Vaporized – Game Jam Build Download

Vaporized is a fun little point and click adventure where you find that your apartment is haunted by vaporwave.

Created for the Vaporjam, Vaporized is a short point and click adventure where you embrace the weirdness as vaporwave starts to engulf your apartment. It starts off fairly normally, with your character watching TV in their living room, but when they go through to the bathroom … Read More

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Behind the Frame: The Finest Scenery – Beta Demo

Behind the Frame: The Finest Scenery is a wonderfully tranquil and beautifully animated narrative-driven adventure where you guide the brush-strokes of a young artist and discover that every painting has a story to tell.

In Behind the Frame: The Finest Scenery you follow the adventure of a young female artist who paints by her window across from a gruff old man who also enjoys painting. … Read More

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Jupiter Moons: Mecha – Beta Demo

Jupiter Moons: Mecha is a single-player card-based roguelike mech combat game where you become a bounty hunting mech pilot who fights corrupted machines on the moons of Jupiter.

The narrative of Jupiter Moons: Mecha takes place in a distant future where mankind has colonized the moons of Jupiter. A war between megacorporations caused cities to be levelled, leaving a lawless frontier and awakening an ancient … Read More

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Atrio: The Dark Wild – Pre-Alpha Demo

Atrio: The Dark Wild features a darkly humorous Sci-Fi fusion of survival and Factorio-esque automation gameplay as disposable androids exploit the environment to keep the lights on and keep the creatures in the darkness at bay.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer during the Alpha sign up is a dark Sci-Fi survival game with automated factory building elements. In the game you take control … Read More

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Ambulance Simulator – Beta Sign Up

Ambulance Simulator is a remarkably dramatic simulation game that puts you in the shoes of a paramedic as they respond to call-outs that can mean the difference between life and death.

Currently in development by (creators of Dieselpunk Wars and Yacht Mechanic Simulator), Ambulance Simulator allows players to become a paramedic and save lives in realistic scenarios. You'll need to prioritize patients using a … Read More

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Dark Prospect – Beta Sign Up

Dark Prospect is a 4v1 asymmetric multiplayer FPS/RTS hybrid where four players play in an FPS mode while another player controls demonic hordes as in an RTS.

In Dark Prospect the gates of Hell have opened and begun to flood the world with demonic hordes. Four brave soldiers attempt to defend a plasma cannon – the only weapon capable of closing the gates and sending … Read More

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Bubblegum Zombie Hunter – Alpha Demo

Bubblegum Zombie Hunter is a fast paced and fun twin-stick shooter where a bubblegum chewing streamer uses a gumball gun to blast her way through hordes of zombies that have invaded her hometown.

Currently in development by ProjectLevel (creators of The Lair) Bubblegum Zombie Hunter puts you in the role of Kaylee Bu33le – a popular streamer whose internet connection is disrupted by a … Read More

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Zorya: The Celestial Sisters – Beta Sign Up

Zorya: The Celestial Sisters is a cooperative multiplayer puzzle adventure where players work together and use shadows to bring back night to a never-sleeping world.

Playable in online or local multiplayer with two people, Zorya: The Celestial Sisters sees players working together to help the Goddess of the Night return to the sky. In the game one player takes control of Aysu (Goddess of the … Read More

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Lemnis Gate – Open Beta

Lemnis Gate is a tactical multiplayer FPS that takes place within a 25 second time-loop, allowing you to work alongside previous versions of yourself to defeat your rivals.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer during the closed Beta Sign Up, Lemnis Gate is a Quantum League-esque first person shooter that takes place within a time-loop. It's playable in 1v1 and 2v2 matches and … Read More

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The Plane Effect – Beta Demo

The Plane Effect is a dark narrative-driven Sci-Fi puzzle adventure where an office worker embarks on an impossible time-bending journey back to his family in a world disrupted by a mysterious cosmic anomaly.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer back in 2019 (when it was called The Last Day), The Plane Effect is a surreal and stylish narrative driven adventure set in a futuristic … Read More

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Sector A23 – Prototype Download

Sector A23 is an incredibly disorientating first person exploration game where you explore a vast procedurally generated alien cave system that completely changes whenever you turn your back on it.

