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Kotaku Thursday, December 7, 2023 3:15 PM

We are now blessed with not one but two annual Day of the Devs indie game showcases, and the latest one lives up to the event's reputation. A roughly 90-minute stream yesterday highlighted some awesome-looking games from developers around the world, and I want to play all of them right this minute.


Kotaku Thursday, December 7, 2023 1:50 PM

The Super Mario Bros. Movie has ended its theatrical run, but still thrives on a handful of different streaming services. After making a billion dollars and garnering middling reviews, the greatest gift Mario's animated romp gave us was the song "Peaches," sung by Bowser about his unrequited love for Princess Peach.…


Kotaku Thursday, December 7, 2023 12:15 PM

It's no secret that Grand Theft Auto VI takes a lot inspiration from IRL events and people, but one person colloquially called the "Florida Joker" has seemingly taken umbrage with Rockstar Games for possibly copying his whole entire vibe.


Kotaku Thursday, December 7, 2023 12:00 PM

In Modern Warfare 2019, the reboot of the popular Call of Duty series, a 10-person multiplayer killstreak rewards you with white phosphorus, an odorless, waxy chemical you can drop on the battlefield to kill dozens in one fell swoop. It was a controversial addition to an already controversial game series, which has,…


Kotaku Thursday, December 7, 2023 11:30 AM

Just when we thought Microsoft's Activision acquisition was finally set in stone two months ago, it looks like the Federal Trade Commission has made another appeal to block Master Chief and John Call of Duty's marriage.


Kotaku Thursday, December 7, 2023 10:15 AM

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet's second DLC, The Indigo Disk, is out as soon as December 14, and Game Freak has released a lengthy trailer giving us a rundown of new features and story beats coming to the RPGs. One of the most notable additions seems to be the return of almost every legendary from the first nine…


Kotaku Thursday, December 7, 2023 10:00 AM

A major live Nintendo event for early 2024 has been canceled following threats against attendees and staff, the company has announced, expunging world championship tournaments for games like Mario Kart 8 and Splatoon 3.


Kotaku Thursday, December 7, 2023 9:45 AM

In the freshly dropped trailer for December 14's second half of Pokémon Scarlet And Violet's The Hidden Treasures of Area Zero DLC, it was revealed that there's a way to directly control your buddy Pokémon, via a new technology called The Synchro Machine.


Kotaku Thursday, December 7, 2023 9:15 AM


PCGamesN Thursday, December 7, 2023 3:34 PM

Now that players finally have their hands on The Day Before after numerous delays and questionable announcements from developer Fntastic, it's abundantly clear the game can't meet the hype it has gathered over the years. Not even three hours into its early access launch on Steam, players are reviewing The Day Before poorly, claiming it has broken UI elements, a lack of stable servers to connect with, and many game-breaking bugs.

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PCGamesN Thursday, December 7, 2023 2:16 PM

Let's face it: interacting with gamers on the internet can oftentimes be a cesspool of angst and conflict, but thankfully, series like Kind Words are tipping the scale. Debuted in 2019 to cult fanfare, Kind Words encouraged gamers to write nice letters to real players while trading stickers and listening to chill lofi tunes. It's certainly a niche game with limited appeal, but its recently announced sequel will be expanding on this chill letter-writing loop if this is your cup of tea.

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PCGamesN Thursday, December 7, 2023 1:18 PM

Even though Halo Infinite launched to rocky reception, its post-launch journey has been received well by fans who stuck with it. So well that the recent Steam reviews for Halo Infinite have swung the shooter toward a 'Mostly Positive' rating after its new patch, adding more Forge additions and a Firefight: King of the Hill gameplay mode.

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PCGamesN Thursday, December 7, 2023 12:38 PM

Baldur's Gate 3 has seen a fair few cheeky exploits in its time, but this has to be one of the most immediately game-breaking I've witnessed first-hand. Allowing you to generate functionally infinite gold out of thin air in just a few minutes, this BG3 shop exploit has the potential to make both you and the merchant you're currently trading with filthy rich in next to no time. It's a pretty rapid way to demolish the careful balance and economy of the Dungeons and Dragons RPG from Larian Studios, however, so use it at your own risk.

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PCGamesN Thursday, December 7, 2023 12:33 PM

EVE Online revealed its standalone sister FPS, Eve Vanguard, back at Fanfest in September, and the community response was mixed. Some were thrilled that CCP Games is heading back in the FPS direction, while others believe the company should have learned from its previous attempt, Dusk 514, and stuck to what it excels at. With the First Strike test now available for all Omega subscribers, I jump into a few games with CCP developers to get a sense of whether the team's onto a winner with its Escape from Tarkov-like extraction shooter.

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PCGamesN Thursday, December 7, 2023 12:29 PM

How do you get Lego Fortnite animal products? This loot is helpful not only for making delicious food back in your village but also for getting some components required to make the more complex tools or items you need to upgrade your village.

While gathering loot from enemies is a relatively straightforward affair, and petting animals isn't all that tricky either, they have separate loot on offer if you decide to kill them instead. It's not nice, granted, especially as these adorable Lego Fortnite animals haven't done anything to you, but sometimes, great sacrifices need to be made in survival games. While you're here, you may also wish to learn how to make Lego Fortnite weapons to defend yourself with, but for now, here are all the Lego Fortnite animal items.

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PCGamesN Thursday, December 7, 2023 12:21 PM

Cities Skylines 2 mods are a blessing right now. As Colossal Order does valuable work improving performance and technical troubles in the building sim sequel, particular, small-scale aspects of the overall simulation are being remedied by devout CS2 players. Despite a lot of tweaks and improvements since the original Cities Skylines, the traffic and vehicle pathfinding systems in Cities 2 can often be the source of frustration, as service vehicles randomly decide to bail out from their duties, and your beloved citizens pull bizarre, illegal u-turns in the middle of the highway, blocking every lane for miles and miles. Thankfully, a pair of new Cities Skylines 2 mods offer an answer.

