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GamersHeroes Sunday, September 3, 2023 4:03 PM

Leveling up your persuasion in Starfield is no easy task if you can't find people to chat with. Check out this guide to find out Where To Find Tons Of Persuasion Targets In Starfield. This way you can get that sweet 50% boost sooner.

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GamersHeroes Sunday, September 3, 2023 2:16 PM

Whatever path you choose, you're going to need a lot of Digipicks. This guide on Where To Buy Infinite Digipicks In Starfield uses an old Bethesda games trick to show you how to buy infinite amounts of Digipicks, at a very low price, using a very quick and simple method, if somewhat boring.

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GamersHeroes Sunday, September 3, 2023 2:10 PM

Passing time allows you to wait for shops to restock without wasting time finding a bed. This guide on How To Wait To Pass Time In Starfield explains how the wait option works in Starfield as with other Bethesda games, it's not found in a menu or tucked away on a screen somewhere.

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PCGamesN Sunday, September 3, 2023 4:46 PM
     Anime Adventures codes September 2023

September 3, 2023: Check and all latest, new Anime Adventures codes to our list.

What are the new Anime Adventures codes? If you're starting out trying to defend your base, you will want to summon the most powerful heroes and villains based on the most popular anime of all time, such as One Piece, My Hero Academia, and Dragon Ball, to stop the evil forces from storming your base. But, of course, some are more powerful than others, so if you want to get the most out of the game's gacha system, you'll want tons of codes.

Anime Adventures is a tower defense anime game built inside Roblox, and you can earn gems to summon units by grinding through levels and completing daily missions. AA codes can help you get even more gems, which you can spend on getting the best units in the game. New codes are released with every update, so if you see the prompt for a new update, do check back to see if there are any that you've not redeemed yet. While you're here, you should know that we also keep lists of Blox Fruits codes, King Legacy codes, and All Star Tower Defense codes to get you more freebies.

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PCGamesN Sunday, September 3, 2023 4:25 PM
     Where is Paradiso in Starfield – First Contact mission guide

Want to know where the Paradiso location is in Starfield? Aptly named, Paradiso is a huge hotel that acts as a holiday resort for citizens in Starfield, and is where the mission First Contact takes place. In New Atlantis, you can overhear two women discussing how single life is apparently much better at Paradiso... so that's the sort of place we're talking about.

Finding Paradiso is like searching for a needle in a haystack if you don't know where to look specifically, with over 1000 Starfield planets to choose from. However, it's not actually too far from New Atlantis and Earth, two of the places you start the game close to. Here's what you need to know about Paradiso in Starfield, where to find it, and how to complete First Contact.

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Siliconera Sunday, September 3, 2023 3:00 PM

What is the Best Armored Core Game?

Although they were catapulted into the spotlight with juggernaut games such as Dark Souls and Elden Ring, FromSoftware was first put on the map with Armored Core in 1997. The third-person shooter mecha franchise now spans multiple decades and is packed with many great titles. With the recent release of Armored Core VI: Fires of Rubicon in 2023, we wanted to discuss which Armored Core we each feel is the best in the series.

Armored Core 6 is my first foray into this side of FromSoftware, so it is by default the one I like best in the series. I've always loved the mecha genre, but few games have ever handled mech gameplay right. Fortunately, AC6 handles it so smoothly, allowing for incredible variation and tight combat. I like that tweaking my AC for a faster build truly feels different than a slower and more powerful one. -- Cody

I have to say I'm a bit biased, given Armored Core 6 is the first game in the series I've played. I've been well aware of the franchise for years and have an immense love of giant robots, especially ones with cool guns and swords. It just never dawned on me to ever pick up an Armored Core game. Now that I am playing through AC6 and slowly turning my AC into Big O, I'm really grateful I took the plunge on this one. -- Arielle

I am perhaps one of the very few here who have had an earlier exposure to the Armored Core series. I started with Armored Core 3, which I later learned to be a good entry point at that time since it started a new timeline. From there, I worked my way through the rest of the PS2-era titles, culminating with Last Raven as the best one I've played before Armored Core VI came out. The unbeatable ending on Nexus still lingers in my memory the most, though. -- Kite

