Happenlance – Beta Sign Up

Happenlance blends Getting Over it With Bennet Foddy style physics based platforming, puzzles, combat and online multiplayer as you help a Knight of the Round Table fling himself to victory!

In Happenlance you take control of Sir Happenlance and his trusty long lance, and set out on an adventure through a beautiful painterly world. The game features online co-op and PvP game modes and a … Read More

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F.I.S.T.: Forged In Shadow Torch – Beta Demo

F.I.S.T.: Forged In Shadow Torch is a slick and stylish action platforming metroidvania with a focus on melee combat as a bunny with a massive mech-arm punches his way through a dieselpunk city.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer last year, F.I.S.T.: Forged In Shadow Torch is a combat-focused metroidvania that follows the story of Rayton – an angry bunny with a huge metal … Read More

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NHL 22 – Beta Sign Up (PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S)

PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S Beta sign ups are now live for NHL 22, the latest installment of EA's official NHL series.

It's that time of the year again, EA's long running ice hockey franchise is back with NHL 22, and you can sign up now for a chance to join in the Beta tests. There's very little info available … Read More

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Unholy Eyeballs – Game Jam Build Download

Unholy Eyeballs is a surreal retro styled first person horror game that explores the meta of eyeballs in horror games as you venture into a weird eyeball world via your Sega CD!

Created for the HPS1 Summer of Shivers jam, Unholy Eyeballs is a short and very strange horror game that focuses on eyeballs. It's all very weird and feels a little like a LSD Read More

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Fashion Police Squad – Steam Beta Key Giveaway

We have 5,000 Steam Beta keys to give away for Fashion Police Squad – an awesome new FPS where you fight back against fashion crimes to make the streets less of an eye-sore!

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer during the closed Beta Sign Up, Fashion Police Squad is a fun new first person shooter that puts you in the shoes of a Fashion … Read More

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Soda Crisis – Beta Demo

Soda Crisis is a high octane side-scrolling platforming shooter where you attempt to escape from a mysterious research facility full of cola loving baddies and fight for the fate of the earth!

In Soda Crisis you take control of an odd looking Minion shaped creature of unknown origin that's being experimented on in a high security laboratory. On your adventure you'll blast your way out … Read More

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The Skinwalker Investigations – Beta Sign Up (VR)

The Skinwalker Investigations is a VR survival horror game where you're sent to a creepy ranch to investigate reports of weird creatures, poltergeist-like activity and lights in the sky.

Coming to HTC Vive and Oculus, The Skinwalker Investigations is a VR survival horror game that follows two FBI agents as they investigate unexplained events at a ranch in Colorado. The ranch in question seems to … Read More

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ARKOS – Beta Demo

ARKOS is a fun new fantasy first person shooter that plays like a voxel-based version of Hexen, as you blast your way through destructible levels, in search of a powerful weapon at the heart of an ancient castle.

Drawing inspiration from Heretic, Hexen and Catacomb3D, ARKOS is an old school fantasy FPS built with destructible voxels. In the game you take on the … Read More

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The Unexpected Quest – Beta Sign Up

The Unexpected Quest blends RTS and RPG adventure gameplay as you build, upgrade and defend your colony while sending out citizens on quests for valuable loot that will aid your colony.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer back in 2018, The Unexpected Quest features an easily accessible fusion of RTS and RPG adventure gameplay. In the game you're able to gather resources, build structures, … Read More

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Shield Cat – Beta Sign Up

Shield Cat is a charming looking top-down action adventure where you set out with your throwable shield to help save a kingdom of cats.

In Shield Cat you do have a shield, but oddly enough you're not actually a cat – you're an otter called Lance! One day you wake up to find that the cat kingdom is in chaos and it seems like some … Read More

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Underground Garage – Beta Sign Up

Underground Garage is a mechanic simulation game where you buy, repair, upgrade and race tuned cars that take part in illegal street races.

In Underground Garage you're essentially the mechanic from the Need for Speed: Underground games, where your aim is to make high-performance vehicles that will own the streets at night. The game features over 30 unique cars and you can use over 6000 … Read More

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The Keeper – Game Jam Build Download

The Keeper is a beautiful PS1 styled horror game that tells a tragic ghost story as you explore a mysterious abandoned lighthouse.