We've all played a game (such as Antichamber) where the structure of the level can change when you have your back turned, but Sector A23 takes that concept and cranks it up to 11. … Read More

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Slicer – Game Jam Bild Download

Slicer is an inventive little puzzle platformer where you can use the mouse to slice through sections of the level to make a route for your character.

In each level of Slicer your aim it to get your character to the exit. This usually isn't actually possible when you see how the levels are initially laid out, but you can use the mouse to do … Read More

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Heist Simulator – Beta Sign Up

Heist Simulator is a low poly single-player heist simulation game, where you assemble a team and plan and pull-off daring robberies in unique locations.

In Heist Simulator you'll learn the art of the steal as you go on a robbing spree across England and make off with all manner of valuable treasures. In the game you will assemble a team for each job and utilize … Read More

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Plushie Bomber – Game Jam Build Download

Plushie Bomber is a fun little retro action platformer where a plushie snowman uses bombs to blast his way through levels filled with cute and evil little plushies.

Created for the GJL Parade Summer 2021 jam, Plushie Bomber is a great little retro action platfomer where you don't have any weapons yourself – instead you need to catch bombs that are thrown at you and … Read More

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Radiance Hearts – Prototype Download

Radiance Hearts is a charming 2D puzzle action platforming adventure where you control two separate beings who join forces on a journey to save the world from darkness.

In Radiance Hearts you follow the adventure of a magical knight called the Hero of Light and a cute little blob creature called Lumi. Together they are on a quest to seal away the darkness that's spread … Read More

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Iris: A Colorful Dream – Alpha Demo

Iris: A Colorful Dream is a beautiful third person puzzle platforming adventure where you bring color back to a colorless world.

In Iris: A Colorful Dream you follow the adventure of Iris, a small colorless being whose world has been dull and colorless for as long as it can remember. However, there are stories that tell of a time when the world was drenched in … Read More

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Power to the People – Alpha Sign Up

Power to the People is a management sim where you attempt to build and maintain a power grid that is required to supply a constantly growing population.

In Power to the People you're tasked with running a power grid that supplies a city whose population is always growing. More people mean more power required, so you'll need to plan carefully and build to avoid shortages … Read More

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Avian – Beta Download

Avian is a beautiful musical third person platforming adventure where a guardian of a long lost civilization uses a flute to transform/move objects in the world.

In Avian you take on the role of a guardian of a lost civilization who sets out to save his fallen brothers. You can jump and glide through the air, and you also have a very handy flute which … Read More

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Sky Traveller – Student Game Download

Sky Traveller is a beautiful first person parkour platformer where you run, air-dash, wall-run and slide your way through a city built on islands that float in the clouds.

Created by students at The Game Assembly, Sky Traveller is a first person parkour platformer set in a city that floats in the sky. It plays a little like Mirror's Edge, but with larger, more … Read More

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Tom Clancy's XDefiant – Beta Sign Up (PC, Playstation & Xbox)

Beta sign ups are now live for Tom Clancy's XDefiant, Ubisoft's take on the Overwatch style Hero shooter genre.

Tom Clancy's XDefiant is essentially an Overwatch style first person 6v6 hero shooter set in the Tom Clancy universe. In the game players take control of uniquely skilled combatants called "Defiants" and face off in locations based on classic Tom Clancy games. There are four factions … Read More

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Island Getaway – Game Jam Build Download

Island Getaway is a very weird little retro Atari styled Eldritch horror adventure where you go to a luxury island resort that's filled with giant crab monsters!

Created for the gm48 game jam, Island Getaway is a retro horror adventure that sees you and a couple of pals visiting a luxury island resort and spa for some much needed rest and relaxation. However, although it … Read More

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Talavah: Book of Jed – Alpha Demo

Talavah: Book of Jed is a retro styled graphic adventure game that follows the son of a chief of a nomadic clan and his servant, as he embarks on a rite of passage across a vast and danger-filled frozen red ocean.

