Song of Iron – Alpha Demo

Song of Iron is a cinematic side-scrolling action adventure where a lone warrior battles men and monsters as they search for the Great Temple of the Gods.

In Song of Iron you explore your ancient Norse-themed homeland and search for the Great Temple of the Gods after returning home to find your village aflame and your loved one slain. Your journey will be an arduous … Read More

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The Captain is Dead – Beta Sign Up (Windows, Mac, IOS & Android)

The Captain is Dead is a turn-based survival strategy game that takes place during the climactic stages of a Star Trek-esque TV show and sees you racing to stop your ship from being blown to smithereens by aliens.

Coming to Windows, Mac, iOS and Android, The Captain is Dead is a digital adaptation of the fast paced Sci-Fi board game of the same name. … Read More

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Hills & Hollows – Alpha Demo

Hills & Hollows is an eerie 1bit styled occult horror adventure that draws inspiration from midwestern folklore as you use Tarot cards to try and escape a terrible fate.

After being murdered by some strange cultist car thieves, a mysterious talking cat allows you to relive the event and change it by using special Tarot cards. However, it'll take more than that to escape your … Read More

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An Obstacle Course For Unconventional Humans – Game Jam Build Download

An Obstacle Course For Unconventional Humans is a wonderfully weird little physics-based QWOP-like game where you stick together body parts to build the perfect human for tackling a tricky obstacle course.

Created for the Jamingtons 10 Game Jam, An Obstacle Course For Unconventional Humans allows you to become god and create your own human. You are presented with an assortment of body parts that you … Read More

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LithoBreak – Beta Sign Up

LithoBreak is an episodic Sci-Fi adventure where you live in a large space station and manage a mining operation on a deep space moon that you're orbiting as you upgrade the facility and make important scientific breakthroughs.

In LithoBreak you take on the role of Eli, a recently disgraced entrepreneur who made his fortune developing moon mining technology. You hope that your latest project will … Read More

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POOM – Game Jam Build Download

POOM is an incredible DOOM Demake created within the 8-bit constraints of the PICO-8 fantasy console!

Created for 7dfps 2020, POOM manages to take everything that's great about DOOM and the squish it into the tiny confines of the PICO-8 virtual console. For those unaware the PICO-8 is essentially supposed to be about as powerful as a NES, has a 128×128 pixel resolution and should … Read More

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M.E.A.T. – Beta Sign Up

M.E.A.T. is a Sci-Fi horror RPG adventure where you unravel the mystery of a sinister substance that's corrupting a small Canadian city during the Gold Rush era.

Drawing inspiration from 90's RPG classics, M.E.A.T. is a Sc-Fi horror RPG that follows the story of a Civil War veteran whose hometown was cut off from the outside world due to heavy snowfall. After the town became … Read More

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H4N9M4N – Game Jam Build Download

H4N9M4N is a creepy ASCII styled game of first person Hangman, where you search a strange village for letters to help you guess words and escape an execution.

Created for the Hangman game, H4N9M4N is a creepy little twist on the age old game of Hangman. In the game you take on the role of a prisoner who is due to be executed, but if … Read More

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Gneiss: A Misshapen Journey – Student Game Download

Gneiss: A Misshapen Journey is an inventive puzzle platforming adventure where you control a little rock-man who has shattered his body, but can now shape his squishy core into lots of useful shapes!

Created by students at DADIU, Gneiss: A Misshapen Journey is a 3D puzzle platforming adventure that follows the journey of a weak little rock-man who is looking for acceptance. After being randomly … Read More

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Catalyst Black – Beta Sign Up (iOS)

Catalyst Black is a multiplayer battleground shooter that aims to evolve mobile gaming with large-scale drop-in drop-out battles between teams of 10+ players.

Currently in development by Super Evil Megacorp (the creators of Vainglory), Catalyst Black is a battleground shooter for iOS and Android devices (though testing is currently only on iOS). It promises large scale battles with big 10+ player teams and neural … Read More

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BROK the investiGator – Beta Demo

BROK the investiGator features a unique blend of beat 'em up and point and click adventure gameplay as an alligator detective looks for answers in a cartoony cyberpunk world.

Currently in development by COWCAT (creators of Demetrios) BROK the investiGator features an anthropomorphic animal filled cyberpunk-lite setting that draws inspiration from 80's/90's cartoons. In the game you take on the role of BROK, a … Read More

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M.A.R.S. – Beta Key Giveaway

We have 2,000 keys to give away for M.A.R.S. – a multiplayer third/first person
Sci-Fi shooter that promises spectacle filled multiplayer combat as you blast aliens, robots, mummies, dinosaurs and mechs across lots of exotic game modes.

