Oct 12, 22:01

GamerDad: Gaming with Children 00:01
     GLO is a minimalistic platformer where you are a square and must reach the exit depicted by an outline of a square.  But the gimmick here is that most of the screen is pitch black, and only the small area around your square is illuminated.  So you have to do a lot of blind jumps […]

Video Game News, Reviews, Walkthroughs And Guides | GamingBolt 01:35
     Alan Wake Remastered receives a teen rating by the ESRB for Nintendo Switch, following ratings by other boards in recent days.

Video Game News, Reviews, Walkthroughs And Guides | GamingBolt 00:16
     A look at a datamine shows what could be the full contents for the Season Pass of both free and paid tiers in the game's multiplayer mode.

Game Informer 00:48

Back 4 Blood

Publisher: Warner Bros. Interactive
Developer: Turtle Rock Studios
Rating: Mature
Reviewed on: Xbox Series X/S
Also on: PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC

Back 4 Blood's concept is a slam dunk. Give the team responsible for trailblazing the zombie co-op shooter with Left 4 Dead another shot at the genre, adding a plethora of modern trappings and a new wrinkle to differentiate it from Turtle Rock Studios' past work. But after countless tech tests and some massive shoes to fill, can the frenetic first-person shooter recapture the magic? While not perfect, Back 4 Blood is a genuinely fun time with friends, and it has enough new tricks to keep fans coming back for more.

Click here to watch embedded media

Back 4 Blood's gunplay is a major highlight. The weapons should be familiar to anyone who's played titles like Left 4 Dead before, but the thrilling moment-to-moment battles with the undead are satisfying. Everything from crushing Ridden craniums with your nail-covered bat to mowing down zombie hordes with an LMG has the proper weight, controller-rumble, and sound effects to immerse you in an intense experience.

Back 4 Blood is difficult, especially at the start, and I was surprised by its unrelenting enemy mobs. While I loved the heated moments where victory is in question, the difficulty balance is off. The changes in challenge come from the Game Director. This system tinkers with players' experiences from level to level, throwing everything from fog to flaming infected at you, meaning two playthroughs of the same stage can be completely different. There were too many times I would get through a level with minor hiccups, only to get overpowered within minutes of the next segment and vice-versa. The Director also seems to overcorrect after zombies became too oppressive, and my squad would easily walk through the rest of a level with little more than a scratch after a big fight. The game can strike the right balance, but I wish those highs and lows had been tuned to offer a more consistent experience.

Click here to watch embedded media

That difficulty curve is more manageable thanks to the card system, Turtle Rock's wrinkle on the classic formula. As players progress through the co-op campaign, they gain supply points that can be spent on upgrade cards for each Cleaner. These range from minor 10 percent boosts to vital skills such as gaining health back from kills to an extra life if your team fails its objective.

The experience started to click for me when I began to build classes that matched my situation. By Act 3, I had assembled enough cards to create a shotgun-wielding tank that could sprint into the fray, mow down dozens of zombies, and run back without losing much HP, thanks to a card that gave me health for landing hits with my boom shot. Another time, my team and I were failing to finish off a boss, only to roll over him when we all added a card that added 20 percent damage to the special Ridden's weak spot. The more my team varied our decks and loadouts, the less we'd have to drop ammo for one another, and we became a more efficient unit. Even after I faced the final boss, I still had plenty of cards to unlock and new reasons to return to the earlier levels.

As with most co-op-focused games, B4B shines brightest when you have a full team shredding through the special Ridden. Whether we were yelling orders to one another or laughing as someone shrieked after being tackled by one of the wall-hugging Sleepers, Back 4 Blood reminded me why I spent so many hours fighting the undead in the past and why I'm excited to do it all over again in 2021.

On the flip side, solo players may have fewer reasons to be excited. Back 4 Blood's AI companions are competent and helpful when you need an extra health boost or ammo. But the lack of stat tracking, supply points, or even achievement unlocks kept me far away from the solo action. This is disappointing for players who want to enjoy the game on their own.

Click image thumbnails to view larger version



Finally, I passively enjoyed Back 4 Blood's Swarm mode, which pits Cleaners against the Ridden in sub-sections of the campaign to battle in round-based encounters. Teams take turns playing as either Ridden or Cleaners, and whoever lasts the longest as the humans wins the round. I enjoyed playing as the undead, but I don't love how some of the special Ridden like the Tallboy control and longed for the intense matches of the campaign. The mode isn't offensively bad but pales in comparison to the rest of the game's engrossing co-op package, and after a few rounds in this PvP mode, I was content to put it down to go back to PvE.

Back 4 Blood is one of my comfort food games of 2021. It is an excellent time with friends that scratches an itch I've had since the glory days of Left 4 Dead. While it never reaches the heights of its inspiration, the addition of cards makes me hungry to play more, even when the game isn't at its strongest.

Score: 8

Summary: Turtle Rock Studios' latest shooter excels at supplying the familiar frights fans of the genre have been hoping for.