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PCGamesN Thursday, December 7, 2023 2:30 PM

Is The Day Before down? If you're struggling to get into The Day Before now that the game has finally released into early access, there could be a plausible explanation. We've got all you need to know about The Day Before server status, error codes, and more.

The Day Before has tens of thousands of players waiting to enter the game and see what the hype is about, which could be causing some server stability problems. Now that The Day Before release date is finally here, here's all you need to know about how to fix the pesky The Day Before connection error quickly.

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PCGamesN Thursday, December 7, 2023 12:02 PM

Genshin Impact banners rotate every few weeks on a precise schedule, and we always know what to expect thanks to regular updates from Hoyoverse. The developer of the anime game always keeps its fans in the loop with regular Twitter posts and live streams, so you can plan where you want to spend your hard-earned primogems.

With a two to three-week turnaround for banners, the roster of Genshin Impact characters is always changing, and the free PC game regularly introduces two new characters to wish for. Every limited-time character banner - or event wish - contains a five-star character and three four-star characters with increased drop rates. There's also a Genshin Impact weapon banner, which runs alongside each character banner and changes weapons every update.

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PCGamesN Thursday, December 7, 2023 11:55 AM

What are the latest Valorant skins? It can be hard to keep track of all the weapon skins available, but we've gone through them all to provide the ultimate guide to every single one in the game right now. When Valorant was Project: A and little was known about the game, Riot made one thing clear - it would be a game for skin collectors.

Since 2020, the game developer has actively been churning out virtual cosmetics for one of the best PC games, and in 2023, Valorant has at least ten skins for every single weapon. But who's keeping count? Well, we are. If you are looking to plan your next Valorant purchase or prepare for the next Valorant Night Market, then keep reading.

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PCGamesN Thursday, December 7, 2023 11:56 AM

Looking for a Genshin Impact tier list? There are currently 74 Genshin Impact characters available, so there's no shortage of candidates for your dream team. But with so many different weapons, elementals, talents, ascension bonuses, and constellation upgrades, finding your favorites can be challenging.

Don't let the placement of the characters on our Genshin Impact tier list deter you from pulling on the next character banner. While base stats and elemental abilities are important, the value of a character also depends on personal playstyle, available weapons and artifacts, and team composition. It doesn't matter if your favorite Genshin Impact character is on one of the lower tiers; you can still make it work with our recommended Genshin Impact builds. Being on a lower tier in the free PC game means that there are better alternatives, or the character needs a very specific build or team to shine. We've spent hundreds of hours trying different variations of teams in Spiral Abyss to establish who the best characters are in Genshin Impact.

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PCGamesN Thursday, December 7, 2023 1:30 PM

How do you make weapons in Lego Fortnite? The brand new collaboration between Epic Games and Lego is finally live, and it's as if we have a brand new game to explore. As a mix of Minecraft and Terraria, your goal is to build a village where the displaced Lego Loopers can settle. However, this is a hostile place, so you'll need weapons to defend yourself.

To make Lego Fortnite weapons, you'll need to go through some of the basic tutorials to get some building materials, but after you do this, where do you go from there? The survival game mode has lots that it doesn't really explain, so we'll go through how to make your first Lego Fortnite weapons, how to upgrade your crafting bench, and all the recipes for the currently known tools at a glance.

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PCGamesN Thursday, December 7, 2023 11:40 AM

December 7, 2023 We checked that the best Roblox music codes were valid.

What are the latest Roblox music codes? There are thousands of popular songs available to listen to in Roblox, simply by entering music ID codes into your boombox or the radio. Using song IDs, you can play your favorite TikTok songs in games with your friends.

So how do you play music in Roblox? The method varies depending on which game you want to blast your tunes in. Some games allow you free access to the boombox - simply equip and press it to bring up a text box in which you can enter a song ID code. Catalog Heaven is a great place to test the Roblox music codes you find, as it allows you to equip any boombox in the shop and try it out.

In most games, however, you'll need to use the radio to play music. This is usually part of a paid Game Pass - the price of a Game Pass is set by each game developer individually. Once you have access to the radio, you can use it in the same way as the boombox - simply enter the song ID code and press play. Occasionally, tracks are taken down by Roblox, so if a code stops working, you'll have to look for a replacement. Here are the best radio music codes in Roblox that work in December 2023.

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PCGamesN Thursday, December 7, 2023 11:37 AM

When is the next Valorant Night Market? Hopefully, some of your long-sought-after weapon skins have been added to your collection. If you're unsure whether to part with your valuable Valorant points, we can tell you how long you have to decide - and if you're disappointed by your market, how long to wait until the next one.

Of course, Valorant skins don't offer any competitive advantage, but looking cool and giving your opponents something pretty to look at as you dominate them in the FPS game offers its benefits. With anything from seasonal skins to colorful patterns and intimidating designs for most Valorant guns and blades, there's bound to be something you like in the next Valorant Night Market.

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PCGamesN Thursday, December 7, 2023 11:35 AM

Would you like a brand new top-of-the-line AMD gaming PC and an OLED gaming monitor? Well, you're in luck! That's precisely what this new Origin Starfield PC giveaway is offering.

It's quite simple really, Origin PC has teamed up with AMD and Blue Horse Studios to giveaway a truly stellar gaming PC bundle. The PC includes an AMD Ryzen 9 7800X3D and AMD Radeon RX 7900 XTX - yes, the Starfield-themed one we saw before - and a Corsair Xeneon Flex 45WQHD240 OLED gaming monitor, plus a Starfield game code!

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PCGamesN Thursday, December 7, 2023 11:35 AM

What are the new Genshin Impact codes? Gathering currency in Genshin Impact can be quite the grind. While you can earn Mora and Primogems by completing quests such as daily commissions, an injection of extra funds will always be gratefully received. Fortunately, developer Hoyoverse occasionally sends out free gifts in the form of a Genshin redeem code. Most codes only work for a limited time - and they grant essential goodies like free Primogems and Mora - so it's a great idea to redeem them as soon as possible to avoid missing out.

