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Video Game News, Reviews, Walkthroughs And Guides | GamingBolt 23:15
     PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan is satisfied about how the PS5 has started off, and more excited about what's still in the pipeline.

Video Game News, Reviews, Walkthroughs And Guides | GamingBolt 23:02
     Following the departure of former game director Luis Barriga, design lead Joe Shely has now taken up that position.

IGN Video Games 22:56
     The first trailer for Shenmue: The Animation was shown during New York Comic Con 2021, with creator Yu Suzuki and Chikara Sakurai providing commentary on the new anime as part of a panel.

IGN Video Games 22:18

IGN Video Games 22:15
     Nintendo Voice Chat for the week of October 7, 2021.

Xbox Wire 23:00
     Ghost Recon Frontline is headed to Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, and it's bringing the venerable tactical-action franchise into a whole new arena — specifically a large-scale multiplayer one. A free-to-play, PvP-focused first-person shooter, Ghost Recon Frontline drops more than 100 players onto Drakemoor Island, a massive, open-world combat zone with multiple biomes. In […]

Game Informer 23:00

Leading up to the launch of the upcoming The Witch Queen expansion for Destiny 2, players have wondered whether existing content was going to find its way into the Destiny Content Vault (DCV). We finally have an answer, and those looking to catch up on Destiny content better do so soon because a vital part of the lore is disappearing for a while.

Bungie, developers of Destiny 2, have announced in a blog post that the Forsaken campaign and its playable destination, The Tangled Shore, are heading into the DCV. If you want to experience the content from that expansion, including the Harbinger and Presage Exotic missions, or snag the Forsaken seasonal content, you'll have until February to play through it.

What if you don't own Forsaken? That won't be a problem! Bungie is making the Forsaken content free for all Destiny 2 players starting on December 7. Any player will get the chance to see the critical point in the Destiny story where a quest for revenge leads you on a chase for Queen Mara Sov's brother, Uldren Sov, and set forth the events that tie into the current storyline in Season of the Lost. Having just played through Forsaken a little over a month ago, it's worth it. I suggest you do the same while the content is available.

Not everything from Forsaken is being locked away, though. The Dreaming City, a sacred Awoken area, will not be shifted out of play, and "certain Year 4 content will persist in Year 5, including the Proving Grounds strike and the Battlegrounds activities."

There's a reason Bungie has decided to shelve content for Destiny 2 temporarily, and the easiest explanation is that it gives them more data real estate to work with for new content. Here's what Bungie says has been possible because of it in its blog post:

"The impact of the DCV can be seen throughout Destiny 2, from very popular new activities such as Battlegrounds, that have persisted throughout Year 4, to innovations that have made the routine experiences of Destiny better for every player. For example, the DCV has provided a great deal of technical "breathing room" that the team has devoted to important improvements to the Destiny experience. Upgrades such as drastically reducing our patch response times, improving loading times, offering quicker access to UI such as your inventory or the map, and others link directly to the opportunities that the DCV created for the team."

Whether you're for the DCV or not, Destiny players will undoubtedly be losing some good stories and fun quests in February. Make sure to log in soon, or at least sometime after December 7, to experience fighting alongside Cayde-6 one last time.

Are you planning on checking out Forsaken before it Vaults? What are some of your favorite parts about that particular expansion? Let us know in the comments!

Polygon - All 23:30
Black Lotus from Blade Runner: Black Lotus
Image: Crunchyroll/Adult Swim

Crunchyroll and Adult Swim's anime arrives in November

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Polygon - All 22:29
Goku from Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero
Image: Toei Entertainment

The clip showed new designs of familiar faces

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Polygon - All 22:29
Women in choir robes, holding candles in the dark, sing Radiohead's
Image: FX on Hulu via Polygon

The sequence from the episode 'Weird Al Is Dead' made big changes, for understandable reasons

Continue reading…

Polygon - All 22:11
Tanjiro prepares to draw his sword aboard the Mugen Train
Photo: Koyoharu Gotoge/SHUEISHA, Aniplex, ufotable

For everyone who didn't get to see Mugen Train, now's your chance

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Xbox Wire 23:00
     Ghost Recon Frontline is headed to Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, and it's bringing the venerable tactical-action franchise into a whole new arena — specifically a large-scale multiplayer one. A free-to-play, PvP-focused first-person shooter, Ghost Recon Frontline drops more than 100 players onto Drakemoor Island, a massive, open-world combat zone with multiple biomes. In […]

Kotaku 23:45

While we are now spoiled for choice when it comes to major Yakuza games, from the mainline series to its more recent Judgment spinoffs, there are still a number of older Yakuza games that remain unplayable to fans in the West, since they never received a localisation.


Kotaku 23:00

First announced over a year ago, today we got our first look at the Shenmue anime series. I hope you like punching. And kicking.


PCGamesN 23:00
     Beaver city-builder Timberborn gears up for its first content updates, starting with fences

'Beaver city-builder' continues to be my favorite three-word game description in, well, ever, and any excuse to keep using it is okay by me. After a successful debut in Steam Early Access, the devs behind Timberborn are starting to gear up for the game's first big content updates. For now, we're getting fences, but bigger things are in the works.

As of today's update, you can now build log fences, plank fences, and metal fences. They're all intended as decorative objects, so they'll help give your constructions a more organised feel. As the devs note in the announcement, the paper mill has also been redesigned with a more symmetrical model to make it easier to integrate into your town.

There are also some changes to the needs system in here, with more to come. Needs are now grouped, so you'll see, say, hunger and thirst grouped under the basic need category. "Needs previously reserved for adults are now also available to kits," the devs note. "What it means is that it is now possible to reach population well-being of 15."

PCGamesN 22:23
     Scream Fortress XIII is here to remind us that TF2 is at least undead, if not alive

It's 2021, and Team Fortress 2 just got a major update - which, you guessed it, means there's a new seasonal event. (Hey, we'll take any excuse to think about TF2 again.) Scream Fortress XIII is here to get October going right, with a selection of new community maps, cosmetics, taunts, and effects. The event is already live, and runs through November 7.