Concept: Squad up with friends to take down hordes of undead while trying to clean the world of Ridden

Graphics: The levels start to feel a bit samey, but Back 4 Blood's world contains an impressive amount of grotesque detail

Sound: The music ramps appropriately to amp up the tension, and mowing down zombies has the satisfying pop you'd come to expect from the game

Playability: Using the card system and a satisfying array of combat tools, players mold their characters to adapt in a difficult everchanging undead landscape

Entertainment: Back 4 Blood shines when playing with others and has enough systems, spooks, and FPS fun to make players want to come back for more

Replay: High

Click to Purchase

Nintendo Life | Latest Updates 01:30

Don't do it, Steve!

Following on from the Metroid Dread spirit event in Smash Bros. Ultimate last week, Nintendo has now announced a new tournament.

It's unclear at this stage how much longer the game will continue to host these weekly events, but for now - at least until Sora's arrival, they're still going. This latest event will run for a total of three days and starts this Friday.

Read the full article on nintendolife.com

Nintendo Life | Latest Updates 00:30

The green one is called Yoshi, obviously.

Well, here's some Nintendo trivia you might not have heard before - Yoshi (as in a group them, also referred to as 'Yoshies' or 'Yoshis') apparently have different names.

Whether you want to embrace this lore or not, is entirely up to you, but according to Nintendo of Europe materials from back in the day, each of the Yoshi in Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island had a name. There was Yoshi - Mario's main sidekick, and in addition to this we have Jonny, Sunny, Claudi, Eddi, Netty, Tommy and Marci.

Read the full article on nintendolife.com

Gamers: The best place for gaming news and discussion 01:16

DICE is the Boobies of game studios because of their games Battlefronts and Battlefields=BB.

submitted by /u/Responsible_Leader_3
[link] [comments]

Gamers: The best place for gaming news and discussion 01:10

Haven't really played online much. Trying to find people who either want to help and teach me how to make money. Or if you feel generous and want to send me some cash gifts that would be cool as well. Send me a message and I'll send you my gamertag. Been playing on xbone.

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Kotaku 01:00

You'd be forgiven for thinking that every move and every system you've ever enjoyed in a video game has been planned to the last meticulous detail. But hey, sometimes a thought just comes to you, and the results stand the test of time.


Nintendo Everything 01:14

Nintendo is continuing its promotional efforts for Mario Party Superstars and has now come out with another commercial for the game. Get a look at the advert below. Mario Party Superstars is scheduled for release on October 29. For those that missed it, we have a couple of Japanese commercials featuring King & Prince here.

The post Mario Party Superstars gets another Japanese commercial appeared first on Nintendo Everything.

Nintendo Everything 01:06

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is planning its latest tourney, which will focus on the Blast Box. During the event, many of these items will be appearing during battle. While they can be hazardous, if you use them properly, they can give you an edge in battle. The types of spirits you can receive will improve as you pick up more...

The post Smash Bros. Ultimate to host tournament with Blast Box item appeared first on Nintendo Everything.

Video Game News, Reviews, Walkthroughs And Guides | GamingBolt 01:35
     Alan Wake Remastered receives a teen rating by the ESRB for Nintendo Switch, following ratings by other boards in recent days.

Video Game News, Reviews, Walkthroughs And Guides | GamingBolt 00:16
     A look at a datamine shows what could be the full contents for the Season Pass of both free and paid tiers in the game's multiplayer mode.

TouchArcade 00:18
     Back in May of last year, which somehow feels like a bajillion years ago, developer 10tons announced their latest title, …

Alpha Beta Gamer 01:41

Best Month Ever! is a beautiful, touching and hard-hitting narrative driven point and click adventure where a terminally-ill mother tries to pack a lifetime's worth of mothering into four short weeks.

Taking place in the 1960's, in Best Month Ever! you follow the story of a single mother called Louise and her eight year old son, Mitch. Louise is terminally-ill and has just one month … Read More

The post Best Month Ever! – Beta Demo first appeared on Alpha Beta Gamer.

PCGamer latest 00:39
     Terrible, discontinued Microsoft games service no longer haunts from the grave.

Oct 12, 20:01

WGB, Home of AWESOME Reviews 23:14
     It's another episode of the podcast that has absolutely zero consistent release schedule. This time I cover the games I'm playing plus some news, so here the notes I take and then use when recording and the podcast itself.

IGN Video Games 23:51

IGN Video Games 23:19

IGN Video Games 22:58
     Mortal Kombat creator Ed Boon shared the 30-year-old video that was used as a reference for Scorpion's "Get Over Here" move.

Xbox Wire 23:00
     Disco Elysium – The Final Cut is available now for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. Our award-winning open world RPG and its revolutionary dialogue system gives you a huge amount of freedom as you explore a whole city block in a massive murder mystery. The Final Cut version adds full voice acting and political […]

Game Informer 22:25

Most gaming podcasts these days do the same thing: round up the news and talk about the big releases of the week. There is nothing wrong with that, but our love of games isn't tied to a release schedule. Whether you're a hardcore fan or a casual player who only has time for a select number of games a year, the reason you fell in love with this medium is that you loved one game first. We want to put the focus back on some of our favorite franchises, explore how they changed over the years, and examine why they left a mark on the industry.

