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PCGamesN Saturday, January 28, 2023 1:21 PM
     FFXIV's new ultimate fight slams into buff cap as players push limits

The fifth FFXIV ultimate has arrived, and The Omega Protocol (Ultimate) is currently in the process of being methodically pulled apart by the best players the MMORPG community has to offer as they strive to be the first team to beat it. However, the encounter - introduced with the release of FFXIV patch 6.31 - has caused many groups to run into a long-standing issue with the game's buff cap, reopening a discussion around the limitation.

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American Truck Simulator hasn't yet received its already-announced Oklahoma DLC, but work is underway on the state that will follow it: Kansas. You'll find a reveal trailer filled with grassy fields and grain silos below.

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Battlefield 2042's update 3.2 will arrive next week, which is notable because it will revive Battlefield's traditional class system. If you were one of the many players to be frustrated by 2042's Specialists, then 3.2 is your chance to once again don the roles of Assault, Engineer, Recon and Support.

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Barotrauma is a co-op scifi submarine sim, which is a great thing to be. It's been navigating the murky depths of early access for the past three years but is now prepping for a 1.0 this spring. Prepareations in this case mean "pre-patch" with "final fixes and changes" the development team wanted to make before the big release day comes, and a price increase in two weeks time.

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Overwatch 2 players haven't been happy with the way its ranked matches have worked since launch. Blizzard agree, it seems, although they're not going to be reverting back to how things were in Overwatch 1. Instead they'll be implementing changes in season 3 and season 4 "aimed at creating more clarity in the system."

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     Go back to the video game world of The Last of Us.

Twinfinite Saturday, January 28, 2023 3:08 PM
     The beat kicked up well before we knew it was playing.

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cheshire bayonetta 3

Platinum Games Official's YouTube channel uploaded a video detailing how the development team went about modeling Cheshire for Bayonetta 3. Cheshire is a new character in the Bayonetta franchise, as he is the Infernal Demon connected to Viola. Cheshire also appears in Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon.

The video is around two-and-a-half minutes long. Though it is in Japanese, there are English subtitles. Minoru Kasai, the character modeler for Bayonetta 3, described some of the difficulties and concepts around how the team designed Cheshire. Cheshire's large size made it more important to keep background processes at a minimum. This is so that when you actually use Cheshire, the action feels fast-paced without any lag.

You can watch the video on Cheshire's character modeling here:


In Bayonetta 3, Cheshire is the only demon that Viola can summon for Demon Slave. Unlike Bayonetta's Demon Slave, you cannot actually directly control Cheshire. However, you can still control and attack as Viola during Cheshire's activation. You just have to do so unarmed. In the video, you can see how Cheshire fights in-game. According to Kasai, the team had to consider the material of Cheshire's plush doll-like body in order to get elements like the lighting correct.

Bayonetta 3 is readily available for the Nintendo Switch.

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Some Fire Emblem Engage S-Rank Romances Don't Hold Back

Fire Emblem Engage does away with romance between allies, meaning no paired endings, but does allow some characters to enter into loving relationships with Alear after being given the Pact Ring. It's a bit of a change for the series, given most entries do have love interests for both the protagonists and other characters and paired endings. Still, the more romantic moments that are present can be quite lovely and well-executed. As an example of some of the better ones people can pursue, here are some of the more well-handled romances in Fire Emblem Engage.

As you can guess, yes, there will be spoilers for Fire Emblem Engage romances between Alear and other characters below.

Some Fire Emblem Engage S-Rank Romances Don't Hold Back Alfred

Okay, I was certain Alfred was going to be one of the characters who wouldn't be a romance option in Fire Emblem Engage. Like he was the first C-rank conversation I unlocked, and he kicked off the talk by establishing Alear was his "friend." I'm thinking, "Right. I had an idea this was coming due to the Japanese rating. Fine." Then when I was save scumming to see different S-rank options before the first time I faced the final battle, I figured I'd see how Alfred's turned out after going after my first picks. (Zelkov, Mauvier, Pandreo, and Diamant, in case you were curious.)