The new community maps this time around are Farmageddon (player destruction), Sinthetic (king of the hill), Los Muertos (king of the hill), Erebus (attack/defend), Terror (payload), and Graveyard (arena).

Crimson Cache cases will give you access to 20 new community-made cosmetics which are, yes, mostly just hats. Beyond that, we've got five new taunts, 28 new unusual effects, 13 new war paints, which you can see over on the TF2 wiki. When you log in, you'll get a Soul Gargoyle, which you can use to transmute unwanted Halloween items into something else you might prefer.

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Rock Paper Shotgun Latest Articles Feed 23:07

Grim survival shooter Rust's descriptively named "Missions & QoL" update is a doozy. You can now talk to NPCs scattered around the world who will give you missions to perform, "from catching fish or harvesting lumber to hunting sharks and uncovering hidden treasure."

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Rock Paper Shotgun Latest Articles Feed 22:24

Dota 2's The International is now underway. The group stages for Valve's wizard flinging esports tournament began today, with 18 teams competing to progress into the knockout stages.

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Twinfinite 22:35

Adult Swim revealed the first trailer of Shenmue the Animation, an upcoming anime adaptation of the popular video game series by Yu Suzuki.

The post Shenmue Anime Gets First Trailer Showing Familiar Characters appeared first on Twinfinite.

Destructoid 23:05

A 'current-gen' build on the go More information has been coming out about Valve's Steam Deck. CD Projekt has published...

The post CD Projekt shows The Witcher 3 running on a Steam Deck appeared first on Destructoid.

Nintendo Everything 22:59

As part of an interview regarding the Switch OLED, Nintendo's Toru Yamashita and Ko Shiota commented on the Switch Joy-Con, wear and tear, and improvements. Yamashita actually said Nintendo has "been continuing to make improvements that may not always be visible." More improvements are planned.  Yamashita added that Nintendo has "investigated the Joy-Con controllers used by the customers and repeatedly...

The post Nintendo says it has been improving the Joy-Con and will keep doing so appeared first on Nintendo Everything.

Nintendo Everything 22:50

One of the biggest selling points of the new Switch model is its bigger OLED screen, but it also has other improvements such as a change in its speakers and audio. According to Nintendo's Toru Yamashita, the company went with closed-type speakers "where the sound quality and pressure can be increased thanks to the back of the speaker being sealed."...

The post Nintendo on changing Switch's audio and speakers for OLED model appeared first on Nintendo Everything.

Nintendo Everything 22:38

Out of all Switch models thus far, the new OLED version has the highest weight – but not by much. The console comes in at .93 pounds. That's in comparison to the regular Switch at .88 pounds and the Switch Lite at .61 pounds. According to Nintendo, one reason for the weight increase in the Switch OLED model is due...

The post Nintendo talks about the Switch OLED's weight appeared first on Nintendo Everything.

Nintendo Everything 22:30

Nintendo's new Switch OLED model increases the system's screen size. Rather than 6.2 inches, it's now at 7 inches. That may not seem much, but it does make quite a bit of difference, and offering a larger screen wasn't an easy task. Ko Shiota, the head of the Technology Development Division, as well as Toru Yamashita of the Technology Development...

The post Nintendo on challenges of increasing screen size for Switch OLED appeared first on Nintendo Everything.

Nintendo Everything 22:22

We've seen the original Switch, the Switch Lite, and now the Switch OLED. Everyone will be able to pick up the system as of tomorrow, October 8. In an official interview published by Nintendo today, key developers behind the console spoke about the console's origins. Ko Shiota, the head of the Technology Development Division, as well as Toru Yamashita of...

The post Nintendo explains how the Switch OLED came to be appeared first on Nintendo Everything.

Video Game News, Reviews, Walkthroughs And Guides | GamingBolt 23:15
     PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan is satisfied about how the PS5 has started off, and more excited about what's still in the pipeline.

Video Game News, Reviews, Walkthroughs And Guides | GamingBolt 23:02
     Following the departure of former game director Luis Barriga, design lead Joe Shely has now taken up that position.

Blue's News 22:57
     It's another free game Thursday on the Epic Games Store, where PC Building Simulator is now available with its promised 100% discount. It's possible this can help ease frustration for those unable...

Blue's News 22:57
     A new Diablo IV Quarterly Update catches us up on the latest from Blizzard on progress on the upcoming action/RPG sequel. This is coming from a new voice, as the post is written by Joe Shely, who...

Blue's News 22:57
     To celebrate the Major League Baseball postseason, a free weekend is underway on Steam for Super Mega Baseball 3 for Windows. This gives everyone interested the chance to sample this game of big...

Blue's News 22:57
     Milestone announces MXGP 2021, saying the new installment in the motocross grand prix series will come to PC via Steam and to consoles on November 30th. Check out the Announcement Trailer and the...

Blue's News 22:57
     A Destiny Content Vault Update has details from Bungie for upcoming content releases for Destiny 2, the free-to-play first-person shooter sequel. Sales of the Forsaken Pack will begin on December...

Blue's News 22:57
     Blade of Darkness is now available as a re-release of the game released in 2001 under the title Severance: Blade of Darkness or just Severance. The new version is updated with widescreen support,...

Blue's News 22:57
     Big Ant Studios announces Cricket 22: The Official Game of the Ashes, the first new installment in the sports sim series since it was revived for Cricket 19. This is expected in November, and we...

Blue's News 22:57
     BANDAI NAMCO announces new free content is now available for Tales of Arise on Steam, adding additional difficulty levels and special battles with new enemies. The announcement also unveils plans...

Blue's News 22:57
     Robot Entertainment, announces new Cold as Eyes DLC (sing along, you know you want to) is coming on November 11th to Orcs Must Die! 3. A look at what to expect can be found in the Announcement...

Blue's News 22:57
     11 bit studios Publisher Sale on Steam. Save 20% on Death's Door on Steam. Save 50% on Phoenix Point: Year One Edition on Steam. Save 35% on Subnautica Ultimate Collection on Steam. Save 83% on Muse...

