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GamersHeroes Friday, April 26, 2024 3:39 PM

The post-apocalyptic Chornobyl Exclusion Zone awaits in GSC Game World's S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2: Heart of Chornobyl - see how this area is anything but a paradise with the latest trailer for the title.

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GamersHeroes Friday, April 26, 2024 11:52 AM

Holding the title of the most wishlisted title on Steam, Hooded Horse's medieval city builder Manor Lords is now available in Early Access.

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Kotaku Friday, April 26, 2024 5:59 PM

As its name suggests, Manor Lords is a city builder about managing a medieval village. You help it grow, fight off bandits, and eventually take part in larger military campaigns. But none of it amounts to a hill of beans if you can't get families to move in and help your society grow, and some players seem to be…


Kotaku Friday, April 26, 2024 4:33 PM

Another Crab's Treasure is finally out, and if you're as much of a sucker for soulslikes as I am, you're likely picking it up. Good news: it's pretty great and packed to the brim with charming nods to the Souls games, tight combat and skills, and funny-as-hell jokes. One of its running gags could potentially bite you…


Kotaku Friday, April 26, 2024 4:01 PM

In the days after the April 19 release of The Tortured Poets Department, the latest album from Taylor Swift, I came across a presentation explaining the artist's relationship with 1975 frontman Matty Healy. It is over one hundred pages long, and it's not the only presentation, video, or article of its kind. Fans are…


Kotaku Friday, April 26, 2024 2:40 PM

A Lego YouTuber has recreated the housebuilding scene from Rockstar Games' open-world western, Red Dead Redemption II, complete with the catchy tune, a curious bird, and a pesky cougar.


Kotaku Friday, April 26, 2024 2:30 PM

Arrowhead Game Studios has enjoyed handing down some tough and consequential major orders for the Helldivers 2 community to beat, but its latest might be one of its thorniest yet. You see, major orders tend to focus the entirety of the player base on a single objective or set of goals, such as killing billions of…


Kotaku Friday, April 26, 2024 2:17 PM

Last week, journalist co-op 404 Media reported on Spy Pet, a site that was mining billions of Discord messages from nearly 620 million users and selling access to that data for as little as $5. After investigating the matter, Discord has announced that the accounts connected to that repository have been banned and the…


Kotaku Friday, April 26, 2024 2:00 PM


Kotaku Friday, April 26, 2024 1:42 PM

Tesla was recently forced to recall every Cybertruck it's ever built — all 3,878 of them — because the cover on the accelerator pedal could come loose, causing unintended acceleration. As it turns out, though, you don't even need to be old enough to get your driver's license to deal with unintended acceleration…


Kotaku Friday, April 26, 2024 12:55 PM

Facebook's parent company, Meta, made a lot of money in its last financial quarter. However, its virtual reality and augmented reality division, Reality Labs, lost over $3 billion. That means that since June 2022, the metaverse-focused division has lost a billion dollars per month, and Meta expects to continue losing…


Kotaku Friday, April 26, 2024 12:30 PM

Stellar Blade is a good game. If you wanted Nier: Automata without all the heady themes, then Shift Up's latest PS5-exclusive character action game fits the bill perfectly. It doesn't tell as good a story as PlatinumGames' 2017 character action game, and its characterization isn't as deep either, but there is one…


Kotaku Friday, April 26, 2024 12:20 PM

Don't shoot the messenger, but even if you've played your Xbox consistently for the past four years and you think you know it inside and out, you may still be surprised by what your console is capable of. Just like the PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch, the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S have a bevy of hidden…


Kotaku Friday, April 26, 2024 12:10 PM

As soon as Honkai Star Rail launched on April 26, 2023, I immediately downloaded it on my phone. The turn-based sci-fi RPG from HoYoverse, makers of gacha juggernaut Genshin Impact, was already an anticipated release after I had read impressions from the game's beta. A year has passed since the game's initial release,…


Kotaku Friday, April 26, 2024 12:00 PM

I didn't love the Knuckles show, but as a long-time Sonic fan, one of its six episodes stuck out to me for a few reasons. One, it's easily the most representative of the show's problems with excluding its titular hero, but it also drops a huge lore bomb in the wildest way possible. It all ties into the game that's…


Kotaku Friday, April 26, 2024 11:45 AM

Another Crab's Treasure is out now and thankfully it's a really solid soulslike game, one which wears its influences on its sleeve. Despite the fact that it's much more accessible than most of the games that inspired it, it isn't without mechanics and features that need to be explained to some degree. Luckily for you…


Kotaku Friday, April 26, 2024 11:05 AM

The Knuckles show is out today on Paramount+. As Kotaku's resident Sonic (eh, Shadow, really) sicko, I did not like it! I gave it a broadly negative review and was especially caught off guard by how little the titular punch-throwing echidna is actually in it. Now that the show is available to stream, fans are forming…


Kotaku Friday, April 26, 2024 10:57 AM

Fallout 4's free next-gen update is finally here, and it's brought plenty of headaches with it. Patching in a 60fps mode for free on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S is a nice reason to dive back into one of Bethesda's more controversial and arguably underappreciated post-apocalyptic RPGs, but some notable hang-ups…


Kotaku Friday, April 26, 2024 10:55 AM

We're just a few days out from the much-anticipated Early Access launch of the current most Wishlisted game on Steam: Manor Lords. But despite the hype, no one knows how much the medieval city-builder will cost to play. The devs say that's to prevent misinformation and pre-order scams.


PCGamesN Friday, April 26, 2024 5:20 PM
     Surprise hit Steam RPG blows up again after biggest update yet

Granblue Fantasy Relink has attracted plenty of attention since it came out. A couple of months ago, we noted its popularity on Steam, where the Tales of Arise and Genshin Impact style JRPG spin-off to the well known mobile game was trending alongside huge hits surrounding its launch, like Palworld and Persona 3 Reload. Even now, it continues to draw in players, especially with creator Cygames Inc. continuing to support its work with a new free update that has seen it shoot up the Steam charts once again.

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PCGamesN Friday, April 26, 2024 4:31 PM
     Build your own dungeon adventure in this new roguelike deck builder

It's safe to say that developer Ant Workshop has a bit of a thing for dungeons. Its previous title, Dungeon Golf, was a multiplayer party game which sees you take shots and putt your way through a series of catacombs, taking golfing in an unexpected direction. The next game from the studio is Into the Restless Ruins, a roguelike deck builder, which like Dungeon Golf contains a key idea that aims to provide a unique take on the genre.

