Tea Was Almost Without Color

A man who ill-advisedly attempted to make a second cup of tea with a Lipton's tea bag now says he regrets the plan, after the resultant 'brew' was left looking the same color as a bowl of Quaker Oats. Or, maybe, wallpaper paste. The cuppa was m…

George Michael To Be Remembered Again At Christmas

As the world tries desperately to come to terms with the Coronavirus and all the changes it has brought to everyday life, it's fair to say that this Christmas might be one unlike any other. Shopping for presents in the High Street, if it's permitt…

Trump to Pardon Matt Gaetz From Any Pending Charges That He’s an Annoying Tool

Washington - President Donald Trump, on his way out of the White House after being defeated by Joe Biden, has pardoned a number of his political cronies including, recently, formerly National Security Advisor Michael Flynn. He is also considering pa…

Freezing German farm cats give farmer filthy looks and 'down tools!'

(NOT EDITED) Eifel, Germany: A bunch of shivering farm cats, not allowed into the farmhouse because they should be doing their jobs; hunting mice in the barn, and outside, have decided to go on strike because their butts are too cold! Farm cats ca…

Match.com Profile Wins Pulitzer for Fiction; Ransom Note Wins for Poetry

NEW YORK â€" The 2020 Pulitzer Prize winners were announced today, and among the Fiction and Poetry categories were two surprises. In the fiction category, the match.com profile of Dennis Snead of Burlington, Wisconsin, was selected for its ‘innova…

National Gandhi Day Sparks 4-Day Riots

Iconic Indian Chef Mr Gandhi, who was the creator of the legendary Buryani, and had also played international cricket in his spare time, was due to have a statue erected in his honour to mark the anniversary of his death. BLM activists got wind of it…

President Trump Praises The Founder of the Ku Klux Klan

CRACKERHEAD, Georgia â€" (Satire News) - The President spoke before a crowd of 27 at a Walmart parking lot, and told them that he promises he will never, ever leave the White House, even if someone kidnaps his son, Eric. Trump, who is becoming more…

'The Voice' Results Infuriate Millions of Fans

HOLLYWOOD â€" (Satire News) â€" The 19th season of the singing competition show, “The Voice”, has just become the most controversial ever. In a move that fans described as stupid, dumb, and even Trumpian, the producers, for reasons known only to Bravo…

Sean Hannity Tells President Trump To High-Tail It To Mexico Mucho Quicko

NEW YORK CITY â€" (Satire News) â€" In what many television news reporters are saying is an amazing development in The Trump Gone Bat Shit Crazy Saga, the President’s biggest supporter, bar none, has just given him some earth-shattering news. POTUS ma…

Man Says There Is No Need For Russia To Be So Big

A casual glance cast over any world map will show the viewer the immense dimensions of the territory of Russia, with its huge wide-open tracts of land and empty spaces, and it's been claimed by one man that there is absolutely no need whatsoever for…

Santa Claus Told To Stay At Home This Christmas

It's been announced in the last few minutes that a Coronavirus Think Tank made up of representatives from the world's leading powers has issued a strong warning to Santa Claus, telling him to stay at home this Christmas. Claus is known to be somet…

President Trump Sells a Destroyer to Kim Jong-un

WASHINGTON, D.C. â€" (Satire News) â€" The FBI has announced that the United States government has just sold a U.S. destroyer to North Korea. FBI agent Aloysius Browser told the news media that the sale was discovered when a White House cleaning lady…

The NFL Bans Tailgate Parties

NEW YORK CITY â€" (Sports Satire) â€" Due to the increasing Coronapalooza numbers, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has decided to put an end to the traditional Sunday football game tailgate parties in the stadium parking lots. Goodell told Sports Terri…

Putin Says US Elections Were Flawed

Vladimir Putin, whose political opponents usually end up dead, shot in the back, falling out of windows, poisoned with umbrellas, or served radioactive tea at the Millennium Hotel in London, had the chops to say that the US 2020 Presidential Election…