I was so pleasantly surprised to see how it kicked off! To have Alfred go that friendship wasn't going to cut it, and that he was basically in denial and trying to focus on "friends" was really great. I ended up liking it a lot.


Is it just me, or does Diamant almost feel like a possible "default" male love interest for Alear? From the way they meet to how the story goes, it seems to work. (I feel the same way about Ivy, by the way.) The two also open up to each other throughout their C, B, and A Support conversations. They trust each other enough to know what their weaknesses are.

Plus, I'm a very big fan of the fact that Diamant took a medal that was so important to him and used it to make a ring for Alear, as a way of "proposing" first.


Speaking of Ivy… This really does feel like a fitting conclusion to her story. After finding out that the entire time, she was a secret follower of the Divine Dragon, her getting to spend the rest of her life with Alear seems appropriate. It's great to see Alear say they want to open their heart to her the way she did for them. Also, it's one of those times when we actually get to see an emotional side of Ivy, and that's always fun.


While the conversations between characters tend to be platonic, it feels like Kagetsu is constantly showing his romantic interest in Alear throughout Fire Emblem Engage. He's very affectionate. If you give him a gift he likes, he suggests he could just kiss ("quiz") you. So when it comes to the S-rank, it's really satisfying to see him head on admit that the idea of Alear being with someone else is getting to him and he's jealous.

It also leads to one of the most loving and affectionate final confessions, during which he flat out says, "I will devote my life to bringing you happiness. Because I love you!"

Some Fire Emblem Engage S-Rank Romances Don't Hold Back Mauvier

It seems like Mauvier and Alear have a lot in common, despite being on opposite sides for much of the war. We really get to see that in the C, B, and A-rank conversations. Both go out of their way to help people, and they work together to try and aid in the recovery. Both also have a capital-P Past, which might lead to feelings of atonement that they can work on together as Mauvier recovers.

But I really like in the final S-rank Fire Emblem Engage conversation between the two is how obvious the apparent romance and attraction is between them. Alear has no trouble pointing out Mauvier's finer points. Veyle already noticed Mauvier's feelings for Alear and gave her approval. It's very sweet.

Some Fire Emblem Engage S-Rank Romances Don't Hold Back Merrin

It's always fun to see Merrin get flustered in Fire Emblem Engage, given what a cool and collected character she often is, and that is exactly what happens in her S-rank romance with Alear. The conversation initially seems like it will focus on her close-to-finished book. However, it's then that she confesses her feelings for the Divine Dragon. Their ending also hints at how romantic and connected the two will be after the story, which is heartwarming.

Some Fire Emblem Engage S-Rank Romances Don't Hold Back Pandreo

I hate how much I ended up loving this barking, howling priest! He's genuinely a fun character, and often rather thoughtful. Throughout his storyline, he's opening up to Alear and getting them to, in turn, interact with ordinary people who also worship the Divine Dragon.

It's great to see a genuine relationship grow out of that. It's one where Pandreo isn't just seeing Alear as someone to worship. So honestly, I really like the idea of the two of them together. Especially since their conversation at the S-rank can feel genuine.

Some Fire Emblem Engage S-Rank Romances Don't Hold Back Saphir

With Saphir, I loved how sensitive she came across in this romance. She's always such a strong woman throughout the game. Even throughout the conversations with Alear, she's this stalwart staple. But once the idea of them being partners forever comes up, we see that other side. It's especially great to hear Alear say they want to be strong enough to protect her. Not to mention her going, "Can I really let myself be so happy?"


I worry about Seadall! Dude, you're wandering in the desert and nearly get yourself killed. You're holding yourself to possibly impossible standards to be the best dancer possible. When we get to the B-rank conversation, we see that perfect facade can drop. Also, that he's so obsessed with perfection that he might deny himself occasional treats or rely on "cards" to get answers. We also see he's willing to be a bit more tempered as a result of the bond.

Also, Seadall continues the trend of basically proposing to Alear before they do, which really helps this feel like a real relationship.