M.A.R.S. (Mercenary Assault Recon Squad) is a multiplayer arena shooter that takes place in a future where the League of Nations, UNITA and a man-made race of insectoid … Read More

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RAWMEN – Beta Sign Up

RAWMEN is a bizarre multiplayer arena shooter that plays like a blend of Splatoon and Tony Hawk's Pro Skater as you slide around arenas and hurl food-based weaponry at your rivals!

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer during the closed Alpha sign up, RAWMEN is a lighthearted (and very messy) arena shooter where a bunch of half-naked chefs get into a massive food fight. … Read More

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Freshly Frosted – Beta Demo

Freshly Frosted is an addictive little donut factory puzzler where you attempt to place conveyor lines to connect up the machines and fulfil the correct orders of tasty donuts.

At first glance Freshly Frosted can look a little like Factorio or Automachef, but actually it's a much faster paced and arcadey experience where most levels can be completed in under a minute. In each … Read More

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Rubber Bandits: Xmas Prologue – Beta Demo

Rubber Bandits: Xmas Prologue is a festive demo for the upcoming Rubber Bandits game, which sees Santa, snowmen, penguins, reindeer and even Jesus beating each other up and stealing loot from presents.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer back in February, Rubber Bandits is a physics based multiplayer bralwer where players attempt to grab the most cash and escape from differently themed arenas. It's a … Read More

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Sou'wester Winds – Alpha Sign Up

Sou'wester Winds allows you to build your very own sail-ship from the ground up and sail the open seas in search of what lies beyond the storm walls of the South West.

Sou'wester Winds is a seafaring sandbox game where you build your own sail-ship and search for the secrets hidden within the seas. The ship building tools are particularly impressive, allowing you to alter … Read More

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Zapling Bygone – Alpha Demo

Zapling Bygone is a quirky 2D pixel art metroidvania where you control an alien tentacle monster who combines with different skulls to unlock new powers.

In Zapling Bygone you take control of a weird green tentacled alien called a Zapling which crashlands on an alien planet. Due to the fact that the planet has a much higher gravity than you're used to you need to … Read More

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Horde Core – Beta Sign Up

Horde Core is a darkly humorous side scrolling shooter with survival elements, which sees you controlling a team of survivors in a zombie-infested post-apocalyptic world.

Playable in single-player or local and online multiplayer, Horde Core is a side scrolling zombie survival shooter where a ragtag band of misfits attempt to survive in a post-apocalyptic world that's overrun with zombies. You take on the mantle of … Read More

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Loco Motive – Game Jam Build Download

Loco Motive is a lighthearted murder-mystery point and click adventure that follows an accountant as he investigates a murder most foul aboard a luxury steamtrain.

Created for the AdventureX Jam, Loco Motive is a pixel art point and click adventure that harkens back to the glory days of the Lucasarts adventures and plays out like a funnier version of Murder on the Orient Express. … Read More

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Scribbles – Prototype

Scribbles is a creepy little five minute horror game where you exchange notes with a monster that lives under your bed.

In Scribbles you take on the role of a young kid who likes to draw a little on a sketchbook in bed before they go to sleep. After drawing a particularly nice picture of a rocket you then place the sketchbook down by the … Read More

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Who's Your Daddy?! Remake – Beta Sign Up

Steam users can now sign up to Beta test Who's Your Daddy?! Remake – a remake of the ridiculous asymmetric 2015 1v1 multiplayer game where a father attempts to keep his baby safe from harm while the baby actively seeks out ways to die.

We previously featured the original Who's Your Daddy?! Alpha Beta Gamer way back in 2015 and were impressed with its darkly … Read More

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Intergalactic Wizard Force – Game Jam Build Download

Intergalactic Wizard Force is a hilarious little point and click adventure which follows two rather inept "galactic wizards" as they set out on an adventure on a planet of labyrinths.

Created for the AdventureX Jam by the talented people at Powerhoof (creators of The Drifter, Peridium and You're Watching ICEBOX!) Intergalactic Wizard Force is a short and hilariously silly point and click adventure … Read More

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A Rogue Escape – Beta Sign Up (VR)

A Rogue Escape is a VR simulation game where you sit inside a cockpit and attempt to figure out how to operate a massive steampunk mech.