In Talavah: Book of Jed you take on the role of Jed, the son of the current chief of a nomadic clan called the … Read More

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Piratopia – Beta Sign Up

Piratopia is an easily accessible open world pirate game with PvP and PvE elements, where you sail around, battle enemies and upgrade your ship.

In Piratopia you'll be able to take control of a little pirate ship and go in search of trouble and treasure. You'll be able to battle against forts, AI ships and player controlled ships, with you earning loot for your victories. … Read More

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Die After Sunset – Beta Sign Up

Die After Sunset is a roguelite third person shooter where you battle against enemies that are cute and clumsy in the daylight, but when covered in shade transform into powerful beasts.

In Die After Sunset you travel through time and attempt to fend off an invasion of aliens called Murkors. The Murkors look cute and harmless when the sun is shining on them, but when … Read More

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Aquamarine – Alpha Sign Up

You can now sign up to Alpha test Aquamarine, a beautiful hand-animated survival adventure set on an ocean planet, with an art style inspired by 70's/80's psychedelic pulp Sci-Fi comics.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer back in January, Aquamarine is a hand-drawn Sci-Fi roguelite adventure where you attempt to survive and escape from a mysterious alien water planet that you crashland on. You … Read More

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HAAK – Beta Sign Up & Beta Demo

HAAK is a stylish narrative-driven action platforming metroidvania where you search for your brother in an apocalyptic land that's home to a shady organisation that's hiding the world's ultimate secret.

In HAAK you follow the adventure of a young man who has set out into the wastelands of an apocalyptic world in search of his brother. After falling down into some ruins, you don't find … Read More

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Delphyq – Beta Sign Up

Delphyq is a tactical real-time strategy game where you command a squad of elite operatives as you attempt to take down a union of tyrannical corporations known as "The Balance".

Looking a little like a real-time take on X-Com, Delphyq sees you commanding a squad of soldiers in tactical missions focused on taking down The Balance. The combat takes place in pausable real-time and … Read More

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Insurgency: Sandstorm – Beta Sign Up (Playstation & Xbox)

The highly acclaimed team-based tactical FPS Insurgency: Sandstorm is coming to consoles and you can sign up for the Beta right now!

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer back in 2018 Insurgency: Sandstorm is an objective-orientated tactical FPS with intense close quarters conflicts in war-torn environments. It was released on PC a couple of years ago, but now it's bringing its brutal fast paced FPS … Read More

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The Dream of Yourself – Alpha Download

The Dream of Yourself is an delightfully disgusting and extremely weird exploration game where you wriggle your way through intestines towards a temple full of eyeballs.

The Dream of Yourself is currently being created as a "spiritual exploration of your subconsciousness", but it's arguable that if your subconsciousness looks like this in any way you should probably seek professional help. The whole thing is a … Read More

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Blind Fate: Edo no Yami – Beta Demo

Blind Fate: Edo no Yami is a stylish melee combat focused side-scrolling action adventure where a blind cyber-samurai uses outdated simulations to navigate the real world and fight cyber-Yokai.

In Blind Fate: Edo no Yami your character is totally blind and can only "see" the world around him via the digital simulation that's relayed to his brain by a computer. However, these simulations are essentially … Read More

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The Wagadu Chronicles takes followers on a visual tour of the Emere people's village buildings

The devs of the afrofantasy MMORPG The Wagadu Chronicles would like to take fans on a little trip through the rainforest and the villages of the Emere people by way of a Twitter thread, which shows off several pieces of concept art and outlines the function and design inspirations of several of the in-game culture's […]

Paladins releases a new character – Rei – as Hi-Rez debuts a new logo and slogan

Are you ready for some new Paladins content? That's right, the multiplayer hero shooter from Hi-Rez Studio's sub-studio Evil Mojo has kicked out a new update that brings the game's 50th roster member, an animated series crossover, and more, all of which were previewed in June but have gone live as of last week. This […]

