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Destiny 2 Daily Reset 7/27/2020

SyndContentImpl.mode=null SyndContentImpl.type=text/html SyndContentImpl.interface=interface com.rometools.rome.feed.synd.SyndContent SyndContentImpl.value=Daily Vanguard Modifiers Affect Strikes, Menagerie, Heroic Missions & Adventures Solar Singe: Solar damage increases slightly from all sources. Grounded:Continue Reading
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Destiny 2 Daily Reset 7/23/2020

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New Destiny 2: Beyond Light Trailer Shows Off Stasis Powers

SyndContentImpl.mode=null SyndContentImpl.type=text/html SyndContentImpl.interface=interface com.rometools.rome.feed.synd.SyndContent SyndContentImpl.value=Bungie premiered a new trailer today showcasing some of the ways Guardians will be able to wield the Darkness whenContinue Reading
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Destiny 2 Daily Reset 7/21/2020

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Destiny 2 Weekly Reset 7/21/2020

SyndContentImpl.mode=null SyndContentImpl.type=text/html SyndContentImpl.interface=interface com.rometools.rome.feed.synd.SyndContent SyndContentImpl.value=Grandmaster Nightfall Ordeal’s are now available. You must be Power Level 1075 to start it. Nightfall – The Ordeal: The CorruptedContinue Reading
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Destiny 2 Daily Reset 7/20/2020

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Next Week in Destiny 2 (7/21/20) – Scorched

SyndContentImpl.mode=null SyndContentImpl.type=text/html SyndContentImpl.interface=interface com.rometools.rome.feed.synd.SyndContent SyndContentImpl.value=Here’s a look at what’s happening next week in Destiny 2 beginning at weekly reset on Tuesday, July 21st: MomentsContinue Reading
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Destiny 2 Daily Reset 7/17/2020 – Xur & Trials of Osiris

SyndContentImpl.mode=null SyndContentImpl.type=text/html SyndContentImpl.interface=interface com.rometools.rome.feed.synd.SyndContent SyndContentImpl.value=Xur has returned in Destiny 2, and this weekend he can be found in the Tower Hangar. Name Type MOBContinue Reading
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Othercide Review

Some parents are really invested in their kids' report cards or success in extracurricular activities. Othercide offers a different kind of parental pride as you command a small army of warrior Daughters armed with giant swords and sleek revolvers they can use to slice, bash, and blast through a menagerie of Lovecraftian horrors. But this is more than an outlet for such dreams of blood-drenched parenthood, though. Othercide is also the best turn-based tactics game of the year so far.

With the help of a mysterious figure called the Red Mother, Othercide puts you in charge of a darkly ethereal realm called the Inner Void from which you summon Daughters – echoes of whatever the Mother used to be – to stop the coming of an eldritch entity known as Suffering. Similar to 2018's Into the Breach, this will require failing and going back in time over and over until you manage to get it right. Each successive "Remembrance" allows you to carry over a currency called Shards from your previous run, so I never felt like I was having to start from square one. Failure is an expected and essential part of progression.

[widget path="global/article/imagegallery" parameters="albumSlug=15-screenshots-of-othercide&captions=true"]

Once I realized that death was never really the end, it could sometimes feel a bit too forgiving, though. Shards are used to activate unlocked bonuses on a per-run basis like increased health and damage, and even the ability to skip bosses you've already defeated. While there is a satisfying sense of progression, I usually earned so many shards per run that I didn't have to make interesting decisions about how to spend them. I could activate all of the bonuses I'd unlocked at once.

No Country For Health Potions

Luckily, the other resources at my command did require me to make those difficult calls. Notably, Daughters do not heal between missions, and you won't find any healing abilities or items. On top of taking damage, most of the more powerful special attacks cost health to use. The only way to heal a daughter is to sacrifice another one of equal or higher level. Having a supply of sacrifices is rarely an issue, as the Vitae needed to summon new daughters is handed out in abundance. But the emotional weight I felt destroying one of my children so that another may live could be potent. As a consolation, the beneficiary will carry a part of the sacrificed daughter with them always in the form of a small mechanical bonus based on her stats at the time of death.

[poilib element="quoteBox" parameters="excerpt=The%20emotional%20weight%20of%20destroying%20a%20daughter%20so%20another%20may%20live%20could%20be%20potent."]

The final, and most precious, resource is resurrection tokens. Since each failed Remembrance sends your entire current roster to the cemetery, these function as a way to carry over some of your best fighters from one run to another. They're very hard to come by over the course of a run, though spending shards can allow you to start with a few from the get-go. They allowed me to maintain some sense of continuity and build a deeper bond with Daughters who had been with me since the beginning, which I really appreciated.

[ignvideo url=""]

When the turn-based action kicks in, Othercide proves itself a satisfying, challenging, sometimes frantic tactical dreamscape. Each of the four classes has a distinct role to play, from the tanky Shieldbearer to the heavy-hitting Blademaster to the ranged support specialist, the Soulslinger. The enemy diversity is great, from quick and deadly Scavengers to hulking, insectoid abominations that can lock you in pace with a gooey discharge. New foes are introduced gradually across the five chapters, and even seeing familiar ones in new combinations often forced me to stop and think about how to handle the situation.

A time-based initiative system throws further excitement and consideration into the mix. Daughters who use more than half of their action points will have to wait a lot longer to act again, so it's often smarter to end your turn with at least half remaining so you can better react to the changing battlefield. And with three mission types – the tense Rescue, desperate Survival, and ass-kicking Hunt – I had to learn what works best in a variety of situations.

Mad, Mad World

The one area where these missions felt a bit lacking was in the map selection. I saw the same layouts often enough for it to become a little repetitive, even if the horde of baddies was different every time. At least they're nice to look at. Well, "nice" might not be exactly the right word. Othercide is bleak as hell, and its mostly black-and-white, gothic horror aesthetic does a great job creating an atmosphere of oppression and danger. The splashes of red the highly stylish Daughters bring enhances the feeling that they stand as emblems of hope in this doomed nightmare.

[poilib element="poll" parameters="id=bb041f73-9abb-48fd-b2fc-3fd2bb9d014d"]

I can't wrap up without mentioning the bosses, which are each expertly-designed puzzles that often have multiple viable solutions, but will absolutely kick your ass back to the beginning if you go at them guns blazing. I wasn't able to best any of the ones I came up against on a first try, but any enemy you've faced previously will be added to the codex where you can read up on its behavior. All of the enemies in Othercide behave deterministically; there's no randomness involved, except in the dice rolls for things like attacking and dodging. So understanding that a specific boss or enemy will always go after the closest Daughter, or the one with the least health, can allow you to manipulate them and lead them into traps. I really hit my stride when I realized the power this knowledge could give me.