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PCGamesN Friday, April 26, 2024 4:04 PM
     Sea of Stars meets Opus Magnum in roguelike puzzle RPG, coming soon

While it sometimes seems like just about every combination of videogame genres has been discovered at this point, we're still capable of being surprised. This is definitely the case with Rogue Voltage, an upcoming roguelike that builds a unique identity by mixing together puzzle elements similar to Zachtronics games like Opus Magnum or Exapunks and tactical RPG game combat akin to Sea of Stars, classic Final Fantasy, and, unexpectedly enough, Into the Breach.

PCGamesN Friday, April 26, 2024 3:44 PM
     Hades 2 launch imminent following end of technical test

Ancient Greece fans it may be time to slip on your loincloths, grab your sandals, and ready your weapons as Hades 2 may be about to launch into Steam Early Access. Following on from the currently-running technical test, the game's developer has teased an imminent launch for the upcoming action roguelike. So if you've been dipping a toe into the test or eyeing a launch date with eager eyes, it might be time to head back into the underworld.

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PCGamesN Friday, April 26, 2024 3:21 PM
     Best Stellar Blade skills to pick first

What are the best Stellar Blade skills? Shift Up's Naytiba-slashing sci-fi RPG has more than its fair share of flashy abilities to unlock and important upgrades to help Eve survive - but which will serve you best when you're initially starting out?

Fortunately, we're here to help you choose where to invest your valuable SP during the RPG's opening hours. Stellar Blade starts you off with three skill trees - Attack, Beta, and Survival. Considering the space game shares many similarities with some of the best soulslike games when it comes to the fundamentally reactive nature of its combat, our recommendations won't come as a surprise if you're a souls savant. But enough chit-chat, let's get into it.

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PCGamesN Friday, April 26, 2024 3:15 PM
     Warframe dev stream details next cinematic quest and brand new Prime

Over a decade on from its launch Warframe has become an utter juggernaut with regular content releases, updates, and more keeping it firmly installed on hard drives around the world. Today's Devstream 179 showed eager Warframe players a peek at some of what's coming for the game, from a new Prime to the brand new cinematic update which will be hitting the game soon titled Jade Shadows.

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PCGamesN Friday, April 26, 2024 2:55 PM
     Free Monopoly Go dice links April 2024

April 26, 2024: We've added new Monopoly Go dice links to our list and checked for expired links.

How can I get Monopoly Go free dice links? The household favorite board game has been reimagined as a free-to-play application on smartphones, allowing everyone to experience the thrills of Monopoly on practically any device. Everything that makes the board game special is here in Monopoly Go, so you'll be collecting properties and building hotels as you go around the board, and there are a variety of multiplayer minigames to get through along the way.

You're going to need to get your hands on Monopoly Go dice rolls, but they are difficult to come by no matter how far you are into the board game. There are ways to earn additional dice rolls, including logging into the game every day to collect daily bonuses, progressing further in the game, and inviting friends to try Monopoly Go. While you can also spend real money to unlock more dice rolls, you may want to give our list of Monopoly Go dice links a try instead. Take a look at all the currently active Monopoly Go free dice links for today.

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PCGamesN Friday, April 26, 2024 2:32 PM
     Manor Lords smashes past 150k peak players with 90% Steam rating

Releasing a game can be nerve-wracking and not only for the developer. Fans will fall in love with the promise of it, adding it to their Steam wishlists, and then when the game finally launches potential players hold their breath to see if their dreams are realized. In the case of Manor Lords, it seems the dial has definitely turned towards the positive side as it's zoomed up the bestseller charts and hit huge peak player counts, all while earning a positive review rating.

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PCGamesN Friday, April 26, 2024 2:31 PM
     2024's most promising new MOBA sets alpha playtest, and it's very soon

The once crowded MOBA scene has settled down a little bit over the last few years. Though games like League of Legends and Dota 2 are firmly entrenched genre hits, new competitors just don't pop up as often as they used to anymore. The exception, right now, is a sequel that follows up on a 2014 success: Smite 2. Anyone eager to see how it's shaping up ahead of its beta launch this summer is in luck as the game's first alpha weekend is arriving very soon.

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PCGamesN Friday, April 26, 2024 3:10 PM
     The best games to play at WASD 2024

Located in the heart of London's historic Brick Lane, The Truman Brewery is hosting a showcase of some of the best upcoming indie games this weekend. Running from Thursday, April 25 to Sunday, April 28, WASD has a huge variety of games to play from some of the most creative studios from around the globe.

I got the chance to swing by and go hands-on with some exciting new releases. On day one, the show was already abuzz with gamers flocking to the venue in their droves to check out the next big thing in indie gaming. I didn't have time to check out all of the multitudes of games available, but I did get to enjoy a select few demos on the show floor. Read on for our impressions, plus an expert rundown of the best games to play.

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PCGamesN Friday, April 26, 2024 1:07 PM
     One of FromSoftware's best games is very cheap on Steam right now

Back in 2019, FromSoftware, creators of the wildly successful action RPG games Dark Souls, Bloodborne, Elden Ring, and Armored Core 6, put out Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. A gruelling, historical take on the sort of formula established in its Souls series, Sekiro casts players as a defined character — a ninja called The Wolf — and explores the bloodsoaked landscape of late 16th century, Warring States era Japan through a revenge tale that includes, naturally, plenty of memorably tense boss fights. It's also cheap to pick up a copy right now as Sekiro is currently discounted by 50% on Steam.

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PCGamesN Friday, April 26, 2024 12:41 PM
     Nvidia RTX 4060 Ti GPUs are in short supply and not because of demand

Stock of Nvidia GeForce RTX 4060 Ti GPUs being supplied to graphics card manufacturers has apparently dried up in recent weeks, leading to speculation that there could be a wind down in manufacturing already, ahead of the future RTX 5000 series launch.

While the RTX 4060 Ti isn't a card that holds a place on our best graphics card guide, it's one of Nvidia's more popular and affordable GPUs, and one that we'd expect to see still available to buy for many, many months to come. However, this new report hints at a different turn of events.

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PCGamesN Friday, April 26, 2024 12:32 PM
     This Disney treadmill could change VR gaming forever

As a VR gaming enthusiast, I love seeing the next big breakthroughs approaching on the horizon. While there is an argument to be made that the Pimax Crystal Super headset is the most imminent advancement in virtual reality headsets, Disney's new Holotile treadmill is by far a more broadly appealing advancement. I'm concerned, however, that it may never be suitable for a commercial release, at least not in its current form.

While the best VR headsets are always looking to move the hobby forward, it's the Holotile that presents the most exciting potential advancement at this moment in time. Disney has shown off its 360-degree floor treadmill a few times now, but it recently allowed the first non-Disney employee to test it out, tech YouTuber Marques Brownlee, known better as MKBHD.