BBC Tampering With Song: Man To Say The Word 'Faggot' Every Day Until Christmas

The BBC's tampering with the words of The Pogues' Christmas classic song, 'Fairy Tale Of New York', in order to pander to snowflakes, has got one man so angry, that he's claimed he will say the word 'Faggot' every day until Christmas. And possibly…

Obama slated to take long vacation

Washington DC Swamp. President Obama, worn out from running the shadow government, is planning an extended vacation, now that a “real” president has been “elected”. Rumor has it that the US government will pay all expenses and provide maximum s…

Jake Tapper Interviews Dog With Two Assholes

BILLINGSGATE POST: In an interview scheduled to be aired on Thursday, CNN’s Jake Tapper scores the first known interview of a dog with two assholes. The wily Tapper insisted that Joe Biden, along with his sidekick, Kamala “Breath” Harris, bring…

Boris asks the public for help with his password

Since his sinister adviser Dominic Cummings has gone, Boris Johnson's buffoonery has been allowed to romp unchecked. Numerous incidents in recent days have raised alarm among the PM's handlers. First, he posted a photo of his testes on Twitter, mi…

California Fears That The Golden Gate Bridge Could End Up in Nevada

CARPINTERIA, California â€" (Satire News) - There is lots of concern in California, as earthquake experts from Left Coast College are predicting that a big earthquake could be right around the corner. According to tests being run in Japan, they fee…

Man Publishes Very First Joke

A man who is a frequent contributor to a satirical news website has revealed how, after nearly fourteen years as a member, he has written his very first - and, quite possibly, last - joke for the site. Many, many moons ago, all the way back in Dec…

The New York Jets Fire Their Entire Cheerleading Squad

NEW YORK CITY â€" (Sports Satire) â€" New York sports fans, like Boston and Philadelphia sports fans, can be downright mean and nasty when it comes to their home teams. Several years ago, Philadelphia Phillies fans booed the Easter Bunny. And, just la…

Old soldiers found on Western Front, still fighting.

(NOT EDITED) A group of soldiers have been found in a remote part of Belgium. So what you say? Well, these are World War ONE soldiers!! They have stayed in combat for the last 116 years. The division of 30 military troops have been fighting under…

Maria Bartiromo Has Just Become The Most Hated Woman In America

NEW YORK CITY â€" (Satire News) â€" Many U.S. news agencies are reporting that Fox News host, Maria Bartiromo, has just become the most hated woman in America. Bartiromo, who is 53, but looks 83, interviewed President Trump, and, after she finished, s…

The Wonderful World Of Uninteresting Animals #9: The Dugong

The dugong is severely uninteresting. Its name is uninteresting; its appearance is uninteresting; and, by God, everything else about it is just as uninteresting - if not more so. For a start, the name 'dugong' has a rather uninteresting ring to it…

Tom Brady: I Want to Play in Shitty Markets Until I’m 50

He has six Super Bowl rings and 14 Pro Bowl appearances. And he’s a shoo-in for the Pro Football Hall of Fame. But don’t expect Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback and New England Patriots legend Tom Brady to hang up his bulky knee brace anytime…

Biden Presidency In Doubt As List Of 'Potential Injuries' Grows

There was mounting tension in Washington today, as, after his accident on Saturday, when President-elect Joseph Biden twisted his ankle in an incident involving one of his dogs, his medical team set about taking precautionary measures to try to ensur…

Brit 'spiffing PM' confuses 'Lockdown' with 'Countdown' in his jumbled up bubble!

