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Redfall was a disappointment upon release, thanks to its open world which felt - as Ed wrote in his Redfall review - like "playing through an already abandoned live service."

Yet though its sparsely populated world made it feel that way, Arkane haven't abandoned Redfall. Yesterday they released its second major patch with a spate of fixes and attempted improvements.

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The Commandos series is due to return sometime next year with Commandos: Origins, a new game from a new developer. It returns the series to its stealth-tactics routes to tell the story of how the squad of sneaky, rope-shimmying Nazi-shivvers first came together in the early days of World War 2. There's an announcement trailer below.

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I haven't got round to Ghostwire: Tokyo yet, but its in my back pocket for whenever I'm in the mood for visiting beautiful, digital Tokyo. If you've also long considered kissing dogs and punching spectres, now might be a good time: Tango Gameworks' spooky tourist trip is currently free for those with an Amazon Prime subscription.

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Twinfinite Saturday, October 7, 2023 3:06 PM
The UMP45 is back? And the ACR?! What a day to be alive.

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Review: A Tiny Sticker Tale Feels Like a Colorforms Adventure

It is always reassuring when we see Kickstarter success stories. Ogre Pixel's started off with a pretty strong track record, with A Tiny Sticker Tale being its second project to be fully funded and actually release. It's a short puzzle game that's quite pleasant. Granted, it's also succinct and rather simple. However, I think that's part of its charm.

The story of A Tiny Sticker Tale is one of those situations where less is more. You've headed to an island with a special sticker book at the behest of your father. Your goal is to help people out there, earning medallions for essentially virtuous acts. However, there's also a raccoon with a similar sort of sticker book that is using it in a mischievous manner to complicate life for the denizens of the island. There are wordless flashbacks for segments between the donkey avatar and the father, but the rest of the affair is "do good" and "explore the island." If you're looking for a complex plot though, you aren't going to find vast depths here.

Review: A Tiny Sticker Tale Feels Like a Colorforms Adventure
Image via Ogre Pixel

Both tasks are accomplished by entering sticker mode, peeling people and items like Colorforms from the backdrop, placing them on the sheet in your sticker book, and then placing again where they are needed. See a large switch in the world? Grab one of the statues you've come across on top of it to trigger it. Need a bridge? Bring a tree to the carpenter after you get the axe back, and then you get a bridge sticker you can use at different locations. Someone wants to go somewhere? Take then, then use the sticker that spawns from fulfilling that request with another person sticker at a different spot to complete another task. A lot of these things are common sense puzzles or ones that, with context, become clear. I didn't really encounter any major challenges, though one or two of the later puzzles did take me a second.

The only real issues can be tied to constraints that come from the nature of the game. For example, one in-game challenge involves getting an arrow to bring to the archery field. When you do, you can then take part in a timed minigame that involves placing the arrow on a crossbow at the right moment to hit a moving target. The thing is, I was playing A Tiny Sticker Tale on the Switch. The arrow is small and fiddling, and because of the movement needed to grab it, place it, pick it up, and place it again, my all-time best score is a whopping three. It's frustrating, to be sure. 

Review: A Tiny Sticker Tale Feels Like a Colorforms Adventure
Image via Ogre Pixel

I also do wish the actual sticker sheet players are given to use in-game was a bit bigger. You only get so much space, and stickers are essentially true-to life when peeled and applied to the page. Granted, I did hang on to some items I probably could have left behind, but a little more would have been appreciated. To the game's credit though, at least when you do place items, it is typically very clear where. There will either be a dotted outline in some circumstances, say for a person, or when you're about to drop it you'll see a green glitter below it to know, "Hey! Yeah! Here!"

To be honest, I also hope Ogre Pixel keeps up this sort of artistic direction with its games. A Tiny Sticker Tale's atmosphere and design greatly resembles its sibling, Lonesome Village. It'd be great to know every few years, there'll be a charming, brief adventure game with some relaxing puzzles and fun artistic direction I can unwind with in my spare time. 

A Tiny Sticker Tale is a short and sweet game. It will never get too challenging, aside from a situation where timing and a small object might be involved. The concept is fun enough, and the character direction is adorable. It also never wears out its welcome, providing the perfect amount of time to enjoy its adventure. As long as you don't go in expecting complexity from its puzzles or story, I think you'll have a good time.

A Tiny Sticker Tale is available for the Nintendo Switch and PC.