Blue's News 22:57
     Official patches. Godfall Quick Update 3.3.54. Madden 22 Update Gives Tom Brady A 99 Rating After He Sets New Passing Record. Train Sim World 2 - LONDON COMMUTER – OUT NOW.

Blue's News 22:57
     Official trailers. Doctor Who: The Edge of Reality - Gameplay Reveal Trailer. Far Cry 6: Launch Accolades Trailer. Gungrave G.O.R.E - Behind the music of G.O.R.E. Inscryption - Developer Overview.

Blue's News 22:57
     Psychonauts 2's mental health approach: Handle with care - GamesIndustry.biz.

Blue's News 22:57
     Surviving "Forsaken" — A Guide to the Final Chapter of Call of Duty®- Black Ops Cold War Zombies.

Blue's News 22:57
     Ignite the Fires of Revolution Today in Far Cry 6 - Xbox Wire. The Puck Drops in NHL 22 Today with EA Play - Xbox Wire. Back 4 Blood- Deluxe And Ultimate Editions Are Now Available For Xbox One And...

Blue's News 22:57
     Quick phrases feature now rolling out to Google Assistant. Announcing Springboard: The Verge's documentary on the forgotten history of the Treo. Thanks Neutronbeam. Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney calls...

Blue's News 22:57
     Twitch attributes breach to server configuration error, resets all stream keys. Regulating Facebook Isn't Enough: Roger McNamee. YouTube blocks ads on climate change denial videos. YouTube To Stop...

Blue's News 22:57
     Jabra owner goes after gaming with SteelSeries acquisition. Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger says Intel won't consider UK for factory. Easy Way Out! How to Downgrade Windows 11 & Rollback to Windows 10....

Blue's News 22:56
     Microsoft: Russia poses the greatest cybersecurity threat to governments. SolarWinds hack saw Russia steal US anti-spy probe details. You know what ransomware attackers really, really like? Yes,...

Blue's News 22:56
     Microsoft Has Committed to Right to Repair. Cloudflare doesn't have to cut off copyright-infringing websites, judge rules.

Blue's News 22:56
     RESIDENT EVIL: WELCOME TO RACCOON CITY - Official Trailer (HD) - In Theaters Nov 24… Hackers Have Started to Invade the Battlefield 2042 Beta. Easy Anti-Cheat, or just Easy-Cheat?…

Blue's News 22:56
     Last Link of the Day: Bohemian Catsody. Thanks VideoSift via Ant. Obituary: Koichi Sugiyama, the Pioneering Dragon Quest Composer Known For His Controversial Views, Has Died.

PlayStation LifeStyle 23:39

As Bungie continues to keep the massive Destiny 2 trimmed […]

The post Destiny 2: Forsaken Campaign Being Vaulted at Witch Queen Launch, Will Be Free in December appeared first on PlayStation LifeStyle.

PlayStation LifeStyle 22:35

Jim Ryan catches a lot of flack from PlayStation fans. […]

The post Daily Reaction: Jim Ryan Fireside Chat Humanizes the PlayStation CEO More Than Ever Before appeared first on PlayStation LifeStyle.

Massively Overpowered 00:00
New World has made headlines since the moment it launched for its excessive queues, but it's hardly the only MMO ever – or even the only MMO this year – that's had a launch bogged down in this way. For example, last summer, when Final Fantasy XIV was blowing up in the wake of World […]

Massively Overpowered 23:00
The multiplayer survival RPG Frozen Flame has taken some big new steps. Steps so big, the game's latest update has skipped ahead a couple of version numbers and is noted as the end of its second closed beta and entering a new phase of closed beta/early access. You could say it's a Brave New World. […]

Goal video games news 20:37
     Sony has announced that its new line of Bravia XR televisions will be branded ... When starting a game, the TV will automatically switch to Game Mode.

PCGamer latest 22:29
     Balancing and player visibility are top concerns for the first big group trying out Battlefield 2042's specialist characters.

PCGamer latest 22:19
     Hand-picked deals from the Aussie PCG team.

Oct 07, 18:01

VG247 Latest Articles Feed 20:04

Xbox turns 20 on November 15, and to celebrate, Microsoft is releasing a special controller and headset.

The 20th Anniversary Special Edition Xbox Wireless Controller is a spin on the translucent green of the original Xbox Debug kit. The body features a translucent black finish with silver internals, and the Xbox button is green to match the original Xbox logo. The back grips and the area around the hybrid D-pad are also green.

It also features benefits pulled from the new Xbox Wireless Controllers, such as improved ergonomics, better cross-device connectivity, a dedicated Share button, and reduced latency. It can also easily pair and switch between Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PCs, Android, and iOS via Xbox Wireless, and Bluetooth.

Read more

Tabletop Gaming News 21:00

Pivotal Gamers 20:10
     Hello all. We have another excellent giveaway from GrabTheGames for WINDSHIFT. Let's hear them out. Get WINDSHIFT for FREE! A few words about WINDSHIFT Have you ever earnestly desired to rescue a person? This is a story of one man, and this desire is what kept him going… In Land of Fire,Looming are Fire Musketeers put together by evil Lord Phoenix. Journey around the world,Vanquish ene...

IGN Video Games 20:51
     Dragon Quest composer Koichi Sugiyama has died at the age of 90. He was known for revolutionizing music on the Famicom, but spurred controversy in his later years for his comments on Japan's actions in World War II and the LGBTQ+ community.

IGN Video Games 20:35
     Joe Shely, who has worked on World of Warcraft and DIablo 3, has taken over as director of Diablo 4. In today's Diablo 4 quarterly update, Shely said he is honored to continue the vision of the next Diablo as its director.