EverQuest II ushers in Tinkerfest 2021, EverQuest releases new Overseer packs

Summer is never dull in Norrath, and no matter what MMO you pick, there's something happening. Over in EverQuest II, Norrath is in the grips of Tinkerfest 2021. Raging until August 5th, Tinkerfest offers four hubs of Gnome-related activities. Daybreak added some new merchant items and Overseer quests and agents for the event. "There are […]

Final Fantasy XI brings back the Sunbreeze Festival once again

Considering the sheer number of world-shattering threats that your character has no doubt dealt with in Final Fantasy XI, it would make sense if there were a stage show in-universe commemorating that. But no, instead you have to watch Mumor perform on stage and back up her antics in order to get rewards. Why? Well, […]

Neverwinter's Summer Festival offers returning contests and new rewards on July 29

You have to love that good ol' seasonal event MMORPG content. If you do and your chosen MMORPG is Neverwinter, then you'll be glad to learn that the Summer Festival is coming back, starting on Thursday, July 29th, and running through to Thursday, August 19th. The summertime event brings back a host of familiar contests […]

GDC 2021: Accessibility in gaming means innovation for everyone

You may have noticed that accessibility comes up a lot whenever we cover GDC, and GDC 2021 won't be much different. However, while presentations often repeat some of their advice, one thing I keep noting as a player is that developers have all kinds of interesting tech and approaches but outside of certain developers, games feel like they're stuck […]

Destiny 2 will eliminate the armor transmog bounty currency starting in Season 15

The armor transmog system of Destiny 2 – you know, the one that was widely unpopular – is going to see an adjustment with the arrival of Season 15. Bungie's weekly newsletter confirms that the Synthstrand currency, which is passively earned and is currently required to purchase the bounties needed for armor synthesis, will be […]

Profane provides a look at a tropical region cenote in latest Twitter thread

Today we're all going to learn more about some of the tropical landscape of Profane as well as a new word: cenote. That's basically what the newest Twitter thread from the devs has to offer. Just what is a cenote, exactly? It's a natural pit, or sinkhole, resulting from the collapse of limestone bedrock that […]

Aliens: Fireteam Elite starts selling pre-order packs — now with bandanas!

For Aliens fans, August 24th can't come soon enough. That's the date when Cold Iron Studios' Daybreak-published Aliens: Fireteam Elite will deliver the latest generation of multiplayer co-op shooters set in this dark universe. And if you're contemplating picking up a flamethrower or pulse rifle to comb space stations and derelicts with your buddies, you […]

Guild Wars 2 unveils two more voice actors ahead of tomorrow's End of Dragons showcase

The hype train keeps on chuggin' along for Guild Wars 2's End of Dragons expansion. ArenaNet has pulled the curtain off of two more voice actor reveals: Tina Huang, an actress who has starred in series like Rizzoli & Isles and The Night Shift; and Rina Hoshino, a bilingual actress known most recently as one […]

PSA: Square-Enix is reprinting the Final Fantasy XIV lore books once again, and they're up for pre-order

If you're a fan of Final Fantasy XIV and want more of the lore behind this game, the Encyclopaedia Eorzea volumes one and two are invaluable pieces of your collection. They're hardcover, handsomely bound, full of lore facts, cleverly written, stuffed with lovely art… and largely inaccessible, because they sold through their print runs in […]

Wisdom of Nym: Guessing at the next jobs of Final Fantasy XIV beyond Endwalker

So what are our next few jobs in Final Fantasy XIV? No, I don't mean for Endwalker, we already know what we're getting there. I mean what are our next few jobs after the next expansion? What do you mean there's no point in speculating about that because it's not going to be here for […]

Blade and Soul 2 officially launches in South Korea next month

There has been a lot of news coming from Blade and Soul 2 recently, such as an August launch window and additional game reveals like the starting races and a preview of its main theme among other things. An announcement from NCSoft this past Friday now changes that August launch window to an August launch […]

Pantheon drums up financial support with a promise of a special test event

Do you have a cool grand (or better yet, ten large?) that you don't mind parting with this month? If so, you can buy your way into a special test event that Pantheon is planning late next week. Visionary Realms announced that any and all VIP pledge packages purchased by Thursday, July 29th would be […]