Video Gameography is a serialized podcast. Each season we'll explore a new franchise and why it's essential. In every episode, we'll examine one game in that series (starting with the first entry), talk about its lore, production history, and the impact it left on those who played it.

There is no shortage of great industry franchises we hope to cover: God of War, Halo, Grand Theft Auto, Doom, The Legend of Zelda, Pokémon, etc. However, our first season zooms in on Nintendo's iconic Metroid franchise. Did you know that Samus' iconic big shoulder design was a result of the limitations of the Game Boy? Or that she was originally named after the legendary Football/Soccer legend Pele? Or that Metroid Fusion is the only game in the series that can be completed with an item collection percentage of zero? 

Join hosts Ben Reeves, Marcus Stewart, and a collection of rotating guests as we examine your favorite gaming franchises. New episodes drop every Saturday, starting on October 16. It's going to be a wild ride. 

For more Game Informer podcasts, be sure to check out the GI Show, which covers weekly news and all the details on the big game releases, and All Things Nintendo with host Brian Shea which deep dives into Nintendo's library of games every week. 

Polygon - All 22:18
Zackary Arthur holds a beaming Chucky doll in Syfy/USA's horror series Chucky
Photo: Steve Wilkie/USA Network

It's an angsty queer drama with just the right amount of doll-murder

Continue reading…

My Nintendo News 22:12
     Now that Metroid Dread is finally in the hands of Nintendo Switch owners around the world, previous entries in the Metroid franchise are seeing a noticeable sales boost on other hardware. Thanks to the Virtual Console offerings on Wii U, Metroid Fusion, the previous mainline series entry that released in 2002 for the Game Boy […]


Xbox Wire 23:00
     Disco Elysium – The Final Cut is available now for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. Our award-winning open world RPG and its revolutionary dialogue system gives you a huge amount of freedom as you explore a whole city block in a massive murder mystery. The Final Cut version adds full voice acting and political […]

Kotaku 23:00

When the first Xbox console was revealed on stage back in 2001, it was announced that it was packing an Intel CPU. This had been a last-minute decision on Microsoft's part; so last-minute, in fact, that according to the "Father of the Xbox" Seamus Blackley AMD engineers were sitting in the front row of the console's


Kotaku 22:30

There are probably some readers out there young enough to not even know what Games For Windows Live even was, but for those of us who lived through it, we remember: how pointless it was, how broken.


PCGamesN 22:54
     Back 4 Blood's Steam player count tops Left 4 Dead's record, but not Left 4 Dead 2

Back 4 Blood is as close to Left 4 Dead 3 as we're ever likely to get, and no new Steam game can escape the need to analyse player counts - so here we are! Now that it's gotten a full release after a few days of early access, Back 4 Blood's player count is publicly available and quite impressive, though it's far short of the heights set by its predecessor. (And that's to be expected.)

Back 4 Blood reached a peak concurrent Steam player count of 39,052, putting it in the platform's top 25 biggest player peaks for the day, as SteamDB shows. (This doesn't count anyone playing the PC version via Xbox Game Pass.) As of this writing, it's the number 13 game on Steam, sandwiched between Rocket League and Rainbow Six Siege.

That's bigger than Left 4 Dead 2's peak player count today of 18,865, though far short of the older game's 162,399 all-time record, set back in 2013. That's not at all a fair comparison, though - Left 4 Dead 2 was given away as a free Christmas present from Valve the day before that massive record was set. Still, L4D2 has been hitting counts as high as 49,193 as recently as August 2021. It's tough to beat one of the games that everyone owns on Steam.

PCGamesN 22:27
     FFXIV's Moogle Treasure Trove and Dragon Quest events return – what you need to know

The Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker release date lands in just over a month, but there's still a bit more regular content to enjoy before we kick off the expansion. The return of the Moogle Treasure Trove and Dragon Quest crossover events have been on the roadmap for some time, but now the devs have provided a bit of additional detail on each - especially helpful for all the new players recently hopping into FFXIV.

The Moogle Treasure Trove event starts on Tuesday, October 19 at 1am PDT / 4am EDT / 9am BST, and will last until the launch of Endwalker. For the duration of the event, certain dungeons, trials, raids, and PvP duties will award Irregular Tomestones of Lore, which you can then exchange for special items with an Itinerant Moogle vendor that will be available in each of the three starting cities.

The items available include some that will be new for the event, including the sick leather jacket you see in the image above. Others are already available in the game, though those are mostly tied to especially difficult content or time-consuming grinds. You can see the full list of rewards, and the content you'll need to grind to earn them, on the official site.

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Rock Paper Shotgun Latest Articles Feed 22:50

Call Of Duty: Vanguard has started to dribble out a few more details about its story in new trailers, with a particular focus on its five new protagonists. If those characters are appealing, then good news: Vanguard's developers say that they hope to make a Vanguard 2 and 3 with the same cast.

Read more

Rock Paper Shotgun Latest Articles Feed 22:13

Team Fortress 2 launched its Halloween update last week. Scream Fortress XIII adds new maps, cosmetics, taunts and contracts, amongst a lot else. One of the additions has caused a stir, however.