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Carrion Review

For anyone who's ever watched a monster movie and thought "Hey, it would be pretty cool to be that monster," the premise of Carrion is immediately appealing. It's a power fantasy that has you going an utter rampage through an underground facility, terrorizing both armed and unarmed inhabitants along the way. Developer Phobia Game Studio is uncompromising in its approach to making Carrion as true to this fantasy as possible, and it makes for a game unlike any I've played thanks to a collection of truly excellent moments. Even when the novelty of grabbing a helpless scientist and slamming them all around a room, Hulk-style, wore off, Carrion's puzzles and cerebral combat encounters still kept me thoroughly entertained. The monotony that lurks between them, however, is the real monster.

[ignvideo url=""]

If there's one thing that Carrion nails, it's the movement and abilities of its leading amorphous, multi mouthed, tentacled monstrosity. The monster has total freedom of movement, with its appendages automatically shooting out and pulling it toward whatever direction you point it in. It's delightfully creepy to watch and there's a great speed and fluidity to its movements, which is important because hit-and-run tactics are crucial when dealing with the more dangerous weapon-wielding enemies you'll encounter.

You can control one of your tentacles via the right stick and grab either enemies or pieces of the environment with the right trigger. Enemies can be consumed for health and extra biomass, or slammed and tossed around like rag dolls; bits of the environment can be hurled across the room; and doors can be ripped right from their hinges. It's hard not to crack a devilish smile when you're able to creep down on an enemy from the ceiling, quickly pull them up, eat their top half, and drop their lower half down for the rest of the people in the room to freak out about.

Carry On

As you progress through the underground facility, you'll unlock strains of DNA that add new abilities to your repertoire, such cloaking, growing blades and charging through barricades, and most notably, parasitically controlling a human. In typical Metroidvania fashion, these abilities typically have both a combat use and a navigational use, and every time you get a new ability you'll be able to explore previously closed-off sections of the map.

[widget path="global/article/imagegallery" parameters="albumSlug=10-carrion-gameplay-screenshots&captions=true"]

The best Metroidvanias manage to hide worthwhile upgrades and secrets to encourage backtracking and exploration whenever you get a new ability. This is one pro tip Carrion doesn't follow in that there are only nine mostly useless, optional upgrades. Worse still, searching for them is a nightmare because of how easy it is to get lost. There's no map to consult, no reminder of your current objective, and no waypoint or hint system to guide you. At one point I backtracked to access a previously blocked off area, only to find that all it did was provide a useless shortcut. Then I found myself hopelessly lost in a cleaned-out facility for an absolutely miserable two or so hours of aimless wandering.

[poilib element="quoteBox" parameters="excerpt=My%20first%20blind%20playthrough%20took%20about%20six%20hours.%20My%20second%20took%20a%20little%20over%20two"]

On my second playthrough, I could see that there is a fairly cleanly laid-out path to follow to get from main objective to main objective, but any deviation from that path makes it very hard to find your way back because you don't know what those main objectives are. Just to illustrate how much of an issue this was, my first blind playthrough took about six hours. My second took a little over two.

Rip and Tear

It's worth repeating that the actual moment-to-moment gameplay of Carrion is excellent. There are some very cleverly laid-out encounters that offer a ton of freedom in terms of how you literally pick apart your prey, and while it's pretty easy early on, in the later bits it ups the ante significantly with armored mechs, fast drones that can rip you to shreds, and flamethrower-wielding soldiers who will have you rushing to the nearest body of water if they manage to set you on fire.

[poilib element="poll" parameters="id=3ff6c171-a6b2-4cc5-b0bf-0737111e5d68"]

As far as the story goes, there isn't much of one to speak of, but that actually works in Carrion's favor. From the start until the end, the perspective never shifts away from the monster, outside of a couple of quick flashback sequences that provide some context for its origin. That makes it kind of a fun and unique way to experience the increasingly dire state of your human adversaries, as presented through emergency bulletins and LED signs.

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Eiyuden Chronicle Hits Crowdfunding Goal in Two Hours

Eiyuden Chronicles: Hundred Heroes, the spiritual successor to the Suikoden series developed by the same developers, has hit its Kickstarter goal in just two hours. Eiyuden Chronicles was revealed just last week. Suikoden 1 and 2 writer Yoshitaka Murayama is returning as the writer for Eiyuden while character design, system design, and direction are handled by additional ex-Suikoden team members. It launched on Kickstarter on July 27 with a goal of $500,000. [widget path="global/article/imagegallery" parameters="albumSlug=eiyuden-chronicle-hundred-heroes-16-images&captions=true"] At the time of this writing, the funding has reached $564,224 although the number continues to go up every few seconds. The Kickstarter will remain live until Friday, August 28, leaving 31 days for would-be backers to commit some money to the project. The game currently has 4,800 backers. With the minimum goal reached, Eiyuden Chronicles is guaranteed to come to PC. The next goal is $750,000 and if reached, a Fortress mode will be added to the game. "The Fortress Town, the player's base of operations throughout the game, serves as the main character's military base, but also their home," the Kickstarter page reads. This mode allows players to acquire a small town and build it over time by recruiting players and putting them to work to build castle walls, expand military equipment, cultivate crops, and develop trades. The next goal is $1 million and if reached, the game will come to PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and the Nintendo Switch. [ignvideo url=""] As far as pledges go, you can pledge $10 as a show of support — this pledge does not get you any reward. You can pledge roughly $38 to get a digital version of the game as well as some unique Discord roles or, if you're looking for a physical version, you can pledge about $57. Doing this gets you a physical copy of the game, unique Discord roles, and access to the game's beta. Higher-tier pledges include double packs of the game, unique buttons, the soundtrack, and more depending on how much money you pledge. Eiyuden Chronicle is being developed by a studio known as Rabbit & Bear, which is a studio made up of Murayama, ex-Suikoden team members, and veteran developers from the Castlevania, Wild Arms, and Tales series. The game sports a 2.5D visual style and will have 100 heroes available to recruit. Combat will be turn-based with parties of six and boss battles will have different angles determined by the environment. The game is estimated to launch in October of 2022. [poilib element="accentDivider"] Wesley LeBlanc is a freelance news writer and guide maker for IGN. You can follow him on Twitter @LeBlancWes
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Nintendo Gigaleak: Everything We Know and All the Major Discoveries

Two major drops of confidential Nintendo code and documentation — now popularly referred to as the Nintendo Gigaleak — have seemingly revealed previously unknown canceled games, prototypes, source code, development tools, internal communication, and more. It marks what may well be the largest leak of internal video game information ever released. Throughout the weekend, hundreds of leaked files have been unpacked, pored over, and speculated about, leading to a constant stream of new information. We've attempted to pull as much of that together as possible to explain what you need to know about the Gigaleak right now.