Genshin Impact codes are released periodically, frequently appearing in Hoyoverse's special programs, revealing information about future updates to the free PC game. They can also drop to celebrate milestones or to coincide with new Genshin Impact events.  You can find all the active Genshin codes for December 2023 below, and we'll also detail what they get you, explain how to redeem them, and fill you in on where to look for more.

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PCGamesN Thursday, December 7, 2023 1:41 PM

The Drop CSTM80 is an incredible moddable keyboard that prioritizes design over performance but still packs both in at a very reasonable price. If you want to have full control over how your keyboard looks, feels, weighs, and even sounds, the Drop CSTM80 is a must-have, despite its gaming shortfalls.

When it comes to the best gaming keyboards, modding ability has generally been a niche consideration, but it's fast becoming a major factor in the decision-making process. If a keyboard can be effectively modded and customized, you can fine-tune it to your needs and consistently breathe new life into its design. The Drop CSTM80 excels from a modding perspective, but its gaming performance doesn't quite hold up against other hyperfocused products.

Continue reading Drop CSTM80 review
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PCGamesN Thursday, December 7, 2023 11:29 AM

What are the best guns in Warzone? Warzone has evolved several times over the past few years, swapping out the maps, weapons, and gameplay mechanics depending on the latest Call of Duty release. Warzone is transitioning from Al Mazrah to Urzikstan, a fictional country referenced throughout the rebooted Modern Warfare series.

We've worked hard to ensure you have everything you need for Warzone Season 1. Long-time fans know just how intense the battle royale game can get, but a large part of the battle is knowing which Warzone guns are worth picking up on Urzikstan. It's time to get reacquainted with Call of Duty: Warzone as we sift through over 110 weapons to pick out the best Warzone guns on offer.

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PCGamesN Thursday, December 7, 2023 11:48 AM

What is the best Renetti loadout? The Renetti is a burst-fire handgun that, even on its own, can hold up against enemies in a 1v1 situation. It has a ton of customization options, making it perfect for both Warzone and MW3.

The Warzone new season has arrived, so it's time to nail down your best Warzone loadout. While the Renetti may not find a place as your primary weapon, it pairs wonderfully with longer-range options like the best MW3 MTZ 556 loadout - having a weapon to cover every potential engagement is key if you want to dominate matches.

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PCGamesN Thursday, December 7, 2023 11:20 AM

What are the best Minecraft seeds for 1.20? If you're new to seeds, you can skip to the bottom of the guide to find out more about them, but in essence, seeds are codes that Minecraft uses to generate worlds for you - if you know the right seeds, you'll be able to live your every fantasy in this amazing game, like easy-access strongholds for speedrunning, beautiful landscapes for building, or rare structures for looting. To help you do just that we've scoured the internet to find the coolest and most demanded seeds, and put them all together in this easily navigable guide.

You can leave your world generation completely up to fate, but if you're unlucky, you could spend hours looking for a Minecraft village, an ancient city, desert temples, or whatever else you want to experience in the sandbox game. So that you don't waste time exploring a bad seed, keep reading our comprehensive list of 27 cool Minecraft seeds, or use the handy jumplinks to find the specific experience you're looking for. Unless otherwise stated, these seeds should work for Minecraft Java version 1.20, the latest version of the game, so make sure your Minecraft launcher is set up for version 1.20 before heading into the game, or you may get different results.

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PCGamesN Thursday, December 7, 2023 11:14 AM

EVE Online is about as big, deep, and complex as MMOs can get. A vast space sim with its own factions, economy, history, and player-governed society, since 2003, EVE Online has represented the most dedicated and hardcore type of online RPG - if you like Star Citizen and Stellaris, and you haven't tried it yet, EVE is definitely for you. And now's the perfect time to get involved. Whether you're a lifetime player or a total newcomer, EVE Vanguard, the new, FPS spinoff from Online proper has just launched, and is now available to play for free. Arriving just before the next EVE Online patch, better known as Havoc, Vanguard is shaping up as the perfect complement to the MMO proper.

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PCGamesN Thursday, December 7, 2023 11:09 AM

Paragon was a game that had a lot of promise, but ultimately the third-person MOBA fell short of Epic Games' expectations, unable to match up to the likes of League of Legends, Dota 2, and Smite, and paling in comparison to the sudden rise of Epic's own Fortnite. Ultimately, Paragon was shut down in April 2018 after two years in an early access state. In its wake, Epic made the game's assets freely available to other developers, leading to several Paragon remakes, and now the most promising among them, Predecessor, can be yours as a free game this week.

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PCGamesN Thursday, December 7, 2023 10:49 AM

Is Dragon's Dogma 2 Steam Deck compatible? We don't yet know if dawning your weapon of choice as the new Arisen, along with your Pawn companions, will be an easy process on the Steam Deck. The upcoming sequel hasn't yet been verified by Valve, however, if its predecessor is anything to go by, it's likely this fantasy RPG will join the ranks of other Capcom titles as being perfect to play on the go.

The Dragon's Dogma 2 system requirements have yet to reveal how much install space will be needed to take on this anticipated sequel on the go.  Its predecessor, Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen, only asked for 20GB worth of space, but this action-packed sequel will likely be more graphically intensive. Picking up one of the best microSD cards for Steam Deck will ensure you'll be equipped to take on Dragon's Dogma 2, whether you're fighting against dragons or demanding storage requirements.

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PCGamesN Thursday, December 7, 2023 10:40 AM

What is the Poppy Playtime Chapter 3 release date? Chapter 2: Fly in a Web was the last instalment of Poppy Playtime, and left us both relieved to have avoided Mommy Long Legs and excited for what might come next.