The "Corpse Carrier" is a cosmetic item wearable by Scouts that makes the speedster look as if he's carrying his own severed torso. It's a nightmare for snipers for obvious reasons, but it was initially easy to obtain and wearable all year round. Valve have since changed both of those things - and in turn, created a new, highly valuable item within TF2's trading marketplace.

Read more

Destructoid 23:00

It goes well beyond swapping a model, too Mods can keep a game alive and evolving long after it's launched,...

The post New, massive Deus Ex mod lets you play as female JC Denton appeared first on Destructoid.

Nintendo Everything 23:15

Boneloaf has published a launch trailer (which also promotes the upcoming physical edition) for Gang Beasts, its multiplayer party game for Switch. The title landed on the system earlier today. Here's an overview of the game: Gang Beasts is a silly multiplayer party game with surly gelatinous characters, brutal slapstick fight sequences, and absurd hazardous environments, set in the mean...

The post Gang Beasts Switch launch trailer appeared first on Nintendo Everything.

TouchArcade 22:03
     In the middle of last month, the App Store Apple Arcade tab updated to reveal 2K's NBA 2K22 Arcade Edition …

PlayStation LifeStyle 23:30

The free PS5 upgrade for Quake is available now. Anybody who […]

The post Quake PS5 Free Upgrade Now Live, Quake 64 Add-On Temporarily Unavailable appeared first on PlayStation LifeStyle.

PlayStation LifeStyle 23:05

Call of Duty games have become far more of a […]

The post Call of Duty: Vanguard Zombies Reveal Coming Later This Week, See What Treyarch is Cooking Up appeared first on PlayStation LifeStyle.

PlayStation LifeStyle 22:31

A fairly bizarre new video has appeared on the PlayStation […]

The post Andy Serkis Congratulates Players on Earning Their Platinum Trophy, But Nobody Seems to Know Which One appeared first on PlayStation LifeStyle.

PlayStation LifeStyle 22:02

The Battlefield 2042 beta left many players disappointed as several […]

The post Rumor: Battlefield 2042 Development in Trouble, Beta Build Was Several Months Old Due to Stability Issues appeared first on PlayStation LifeStyle.

Massively Overpowered 00:00
When you're a superhero, every day is a costume party — but not every day gives you candy for free, alas. So it's still a good thing that one of City of Heroes' rogue servers is making sure that masked vigilantes get their holiday fix. City of Heroes Rebirth kicked off its Halloween update yesterday […]

Massively Overpowered 23:00
When it comes to making things happen in Dual Universe, like opening doors or docking to constructs, the Lua programming language used in the game is the engine that makes it all hum, and that engine is getting some tuning according to a dev blog. The post outlines some minor adjustments that have been made, like […]

TheXboxHub 00:00

Philipp 'muddasheep' Lehner is a legend in mod circles, making cerebral games like HalfQuake on Half Life and Quake engines. What he's not well known for is family-friendly puzzle games, which Catty & Batty: The Spirit Guide very definitely is. 

The post Get boxed in with Catty & Batty: The Spirit Guide on console appeared first on TheXboxHub.

Oct 12, 18:01

VG247 Latest Articles Feed 20:05

Fortnite's Impostors mode was indeed inspired by the popular indie game Among Us, the game's official Twitter account has admitted.

The initial tweet brought to attention the fact Fortnite's mode now contains a new Role Bias feature which allows you to decide between being an Impostor or Agent when playing Public and Private matches. The most recent update, v18.20, also added an Impostors playlist with open Voice Chat.

In today's tweet, Epic said the mode was "inspired by the hit Among Us game," and further tweeted it would like to work together with InnerSloth on something "fun" sometime.

Read more

Tabletop Gaming News 21:00

Player Assist | Game Guides & Walkthroughs 20:55
     The tank role in Overwatch is best reserved for people who are not afraid to stand in the front lines. The role itself entrusts you to not just protect your allies but to contest the point as well. It's a complex role to master but it is crucial that you learn to use at least […]

Xbox Wire 21:00
     Today is the day! Our much-anticipated racing game Circuit Superstars releases today for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S and we can't wait for drivers around the world to hit the track! The first motorsport title from Square Enix Ltd. and Original Fire Games, Circuit Superstars is a top-down competitive racing game with a charming […]

Game Informer 21:33

The first Mortal Kombat game turns 30 years old in 2022, but series co-creator Ed Boon points out that 2021 marks 30 years since he and fellow creator John Tobias began making the game. To mark the occasion, Boon hopped on Twitter to share a fascinating behind-the-scenes clip of the making of Scorpion's iconic spear move. 

Mortal Kombat will be 30 years old in 2022. But 2021 marks 30 years since we actually BEGAN working on the game. To celebrate, it seemed like a fun idea to share some behind-the-scenes stuff. This clip shows how we created Scorpion's iconic (GET OVER HERE!) spear move. (1 of 9) pic.twitter.com/3f1tdvjG9R

— Ed Boon (@noobde) October 12, 2021

Boon's Twitter thread, which you can view in the link above, breaks down everything behind the over two-minute clip. We see Scorpion actor Daniel Pesina rehearsing the motions for the spear throw and subsequent yank as Boon and Tobias direct him on what Scorpion's movement and posture should be, which they concoct on the fly. "We certainly did a ton of prep for our video shoots, but some ideas came to us while filming," says Boon in the thread. "With Scorpion's spear, it started with 'You know what would be a cool ass move?'"