What Is the Nintendo Gigaleak?

The Gigaleak is made up of multiple drops of information, stemming primarily from two posts on 4Chan. The posts each contained gigabytes' worth of files and documentation from internal Nintendo projects. The first set of files contained data primarily from SNES-era projects, and the second set included information from N64 projects. The leaks include (among a lot of other elements), source code for games like The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Super Mario 64, and more — as well as entirely unknown games and canceled projects. The leaks' validity comes down to a couple of factors: 1) The sheer amount, scope and granular detail of information discovered make it very unlikely that someone's fabricated the data, 2) Developers responsible have already confirmed the validity of some parts of the leak. For instance, Q-Games' Dylan Cuthbert — who helped create the original Star Fox games – pointed to a development tool made for Star Fox 2 that he hasn't seen "for almost 30 years". There remains the possibility that false files have been inserted among the rest, but we know that at least some of the Gigaleak are legitimate information.

How Did It Happen?

This remains a topic of some discussion, with Nintendo so far making no official comment on the Gigaleak. Unreleased files for the Pokemon series have been leaking for some time now, with some commenters pointing to those seeming hacks as the source. Others have pointed to April's major Nintendo hack, which saw tens of thousands of user details released onto the Internet. At the time, Nintendo said those details had been accessed "by some means other than our service", and said that there was "currently no evidence pointing towards a breach of Nintendo's databases, servers or services." There's also the case of Zammis Clark, the security researcher who was arrested for hacking Microsoft and then hacked Nintendo while on bail for the first crime. Clark was accused of accessing "Nintendo's highly confidential game development servers", where code for unreleased games was stored. While Clark's hack on Nintendo was some time ago, the Pokemon leaks, a set of Nintendo console source code leaks and, now, the Gigaleak itself have been attributed to his breach.

What's Been Found?

There is simply too much in the leak, both discovered and undiscovered, to be totally comprehensive here, but we've included the most important, weird, and wonderful finds below (and we'll update as and when more emerge).

Super Mario 64 - Luigi Discovered and More

Perhaps the most notable of the discoveries so far is that source code for a version of Super Mario 64  (which may at one point have been called Ultra 64 Mario Bros.) seems to include a model for Luigi. Those with the files noticed a folder titled 'Luigi', and loaded the contents into existing SM64 mods, creating the model you can see below. If legitimate, it confirms decades of rumors and speculation about the other Mario brother appearing in the game in some form. The game's files also reveal beta-only enemy types.

Cancelled Pokemon MMO

Fans have been calling for a Pokemon MMO for years — to the point where the makers of Temtem just ended up making one themselves. However, it seems that the idea had been pitched to Nintendo as early as 2004. Files in the leak suggest that iQue (a Chinese support company co-founded by Nintendo) worked on a prototype for a Pokemon game that would be playable by connecting a Game Boy Advance to a PC. Offline, the game would allow players to catch around 30 Pokemon in a game based on the Fire Red and Leaf Green installments. Connecting to the PC and going online would add a "hatch system" that used multiple conditions to determine what Pokemon eggs would appear, feature weather based on the region you were connecting from, add online battle tournaments based on Pokemon Colosseum's code, and more. You can see an iQue presentation in the tweet below:

Zelda: Ocarina of Time - Early Maps

The key discoveries around Ocarina of Time have centered around areas that seemingly didn't make it into the final version of the game — and others that were perhaps planned for the 64DD Ura-Zelda expansion. Pre-rendered backdrops for OoT's Temple of Time area have been dug out of the files, as well as unused areas - such as an early Kokiri Forest - that may have been created for alpha versions of the game, or the ill-fated Disc Drive expansions. We've also seen alpha enemies, such as a "Baby Skeleton".

Prototype Yoshi's Island

Seemingly at one point titled "Super Mario Bros 5: Yoshi's Island", this playable prototype features a different art style, UI, overworld menu, and uses placeholder music:

Super Donkey

One of the oddest and most fully-fledged discoveries so far is a game seemingly titled Super Donkey, which may have been an early version of Super Mario World 2 (the game that would become Yoshi's Island). Featuring an unknown character — who could be a version of Mario rendered in Yoshi's Island style — the game features similar mechanics to what would become Yoshi's Island, but a different set of visual assets.

Prototype Super Mario Kart / Mario Kart 64

The leaks not only include a version of the original Super Mario Kart with unused or altered tracks and a lack of drifting but also seemingly include an alpha version of what would become Mario Kart 64, which seemingly uses the original Super Mario Kart sprites as placeholder art.

Canceled Zelda 3 / Zelda 2 Remake

Sprite sheets have been discovered for a side-scrolling Zelda to follow Zelda 2. The community has variously speculated that it would have been an original Zelda 3 for SNES or could have been a Zelda 2 remake to played on the Super Famicom's Satellaview peripheral. What's perhaps most striking is that Link's sword, on one sheet, appears to be marked with blood - not something we associate with the family-friendly series.

Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Beta

Placeholder designs found in beta files for Pokemon Diamond and Pearl seem to show off early sprites for the likes of Darkrai, Arceus, and more. Some bear an unfinished resemblance to their finished forms and others (Arceus) very much do not:

Pilotwings Prototype, Dragonfly

We've previously heard about Dragonfly, the prototype game that eventually became flight simulator Pilotwings. However, the leaks appear to have surfaced unseen visuals from the original version, which was a shooter designed to show off the SNES' Mode-7 chip.

Super Mario World

Beta visuals from the game that became Super Mario World showed off some of the funnier sides of the leaks, from a far more dinosaur-like original Yoshi, the fact that SMW's Bowser at one point showed off his legs, and that one potential sprite for Luigi showed him seemingly flipping the player the bird. [poilib element="accentDivider"] Joe Skrebels is IGN's Executive Editor of News. Follow him on Twitter. Have a tip for us? Want to discuss a possible story? Please send an email to
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Destroy All Humans Preorders Are 15% Off for PS4 and Xbox One

Destroy All Humans will release July 28 for PS4, Xbox One, Stadia, and PC. A remake of the 2005 original, this new edition will put you in the shoes of an alien named Crypto-137 as you wreak havoc on puny Earthlings during an invasion set in the 1950s. Your goals are to harvest human DNA, destroy the US government, and generally cause as much destruction as possible. But you don't have to wait to secure a copy for yourself. And in fact, if you want one of the decidedly awesome-looking special editions, you should probably lock in your preorder now (you can always cancel it later if you change your mind). Here's everything you need to know to preorder Destroy All Humans.