Some Fire Emblem Engage S-Rank Romances Don't Hold Back Zelkov

I like characters that are multifaceted a lot, and Zelkov feels like that. The Supports leading up to the S-rank are almost playful, with fun exchanges between two people able to relax around each other. At the same time, we get to understand him more.

Plus, I'm also a big fan of Fire Emblem Engage S-rank roamnces in which one character prepares a gift for Alear before even getting the Pact Ring. It really shows that this isn't some one-sided affair, and that happens here.

As a reminder, there are other romantic S-rank conversations in Fire Emblem Engage, and you might find one of them more to your liking.

Fire Emblem Engage is available for the Nintendo Switch.

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     Forspoken Deinosuchus Abomination Boss Guide Spectrum Nail PatternDeinosuchus is an Abomination boss in Forspoken. Found in The Moulderings zone, this cross between a sea dragon and giant squid will have you surfing all over the place during the fight. Here's our Forspoken Deinosuchus boss guide to help you defeat this Abomination opponent for the Spectrum Nail Pattern. Note: We'll have a Forspoken guides and features hub soon, so stay tuned.   Forspoken Deinosuchus Abomination boss guide (Spectrum Nail Pattern) As mentioned above, the Deinosuchus Abomination boss in Forspoken is in The Moulderings. The zone is accessible after you beat Tanta Prav, whereupon you'll obtain Water spells. These include Glide, which basically acts as a surfboard so you can skim over the lake in Samum Coast. Keep going east, and you'll reach The Moulderings. From there, you'll trek up the mountain path until you arrive at the peak where the creature awaits. Screenshots by PC Invasion The...

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     Forspoken All Tanta's Familiar Cat Locations Guide Cat Person AchievementTanta's Familiar monuments dot the landscape of Forspoken. These points-of-interest lead to some really awesome scenes because you'll end up meeting a bunch of cute cats. Here's our Forspoken Tanta's Familiar Cat locations guide to help you find all the magic felines for the "Cat Person" achievement. Note: We'll have a Forspoken guides and features hub soon, so stay tuned.   Forspoken all Tanta's Familiar Cat locations guide – Cat Person achievement Catching Tanta's Familiar Cats The Tanta's Familiar locations in Forspoken are altars with a cat statue, and they're also symbolized by a paw on the world map. Once you get close to one, you'll be able to interact with it, which causes a magical furball to spawn. Screenshot by PC Invasion The creature will teleport to a clearing or field, and you'll have to go near it. A prompt will tell you to hold the right mouse button, which causes Frey to enter ste...

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     Forspoken Chasing The Cat Guide Poppet Stranith Cloak Pelerine Cloak Cipal DetoursChasing the Cat is a multi-part sidequest in Forspoken. These activities take place in the city of Cipal, where you'll be roaming around in several chapters. Along the way, you'll pick up a special item that allows you to purchase a couple of gear pieces. Here's our Forspoken Chasing the Cat guide to help you with Cipal detours and Poppet items for the Pelerine Cloak and Stranith Cloaks. Note: We'll have a Forspoken guides and features hub soon, so stay tuned.   Forspoken all Chasing the Cat detours and Poppets guide The Basics of Chasing Cute Cats Each Chasing the Cat detour in Forspoken becomes available as you progress further in the campaign (i.e., one sidequest occurs in Chapter 3, and another in Chapter 4, and so on). While the game does warn you that advancing the story further might prematurely fail optional activities, you don't need to worry about this quest chain. In fact, after beating the final boss, you can still look for the cats in Cip...

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     How Many Chapters In Forspoken Chapter List GuideThe narrative arc of Forspoken takes you to multiple regions of Athia. You'll meet several characters, some of whom are good and some are downright evil. You'll then tackle a slew of objectives, culminating in pulse-pounding battles. So, how many chapters are in Forspoken and what do these story beats entail? We discuss these topics in our campaign breakdown guide. Note: We'll have a Forspoken guides and features hub soon, so stay tuned. Likewise, please be reminded that the second half of this guide contains spoilers.   Forspoken campaign story guide — How many chapters in Forspoken? No Spoilers: What Are the Chapters in Forspoken? There are 13 chapters in Forspoken. To be clear, you can expect lengthy romps all across Athia in some of these, while others are fairly short (i.e., one even has a bunch of cutscenes only). These are the chapters in the campaign: Chapter 1: Attachments Chapter 2: Stuck Chapter 3: The Interloper Chapter 4: What Must Be Done Chapter...