Created for the HPS1 Summer of Shivers game jam, The Keeper is a short PS1 styled horror game that follows a fisherman who crashes his boat on a small island with a lighthouse. As you explore the island you see ghosts of the … Read More

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Scraps of Light – Alpha Demo

Scraps of Light is a very cool rotoscoped first person tile-based dungeon crawler where you fight your way through a dark digital world that's been constructed by an experimental AI.

In Scraps of Light an experimental artificial intelligence called MERCURY has been tasked with creating a cyberspace on your company's servers. The cyberspace has been built according to the directives MERCURY was given and now … Read More

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No Plan B – Beta Sign Up

No Plan B is a tactical single-player siege combat game where you carefully plan and execute high-stakes siege missions with no room for failure.

In No Plan B your success or failure is all down to one thing – planning. At the start of the game you get to choose your team and their load-out, including firearms, armor and grenades. Then you plan your team's … Read More

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Extremely Realistic Siege Warfare Simulator – Beta Sign Up

Extremely Realistic Siege Warfare Simulator is a wonderfully chaotic physics-based warfare simulator where you plan and oversee massive siege battles.

Drawing from the TABS style of chaotic physics-based warfare simulation, Extremely Realistic Siege Warfare Simulator allows you to command armies in huge siege battles. There are dozens of unique unit types, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. Your soldiers each have independent AI, so … Read More

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Spindle – Kickstarter Demo

Spindle is a charming Zelda-esque top-down action adventure where the Grim Reaper and a cute little pink pig set out to return death to the world.

Something is very wrong with the world in Spindle – nobody is dying anymore. If nobody dies then the world will turn to chaos so it's up to Death and his cute little piggy to venture out into … Read More

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Monsters Domain – Beta Sign Up

Monsters Domain is a reverse dungeon crawler that puts you in the shoes of the monsters as they attempt to defend their domain from greedy looting humans.

In Monsters Domain your goal is to prevent heroes from infiltrating your dungeon and stealing your loot. You can build up your defenses and fill your dungeon with a wide variety of monsters – each of which you … Read More

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Memory Leak – Game Jam Build Download

Memory Leak is an inventive little puzzle platformer that crashes before you can start playing and requires you to use menu buttons to fix it!

Created for the Magara Jam #3, Memory Leak is an inventive little puzzle platformer set within a glitchy menu system. In each level you simply need to press the Start button using either your character or the mouse, but due … Read More

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MONOMYTH – Kickstarter Demo

MONOMYTH is a first person dungeon crawling RPG adventure that draws inspiration from Ultima Underworld, Arx Fatalis and the King's Field series as you set out to vanquish the evil that lurks below an ancient fortress city.

In MONOMYTH your father (the King) sent your brother on a quest to a fortress city that has fallen to evil. Hidden deep within the ruins of the … Read More

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OPUS: Echo of Starsong – Beta Demo

OPUS: Echo of Starsong is a beautiful narrative-driven Sci-Fi puzzle adventure that tells the heartfelt story of an exile and a witch who set out in search of mysterious asteroids that emit "Starsongs" and contain immense power.

In OPUS: Echo of Starsong you follow the story of Lee (a young exiled clan leader) and Eda (a "witch" who has the ability to hear Starsongs from … Read More

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Bigfoot – Beta Sign Up

Bigfoot is a first person hunting simulation game where you attempt to track down and hunt the ever-elusive Bigfoot, on your own or with some hunting buddies.

Playable in single-player or online co-op with up to four people, Bigfoot allows you to go on hunting expeditions into forests and wild reserves as you attempt to bag a Bigfoot. You'll be able to track animals, set … Read More

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Rosewater – Alpha Demo

Rosewater is a non-linear point and click Wild West adventure where problems have multiple solutions as a freelance writer goes in search of a missing fortune.