Destroy All Humans Crypto-137 Edition

destroy-all-humans-crypto-137-edition Ringing in at a no-nonsense price of $399.99, this super special edition comes with the following items:
  • 23-inch Crypto-137 Figurine
  • Crypto Backpack
  • 6 Lithographs
  • Eye-Popping Anti-Stress Toy
  • Keychain
  • All In-Game Crypto Skins
That backpack though...

Destroy All Humans Standard Edition


Xbox One


All you want is the game? That's cool, too.

Destroy All Humans DNA Collector's Edition - SOLD OUT

destroy-all-humans-dna-collectors-edition Even if you don't have $400 to spare for the Crypto-137 edition of the game, you can still pick up the DNA collector's edition for the more palatable price of $149.99. Here's what's included:
  • 9-inch Crypto 'n' Cow Figurine
  • 6 Lithographs
  • Eye-Popping Anti-Stress Toy
  • Keychain
  • All In-Game Crypto Skins

Other Preorder Guides

[poilib element="commerceDeal" parameters="slug=other-preorder-guides&type=list"] [poilib element="accentDivider"] Chris Reed is IGN's shopping and commerce editor. You can follow him on Twitter @_chrislreed. [widget path="ign/modules/recirc" parameters="title=&type=articles%2Cvideos&tags=us-shopping&count=3&columnCount=3&theme=article"]
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Ghost of Tsushima Update Brings New Difficulty, Additional Accessibility Options to the Game

An update for Ghost of Tsushima will bring a new Lethal difficulty mode and more accessibility options for reading text and more forgiving combat intensity. This update, patch 1.05, brings a new Lethal difficulty to the game and accessibility options that lower the intensity of the combat.  The patch also brings some new text changes to Ghost of Tsushima as well. Depending on when you're seeing this, the update might already be out as its set to go live on July 27. [widget path="global/article/imagegallery" parameters="albumSlug=ghost-of-tsushima-photo-mode-greatest-shots-by-ign-staff&captions=true"] "Later today, Patch 1.05 for #GhostOfTsushima will be released, adding new Lethal difficulty, a new option for Lower intensity combat, and new text settings," a tweet from Sucker Punch reads. The new difficulty level is called Lethal and it makes enemy weapons more deadly. It also makes Jin's katana more deadly as well. Enemies are more aggressive in combat, they detect Jin faster, and the parry and dodge windows are "tighter," the patch notes read. As far as new accessibility options, they seem to be focused around lowering the intensity of the game's combat. "Lower intensity mode is meant to maintain the heart and feel of Ghost of Tsushima combat while relaxing several timing-specific elements. Combat is less intense, giving you more time to react. Stealth settings are more forgiving, and enemies take longer to detect you." [ignvideo url=""] The patch notes say that most enemy attacks usually unblockable become blockable when Lower Intensity is enabled. Blocking with L1 will keep Jin safe from more attacks than standard combat, although some attacks will still need to be dogged. Enemies break off their attack combos after damaging you, giving players the chance to heal up before more attacks. Heavy attacks will interrupt Brutes when Lower Intensity is enabled as well. Beyond that, enemies will not attack at all when players try to use Resolve to heal and their awareness builds more slowly when Jin is trying to remain hidden. In terms of text changes, a new Large Text option will increase the size of subtitles, mission objectives, and interact prompts by 150%. Sucker Punch has also added the option to turn the speaker's name off when subtitles are enabled. Yellow, blue, red, and green color options have been added to subtitles as well. [ignvideo url=""] While the patch is focused on everything mentioned above, the notes indicate that it includes some bug fixes too, although those specific fixes aren't outlined. Read our thoughts about the game in our Ghost of Tsushima review and then read about how it's PS4's fastest-selling first-party original IP debut. Be sure to use the official IGN Ghost of Tsushima Wiki Guide as you make your way through the game. [poilib element="accentDivider"] Wesley LeBlanc is a freelance news writer and guide maker for IGN. You can follow him on Twitter @LeBlancWes.
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PlayStation Plus Games Announced for August 2020

Sony has announced that both Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Campaign Remastered and Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout are the PlayStation Plus games for August 2020. Announced on PlayStation.Blog, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Campaign Remastered will be available to PlayStation Plus subscribers on Tuesday, July 28, while Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout will be available on its release date of August 4, 2020. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Campaign Remastered was released earlier this year and is an updated version of 2009's Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. [ignvideo url=""] In our review of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Campaign Remastered, we said "Thank goodness for all of its memorable, Michael Bay-style blockbuster moments, because in 2020, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is competing for our attention with its own very impressive reboot." Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is a very stylish 60-player minigame battler that sounds like a battle royale, but is actually a playable game show. In our preview for Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, we said "where most other 100-player games rely on tension and gigantic maps, with opponents rarely meeting more than once, Fall Guys stuffs everyone onto a single screen, gives them a set goal, and waits to see who comes out on top, over and again. It might be ridiculous, it might even be unfair, but it will definitely be funny." [ignvideo url=""] Both of these games will be available on PlayStation Plus until Monday, August 31. Also, be sure to claim July 2020's PlayStation Plus games - NBA 2K20, Rise of the Tomb Raider: 20 Year Celebration, and Erica, before they leave the service on August 3. [poilib element="accentDivider"] Have a tip for us? Want to discuss a possible story? Please send an email to Adam Bankhurst is a news writer for IGN. You can follow him on Twitter @AdamBankhurst and on Twitch.
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Exclusive: D&D Reveals 'Curse of Strahd Revamped' Collector's Edition

The Dungeons & Dragons team has revealed Curse of Strahd: Revamped, an updated collector's edition of the 2016 adventure module.

We got an early look at the set from D&D's Principal Narrative Designer Chris Perkins, which you can check out in the video and image gallery below.

[ignvideo url=""]

"We don't do a tremendous number of box sets," Perkins said. "And we don't always have the luxury of time or money to really test ourselves... You'd think that we're just taking something that exists, we're putting it in a fancy package and 'Whoop!' it's done, but actually so much thought and so many people were involved in the concepting and the packaging and the design, the cards, the DM screen, and everything. It was actually a very time consuming – but fun – process."

[widget path="global/article/imagegallery" parameters="albumSlug=curse-of-strahd-revamped-collectors-edition-contents&captions=true"]

The set retails for $99.99USD, comes in a coffin-shaped box with Ravenloft-inspired etchings and contains...