PC Invasion - FeedDDD Saturday, January 28, 2023 1:25 PM
     How Long Is Forspoken Game Length Campaign Length GuideForspoken is an open-world adventure role-playing game. In it, you'll play as Frey as you roam around the world of Athia. You'll visit many regions, battle countless foes, and acquire a lot of abilities. So, how long is Forspoken and how many hours can you expect to spend in this entire endeavor? We discuss these in our game length guide. Note: We'll have a Forspoken guides and features hub soon, so stay tuned.   Forspoken game campaign length guide — How long is Forspoken? According to HowLongToBeat.com, a campaign run in Forspoken takes as long as 15 hours and 22 minutes. That's the average benchmark if you're only focusing on the main story. However, that can extend up to almost 18 hours if you're taking your sweet time, whereas rushing would clock in at around 13 and a half hours. To be clear, though, only a few people have been polled, so I might as well include my experience. Main story (15 hours) – I started playing Forspoken on l...

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Will reportedly feature new information on the upcoming Title Update 4

The post Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak To Get New Event on February 1 appeared first on Gaming Instincts - Next-Generation of Video Game Journalism.

Gaming Instincts – Next-Generation of Video Game Journalism Saturday, January 28, 2023 1:40 PM

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PCGamesN Saturday, January 28, 2023 11:42 AM
     Warzone 2 map survey lets players vote to get Verdansk, Blackout back

The debate around the best battle royale game map is a never-ending one, especially for the Call of Duty community, considering there have been multiple iterations and games with vastly different experiences on offer. The Warzone 2 map of Al Mazrah is no different, and a report now suggests that Activision is turning to players to find out what type of map they want, with some old favourites potentially coming back to Warzone 2.

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PCGamesN Saturday, January 28, 2023 11:15 AM
     Diablo 3 season 28 start date speculation, seals, legendary potions

It's almost time for the Diablo 3 season 28 start date, giving fans plenty to keep them busy in one of the best RPG games on PC. While Diablo 3 is now over a decade old (don't think about that too much, or you'll turn to dust faster than an unfortunately placed NPC in a firestorm), there's plenty of reason to come back to the Blizzard game and stretch your loot-gathering legs as we prepare for the Diablo 4 release date to arrive.

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PCGamesN Saturday, January 28, 2023 10:31 AM
     Preposterous platformer Pizza Tower already getting cheaper on Steam

I'm struggling to find the words for an intro that do Steam's newest platformer, the erratic and energetic Pizza Tower, justice. It's a platform game that immediately a-salts the senses with a bopping soundtrack, bright visuals, an average Italian man fighting an assortment of enemies, and mushrooms - but it's about as far from the overall-wearing plumber as you can get, and it's already shot up to the top of my must-play list.

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PCGamesN Saturday, January 28, 2023 7:56 AM
     Lost Ark reset bug compensation

If you've been hit by the Lost Ark reset bug affecting many players in recent weeks, there's good news as developer Smilegate announces a compensation package for anyone affected. However, the contents of the pack and certain restrictions on how it can be claimed have left many fans of the MMORPG underwhelmed.

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PCGamesN Saturday, January 28, 2023 7:28 AM
     Starfield and Redfall

It's no secret that Microsoft struggled with first-party releases in 2022, which is why even the head of Xbox is aware that upcoming Bethesda titles Starfield and Redfall are critical to the success of the platform and PC Game Pass. While we still don't have an exact Starfield release date, the RPG game is going to be vital in supporting Microsoft, Xbox, and Game Pass whenever it launches this year.