In Rosewater you follow the adventure of Harley Ledger, an astute and tenacious woman who works as a freelance writer in an alternate 19th century Wild West. After taking up a post at the Rosewater Post in the small … Read More

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Dead Air – Game Jam Build Download

Dead Air is a tense little horror game that takes place in a radio tower, where you need to figure out what buttons and levers to use to allow you to send numerical signals that will guide your companion back to safety.

Created for the Summer Slow Jams July 2021: Remix Games jam, in Dead Air you find yourself sitting in a radio tower in … Read More

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Born Punk – Alpha Demo

Born Punk is a pixel art point and click cyberpunk adventure that blends humor with high concept Sci-Fi as three otherworldly entities with no knowledge of this world possess the bodies of three different characters to complete a mysterious mission.

Drawing inspiration from classics such as Monkey Island and Beneath a Steel Sky, Born Punk is a cyberpunk point and click adventure that follows … Read More

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Shrine's Legacy – Beta Sign Up

Shrine's Legacy is a SNES styled action RPG adventure where two heroes solve puzzles and battle their way through a vibrant fantasy world to reunite the elements.

Taking place in the rich fantasy land of Ardemia, Shrine's Legacy is a SNES styled top-down action RPG adventure that draws inspiration from classics like Final Fantasy VI, Chrono Trigger and The Legend of Zelda, as well … Read More

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Knight of Exile – Beta Demo

Knight of Exile is a non-linear open world 2D action platforming adventure with RPG elements and tactical hack n' slash combat, where an exiled knight sets out on a journey of revenge and redemption.

Taking place in the medieval fantasy kingdom of Olmur, Knight of Exile follows the adventure of a former royal guard who returns from three years of exile to avenge the death … Read More

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Genana's Ordeal – Tech Demo

Genana's Ordeal is a dark psychological horror adventure where you use facial expressions to decide how your character will react after being abducted by a psychopath and enrolled in an abduction/murder spree.

In Genana's Ordeal you follow the story of a normal family man who is abducted by a crazy old lady called Genana. She's not only abducted him, but also managed to brainwash/manipulate him … Read More

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Heart of Muriet – Alpha Sign Up

Heart of Muriet is a single-player real-time strategy game where you take part in epic battles in its beautiful voxel-based fantasy world.

In Heart of Muriet you'll be able to use minions, buildings and powerful spells to protect your base and destroy your opponents'. It's a voxel-based RTS that sees you attempting to reunite your family across its narrative-driven campaign.

Heart of Muriet aims to … Read More

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Fallow – Beta Demo

Fallow is a beautiful and eerie narrative-driven adventure that blends Gothic Americana and strange alien structures as a girl searches for her sisters in a world that's begun to forget itself.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer way back in 2014, the full version of Fallow is finally due for release next month. It's a beautifully crafted adventure set in a strange wasteland filled … Read More

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Vaporized – Game Jam Build Download

Vaporized is a fun little point and click adventure where you find that your apartment is haunted by vaporwave.

Created for the Vaporjam, Vaporized is a short point and click adventure where you embrace the weirdness as vaporwave starts to engulf your apartment. It starts off fairly normally, with your character watching TV in their living room, but when they go through to the bathroom … Read More

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Global Chat: How New World and Star Wars Galaxies are linked

New World and Star Wars Galaxies aren't often mentioned in the same sentence together, unless you're reading MMO blog Unidentified Signal Source. The author recently tried out the New World beta and came away with an intriguing comparison point. "In the most general sense, it feels like a very different flavor of Star Wars Galaxies […]

Star Citizen opens up the landing zone of Orison, adds new ships and ship features in alpha 3.14

Last night saw the Stanton system of Star Citizen expand by one more planet as the gas giant Crusader, and by extension the landing zone of Orison aka the city in the clouds, is now a destination in the release of alpha 3.14. The new landing zone is a primary feature of this new alpha […]

Bless Unleashed's PC launch is marked by 61K arrivals, server issues, region block, and rough Steam reviews

So, how did the PC launch of Bless Unleashed go? I guess we'll say "bumpy" to start off with. The action MMORPG's launch certainly saw a lot of early interest, with SteamDB recording over 61,000 players hopping in initially and just about as many in-game at the time of this writing. However, this hasn't happened […]