  • 224-page softcover printing of the most up-to-date edition of Curse of Strahd, complete with all errata published since 2016.
  • 20-page Creatures of Horror booklet, serving as an easily-accessible compendium for Strahd-specific monsters.
  • A double-sided poster map featuring the realm of Barovia on one side and a detailed plan of Castle Ravenloft on the other.
  • A new foil-stamped version of Gale Force Nine's Tarokka deck to draw the Fortunes of Ravenloft from.
  • 8-page Tarokka Deck booklet for reference when using the deck
  • Physical handouts for DMs to provide their players.
  • 12 illustrated postcards "from" Barovia for DMs to use when inviting players to their game.
  • Dungeon Master's screen with helpful information for running adventures in this gothic horror setting featuring postcard illustrations from CoupleOfKooks.

"It was always my wish that at some point we could put a version of the adventure together that actually had the cards with it, and it's out of that idea that this boxed set emerged," Perkins says. "We did want to make sure that if Beadle and Grimm [a company that specializes in high-end D&D box sets like this one or this one], for instance, were doing their own version of it, we wouldn't eventually be duplicating what they would do. They tend to go, with their Platinum Editions, in the hundreds of dollars. So this is kind of filling in middle space between what they would normally do and what we would normally sell."

[poilib element="commerceCta" json=""]

The updates to the adventure itself mostly consist of previously-published amendments to the book, such as tweaks to an additional character option or corrections of printing errors, but the most notable updates are to some items that were deemed insensitive or offensive after the original publishing, particularly in regard to a disabled character and the depiction of a group of nomadic NPCs known as Vistani. A recent post on the D&D website explains that, "regrettably, their depiction echoes some stereotypes associated with the Romani people in the real world," and that the team wanted to avoid depicting them in a way that relied on "reductive tropes."

[poilib element="quoteBox" parameters="excerpt=%22Every%20product%20that%20we%20do%20is%20trying%20to%20march%20us%20forward%20a%20step.%22"]

As such, several sections of explicitly problematic text have been removed and/or altered*. "Curse of Strahd [Revamped] specifically address pain points around the Vistani and around this disabled character, and there were small other issues to resolve as well," Perkins said. "We wanted to clean that up a bit and remove some stuff that the fans didn't particularly like in terms of representation and how they were depicted – it's that sort of very granular-but-important change. More like surgical changes to the adventure than some sort of grand sweeping change."

Perkins says this is something the entire D&D team is focused on, particularly in light of recent discussions centered around diversity in the tabletop roleplaying community. "I think every product that we do is trying to march us forward a step, as far as that goes," he says. "We started this product in late or the middle of last year, so a lot of what Curse of Strahd Revamped addresses are issues that we saw long before the recent discussions on social media and stuff like that. The recent stuff is going to translate to changes to other products down the road past this one."

Such projects, like the upcoming Rime of the Frostmaiden adventure and another still-to-be-revealed title, see constant iteration. Chris and the team were making tweaks and edits to the entries for how the book handles formerly "evil" races like Orcs and Drow right up until the book was recently sent off for printing. "Every product is an opportunity for us to get (A) more sensitive and more aware," Perkins said. "And (B) to get more voices involved in our products and our product making in our product planning. And that means working with a broader range of freelancers, that means bringing people on staff who have different perspectives, different backgrounds and voices, and bigger, more fundamental steps than, you know, a change to a word here or a page there."

[widget path="global/article/imagegallery" parameters="albumSlug=dd-rime-of-the-frostmaiden-art-accessories&captions=true"]

For more D&D on IGN, why not check out our guide to moving your game online during the time of social distancing, or if you're just getting into the hobby have a look at our picks for the best Dungeons & Dragons starter sets or how to play D&D for free. Of course, if you're thinking about giving tabletop role-playing a try but aren't sure if D&D is the right fit, check out our guide to finding the right TRPG for you and your group.

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JR is a Senior Editor at IGN who really misses playing D&D in person and constantly pines for it on Twitter.

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* It's worth noting that the book's illustrations of the Vistani still evoke Romani culture, and some players may still associate certain abilities (such as their ability to cast curses or hypnotize players using an "Evil Eye") with outdated cultural stereotypes.

--- 7 ---

Destroy All Humans! Review

Whether it's 2005 or 2020, there's something cathartic about running amok in an idyllic 1950s world as an angry gray alien and slurping up human brains by the gallon. This upgraded remaster of the original Destroy All Humans! recaptures that simple joy, and does a respectable job of updating the look and feel. It was never a masterpiece of open-world third-person action, but it still knows how to have some fun.