(NOT EDITED) Many Brit voters are now pondering over their decision to put 'spiffing' Boris Johnson into power as Christmas approaches. Oxford English language professors are being invited to Nr.10 Downing Street in an attempt to untangle the PM's sc…

Man Arrived At Work Only To Be Told To Go Home Again

A man who arrived at work this morning, only to be told that he should go home again because the government had just announced a second lockdown, has said he was well and truly pissed off, because his wife, who had brought him to work on her motorbik…

An 18-Wheeler in Georgia Overturns Spilling Tons of Guacamole Dip

ROTTEN PEACHES, Georgia â€" (Satire News) â€" An 18-wheeler Kroger trailer truck overturned on the General Robert E. Lee Highway, just outside of the little town of Rotten Peaches, Georgia, spilling guacamole dip all over the place. Luckily, the drive…

Generic Shakin' Stevens Story

Popular Welsh Elvis impersonator Shakin' Stevens will not be heard in shops in the same way during Lockdown, so to combat any deficit of Christmas cheer, the BBC is planning to play his evergreen ditty Merry Christmas Everyone at 8.00 each evening.

Dead Cells is getting a new DLC pack in early 2021

Dead Cells is getting a new DLC pack in early 2021
Fatal Falls.

Panzer Dragoon: Remake is coming to Xbox One on December 11

Panzer Dragoon: Remake is coming to Xbox One on December 11
9 days left.

Call of the Sea - Prequel Story Live Performance with Cissy Jones and Yuri Lowenthal

Call of the Sea - Prequel Story Live Performance with Cissy Jones and Yuri Lowenthal

FIFA 21 shows off PS5 and Xbox Series X in the next-gen opening

FIFA 21 shows off PS5 and Xbox Series X in the next-gen opening
Realistic and truly epic indeed.

Doom Eternal is coming to Nintendo Switch on December 8

Doom Eternal is coming to Nintendo Switch on December 8
It will be a digital release only.

Desperados III - Season Pass Trailer

Desperados III - Season Pass Trailer

Making Halo Infinite | Audio Field Recordings – Supercut

Making Halo Infinite | Audio Field Recordings – Supercut

Hwang is coming to Soulcalibur VI in December

Hwang is coming to Soulcalibur VI in December
This season pass is so awesome.

DIRT 5 | INCREDIBLE Arenas! | Playgrounds Of The Month | November 2020

DIRT 5 | INCREDIBLE Arenas! | Playgrounds Of The Month | November 2020

GreedFall will get an expanded edition on Xbox Series X and PS5

GreedFall will get an expanded edition on Xbox Series X and PS5
Greed is strong here.

Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead Review

Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead Review
These bridges were made for walking.

Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead Gallery

Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead Gallery
Latest images for Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead

Fall Guys Season Three will be a Winter Knockout

Fall Guys Season Three will be a Winter Knockout
Holidays are coming.

Koei Tecmo's Winning Post 9 is coming to PS4, Nintendo Switch, and PC in 2021

Koei Tecmo's Winning Post 9 is coming to PS4, Nintendo Switch, and PC in 2021
Horseplay, we need more horseplay.

DIRT 5 Review

DIRT 5 Review
We return to the dirt in Codemasters' latest rally game, on the brand new Series X

The Medium introduces a new character in the latest trailer

The Medium introduces a new character in the latest trailer
The Maw may not be the only psycho here.

Rocket Arena, Just Cause 4, and Worms Rumble are free on PS Plus for next month

Rocket Arena, Just Cause 4, and Worms Rumble are free on PS Plus for next month
What a trio!

Worms Rumble PlayStation Plus Announcement

Worms Rumble PlayStation Plus Announcement

IO Interactive is working on a James Bond game

IO Interactive is working on a James Bond game
Project 007

Wasteland - Update Livestream - 6PM UTC - November 25th

Wasteland - Update Livestream - 6PM UTC - November 25th

Zapling Bygone – Alpha Demo

Zapling Bygone is a quirky 2D pixel art metroidvania where you control an alien tentacle monster who combines with different skulls to unlock new powers.

In Zapling Bygone you take control of a weird green tentacled alien called a Zapling which crashlands on an alien planet. Due to the fact that the planet has a much higher gravity than you're used to you need to … Read More

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Horde Core – Beta Sign Up

Horde Core is a darkly humorous side scrolling shooter with survival elements, which sees you controlling a team of survivors in a zombie-infested post-apocalyptic world.