Blizzard's sexual harassment scandal continues as more devs speak out

It's now been a week since California filed a brutal discrimination and harassment lawsuit against Activision-Blizzard following a two-year investigation. Last week and over the weekend, we covered both the "leaked" memos from within Blizzard and Activision as well as the formal statements from former Blizzard leaders like Mike Morhaime and Chris Metzen, which were then […]

Path of Exile addresses Expedition's launch, adjustments, and low player numbers

Normally a new release brings a bit of a spike of returning or new players to an MMO, but in the case of Path of Exile it would appear that the opposite is happening, as one Redditor put together a chart that shows weekend release peaks for every League's launch. In terms of Expedition, there […]

Lost Ark introduces new founder's pack with normalized pricing to combat black market sellers

It would appear that key resellers are making a mess of Lost Ark's economy before the game even gets out of technical alpha, if an announcement from Amazon Games is to be believed. According to the post, key resellers are using alternate accounts to exploit regional pricing for founder's packs, which by Amazon's reckoning compromises […]

New World cleared 200,000 concurrent beta players over the weekend

You have to imagine that there are some Amazon Game Studios executives and producers who are breathing a little easier this week after seeing the phenomenal response to New World's closed beta test. Not only is the beta itself getting great reviews and word-of-mouth, but it's absolutely packed with players eager for a good, new […]

The Daily Grind: Which Kickstarter MMOs do you actually still want when they launch?

Not long after Crowfall launched, I had a fun chat with MOP reader Brandon, who mentioned that one of his friends was an early backer of the game but had bailed and passed along his account loot to him. The conversation echoed something I have said on our podcast: that people need to be allowed […]

MMO Week in Review: RIP to the Blizzard you thought you knew

It probably shouldn't surprise anyone that a video game company long-maligned and even boycotted over everything from political censorship and mass-layoffs to labor abuses and excessive executive compensation also apparently fostered a corporate culture of sexism, racism, discrimination, harassment, and sexual abuse that allegedly led to the death of a staffer. But that's exactly the […]

Nexon's Project Magnum, a sci-fi looter shooter, emerges from the wings

With the proven success (amid several failures) of the online looter shooter, it's not unsurprising that Nexon wants to get in on the action with its own Destiny 2-like service. The company announced this week that it's bringing to bear a new game code-named Project Magnum that it hopes to be a strong competitor in […]

The MOP Up: ArcheAge heads to the beach for sand and surf

Both versions of ArcheAge are urging players to take a break from their usual routine of species extermination to play in the sand and get a tan. It's the Blue Salt Festival, and it's not just fun and games — it's fun, games, and rewards. "It's that time of year, heroes, when we relax on […]

MapleStory's second part of Neo: Light's Wrath adds a new boss and a new quest line

The second part of the Neo: Light's Wrath content that marks MapleStory's summer is now officially live and it has… a hotel that's springing up out of the desert? This game's storylines are kind of all over the place, so that tracks, actually. This newly-arrived Hotel Arcus zone is one of the update's headline features, […]

The Stream Team: Exploring some player-made missions in City of Heroes Homecoming

Players of MMOs, given the tools and the time, can make some pretty awesome things, and while many MMOs and MMORPGs seem to be killing player-built quest tools left and right, City of Heroes has no such restriction with its Mission Architect feature. Join MOP's Chris today at 12:00 p.m. EDT as he hops into […]

SoulWorker releases its sniper rifle-wielding ninth character in newest update

SoulWorker, the action anime MMO that's now being self-published by developer Lion Games, has introduced its ninth roster member with its most recent update, which readers will recall was first revealed as part of the MMO's lineup of July updates. This new character, a sniper by the name of Lee Nabi, marks SoulWorker's first-ever ranged […]

One Shots: A story in a single picture

I've always had a great fondness for when video games can tell a quick story without words but rather with objects placed in such a way that the viewer can suss out what's happened. Hurbster is a sucker for environmental storytelling, giving us this screenshot that tells us of mutually assured destruction between an adventurer […]

Chris Metzen offers apology for Blizzard's culture of 'harassment, inequality, and indifference'

Perhaps having seen how badly Mike Morhaime's apology to the women of Blizzard backfired, Chris Metzen took the better part of an extra day to issue his own letter to the industry in response to the situation surrounding the explosive California state lawsuit alleging systemic sexual harassment and discrimination at Activision-Blizzard. He begins by offering […]

The Daily Grind: Do you follow Discord servers for specific MMOs?