Ariana Grande performs in Fortnite this weekend as part of her Rift Tour

We're betting that social media has already blasted the fact that Grammy-winner Ariana Grande is rocking the Fortnite scene this weekend as she performs multiple shows for the game's murderous population. "Building on and incorporating other celebrated Fortnite moments, the Rift Tour will begin with experiences that pair popular tracks with moments based on elements […]

The Game Archaeologist: Defining the eras of MMORPG history

With MMO history stretching back to the early 1980s (and even before), this genre has accumulated a whole lot of history over the years. Taking a bird's eye view of this history is interesting, because you can see the outlines of several distinct (and many more muddled) eras that defined certain years. For a while […]

Activision-Blizzard: Frances Townsend steps down from one studio post, Jeff Kurtenacker departs

It's a day that ends in "y," which means there's another new development in the ongoing Blizzard sexual harassment and sexual discrimination scandal. This time the story revolves around Frances Townsend, the company's president for corporate affairs, who readers will recall sent out a spectacularly combative internal memo that drew a letter of condemnation from […]

WRUP: Directions for homemade almond milk edition

Ingredients: Almonds, milk Directions: In a large saucepan, pour in your milk. Then pour in the almonds. See, it's almond milk! Isn't that clever? See, everyone laugh. Also, it's now crunchy, because almonds are crunchy. Yes, this was all a setup for this joke. Oh, Aidan, now's the time you have to bring up your […]

The Daily Grind: What's the most impractical-looking MMO weapon?

As a long-time purveyor of MMORPGs, I totally get that visuals and style are the true game and all else supports that. We love to get new armor and weapon models, and the spiffier, the better. Yet what starts as a gradual increase in quality — a chipped wood sword upgrading to a battered tin […]

Betawatch: New World gets delayed once again

What's that? New World with another delay? All right, look, it's not funny any more, folks. This game has been delayed so many times that we all expected this to happen, and even then it was meant to be a joke rather than another actual thing that happened. Seriously, at some point you need to […]

Destiny 2 outlines changes coming to sandbox PvE in season 15 and Crucible PvP in future seasons

The devs of Destiny 2 are looking far forward into the future with regard to the shooter's PvE and PvP experiences. In the game's weekly newsletter, combat gameplay designer Eric Smith took a close look at sandbox changes that are coming, which include a separate melee action button, ability changes for Stasis and class-specific skills […]

PSA: Rhino Prime and Nyx Prime return to Warframe on August 10

The Prime Vault could only hope to contain them for so long. Or something like that. That's probably just a bit more flavor than Warframe's latest announcement needed, but the fact remains that both Rhino Prime and Nyx Prime are going to be coming out of the Prime Vault and back into the game starting […]

Ashes of Creation gives rapid-fire answers to dozens of community queries

There's never enough time in any studio AMA or livestream Q&A to address all of the questions that players put out there. This is why Ashes of Creation followed up its recent stream with a forum post answering dozens of questions from fans that didn't get covered. The weird thing is, this forum post is […]

ArcheAge and ArcheAge Unchained tout an August full of events and a list of returning ArchePasses

Are you eager for some new content in ArcheAge and ArcheAge Unchained? Too bad, it's leftovers month as this August is mostly about returning events and promotions. That might be unfortunate news for players looking for something new, but it also might be welcome news for those who missed out on certain things. Headlining the […]

Inside Star Citizen casts a spotlight on a dev, previews bombs, flying while drunk, and a new star system

The latest episode for Star Citizen's regular video digest is, by its own admission, taking the opportunity to do a little something different as the devs at CIG are heads down for presentations and reveals for this year's digital CitizenCon. The video first starts off with a segment Cloud Imperium is calling Origin Stories, highlighting […]

Skyforge prepares players for a month of invasions and a summer event in August

What's the true meaning of summer? Fighting off snake monsters. No, wait, maybe it's fighting off demons. Depending on your platform for playing Skyforge, it's going to be one or the other. Players on the Xbox, PlayStation, and PC are still dealing with the Gorgonide invasion and fighting off snakes, but players on the Nintendo […]