He continues by explaining, "One of those details was how fast Scorpion threw the spear, which had to be quick so he could catch opponents by surprise. This meant keeping the animation simple & very few frames. We also wanted the spear to pass over a ducking opponent, so we kept it at chest height."

The nine-tweet thread is worth checking out for Mortal Kombat enthusiasts as Boon breaks down the challenges and tricks behind capturing animation frames using limited memory. It's pretty awesome to be, as Boon describes, a "fly on the wall" for the creation of the series' most famous move.

As for Mortal Kombat's 30th birthday, there's no telling what Netherrealm could have in store. Mortal Kombat 11 effectively concluded with the release of the Aftermath expansion and the final batch of DLC fighters. It seems early for the reveal of MK 12, so does that open the door for another game announcement? Given Ed Boon's trademark sneakiness, it should be a fun year to keep an eye on Netherrealm. 

Game Informer 20:41

Online gaming can be fun for people to get together and jam out some rounds of their favorite games with friends. However, sometimes playing with strangers can be stressful and occasionally offputting or even abusive. Riot Games has undoubtedly had that latter issue in its popular MOBA League of Legends and is now taking more significant steps to curb inappropriate language during games.

Riot announced in a blog post today that it's removing the "/all" chat function in matchmade games of League of Legends, eliminating global written banter between players from both teams in a match. Here's part of Riot's official statement regarding the change:

"While most of our focus around behavioral systems in 2021 has been on gameplay-based behaviors like AFKing and inting, we've heard from you that verbal abuse has been a rising problem this year, too. We're working on a number of changes to systemically address this at both the League and Riot levels, but one direct change you'll see soon is that in patch 11.21, we're disabling /all chat in matchmade queues."

The post from Riot notes that "/all" being disabled is the only change being made to the overall matchmaking chat system. According to the blog, "enemies will still be able to hear and see your emotes and champ mastery (unless muted), as well as CTRL+1/2/3/4 spam. End of Game chat will still be cross-team. Allies will still be able to coordinate with each other in team chat."

While the global conversation in games will be halted, you'll still have chat enabled with your teammates. Riot recognizes abuse and harassment could also come from within your team. Though the company says keeping lines of communication open between allied players "plays an important team coordination function, so the potential value it brings is much higher, even if it can also host some negative experiences."

It's not a perfect solution, but anything that makes pickup games a more pleasing experience is a step in the right direction. Riot has not announced when patch 11.21 goes live but should happen in the next week or two.

Nintendo Life | Latest Updates 22:00

Who's that Pokémon? It's Eggplant Emoji!

Have you ever looked at the emoji keyboard and thought to yourself, "who the hell is using the soap emoji? Or the pair of pants?" Hopefully, this will answer the question: it's people like the Pokémojis account on TikTok, which involves making impressively accurate Pokémon art out of emojis.

Still, there's something upsetting about Jigglypuff's iconic hair-curl being made out of human brains, or Cubone being about 30% potato, but if you lean back and squint, they look pretty much perfect.

Read the full article on nintendolife.com

Nintendo Life | Latest Updates 21:00


The Among Us devs are currently working on a gameplay update that will add new roles, as well as the Xbox and PlayStation releases, and we've got a little tease of what that involves:

Read the full article on nintendolife.com

Nintendo Life | Latest Updates 20:30

How's that for a Turnabout.

Can you imagine celebrating your 20th birthday, and someone comes up to you and tells you that your nervous, short friend/mentee is much more interesting than you? Well, it's Ace Attorney's 20th birthday, and while that's not exactly what I'm doing (and I'll explain why in more detail in a moment), I have to say: as a person who's played all of the Ace Attorney games (except for the fan translation of Investigations 2), I firmly believe that Apollo Justice is one of the best, even though most people generally rank it below almost all of the other games.

First off, let me assure you: I love Phoenix Wright. In fact, one of the main reasons I adore Apollo Justice is because of Phoenix Wright.

Read the full article on nintendolife.com

Polygon - All 21:41
a dragon spreading its wings in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak
Image: Nintendo/Twitch

The Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak expansion won't have the features either

Continue reading…

Polygon - All 21:35
Headless Ones and Vex in the Haunted Lost Sectors of Destiny 2
Image: Bungie via Polygon

Bet you wish you held onto to that Ascendant Lens

Continue reading…

Polygon - All 21:06
Mortal Kombat X
Image: NetherRealm Studios/Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

Congratulations to Scorpion for finding a good bit

Continue reading…

Polygon - All 20:57
Samus Aran clenches her fist after receiving a power-up in Metroid Dread
Image: Nintendo via Polygon

Samus must run before she can crawl

Continue reading…

Polygon - All 20:25
Four human characters hold weapons in a screenshot from Back 4 Blood.
Image: Turtle Rock Studios/Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