Xbox Wire 22:00
     Get more NHL 22 right now as an EA Play member. Start your season today with a 10-hour early access trial including exclusive, limited-time Ultimate Team Challenges, HUT Rush events, and rewards in the first event of the season; NHL 22 Training Camp. Plus score a 10% discount on your pre-order and monthly member-only World […]

Game Informer 22:00

Whether you're looking for a traditional one-on-one 2D fighter, an arena brawler, a platform/party game, or a frantic tag-team affair, the current fighting game genre is diverse and action-packed. Want something balanced and geared for competition? Have friends over and want to play something accessible and approachable? Do you have a nostalgic itch to scratch or want to connect with a popular character in a new way? Fighting games have all of these bases covered. You don't need to be a skilled tournament player to enjoy the games on this list, but the option is certainly there if you'd like. Presented in no particular order is a list that will mold and change as new games release. Here are the top fighting games you should check out right now.

Street Fighter V: Champion Edition

PlayStation 4, PC

Take to the streets yet again in the newest edition of the gold standard in 2D fighting games. Street Fighter V: Champion Edition features 40 (and five more with DLC) World Warriors to play as in one-on-one battles in Story, Arcade, and local multiplayer and online modes. SFV's innovation for the series comes in the way of V-Trigger and V-Skills, which give players an easy way to activate a character's unique and powerful abilities. Those looking for a place to start with the genre will find a great introduction here, and returning brawlers are sure to feel right at home with Street Fighter V. 

Street Fighter V has been around for over five years at this point and has only gotten better with age and updates from Capcom. Since the launch of Champion Edition in early 2020, more characters and mechanics have been added to keep competitive and casual players interested. Recent additions to the cast include past favorites like Dan and Rose, the inclusion of Rival Schools alumni Akira, and the soon-to-be-released look at the future of Street Fighter with the arrival of Luke. That's all in addition to the V-Shift mechanic. Fighting game fans have plenty to dig into until Capcom announces its next foray into fighting games. 

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate


Few games have as impressive of a roster as Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. What started as a series bringing together a handful of colorful Nintendo characters, like Mario, Pikachu, Ness, and Kirby, has transformed into a behemoth cast that includes iconic franchises owned by third-party developers and publishers. These outside additions range from Final Fantasy VII's Cloud, Minecraft's Steve, Banjo/Kazooie (originally a Nintendo property now owned by Microsoft), and fighting game faces like Ryu and Ken from Street Fighter. The unprecedented cast is now complete, with Kingdom Hearts' Sora joining in mid-October, bringing the number of unique fighters to 82.

Everyone is here to brawl it out in a platform fighter for up to eight players simultaneously, with online and offline Smash modes filled with a plethora of memorable stages, music, and items that make matches even more exciting. Smash Bros. Ultimate is a joyous celebration of video games, and it's hard to deny the magic of pitting Solid Snake up against Mega Man or Link versus Simon Belmont. This game is an exceptionally charming smile factory that's as fun to play as it is to think about.  | Our review

Guilty Gear –Strive–

PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, PC

Arc System Works' anime-inspired 2D fighter is a downright showstopper visually, and its newest iteration, Guilty Gear –Strive–, makes the gameplay even more accessible for a broader audience. Like its predecessor, Xrd, Strive's art style incorporates beautiful 3D character models that animate as if they were 2D sprites. The illusion is impressive and sets up the mind-blowing camera sweeps, revealing the characters' actual dimensions, while still looking stunning at any angle. For those looking for some additional complexity in a fighting game, Guilty Gear has you covered with its suite of air dashes, complicated character mechanics, and its versatile Roman Cancel system. Strive's most significant improvement for competitive players is the addition of rollback netcode, which provides a smoother, more stable online experience than Arc System Works' previous online endeavors. Currently, Guilty Gear –Strive– is one of the hottest fighting games around, so if you're looking to see the latest and greatest, look no further.

Dragon Ball FighterZ

PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, PC

Leave it to Arc System Works to make one of the best-looking fighting games around. Dragon Ball FighterZ is one of the greatest interpretations of the Dragon Ball anime and manga, utilizing Arc System's trickery to make 3D models look like 2D sprites. In 3v3 battles, you build your team of Dragon Ball characters to throw fists in fast-paced tag matches. Choose from various Gokus, Vegetas, their Sayian family members, earthborn friends, or even incorporate any of Dragon Ball's diabolical villains into your team. Matching up against specific characters can trigger special animations like Dramatic Finishes that recreate moments from the anime, like the often-memed Yamcha's crater death or the father/son Kamehameha used by Gohan to finish off Cell. Dragon Ball FighterZ is currently the top tag fighter in the competitive scene, so its credentials as a fun fighting game are as strong as its interpretation of the legendary Shonen series it's based on. | Our review

Tekken 7

PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC

The King of Iron Fist Tournament rages on with the seventh mainline entry in the Tekken series. Tekken 7 continues the tradition of fathers throwing sons into volcanos in its story mode, as well as just being a prime example of a fun 3D fighter. Unlike many of the other games on this list, players have the freedom to move around the arena with three-dimensional movement. They can dodge or attack foes from sides and angles not possible in games like Street Fighter or Guilty Gear. Each limb of a fighter is mapped to a different button, which gives the player control over which side your attacks are coming from.

Tekken's fights are hard-hitting and dynamic, with each character bringing their own brand of martial arts to the battle. You can choose straightforward characters like Kazuya, who uses strong punches, kicks, and sweeps, or flashier fighters like the Capoeira styling of Eddie Gordo. New to Tekken 7 is a dramatic slowdown effect caused by final hits or near misses from round-ending haymakers. The slowing of the action sounds jarring on paper but adds a ton of excitement and edge-of-your-seat moments to the game. Tekken 7 is easily one of the best entries in the series, if not the best, and demands to be added to your growing collection of fighting games. | Our review

Soul Calibur VI

PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC

Soulcalibur has always had one big differentiator to other fighting games, and that's its focus on weaponry. Each fighter wields their preferred armament in battle, which provides a suite of unique moves and strategies. Those swinging a massive blade, like Nightmare or Siegfried, have a far reach and hit exceptionally hard, while combatants wielding nimbler weapons like Taki or Raphael resort to quicker strikes and spry movement. Like its Bandai Namco developed counterpart, Tekken, Soulcalibur VI takes place on a 3D plane, allowing for sidesteps and even freely running around the battlefield.