On some level this might be a case of an old man yelling at clouds, but I really dislike joining Discord servers for specific MMOs. I have no problem joining Discord servers for communities within games, naturally, but joining an entire server just to see such basic things as news and updates makes my eye […]

Valiance Online enters into beta phase for investors of the game

This past March, we decided to recount what happened to Valiance Online, noting that the team at Silverhelm was hit hard by COVID and had an updated internal build roughly two weeks ago. In short, things are soldiering on though a bit slow-going. If that sounded a bit disheartening, perhaps you'll be glad to note […]

EVE Online announces vague plans to end resource scarcity later this year

This one requires a bit of backstory to fully understand, so allow us a moment to recap: Back as early as December 2019, CCP Games had started making changes to EVE Online's resource availability, removing or vastly reducing yields for null sec mining and moon mining and then shifting ore spawn types and quantities in […]

Warframe hit new concurrency and engagement records during its digital TennoCon 2021 event

It's pretty clear that players of an MMO really like to come together to see what's next for their chosen title. This has been proven by Warframe, as the virtual TennoCon event this year reportedly drew huge swaths of players into the game to break a number of concurrency and engagement records. During the event, […]

Elyon says it's trying to be 'clear and transparent' about its cash shop

A game's cash shop by any other name will attempt to suck all of the money out of your wallet, even if it's being dubbed an adorable "Ruby Shop." That's the moniker that Elyon is giving to its upcoming store, at least. Kakao and Bluehole said that they want to be "clear and transparent" with […]

LOTRO Legendarium: Six suggestions to improve LOTRO's business model

First of all, I want to give praise where it's due: Lord of the Rings Online has done a great job in 2021 shedding its tight-lipped and cryptic nature in exchange of increased communications from its producers. It's weird now "normal" it feels to have a producer gladly come and chat with us, even if […]

Camelot Unchained says it has no plans to license its engine, is still paying refunds

Earlier this month, Camelot Unchained studio City State Entertainment came under fire when its leader objected to a YouTube video that speculated the company was on the verge of collapse. CSE's Mark Jacobs said that video mischaracterized the company's finances since the YouTuber didn't have all the facts. But as we pointed out, the reason […]

WRUP: Glassware Stair Ax, the MMO with something for everyone edition

Yes, it's time for a hard pivot to cover the amazing Glassware Stair Ax, the MMO with something for everyone! Not something anyone involved will want. Here is what we have for every player type we could think of: Roleplayers: A piece of moldy bread we found in the garbage. Crafters: A piece of moldier […]

The Daily Grind: If you could give advice to a developer that would actually be taken, what would it be?

While developers have an insider's knowledge of the make-up of their games and access to information and demographics that we do not, it doesn't mean that gamers' observations, opinions, and advice is null and void. Having "massively multiplayer" communities creates the opportunity for a whole lot of insights that developers might well have missed — […]

Mike Morhaime to female Blizzard workers: 'I am extremely sorry that I failed you'

In response to the situation surrounding the explosive California state lawsuit alleging systemic sexual harassment and discrimination at Activision-Blizzard, former president Mike Morhaime posted a letter to the industry and specifically to his former Blizzard colleagues overnight. In sharp contrast to the combative, deflective memo issued in private at Activision and the Gloria-Steinem-namedrop memo leaked […]

Betawatch: New World kicks off its closed beta

At long last, the New World closed beta has arrived! It's a beta for the game that seems to have gone through more philosophical shifts than you would expect for any given game, but now it's here and playable! And as with any beta, it involved the usual weirdness like bricking GPUs and bannings over […]