All things considered, the completely remade graphics look pretty good – you probably wouldn't mistake it for the latest and greatest, but it certainly doesn't look ancient. There's plenty of detail on the perpetually sneering face of our alien protagonist, Crypto, and the world looks colorful, if a little sparse. Human characters are much more cartoonish than they were originally, which works well enough even though their animations aren't great. The redone cutscenes are certainly a big improvement. [ignvideo url=""] All of the voice acting is straight out of the 2005 version, so we get the good with the bad. The main character, Crypto, still seems miscast – he sounds like some kind of weird alien hybrid of Jack Nicholson and Duke Nukem, and his lines usually aren't very funny. On the other hand, you hear much more chatter from your alien overlord, who's played by Invader Zim's Richard Horvitz, and he's always amusingly over the top as he screams orders at you. ("As I suspected: the humans are just elaborately evolved meat!") And the main villain, the leader of the Men in Black-style organization Majestic, sounds like a sassier Kylo Ren. [poilib element="quoteBox" parameters="excerpt=Playing%20as%20a%20rampaging%20monster%20definitely%20hasn%E2%80%99t%20gone%20out%20of%20style."]The moment-to-moment gameplay of Destroy All Humans! holds up reasonably well, which is no surprise since playing as a rampaging monster is a concept that definitely hasn't gone out of style in the past 15 years. (Just look at this year's Maneater, for instance.) Almost immediately you wield a wide range of alien powers, like a jetpack, the ability to throw people around with your mind, pop people's heads so that you can steal their brains, and disguise yourself as any human you see for some very simple stealth. You start out feeling overpowered in fights with small groups of enemies and it only grows from there with new abilities and upgrades, so you have lots of options to mess around with. Of course, enemy AI is extremely basic and the hordes of easily swatted bad (good?) guys spawn in all around you, so it's a simple but fun style of action as you bounce around zapping 1950s-era police, soldiers, and G-men, tossing grenades and rockets back at them and blasting tanks. The controls feel snappy and most of the weapons are good fun to use – it's hard to go wrong with a chain lightning gun, a plasma blaster that reduces victims to skeletons, and a grenade launcher. The anal probe is fairly useless, though – it's all in service of a joke that's instantly played out. All of it's heavy on auto-aim so you basically just have to fire in the general direction of a target, which makes the new target lock feel pretty unnecessary. Success is much more about staying on the move than it is about precision accuracy. [widget path="global/article/imagegallery" parameters="albumSlug=destroy-all-humans-remake-screenshots&captions=true"] To keep that type of action from getting too monotonous, every so often you jump into your flying saucer and wreak havoc from above with your death ray. The controls are a little wonky in that you have no control over your altitude and [Correction: you can control your altitude but it's not tied to the camera and aiming controls, which is the issue I had with it – you can only aim straight ahead] you can't aim as far ahead as it seems like you should be able to, but it's quite satisfying to be able to blow up nearly any building even though the explosion effect is kind of weird and blobby. There's some skill involved in the more intense battles since you have to block incoming missiles with carefully timed shields, but it's generally an even lighter type of combat than what you see on foot. Because of that it's easy to forget to pump upgrade points into the saucer as opposed to Crypto's personal abilities, but you'll probably need both to get through the final boss. [poilib element="quoteBox" parameters="excerpt=What%20feels%20a%20little%20old%20is%20the%20structure%20of%20the%20levels."]What feels a little old is the structure of the levels, which are a series of modestly sized, self-contained open worlds, and they're sparsely populated relative to what we've become accustomed to over the past decade. Still, the settings are decently diverse – there's farmland, a beachside community, a military base, and more, all of which are visually distinctive. And of course there are plenty of civilians strolling around with brains ripe for the picking, and there are some amusing gags when you use your mind-reading powers on them. [poilib element="poll" parameters="id=e8e7bec3-367b-40b5-8944-5f5701ee0f00"] What gives Destroy All Humans! a little more depth than meets the eye is that each mission has optional side objectives, such as scoring kills with explosives, reaching a goal undetected, or killing a target in a very specific way, which adds some good replayability. On top of that, all of the maps include gradually unlocked challenges like rampages, races, and abductions (where you have to toss people or things into a beam that sucks them up) and you can duck into those between missions to farm brain-cash for weapon upgrades. Between those side activities and the campaign missions, Destroy All Humans! kept me busy for about 15 hours – including grinding a bit to buff up my UFO to handle the final boss fights. Nearly all of the missions are effectively identical to the original game, though there's one new mission chain in the Area 42 map in which you infiltrate and sabotage the Air Force's attempt to make its own version of a flying saucer. It fits in well, to the point where I wouldn't have known it was new if it hadn't been pointed out, which is both good and bad. It's a lot of very similar light stealth gameplay, which isn't the strongest part of Destroy All Humans!, but the story contains some of the better moments in the entire campaign and there are some almost Hitman-like assassinations I'd have liked to have seen more of.
--- 8 ---

Analogue Pocket Features Finalised Ahead of 2021 Launch

The Analogue Pocket - a modern reimagining of classic handheld consoles that can play cartridges from the Game Boy family as well as other cart-based handhelds - has finalised its design and features in preparation for release in 2021. The design, which still looks like a classic Game Boy as designed by Sony's PS4 concept artists, has had its start/select/home button cluster moved from the right-hand edge to the bottom centre of the console for ease of reach. The power button on the side of the unit can be used to sleep and wake the console, providing the ability to pause and resume games. [widget path="global/article/imagegallery" parameters="albumSlug=analogue-pocket-8-new-images&captions=true"] While the 1600x1440 resolution screen offers 10x the resolution of the original Game Boy and has display rotation and a variable refresh rate, the Pocket also has an Original Display mode that replicates an original Game Boy, Game Boy Colour, or Game Boy Advance screen as it was, "quirks and all". The Pocket's dock - which works akin to a Switch dock for HDMI-out to TV functionality - has had its USB C connector recessed to provide extra stability when the console is attached. It also supports up to 4 controllers via Bluetooth, 2.4g, and USB. Much like classic Game Boy consoles, multiplayer between Analogue Pockets can be done with the use of link cables, which will be sold separately. Talking of cables, Analogue has also developed new MIDI and Analog sync cables for use with Nanoloop, the Pocket's music creation software. Nanoloop is built into the Pocket, and cables can be used to bring your chiptune creations into a Mac, PC, or other music hardware. [widget path="global/article/imagegallery" parameters="albumSlug=analogue-pocket-13-images-of-the-new-handheld&captions=true"] The Pocket isn't just a music creation tool, though. Analogue has partnered with GB Studio to allow users to create retro-style games for the system. The 'drag and drop' interface allows game development with no coding experience, and created games can be played on the Pocket from an SD card. Analogue is launching a FPGA developer program to support this. Alongside the Pocket, Analogue will launch a series of accessories, including screen protectors, a hard case, and the all-important cartridge adaptors to allow Game Gear, Neo Geo Pocket Colour, and Atari Lynx games to be played on the console. If you find the idea of a Game Boy for the year 2020 (well, 2021) appealing, the Analogue Pocket will be available to pre-order from August 3 at 8am PT on the company's website here. The console will ship in May 2021. [poilib element="accentDivider"] Matt Purslow is IGN's UK News and Entertainment Writer. 
--- 9 ---

World of Warcraft Rated for Xbox Series X in Brazil

World of Warcraft: Shadowlands has been rated for Xbox Series X in Brazil. As spotted by Gematsu, the Brazilian ratings board has classified the upcoming World of Warcraft expansion Shadowlands for both PC and Xbox Series X. This would suggest that the game could come to Microsoft's next-gen console in the future. If that rating is accurate, this would be the first time World of Warcraft would be playable on a console. Since its launch in 2004, the game has only ever been available on PC and Mac. IGN has reached out to Blizzard for comment about the listing. In other Shadowlands news, we learned earlier this month that the upcoming expansion will drop the fee necessary to change your gender in-game, which used to cost players $15. World of Warcraft director Ion Hazzikostas also told IGN recently that Shadowlands is the perfect expansion for returning players. [poilib element="accentDivider"] Jordan Oloman is a freelance writer for IGN. Follow him on Twitter.
--- 10 ---