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PC Invasion - FeedDDD Sunday, September 3, 2023 9:22 PM
     Starfield Red Tape Blues, Step 5During the Red Tape Blues quest, you will help Trevor procure more equipment for his miners by becoming an Executive Assistant for Peter Brennan at Deimos. After filling out an application for the Executive Assistant job posting by completing a short questionnaire at the Deimos Sales Terminal, Trevor will tell you that you must delete other candidates' applications to guarantee that you are hired for the position. How to complete Red Tape Blues in Starfield Image: PC Invasion Here's how to delete other candidates' applications during the Red Tape Blues quest in Starfield: Head to the HR office in the Central Hub of Cydonia Wait until 6:00 PM by sitting at the empty desk Access Tia's computer after she leaves Open the Job Applicants folder Select the Delete All Other Candidate Applications button Return to Trevor Haven't made it this far yet? Here's the answers to the Executive Assistant job posting. Image: PC Invasion To...

PC Invasion - FeedDDD Sunday, September 3, 2023 8:07 PM
     How to get all 3 endings in Armored Core 6Despite being linear, and your character having literally no voice lines, Armored Core 6 has a real and rather good storyline. As you battle your way through the enemies, sometimes you will be faced with a choice in missions. You may have missed these, but if you look in the top right corner of mission screens, you may notice a small branch icon signaling a storyline choice will be included. Making your choices will result in one of three endings, two of which can be achieved on your first playthrough and the last one after your third playthrough of Armored Core 6. All 3 endings in Armored Core 6 People are calling the Armored Core 6 endings either good or bad. The true ending deserves the name, but I am not going to use the first two terms. This isn't because I got the bad ending on my first playthrough, I promise; it's simply because I think they both have their merits. Fires of Raven ending Screenshot by PC Invasion In this ending, you decide that the best thing for...

PC Invasion - FeedDDD Sunday, September 3, 2023 7:25 PM
     How to get all 3 endings in Armored Core 6Of the three endings possible in Armored Core 6, I think this one made me feel the most sad. I loved Ayre, and I appreciated what she was standing for in the plot of the game. It was a shame to have to destroy Rubicon, but I thought that removing the cause of the problems was the answer. No Rubicon, no more war. For the greater good, you may say. However, I didn't expect the fight to be as hard as it was. Ayre kicked my ass for far longer than she should have in Armored Core 6 before I beat her. How I beat Ayre I was rinsing through the bosses in Armored Core 6 before I came up against Ayre. Even Ibis hadn't posed too much of a problem, really. I had completed all the Arena battles by this point, so I had my Armored Core totally kitted out. However, Ayre moved in a way none of the previous bosses had, and it caused me a lot of problems. Playing Mouse and Keyboard was my downfall in the end, and if you're also playing with this method, there is a workaround. Armored C...

PC Invasion - FeedDDD Sunday, September 3, 2023 3:50 PM
     How To Customize Your Ship Color In StarfieldStarfield allows players to highly-customize their ships. Through the ship builder, you can add new parts, change where they go, and even edit the colors. You'll want to make your ship look and reflect your character, and sometimes a white ship is a little too boring. Let's go over how you can customize your ship color in Starfield. Starfield: How to change your ship color Changing the color of your ship and its parts is incredibly easy, and costs absolutely no Credits. How you can customize your ship color in Starfield is by pressing the 'J' key while in the ship builder. First off, talk to any Ship Services Tech. They're located right where you dock in nearly every city. Screenshot by PC Invasion The first one you'll meet is in New Atlantis, right beside the Trade Authority Kiosk. Choose the 'I want to view and modify my ships' option, and then find the ship you want to edit. Press the 'B' key to enter the ship ...

PC Invasion - FeedDDD Sunday, September 3, 2023 3:27 PM
     Starfield Ship Controls Flight Boost System How To Use Combat Weapons Skills BestAfter traversing across planets, clearing enemy bases, and looting bodies in Starfield, you'll slowly accumulate many items. Eventually, you'll become encumbered, which means you're carrying more than you can handle. Also, you may have dozens of valuable items with nowhere in sight to sell them. There are a few different ways to sell your items in Starfield, and we'll explain where to do so. Note: If you're looking to sell contraband in Starfield, we have a guide specifically on that. This guide covers where to sell practically any items you have. Starfield: Where to sell your valuable items You can easily get quite lost when exploring cities like New Atlantis. At first, I had no idea where I was supposed to get rid of the items I didn't want, either for lessening my carry weight or earning Credits. Where you can sell your items in Starfield is at Trade Authority Kiosks, or establishments like UC Surplus or Outland. Screenshot by PC Inva...