Playable in single-player or local and online multiplayer, Horde Core is a side scrolling zombie survival shooter where a ragtag band of misfits attempt to survive in a post-apocalyptic world that's overrun with zombies. You take on the mantle of … Read More

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Loco Motive – Game Jam Build Download

Loco Motive is a lighthearted murder-mystery point and click adventure that follows an accountant as he investigates a murder most foul aboard a luxury steamtrain.

Created for the AdventureX Jam, Loco Motive is a pixel art point and click adventure that harkens back to the glory days of the Lucasarts adventures and plays out like a funnier version of Murder on the Orient Express. … Read More

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Scribbles – Prototype

Scribbles is a creepy little five minute horror game where you exchange notes with a monster that lives under your bed.

In Scribbles you take on the role of a young kid who likes to draw a little on a sketchbook in bed before they go to sleep. After drawing a particularly nice picture of a rocket you then place the sketchbook down by the … Read More

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Who's Your Daddy?! Remake – Beta Sign Up

Steam users can now sign up to Beta test Who's Your Daddy?! Remake – a remake of the ridiculous asymmetric 2015 1v1 multiplayer game where a father attempts to keep his baby safe from harm while the baby actively seeks out ways to die.

We previously featured the original Who's Your Daddy?! Alpha Beta Gamer way back in 2015 and were impressed with its darkly … Read More

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Intergalactic Wizard Force – Game Jam Build Download

Intergalactic Wizard Force is a hilarious little point and click adventure which follows two rather inept "galactic wizards" as they set out on an adventure on a planet of labyrinths.

Created for the AdventureX Jam by the talented people at Powerhoof (creators of The Drifter, Peridium and You're Watching ICEBOX!) Intergalactic Wizard Force is a short and hilariously silly point and click adventure … Read More

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A Rogue Escape – Beta Sign Up (VR)

A Rogue Escape is a VR simulation game where you sit inside a cockpit and attempt to figure out how to operate a massive steampunk mech.

Taking place in the same universe as Nauticrawl, A Rogue Escape sees you attempting to operate an underwater mech. The game takes place entirely from the view of the cockpit of the mech which you have stolen but … Read More

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Seablip – Alpha Sign Up

Seablip is a charming Stardew Valley inspired open world pixel art pirate RPG where you sail the seas, fight other ships, search for treasure and upgrade your ship and your home island.

In Seablip you live on a little island called Seablip where you can meet villagers, make friends and help to bring the island back to its former glory. You also have a small … Read More

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Rogue Lords – Beta Sign Up

Rogue Lords is a stylish dark fantasy roguelike adventure where you become the Devil and attempt to spread terror and corruption with a band of evil geniuses.

In Rogue Lords you get to be the bad guy as you step into the shoes of the Devil as he attempts to take revenge one the Demon Hunters that banished him. To fight on your side you … Read More

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Swarm of the Plague Babies – Game Jam Build Download

Swarm of the Plague Babies is a ridiculous and hilarious little point and click adventure which follows a clueless conspiracy theorist as he attempts to uncover the "truth" about a mysterious swarm of plague babies.

Created by the talented Charlotte Gore (creator of Aye Fair Lady and Holy Molluscamony), Swarm of the Plague Babies is a thoroughly ridiculous little point and click adventure where … Read More

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Serium Sector – Alpha Sign Up

Serium Sector features a unique blend of FPS and RTS gameplay as players can build structures, train units and command them from above or jump into the action as a soldier on the frontlines.

Drawing inspiration from Natural Selection, Serium Sector is a multiplayer arena shooter that combines RTS and FPS gameplay. In the game one player in each team will be able to … Read More

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The Shop of Good Memories – Browser Game

The Shop of Good Memories is a charming little social experience where you visit a little shop full of other people's good memories, where you can take one memory and leave one of your own in return.