New exposé reveals still more layers of sexual harassment and discrimination at Blizzard

Bloomberg has yet another piece up on the ongoing Activision-Blizzard sexual harassment and discrimination scandal, this one interviewing "more than 50 current and former employees" at the company and opening with the story behind the 2018 departure of CTO Ben Kilgore, Mike Morhaime's then-"heir apparent." When Kilgore's replacement was asked what happened, he apparently told […]

Book of Travels focuses on roleplaying choices for its character creation

How often do you start a character creator and think about your character's backstory beyond what the stats say? If you're a dyed-in-the-wool roleplayer, the answer is probably "most of the time," and that means you're going to be delighted by the character creation in Book of Travels. Far from being focused solely on your […]

X-Treme sports romp Riders Republic plans a beta for late August

Grab your virtual wingsuit, mountain bike, skis, or snowboard and give nature a good thrashin' when Riders Republic's beta test lands later this month. The extreme sports playground is opening up to everyone from August 23rd through the 25th prior to its September 2nd launch. This NDA-bound beta will let you join up to 50 […]

Final Fantasy XIV readies itself for a cool Moonfire Faire on August 13

It's time for Final Fantasy XIV to kick off its annual summer celebration very soon, but this year's celebration is going to just hit a bit differently. How so? Well, this year the goal isn't giving you a new swimsuit; it's getting you in the mindset of being chill. You know what's the chillest conceivable […]

Enter to win mounts, keys, and even a physical treasure chest in our Neverwinter Jewel of the North sweepstakes

In celebration of the launch of Jewel of the North last week on PC, Neverwinter has granted Massively OP a huge stack of goodies for our readers. This is a multi-part giveaway with both physical and digital items, so hang with us while we explain! One gold-prize winner will receive a Neverwinter Swashbuckling Bard Treasure Chest […]

For Science: Men roll more female characters than women roll male toons, new survey shows

Do you play MMO characters who reflect your gender in real life? Apparently, the answer depends a bit on which gender and how old you actually are. That's according to a new report out of Quantic Foundry, whose Gamer Motivation Profile we've covered extensively over the last few years. Nick Yee and his fellow academics […]

WoW Factor: The ethics of playing on private World of Warcraft servers right now

There's a problem to be found when it comes to World of Warcraft, and that problem is Blizzard Entertainment. That is a known fact at this point. You either don't need me to reiterate the problems with the studio at this point or you're willfully ignoring those problems, and in either case re-linking the articles […]

Pokemon Go players intensify boycott over COVID rollbacks as Niantic offers only minor concessions

Anyone who follows our Massively on the Go column and its long-running Pokemon Go coverage knows that Niantic has faced years of criticism from everyone from accessibility advocates to non-urban players. Over the global pandemic in 2020 and 2021, the company wisely tweaked the game to reduce its potential for pushing players out into the […]

Lost Ark KR provides a more in-depth look at the Sorceress class in new video

While we got a brief look at the Sorceress class that's coming to the Korean version of Lost Ark earlier this year, developer Smilegate has put out a second video that shares a more finely detailed look at this new caster. While the video is obviously in Korean, there are plenty of context clues that […]

Bless Unleashed formally launches on PC today, counting 40K players in final test

It's launch day for Bless Unleashed – the PC version, that is – and it's been a long, long time coming. Readers will recall that Bless Online originally launched in the west on PC back in 2018. It didn't go well, and after several server closures and a corporate merge, Bless Online itself was sunsetted […]

Activision-Blizzard sexism scandal day 17: More esports sponsors consider abandoning Overwatch League

In the course of our reporting on the ongoing Blizzard sexual harassment and sexual discrimination scandal that's now prompted multiple lawsuits, we noted that T-Mobile had apparently pulled out of sponsoring Activision-Blizzard esports leagues, including leagues for Call of Duty and Overwatch. It may not be the only one, as The Washington Post reported last night […]

The Daily Grind: What's the worst content addition for an MMO that cost money?

