build Download

EREGORE. is a surreal, spooky and oddly serene little metroidvania-esque third person exploration game where you attempt to reach the various glowing red orbs in the game world, and each one you reach will help you jump/fly higher.

Created for the PS1 Summer of Screams game jam, in EREGORE. you control a mysterious ghostly figure within a strange industrial environment. All around you are glowing … Read More

My Dear Neighbor, Edition 404 – Alpha Demo

My Dear Neighbor, Edition 404 is a very weird first person horror adventure where you go around to your neighbor's house for dinner but end up in a glitchy nightmare.

In My Dear Neighbor, Edition 404 you've been invited for dinner at your neighbor's house (by a note creepily left by your bedside as you slept). When you get to your neighbor's house it turns … Read More

Rip Them Off – Beta Sign Up (Steam & iOS)

Rip Them Off blends tower defence with economic management and a touch of consumerism satire as you try to optimize busy streets with shops that will fleece the public out of as much money as possible.

Each level of Rip Them Off takes place on a busy street where masses of potential customers walk along. They've already been brainwashed by your advertising so whatever shop … Read More

Ahmmit's Gate – Student Game Download

Ahmmit's Gate is a fun little reverse horror stealth action game where you control a wall-crawling monster that feeds off fear as it sneaks through a museum in search of its missing eggs.

In Ahmmit's Gate you take control of a blind monster from ancient Egypt whose eggs have been stolen and placed on display in a museum. You now need to sneak through the … Read More

M is for Murder – Alpha Demo

M is for Murder is a tense little first person horror shooter where your search for a serial killer takes you to an abandoned hospital full of freaky mannequins.

In M is for Murder you are a detective who is following a lead on the notorius Alphabet Killer, a serial killer that's been on the loose for the past four years. Your latest clue has … Read More

Guardian Tales – an Adventure RPG Giveaway FREE x10 Summons Daily!

uardian Tales is an Adventure RPG game filled with exciting puzzles and hidden paths in each unique world! With hundreds of weapons and tons of heroes to collect, you can play with other Guardians in Raid or fight against each other in the Arena and Colosseum.

After the success of their Global Launch, Guardian Tales received a huge amount of praises and feedbacks! Guardians are sold to its challenging yet addicting puzzles and its entertaining storyline!

You can now download the game at Google Play and App Store at:

And to make things more interesting, they have released a Summoning Event where players can summon for FREE 10 times every day! The event starts on 26 August and ends on Sunday 30 August, players can choose any Summon type they desire for free summoning, be it a Pick-Up banner or Normal Summon for Heroes and Weapons!

Guardian Tales has also released a story event: Once Upon a Time in Burywood where players will collect event points from the story stages and rifts and exchange them for rewards. Along with that, they also released a new character, Dragon Avatar Vishuvac, along with her exclusive weapon, Volcanic Horn! She can be obtained in Hero summons until 8 September!

Guardian Tales is also holding a community event – Rachel's Treasure Hunt, and will last until September 10. Find the treasure by voting your desired coordinates on the map and the most popular vote will be dug up! 5 random players will also get a bonus reward, how lucky! 

It's no fun to solo a journey! You can meet other Guardians in their Discord server and get the latest announcements of the game in their Facebook page!

See you there, Guardians!

Alodia Gosiengfiao is the new Ambassador for FoodPanda, check her gamer tips for a GG experience

As we spend more time at home because of the pandemic, more people are opting to stay at home and play video games to pass the time. Playing video games online with friends is also now possible because of many online games available in mobile, consoles or in PC, anyone can have a serious GG (Good game) experience with their family and friends without leaving their coaches. But to keep the game going, you need some lifesaver online app that will fill your hungry stomach while playing games without going outside.

Foodpanda, the leading on-demand delivery service in the Philippines has a new promo for everyone, the "Just a tap away" where they will be having an event promo that gives us gamers a 40% off on your favorite food from over 20,000 restaurants nationwide (valid for selected restaurants only). Together with this event, they also announced their new brand ambassador, the Cosplay Goddess and gaming-star Alodia Gosiengfiao, which will help us gamers make the best choice of food!

Alodia Gosiengfiao, the prominent female influencer in the gaming and cosplay scene in the Philippines, she will share some gamer tips and advice for us, "Have everything automated already– have your payment terms done all online so that in just a few clicks, you can get the food to you without bringing out your wallet. It's very convenient if you are in the middle of a game or stream. I really love how convenient foodpanda is because my orders arrive after a game or two during my stream.". Considering this convenience, this is ultimately everything she needs when the day calls for a good meal, fast. "Just also allot a certain number of hours and always be aware of how much time you spend on gaming. Make sure it wouldn't affect personal relationships negatively. Having a good balanced routine would be best", she added.