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PCGamesN Saturday, January 28, 2023 6:53 AM
     Overwatch 2 dev update addresses ranked play, one-shots, and rewards

An Overwatch 2 developer update details some of the focus points the team is working on ahead of the arrival of Overwatch 2 season 3. The blog post from Blizzard game director Aaron Keller addresses "poor comprehension" leading to confusion around ranked play, balancing for one-shots and "frustrating hero mechanics," the general Overwatch 2 patch pacing, the promised ultimate charge changes, and improvements to reward frequency in the multiplayer FPS game.

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PCGamesN Saturday, January 28, 2023 6:19 AM
     Steam Next Fest has hundreds of free demos for the hottest new indies

The newest iteration of Steam Next Fest is on the horizon, as Valve aims to celebrate what's coming to the platform with free game demos, livestreams, and the opportunity to chat with some indie developers too. A week of demos and developer content is sure to put plenty of new games on your radar for 2023, on top of all the AAA releases already in your mental calendar.

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How Create a Fire Emblem Engage Outrealm Trial and Get a Battle ID

As you go through Fire Emblem Engage's campaign, the Tower of Trials and its Outrealm Trial eventually unlock. This is an opportunity to get competitive and pit your units against others, while also constructing something of a "base" for them to attack. You know, provided you subscribe to Nintendo Switch Online. Once you're done, you can save your work. You then get your Fire Emblem Engage Battle ID, which you can check at any time by heading to the Tower and Outrealm Trial's Custom Battle section.

How Create a Fire Emblem Engage Outrealm Trial and Get a Battle ID

How to make a Fire Emblem Engage Outrealm Trial Custom Battle map and get your Battle ID

Well, first you need to unlock the game. Once you've gotten established and unlocked more of The Somniel, you'll unlock more functions in the Tower of Trials. To be fair, I wasn't regularly checking in at that end of the map, so I didn't realize I'd opened it up until after leaving Elusia. (So by Chapter 12, I'd unlocked all Tower of Trials modes.)

To get your Fire Emblem Engage Battle ID, head to the Tower of Trials, select Outrealm Trial, and choose Custom Battle. From there, select Edit Map. You'll be given a 10x22 space, with the ability to place 12 of your units on predesignated on the grid. (Make sure they are carrying the best weapons and you engraved them.) It is also possible to place terrain as elements to delay opponents' approach, force your units to move in certain ways, and give you access to certain equipment or aid. You can place 15 kinds of terrain that increase avoidance, 10 sorts only fliers can pass over, 15 that are destructible, 15 that are impassable, 10 that decrease avoidance, three heal tiles, three protection tiles, one ballista, one magic artillery, and one flame cannon.

You don't have to show that your selected army can be "defeated" to be able to save your map. However, you can't make it so a character is unable to be reached. That is, you can't take a mage like Citrinne and place four impassable items to her front, back, left, and right.

How Create a Fire Emblem Engage Outrealm Trial and Get a Battle ID

You also must know that all characters you placed as your "defensive" team can't be used when you start a battle and go on the offensive. You will only be able to select the folks you didn't select. Also, your own map will be your starting point, so you'll need to fight your way past any destructible objects and use any placed defensive items like the ballista.

These are also AI battles. When you face an enemy, they can preset behaviors to determine when they attack and if they go on the defensive. Likewise, you set that for your own characters when creating the map. (Also, spoilers aside, Engage+ isn't an option here.)

Whether you win or lose when you tackle the match, you get some sort of reward for your efforts. You can also save the person's Profile Card. After the match is over, your rank will increase or decrease depending on your performance. Likewise, if people battle your map and you check view results, you can pick up rewards.

Fire Emblem Engage is available for the Nintendo Switch. To see an example of an Outrealm Trial Custom Battle, my Fire Emblem Engage Battle ID is 3C7VK0D. Note that there are spoiler characters in my army.