Gamer Empire Sunday, September 3, 2023 3:42 PM
     War can be very complicated in Hearts of Iron 4 since there are so many stats and numbers that you have to look at to realize why you are losing or winning battles. One of the base stats of land troops in HOI4 is Organization. This stat is one of the two main stats that […]

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As well as the theme song  "stella'' by the Japanese group SUIREN.

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Gaming Instincts – Next-Generation of Video Game Journalism Sunday, September 3, 2023 5:45 PM

More information about the upcoming port will be revealed "before the end of the year."

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Gaming Instincts – Next-Generation of Video Game Journalism Sunday, September 3, 2023 4:40 PM

The previously announced PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions have been canceled.

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PCGamesN Sunday, September 3, 2023 1:13 PM
     Where to sell survey data in Starfield

Want to know where to sell survey data in Starfield? As you explore the galaxy, you should be whipping out your scanner at every possible opportunity to investigate fauna, flora, and resources. All of this data can be sold for precious credits, incentivising you to go out and keep scanning. But where can you sell the survey data?

There are over 1000 Starfield planets, and all of them have valuable survey data. However, it's not until you're well embedded with Constellation, the main faction in the game, that you can sell that data for the best price. Here's what you need to know about where to sell survey data in Starfield.

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PCGamesN Sunday, September 3, 2023 12:22 PM
     Rimworld meets Mount and Blade in this survival game coming to Steam

Bellwright is an upcoming survival game we at PCGamesN got the chance to see at Gamescom 2023 and, with clear inspirations from Mount and Blade, Medieval Dynasty, and even Rimworld, it could be an absolutely stellar Steam Early Access Launch. Check out what we thought, and what the team at Donkey Crew had to say about Bellwright, below.

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PCGamesN Sunday, September 3, 2023 11:21 AM
     How to add workbenches to your ship in Starfield

Not sure how to add a workbench to your ship in Starfield? In order to get you into the thick of things as quickly as possible, Starfield foregoes lengthy tutorials. As a result, some of the complex systems are tricky to get your head round at first - and ship building is one of them.

Workbenches in Starfield allow you to craft mods for the best weapons and armor, along with various healing items and even different food recipes. As a result, if you want to be crafting things as you gallivant round the galaxy in this RPG game, you'll need to know how to add workbenches to your ship in Starfield.

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PCGamesN Sunday, September 3, 2023 11:19 AM
     Classic Resident Evil meets Alan Wake in new horror game on Steam

Holstin is a love letter to classic, old-school Resident Evil and Silent Hill that also integrates the light-driven themes of Alan Wake and yet feels fresh and distinctive on its own merits. A psychological horror game coming to Steam, Holstin is one of the most exciting games I've played this year, and you can try it out for yourself right now thanks to a free Steam download.

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PCGamesN Sunday, September 3, 2023 10:52 AM
     This Starfield mod makes some small but incredibly impactful changes

There are already a lot of mods for Starfield, so many in fact that it can be really difficult choosing which you should install for the Bethesda RPG game at this early stage. From cosmetic changes to visual improvements, there's a fair amount of variety in Starfield mods already, but the quality-of-life improvements already present ahead of the Starfield release date are where it's really at. In fact, the user interface and heads-up display have got some minor but incredibly meaningful tweaks you need to check out.

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PCGamesN Sunday, September 3, 2023 9:41 AM
     Stormgate devs want to build the Marvel of RTS games

Stormgate looks to bring back the heyday of the best RTS games like StarCraft, Warcraft, and Command and Conquer, but developer Frost Giant Studios wants to go even further beyond inside the universe it's crafting. Ahead of the recent reveal of the Stormgate Infernal Host faction at Gamescom 2023, PCGamesN spoke to Brett Crawford, assistant game director on Stormgate, about its ongoing development and playtesting.

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PCGamesN Sunday, September 3, 2023 9:18 AM
     Starfield stealing can have a 100% success rate with this trick

Starfield has a lot of the Bethesda RPG game DNA we all know and love. I've seen some jank, guys trapped in walls, and quests that bug out that I can't finish, but there are also a lot of really great emergent moments too. One that I hadn't considered, but has already been found, is the absolute best way to steal whatever you want before the Starfield release date with zero consequences.

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PCGamesN Sunday, September 3, 2023 7:05 AM
     How to dock in Starfield

Want to know how to dock in Starfield? It's a crucial mechanic for any intergalactic traveller, because in theory if you don't get the dock just right, the airlock won't work. Worry not though, because Starfield makes it a whole lot easier to dock compared to a true space sim such as Elite Dangerous, so once you know how, it's a piece of cake.