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PCGamesN Friday, April 26, 2024 12:37 PM
     HP Omen Transcend 14 review

Competition in the 14-inch gaming laptop space is fierce right now, and the HP Omen Transcend 14 is hoping to tempt you its way with one of the latest Intel Core Ultra CPUs, as well as an Nvidia GeForce RTX 4060 GPU for gaming. It does emerge as a decent device, but it sadly also trips up in several areas that don't trouble the competition.

I've been using the Omen Transcend 14 for the past several weeks, and it's sadly fallen short of its expectations. There certainly is room for this system to find its way to our best gaming laptop list, but only if it gets a significant price cut that reflects its relative shortcomings.

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PCGamesN Friday, April 26, 2024 2:57 PM
     New Steam horror game is a

The survival horror genre has birthed some of the best franchises ever made. There's Resident Evil and Amnesia, Silent Hill and Outlast to name but a few. New indie horror adventure Crow Country is hoping to channel the sinister sparkle that made these games so great, and at WASD 2024 we asked creative director Adam Vian how SFB Games' upcoming thriller hopes to innovate on its predecessors.

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PCGamesN Friday, April 26, 2024 12:03 PM
     This incredible AMD gaming PC celebrates a green Thai demon king

Not all PC builds have to be sleek, cool, or minimalist, as the owner of this computer shop in Thailand knows all too well. Want to attract more customers? Make an eye-catching green and gold Thotsakan gaming PC!

Thanks to our rapidly growing PC building Facebook page, we've seen many custom gaming PCs, from mods based on existing case designs to scratch PC builds. You can even submit yours for consideration right here. This wonderful build, which features an enormous Thotsakan bust stuck to the front of a Corsair PC case, was snapped by Aaron Cooke while traveling in the country. Thotsakan is the Thai Buddhist name for the Ravana, a Hindu rakshasa demon that is often depicted with the menacing fangs and green skin shown here.

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PCGamesN Friday, April 26, 2024 12:00 PM
     Assassin's Creed and Dark Souls inspire new sci-fi stealth game

If there's one issue common across stealth games, it's that the divide between sneaking and game over is too severe. In Splinter Cell and the earlier Metal Gear Solids, so long as you're undetected, everything is fine. One slip up, though, and it's basically the end - you can fight back in theory, but the controls and mechanics aren't designed for open combat. Drawing inspiration from Dark Souls, Assassin's Creed, and the large-scale exploration of Star Wars Jedi Survivor, a new stealth game blends hiding and fighting more seamlessly. PCGamesN goes hands-on at this year's WASD Live.

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PCGamesN Friday, April 26, 2024 11:56 AM
     Terraria 1.4.5 update adds a powerful new automation feature

The Terraria 1.4.5 update gets just a little better with each addition we see. The next big overhaul for one of the best sandbox games ever is creeping ever closer, as developer Re-Logic continues to tweak and test what might be the final update before it moves onto a new game. The Terraria State of the Game April 2024 has just arrived, bringing with it a couple of new spoilers, including a big upgrade to automation and a returning face.

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PCGamesN Friday, April 26, 2024 11:48 AM
     Windows 11 will give your PC a mark of shame if it can't run AI apps

As if it wasn't bad enough that the world at large is intent on shovelling more and more AI down our throats, now Microsoft looks set to outright shame gaming PCs running Windows 11 that don't support the latest AI apps. New code analysis for the upcoming Windows 11 24H2 update shows that PCs will be marked with a warning that certain new AI features aren't supported.

Precisely how this gaming PC warning will be shown isn't clear, as the analysis is only of the code, without any hints of the design Microsoft is adding to these Windows 11 elements. Nonetheless, it is evident that users will be left in no doubt that they're missing out.

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PCGamesN Friday, April 26, 2024 11:30 AM
     Pentium 4 – the CPU Intel got SO wrong

Like that Simpsons episode where the director's commentary for The Postman is just Kevin Costner repeatedly apologizing into his microphone, there needs to be a monument to the Intel Pentium 4 somewhere at the company HQ to remind people how badly you can get it wrong.

You might think Intel is a bit behind the competition now, with the new Core i9 14900K being the same as last year's 13900K with a bit more clock speed, but at least Raptor Lake is a half-decent architecture. You can accurately describe the 14900K as one of the best gaming CPUs, but you'd struggle to say the same for the Pentium 4's NetBurst architecture.

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PCGamesN Friday, April 26, 2024 11:43 AM
     Razer DeathAdder V3 review – lightweight ergonomic simplicity

The DeathAdder is one of the longest-running mouse designs in gaming mouse history, with its first iteration now approaching 20 years old. Its comfortable, ergonomic shape has simply stood the test of time. The Razer DeathAdder V3 is the latest version, and it keeps the design simple, with a basic tally of five buttons and a lightweight build, making it an ideal wired option for esports and more.

This Razer mouse's pricier, wireless sibling, the DeathAdder V3 Pro is currently our premium choice for the best gaming mouse, so the simpler V3 has plenty to live up to. Largely it doesn't disappoint, even if it doesn't quite blow us away.

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PCGamesN Friday, April 26, 2024 11:04 AM
     TopSpin 2K25 codes April 2024 – all locker codes

What are the new TopSpin 2K25 codes? 2K is at it again, this time with the most realistic tennis game to date. It's tough out there, though, and you'll need all the help you can get to become the next Serena or Venus Williams. Thankfully, we have the latest TopSpin 2K25 codes to give you a leg-up in your journey.

Whether it's singles or doubles, each tennis match is a fierce competition, and you'll have to be at the top of your game if you want to be the best in this sports game. You'll train to improve your skills, but you'll need VC to increase your stats in TopSpin 2K25, and that's where these freebies come in. Here is every active TopSpin 2K25 code.

PCGamesN Friday, April 26, 2024 11:04 AM

Arguments about how you should apply thermal paste to your CPU have rolled on for decades, with variations on cross shapes, sausage shapes, grains of rice, small dots, and straight lines being touted as the best methods, but a novel new approach could solve all these rows in one fell swoop. The new X-Apply is a thermal paste stencil that's claimed to be "idiot proof," meaning you could apply your thermal paste perfectly without any prior experience.

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PCGamesN Friday, April 26, 2024 11:19 AM
     Fallout 4 on Steam Deck completely devalues Valve's Verified rating

Fallout 4 on Steam Deck is now officially Verified after the new 'next-gen' update, but frustratingly performance on the Valve handheld is now decidedly worse, the graphical options are now inaccessible, and crashes are more frequent. This isn't the first example of a game getting worse on Steam Deck as its rating improves, but there are now some major questions that Valve needs to answer or risk its rating system falling entirely into chaos.

While the Steam Deck OLED is still our pick for the best handheld gaming PC, it's also the model of the Deck most impacted by this new Fallout 4 update. The most obvious 'improvement' is the removal of the Bethesda launcher, but this gave you the only way to adjust the graphical settings, meaning it's now impossible to make any changes at all.