The Poppy Playtime games are an interesting mix of horror micro-scenarios, with the overall narrative being punctuated by several terrifying mini-games. The second chapter of Poppy Playtime tasked the player with a few rounds of whack-a-mole, red light green light, and a really twisted game of Simon Says. What will the next chapter of the indie game involve, and more importantly, what is the Poppy Playtime Chapter 3 release date?

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PCGamesN Thursday, December 7, 2023 10:00 AM

What is the best LMG in Warzone? Warzone LMGs are all too often overlooked when choosing the game's best weapons and it's not hard to see why. In general, they take as long to down enemies as assault rifles and they have similar rates of fire, too. However, unlike ARs, LMGs are very heavy and come with some of the worst aim-down-sight speeds, mobility, and 'gun-ready' times in the game.

So why would you bother using an LMG in Warzone? Well, with the best Warzone loadouts, you can considerably improve the maneuverability of the best Warzone LMGs. This, paired with their often superior range compared with ARs, can make them a solid choice for the vast Warzone map, Urzikstan.

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Rock Paper Shotgun Latest Articles Feed Thursday, December 7, 2023 11:00 AM

This week on the Electronic Wireless Show podcast we give our live* reactions to the new trailer for ">Grand Theft Auto 6, a game that certainly exists! Basically none of the predictions we made two weeks ago came true, but hey, there might still be a bunch of gorillas in it. And what about the fact that it leaked, huh? Is that bad? Should we feel sad for Rockstar? Will it make a difference, really? And why did James drink so much whiskey this weekend?

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Rock Paper Shotgun Latest Articles Feed Thursday, December 7, 2023 10:15 AM

The Game Awards are back tonight, as is our Game Awards liveblog. I'll be doing the turbo-reporting solo this year, and since the show kicks off at 12:30am GMT (that's 7:30pm ET and 4:30pm PT), you lucky readers can follow both an announcement-rammed awards gig and one hardware hack's public crumbling into exhausted, sleepless ruin. Live!

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Rock Paper Shotgun Latest Articles Feed Thursday, December 7, 2023 9:45 AM

High-quality microphones can be quite expensive - I recently reviewed SteelSeries' Alias mics which start at $180 - but you can still get a great mic for far less than you expect.

Case in point: you can get the excellent Neat Bumblebee 2 USB mic for $17 at Woot right now, using the code TECHELF to knock off an extra $3 off the list price of $20. This mic originally retailed for $100 and attracted strong reviews at that price point - but at $17, it's cheap enough to recommend to literally anyone that uses a computer.

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Siliconera Thursday, December 7, 2023 4:00 PM

The Cup Noodle Measuring Cup Set Is Receving a Re-Release

The Cup Noodle measuring cup set will receive a re-release in Japan following it going out of stock. The set costs 3,993 yen (or about $28) and will return on December 8, 2023.

This special set includes a transparent measuring cup decorated with the Cup Noodle logo and branding, as well as a mini, regular, and big servings of original Cup Noodle flavor, Cup Noodle Curry flavor, and Cup Noodle Seafood flavor each. The set originally appeared in Japan on September 26, 2023, and went out of stock shortly after is release.

The measuring cup itself includes measurements for how much water each of the three different servings need in order to fully cook, and is designed to use the minimum amount of water necessary. The cup is made of heat-resistant glass, it is safe to heat in the microwave, and it includes regular measurements in milliliters.

You can check out the measuring cup in more detail in the video below.

The Cup Noodle brand is known not only for its various flavors of noodles, but for its often-outlandish products and collaborations, such as the Final Fantasy XV collaboration. Another example, includes the release of a line of Cup Noodle-flavored soda drinks on September 2021.

The Cup Noodle measuring cup set wil re-release in Japan on December 8, 2023, and it costs 3,993 yen (~$28).

The post The Cup Noodle Measuring Cup Set Will Be Re-Released appeared first on Siliconera.

Siliconera Thursday, December 7, 2023 3:00 PM

James Cameron's Avatar hit theaters in 2009 and absolutely demolished box office records. It spawned a sequel (with more on the way), as well as books and a theme park attraction. Now, the franchise is diving into gaming for the first time in 14 years with Ubisoft's Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora.

Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora is a first-person, open world game that takes place on a portion of Pandora not yet seen in the films. Massive Entertainment, a Ubisoft studio, developed it. Ubisoft did the Avatar movie tie-in back in 2009, so the company is working from experience. Not to mention the publisher is no stranger to the open world genre, with several Far Cry titles under their belt. And, to address the possible elephant in the room, there is Far Cry DNA all over Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora.

However, this isn't a bad thing in and of itself. Remember, Far Cry 3 was once called "Skyrim with guns" and yet it revitalized the franchise. Similarly, even the original Avatar movie faced comparisons to Dances with Wolves, then made literally billions of dollars. Not everything has to reinvent the wheel; it's all about execution.

So, is Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora more or less Far Cry with an Avatar paint job? Sort of. But, does it execute it well? Also sort of.

Screenshot via Siliconera

In Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora, you take control of an unnamed, customizable character, however not in the way the human characters in the film use an Avatar. In this game, you're actually playing as a Na'vi, a choice I really liked. You customize basically everything about your character, from body type and voice down to stripe patterns your character has. You can even adjust the bioluminescence of their skin.

However, this is pretty much where choice ends. The character has a personality and interacts with the world in ways you don't really get to influence. While you are a Na'vi, you are one that was more or less raised in captivity. This means you are learning about Pandora, but still have an emotional connection to the planet.

The plot of the game takes place sometime after the first movie, and only barely references the events of it. The main conflict of the game is between the resistance, the Na'vi tribes of Pandora, and the militant RDA. This is a pretty black and white conflict, especially from the lens of a Na'vi protagonist. I actually found this refreshing. Sometimes it's nice to have a clear good vs. evil story.