Throughout your time in the RPG game, you'll encounter plenty of factions, both across the 1000+ planets and in outer space. Whether it's through your own exploration or as part of a quest, you'll be required to dock with them. Here's an explainer on how to dock in Starfield.

Continue reading How to dock in Starfield
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PCGamesN Sunday, September 3, 2023 7:03 AM
     Essential Cyberpunk 2077 mod gets better alongside Phantom Liberty

Cyberpunk 2077 is certainly a pretty game, but get too close to many of its environments and you'll start to notice the cracks - or, in many cases, the low-res blurs that imply a crack. Fortunately, one of the best Cyberpunk 2077 mods is getting a full overhaul to coincide with the launch of CD Projekt Red's Phantom Liberty DLC for the RPG game. Whether you're planning to play that or just starting your Cyberpunk 2077 adventure, you won't want to go without this mod.

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PCGamesN Sunday, September 3, 2023 6:50 AM
     Expand Baldur's Gate 3 with over 50 races from DnD and even FFXIV

While Baldur's Gate 3 takes place in the land of Faerûn, Dungeons and Dragons is home to a whole multiverse of lands, characters, and history. This means that the Baldur's Gate 3 races you can play as focus on the Sword Coast, but not anymore, as a colossal mod for the RPG game gives you over 50 races to choose from across the DnD multiverse, and it's incredible. With many players coming to the end of their first Baldur's Gate 3 playthrough, now's the perfect time to emerge as a completely different character thanks to this mod.

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PCGamesN Sunday, September 3, 2023 9:07 AM
     Bethesda hired a Skyrim modder to help build Starfield's universe

Bethesda RPG games are filled with stuff, and Starfield is no exception. Everywhere you look you can pick up junk that can be used as a resource for crafting, with every individual item meticulously placed to help tell a story about the place you're in. To help bring this to life ahead of the Starfield release date, it's been revealed that Bethesda actually hired a Skyrim and Fallout 4 modder with an incredible understanding of clutter, and we're all the better for it.

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Twinfinite Sunday, September 3, 2023 7:14 AM
Could it finally be happening?

Siliconera Sunday, September 3, 2023 12:00 PM

Starfield skills rank up challenges disrupt leveling up

I remember back in the day standing in front of a wall in the city of Balmora in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind mashing the same fire spell over and over to raise my Destruction skill. This idea of grinding certain gameplay elements carries over to Bethesda's latest game with the Starfield skills rank up challenges. However, it is one of the worst parts of the experience.

How skills work in Starfield is you gain a skill point every time you level up. You can then use that skill point to learn a brand new skill or rank up an existing one you have. While the former is an instant and easy procedure, the latter is quite frustrating.

It isn't as easy as using a skill point to raise your Security skill to rank two and be able to pick higher-level locks. No, you have to also pick a certain number of locks and complete the skill rank up challenge for it before you can level it up.

In a way, this mixes the idea of using your skills to level them up, which was prevalent in The Elder Scrolls series, but also applying skill points on top of that. This makes the system more confusing and convoluted than it needs to be. It would be fine if I needed to, for instance, take so much fall damage to increase my Wellness skill and gain more health in the game. But to make me waste an entire skill point on it on top of that? It becomes quite annoying.

It gets worse, though, when none of your skill challenge progression is retroactive. For instance, you need to boost using your boost pack (think jet pack) in combat several times to complete its rank up challenge. But let's say you leave the first challenge completed for hours before ranking it up with a skill point. Even if you boosted a hundred times between those two ranks, none of those boosts will count towards the next challenge if you don't spend the skill point. This means you could effectively waste your progression potential if you don't rank up a skill you've completed the challenge for as soon as possible.

This only worsens when the game gatekeeps some of the best features behind high ranks of skills. For instance, you won't be able to pilot the best ships in the game, the C-class ships, without the max rank of your Piloting skill. But good luck getting more than 50 ship eliminations to fully rank up this skill without some serious grinding. I just now unlocked that final rank after more than 50 hours of playing the game. Meanwhile other skills like Leadership, with skill challenges of simply running around with a companion, are hilariously easy to complete, despite being a higher tier skill than Piloting.

This disconnect between the challenges is troublesome and unnecessary. I would have been fine with the old system of using a skill enough to level it up or just skill points on their own, but mixing the two together disrupts and overcomplicates the leveling up system in Starfield.