If you played Final Fantasy XI, you either think that Chains of Promathia was a pretty weak expansion pack or you're wrong. If you never played the game, well… it was a pretty weak expansion pack. It had a good story and some new areas, but it lacked any new jobs or much in the […]

Massively Overthinking: Are there any 'blue oceans' left in the MMO market?

Level Up Labs' Lars Doucet recently penned a blog post practically begging people not to try to compete with ROBLOX by remaking it as ROBLOX-but-with-one-special-thing, like better graphics or higher maturity. I'm glossing over a really detailed article here, but that's because I want to get to the part that sparked my attention: the part […]

Frozen Flame adds its first dungeon along with a revamped ability tree and straw styles

If your video game doesn't involve going into a dark hole to kill a monster and take its stuff, what's even the point? Don't answer that; it doesn't matter because Frozen Flame knows it's the truth and thus the game has added a dark hole for exactly that purpose. The most recent patch adds the […]

CCP Games is sponsoring a 'long overdue' games industry event in the UK

CCP Games, the studio behind EVE Online and several attempts at games that weren't EVE Online which never materialized, is apparently very pleased indeed to have an office in London; readers will recall the company's announced intention to run itself from London back in 2016. CCP's so pleased with its London office, and with the […]

Lineage II celebrates summer by growing and smashing watermelons

The true meaning of summer, according to Lineage II, is smashing watermelons. Not eating watermelons, but smashing the heck out of them. See, you can get a watermelon seed as part of the ongoing event taking place right now, use it to instantly grow a watermelon, and then smash it for nice buffs and some […]

Dauntless adds in a random Escalation queue, new hairstyles, and a free hunt pass in latest update

Let's say you're firing up Dauntless and you want to jump into an Escalation, but you're not really sure which one you want to play. Thanks to patch 1.7.2, you can let the game pick for you with the addition of Escalation Patrols, which will place you into a queue for a random level 1-13 […]

VR MMORPG Ilysia navigates its first alpha, secures investment funding, and seeks a senior game developer

It's been nearly two months to the day that we checked in on Ilysia, the Kickstarted VR MMORPG that promised to let players "experience the glory days of MMORPGs again" with climbing, pet battling, exploring, fighting, and crafting. Readers will recall that the game soared along its crowdfunding drive, ending in over $150K raised and […]

Old School RuneScape's new round of client feature updates improve the minimap, draw distance, and more

This past June saw Old School RuneScape begin the work of applying Steam client updates to make life in Gielinor a little better. As of yesterday, more of these types of improvements were added, improving the game's performance and quality-of-life in a couple of notable ways. Among these new updates is a reorganization of the […]

EVE Online dishes out skillpoints for Amarr Foundation Day, EVE Echoes celebrates first birthday

If you're a bit bummed by the de facto end of the World War Bee 2 in EVE Online, CCP Games is offering a more structured event for your entertainment. "Today the holy Amarr people come together to honor the sanctity of Amarr Foundation Day, celebrating the construction of the first Amarr church by Prophet […]

TERA Console adjusts dungeon monsters and applies several crafting updates in new patch

The newest patch out for TERA Console isn't a particularly large one, but it does apply a number of adjustments that players of the action MMORPG are going to want to know about. For one thing, the update makes balance tweaks to several of the game's dungeons, beating on boss and monster HP pools with […]

Black Desert tweaks stance animations, weekly quest resets, and conquest wars on PC

Black Desert's PC patch this week is a bit of a hodge-podge, but it's still gonna make you download a whole gig of content. So what the heck is in there? Well, one of the big changes is in animations, as Pearl Abyss says it's "simplified the basic movements" of Archers, Guardians, Hashashins, Novas, Sages, […]

Guild Wars 2 teases logograms and elite specs as End of Dragons speculation escalates

Guild Wars 2 players have been busy debating the teases ArenaNet is dropping for End of Dragons. Last week, of course, we got the deets on the Mesmer Virtuoso, alongside what looks to be some sort of Necromancer shadowhuntery thing. This week, we've got a teaser pic for another elite spec; it looks to be […]