Taking place in the same universe as Nauticrawl, A Rogue Escape sees you attempting to operate an underwater mech. The game takes place entirely from the view of the cockpit of the mech which you have stolen but … Read More

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Seablip – Alpha Sign Up

Seablip is a charming Stardew Valley inspired open world pixel art pirate RPG where you sail the seas, fight other ships, search for treasure and upgrade your ship and your home island.

In Seablip you live on a little island called Seablip where you can meet villagers, make friends and help to bring the island back to its former glory. You also have a small … Read More

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Rogue Lords – Beta Sign Up

Rogue Lords is a stylish dark fantasy roguelike adventure where you become the Devil and attempt to spread terror and corruption with a band of evil geniuses.

In Rogue Lords you get to be the bad guy as you step into the shoes of the Devil as he attempts to take revenge one the Demon Hunters that banished him. To fight on your side you … Read More

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Swarm of the Plague Babies – Game Jam Build Download

Swarm of the Plague Babies is a ridiculous and hilarious little point and click adventure which follows a clueless conspiracy theorist as he attempts to uncover the "truth" about a mysterious swarm of plague babies.

Created by the talented Charlotte Gore (creator of Aye Fair Lady and Holy Molluscamony), Swarm of the Plague Babies is a thoroughly ridiculous little point and click adventure where … Read More

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Serium Sector – Alpha Sign Up

Serium Sector features a unique blend of FPS and RTS gameplay as players can build structures, train units and command them from above or jump into the action as a soldier on the frontlines.

Drawing inspiration from Natural Selection, Serium Sector is a multiplayer arena shooter that combines RTS and FPS gameplay. In the game one player in each team will be able to … Read More

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The Shop of Good Memories – Browser Game

The Shop of Good Memories is a charming little social experience where you visit a little shop full of other people's good memories, where you can take one memory and leave one of your own in return.

In The Shop of Good Memories you enter a cozy little shop which is filled with objects that contain memories. These memories have been left by other players … Read More

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(Not) A Love Story – Alpha Download

(Not) A Love Story is a creepy and surreal pixel art horror game set within a P.T.-esque looping corridor where you need to find keys to unlock the doors.

In (Not) A Love Story you follow the adventure of a man who is trapped inside a mysterious loop inside his own house. You'll need to solve puzzles and find keys to open your front door. … Read More

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Fractured Veil – Alpha Sign Up

Fractured Veil is a multiplayer horror survival game set in a post-apocalyptic version of the sun-soaked Hawaian island of Maui.

Taking place 100 years after a catastrophic event wiped out civilization, Fractured Veil sees you trying to survive on the island of Maui. To survive you'll need to scavenge resources, craft and build bases, all while dealing with mutants, dangerous animals, environmental hazards and other … Read More

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miHoYo allegedly allows hackers to keep stolen account if they spent money on it

A reddit user named u/Rabbit-Outside posted a screenshot on subreddit (r/Genshim_Impact) about his conversation with the support team of Genshin Impact where he asked help to recover his hacked account. Through a screenshot, he claimed that miHoYo recognized that his account was stolen but they refused to help because the hacker already made many top-up on the stolen account responding "However, after the time your account is taken by someone, there are many Top-up after that, and this is dispute account situation, so that we couldn't help in this situation".

The Reddit user also said that it was stolen a month ago, he claimed that he had no confirmation code when his bind email address was changed. He then contacted miHoYo after the incident proving the ownership of his account. miHoyo responded that they need screenshots all of the purchase transaction as a proof to begin the restoration of his account. 

He waited about 3 weeks to get a response from them. In the response, he claimed, miHoYo confirmed that the account was stolen, but they could not simply recover the account because the people (hacker) who stole it already bought some top-up on the account.

He also added that he spent over 150 hours on the game before it was happened.

The reddit post now reaches over 20,000 upvotes. You can check it at…/support_response_from_mihoyo/

As of the moment, there is no official statement from miHoYo about this matter.

Is it right for miHoYo to refused to recover the stolen account?

If the above screenshots are real, I think it is just right for miHoYo to refuse the account recovery. Because some players could abuse this service to make false claims for their gacha advantage. The only problem was the choice of words use in their response and without the assurance of banning the stolen account.

We all know that most top-up funds used in Genshin Impact are all for the gacha mechanics. What if someone who would abuse this method will legitimately reverse all of the payment done during it was claimed "stolen" and be able to keep all the consumable item that was used. 