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PCGamesN Friday, April 26, 2024 10:44 AM
     Two classic Blizzard games headline new Nvidia GeForce Now additions

Two certified classics - Diablo 2 and Starcraft 2 - are landing as new GeForce Now games this week as 16 games in total are added to Nvidia's streaming service. Nvidia's GeForce Now is a great way to play your games if you don't quite meet the hardware requirements to play them natively, or if you want to have access to your library on the go.

Contenders for the best PC games ever, regardless of their age, Diablo 2 and Starcraft 2 are coming to GeForce now as part of the recent Battle.Net integration. Nvidia is working to bring as many Battle.Net games to its streaming platform as possible, and it doesn't stop with these retro beauties. In the case of Diablo 2, though, only the Resurrected remake is coming to GeForce Now.

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Rock Paper Shotgun Latest Articles Feed Friday, April 26, 2024 2:36 PM

The creators of Escape from Tarkov may be looking for their own escape at the moment, after enraging the extraction shooter's community with a new top-tier edition of the game that's come under fire for its extortionate cost, "pay-to-win" offerings and for U-turning on the promise of free DLC for buyers of a previous bundle.

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Rock Paper Shotgun Latest Articles Feed Friday, April 26, 2024 1:54 PM

It's been barely a month since the reboot of horror classic Alone in the Dark arrived, but it looks like developers Pieces Interactive are now making a number of layoffs in the wake of its release.

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Rock Paper Shotgun Latest Articles Feed Friday, April 26, 2024 1:21 PM

A collection of five Phoenix Wright games - including some of the greatest visual novels of all time, in my opinion - is about to be discontinued on Steam, making it slightly less convenient to pick up the original Ace Attorney trilogy and its recent prequel games. That's the bad news. The good news is you've got a month's notice - and it's on sale for the next week or so.

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Rock Paper Shotgun Latest Articles Feed Friday, April 26, 2024 12:46 PM

Sometimes there's a game that's just a delight to write about, however you slice it. That's how I feel about getting to tell you about Oyster Wars, a platforming game that melds the fluid movement of Celeste with the puzzle dungeons and hookshot traversal of Zelda. Oh, and top of that it's about rebelling against capitalism via oyster farming - and it's made by a real-life oyster farmer. Let's get into this package of joys.

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Rock Paper Shotgun Latest Articles Feed Friday, April 26, 2024 12:45 PM

Historical strategy sim Manor Lords - which budding feudal despot Nic Reuben has deemed "a sturdy and immersive builder that feels incomplete yet alive with promise" - is now available on Steam, the Epic Games Store, Microsoft Store and GOG. It was Steam's most wishlisted game before launch, and it's so popular right now that Steam's servers are struggling to keep up: there's an official developer post on the game's Steam forum warning that "the store is overwhelmed from all the people buying, it may take a couple tries for a bit while things calm down".

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Rock Paper Shotgun Latest Articles Feed Friday, April 26, 2024 12:23 PM

Hurtling along on top of a train full of goons in Phantom Fury you will see another rushing train pulling up at matching speed, inviting you to hop from one to the other. A helicopter will soon join the fray. Many things will soon explode, and you will take a short break from the minigunning to calmly physics some boxes into a set of steps with a crane. This FPS is not so much writing a love letter to a bygone era of noughties shooters, as it is standing underneath the window of its respected elders earnestly serenading them with a busted old keytar from the attic. There are bum notes and the singing voice is not exactly boy-band beautiful, but the love is unmistakably there. And, hey, singing is hard.

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Rock Paper Shotgun Latest Articles Feed Friday, April 26, 2024 12:08 PM

Although Corsair isn't included in our current best gaming SSDs guide, their compact form factor SSDs, including the MP600 Mini, are probably some of the best M.2 2230 SSDs on the market to pair with your Steam Deck gaming console.

The 1TB Corsair MP600 Mini SSD has already seen quite a few discounts since its release in late 2023, including during this year's Amazon Spring Sale. In the UK, Amazon has once again shaved some money off, knocking its price down to just £69.98. That's a saving of £28.54.

It's also on sale in the US, but not for its cheapest price. If you urgently wanted to grab one though, you can do so for a still fairly reasonable price of $84.99 from Amazon's US storefront (was $114.99). But just know it has reached low prices of $70 in the past so it may be worth waiting for a big sale like Amazon Prime Day to get it for even cheaper.

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Rock Paper Shotgun Latest Articles Feed Friday, April 26, 2024 12:00 PM

While playing Manor Lords for review, I kept making mental notes to spend time watching the individual routes its villagers and beasts take each day. It's one of those interestingly granular games that actually becomes more so by remaining a bit mysterious in ways I'm sure will annoy some, so I reasoned some people-watching would be illuminating. And by people, I mean oxen.

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Rock Paper Shotgun Latest Articles Feed Friday, April 26, 2024 10:48 AM

Tucked away in the corner of this year's Day Of The Devs at GDC I discovered a lavish, strangely unattended action-RPG, in which austerely beautiful young women in elaborate skirts kick the bejazus out of each other on fields of whirling flowers. That game was Aikode, the work of Spanish solo developer Ace.

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Rock Paper Shotgun Latest Articles Feed Friday, April 26, 2024 10:36 AM

I don't want to strike sweaty terror into anyone's gentle hearts here, but I'm beginning to suspect lately that the friendly clown emojis I keep seeing as reactions to Steam user reviews aren't actually a colorful kudos to the writer for being a chucklesome and whimsical individual. I'm starting to fear, actually, that this one icon of a behatted japester may have been widely adopted as an oddly hostile way to single out dissenting opinions, rapidly accelerating the Steam reviews' grisly metamorphosis into something that more resembles a clout-farming social app than anything with pretensions towards facilitating helpfulness or self expression.

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Rock Paper Shotgun Latest Articles Feed Friday, April 26, 2024 10:30 AM

Lethal Company is a fun game but I know what you're thinking: it lacks feline energy. Whilst the simplistic game loop of collecting scrap on monster-infested moons and selling it to an equally monstrous company is enjoyable at first, it can get old pretty fast. As both Alice and James have attested with their experiences of this month's RPS Game Club pick, Lethal Company is a game that lacks a certain direction the more you play. I soon found myself settling into an existential crisis, reminiscent of my tumultuous stint in retail. A recurring thought back then was why bother stacking shelves, only to have someone buy the products and make me re-stack them again?

In the vain hopes of gaining a higher purpose in Lethal Company, I stumbled across the 'Needy Cats' mod. Essentially this mod adds a variety of cats to your game that will wander around the facilities and yelp for attention.