Are you hungry gamers? its time for you to open up your Food Panda app and check under Gamer Show features. Check out Alodia's favorite restaurants that you can order with just one tap away.

Tom and Jerry Chase Mobile Game Review

Have you ever thought on how Tom and Jerry feel as if you are in their shoes? If you have been a fan of watching Tom and Jerry classics on the television, it centers between the rivalry of these lovely characters; a cat named Tom and a mouse named Jerry. Tom is always the losing end when it comes with a fight with Jerry. In Tom and Jerry Chase, you will finally have a chance to help Tom as you'll be playing him in this game hunting Jerry and the rest of the mice gang. 

Tom and Jerry: Chase is a 1 vs 4 2-D platformer casual mobile game with the nostalgic feels of the original classic animated series. It was released last week August 21, 2020 and available to the Southeast Asia regions including the Philippines. The game was officially licensed under Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and brought to you by NetEase Games.


Play either as Tom or Jerry the mouse in a 10-minute battle, playing Tom is a little bit in a bully sometimes as you'll be up against 4 mice as your enemies. Your primary objective is to catch them one by one and place it on a fireworks to eliminate each of them and most importantly to stop the mice from getting the cheese to their hideout (mouse hole). Tom's advantage is he is faster to walk and have much higher life. On the other hand, playing as Jerry will allow you to pair with other 3 players, your main objective is to steal all of the cheese that are randomly spawned around the house and you need to push as many cheese as you can to the mouse hole. Once Jerry team succeeded a brick will open that will allow them to escape from the battle, but the last obstacle is you need to destroy the bricks to escape. 

It features a multiplayer, where you will be playing with other 4 players online either by a random pool or forming up your team with friends. The match making is pretty quick, in just a matter of seconds you'll be able to find a match as many players around SouthEast Asia are playing the game.

Each round, there is only one Tom in every game and the rest are of 4 players are the mice. The matched game includes a ranking leaderboard where players can showcase their scores and ranked level against other players. 

Before proceeding to the game match, you will undergo a 3 to 5-minutes training first as it will allow any beginners to familiarize the basics and expert tutorials for the game. Players can also do a Bot Practices, which we recommend before playing with other players or in the ranked mode. Under Test Courses are the basic course, advance course (unlock after reaching level 10) and expert course (unlock after reaching level 15). 

For players who wants to take basic or advanced course, they can finish tutorials which players will also receive a course certificate that contains rewards like coins and perk points which they can use in the game. 

For the game controls, it is just right, roaming around the house is a no problem. The controls use a joystick controls for strafing from left to right. In the right corner of the screen, the controls for jump, skills and other interaction are located – pretty much like controls from an MOBA or Battle Royale game. You can also choose 4 different skill keys which may suit you during the gameplay. These are composed of the following:  

  • Free Attack  
  • All-in-one  
  • Free Interaction  
  • Free mode  

Note: Key bindings can be changed in the Settings page at any time. 


Our final verdict for this game is Netease nailed everything, reviving this nostalgic animated TV series into a game is just a dream come true for every 90 kids from the visuals, characters the sounds are all on point.

It is also a on the go game as you can play each round for less than 10 minutes, best for busy people who can play during their breaktime. And as well as for gamers who want to have a new level of a challenging game or for casual gaming.

Tom and Jerry Chase is now available on Google Play for Android and App Store for iOS in Southeast Asia in the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, East Timor and Brunei. 

Follow them for updates and latest news at

How to Teleport (Fast Travel) in Microsoft Flight Simulator

Though the main objective of playing a Flight Simulator is to fly a plane from destination A to destination B like in real life. There are some players that are curious with the new Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020, because of its real-time world map showing your favorite localities in the game and exploring these places virtually. But it will take a lot of time to reach these destinations and could take days to travel every tourist spot you want to reach, this is where fast travel or teleports comes in.

This is a very useful features for content creators that want to showcase their area and actually create a video out of it.

Table of Contents

  1. Enable Developer Mode Tools
  2. How to Teleport or Fast Travel
  3. Controls for Slew Mode (Teleport)

In this guide, we will help you how to fast travel in Microsoft Flight Simulator and reach your destination in just a click away.

Enable Developer Mode Tools

First, you need to enable the developers tools in Microsoft Flight Simulator. This tool has lots of useful functions that can change the current environment of your flight, even changing your current plane.

To enable the Developer Tools, go to Options > General > Developers.

Then turn on the Developer Mode. After turning on, there should be a [DEV MODE] menu that will appear at the top of the screen.

How to Teleport or Fast Travel

First, you need a coordinates (latitude and longitude) of the destination that you want to teleport. You can get this via Google Map, just search the location, then right click at the map and click "What's here".

Then the coordinates will be displayed at the bottom, take note of the latitude and longitude of the location.