Starfield is available for Xbox Series X/S and PC.

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Siliconera Sunday, September 3, 2023 9:00 AM

What Do We Know About Penacony in Honkai: Star Rail

Finally, we got to know more about the Honkai: Star Rail destination Penacony. It's a place we were supposed to head to, before the "Windswept Wanderlust" Trailblaze Missions swept us off course. While "Obsequies Performed, A Long Road Ahead" was quite a brief interlude, it did set up things to come. Also, I honestly feel like it set an ominous tone for our future trip to Penacony.

Editor's Note: There will be Honkai: Star Rail spoilers concerning Penacony below.

[gallery columns="1" size="full" ids="982076" link="file"]
First of all, I think it is interesting how close the name of the Honkai: Star Rail planet "Penacony" is to "penal colony." It might be a bit on the nose. Still, it does make sense and it definitely gets across the idea of the planet's origin without outright saying it was a prison.

Second, we only have a basic understanding of what to expect from Penacony. We were supposed to head there instead of the Xianzhou Luofu, after all. However, the Stellaron crisis there and Kafka sidetracked that. The Astral Express was sent an invitation to the former penal colony turned alleged "utopia" by a group called the Family. So we know going in that this is a planet that went from a prison to a paradise after a Stellaron burst, and that the Astral Express crew is allegedly "welcome" there.

However, there are some concerning parts. We know the IPC was involved with Penacony originally in Honkai: Star Rail. Our experience with that group so far includes Findie ads and them trying to turn the Xianzhou Luofu's Aurum Alley into a warehouse. One of its agents even attempts to scam the merchants there during it, stooping to sabotage.

We also know that the planet is currently associated with the Aeon Xipe and Harmony path. In game, characters on that path seem to have a laudable goal of helping others. Some of the best supporter units in the game belong to it, like Bronya and Tingyun. However, there are also some ominous elements to Xipe. We know this is an Aeon is essentially a legion of multiple ones. While it is focused on harmony and unity, it also suggests everyone must come together. This could imply that the people on Penacony suggest abandoning all sense of self and "uniting" into some sort of hivemind.
[gallery columns="1" size="full" ids="982077" link="file"]
We also had a Memory Bubble on Herta Space Station involving the Family and Penacony appear in Honkai: Star Rail since launch. In it, we see the viewpoint of a person who was trying to get an invitation to Penacony from the Family. Someone known as Mr. Renoir, who is associated with the group and planet, interacted with the person. At the end of this story, the person telling the tale mentions being told by a "noise" that may or may not be Mr. Renoir to put a hand into an ominous box. After they do, they describe feeling as though everyone is watching and judging them as though they are a criminal.

Clearly, Penacony seems like an ominous place in Honkai: Star Rail. We've seen what Stellarons can do to planets and locations. We know they can corrupt. The one above this new planet clearly caused a drastic change. While our party is invited, it feels like we're being set up for being lured into a potential trap. However, if Honkai: Star Rail follows Genshin Impact's example, we may not know more until 2024.

Honkai: Star Rail is available for PCs and mobile devices, and a PS5 version will arrive in 2023.

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PC Invasion - FeedDDD Sunday, September 3, 2023 10:00 AM
     Best Starfield Stealth Character BuildStarfield doesn't have classes, but you can make a great stealth build that rocks in combat and allows you to roleplay as a mysterious space rogue. Here is how to create the best stealth character build in Starfield. Note: If stealth isn't really your thing, you can also create one of the other five best character builds in Starfield. How to make the best stealth character build in Starfield While you can make a great stealth build in Starfield by combining it with melee weapons to create the ultimate stealthy assassin, the best stealth build that I've found involves sniping enemies from afar. With this build, you'll sneakily eliminate every enemy before they even know you're there. Screenshot: PC Invasion Best Background for stealth build in Starfield The best Background for the best stealth build is Cyber Runner. I find that not only does Cyber Runner give you the coolest roleplaying flair, but it also gives you Stealth, Secu...