Perhaps I'm just a glutton for heartbreak, but I decided that the game needed a galactic sanctuary full of adorable balls of floof. I hearkened back to my time playing Stray, the adorable cat adventure set in a post-apocalypse where humanity was all but wiped out. Could this be the prequel to Lethal Company? What if all Apocalypse games share the same universe, all orchestrated by The Company secretly pulling the strings of fate? Or maybe I just wanted to look at cute cats instead of terrifying mannequin monsters. Either way, the cats needed help. What follows is a diary log of my adventures which soon lead to increasing madness and ultimately, disaster.

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Siliconera Friday, April 26, 2024 6:00 PM

Mega Man Zero merchandise from Cap Kuji Online

Capcom has opened a new Online Kuji lottery that rewards merchandise from the Mega Man Zero series. People can head to Cap Kuji Online to place their orders.

A single attempt in this lottery costs 880 yen (~$5.60), but one can make ten attempts at once to have one of them for free at just 7,920 yen. When Capcom is ready to ship the prizes in October 2024, it can pack up to 20 items in a single domestic delivery package that costs 660 yen.

Here is the complete prize list of the lottery:

  • S Prize: Big Capcorom Plush of Zero
  • A Prize: Tapestry (8 variations)
  • B Price: Acrylic Panel (5 variations)
  • C Prize: Acrylic Stand (7 variations)
  • D Prize: Micro Fiber Cloth (7 variations)
  • E Prize: Cyber Elf Badges (35 variations)

Capcom has also launched an additional sweepstake on the social media platform X. Japanese residents who have an account on the platform can follow @Capcom_capkuji and repost the specified tweet to join. Two lucky winners will each be able to receive a complete set of all eight character tapestries from the A prize tier.

Mega Man Zero Cap Kuji Online merchandise lineup
Image courtesy of Capcom

The Mega Man Zero series was originally available on Game Boy Advance. Capcom has since compiled all four games in the series, along with the Nintendo DS entries Mega Man ZX and Mega Man ZX Advent, as Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection. The compilation is readily available worldwide on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Capcom will end the purchase and sweepstake periods for the Mega Man Zero Online Kuji lottery on May 31, 2024. The company will ship the prizes in the first half of October 2024.

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El Shaddai collaboration with Edwin Jeans

Edwin announced that the El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron collaboration jeans will return in 2024. The brand has also opened online pre-orders for the jeans exclusively on the Edwin Mall website.

The promotional notes mentioned that these jeans were made in 360,000 BC, but the items were first spotted in the real world in 2011 AD. The collaboration will make its return to help celebrate the release of the game's Nintendo Switch version on April 28, 2024.

The Revival Second Editions will retain the designs from the original models with improved labels and materials at ¥23,100 (~$147). Edwin will also release new Great War Editions that omit details like the Cinch Belt and the Suspender Button. The new jeans will also cost less at ¥19,800 (~$126).

Each purchase will come with a leather tag that features the same illustration as the jeans' patch. The brand will also add a storybook as another bonus. El Shaddai's creator Sawaki Takeyasu made all of the illustrations in this collaboration.

Edwin will close the pre-order window for the El Shaddai jeans on June 3, 2024. The brand will ship the finished products in mid-October 2024. Crim will also let people try the jeans at Crimmore in West Shinjuku on April 26-29, 2024, and May 1-6, 2024.

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Siliconera Friday, April 26, 2024 4:30 PM

FFXVI Eorzea Cafe

For a limited time, Final Fantasy XVI food items will appear at several Eorzea Cafe locations in Japan. This is to celebrate the Final Fantasy XIV and XVI crossover event, "The Path Infernal." From April 30, 2024, until June 17, 2024, a total of four FFXVI food items will be available to sample from at the Osaka and Akihabara Eorzea Cafe locations. Those that do purchase these food items will receive a special lunch table mats.

The four food items are based on Clive, Jill, Odin, and the Drake's Head location. Clive and Jill will be the inspiration for two theme drinks, which include a lemon black syrup strawberry flavored drink and a blue lychee syrup one respectively. The Odin and Drake's Head dish are a little more substantial, as the Odin food item is a black ink squid smelt risotto. The Drake's Head item is a tea chiffon cake to round out the meal.

You can take a look at the FFXVI Eorzea Cafe food items below:

The lunch table mats features promotional artwork of Clive, Jill, and Joshua fighting Leviathan, the star of The Rising Tide DLC. You can take a look below:

In the past, the Final Fantasy Eorzea Cafe has released several distinct FFXIV-themed food items according to season. This has included special collaboration items to celebrate The Rising.

Final Fantasy XVI and The Rising Tide DLC are available for PlayStation 5. Final Fantasy XIV is available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, PC, and Xbox Series X.

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Kingdom Hearts Heart Necklaces Rings

Square Enix announced that several Kingdom Hearts jewelry items will return to its Japanese storefront in 2024. These include the Kingdom Hearts crown and heart necklaces and two monogram rings.

All four items are currently available for pre-order through the official Square Enix Japan storefront and will ship on September 21, 2024. You can find the necklaces on the official site, alongside the rings.

Two variations of the heart and crown necklace are available. These include a silver version priced at 19,800 yen (or $125) and am 18 karat gold version which will cost 85,800 (or roughly $543). Consumers will also be able to pick a stone for their necklace, with each one representing a specific Kingdom Hearts character.

The list of stones and character tied to them are:

  • Aquamarine - Aqua
  • Blue Sapphire - Riku
  • Blue Topaz - Sora
  • Citrine - Terra
  • Garnet - Axel
  • Onyx - Shion
  • Orange Sapphire - Roxas
  • Peridot - Ventus
  • Pink Tourmaline - Kairi
  • White Sapphire - Namine

You can take a look at the Kingdom Hearts heart and crown necklaces below:

The two Kingdom Hearts monogram rings will come in silver, plated gold, rose gold, and black. The standard sized monogram ring will cost 19, 580 yen (or $124) whereas the wide version will cost 21,780 yen (or $138).

You can view the Kingdom Hearts monogram rings below:

In January 2023, Square Enix announced it would be producing a Kingdom Hearts necklace inspired by Kairi. Specifically her keyblade. This item was available for pre-order until May 2023.

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Dance Dance Revolution Classic Mini

Konami and Zuiki have announced that Dance Dance Revolution Classic Mini will be available for public sale on September 27, 2024. Pre-orders for the mini emulator console are immediately available on Zuiki Store. It will have a price tag of 49,500 yen (~$315.60).

The Classic Mini console will contain a number of songs from the first Dance Dance Revolution entry, as well as the 2nd Mix and 3rd Mix sequels. It will also come with a pair of miniature controllers that are only suitable to operate with hands. However, players can also connect regular DDR controllers via USB to play the game with their feet as usual.