To teleport, at the Microsoft Flight Simulator Developer Tools menu, go to Windows > Teleport Window.

Make sure to check the "Slew Mode", this will pause the plane from flying, allowing you to manipulate the plane in any direction and altitude you want.

After that, enter the latitude and longitude of the location you wish to fast travel, then click the Go to LatLon button.

Your plane will automatically reach the destination. This time you can now manipulate your plane with the controls below.

Controls for Slew Mode (Teleport)

Since we've checked the slew mode, your plane will be automatically pause at the air allowing you for more controls.

In slew mode, you can reposition your plane from any position you want. Below are the list of controls that you can use to position your plane.

For computer (Keyboard keys)

  • F1 – to move downward
  • F4 – to move upward
  • NUM 4 – to strafe right
  • NUM 6 – to strafe left
  • NUM 8 – to move forward
  • NUM 2 – to move backward
  • NUM 0 – to pitch plane upward
  • F5 – pitch plane upward plus 7 degrees (angle)
  • F8 – pitch plane downward plus 7 degrees (angle)
  • NUM 7 – roll to left angle
  • NUM 9 – roll to right angle

That's it! Hope this guide will help you and learn how to easily reach your destination in an instant.

How to Take Off in Microsoft Flight Simulator

If this is your first time to fly a plane in Microsoft Flight Simulator, especially the new released 2020 version. There is a good chance that you have no idea on how to take a plane and might be confusing on what the instruction says during the take off training.

When you've tried the training 3 "Take-off & Level Flight" to learn how to take off, it seems the instruction didn't work and you have problem to taxi your plane to the runway. In case, I've increase the throttle speed and pitch the plane just to move it to the runway, but it is wrong.

In this guide, we will help you how to take off your plane the right way.

How to Taxi the plane to the Runway

The first objective is to taxi your plane in to the runway, you can achieve this by turning off your parking brakes.

In computer, this is by pressing the CTRL + NUM DEL from your keyboard. Note: Press the DEL button from the numeric keypad not the DEL button on the navigation keys (INS, HOME, PAGEUP, DEL, END, PAGE DWN) area. If you press in the navigation keys, it will not turn off the brake, this is where I was stuck and takes hours to figure out.

In XBOX One controller, to turn off the brake, just press Y or B.

In the cockpit, you can find the parking brake control just at the bottom left corner.

Once your parking breaks are now turn off, you are now ready to taxi your plane to the runway. To taxi your plane, slowly increase the throttle speed to 10 to 15. In keyboard its F3, while on XBOX One Controller its A or B.

This will allow you to move your plane forward, press the NUM 0 to turn to left and NUM Enter to turn to right and move to the center of the runway. In XBOX ONE Controller, control it with the analog LEFT RIGHT.

Once you're at the center, turn on your parking break again by pressing the CTRL + NUM DEL. In XBOX ONE Controller, pressing Y or B.

How to Take off your Plane

Now, since your plane is now at the center of the runway. You're now ready to take off.

To take off, first you need to turn off the parking brake by pressing CTRL + NUM DEL. In XBOX One controller, its Y or B. Then increase the throttle speed to the maximum speed at 100%.

This will move your plane forward, wait until you've reach 55 knots. When you reach it, slowly pitch by pressing NUM 2 until you successfully take off.

That's it guys! Hope this tutorial helps you learn how to take off your plane for the first time.

How to Use Throttle Lever in Microsoft Flight Simulator

In the flight training "Basic Controls & Camera", there is the portion in training that it is hard to figure out if it is your first time to fly a plane in Microsoft Flight Simulator, because there is indicator for what key to press for the instruction, it simply says "Use Throttle Lever, Decrease Throttle to cut engine power".

Looking for the right keys in the control will also take you time, so in this guide we will help you how to do it right.

How to Increase/Decrease Throttle in XBOX Controller

For XBOX One controller, simply press A and B to control the speed of your plane engine. A to increase, while B to decrease the throttle speed.

How to Increase/Decrease Throttle in Keyboard

To increase or decrease the throttle, simply press F2 and F3 from your keyboard. Pressing F3 will increase the Throttle putting more power to the engine, while pressing the F2 will decrease the engine power. However, pressing the F1 will automatically cut off the engine power to 0%.

In the cockpit view, you can also interact inside the cockpit, you'll notice a lever control for THROTTLE at the bottom center of the cockpit. Pressing and holding this lever will also increase/decrease the engine power. Pushing forward to increase, backward to decrease.

Alternatively, you may also use climb (NUM 8 from your keyboard) the decrease the speed of your engine and pitch (NUM 2 from your keyboard) to increase the the speed.