It is also hard for the part of miHoYo to reverse all transactions made from the stolen account as they can only put negative to the amount of Primo Gem if reversal happen. The case for stolen account requires manual approach.

How to Use Campfire to Make BBQ Meats and Jam in LifeAfter

When you're stuck on the part of the initial mission "New Wilderness House" when you're with Andy and Murphy in LifeAfter, you probably do not know to use the campfire to make the barbequed meats and jam. Well, you're not alone especially you're new to the game and bombarded with lots of features in the game which makes it non user-friendly to everyone.

To use the Campfire, you need some wood and the main ingredients to use it. But you only need to get woods as Andy is already doing the task for ingredients, as she hunt for animals and some berries.

Instead of getting the ingredients, you were asked to equip axe and gather some woods from trees for the campfire.

After that, you need to talk to Andy to get the items she hunts which are the 4 x Meat and 2 x Berry.

How to ignite the Campfire

You already had the ingredients needed but when you click the Craft button, there are error message that is saying "Insufficient fuel. Wood or Help can be added as fuel".

Based from the error, you basically need to add fuel in the campfire. But not specifically fuel, which makes this task very confusing. You only need to add woods on the campfire to ignite it.

Press F to the campfire.

Then when the Simple Cooking window appear, at the Fuels on the bottom right corner of the screen, click the + button.

Then add some Woods.

Then press the Ignite button.

When you have enough fuel, you can now Craft the the Barbequed Meats and Jam.

Don't forget to claim it after cooking.

That's it! Hope this helps you from doing the adventure in the game.

Perfect World VNG Mobile Game Review

If you have been a fan of the 15-year-old MMORPG game, Perfect World VNG which was first released back in 2005 on PC. You will be grateful to see this game again on a new platform, this time on mobile devices. The journey begins when VNG Game Publishing releases a mobile version of the game, calling it Perfect World VNG. The game is currently available to selected countries in SEA (Southeast Asia) including the Philippines, Thailand, and Indonesia, while Vietnam has separate servers. The mobile game was first released just this year, on August 20. 

Perfect World VNG lets you experience the nostalgic Perfect World game. Faithfully recreates the original PC version, it includes new improvements to the gameplay and many features that have never been tried before. Such as a marriage system, where you can get married with another player in-game. A dungeon system that will let players and their party to enter an instance to clear monsters and bosses.

An improved PVP system allows players to show their skill against another player. A Guild mode that players can bond together to create an enjoyable community and game experience.

As well as a mentorship system where you can help other players by becoming their master or help them to be your apprentice where both sides will grow faster doing the adventure. 

Classes on Perfect World VNG

To get started with the game, players can choose from three different races: Untamed, Humans and Winged Elf.

Each of these races has different classes inside where players can select a hero that fits on their preferences. 

Assassins (Untamed) – Built with Burst DPS, one of the unique skills of the Assassins among other classes is its ability to become invisible. You can hide from the enemy's eyesight allowing you to perfectly position your next attack. A handy skill that you can easily flee when you need to regenerate your health. The good thing about its invisibility is it gives additional 20% more damage. The advantage of being an Assassin is it gives extra damage against the enemies, especially when critical hit stat is in full gauge. While in team fights, Assassin is good for helping your teammates enough damage to the enemies. 

Vulpine (Untamed) – Aside from its damage and debuffs, Vulpine is the most unique character among all classes because it is the only class that you can get a pet with its pet taming mechanism. You can use it to assist you in PVP as well as the PVE. A Vulpine can also turn into a fox which increases your movement speed by 30%. It's ranged skill set and ability to heal itself, Vulipine is suitable for PVP with tanker squads. 

Barbarian (Untamed) – The only Tanker in the game, Barbarian has two forms, it can transform into a monster that highly increases its health points and a strong defense for protection. This makes Barbarian the ultimate tanker in the game. However, when switching back to its original form, its critical rate will increase giving you more damage against enemies. 

Wizard (Human) – Effective for damage and burst, Wizard's mobility skill set makes its damage per seconds (DPS) effective if you're in a party because of its wide-range attack. It can deal a large area of damage to the enemies and can defend its teammates with immense power. However, it's very low health can be fatal when you don't have a party around. 

Blade Master (Human) – Optimized for damage and control, the Blade master progression may slow at start as it requires you to do levelling and upgrading first for this class to be competitive. This class is effective as an end-game melee character. This class can use dual swords or other weapons like Hammer and Axe, it has a good balance of attack and defense good for controlling the crowd. 