Fable on Xbox Series X Will 'Balance' Old and New Ideas

Playground Games' Fable will balance the original series' ideas with brand new ones, according to an Xbox executive. Speaking to The Guardian, head of Xbox Game Studios Matt Booty explained that Playground is very much looking to Fable's past, while thinking about what fresh mechanics it could add: "With any kind of franchise like that, where you've had existing versions, there's always that balance between what you're going to bring forward, what still stands up, and what you want to add that's new," he said. "It's like the challenge of making a new Star Wars movie – there's stuff that everyone wants you to bring along, but then you've got a responsibility to that, to new places and I trust Playground has a good vision for that." [ignvideo url=""] As for why Playground was chosen to take on the project, Booty pointed to the studio's past work on Forza Horizon's open worlds, and its passion for Fable as a whole: "I just look at what Playground has done with the Horizon series – that attention to detail, the ability to represent these naturalistic landscapes. They also have a real passion for the IP and a unique point of view on what's core to Fable. Everything I've seen as the game progresses tells me this is going to be a very high-quality release." It may go some way toward assuaging fears that the new Fable will be an MMO rather than a single-player RPG, which became a widespread rumour after the announcement of the game (and a conspicuous lack of gameplay footage). While other anonymous sources have refuted those rumours, this is as close as we've heard to Microsoft explaining what the new Fable could be, other than a "new beginning" for the series. [widget path="global/article/imagegallery" parameters="albumSlug=fable-xbox-series-x-screenshots&captions=true"] Booty's comments, at least to me, point more towards a version of Fable that takes in modern approaches to open world games, rather than one that wildly changes the series' format. On a personal level, I'd be very interested to see the game draw on Playground's own history in the genre - a single-player Fable where you can stumble across AI versions of your friends' heroes fighting in the wider world, like some weird mix of Forza's Drivatars and Dragon's Dogma's Pawns, would be pretty cool in my eyes. After years of rumours, Fable was finally announced for Xbox Series X last week - but there's no word on when we'll actually see more of the game. [poilib element="accentDivider"] Joe Skrebels is IGN's Executive Editor of News. Follow him on Twitter. Have a tip for us? Want to discuss a possible story? Please send an email to  
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Here's Where to Sign Up for PS5 Preorder Notifications

Preorders for the next PlayStation, PS5, are expected to go live soon. The big problem is no one knows for sure when preorders are coming, what the prices will be, and when PS5 releases. However, GameStop, Walmart and Best Buy all have mailing lists you can join for information on the upcoming PlayStation 5 console. Definitely worth a sign-up, in my opinion.

Where to Sign Up for PS5 Preorder Information

The jury is still out. As we've now entered the second half of 2020, and the PS5 release window is simply "Holiday," we're no doubt getting closer to an announcement each day. Unfortunately for everyone excited for the PS5, we don't have any clear answers on price, preorders, PS5 release date or availability. However, this page is going to be our dedicated PS5 preorder link and information page once we do get that juicy info, so make sure to watch it like a hawk. Also, while you're here, you can get much more immediate stock updates by following IGN Deals on Twitter. Here are the retailers with placeholder pages for PS5, but as of this writing, no preorder or pricing info. With the exception of Amazon, all the links below have sign-up forms so you can get email notifications for more info on the PS5. If you're anything like me, you've entered your email address in all of them.

Retailer PS5 Preorder Notification Sign-Up Pages

[poilib element="commerceDeal" parameters="slug=playstation-5-retailer-preorder-pages&type=list"]

UK Readers

[ignvideo url=""]

PS5 Availability

A report earlier this year claims Sony plans to make fewer PS5s for the console's launch than it did for the PS4 for the same period, keeping the initial supply at around 6 million units worldwide. However, a more recent report claims Sony is ramping up PS5 production to 10 million units, anticipating high demand due to the global pandemic.

PS5 Game Prices

The good news is we know games like Far Cry 6 support free upgrades from PS4 to PS5. The bad news is, it looks like PS5 and Xbox Series X games will cost $70. [widget path="global/article/imagegallery" parameters="albumSlug=confirmed-playstation-5-games&captions=true"] [poilib element="accentDivider"]  
--- 12 ---

Persona 5 Scramble Officially Confirmed for Western Release

A Western release for Persona 5 Scramble: The Phantom Strikers has been confirmed, but no release date's been set. The news arrives thanks to Persona Central, who translated the information in Koei Tecmo's first-quarter financial statement, revealing that the game has a planned release region of Europe and America. [ignvideo url=""] This is the first time a Western release for the game has been acknowledged, following its Japanese launch on February 20th, 2020. The Phantom Strikers was revealed back in April of 2019, and it is a hack and slash Musou crossover, bringing Dynasty Warriors-style gameplay to the Persona franchise for the first time. According to the financial report, the planned platforms for the game are PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. What all of this means is that we can expect a full official announcement of ATLUS's plans for Persona 5 Scramble's western release in the near future.  While there is no approximate release date to speak of, those of you hoping for a Western release can rest assured knowing it's on the way. [ignvideo url=""] In other Persona news, ATLUS recently revealed that it doesn't want fans to "give up on hope" for a Persona 5 Switch port. Earlier in the month, we also learned that the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate amiibo of Persona 5's protagonist, Joker, will launch in October of this year. [poilib element="accentDivider"] Jordan Oloman is a freelance writer for IGN. Follow him on Twitter.
--- 13 ---

The Art of Halo Infinite: Exclusive Cover Reveal

Halo Infinite is shaping up to be one of the most ambitious and graphically impressive games in the series. And if you want an insider look at the characters, worlds and technology of the game, Dark Horse Comics has you covered with The Art of Halo Infinite. IGN can exclusively debut the cover to The Art of Halo Infinite, created by the game's art director Sparth. Check it out below: [caption id="attachment_2384963" align="aligncenter" width="1818"]Art by Sparth. (Image Credit: Dark Horse Comics) Art by Sparth. (Image Credit: Dark Horse Comics)[/caption] Here's Dark Horse's official description for The Art of Halo Infinite:
The Master Chief is back in Halo Infinite, the biggest and most visually spectacular Halo yet. Halo Infinite will debut on PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X, Microsoft's fastest and most powerful console ever. To take full advantage of its prodigious graphical prowess, 343 Industries built an all-new, next-generation game engine, giving their world-class artists the tools and technology to realize the beauty, mystery and wonder of the Halo universe in unprecedented style and fidelity. 343 Industries have given Dark Horse access to the art and artists who have brought Halo Infinite to vibrant, vivid life. It's all here in unparalleled detail, the heroes you've grown to love—the Master Chief, the brave soldiers of the UNSC, as well as the weapons, vehicles, villains and vistas—and of course, the eponymous and magnificent environments of Halo itself. 
The Art of Halo Infinite is priced at $39.99 for the regular hardcover and $79.99 for the deluxe edition, and both are currently scheduled for release in Holiday 2020. You can pre-order the regular edition on Amazon. [widget path="global/article/imagegallery" parameters="albumSlug=halo-infinite-xbox-games-showcase-gameplay-reveal-screenshots&captions=true"] We recently got a closer look at Halo Infinite at the Xbox Games Showcase. Find out more about the new story and villain details revealed, as why 343 Industries says there won't be a Halo Infinite 2. IGN's Brian Altano and Max Scoville recently unboxed another art book from Dark Horse during Comic-Con@Home. Check out the video below to see what you get with the deluxe edition of The World of Cyberpunk 2077: [ignvideo url=""] [poilib element="accentDivider"] Jesse is a mild-mannered staff writer for IGN. Allow him to lend a machete to your intellectual thicket by following @jschedeen on Twitter.
--- 14 ---