The protagonist, one of the last of their clan, must discover their identity as a Na'vi and place on Pandora. This translates into gameplay by your character being the liaison between the mostly human resistance and the native tribes. I think they nailed this aspect. A Na'vi protagonist gives a very different perspective than what the films offer. Therefore, it allows a deeper dive into Na'vi culture than if your character was an Avatar driver.

Screenshot via Siliconera

In fact, the world building in this game is probably its greatest strength. The first step into Pandora is one of those jaw dropping moments games don't happen as often for me anymore. It reminded me of leaving the vault for the first time in Fallout 3. I found myself stopping and just enjoying the view multiple times throughout the game.

A lot of care clearly went into Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora. Massive Entertainment did the work to breathe life into the world of Pandora. The tribes act differently, depending on what you're wearing or if you're in favor with them. Additionally, the world simply feels alive. Flora and fauna you can't even interact with are living, breathing, and wandering the world. If you're a huge fan of Avatar, this game may blow your mind in the way Hogwarts Legacy did for Potterheads, in regards to the details.

The world, from a gameplay perspective, offers the usual open world fare. There are animals to hunt, resources to collect, and markers on the map to discover new items and quests. Since you're playing as a a 9-to-10 foot tall Na'vi, you actually can navigate the world via large jumps. This adds an element of traversal not usually seen in these types of games. While this could get rather clunky at times, for the most part it was fun and made me wonder about some of the ridiculous breaks speedrunners are going to do to this game.

The real kicker when it comes to traversal though is a relatively unique mechanic not often in open world games: free flight. Not too far into the game, you gain this option and, while it doesn't completely open up the map for story reasons, it certainly makes traversal much more fun. It's also deeply connected to lore in ways I'll keep vague. I hope if there's anything future games borrow from Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora, it's the natural and nuanced way it handles flight.

Screenshot via Siliconera

There are two navigation modes in the game: guided and exploration. Guided will give you markers on the map, as well as on your compass. Meanwhile, exploration mode just gives you hints and landmarks so you can find the objective yourself. I chose the former for most of the game, but I can see the value in using exploration mode in a game like this. When you're not exploring all Pandora has to offer, you're going to be dealing with quests for the resistance and native Na'vi tribes. I feel there is some attempt here to be diverse, but despite the very different setting of Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora, it falls into the same routine as other open world games.

This, to me, is the game's biggest flaw. There is a section in the story where there are two nearly back-to-back quests where you have to use Na'vi senses to follow a trail to a missing person, fight once you get there, then follow more trails to a cutscene. You're going to be fetching resources, you're going to be finding missing citizens, and you're going to be clearing out enemy outposts. Then you're going to do it all again in a new area. Now, in most Far Cry games this isn't a problem, but in Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora it really started to feel like an issue. One reason is because the game world is so full and vibrant that doing monotonous things in it feels especially out of place.

Screenshot via Siliconera

However, the woefully unbalanced combat, during the early and mid-game especially, is the real issue. Standard RDA grunts pose almost no threat to you at all and can be downed with a single arrow, while the armored ones need a whole quiver. Though these armored ones do have weak spots and more options to deal with them later, they are still way more annoying than difficult to deal with. These are also pretty much the only enemy types you'll see for a huge majority of the game, so it gets old fighting dozens of them every time you move to something else. It made me start to put off quests, because I knew I was about to be annoyed by a combat encounter.

Take the outposts for example, like the refineries set up around Pandora. A ridiculous number of enemies usually guard these and the game makes it clear stealth is the way to deal with them. However, this game really doesn't give you great covert options. For a large portion of the game, stealth consists of "crouch and don't be seen." Sure, you can sneak, but unless you do the run completely perfectly, you're toast. I found these outposts to be, frankly, one of the least fun things I've done in a game in a very long time. The game has no business doing so much right and failing so miserably there. Especially when Far Cry has fun and engaging outposts in every release, even if they are occasionally monotonous too. Though I will say, harkening back to the fun of flying, that midair combat was executed quite well. I found myself enjoying taking to battle in the skies way more than on land.

However, to help with combat there is a skill tree full of upgrades and new abilities, though I found the buffs to be the most useful. The abilities, especially combat ones, tended to be so situational that they usually weren't worth attempting to pull off. The skill system actually sort of plays into the series' lore, with the character learning these abilities from the their spiritual ancestors. This is yet another way the game ties lore and worldbuilding into the gameplay.

Screenshot via Siliconera

There is also a cooking and crafting mechanic to use all those resources you've been gathering. I loved how some of it was handled, especially as you rarely see it in games. You can create the same item using multiple types of a resource, and the item actually changes its appearance depending on what you use. For example, if you use a specific plant as the ingredient in your bow, the bow will take on the appearance of that plant. This is such a small detail that really made me happy every time it came up, and it actually made me want to go and find more resources to see how different I could make my gear look.

All in all, I feel like there is a lot to love about Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora. There truly is an amazing world to get lost in and forget about the rest of the game. However, it seems like that may be what the developers did. The team went full tilt on aesthetics and worldbuilding, and nailed it. However, the monotony of the combat and many quests takes away from the overall experience. So no, Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora isn't a soulless Far Cry clone. There is love and care put into recreating James Cameron's world. However, once the awe of wandering Pandora eventually wears off, you're left with a game that doesn't have as much going on as it should in a world this vast and alive.

Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora is available on the PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X.

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elphelt guilty gear strive dlc

Ahead of The Game Awards 2023 Arc System Works announcement, Bandai Namco's Asian branch revealed the next Guilty Gear Strive DLC character is Elphelt. Bandai Namco's leak also noted that she is "available today," with the article publish date being December 8, 2023.

This is one of the most requested characters for the game. Back in November 2023, Arc System Works noted Elphelt was often asked for by fans. She debuted in Guilty Gear Xrd Sign and also appeared in Revelator and Rev 2. Her "sisters" are Ramlethal and Jack-O. In the past, she was known for using guns.