How to take on the Ridden and make it back

Continue reading…

Polygon - All 20:14
a group of different neopets
Image: Neopets via Twitter


Continue reading…

Gamers: The best place for gaming news and discussion 20:24

Xbox Wire 21:00
     Today is the day! Our much-anticipated racing game Circuit Superstars releases today for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S and we can't wait for drivers around the world to hit the track! The first motorsport title from Square Enix Ltd. and Original Fire Games, Circuit Superstars is a top-down competitive racing game with a charming […]

Kotaku 21:50

Harley Quinn: The Animated Series is hands down my favorite piece of DC Comics media. The show's sharp, raunchy writing, alongside its thoughtful characterizations of Harley and the rest of Batman's rogue's gallery, have injected new life into these once-familiar characters for me. It also doesn't hurt that the…


Kotaku 21:20

Riot announced today it will disable chat between opposing League of Legends teams in the game's next update as a way of cutting down on the toxicity that's often present in these conversations.


Kotaku 20:45

Today, the Communication Workers of America union filed an objection to the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission's (EEOC) proposed settlement with Activision Blizzard regarding sexual harassment allegations at the game publisher. The union is, to say the least, unhappy with the settlement for reasons it…


Kotaku 20:30

It's safe to say that Deathloop stood tall as one of the most anticipated games of the year. Amid a release slate flush with sequels and remakes, here was a brand-new concept from Arkane, a studio that hasn't missed in nearly a decade, making creative use of its time-loop feature to deliver a truly fresh experience.


PCGamesN 22:00
     Call of Duty: Vanguard's zombies mode will be revealed this week

Call of Duty: Vanguard is just over the horizon, and when it arrives, it'll be bringing a brand new zombies experience along with it. The multiplayer game's popular (and increasingly weird) zombies mode will get a proper reveal this week, with a worldwide premiere scheduled for October 14.

Developer Treyarch and Sledgehammer Games have both tweeted teasers for the zombies reveal, and the animated gif they've included in one of the tweets indicates that there's a new big bad in zombietown. It's a towering undead figure dressed in some kind of ceremonial robes and headdress, who notably sports four arms rather than the two you typically find on your average zombie.

Apparently, Vanguard's zombies mode involves demons, in addition to the Dark Aether dimension introduced in Call of Duty: Black Ops - Cold War's zombies mode. It's generally understood within the lore that Dark Aether is the literal Hell, so having demons showing up in the story doesn't come as a huge surprise. How exactly all that is going to unfold remains unclear at this point, but we'll be finding out more on Thursday.

PCGamesN 20:28
     Rainbow Six Siege's Halloween event is live

The Doktor's Curse has been unleashed on Rainbow Six Siege - or in other words, the multiplayer game's Halloween event has begun. The popular Doktor's Curse limited-time game mode that debuted in 2019 has made its return, running today through November 2. In it, one team of five hunters has to find the five monsters hiding in the Doktor's Castle, and there are spooky Halloween rewards to be had for playing the mode.

The event takes place on a spookified version of the Theme Park map, which has been decked out to transform it into the lair of an evil mad scientist. To queue up for the mode, you'll want to select a 5v5 match of Hide and Seek in Doktor's Castle. Once you begin, you'll play as either a hunter or a monster, without any of your chosen operator's usual firearms.

Hunters, instead, will have to use melee weapons and gadgets to find and destroy the team of five monsters who are hiding inside. Monsters have the same restrictions - it's an all-melee mode, but you can use gadgets and booby traps. The monsters win if they manage to survive all the way until the end of the countdown timer, or if all the hunters are eliminated.

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In 2012, a player named BarryMode completed Spelunky Classic in two minutes and 30 seconds. Since then, this time has stood as the world record, and no other speedrunner has come close. Now, BarryMode's speedrun has been revealed as fraudulent.

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Looking for the best Ironhide loadout in Warzone? The new lever-action Shotgun probably won't crack the meta, but it's aesthetically killer. If you're looking for something different now that the Gallo has been nerfed, the Ironhide is an excellent choice. With two-shot kill potential, it's a menace up close. To maximize its strengths though, you're going to need the best build.

To make Shotguns work in Warzone, you need as much range and hipfire accuracy as you can get. Target those stats with this build:

This may be a shotgun, but we're still starting off with an Agency Choke and Task Force Barrel. Both attachments grant a big boost to damage range, though the Task Force comes with a hipfire penalty. That's why the SOF Target Designator is also a must on Cold War shotguns, as it provides even more of the two stats we need; hipfire accuracy and damage range. You have some options in the stock slot, but we've gone with No Stock here. This is the biggest mobility boost you can get on your Ironhide, which is a big help when dueling SMG users. Unfortunately, it also comes with a hipfire penatly. These unfortunate tradeoffs have really held Cold War shotguns back in the meta. If you find the hipfire spread on this build isn't tight enough, a Wire Stock boosts sprint-to-fire speed without a penalty. Finally, we've gone with the 7 Round Tube magazine to help take on groups of foes without a reload.