Cleric (Winged Elf) – Supportive healing assist, this class is a must for all parties, she is responsible for healing teammates and giving buffs. Good for PVP and PVE battles. Though its damage is quite weaker, cleric ability to heal a high amount of health points and resistance. It's assisted attack can slow down the enemy movements. 

Archer (Winged Elf) – For damage flexibility, Archers are the class that can do single damage and wide-range damage to the enemies. Though some might find Archer difficult to play in the game, due to its low HP and weak defense, the damage is effective as well as its attack speed. Since it is a range attacker, you can easily fight enemies at a distance without taking direct damage from the enemies. 

Customizable Character

Though this feature is a trend to some MMORPG games, one key feature of the Perfect World VNG is the ability to customize your character in the game from faces like eye, eyebrows, nose, mouth, shape of face and even decorative features to body shapes. You can make your character look like you, a K –Pop celebrity or something funny. The possibilities are endless, and it depends on your creativity. 

Many video games feature similar character creation systems and mobile games are no exception. From head to toe, each of these offers players a wide-ranging character creation in which you can add your personal touch to it. 

Honestly speaking, before playing the game, it really took a lot of time customizing the character before your adventure begins. *grins* It gives some satisfaction and enjoyment at the same time to get creative as you customize your character's appearance. 

You will find a lot of people sharing their character customization when you join a community either on Facebook or Reddit.


The game is not just a ported mobile version of the original PC, it is a complete remake using the original storyline. The story started at the home of the three races Human, Untamed and Winged Elf at the capital of Perfect World, the Archosaur where it is invaded by the hordes of wraiths who seek to destroy all of creation.  

Perfect World VNG is so huge in terms of its open world map, the total land area is about 60,000 km2, about 12 percent the size of the Earth. 

Unlike the manual quest discovery on the PC version, the new game adapts portability for mobile which is the auto-navigation of quests which allows players to easily navigate to their quest to complete it. Though the "Pathfinding" of the game is not that deep that the game is still enjoyable without depending on the automation. It is just helping players to look for the exact coordinates of the quest for the assigned NPC and the objectives.  

If walking is not your thing, in Perfect World VNG, you can fly to reach your destination faster. You can use different types of wing or a ride a dragon, a bird, or even a sword to fly and roam around the beautiful scenery. You could also teleport to any maps at any times. 

In terms of playing the game with your friends, you can form a guild or a party to complete objectives. Adding a friend to your friend list is easy as long as you are on the same server.

Customer Support

In most MMORPG game, we think, customer support is the first thing in mind you should look for a game to know if the game is better. In terms of reporting bugs, and unfair hacks that destroy the game community, a GM or a customer support should be easily contacted when these things happen. 

Fortunately, Perfect World VNG has some of the active customer support. You can reach them anytime from their Facebook page or via in-game reporting. Knowing that a game cares for their players, you will automatically know how good this game is. 

Bringing back your old game today sounds like a dream, but VNG initiatives to put the game back to the mobile is just a dream come true. Perfect World VNG is an ongoing game where there are lots of events that are coming to the game every month, players will not get bored because not just of the update but because of the awesome community in the game. 

Based on Chinese mythology, Perfect World VNG is a 3D fantasy MMORPG developed by Chinese online-gaming company, VNG Publishing. The adventures await you! Perfect World VNG is now available in Google Play Store and iOS App Store. They are now waiting for your new adventure.

For updates and upcoming events, follow their social media:  

How to spot fake PS4 controller

You might encounter some people selling PlayStation 4 controller either from an online marketplace or from a local store in your area at a discounted price. Authentic PS4 controller cost around PHP 2,000 ($40) to PHP 3,000 ($60) and includes the complete package including the instructions manual.

Table of Contents

  1. Authentic Screw
  2. Micro USB Port
  3. Battery
  4. Touchpad

But if you happen to receive a controller without these packaging and it cost similar to the retail price, you might be skeptical if the product you bought are authentic. The main problem with the fake PS4 controller is it looks and perform very similar to the original and it will be very hard to find out.

The good news is there are an easy way to tell if the PS4 controller is a fake or original without dismantling your precious controller. This is by examining its parts and compare it with the original PS4 controller. If you don't have an original PS4 controller, we've added a side by side comparison picture below for your reference.

Authentic Screw

If you didn't know, Sony uses a custom screws in all of their PlayStation 4 peripherals and in the controller, they are using this screw that has circular pattern in it. Good thing with fake controller, they are using generic screw and that is the easiest way to spot if the controller is fake or now.