Here is a closer look at some initial gallery images and character art:

A few other updates were mentioned in the Bandai Namco leak. One is that Axl Low and Potemkin are getting new special moves. It also confirmed a 3v3 Team of 3 mode will appear in 2024.

Elphelt will be the second person in Season Pass 3. The first is Johnny the Jellyfish Pirates Captain. He showed up on August 24, 2023. There will be four characters in this pass total, as well as two additional stages for players to fight on. Before that, Season Pass 2 ended with Asuka R. Kreutz.

The Guilty Gear Strive add-ons proved quite popular since launch. In fact, the Bridget DLC character ended up being the most popular one in a survey asking who players liked best. She was the number one for the Season 3 Survey. 

Guilty Gear Strive is available for the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Windows PC, and Elphelt is the next DLC character in Season Pass 3. According to the leak, she'll arrive on December 8, 2023.

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Monster Hunter Now Update Adds Barioth and Zinogre

Capcom and Niantic announced the first major Monster Hunter Now update, called Fulminations in the Frost, and confirmed it will add monsters like Barioth and Zinogre and the Dual Blades and Lance weapons. All of the new content is live in the game.

With the two new Monster Hunter Now weapons, Director Chihiro Kanno explained why the Dual Blades and Lance were chosen. With the Lance, it was more of a balancing situation. It includes Guard and Offensive Guard skills, making it the second weapon in the game that can. With the Dual Blades, their inclusion was due to fan demand. Kanno also noted that it will bring Demon Mode with it. 

As for the new Monster Hunter Now monsters, the inclusion of characters like Barioth and Zinogre were designed to touch on both fan-favorites and wintry themes. Zinogre was the one that was in-demand. Barioth, Cortos, and Wulg were added to help add more "Winter" monsters. As such, they'll be around between December and March months each year. Banbaro was also noted as a winter-themed character, but Kanno didn't note if that one will also only appear in that four month "season" as well. Finally, Kanno noted Radobaan was included so the "sleep" status effect could be added.

The new update also adds a Hunt-a-Thon to Monster Hunter Now. This mode is the only way to find Zinogre. People will need to look for Wayspots with Dimensional Rifts, then go in alone or with up to three other Hunters. People will then face multiple monster encounters.

Here's a teaser trailer showing the Monster Hunter Now Dual Blades, Lance, and Hunt-a-Thon.

In addition to the major features, some other additions and quality of life changes are available in the update or on the way. Special Quests featuring the new monsters added in Fulminations in the Frost will appear. We'll also see larger Item Boxes, though that won't happen until later in December 2023. 

Finally, Kanno went over the future of Monster Hunter Now. In Spring 2024 the next major update will arrive. More details about that update and a roadmap to show events and content coming will appear in January 2024. While no specific monsters or weapons were teased, the announcement did note there will be story quests and seasons on the way.

Monster Hunter Now is available for mobile devices, as is the Fulminations in the Frost major update.

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Honkai Star Rail Hanya

HoYoVerse revealed details about Hanya, one of the four-star characters introduced with the latest banner update for Honkai: Star Rail. In the new trailer, we get to see a showcase of all her skills while using the Oracle Brush as her weapon.

Hanya is a four-star Physical Harmony character who appears in Honkai: Star Rail as a judge in the Ten-Lords Commission. Her Skill, Samsara, deals Physical damage to a single enemy and inflicts Burden on them. Burden will apply a damage boost to any party member attacking the afflicted target and will restore one skill point. Burden can also be applied at the start of battle if Hanya uses her Technique. The effect can only be applied to one target at a time though. In addition, her Ultimate can give an ally a speed and damage boost for a few turns.

Hanya recently made an appearance in Honkai: Star Rail as part of the Sojourners' Ghastly Reverie Trailblaze Continuance mission. She featured alongside her fellow judges, Huohuo and Xueyi, as they hunt for spirits in the Fyxestroll Garden. Huohuo was the 5-Star character on the recent banner release, while Xueyi is set to release as part of Version 1.6.

Honkai: Star Rail is available on PC, mobile devices and PS5. Hanya is currently available in the current two banners led by Argenti and Silver Wolf.

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Black Lagoon Heaven's Shot launch

CTW officially launched Black Lagoon: Heaven's Shot on G123, and the first-ever standalone game adaptation for the Black Lagoon franchise is a free-to-play browser game. Pre-registrations for the game opened in September 2023, and it is now available to play in not only Japanese, but also English.

The developer team described Heaven's Shot as a hard-boiled RPG. Players will generally spend Recruit Tickets to gather characters from the franchise. Other than members of the Lagoon Company like Revy and Dutch, they can also team up with characters from other factions, such as the Hooligan Church's Eda, Chang from the Hong Kong Triad, and Hotel Moscow's Balalaika. Every player who finishes the game's tutorial will also be able to have Gretel join them as a four-star-rated character.

The Black Lagoon franchise, which originated as a manga series in 2001 and received an anime adaptation in 2006, has seen more activity in 2023. A collaboration cafe opened temporarily in Japan in June 2023. Sega will also release a "Black Lagoon Style" crossover scratch on Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis on December 20, 2023. Players of the latter online game will be able to obtain avatar parts modeled after Revy, Roberta, Hansel, and Gretel.

Black Lagoon Heaven's Shot is now available on mobile and PC internet browsers.

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Threats to Splatoon Koshien 2023 led to Nintendo Live 2024 Tokyo getting canceled

The Nintendo Live 2024 Tokyo event has been canceled and will not take place in late January 2024. Nintendo announced the event's cancellation while postponing several tournaments related to Splatoon 3 and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.

The chain of event delays and cancellations began when Nintendo received persistent threats aimed at its employees. The perpetrator later expanded their targets to staff members and the public audience of the upcoming Japanese national finals tournament in Splatoon Koshien 2023, which was about to take place in Tokyo on December 16-17, 2023.