Xbox Series X: Alleged Image of White Controller Surfaces

An image of what appears to be a white Xbox Series X controller has appeared online, suggesting another variant or version of the console exists. As first spotted by The Verge, a user known as "Wolfy_Wizzardo" posted a picture of the white controller to Reddit. The post and user account is now deleted, but apparently the image was taken by the user at a party hosted by the child of a Microsoft employee. You can spot the middle share button and the new indented Xbox Series X controller D-Pad, which makes this leaked controller variant appear somewhat credible by association. The Verge's Tom Warren spoke to the user before the post was taken down, and they told him that they had played games on the console, that the UI was similar to the Xbox One (a point we've heard before), the controller "looked more squarish" and had a more pronounced Xbox button. Setting aside the possibility that this could be fake (we've seen 3D printed controllers pop up ahead of console launches before), there are several theories around what this controller could be attached to. The simplest is that we're seeing a different colour variant for Series X, whether that's an unannounced public option, or a special edition made for Microsoft employees. This could also be a devkit or debug console controller - development models of consoles often look different to release models (for instance, the Xbox One X devkit was white as opposed to the production version's black). Another possibility is that this is the controller for the much-rumoured 'Xbox Lockhart', a lower-powered, lower priced model of Series X we're heard rumours about for some time. Back in early June, references to an 'Xbox Lockhart' were found in Windows Operating System code libraries, suggesting that there was a rumoured second console on the way, as part of the Xbox Series X family. In late June, a report surfaced suggesting that the Xbox Lockhart is set to be revealed in August, and will be known as the Xbox Series S. In other Xbox Series X news, check out every game confirmed and rumoured for Microsoft's next-gen console. [widget path="global/article/imagegallery" parameters="albumSlug=confirmed-xbox-series-x-games&captions=true"] [poilib element="accentDivider"] Jordan Oloman is a freelance writer for IGN. Follow him on Twitter.
--- 15 ---

FIFA 21 Gameplay Seemingly Leaks

Gameplay from FIFA 21 appears to have leaked onto Twitter, teasing some new features and an updated UI. A 'FIFA 21 Beta' Twitter account surfaced yesterday, posting a variety of clips and screenshots from the game to the platform. A 'FIFA EA Play' watermark appears to move around the screen during the footage, suggesting these clips may have leaked from a preview event linked to EA's most recent showcase. The footage shows off an updated, purple-hued UI for this year's instalment, which is comparable to the colours used in the official FIFA 21 Twitter branding. It also appears that there have been changes made to the advantage system (as can be seen in the image above), and the account shows a series of what appear to be updated player faces for Liverpool, Manchester City and Real Madrid players. Other tweets show gameplay, which looks expectedly similar to last year's edition, and lists of celebrations. The leaks appear to stem from a "FIFA Producer Tour" build of the game, and the title screen notes that this is a pre-release build of the game, rather than a leaked demo. It's unclear from the footage whether this is a current-gen or next-gen version of the game, although it looks strikingly similar to FIFA 20. In other FIFA 21 news, we recently got a glimpse into how the game will make anticipated changes to its Career Mode for this year's instalment. [poilib element="accentDivider"] Jordan Oloman is a freelance writer for IGN. Follow him on Twitter.
--- 16 ---

Halo Infinite's Campaign Has 2-Player Local Split Screen, 4-Player Online

343 Industries has confirmed that Halo Infinite's campaign will support 2-player local split screen, and up to 4 players online. Jerry Hook, head of design at 343 Industries, took to Twitter to clarify that, while Halo Infinite will support 4-player split screen online, those playing locally will only be able to do so with one other person. This news follows Halo Infinite's reveal at the Xbox Games Showcase, where fans of the franchise that began in 2001 got their first look at the newest campaign. [ignvideo url=""] This newest entry will make Halo open world, with upgrades to discover and new weapons to find. Furthermore, Halo Infinite will be the platform for new Halo experiences for the foreseeable future, so don't expect a Halo Infinite 2/Halo 7 in the near future. Halo Infinite takes place after the ending of Halo 5, with a rampant Cortana missing and Master Chief adrift in space. For those new to the series, Halo Infinite is meant to be a great starting point for new fans, but those who know the Halo lore will be rewarded. Halo Infinite led the Xbox Game Showcase that also revealed a new Fable, State of Decay 3, Forza Motorsport, Obsidian's Avowed, and much more. [widget path="global/article/imagegallery" parameters="albumSlug=halo-infinite-xbox-games-showcase-gameplay-reveal-screenshots&captions=true"] [poilib element="accentDivider"] Have a tip for us? Want to discuss a possible story? Please send an email to Adam Bankhurst is a news writer for IGN. You can follow him on Twitter @AdamBankhurst and on Twitch.
--- 17 ---

Ghost of Tsushima: Shinto Shrine Locations and Rewards

--- 18 ---

Hideo Kojima In Talks With Horror Mangaka Junji Ito About a New Project

Hideo Kojima has spoken to horror mangaka Junji Ito about a horror-based game that he may be working on. As reported by, Ito was being interviewed by Viz Media during Comic-Con@Home 2020 and was asked if he was currently involved in any video game development. Ito, who was working with Kojima and Guillermo del Toro on the canceled Silent Hills project and made a cameo in Death Stranding, confirmed he was in talks about a potential new horror project and Kojima invited him to work on it. [ignvideo url=""] "So, the simple answer is no," Ito's translator Junko Goda relayed. "However, I do know director Kojima and we have been in conversation that he might have a horror-based game that he may be doing, and so he has invited me to work on that, but there are no details on it yet." While this vague answer doesn't confirm that Kojima's next project will be a horror game, it is great to see he is still trying to work with Ito after the promise of what could have been for Silent Hills. Kojima recently revealed that a "big project" was recently scrapped, and that his next game would not be anything related to Metal Gear Solid or P.T. [widget path="global/article/imagegallery" parameters="albumSlug=every-ign-kojima-game-review&captions=true"] Last month, however, a Tweet by Kojima may have teased that this next project could be a sequel to Death Stranding or may take place within its universe. In 2017, Kojima also admitted that he doesn't want to make a "horror game," but that doesn't rule out that any future project led by him could include horror elements, and that's where Ito could be a perfect fit. [poilib element="accentDivider"] Have a tip for us? Want to discuss a possible story? Please send an email to Adam Bankhurst is a news writer for IGN. You can follow him on Twitter @AdamBankhurst and on Twitch.
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Destiny Blog (тест 1)

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