Below are the screw for authentic controller. If you notice, the screw has a some kind of a spiral pattern and the shape of the plus are a little bit small.

Comparing it with the counterfeit controller, the screw looks generic and the hole for the + are too big without any pattern on it.

Micro USB port

You can also check by how the micro USB port looks. However, you need a magnifier to check this one. Authentic controller has a gold pin at the top of the micro USB board, while the fake one is just plain.

Left controller is the original comparing it to the fake controller on the right, you'll notice that the board port on the original is rounded and the gold pin on the top doesn't expose. While the fake one the board port is not rounded and the 5 gold pin is clearly visible on the top.


Using fake controller easily degrade its battery because it is using generic lithium battery, far from the performance of the authentic. However, you will only notice this degradation after using the controller for years or month.


One thing you'll notice on fake controllers are that when you try to push the top portion of the touchpad, it is not clickable or impossible to press. You can check this by placing your pointing finger at the SONY logo and the touchpad, then try pushing the touchpad, if it easily click its authentic. If not, its 100% fake.

That's it! Hope this guide helps you identify counterfeit PlayStation 4 controllers.

ServerDNA 5 is coming back and goes digital this year with huge giveaways

It has been a year since we attended our first ServerDNA experience in Malaysia, and this year 2020 where there is ongoing pandemic, ServerDNA 5 is coming back and goes fully digital. One of Malaysia's largest gamer gathering will be live this December and promises for much bigger, bolder, and better online experience for gamers with non-stop activities. Other than that, there will be over RM 200,000 (PHP 2.3 Million) worth of giveaways for all gamers who will attend the event.  

ServerDNA 5 will be 18 hours and two-day event that will feature wide array of gaming activities, performance, industry talks and free giveaways. It will be held online this coming December 5 to 6, 2020

Filipino gamers can also join the giveaway too, but unfortunately, you need to shoulder the shipping fee and custom taxes. But for Filipino gamers who are currently in Malaysia, they can claim their winnings totally free. 

The ServerDNA 5 expects to draw massive online crowd ranging from gamers, gadget lovers, industry players, anime enthusiasts, cosplayers and more. 

Famous Malaysian gaming influencers and streamers will also be joining the event together with the pro team captains and top gadget brands. Making the event a wonderful opportunity for participants to connect and mingle with them. Insightful industry talks will also be held throughout the online event where key figures in the gaming industry will share their insights and experiences. 

Sessions will include topics on pro-gaming, content creation, technology, and esports industry developments. ServerDNA hopes that these sessions will be useful for participants, especially for individuals pursuing a career in esports or gaming. The two-day event will also feature many enjoyable and rewarding activities for participants online. 

Activities during ServerDNA 5 

Natasha Hashim will be moderating the sessions and will be sharing distinct brands and technology. Watch as notable brands introduce and present the best in class technology offerings and join in with a random guest in a LIVE Q&A with the brands and interaction on Live Social Media. Aside from that, you might also have a chance to win one new product on every session for lucky draws. 

A Live Game Themed Cosplay Showcase and Competition where participants will be able to see many exciting costumes by cosplayers and an exclusive miHoYo  themed Fan art competition and best screenshot award where artists share their best work.  

Live performances and Worldwide Guest Judge appearances moderated by KING ANGEL. 

MOUSEPAD PARTY, a 3-hour continuous giveaway with emcee star FLAVA, where products come from Intel, Seagate, LG, Monster, AMD, Sades, Logitech, and many more. 

Join the ServerDNA 5

Interested participants can register for the event and lucky-draw slots via their official website registration page at ttps://

To find out more about ServerDNA5, please visit or follow their social media pages:

LifeAfter x Resident Evil Crossover will Starts today

The second crossover event between NetEase Games' acclaimed post-apocalyptic survival game LifeAfter and Capcom's survival horror series Resident Evil™ will run from today (December 3rd) to December 17th. Players need to unite and deal the final blow to the Umbrella Corporation while earning the delicate items which are only available during the crossover. The event will introduce new outfits from iconic Resident Evil characters Jill Valentine and Albert Wesker. The Raccoon Police Department (R.P.D.) scene, along with outfits and themed items from the first crossover event will also return.

The second crossover event will introduce outfits of two more iconic characters — Jill Valentine and Albert Wesker. There will also be other new crossover-exclusive items, including a backpack and picture frame. Meanwhile, the Leon S. Kennedy and Ada Wong outfits and other Resident Evil-themed items from the first crossover event will make a return during the new event. With these add-ons, players will be able to enjoy a more immersive Resident Evil-style survival horror experience.