The console will also have more connectivity features. The owner will be able to connect the device to a larger PC monitor or television via HDMI. The mini controllers will also be compatible with Konami's PC game, Dance Dance Revolution Grand Prix.

The mini console's design will also be customizable. Zuiki will include a set of swappable stickers in the set, and the owner will be able to mix and match the pop panels from among the featured titles.

Dance Dance Revolution Classic Mini stickers
Image via Zuiki and Konami

Zuiki first revealed the mini console in October 2023 to celebrate the Dance Dance Revolution series' 25th anniversary. The company held a crowdfunding session from October 10, 2023, to January 26, 2024, and it gathered over 81 million yen, or around $516,500 with the exchange rates in late April 2024.

Dance Dance Revolution Classic Mini will be released on September 27, 2024.

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NIKKE Alice Figma Figure Hops into Action in 2025

Good Smile Company announced it will release its Alice figma, its next Goddess of Victory: NIKKE figure, in 2025. It will launch first in Japan in February 2025 for ¥11,800, with the worldwide release set for Q2 2025 for $71.99.

We first heard about this Alice figure during WonHobby G 2023 Autumn. An unpainted prototype with her standard, smiling face plate appeared. The full figure also includes shocked a shocked face plate and one where her eyes are shut in joy and she's smiling widely. Her sniper rifle and parts are available, as well as additional leg parts so she can squat behind cover, to recreate scenes from the game. There are also multiple pairs of hands for different poses.

Here's a closer look at the Goddess of Victory: NIKKE Alice figure:

There is also a Good Smile Company store exclusive bonus. People get a fourth face plate if they buy there. That features Alice with an awkward smile and swirly, "dizzy" eyes. 

Here's how that bonus item looks:

The Goddess of Victory: NIKKE Alice figma will come to Japan in February 2025 and the US in Q2 2025, and people can pre-order the figure until July 10, 2024. NIKKE is available to play on PCs and mobile devices.

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Manor Lords

There's been several attempts at spicing up the city-building genre of late, from the roguelite elements of Against the Storm to the mining layer of SteamWorld Build. But while Manor Lords has strategy combat and ox-based infrastructure, what I'm really enamoured with is the flexible plotting system that lets me build the organic-looking, mud-hovel metropolis of my dreams.

As an overview, Manor Lords is a medieval city-builder (more of a town-builder really) about to launch in Early Access, and while rough in places I can already see plenty of potential. The meat of the gameplay is gathering resources and building amenities for your villeins, who can later be upgraded to artisans for crafting more advanced goods. The game suffers from a slow start as you are limited by your available villagers and the need for Oxen to transport timber to each construction site, but there's soon plenty more to manage. As your town grows you'll be able to expand into other regions and form a trade network of villages, eventually raising a militia army to take care of bandits or rival lords encroaching on your rightful territories.

Manor Lords Heraldry
Screenshot via Siliconera

But before you even get to any of that, there's and important question to answer: what coat-of-arms do you want to create with the surprisingly in-depth heraldry editor? It can be a little inflexible and fiddly, but it was a real surprise to see so many options for such a small part of the game. In fact, Manor Lords has several opportunities to add personal touches, like manually renaming or equipping your retinue or planning the layout of your manor. The options aren't always as varied as in the heraldry editor, but I found this focus on small details to be a real strength for the game.

This comes through in the aforementioned plotting system as well. While most of your actual production buildings have your usual fixed footprint, in Manor Lords houses (or burgage plots) have a 4 point plotting system that can curve along roads and other buildings, facilitating much much more naturalistic house placement. You can still make a very methodical, square grid of regimented houses if you want, but theres a lot more room for freeform placement and filling unsightly gaps in your town. Make a plot big enough and you can even build extensions, or workshops. You could give all your villagers a little garden to grow veggies or raise chickens to supplement your food supply, or just pack them in like sardines to save on space.

Manor Lords Burgage Plot
Screenshot via Siliconera

Again, there's a finickyness to it that means sometimes the game can't find anywhere to place a house in an otherwise enormous plot, but I can forgive a little early access jank when a feature makes simply putting down houses a creative endeavour. And taking a step back to view your village from above (or with the 'visit' feature, that lets you walk around in third person!), you really start to appreciate the variance in shapes.

While there's a lot to like in Manor Lords, there are other issues too. While the tutorial can be helpful, if you miss or need to check anything then the help tab is very barebones and and doesn't tell you important things like what resources can be used for. It can also be difficult to identify the cause of production bottlenecks (it's usually a lack of transport oxen) and I couldn't find a way to see all my incoming and outgoing trades on one screen. I also had a few recurring problems with notifications recurring even after i'd dealt whatever it was notifying me of, as well as an irritating bandit camp that wouldn't disperse after I defeated all its inhabitants. I lost so many berries to those ghost-bandits...

Screenshot via Siliconera

As for the combat, it works in a similar fashion to the Total War series. But despite being a long-time fan of those games, I was actually less intrigued by this than other aspects of Manor Lords. In my time playing, I mainly had access to a handful of militia units pitted against small forces of bandits, so I didn't get to see what kind of depth the system would hold at higher levels. That said, having to provide your own equipment and manage when you take men away from other jobs to go fight provide interesting restrictions even early on. There's also game modes that promise much higher aggression from foes, so I'm interested to give them a try once I'm more confident in my town-building skills.

I'm actually quite excited to see how Manor Lords looks a little later down the line, it's already a fun little city-builder even in this early state and some of the placeholders suggest interesting features to come. It's not one of those games that reinvents the wheel, but the changes it does make are impactful and with a little polish it could become a real gem.

Manor Lords will release in Early Access on April 26, 2024, for PC via Steam, GOG, and the Microsoft Store as well as on Xbox Game Pass for PC. An Xbox console version is also planned.

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The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom merchandise at Nintendo Tokyo Kyoto and Osaka physical stores

Nintendo has released a new wave of merchandise inspired by The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom in Japan. The collection ranges from a drawstring pouch based on the Bomb Flower to a rug modeled after the Zonai Wing.

These items are immediately available at Nintendo's physical stores in Tokyo, Osaka, and Kyoto. People residing in the country can also order the goods online via My Nintendo Store.