Nintendo ultimately decided to postpone the Splatoon Koshien tournament as it prioritizes the safety of visitors to the venue. As the tournament would determine the Japanese representative in the Splatoon 3 World Championship 2024, the company also postponed the world finals tournament that would take place in Nintendo Live 2024 Tokyo.

Nintendo also took the time to review the safety procedures for the Tokyo event. The company ultimately canceled Nintendo Live 2024 Tokyo as it concluded it would not have enough security measures to protect visitors. The Mario Kart 8 Deluxe online challenge finals and 2024 World Championship, which were originally slated to take place in the same event, also ended up getting postponed.

Nintendo Live 2024 Tokyo was originally scheduled to take place at Tokyo Big Sight on January 20-21, 2024 before its cancellation.

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Honkai: Star Rail Pelicana Chicken Heading to United States

Now that the Honkai: Star Rail Pelicana Chicken event is on, HoYoVerse shared a trailer showing the launch of the event. This involved footage from one of the Fan Celebration Kickoff events held once the collaboration began last week. 

The Fan Celebration Kickoff was a special occasion that happened at the Buena Park, California and Queens, New York Pelicana locations. People who attended could see official Dan Heng and March 7th cosplayers, get hats, collect some of the exclusive tie-in merchandise, and participate in festivities. The video and announcement didn't note white exact location was being shown. However, it did show the cosplayers, cardboard Pom Pom hats, acrylic stands, and fans who also showed up wearing costumes based on the various characters.

Here's the full Honkai: Star Rail event trailer:

As a reminder, here are the six Pelicana Chicken locations that are participating in the Honkai: Star Rail event until December 31, 2023 and offering the additional merchandise while supplies last. If you manage to get to one of them early enough, you could get acrylic standees of Dan Heng and March 7th and a Pom Pom pin.

  • Atlanta, Georgia: 420 14th St NW #100A
  • Buena Park, California: 6930 Beach Blvd Unit-L130 location
  • Carrollton, Texas: 1012 Mac Arthur Dr
  • Palisades Park, New Jersey: 280 Broad Ave
  • Queens, New York: 47-08 Greenpoint Ave location
  • Seattle, Washington: 725 E. Pine St.

Note that to get those extra items, you do need to buy two of the Honkai: Star Rail Set Meals and have your UID for the game. Doing that and checking in at a signboard will get you the items.

As a reminder, we're in the midst of version 1.5 of the game. On December 6, 2023, Argenti debuted as a five-star and Hanya showed up as a new four-star. That's also when the Silver Wolf banner returned. The 1.6 update is expected to appear later this month and bring with it the new characters Ruan Mei and Dr. Ratio.

Honkai: Star Rail is available for the PS5, PC, and mobile devices. The Pelicana event will run in the United States until December 31, 2023. 

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Nijisanji Fragrances Volume 3 Vtuber Perfumes

Anycolor revealed the third set of Nijisanji Fragrance Vtuber perfumes inspired by Ibrahim, Sukoya Kana, Tsukino Mito, Yumeoi Kakeru, and Leos Vincent. The company will open pre-orders for these perfumes on the Nijisanji Official Store on December 8, 2023. People in Japan will also be able to place pre-orders in physical Animate and Kotobukiya stores on December 15, 2023.

Here is the full list of ingredients used for the third set of Nijisanji VTuber perfumes:


  • Top Note: Orange, Raspberry
  • Middle Note: Rose, Heliotrope
  • Last Note: Chamomile, Hinoki Cypress

Sukoya Kana

  • Top Note: Green Apple, Bergamot
  • Middle Note: Rose, Muguet (Lily of the Valley)
  • Last Note: White Musk, Vanilla

Tsukino Mito

  • Top Note: Apple, Strawberry
  • Middle Note: Sakura, Freesia
  • Last Note: White Musk, Verbena

Yumeoi Kakeru

  • Top Note: Black Tea, Apple
  • Middle Note: Rose, Cinnamon
  • Last Note: Agarwood, Cardamom

Leos Vincent

  • Top Note: Orange, Gin
  • Middle Note: Rose, Brandy
  • Last Note: Agarwood, Oakmoss

Nijisanji Fragrances Volume 3 ingredients Vtuber Perfumes
Image courtesy of Anycolor

Anycolor has been gradually unveiling fragrances inspired by Nijisanji VTubers in recent months. It revealed the first set featuring Ange Katrina, Oliver Evans, Kurusu Natsume, Shellin Burgundy, and Naraka in October 2023. The second set which features Amamiya Kokoro, Nagao Kei, Makaino Ririmu, Ryushen, and Lauren Iroas followed suit in November 2023.

People residing outside Japan can also place orders for these perfumes via the web store's Buyee widget. Oliver Evans and Nagao Kei's perfumes are still available for purchase as of December 7, 2023. Both items are compatible with Buyee's cart page and international shipments.

The third set of Nijisanji Fragrances will be available for sale on December 8, 2023. Anycolor will start shipping the items in January 2024.

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Street Fighter 6 Chun-Li and Juri Pop Up Parade figures

Good Smile Company opened pre-orders for its upcoming Pop Up Parade figures of Chun-Li and Juri from Street Fighter 6. Both figures are available to order separately at ¥5,500 / $34.99 each. The pre-order window for both figures will close on January 18, 2024, at noon JST (January 17, 2024, at 10 PM ET).

After previously showing the prototypes at WonHobby G 2023 Autumn in November 2023, the company has published the final sample images for the Chun-Li and Juri figures. Both non-scale figures will stand at around 170mm (~6.69 inches) tall.

Chun-Li and Juri will be the first ones in the Street Fighter 6 Pop Up Parade lineup to be available through public sales, but they are not the first ones to be produced. Good Smile Company had previously made Pop Up Parade figures of Luke and Kimberly. The latter two are exclusively available in the game's Mad Gear Box collector's edition.