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Looking for the best Grav loadout in Warzone Season 6? Warzone's newest rifle packs a potent combination of damage and fire rate that makes for excellent time-to-kill numbers. The Grav also boasts one of the highest bullet velocities in the Assault Rifle category and is one of the only Cold War weapons with a caliber-conversion magazine. Get a handle on its beastly recoil, and the Grav has the potential to be a top-tier rifle. Here are the best ways to build it out.

The Grav's excellent damage and bullet velocity make it highly effective at long-range if you can control the recoil. That's no easy task, but this build will help:

As usual, you'll want to start with an Agency Suppressor and Task Force Barrel. I'm as tired of writing that sentence as you are of reading it, but until Vanguard drops this is the long-range combo for every Cold War weapon. The pile of damage range and recoil control stats these two attachments provide are too good to pass up. You'll want a Field Agent Grip as well for maximum recoil control. The Grav has a lot of vertical climb, so even skilled players should welcome the help. You'll want some zoom for range as well, and the Axial Arms 3x remains the go-to. If you prefer a Royal and Kross 4x or other optic though, you'll have no issues making a substitution.

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New reports have been published containing further allegations of abuse at Swedish publisher Paradox Interactive. The reports, published initially by Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet (paywalled), are based primarily on interviews with Paradox staff who wished to remain anonymous.

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The demon appeared in 1987's Megami Tensei and is returning with a new look.

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PS1-era vibes, tank controls, and a costumed killer Puppet Combo, a not-so-hidden gem of the indie horror game scene, is...

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It's a party if you've got enough people Since the first Left 4 Dead launched in 2008, many games have...

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One of the many Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack concerns has been addressed We still don't know the launch...

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Archaic society looks on in envy Quebec-based developer Eidos has announced its intention to pivot to a four-day working week....

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     Ace Attorney AnniversaryEveryone's favorite logic game (or at least mine) is celebrating its 20th birthday. Ace Attorney is turning quite old, and with its rich history, Capcom has unveiled a website to celebrate its 20th anniversary. The Ace Attorney franchise just saw the release of The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles, a fabled game once thought to be a forever Japanese exclusive due to localization issues. The encouraging new release and website launch shows that despite a lack of real solid news, the Ace Attorney games are still alive and well. The website features a variety of art, event details, and exclusive merchandise for fans to lay their eyes on. Special limited edition prints are being released, created by character designer and art director Yusuke Nakamura and Kazuya Nuri. (The art features Phoenix Wright, Miles Edgeworth, and the cast of The Great Ace Attorney.)   An Ace Attorney exhibition that started on October 1 will continue onwards until October 18. And a history section on the...

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     Undying steam early accessZombie apocalypses always lend themselves to the best kind of stories, with some of the best potentials for human drama. In Undying, that source of human drama comes from the last bonds between a mother and a child. When the mother, Anling, is bitten, she must take the last moments of her life to train her son, Cody, for the apocalypse. It's the last chance the two will be able to bond with each other. And for what it's worth, my tissue box is at the ready for when Undying releases on Steam Early Access later next week. Undying is a mix of a traditional survival game and a story-driven experience. In the pair's final days, you'll do the usual crafting, scavenging, and fighting off the undead. Along with upgrading skills, creating the right materials, and surviving the apocalypse, you'll need to take Cody to safety before it's too late. All the stress of surviving is amplified through the game's emotional core, which is bound to make a magica...

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     let's build a zoo release dateDeveloper Springloaded Games has updated fans on the progress of Let's Build a Zoo. Let's Build a Zoo is a top-down zoo tycoon game that has had its release date confirmed for November 5. This update was posted on the game's official Steam page under recent events and announcements. Let's Build a Zoo has been in development for a little while now, having first been revealed in April. Its unique selling point is that it provides the player the ability to splice together different species. An example includes the Crocoduck, a mix between a Crocodile and a Duck. Or if that doesn't tickle your fancy what about the Owlybara, a cross between an Owl and nature's very own giant Guinea pig, the Capybara.   That's a lot of animals Once its release date arrives Let's Build a Zoo will provide players with over 500 species to play around with. That means that there will be an incredible 300,000 different outcomes for splicing. If you can imagi...

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     Destiny 2 Festival Of The Lost 2021 Guide Haunted Sectors Manifested Pages Feat 1It's almost Halloween, and we're bound to see Destiny 2's annual Festival of the Lost event (it's kind of fitting since we're playing the Season of the Lost). There are many similarities to previous iterations. But, there are also some nifty changes to make the experience more refreshing. Here's our Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost 2021 event guide. Note: For more information, check out our Destiny 2: Season of the Lost guides and features hub.   Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost 2021 event guide To get started with the Festival of the Lost 2021 event in Destiny 2, simply head to the Tower to meet up with Eva Levante. Chat with everyone's favorite Guardian grandma and pick from three Masquerader's Hood masks. You'll need to keep your mask equipped while doing activities if you wish to obtain currencies. Moreover, you'll be given a fairly short quest chain called "Gone But Not Forgotten." You'll also see th...