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     Best gear in MW3 beta, rankedGloves, Boots, and Gear replace the traditional Perk system we all know and love from previous Call of Duty games. These items function similarly to Perks, and you can assemble incredibly unique combinations. As you may expect, gear in MW3 isn't created equally. With this in mind, let me show you the best gear in the MW3 beta, ranked. Related: Best boots in MW3 beta, ranked Best gear perks in MW3 Before we dive into what gear is the best, let me show you what each one does, as some of these are incredibly potent: EOD Padding – Reduces damage from non-killstreak explosives and fire. Tac Mask – Reduces strength of flash, stun, and gas grenades. Immunity to shock, EMP, and Snapshot Grenade. Mission Control Comlink – Reduce Killstreak cost by one kill. Reduce Scorestreak cost by 125. Bone Conduction Headset – Reduces combat noise, allowing improved identification of enemy footsteps and gunfire. L/R...

PC Invasion - FeedDDD Saturday, October 7, 2023 9:45 PM
     Best boots in MW3 beta, rankedMW3 sees the end of the traditional perk system we all know and love and puts those powerful abilities into equipment instead. Boots, in particular, grant players powerful bonuses. These abilities range from niche perks to absolute game changers. You have a few choices in the footwear department, so let me show you the best boots in the MW3 beta, ranked. Related: Best gloves in MW3 beta, ranked Best boots perks in MW3 I wasn't exaggerating about the power of boots in MW3. Some of the perks they bestow are incredibly strong. Before I show off a ranked list, here's every set of boots and what they do: Lightweight Boots – Increases movement and swim speed. Reduces noise while swimming Climbing Boots – Increases climbing and mantling speed. Reduces fall damage Stalker Boots – Increased strafe and ADS movement speed. Tactical Pads – Increases slide distance and allows ADS while sliding. Increases stance tra...

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     Best gloves in MW3 beta, rankedI never thought I'd see the day when the perk system in Call of Duty finally gets an overhaul. Well, in MW3, the developers have decided enough is enough. It's not a massive change, but Perk effects are now granted to players based on the gear they are wearing. Gloves can grant several powerful advantages, and good players will pick these based on their playstyles. If you're looking for the best gloves in the MW3 beta, ranked, I've got you covered.Related: Do you have to pre-order MW3 to play the beta? Best glove perks in MW3 Three sets of gloves are available for use in the MW3 beta. Just like Killstreaks, these are locked by character level. Fortunately, you level up through regular gameplay, so you can experiment after a few games. Here are the gloves on offer and what they do. Quick-Grip Gloves – Increases Weapon Swap speed Scavenger Gloves – Resupply ammo and Throwing Knives from dead players Command Gloves – R...

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     Blox Fruits tier list - Devil Fruits ranked (month/year)Roblox Blox Fruits is the most popular One Piece-inspired Roblox experience on the site. Update 20 is imminent, and it's looking to be the biggest update ever. Before the update was announced, the developer mentioned that the team had grown, and this extra firepower will surely help the game grow even bigger and better. Here is everything to know about Update 20 in Blox Fruits. Everything we know about Update 20 in Blox Fruits Update 20 for Blox Fruits appears to be centered around reworking and revamping existing things in the game. From graphics to UI to abilities to islands, the Blox Fruits team has committed themselves to a higher standard of quality and will make the game look like a much more premium experience. Below is a list of confirmed things that are getting reworked/remodeled/a new look: Middletown UI Cafe (not fully confirmed but heavily suggested) All swords (their looks and abilities) "Entire areas" Interfaces R...

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     How To Get Battle Pass Token Fast In Warzone 2 Dmz Season 5 Featured ImageThe DMZ mode in Modern Warfare 2 will have you losing your stuff time and time again, thanks to the bosses or thanks to a random camper that was unfortunate enough to stumble into. Losing all of your stuff upon death is harsh and challenging, but the developers have added an item that will alleviate some of the pressure of death. Here's how to get the secure backpack in DMZ. Unlocking the Secure Backpack in DMZ There are technically two ways to get the secure backpack in DMZ, finding it or bartering for it. Naturally, its spawn rate is incredibly rare, you'd only really find it from a hidden cache. If you don't want to leave it to chance, then you can barter for it. To barter for the secure backpack, you first need to unlock it. This requires you to kill the Scavenger boss nine times. This is a tall task indeed, and will be down to a bit of luck. I'd suggest that you work toward all of your other aims, but try to see if you can find the Sca...

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     Payday 3's launch was a bit of a disaster. The servers buckled almost immediately, resulting in people being unable to even play the new cooperative heist game from Starbreeze Studios. Thankfully Payday 3's disastrous launch issues haven't affected me too much because I've spent the first few weeks of its life playing it alone. I know that sounds insane given that Payday 3 is primarily a multiplayer co-op shooter, but I promise I have my reasons. Sad reasons, but reasons nonetheless.