Here is the complete list of items in the collection, along with their respective prices in Japanese yen:

  • Zonai Wing Rug: ¥8,580
  • Aloha Shirt: ¥6,380
  • Sticker: ¥880 individually or ¥9,680 for the complete 11-in-1 set
  • Secret Stone Pin: ¥1,375 individually or ¥11,000 for the complete 8-in-1 set
  • ID Cardholder: ¥1,980
  • Signpost Keychain: ¥1,320
  • Skull Chest Keychain: ¥1,650
  • Bomb Flower Purse: ¥2,530
  • Zelda's Earrings: ¥2,035
  • Purah's Hairband: ¥1,485
  • Traveling Korok Mini Pouch: ¥3,795
  • Traveling Korok Eco Bag: ¥3,795
  • Canvas Board: ¥14,850
  • T-Shirt: ¥4,070
  • Long-Sleeved T-Shirt: ¥4,620
  • Handkerchief: ¥2,200
  • Master Sword Pin: ¥1,430
  • Necktie: ¥4,620
  • Stainless Drink Bottle: ¥4,840
  • Mini Bath Towel: ¥2,420
  • Clear Pouch: ¥2,200
  • Note Book: ¥1,540

Nintendo is also working with other companies to release more merchandise from Tears of the Kingdom. Uniqlo has released shirts based on the game worldwide. Meanwhile, Good Smile Company is gradually releasing figma action figures starting with Link appearing first, and Ganondorf and Zelda following suit later on.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is available worldwide on Nintendo Switch. A variety of merchandise inspired by the game is purchasable in Nintendo's physical and online stores in Japan.

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pikachu garden nintendo switch accessories

A new PowerA cross bag and protection case for the Nintendo Switch depicts a minimalist Pikachu prancing around in a flower garden. You can get them, along with the enhanced wireless controllers PowerA already released in the past, from places like Target. [Thanks, Pokeshopper!]

The designs are minimalist and botanical. In them, you can see fairly simple drawings of flowers on a background that's plan apart from a plaid stripe. Depending on what you purchase, PIkachu is either eating or smelling a flower, or running around in the garden. Everything has a fairly pale and monotonous color scheme, and has a very stylishly feminine aesthetic.

Here are the prices (according to Target) of each item:

  • Crossbody bag: $29.99
  • Enhanced wireless controller: $64.99
  • Nano enhanced wireless controller: $59.99
  • Protection case: $22.99

As a reminder, all of the above Pikachu Garden items are for the Nintendo Switch.

In comparison to the beginning of its popularity, a lot of merchandise for Pokemon now cater to an older audience, as many people who grew up playing these games are now adults. For example, in January 2024, The Pokemon Company sold items based on Pokemon Concierge, including coasters, a watering can, and a passport cover. Later on in February 2024, The Pokemon Center sold kitchen utensils and cookware based on Pikachu.

The Pikachu Garden line of Nintendo Switch accessories is available via stores like Target.

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nier automata orchestra concert 12024 merchandise

Square Enix has started selling merchandise from the NieR:Orchestra Concert 12024 event. You can pre-order them from the North American Square Enix store ahead of their January 2025 release.

There are four different items you can get, with all four of them using the same key visual of the concert. The image in question depicts 2B and 9S standing in the middle of the ruined city while it's snowing. They're both staring down at a giant version of the Emil mask that Yoko Taro usually wears when he appears in interviews.

Here is the list of merchandise you can purchase from the NieR:Orchestra Concert 12024 event:

And here is the full gallery of all the items.

NieR:Orchestra Concert 12024 (the end of data) is an international concert, with showings from January to March 2024. Cities that held the event include Vancouver, Berlin, and Paris.  Aside from listening to music, the English voice actors of 2B and 9S also recorded new lines that were supposed to take place after the events of the game. According to reviews from people who went, the concert was more akin to a musical show in which the storyline and the performances were woven together.

NieR: Automata is readily available for the PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Windows PC.

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See the Life-Size Stellar Blade Eve Figure

At the Seoul, South Korea launch event for Stellar Blade, 1/4 Eve and Lily figures and a life-size Eve figure appeared. These are created to celebrate the launch of the game.

First, here's the video of the life-size Eve statue from the event from DadZ | Edd on Twitter. It shows her wearing the Planet Diving Suit (7th) nano suit. 


Cerberus Project and Frenchdoll also created a 1/4 scale Stellar Blade Eve figure that appeared at the event. She's wearing the same nano suit as the life-size statue.


DadZ | Edd also shared the 1/4 scale Lily figure that appeared at the game's launch event.


As a reminder, it isn't just the game that is available on April 26, 2024. The mini original soundtrack will launch on Apple Music and Spotify the same day. Links for it aren't live yet. However, there is a teaser for it on social media.


There are also 10 Advanced Recruit Vouchers being given out in Goddess of Victory: NIKKE, Shift Up's mobile game, to celebrate the Stellar Blade launch. Every player can get that bonus from their inbox

Stellar Blade is now available for the PlayStation 5 worldwide. No Stellar Blade retail figures have been announced yet.

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Final Fantasy XVI New Game Plus Bug Breaks the Game

Square Enix announced it is aware of a Final Fantasy XVI New Game Plus bug and is working on a fix. It also offered a workaround and instructions to avoid the issue before the patch is released.

Basically, the only Final Fantasy XVI players encountering this New Game Plus issue are ones who decided to skip the prologue. People who did this might not get to go any further, as "A Chance Encounter" won't include anyone else with Clive. The solution essentially involves starting a New Game Plus save file and not skipping the prologue. 

Here's the full statement on the Final Fantasy XVI problem and workaround to help people with the issue overcome the bug. There's no word yet on when a patch to fix it will appear. 


The next step in Final Fantasy XVI's development is the PC port. Producer Naoki Yoshida said that it is on the horizon. There's no release window for it yet. However, when it does launch there will also be a demo to go along with it.

Final Fantasy XVI is available for the PS5, with the Echoes of the Fallen and Rising TideDLC out now. A PC version of the game is also on the way.

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Hunter X Hunter - Nen X Impact first official trailer

Bushiroad has published the first official trailer for Hunter x Hunter: Nen x Impact on its YouTube channel. This trailer gives a quick rundown of the gameplay features and playable characters in the upcoming 3v3 Hunter x Hunter fighting game.

The features that Bushiroad introduced in the trailer are as follows:

  • Switch: Change the characters in accordance with the situations
  • Assist: Deal massive damage with simultaneous attacks from partners
  • Rush Combo: Easy combos with button mashing
  • Over Gear: Characters will become stronger the lower their HP are

The trailer also features the first few characters who will be available in the fighting game. So far it only shows the six characters who have appeared since the initial teaser trailer. They are Gon, Killua, Leorio, Kurapika, Hisoka, and Netero, and they will also be playable in the first public demo builds.

The new trailer for Hunter x Hunter: Nen x Impact is also available to watch right below:


Hunter x Hunter: Nen x Impact will be available on PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, and PC. Bushiroad has yet to announce the game's release window, but it will place playable demo builds at EVO Japan 2024 and Kansai Gaming Party, with the latter taking place in Osaka on May 4-5, 2024.

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Animal Crossing Lego Town Hall and Dodo Airlines Sets Confirmed

Lego and Nintendo announced on social media that two more Lego Animal Crossing sets are on the way, with Town Hall and Dodo Airlines set to appear. The teaser noted these will show up on August 1, 2024. 