Are you worried about being lost with Soulcalibur VI's place in the series lore? That won't be a problem with this entry, as it serves as both a reboot and sequel to the Soulcalibur franchise. Its Soul Chronicles mode lets players experience each character's events throughout the history of the series, with updated events regarding the tale of this game. Soul Calibur VI certainly sets itself apart from everything else in the genre, but it's easily one of the most fun games available now. | Our review

Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate

PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, PC

Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate is a gory yet beautiful conclusion to the story arc that began in 2011's Mortal Kombat. Netherrealm Studios, also known for its Injustice series, sets a high bar for how a AAA fighting game looks and plays. MK11's crowning achievement is a best-in-class story mode that not only tells a great tale, especially for longtime fans of the series, but is fun to play as well. The story revolves around Kronika, mother of the Elder Gods and keeper of time. She is taking drastic measures to fix an anomaly in the universe's destiny set forth by the actions of Raiden years ago. The resulting battle between beloved Earthrealm warriors and the forces of Kronika is bombastic and cheesy in all of the best ways. Time travel and alternate timeline shenanigans ensue, leading up to a final battle to control all of time itself.

Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate brings everything from the base game and its expansion, Aftermath, into one package. That includes a roster of 37 Kombatants with series mainstays Sub Zero, Scorpion, Johnny Cage, and Shao Kahn, alongside a host of new characters and incredible guests the likes of The Terminator, Rambo, and The Joker. Each character comes with customizable moves and interchangeable costumes elements to further personalize your Kombatants of choice. Those who may be squeamish may want to skip this game, but fighting game fans, in general, should give MK11 a try if you can stomach intense violence. | Our review 

Skullgirls 2nd Encore

PlayStation 4, Switch, PC

Originally designed as an homage to the playstyle of tag games like Marvel Vs Capcom 2, Skullgirls lets you choose up to three characters to take in a fight. Though you do have the option to go with fewer, resulting in your team or solo member having more health to account for the lack of partners. This flexibility in team size gives players the choice to embrace the complexity of a tag fighter or hone in and master just one character, a unique feature in the current slate of fighting games. Skullgirls' recent resurgence is partially the result of its implementation of great rollback netcode, a valuable asset since the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic. The game originally consisted of an all-woman cast, each partnered with a parasite that gives them superhuman powers. Eventually, male characters were also added to the roster.

Skullgirls was recently handed off from now-defunct Lab Zero Games to its new conservators at Hidden Variable Studios. And with new management comes a new business model. While Skullgirls 2nd Encore has been available for a number of years, the hand-drawn 2D fighter is jumping to a season character release structure, breathing new life into the game and ensuring we'll be able to throw down with even more Skullgirls and guys in the future. | Our review

Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3

PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PlayStation Vita, PC

Few games are as fun to watch as Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3. With its comic book aesthetics and a roster full of familiar faces from comics, movies, and video games, MVC3 is a joy to experience. You build three-character teams with the likes of Deadpool, Dante, Doctor Doom, Rocket Racoon, Phoenix Wright, Wolverine, Dormammu, Ryu, Zero, and the list goes on and on. Team composition is a crucial skill to learn, as is how to catch your opponents in lengthy combos involving members of your entire team, which can carry you and your victims high into the air. It's fast, frantic, and exciting. Check out UMvC3 if you want to see the peak of tag-team fighters from the last decade, and test your skills and reflexes against CPU opponents or the online warriors still grinding on the game. | Our review

Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid

PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, Stadia, PC

It's morphin' time in this game based on the Power Rangers "Shattered Grid" comic storyline. Fight as or against the forces of an alternate universe threat known as Lord Drakkon (a version of Green/White Ranger Tommy Oliver who chose evil over good) and Rita Repulsa from taking over the Morphing Grid. Matches are fast-paced 3v3 tag clashes where you can perform devastating team attacks, combos, or even call in help from the massive Zords.

Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid is the little fighting game that could. Releasing in early 2019, Battle for the Grid has received constant updates from developer nWay, with new roster additions, voice acting (some actors reprising roles from the show), and stages. As of now, the game features over 30 characters spanning the eras and interactions of Power Rangers. Even Ryu and Chun-Li from Street Fighter have stepped up to become honorary Rangers. Out of almost any game on this list, Battle for the Grid shows how players can lead to a better game and encourage extended support. | Our review

What games on this list do you enjoy? What games would you add that aren't listed? Let us know in the comments! If you enjoyed this list, be sure to check out our list of lists, a hub of all of Game Informer's recent genre lists, and more!

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https://www.gameinformer.com/2021/09/16/top-10-rpgs-to-play-right-now&q…; target="_blank">Top 10 RPGs To Play Right Now

Game Informer 21:11

Halo Infinite isn't even out yet, but that's not stopping players from stretching its systems to their limits in the multiplayer technical previews as of late. 

The latest batch of technical previews happened during the previous two weekends and in those previews, the classic Halo mode, Big Team Battle, was available to play. Matches took place on a map called Fragmentation in Big Team Battle – it's basically Halo Infinite's version of Valhalla from Halo 3 – and the sheer size of the map allowed players to test what is and isn't possible in Halo Infinite. 

The clip above showcases perhaps the most impressive Halo Infinite clip we've found. In it, streamer Mint Blitz discovers that if you grapple to a vehicle, your Spartan will basically follow that vehicle wherever it goes…including across basically the entirety of the Fragmentation map. 

And speaking of grappling to vehicles, Kinda Funny's Andy Cortez discovered that you can hijack a Banshee far above the map by grappling to it. Simply have a grappling hook on hand, aim for the vehicle (this is probably easier said than done), and fire away. Then, sit back and watch as your Spartan soars through the air to steal a Banshee. 