In addition, the second crossover scene from the ominous R.P.D. will also make a return, with appearances of iconic enemy bosses from various Resident Evil games. From the moment players set foot in the dangerous R.P.D., they must wipe out the Infected and then face Tyrant from Resident Evil 2 in a battle of wits. Players must decode locked chests and collect the three medallions required to unlock the secret tunnel to escape from Tyrant's pursuit! In the deepest recesses of the secret tunnel, players will face off against one of four final bosses selected at random – Majini, G (Stage 2), Nemesis or Tyrant.

Boss Skills Introduction:

  • G (Stage 2): G (Stage 2) quickly rushes towards players with its huge and twisted sharp claw. It will leap into the air to perform a heavy slam, which is an attack that players need to avoid that.
  • Executioner Majini: Dragging a great axe, the Executioner can knock players flying with his sweeping strike.
  • Tyrant: A major obstacle players need to deal with when collecting medallions, Tyrant is a relentless juggernaut that never stops chasing down its prey. It can knock players off with its deadly punches and charges from a long distance.
  • Nemesis: With a rocket launcher in one hand, Nemesis can lock onto a player's location, then launch a rocket after a few seconds to cause massive area damage. Tentacles can spring out of Nemesis' right palm to bind and drag players in front of it. Nemesis can also make a dizzying and deafening roar.

Alongside the crossover event, a prize draw event with awesome rewards will also be launched via the official LifeAfter social media community.

The second phase of the LifeAfter and Resident Evil crossover event is arriving today. Join the last fight together to deal the Umbrella Corporation a fatal blow and end the evil once for all!

Crimson Desert is the upcoming Title from Pearl Abyss

Pearl Abyss just announced today that a new upcoming game title, the Crimson Desert. The title was first announced last year at Korea's largest game trade show "G-star" and today they unveiled a new trailer during the The Game Awards 2020. The new trailer will give you some sneak peak look on the actual gameplay of the Crimson Desert. Here are the official symbol reveal trailer of Pearl Abyss newest game.

In the trailer, part of the logo includes a depiction of a wolf, an owl, and a deer and symbolically represents the entwined relations of the many in-game regions trying to write a new history of their own.  Aside from that, they also unveiled the dates for the actual gameplay trailer on December 10, 2020 at 4PM (PT) which will be broadcast live from Los Angeles, Tokyo and London.

The new flagship title of Pearl Abyss Crimson Desert is an open-world action adventure game. Sets in the vast continent of Pywel, you'll be able to meet the Pywellians and their tale stories. You'll be able to play as a mercenaries that fights for survival.

Crimson Desert will be using Pearl Abyss next-generation engine which aims to launch the game for console and PC.

To know more about Crimson Desert, you can check their official website at

Today marks the 26th Birthday of Sony PlayStation

December 3, 1994 is the day Sony PlayStation was officially released in Japan. After its long arrangement with Nintendo to come up with CD-ROM based video game console which was supposed to be called "Game Player". The arrangement didn't end well due to unfavorable impact arrangement with Sony, Nintendo partners instead with Philips to create their own console. The race has begun when Sony decided to create their own 32-bit console with the CD-ROM and it was named "Sony PlayStation".

Sony PlayStation was the brainchild of Ken Kutagari, known as the Father of PlayStation who has been secretly working with Nintendo for SNES console sound processor improvement. He was almost sacked by Sony for this but Sony president Norio Ohga recognized the potential of Kutagari and keep him as protege.

When Nintendo and Sony separate their ways, Ohga and Kutagari decided to develop their own console for the company.

In December 3, 1994, Sony released their first video game console in Japan with 23 game titles readily available during the launch, including these featured game titles.

  1. Ridge Racer (Namco)
  2. Powerful Pro Baseball (Konami)
  3. Gokujuo Parachute Deluxe Pack (Konami)
  4. A-IV-Art Dink
  5. Tama-Time (Warner Interactive)
  6. Hot Blooded Family (Tecnosoft)
  7. Raiden Project (Seibu Kaihatsu)
  8. Motor Toon (GP-SCE)

Sony PlayStation cost around ¥38,500 ($400), while each video game cost around ¥5,800 ($60). According to Historical exchange rates (1 USD = PHP 24.23), at that time, the console only cost around PHP 9,600 when converted to Philippine currency.