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     Fire Emblem Engage Yanuka Character CloseupYunaka is a surprisingly talkative and self-incriminating Thief you meet early in your tour of Fire Emblem Engage. She favors knives and stealth when you first make her acquaintance. That preference may not seem exciting, but ignoring Yunaka would be a mistake. Here's our guide on the best class and gifts for Yunaka in Fire Emblem Engage. Best class and gifts for Yunaka in Fire Emblem Engage When you meet Yunaka in Chapter 6 of the campaign, she may come off as a fairly disposable character. Knives don't have a lot of obvious strengths in Fire Emblem Engage, especially when a unit faces off with heavily armored foes. However, deep value lies just below the surface. To get the most out of Yunaka, leave her as a Thief and focus on abilities that utilize her innate Speed and Dexterity. Though many classes have a cap at level 20, a Thief can keep going until they hit level 40. Don't be afraid to let Yunaka do precisely that. As she gains levels and her stats improve, she ...

PC Invasion - FeedDDD Saturday, January 28, 2023 11:50 AM
     Fire Emblem Engage Zelkov Character CloseupIn Fire Emblem Engage, warriors continue to join your band of heroes well into the adventure. One such character is Zelkov, a dark and mysterious man. He wears a lot of gray and likes to emphasize seemingly random words when speaking with others. His odd demeanor hides a powerful warrior. Here's our guide to the best class and gifts for Zelkov in Fire Emblem Engage. Best class and gifts for Zelkov in Fire Emblem Engage Zelkov joins in Chapter 11, in the middle of events that make it easy to overlook him if you already have a similar character in your lineup. He is a Thief, like Yunaka before him. To make the most of Zelkov, let him remain a Thief and focus on adding abilities that emphasize his Speed. Zelkov has a character-specific ability that makes him a unique asset: when an enemy attacks, he inflicts a Hit -10 effect on his assailant. Added to his strong Defense, Speed, and Dexterity, that unique ability means he fares better than most party members when wandering into a spa...

PC Invasion - FeedDDD Saturday, January 28, 2023 11:48 AM
     Fire Emblem Engage Jean Character CloseupJean is an optional character in Fire Emblem Engage. You'll want to add him to your party to take advantage of his powerful support abilities. Here's our guide on the best class and gifts for Jean in Fire Emblem Engage. Best class and gifts for Jean in Fire Emblem Engage Jean first appears in the Budding Talent paralogue, as a Martial Monk. You must rescue the village he defends by his father's side. Have Alear talk to Jean during the conflict to gain control. The lad will join your party once you clear the event. Then you can decide what to do with your newest team member. To make the most of Jean and his abilities, continue training him as a Martial Monk and then change his class to High Priest. Jean is one of the most capable healers in the game, but he is somewhat fragile. You need to compensate for his weak defense to keep your healer active and healing. Screenshot by PC Invasion Once you can, pair Jean with Micaiah, an Emblem who teaches useful abilities such as...

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Please do say goodbye to news reporter CJ as he descends the ladder from the RPS treehouse one final time, if you haven't already. Then return to tell us all what you're playing this weekend. Here's what we're clicking on!

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penny blood armed fantasia kickstarter

Studio Wildrose and Wild Bunch Production updated the Penny Blood and Armed Fantasia Kickstarter page with details about the development process. You can read the entire development diary post from Kickstarter. While Armed Fantasia appears to be chugging along, it is difficult to tell how far Penny Blood is in its development life.

In January 2023, Wild Bunch Production started showing off the first playable build of Armed Fantasia to publishers. It also fixed the battle screen so that there is a "more active and dynamic system" instead of both enemies and allies standing in rows. There will also be more camera movement in battle. It also added a new dungeon, a new town, a white box field for the prologue, and new side characters.

Here are some hi-res pictures of some Anamolies in Armed Fantasia:

[gallery columns="2" ids="948815,948816" link="file"]

As for Penny Blood, Matsuzo Machida got influenza. He thought it was COVID-19, but it wasn't. He also gave a brief history lesson about influenza (or Spanish flu). Composer Yoshitaka Hirota studied 1920s music genres. As part of that, he learned the Charleston. While the development diary for Penny Blood does not give much actual information on the project, the Twitter account for the game updated the day prior with a video of Matthew.

Penny Blood and Armed Fantasia are both in development for the PS5, Xbox Series X, and Windows PC. Penny Blood will come out in Spring 2025. More information on updates will appear on the Penny Blood and Armed Fantasia Kickstarter page. Backers should also receive e-mails for every update.

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