Massively on the Go: Niantic ditching Pokemon Go's COVID benefits was a dangerous mistake

Recently I was forced into isolation since an untrustworthy family member hid COVID symptoms from the household and our vaccinated guests who were going above and beyond to stay safe. Don't worry, the tests came back negative for all, but it was a strong reminder that life is not yet back to normal. And it's […]

Nexon drops videos and details for Project HP, Project ER, Project Magnum, and more

Nexon is taking the wraps off of multiple projects this week, and before we leap in, just know that we don't know whether all of these will make it to the west, and in fact some of the older Nexon projects destined for the west never made it out the door at all, so don't […]

Perfect Ten: The top 10 non-traditional MMO fantasy races

Elves. Dwarves. Humans. Halflings. Gnomes. Hobbits. Dark elves. High elves. Half-elves. Wood elves. Keebler elves. Elvish impersonators. Are you as tired as I am of the endless regurgitation of stock fantasy races in our MMOs? It seems inconceivable (I do not think that means what you think it means) for a new fantasy title to […]

Star Citizen's July report touches on hospital design, Pyro development, and several unannounced vehicles

CIG has once again checked in with its regular monthly progress report for Star Citizen's July development, and a great deal of the month appears to be in preparation for new ships and vehicles, the addition of hospitals, and the Pyro system, among other things. Hospitals are continuing to move through their respective greybox, whitebox, […]

Square-Enix Q2 2021 financials: Final Fantasy XIV's subs are up

Square-Enix has released its second quarter financial report for 2021, and it paints a rather middling picture overall. Net revenue for the quarter YOY was up only 1.8%, with YOY declines in operating income and profits, in spite of the launch of Outriders and the NieR remaster, which were apparently unable to keep up YOY with […]

Blade and Soul to unleash Hongmoon Resurgence events next week

Have more time on your hand this summer than previously anticipated? Blade and Soul wants to fill up some of those long days with Hongmoon Resurgence events during the month of August. Kicking off on August 11th, these events include the return of Fortune's Favor, the climb to a "supernatural" pet aura tier, and daily […]

Destiny 2 on PvP: 'The ultimate goal here is consistency'

Writing what probably should have been a full dev blog in its own right, Destiny 2 Assistant Game Director Joe Blackburn put out a lengthy Twitter thread yesterday about the current state and future direction of PvP in the game. Calling PvP modes "part of what makes this game special," Blackburn said that Bungie is […]

The Daily Grind: Do you engage in 'parallel play' in MMORPGs?

Thanks to a random Tweet in my timeline a while back, the term "parallel play" has been rattling around in my brain lately. According to Wikipedia, "Parallel play is a form of play in which children play adjacent to each other, but do not try to influence one another's behavior. Children usually play alone during […]

Player-run Open Perpetuum goes fully free-to-play on Steam

Care for a little free-to-play sandbox gaming? How about one where you are a robot in an open world? If you've been curious about the game Open Perpetuum but didn't want to buy in, you'll now no longer have to do so as the devs have announced (in a rather brusque manner) that the game […]

Elite: Dangerous asks for player assistance to pin down some top-voted issue tracker bugs

Bug squashing can be a sort of team effort between game devs and game players, and it's in that spirit of cooperation that Elite: Dangerous is asking players for some help with pinning down some of the highest voted bugs in the game's issue tracker. There are three specific issues being targeted by Frontier Developments […]

Lineage II's casual friendly version includes an action-packed solo dungeon

Hopefully you didn't miss the word that Lineage II is about to launch a brand-new version of the game that's far more casual-friendly than anything the MMO has had in the past. And it's not just a decrease in difficulty that's happening with Lineage II Aden; this version includes two more classes, a new pet […]

PlanetSide 2 brings back its summer weapons, introduces new vehicle engine cosmetics

It's time once again for players of PlanetSide 2 to trade in their lethal firearms for some squirt guns as the shooter's summertime even is back once again. From now until August 25th, players will have access to a squirt gun sidearm, faction-specific water balloons, and a variety of summer-themed directives to fulfill for cosmetics […]