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     Destiny 2 Festival Of The Lost Fastest Way To Farm Candy Candies Headless Horsepower Masks Masked Rider Triumph FeatThe Headless Horsepower is one of the rewards that you can obtain as part of Destiny 2's Halloween event. Be forewarned, though, because it's going to be quite a grind. Here's our Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost 2021 guide to help you with the fastest way to farm candies so you can obtain the Headless Horsepower exotic sparrow. Note: For more information, check out our Destiny 2: Season of the Lost guides and features hub. Likewise, you can take a look at our main guide for the Festival of the Lost 2021 event.   Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost 2021 guide: The fastest way to farm candies for the Headless Horsepower exotic sparrow To obtain the Headless Horsepower exotic sparrow in Destiny 2, you'll need to complete the Masked Rider triumph. That's easier said than done because the Masked Rider triumph requires you to purchase all six new masks from Eva Levante. Mind you, each one costs a lot of candy: Eramis Mask – 1,300 candies Taniks Mask ...

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Nintendo has updated the Japanese release schedule on its platforms for the week of October 21, 2021. Here's a look at the upcoming digital download schedule: Switch Retail Blue Reflection: Second Light Darksiders III Switch Download Creature in the Well Duo Zombies Evertried Howling Village: Echoes Marvel's Guardian of the Galaxy: Cloud Version Monomals Murder Diaries 2 Source

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System: Switch Release date: October 8, 2021 Developer: MercurySteam / Nintendo Publisher: Nintendo Metroid Dread still feels a little surreal. The shock of a new, original 2D Metroid was palpable when Dread was announced, but the more one thinks about it, the more amazing it seems. It's the realization of a 15 year old concept that has gone through multiple...

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     A tweet from Activision discusses cheating in Call of Duty with the caption "see you tomorrow." According to Tom Henderson this will lead to a Call of Duty: Warzone anti-cheat announcement tomorrow:...

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     Speaking of CoD, Activision outlines details on the Season Six Battle Pass for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and Warzone. In a new twist, this includes the ability to unlock Call of Duty:...

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     Electronic Arts announces the renewal of its partnership with FIFPRO, the global union of professional association football/soccer players. A report emerged yesterday speculating that EA may be...

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     The Overwatch Website reveals that this year's edition of the Overwatch Halloween Terror event is underway: "It's time for another year of fear—Overwatch Halloween Terror is back! Celebrate this...

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     Riot Games announces that /all chat is being disabled in matchmade League of Legends queues as of patch 11.21 (thanks Game Informer). The post recognizes some positive aspects of being able to chat...

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     Blizzard announces that Hearthstone Mercenaries is now live, offering a new way to play the deckbuilding game in what's described as "one of Hearthstone's biggest updates ever." Here's a trailer...

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     Save 35% on Return of the Obra Dinn on Steam. Save 43% on The Cycling Bundle 2021 on Steam. Ace Attorney Series 20th Anniversary Sale on Steam. Humble Book Bundle: The Ultimate DevOps Bundle by...

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     Official patches. Call of Dury: Warzone Menu Hitching Hotfix. Destiny 2: Xbox Game Pass Updates and Festival of the Lost 2021. Steam Client Beta.

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     Official trailer. Doctor Who: The Edge of Reality - Gameplay Reveal Trailer.

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     North of Nowhere by The Worst of Friends — Kickstarter. "Live in a land of monsters and mystery in this Real-Time Life Sim!"

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     Circuit Superstars - Top Gear Time Attack Is Now Available For Xbox One And Xbox Series X|S.

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     Facebook's secret blacklist revealed.

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     AMD's Robert Hallock Dispels Zen 4 PCIe Gen4 Rumors, Talks Future of 'Zen Philosophy.' Intel Poaches Top AMD GPU Architect to Lead Xe Development. Leaker Allegedly Exposes Alder Lake's Inner...

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     Patch Tuesday, October 2021 Edition – Krebs on Security.

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     Ubisoft employees call for removal of 'role model' evaluation goal over concerns of misuse… Do Steam's pre-launch wishlists and post-launch sales line up meaningfully?… Lionheart - One...

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     Last Link of the Day: What Dinosaurs ACTUALLY Looked Like?

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     Hello gentle readers, and welcome to the SwitchArcade Round-Up for October 12th, 2021. In today's article, we've got a pair …

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Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost is an annual in-game […]

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Come see what's new in the PlayStation Store Update Worldwide

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As one of the biggest and most successful gaming franchises […]

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This past August we reported on Lineage W, another version of the long-running Lineage franchise that was first announced for mobile but later announced for PS5, Nintendo Switch, and PC later this year. Thanks to a video showcase from September, we now have a firm calendar date: Thursday, November 4th. This launch does have one […]

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One of the oldest games in our genre is about to get a little bigger: EverQuest has just opened preorders for Terror of Luclin, and hot damn, the website is easily of the best any Daybreak game has gotten in years, complete with new art and animations. The web team brought its A-game – let's […]

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     Activision is hinting at big trouble ahead for people who don't play by the rules.

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     Slay those long load times with a cutting-edge PCIe 4.0 SSD.

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     Fun? Deep? Pay to win? Our thoughts after five days with Hearthstone's Pokémon-like battler.