Redditor SumptuarySun1016 discovered what might be the most tactical approach to Halo Infinite we've seen thus far: standing atop a Wasp. The Wasp is a relatively new vehicle, first appearing in Halo 5, and it's basically a UNSC-version of the Banshee shaped like a large drone. While it's great on its own to use, taking a trusty Spartan teammate up to the skies above is even greater as it gives them an extra-high vantage point to take out enemies down below. 

Click here to watch embedded media

Transitioning back to the battle on the ground, check out this clip from redditor yourwelcomeidiot. As you can see in the video below, they discover that Spartans can absolutely yeet a fusion coil (readily available at both ends of Fragmentation) and on top of that, you can yeet a fusion coil right into a drop wall equipment pick up to take it down in one swift go. 

Click here to watch embedded media

Finishing up our very-cool-clips tour of Fragmentation in Halo Infinite, redditor Oddballforlife (fitting username) discovered what one of our editors felt when they played multiplayer this past weekend: Halo is back.

Click here to watch embedded media

As you can see in the clip above, Oddballforlife learns that the Halo Infinite Gravity Hammer is as powerful as it's always been, capable of absolutely destroying a Warthog with just a couple of hits. It doesn't hurt that Halo Infinite's vehicular ragdoll physics absolutely sent that Warthog flying. 

Gamertag Radio's Danny Peña became a grappling hook master on Halo Infinite's Behemoth map and his clip serves as an excellent tip for any and all players: use your grappling hook to recover from an otherwise deadly fall. 

Our final clip in this Halo Infinite round-up is less something-cool-to-do-in-Halo and more of a something-not-to-do-in-Halo PSA that comes by way of Gamertag Radio's Peter Toledo: landing on the Pelicans that drop into maps will kill you immediately so uhhh don't do that. 

If you have any awesome clips from your time with Halo Infinite, be sure to share them with Game Informer by linking to them in the comments below or tagging us on social media. 

For more about Halo Infinite, check out our impressions from the recent multiplayer technical preview and then read about how 343 Industries is changing Halo Infinite's radar following player criticism. Check out this story about how you can earn in-game rewards by picking up special Halo Infinite editions of Rockstar energy drinks after that. 

Halo Infinite hits PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S consoles on December 8

Have you been playing Halo Infinite in the technical previews? What do you think of it? Let us know in the comments below!

Nintendo Life | Latest Updates 22:00

Yes, we said "hamster-car".

Pui Pui Molcar is a must-watch if you enjoy stop-motion animation, fluffy things, or just want to find out more about an alternate universe in which cars are hamsters. Or vice-versa. It's as confusing as it is adorable.

Read the full article on nintendolife.com

Nintendo Life | Latest Updates 21:30


The Nintendo Switch is apparently very hot right now — so hot that it's in the kitchen. Bon Appétit, the New York-based cooking magazine/website/YouTube enterprise that was the subject of criticism back in 2020 after allegations of a toxic and racist environment, has slowly been building up its site after a ton of their key talent left in protest — and part of that apparently includes expanding into video games. How very dare they.

Writer Nico Avalle mostly covers food, with articles like "The 69 Best Thanksgiving Recipes" (nice) and "What Is Crab Paste, Anyway?" but a few days ago, they published a piece titled "4 Nintendo Switch Games for Food Lovers" — a list which included examples of games that "get it right" when it comes to portraying food.

Read the full article on nintendolife.com

Nintendo Life | Latest Updates 21:00

"Thank you to all players".

7-Eleven Japan has just announced that the collaboration between the convenience store and Pokémon GO — which saw over 19,000 Pokéstops added to the stores all over Japan — will end on Sunday, October 31st. All of the Pokéstops will be removed from the game by the early morning (Japan time) of November 1st.

The collab has existed since April 2017, and we have no information as to why it's ending four years later, but with the game winding down and Niantic removing features, it could just be a good time for 7-Eleven to dip.

Read the full article on nintendolife.com

Polygon - All 21:55
Lando joins in the climactic battle of the latest Star Wars trilogy at the helm of the Millennium Falcon.
Image: Disney/Lucasfilm

What's up with Rey and Ochi? One of four new books may hold the answer.

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Polygon - All 21:40
Seven armed Spartans pose for a glamour shot in Halo Infinite
Image: 343 Studios/Xbox Game Studios

After over a decade, Halo may finally be back

Continue reading…

Polygon - All 21:30
Steph, sweating in the heat, pointing to her head
Image: Deck Nine/Square Enix

The focus returns to Steph's story

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Polygon - All 21:14
Trent Alexander-Arnold of Liverpool celebrates by gesturing to his numeral and nametape in a manner similar to Jamie Tartt da-da-dadada-da-dada
Image: EA Vancouver/Electronic Arts

Trademark filings highlight EA's possible plans for a new name

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Polygon - All 21:08
An image from The Sandman Audible series
Sandman Act 2 | Image: Audible

The creators discuss the need to update the source material for the modern era

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Polygon - All 20:43
gonzo and pepe in coffins in muppets haunted mansion
Image: Disney

Muppet director Kirk Thatcher talks to Polygon about his long-awaited horror comedy

Continue reading…

Gamers: The best place for gaming news and discussion 20:10
Join us submitted by /u/Alcatrazz42
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Xbox Wire 22:00
     Get more NHL 22 right now as an EA Play member. Start your season today with a 10-hour early access trial including exclusive, limited-time Ultimate Team Challenges, HUT Rush events, and rewards in the first event of the season; NHL 22 Training Camp. Plus score a 10% discount on your pre-order and monthly member-only World […]

Kotaku 21:50

Creating Get In the Car, Loser!, an RPG road-trip adventure game in which high schoolers take on "machine devil cultists" to save the world, was a labor of love for its developers, Love Conquers All Games. I spoke to Christine Love, the game's lead developer, about the team's development process and how she approached…


Kotaku 21:00

Far Cry 6, Ubisoft's latest open-world shooter about making sure you never have another second of free time, is out now for PlayStation, Xbox, and PC. For the most part, it's more of the stuff that's defined previous Far Cry games: a bunch of structures to climb, a bunch of people to shoot, a map with so many icons on…


PCGamesN 21:43
     This free Microsoft Flight Simulator mod adds the set from TV's M*A*S*H

If you've been tooling around the friendly skies of Microsoft Flight Simulator in the Bell 47 helicopter created by third party developer FlyInside, you may have found yourself humming the theme song to the TV series M*A*S*H, which featured the distinctive bubble-canopy aircraft prominently in its opening credits. Now, thanks to a free mod, you can land on the film set just as it was during the show's production run.