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Gaming Instincts – Next-Generation of Video Game Journalism Saturday, October 7, 2023 4:25 PM

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The greatest jumpscare of October is oh god! it's October already! Fairly certain it's still August but sure, I'll play along. The wind is flipping something in my kitten's brain and she spends half the morning doing parkour around my bedroom, including a spectacular move hopping on my ankle then dashing up the length of my body before leaping off the top of my head and into the wall. She's just a little cat. But what are you playing this weekend? Here's what we're clicking on!

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     The Talos Principle 2 Early Impressions Review A New And Invigorating, Deep And Existential ExperienceThe world of gaming raised up a science fiction puzzle game series with test rooms and robots once before as one of the greatest game series to ever exist. This is perhaps evidence there is room for more games like that to capture our hearts in creative ways. Enter the original Talos Principle, a 2014 puzzle game with majority overwhelming positive reviews on Steam and solid critical reviews. And for everything it was, my preview into the sequel showed the developers took a stunning and breathtaking new direction. What awaits you in the sequel? Here's an early impressions review of The Talos Principle 2. The Talos Principle 2 early impression review – what is this series and what's next? The Talos Principle is a simple game to break down. It's a long game of puzzle room after puzzle room in various environments while a voice tells you you're doing all of this to ascend to immortality. Your character's a test dummy robot and the env...

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     Detective Pikachu Returns DinnerDetective Pikachu and Detective Pikachu Returns set themselves apart from other Pokémon spin-offs by featuring extensive voice acting. From the tough-talking, coffee-obsessed detective himself to the varied citizens and Pokémon of Ryme City, Detective Pikachu Returns has more charm than you can shake a magnifying glass at. We've taken on a little detective work of our own at PC Invasion and dug into the talent behind Detective Pikachu Returns' colorful cast of characters. Here's every voice actor featured in Detective Pikachu Returns, and where you may know their previous work from. Detective Pikachu Returns Voice Actor List Detective Pikachu — Kaiji Tang Image: Nintendo The shining star of the game himself, Detective Pikachu, is voiced by Kaiji Tang in Detective Pikachu Returns. While fans of the live-action movie may be used to Ryan Reynolds, Tang has voiced the video game iteration of Detective Pikachu since the origina...

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     Best Way To Get Xp In Mw3Quickly unlocking everything is a staple in Call of Duty, and that's no different in Modern Warfare 3. There are new perks, killstreaks, weapons, and equipment to enjoy, but the only way to get them all is by leveling up fast. Here is how to level up fast in MW3. Related: What weapons, perks, and equipment unlock at each level? MW3 Beta progression guide How to grind XP fast in MW3 If you want to get XP fast in MW3 so you can level up and unlock everything, then you need to know the best tips and tricks to grinding XP. Win matches and get kills First, play matches. I know that sounds kind of obvious, but the more matches you play, the more XP you'll earn. Winning matches gets you more XP, so focus on that. And, while you're focusing on trying to win, you'll rack up kills. The more kills you get, the more XP you get. Using the best killstreaks definitely doesn't hurt when trying to grind XP in MW3, either. ...

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     Best Games CyberpunkIt's hard to step into a fantasy or real-world setting after playing a game in a cyberpunk setting. This genre is a mixture of sci-fi and dystopian themes, coupled with futuristic technology, artificial intelligence, and cyberware. If you just recently finished Phantom Liberty, Cyberpunk 2077's DLC, here are 10 of the best games to satisfy that cyberpunk craving. 10 best games to play if you like Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty Deus Ex series Screenshot: Eidos Montreal This is a very long-running video game series, starting from the year 2000, all the way up to Deus Ex: Mankind Divided in 2016. With six beloved games in this series, you should highly consider playing any of them. I'll recommend starting with the most recent one from 2016, as it's the latest in the series. You play as Adam Jensen in the year 2029, where mechanically augmented humans are now outcasts of the world. There are meaningful choices, and consequen...

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     All Book Locations In Assassin's Creed MirageAssassin's Creed: Mirage is probably one of the shorter games in the series, and for good reason. It gets you in the action quickly and without any filler. However, because of its length, you may get through the story in less time. On the other hand, Ubisoft has littered the map of Baghdad with a bunch of collectibles like Mysterious Shards. Searching for these items can serve two purposes. One, most can give rewards when you complete them, and the second is that you're able to explore Baghdad better. Lost books are something you can collect — on top of that, you can find them in some interesting spots in Baghdad. For help finding all book locations in Assassin's Creed: Mirage, use this guide.  Assassin's Creed: Mirage – All book locations The lost books are mostly all in central Baghdad and will have a golden book icon. The mission that you need to search for the books lasts the whole game or until you find all of them. It'll trigger when you ...

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     When building an empire, how you spend your civic points is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. What civics you choose will determine your play style, the way your empire does things, and how other empires treat you. Recommended Read: How to Use Hyper Relays in Stellaris This guide will teach […]