That's it guys! Hope this help you get started with flying at Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Facebook Classic Blue-Design will no longer be Available starting September

The classic Facebook blue design will no longer be available starting September. If you recently received the new layout of Facebook, you can still switch back to the classic blue-design without any problem. But today, Facebook recently add a feedback survey once you've try switching to the classic version, that says "The classic Facebook experience will no longer be available starting in September. Before the new becomes the default experience, we want to learn more about how we can improve.".

A lot of users are still using the classic blue-design because they are more comfortable to use than the new layout, due to hard to find features and unfamiliarity. Browsers in desktop, laptop and smart phone are one of the affected with these changes. However, we have no information if the 3G mobile interface ( is also affected.

The "New Facebook" was first introduced in 2019 during the F8 Developer conference, it is one of the biggest changes made since their existence wayback 2004; cleaner interface, and allow users to switch to dark mode. But most importantly, it improves the backbone of the site with new programming technologies that improves user experience and compatibility with every phone.

Well, you still have almost a week to enjoy the classic facebook blue-design. Are you one of those users who still prefer to use the old design? Let us know in the comment section.

Stuck at Gathering Quest in Perfect World VNG

If you recently stuck one of the quest in Perfect World VNG specifically for the gathering quest, you'll probably have no idea on how to fix it and you may think it is a bug. Eventually in the game, after you auto-quest each of the game quest, you're stuck on Gathering Feathers quest from the NPC Peregrine near the city hall where you'll be eliminating Iriswings but the gathering of feather didn't progress or stuck at 0/4.

Well, it's not a bug of something, its just Perfect World didn't have a function to notify players that their inventory are already full and need to sort out.

How to Complete Gathering Quest

Make sure your Inventory are not full, the default inventory size for the game is at 40, it will increase as you level up in the game or purchase a space from the store.

To sort out your inventory, just click the bag icon at the upper right corner of the screen.

Dismantle Equipment that are not important like the no-color equipment. Keep in mind, Blue and Purple are important equipment if you're early stage in the game. However, you may dismantle blue once you already have full set of purple equipments.

Once you already have extra space in your inventory, you can now go back eliminating your objective and receive the items for the gathering quest.

That's it guys! If you still have problem with the quest. Please leave a comment down below.

Tom and Jerry: Chase Mobile now Available on iOS and Android

NetEase Games and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment today announced the official launch of the first-ever 2D 1v4 asymmetric mobile game, Tom and Jerry: Chase in Southeast Asia. The game is now available for iOS and Android devices in Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, East Timor and Brunei. Players in these regions can download the game on the App Store or Google Play.

Tom and Jerry: Chase is a mobile game where players can select to play as either a cat or mouse. Join the quick-witted mice in their efforts to team up and gather cheese while making fun of the cat, or join the cat side and go solo to catch the mice. Players can enjoy this classic tale of cat and mouse within just eight minutes, anytime, anywhere.

Tom and Jerry: Chase has also added a slew of brand new features for its official launch:

Five new casual modes, Cheese Frenzy Match, Team Speedrun, Clone Battle, Fun with Fireworks and Operative have been added to the mix. These casual modes will bring players even more fun. For example, in Team Speedrun mode, players can team up to have a no-holds-barred 3v3 battle. While in Cheese Frenzy mode, the goal is to push a set number of cheese wedges into the mouse holes within the time limit.

Popular characters including cowboy Jerry and cowboy Tom have also made their official debut with the launch! Players can gain their S-Class skins, Hero of the West, via the Magic Mirror.

To celebrate the launch, massive bonuses and events have been prepared to welcome players. Completing the 7-Day Challenges guarantees players a free A-class skin for King Jerry. Daily logins will also reward Coins, Perk Points and Stars.

There are still many hidden surprises in the game waiting for players to discover. Are you ready to start a new journey in Tom and Jerry: Chase?

Download link for Android & iOS:

Download link for OPPO:

HITMAN is the next FREE game on Epic Games next week, starting August 27

Epic games just listed their next free batch of games for next week. Surprisingly, its a triple A title starring Agent 47, the HITMAN 1. Anyone who claim the game next week on Epic games starting August 27 up to September 3, 2020 will allow them to keep the game forever in their epic library.

HITMAN is an action-adventure stealth video games, known for its third-person shooting/stealth game, players will able to play as the genetically enhanced assassins called Agent 47 – where you'll be targeting different criminals around the world. The game was first released on March 12, 2016 and has a total of six episodes which takes place six years after the events of the 2012 franchise Hitman: Absolution.

Today, players around the world will able to play this wonderful game on their PC next week for FREE and what you only had to do is to check out the game to keep it forever. The game will originally cost you around PHP 1,733 on steam to buy the whole episode.

Next week starting August 27, you can check its official page on Epic Games to grab HITMAN.

Aside from this, Shadowrun Collection is also one of the free games next week on Epic.