M*A*S*H - The film set is a free mod for the simulator game by Photosbykev that adds custom structures and textures to California's Malibu Creek State Park, where both the film and television series were filmed between 1970 and 1983. While M*A*S*H was set near Uijeongbu, Korea, the rugged mountains along the Pacific coast west of Los Angeles served as the show's on-screen backdrop for its many outdoor scenes.

The mod includes two helipads, a handful of army hospital tents, several trucks, and some shipping containers, laid out the way they appear in M*A*S*H's opening sequence. It's a treacherous area to land in anything other than a helicopter, but fortunately there's a short dirt strip located about 500 metres to the west if you're in a fixed-wing aircraft.

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PCGamesN 21:02
     Apex Legends' new event once again gives Revenant the best skin

Look, maybe Revenant just has an unfair advantage. He's a cyborg skeleton, and that's just inherently cool. Maybe that's why it always seems like he's got the coolest skin every time a new Apex Legends event rolls around. That's no less true with Monsters Within, the Halloween event for 2021, but cosmetics aren't the only things to look forward to here.

The new Revenant skin casts him as a sort of werebeast, and given his starring role in the event trailer, it's clear that Respawn knows it's the best look this season. Seer's looking dapper in red, and Caustic's transparent torso is cool, too, but everyone's playing second fiddle to the cyborg assassin here. You can pick up Monsters Within packs for 400 Apex coins, which are all guaranteed to include a non-duplicate event item.

If you're more interested in playing a videogame than grinding or paying for Apex Legends skins, there's stuff for you here, too. A new Arenas map called Encore lands with Monsters Within, taking us to Seer's home planet of Boreas. The Shadow Royale LTM is also making a comeback, putting you in a trios match where dead players can return in shadow form to continue affecting the match.

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PCGamesN 20:20
     Halo: The Master Chief Collection starts up its final season next week

Next week, Season 8 begins for Halo: The Master Chief Collection, and it'll be the multiplayer game's final season. 343 Industries says the studio plans to shift its focus for seasonal updates to Halo Infinite once this season wraps up, but MCC players can still look forward to new features, bug fixes, and quality of life improvements for the foreseeable future.

Season 8: Mythic features an ancients theme, and you'll be able to unlock armour sets styled to evoke medieval knights, Viking warriors, and even the fearsome Spartan soldiers after whom the UNSC's elite troops are named.

The eighth season will also include a host of new features, including a new map for Halo 3 called Icebox. It's a reworked version of the Halo 2 map Turf, which adds a covering of snow and ice to the small urban environment. Icebox had originally been created for Halo Online, which was unceremoniously cancelled in 2016. Season 8 also adds in Steam account linking, a custom game browser for Halo: Combat Evolved and Halo 3, and a boatload of new cosmetic and pose options across the collection.

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PCGamesN 21:15
     Minecraft's getting bigger biomes

This week's Minecraft snapshot is a day later than usual, but it's still bringing a dose of beta changes that'll give us an idea of what to expect from the 1.18 release date. The tweaks are getting more granular as we go, which hopefully means we're getting near-final - but for now, snapshot 21w40a is bringing us some further tweaks to world generation and ore distribution.

Biomes are gonna be bigger in this snapshot than in previous iterations of the new world generation system, as most biome types have been tweaked to be a bit larger on average. Non-cave biomes will no longer be affected by height, as the devs explain in the patch notes, "so no more savannas in the sky and things like that".

Further adjustments to ore mean that even more copper will be available - you'll now get two to five (up from two to three) raw copper for every block of copper ore you break. Ore distribution overall has been tweaked again, too, and you'll find iron ore now spawning above the 80 mark, with more spawning the higher you go.

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Rock Paper Shotgun Latest Articles Feed 21:11

EA's FIFA games might not be called FIFA in future. That's what EA Sports say, eventually, in a blog post on the "future of football".

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Siliconera 22:00

You can now watch the Asakusa and Tsuzumi Mansion arcs from the streaming service.

The post Funimation Airing Two New Demon Slayer Omnibus Episodes appeared first on Siliconera.

Siliconera 20:00

This new Charizard Nanoblock set will result in a larger figure than ones the past sets let people build.

The post The Nanoblock Charizard Deluxe Kit is Coming This November appeared first on Siliconera.

Destructoid 21:42

Impressions from the open beta When it comes to online FPS games, I like to cause chaos. I like to...

The post Battlefield 2042 let me drive a truck into a future tornado, and it ruled appeared first on Destructoid.

Destructoid 21:30

"Are you too good for your home?" This week's free PC game on the Epic Games Store, PC Building Simulator,...

The post PC Building Simulator is free on the Epic Games Store and I'm already stressed about the CPU cooler appeared first on Destructoid.

Destructoid 21:00

DJ simulator, but make it emotional After the pleasant surprise that was Life is Strange: True Colors, I was interested to...

The post Life is Strange: True Colors – Wavelengths delivers on tunes and heartwarming backstory appeared first on Destructoid.

Destructoid 20:30

Xbox Smart Delivery wins Like most, I completely took Smart Delivery for granted when it was announced for the Xbox...

The post Xbox Smart Delivery still dunks on the PS5 upgrade system appeared first on Destructoid.