Jump into a mech and blast some 'bots in Galahad 3093's open beta

Fans of MechWarrior and BattleTech should have Galahad 3093 on their radar, especially since the upcoming online shooter is launching a one-week open beta starting today and wrapping up on August 1st. The beta is taking place over five of the game's maps, including two that are brand-new to this round of testing. Additionally, developer […]

Wild Terra 2 adds horses and healing with its next update arriving July 29

If you're quietly gathering from a tree and see a small squirrel run up to you yelling and chittering in rage, is your first thought, "I could befriend this animal"? Then Wild Terra 2's next update is for you, as one of the changes being added is the chance for small angry animals to spawn […]

The Stream Team: Join Star Trek Online's Risa beach party with devs and win!

You know who needs a nice vacation? Massively OP's MJ! And The ultimate vacation spot in Star Trek Online is Risa. It just so happens the Lohlunat Festival summer event is in full swing, with plenty of party activities to participate in. Players even have had the chance to earn a T6 Risian Luxury Cruiser. […]

Old School RuneScape talks about combat achievements, RuneScape announces the Nodon Front

Chasing achievements is a thing that many gamers seem to love, so players of Old School RuneScape who are cut from the same cloth were likely looking forward to the addition of combat achievements this past Wednesday, which introduced six tiers of achievement carrots to chase related to combat. Apparently, the update needs a bit […]

Pokémon Unite, a monster-battling MOBA, is live now

The overall Pokémon franchise has never shied away from finding new and creative ways to let these animals hurt one another in violent confrontation, which makes the fact that it's taken this long for a MOBA to happen almost odd. Weren't these a big deal, like, five years ago? Hasn't the moment passed by now? […]

Swords 'n Magic and Stuff patched in new region, crafting, and farming in the Farm 'n Forge update

The game is called Swords 'n Magic and Stuff, but as of this week's update, you can also add Farming 'n Smithing and Cooking an' Tailoring to the mix thanks to the Farm 'n Forge update. This new update, which went live on July 22nd, allows players to hop on to a ferry and visit […]

Pokemon Go reneges on rewards after Russian players achieve company's goal

As readers may notice in our Pokemon Go coverage, we frequently ask PR for clarity on various announcements. While we can all appreciate not wanting too many spoilers, many of the requests are to clarify news and contest rules that can affect the community in ways Niantic hasn't clearly communicated. However, a recent Russian promotion […]

Dauntless brings back the Thunderdeep Drask, adds new rumors, and hints at the next new Behemoth

It's a bit of the new and a bit of the upcoming in Dauntless news today. In terms of new things, the game has put out its latest patch, which brings back the Thunderdeep Drask with some new moves to learn and new armor to craft. The patch has also kicked off the Umbral Heroic […]

A new 'Treasure Bugan' event spices up LOTRO's dungeon runs

Lord of the Rings Online is filled to the brim with instances, but weirdly enough, not as many players use the instance finder as might be the case in other MMOs. SSG is hoping to incentivize dungeon running with a brand-new event that stars a mischievous goblin that's running around with a sack of treasure. […]

Lost Ark KR offers a preview video of the Abrelshud raid ahead of its July 28 launch

We're appreciative that Lost Ark is headed to our side of the globe, and we're not going to look the gift horse of the class previews in the mouth, but we also have to admit that the stuff Korean players of the game are getting is a whole lot more intriguing. For example, take this […]

Star Wars: The Old Republic shares the secrets of the game's lead cinematic designer

Yes, the Star Wars: The Old Republic team deliberately worked to ensure that a quest ended with a "Cool Guys Don't Look At Explosions" moment on Quesh. There are other takeaways from a new dispatch from lead cinematic designer Ashley Ruhl celebrating a decade in operation, but you have to admire that all of the […]

GDC 2021: Star Wars Galaxies was a complex game of corporate greed and fan love

It was an MMO built in about three years, with a miserable launch, a depressing churn rate, and the most infamous patch in all gaming history… and also an MMO people loved so much they've kept it alive and thriving even in death. Yes, GDC 2021 has given us another Star Wars Galaxies postmortem from Raph […]