There were more than 240 game companies who signed up for a license on PlayStation to create a video game, and that is for Japan alone. A year after, Sony released the console to the other parts of the world, on North America in September 9, 1995, Europe in September 29, 1995 and Australia in September 15, 1995 with various new titles on the day of the launch.

Over its lifespan, PlayStation 1 releases 7,918 game title for the console and sold more 962 million game copies. That time, digital copies are no where to find, all of that sales are coming from physical disk copies. One of the best selling game title was the Gran Turismo who sold 10.85 million copies alone.

Sony PlayStation host of the some popular game titles today like Tekken, Final Fantasy, Resident Evil, Tomb Raider, Metal Gear Solid, and many more.

PlayStation 1 Specification

The following are the official specification of Sony PlayStation:

  • CPU: 32-Bit RISC (R3000 custom, 4KB Cache, 1K Data Cache) at 33 8688 mHz
  • RAM: 16 MBit (Main), 8 MBit (VRAM), 4 MBit (Audio)
  • GPU: GLU, Sprite Rendering Performance: Max 4000 per 1/60 seconds rotation/enlargement/shrinking/deformation possible with all sprites displayed.
  • Geometry Engine (GTE): Vertex Processing Speed. 4,500,000 per second (1,500,000 polygons per seoncd in the case of flat shading).
  • Effects: Texture Mapping, Gouraud Shading, Fog depth cueing
  • Full Color Display Max: 16,770,000
  • Resolution: 256×224 to 640×480
  • Sound Processer (SPU): Simultaneous Sound Sources Max 24 channels, Sampling rate Max 44.1 kHz, Playback quantization 16-Bit digital effect capability.
  • Data Decompression Engine (MDEC): Directly connected to CPU bus, supporting format (JPEG), Video playback Function, Fullscreen, full color. Playback time: 35 minutes.
  • Data Memory: Memory Card
  • Other features:
    • Video output
    • Audio output
    • Composite Video
    • S-Video
    • RGB Output
    • Stereo Audio
    • RF Power Output

What's your best memory on this console? We'd like to know your thoughts.

LifeAfter X Resident Evil Crossover Event is Coming Back on December 3

The second phase of the crossover event between NetEase Games' acclaimed post-apocalyptic open world survival game LifeAfter and Capcom's survival horror series Resident Evil™ will go live from December 3rd to December 17th. Starting today, the crossover event-limited website is online, detailing the many benefits of the event.

As the theme The Final Battle states, players need to unite and deal the final blow to the Umbrella Corporation. All the items from the first crossover event, including Leon S. Kennedy and Ada Wong's classic outfits, the motorcycle, limited Resident Evil themed decorations and pendants, will make their return during the new event.

In addition, the phase 2 event will introduce outfits of two more iconic characters — Jill Valentine and Albert Wesker. Other new crossover-exclusive items including a backpack and picture frame will also be available during the event. With these add-ons, players will be able to enjoy the thrill of combat against the horde, Resident Evil-style. The Raccoon Police Department (R.P.D.) crossover scene reopens the portal. Upon setting foot in the ominous R.P.D., players will once again face the iconic bosses from various Resident Evil games – Tyrant, Executioner Majini, G (Stage 2) and Nemesis. Decode the locked chests and collect the three medallions required to unlock the secret tunnel, all while being chased by the Tyrant, then engage the final boss in a deadly battle!

Starting from November 30, a limited-time prize draw event will be launched via the official LifeAfter social media page.

The second LifeAfter x Resident Evil crossover event will officially launch on December 3rd. This event is a great chance for players to have a taste of the Resident Evil experience. Can you defeat the Umbrella Corporation in the Final Battle and save humanity? All will soon be revealed! Last fight to end EVIL!

Super Nintendo World Park Japan is set to open next year, February 2021

Universal Studios Japan has unveiled the official dates for the grand opening of the most anticipated park "Super Nintendo World Park" and it will be set to open next year, February 4, 2021 in Osaka, Japan. The announced was made from the official Twitter account of Universal Studios Japan with various promotional photos of the park featuring the Mario theme.

Some members of the press were already invited to see what's inside the park. Attendees were treated with wide variety of Super Mario themed attractions like custom artwork, AR Mario kart roller coaster, the reconstruction of Bowser's Castle, and the stages of the 90's game "Super Mario Bros".

Here are some of the sneak peak inside the Super Nintendo World Park Japan.

Are you going for a trip next year in Super Nintendo World Park? Let us know in the comment section.