The new Chun-Li figure is also officially labeled SF6 Ver. since the company had previously released another Pop Up Parade figure based on her classic Street Fighter II attire. Meanwhile, Juri's figure has no additional label as this is her debut in the lineup and the company did not make figures from her prior appearances in Street Fighter IV and V.

The Street Fighter 6 Pop Up Parade figures of Chun-Li and Juri will both be available in Japan in June 2024 and in North America in Q4 2024.

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McDonald's Japan X Hello Kitty 50th Anniversary Happy meal Toys

Following the previously teased McDonald's Japan collaboration with Hello Kitty, we now know what this Happy Meal toys crossover has in store for the Sanrio mascot's 50th anniversary. Starting on December 15, 2023 and for approximately four weeks, those who purchase a Happy Set in Japan will receive one of 50 different Hello Kitty mini plush keychains at random.

Many of the Hello Kitty plush keychains you can receive are based on previous legacy designs of the character. For example, an original milk Hello Kitty version from her debut year of 1974 is a potential toy. Other examples include a monochrome Hello Kitty from 1987, a rainbow pearl Hello Kitty from 1996, and "Friend The Future" Hello Kitty from 2005. You'll also notice toys themed after the beach, bumble bees, weddings, and more. There are also some new designs and versions exclusive to this collaboration. For example, some of the plush toys available have Hello Kitty dressed as McDonald's employees and managers.

You can see all of the potential Hello Kitty 50th anniversary Happy Meal Set toys in the image below:

Additionally, those who order through McDelivery will receive a limited set of McDonald's X Hello Kitty stickers. They will be available from December 15-28, 2023.

You can see the limited McDonald's stickers in the image below:

The McDonald's Japan and Hello Kitty 50th anniversary crossover promotion will begin on December 15, 2023 and last about four weeks.

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Alone in the Dark Delay

THQ Nordic announced that Alone in the Dark remake has been delayed again. Originally set for a January release, the release has now been pushed back to March 20, 2024.

The reason Alone in the Dark has been delayed is to avoid crunch. Due to the holidays, developers at Pieces Interactive would have had to work long hours to get the game completed ahead of their Christmas break. With a new March release date, the team now has an extra two months to polish the game. The delay will also allow them to take more time off over the holiday period.

This is the second time Alone in the Dark has been delayed. Originally set for an October 2023 release, the game was pushed back to January 2024. At the time, THQ Nordic cited a busy release window as part of their decision. However, with this latest delay, it suggests the game was not as close to completion as they would have liked.

Alone in the Dark is a remake of the 1992 survival horror classic originally released for MS-DOS PCs. Like the original, it features Edward Carnby and Emily Hartwood, two characters investigating strange happenings at the Derceto Manor. The remake will feature a reimagining of the story and will feature David Harbour and Jodie Comer as Edward and Emily respectively.

Alone in the Dark will release on March 20, 2024 for PC, Xbox Series X/S and PS5.

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Get Shiny Lucario, Darkrai, and Master Ball Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Mystery Gifts

Nintendo announced that there are Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Shiny Lucario, Darkrai, and Master Ball Mystery Gifts available and on the way. These, along with a Mass Outbreak event, are designed to celebrate the new Indigo Disk DLC

The free Master Ball for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is the one that doesn't require a password. Between December 14, 2023 and January 3, 2024, all players will be able to claim one. You just need to head into the Poke Portal's Mystery Gift menu. When you do, the Get via Internet option will let you get it immediately in your backpack. 

Both the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Shiny Lucario and Darkrai Mystery Gifts require a password to claim and are available now. The Darkrai's password is "NEWM00N1SC0M1NG." Details about its level and moveset weren't provided. People can get it until December 21, 2023, so that's the one players should claim first.

More information appeared about the Shiny Lucario. The Mystery Gift password for it is "SH1NYBUDDY." This gives you a level 75 Pokemon who arrives in a Cherish Ball. It has the Inner Focus ability and is a Steel Tera Type. It arrives knowing one Steel-type move: Flash Cannon. Its other three attacks are Aura Sphere, Bullet Punch, and Ice Punch. You can use its password until January 3, 2024.

Finally, the Mass Outbreaks involve Flabebe, Litwick, and Milcery. Depending on the area you're in, certain outbreaks will appear. So Flabebe is in Paldea, Litwick is in Kitakami, and Milcery is in the Terarium. While this did start now, people can only start seeing the Flabebe and Litwick outbreaks. The Milcery ones won't show up until that add-on releases. These Mass Outbreaks will then run until December 21, 2023.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are available on the Nintendo Switch, and The Indigo Disk DLC arrives on December 14, 2023.

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See the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Indigo Disk DLC Trailer

As promised, the new Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Indigo Disk DLC trailer appeared. and offered more of a hint of what to expect. It began with teases of The Teal Mask adventures, before showing Area Zero and Blueberry Academy.

First, the trailer began with the player in front of a crystal tree in Area Zero. After that, we saw some moments from The Teal Mask, such as our first encounters with Blueberry Academy students Carmine and Kieran. The video then cuts to the new school proper, with the player character meeting principle Cyrano. From there, we see the returning Pokemon we can catch there. 

It is then that Lacey introduces Blueberry Quests (BBQs). These are things you can look for or do while exploring the biomes. As an example, the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Indigo Disk DLC trailer shows one tasking players with finding "three Ditto Blocks in the Savanna Biome." It then shows what these blocks look like. We also see some gym leaders showing up again to battle and interact with each other at Blueberry. After hearing about special snacks, returning Legendary Pokemon appear.

Toward the end of the video, we get to see the new Elite Four. That also involves matches facing off against some of the more formidable challengers. Then, things close out with a Terapagos teaser and hint of things to come at Area Zero.

As a reminder, ahead of this video Nintendo and Game Freak started teasing the arrival of the add-on with new looks at its signature Pokemon. People can see more of Terapagos leading up to its launch next week.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are available for the Nintendo Switch, and The Indigo Disk DLC arrives December 14, 2023. The Teal Mask DLC is already available.

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