The teaser video offers very few details about the two new sets. Most of it focuses on the fact that a K.K. Slider minifig will be among the new additions. The image at the end confirmed he'll be included with the Town Hall set. K.K.'s performance items will be there, along with a vendor booth and Isabelle in her work uniform minifig. As for the Dodo Airlines set, it will have their station on the dock and Seaplane. Wilbur and Tangy minifigs are confirmed with that one as well.

Here's a closer look at the first video announcing the new Lego sets.


At the moment, five Lego Animal Crossing sets are available, and they range from expensive houses to smaller playsets. The largest set is the $74.99 Nook's Cranny & Rosie's House one. The most affordable ones are the $14.99 Julian's Birthday Party and $19.99 Bunnie's Outdoor Activities scenes. People can also get Kapp'n's Island Boat Tour for $29.99 and Isabelle's House Visit for $39.99.

The Lego Animal Crossing Town Hall and Dodo Airlines sets will launch on August 1, 2024.

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honkai star rail ichiban kuji

Bandai Spirits has announced an Ichiban Kuji lottery for Honkai: Star Rail to commemorate its first anniversary with new merchandise. There are seven kinds of prizes in total.

Each attempt will cost around 780 JPY ($5). You'll be able to participate in stores that usually have Ichiban Kuji lotteries available, such as convenience stores and anime shops. People in Japan will be able to start pulling for goods from late August 2024, and the Double Chance Campaign will run until late November 2024.

Here is the list of prizes from the Honkai: Star Rail first anniversary Ichiban Kuji:

  • A Prize: Before Dawn tapestry
  • B Prize: I Shall Be My Own Sword tapestry
  • C Prize: Brighter Than the Sun tapestry
  • D Prize: Belobog trash can mug
  • E Prize: Cloth (uses splash art from 9 different characters)
  • F Prize: Acrylic charm (9 variations)
  • G Prize: Rubber coaster (9 variations)

Here is how the Honkai: Star Rail merchandise will look:

The Last One prize will allow you to get a set of B5 illustration boards. They'll depict the Before Dawn, I Shall Be My Own Sword, and Brighter Than the Sun artwork. None of the characters from after Version 1.6 appear in the line-up of Ichiban Kuji prizes. So fans of characters like Ruan Mei or Aventurine may have to wait until the next Ichiban Kuji for Honkai: Star Rail to get stuff for them.

Honkai: Star Rail came out on April 26, 2023, marking it exactly a year since it came out for the general public. There have been several real-life and in-game events for the anniversary. As well, many companies—including Bandai Spirits—will release commemorative collaboration items for the milestone.

Honkai: Star Rail is readily available on the PS5, Windows PC, and mobile devices. The Honkai: Star Rail Ichiban Kuji lottery will begin in August 2024.

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PC Invasion - FeedDDD Friday, April 26, 2024 5:18 PM
     Manor Lords Clothing MarketClothing in Manor Lords does not work as you may expect from playing other RTS city building games. There is no dedicated clothing building, so making clothes may appear rather confusing. How clothing works in Manor Lords In Manor Lords, the people are rather resourceful and will do things themselves, including making clothes. To satisfy the clothing demand, all you must do is make the materials needed to make clothes available, and the people will make them themselves. Screenshot: PC Invasion Clothes can be made from leather, linen, and yarn. So as long as you have market stalls in the Marketplace stocked up with either of those materials, your people will go over, collect them, bring them home, and make clothing. Then, the clothing demand will be satisfied and you can upgrade the Burgages. Making leather is the easiest of the three, so it will be worth to streamline leather production before you think about making yarn and linen. How to make leather in Manor Lord...

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     How To Get Digital Deluxe Items In Stellar Blade Featured ImageSpending extra money on games like Stellar Blade to receive some neat in-game items is a common thing in the landscape of gaming today. However, the developers might not want to give you these items as soon as you start playing. We're going to alleviate your worries that you might have paid extra for nothing and tell you how to get the Digital Deluxe items in Stellar Blade. How to claim Digital Deluxe bonuses in Stellar Blade Screenshot: PC Invasion I'm sure I wasn't the only one who started to get nervous by not having my items from the Digital Deluxe version of Stellar Blade even after 3+ hrs of game time. If you feel like ponying up an extra $10 when purchasing Stellar Blade, you get access to 2,000 XP, 5,000 gold, and a slew of cosmetics for EVE and her companions. The XP can be useful if you feel like "respec-ing" EVE at any point, and gold helps you purchase items from shops throughout the game. Because of this, as well as the game taking...

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     Atla Elements Key ArtFor the final stage of the Fortnite x Avatar crossover event, the Light Chakra missions will require you to complete several challenges before you can get your hands on that sweet Appa Glider. As one of the last quests in Fortnite, you will need to receive a gift from Aang, Katara, Zuko, and Toph to progress. Find Aang, Katara, Zuko, and Toph in Fortnite To complete this Fortnite x Avatar quest, you will simply need to visit each one of these characters around the map. They can be found at each of the markers on the map. Once you have found them, approach them to revive your gift. Visiting each one of them will complete this stage of the Light Chakra quest in Fortnite, getting you ever closer to the Appa Glider. Aang location To find Aang in Fortnite, you will have to head high into the mountains above Grand Glacier. I guess the wind-up there is exceptionally good quality or something. You will be able to spot just where his temple is by the glowing yellow beam pointing fro...

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     Tomorrow, on Saturday, April 27, champions from various trading card games (TCGs) including Magic: The Gathering, Pokémon, Yu-Gi-Oh, Hearthstone, Marvel Snap, Runeterra, Digimon, and KeyForge will converge to participate in the Mindbug Invitational 2024. The event will be broadcast live on YouTube starting at 8 PM CET, where enthusiasts can witness these players contend for …

Tabletop Gaming News – TGN Friday, April 26, 2024 2:15 PM
     WizKids has announced the opening of pre-orders for their new game, Tales of the Arthurian Knights, a standalone sequel to the popular game Tales of the Arabian Nights. This new entry sets players in the world of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. Set during King Arthur's reign, players take on the …

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     Perish is basically the weird love child of DOOM Eternal and Hades, combining the intense action and heavy-metal riffs of the former with the roguelike structure and mythological storytelling of the latter. But just like real-world genetics, just because you combine the best DNA possible does not mean you're going to end up with something better than the sum of its parts. Perish isn't even close to being as awesome as either of its parents, but if you take it out of the shadow of those two Titans it's a decent budget roguelike shooter in its own right.

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According to Blooper Team CEO Piotr Babieno in a recent conference.

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Xbox first party titles have been performing well on the PlayStation Store.

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     Blizzard has decided to cancel this year's BlizzCon. The company states the event will return…