PC Invasion - FeedDDD Sunday, September 3, 2023 9:30 AM
     Starfield How To Equip SuppressorTo make a successful stealth character build in Starfield, you need to equip suppressors to your weapons. Suppressors greatly reduce the noise of your shots while increasing the accuracy and decreasing the range. Note: If you want to learn the five best character builds in Starfield, which includes a great stealth build, check out our guide.  How to install a suppressor weapon mod to a weapon in Starfield The easiest way to get a suppressed weapon in Starfield is to find one on a dead body. I've found a handful of weapons with silencers on them just from looting bodies after a fight. The only downside is you're stuck with that weapon instead of being about to put a suppressor on any weapon you want. However, if you want to attach a suppressor to any weapon in Starfield there are three things you need. One, you need a weapon workbench. Two, you need to finish the Muzzle Mods 2 research. Three, you need the right materials to make the suppressor. Y...

PC Invasion - FeedDDD Sunday, September 3, 2023 9:00 AM
     Starfield Get Past Contraband ScansAny time you arrive at a planet with a major city in Starfield, you need to pass a contraband check. These contraband checks are mandatory and, if you try to grav jump or land on the planet before they finish scanning you, you'll earn a bounty on your head. With that said, here is how to successfully smuggle and sell contraband in Starfield. Note: If you want to join the Freestar Collective Rangers, check out our guide. How to smuggle and sell contraband in Starfield The only way to successfully get past scans in Starfield is to have shielded cargo or a scan jammer. There are many ways to get shielded cargo or a scan jammer but none of them are easy. However, I've found that the easiest way to get shielded cargo early in Starfield is to get the free ship at the end of the Mantis side mission. If you have contraband and don't have a way to get past scans yet, I recommend you visit a planet you have an outpost on, drop your contraband there, and come back...

PC Invasion - FeedDDD Sunday, September 3, 2023 8:30 AM
     Starfield Unlock Routes To Increase Grav Jump RangeThough fuel is infinite in Starfield, your starter ship only has 50 fuel to use for grav jumps. This won't take you very far. However, there are several solutions you can implement to fix this problem. Here is every way you can grav jump to stars that are too far away in Starfield. Note: Check out the five best character builds in Starfield to make sure your adventure is a smooth one. Best ways to grav jump and fix "unexplored route" in Starfield There are two key tips to remember to make grav jumping easy in Starfield. First, unexplored routes need to be explored one star system at a time regardless of your grav jump range. Second, if you want more distance, increase your He3 tanks. Leapfrog from star to star to explore unexplored routes Even if you have the most fuel in the game and have enough range to grav jump to any star, if you haven't discovered a route to that star, you can't get there. Because of that, I use a technique that I cal...

PC Invasion - FeedDDD Sunday, September 3, 2023 8:00 AM
     Starfield Unlock C And B Ship Parts And ShipsIn Starfield, every ship and ship part has a class. Class A is the lowest, class B is the medium tier, and class C is the best ship parts and ships in the game. However, you need to meet certain requirements before installing class B and C ship parts to your ship and before piloting class B and C ships. Here's what you need to do. Note: If you're brand new to Starfield, I recommend you read our guide that'll tell you the five best things you should do first in Starfield. How to pilot class B and C ships in Starfield The only way to fly class B and C ships in Starfield is to unlock the Piloting skill and rank it up. At Piloting rank three, you can pilot class B ships, and at Piloting rank four, you can pilot class C ships. When stealing a ship, you sometimes need the right authorization. This authorization is found by ranking up your Piloting skill to rank three and four. Only then can you buy and use higher class ships and steal and use higher class ...

Gamer Empire Sunday, September 3, 2023 12:33 PM
     Cavalry in Hearts of Iron 4 is an interesting battalion since it is a lot faster than Infantry, with a max speed of 6.4 km/h, but it unfortunately requires more Supply and Infantry Equipment. Full Cavalry divisions aren't usually something players aim for, considering that trucks and armored cars exist. Most of us will aim […]

Gamer Empire Sunday, September 3, 2023 11:51 AM
     In Don't Starve Together, discovering the Ruins is a must to unlock new equipment and progress further into the game. Besides, exploring the Ruins is always thrilling, as this is the home of many dangerous creatures and valuable treasures. Most newcomers struggle to find this particular structure, so in this guide, we'll show you the […]

Pivotal Gamers Sunday, September 3, 2023 8:40 AM
     What's up all? gamehag holds a new giveaway for various titles. Read on for their offering. To get: 2000 KD, 1500 KD, 1000 KD, 850 KD, 700 KD, 500 KD, 250 KD, 200 KD, 100 KD, 50 KD, 25 KD, 10 KD To get this key your Steam level must be at least 2. Last minute notes Login with your gamehag account, complete all steps to get your key. Still here? Click on the button below to claim your prize. ...