PC Invasion - FeedDDD 21:15
     Destiny 2: Forsaken – Another Week Of Waiting For The ThunderlordIt wasn't so long ago that Destiny 2 massively surprised fans by introducing the vault and nuking most of the game's planets from orbit. In this instance, it was not the only way to be sure. As fans now know that absolutely nothing they spend money on is safe, Bungie has announced that Destiny 2 will be losing the Forsaken campaign and Tangled Shore early next year. If you haven't had your fill of those yet, now's a good time to hop on in and start playing, as, at the very least, this gives you a substantial heads up to when it's all going bye-bye. This vaulting for Destiny 2 will commence on February 22, 2022. Yes, 2/22/22. Taking away content people paid for is now an excuse to be cheeky. Not a great look, Bungie. The dev makes sure to note that, although these pieces of content will no longer be available, The Dreaming City is going to stick around, so at least there's that. In addition, Year 4 seasonal content will be following suit, including...

PC Invasion - FeedDDD 20:45
     grounded hot and hazy update playable test serverIt has been a minute since we last saw a major update for Obsidian Entertainment's Grounded. The developer took big updates on the open-world survival game down a notch following the Koi Pond rework. Since then, the developer has released multiple smaller patches, along with one last content update with Shroom & Doom in June. That nearly rhymed. Today, however, Obsidian is finally about ready to unveil the next step for the game. The Grounded – Hot and Hazy update promises to change nearly everything, and it's playable now on the public test server. It would be faster to list what the Hot and Hazy update doesn't do for Grounded. Some outlets were able to try it out ahead of the public test. The word on the street is that the update adds roleplaying elements to the game. It's apropos, considering that Obsidian is well known for its fantastic RPGs. Hot and Hazy adds reworks to the food system, changes to mutations, an underground dungeon, and a sandbo...

PC Invasion - FeedDDD 20:05
     Far Cry 6 Chicharron Amigo Guide How To Get Chicharron Chicharron AbilitiesChicharron is one of the amigos that you can recruit in Far Cry 6. He's extremely hyper-aggressive, feisty, and more than a match for most soldiers in Yara. Here's our Far Cry 6 Chicharron amigo guide to help you obtain this rooster companion. Note: For more information, check out our Far Cry 6 guides and features hub. Likewise, you can take a look at our other amigo/animal companion guides for Guapo, Chorizo, K-9000, and Champagne.   Far Cry 6 Chicharron amigo guide: How to get the rooster companion Acquiring Chicharron in Far Cry 6 To acquire your Chicharron amigo in Far Cry 6, you'll need to head to El Este to meet the Legends of '67. Once you arrive at the Patriotas Peak guerrilla base, you'll see a note. This will start the "Man's Best Enemy" Yaran Story. If you go to the marked location, you'll arrive in Alvarez Farm all the way to the south. This farm happens to have La Bala de Plata, one of the roosters that you can ...

Nintendo Everything 21:17

Gameplay has come in for Jack Axe, an open world platforming adventure inspired by Filipino and Norse mythology. The title landed on Switch earlier today. Here's an overview of the game: Be Jack! Get an axe! Take Jack (and her sisters) on an axe tossing, single or multiplayer, adventure in a vibrant open world inspired by Filipino and Norse mythology....

The post Jack Axe gameplay appeared first on Nintendo Everything.

TouchArcade 21:03
     Hello gentle readers, and welcome to the SwitchArcade Round-Up for October 7th, 2021. In today's article, it's all about those …

PlayStation LifeStyle 21:50

Sony's Play At Home initiative—a response to the Covid lockdowns—turned […]

The post Sony's Play At Home Initiative was an 'Extraordinary Success' with 60 Million Game Downloads appeared first on PlayStation LifeStyle.

PlayStation LifeStyle 21:21

Sony Interactive Entertainment President Jim Ryan has explained his hopes […]

The post Jim Ryan Would Love Hundreds of Millions of People to Enjoy PlayStation Games, Currently Around 10-20 Million Per Hit appeared first on PlayStation LifeStyle.

PlayStation LifeStyle 20:41

The Aragami franchise began with the game of the same […]

The post Aragami 2 Review – Supernatural Stealthing (PS5) appeared first on PlayStation LifeStyle.

Massively Overpowered 22:00
We somehow managed to miss the fall Astroneer update, which is wild since my own kids have been playing it, but either way we're rectifying that right now because you don't want to miss a minute more of the F.A.R.M. event. No, not the mob kind of farming… the harvesting kind. "Grab your fellow Astroneers […]

Massively Overpowered 21:00
When Final Fantasy XI released its third expansion, Treasures of Aht Urhgan, the playerbase rejoiced and had a particular love of the new jobs released with the expansion. Blue Mage, Puppetmaster, and Corsair were all seen as welcome and positive improvements to the game as a whole. But the original plan was to have even more added […]

JoyFreak 21:58
Got a video game streaming channel? Or a video? Want to share it with the community? This is the thread for that!

Please do not make an entire thread for your streaming channel or video, otherwise it may be deleted and issued with a warning.

You can embed your video entirely into the post by simply copy and paste of the URL of your streaming channel/video.

Users may bump the thread once per day or as and when a new video is uploaded.

If you want to learn about the rules and standards of...

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Pivotal Gamers 20:10
     Hello all. We have another excellent giveaway from GrabTheGames for WINDSHIFT. Let's hear them out. Get WINDSHIFT for FREE! A few words about WINDSHIFT Have you ever earnestly desired to rescue a person? This is a story of one man, and this desire is what kept him going… In Land of Fire,Looming are Fire Musketeers put together by evil Lord Phoenix. Journey around the world,Vanquish ene...

Goal video games news 19:51
     In general, the poster itself has far fewer direct homages or references to the video games, but it is striking regardless. The Raccoon Police Department ...

Goal video games news 18:45
     NPD Group conducted the survey by polling 5,000 people in the US, including children. Get Our Best Stories! Sign up for What's New Now to get our top stories ...

PCGamer latest 21:23
     Turtle Rock issued a warning about the risks of the in-game jukebox today.

PCGamer latest 20:10
     The full version of the excellent baseball game is free on Steam until October 11, and 50% off until October 21.

PCGamer latest 20:05
     The Tangled Shore, and almost all content from Forsaken, are being sent to the Content Vault.