In The Shop of Good Memories you enter a cozy little shop which is filled with objects that contain memories. These memories have been left by other players … Read More

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(Not) A Love Story – Alpha Download

(Not) A Love Story is a creepy and surreal pixel art horror game set within a P.T.-esque looping corridor where you need to find keys to unlock the doors.

In (Not) A Love Story you follow the adventure of a man who is trapped inside a mysterious loop inside his own house. You'll need to solve puzzles and find keys to open your front door. … Read More

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Fractured Veil – Alpha Sign Up

Fractured Veil is a multiplayer horror survival game set in a post-apocalyptic version of the sun-soaked Hawaian island of Maui.

Taking place 100 years after a catastrophic event wiped out civilization, Fractured Veil sees you trying to survive on the island of Maui. To survive you'll need to scavenge resources, craft and build bases, all while dealing with mutants, dangerous animals, environmental hazards and other … Read More

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Cooking Companions: Appetizer Edition – Alpha Demo

Cooking Companions: Appetizer Edition is a visual novel cooking horror game where a chef tries to find the ghosts of five vegetables that are hiding in a mysterious house.

A demo for the upcoming full game which will be releasing next year, Cooking Companions: Appetizer Edition is a very strange visual novel horror game that draws on Earern European folklore as you search a house … Read More

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A Day to Bring them Happiness – Game Jam Build Download

A Day to Bring them Happiness is a charming and inventive little puzzle adventure where you control different characters throughout the course of a day to help them all find happiness.

Created for the Global Startupcities game jam, in A Day to Bring them Happiness you are tasked with making five very different characters happy, and to do so then they'll have to cooperate a … Read More

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Happy Happy Land – Game Jam Build Download

Happy Happy Land is a delightful little point and click puzzle game where you use a little creative thinking to make everyone happy in its charming claymation world.

All the residents of Happy Happy Land want something that will make them happy, but often it'll make other residents unhappy in the process. For instance, a cat wants to play the drums but a baby wants … Read More

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Children of the Eclipse – Beta Sign Up

Children of the Eclipse is a Sci-Fi twin-stick shooter set in a utopian future where societies are driven by scientific research, rather than wealth or military strength.

Currently in development by Nutfarm Games (creators of Exploding Babies), Children of the Eclipse is an old school Sci-Fi FPS playable in single-player or online/local multiplayer. The game follows the story of two Synthesizers, whose job it … Read More

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Hypnagogia – Game Jam Build Download

Hypnagogia is a PS1 Styled LSD: Dream Emulator inspired adventure where you venture into beautiful dreams and surreal nightmares that are based on real dreams.

Created for the LSDJAM 2020 game jam, Hypnagogia is a stylish and strange PS1 styled adventure that draws inspiration from LSD: Dream Emulator, Mario 64 and Silent Hill. In the game you venture into a series of different … Read More

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Confessions – Beta Sign Up

Confessions is an interactive art installation where you can anonymously write confessions to unburden your soul, which will then be read by other players.

Currently in development by Peace & Love Games (creators of Tomorrow Don't Come) Confessions is an interactive experience that allows you to confess your sins (or anything else you'd care to share) to random strangers in the aether. All confessions … Read More

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Cryptozootography – Game Jam Build Download

Cryptozootography is a charming and cleverly crafted little turn-based tactics game where you photograph cryptids to befriend them and get them to fight on your side.

Created for the Seattle Indies Slow Jam, the core gameplay in Cryptozootography is very different to that of most turn-based tactics games. During their turn all the cryptids you meet will automatically attack all the spaces in their attack … Read More

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Escape – Alpha Download

Escape is a freaky first person horror game with Lovecraftian elements, which sees you searching for objects to help you escape from an abandoned hospital that's home to lots of dead bodies and an ancient dark power.

In Escape you find yourself trapped within the morgue of an abandoned hospital where a big freaky monster stalks the halls. To escape you'll need to activate the … Read More

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Tree of Life: Oddria! – Beta Sign Up

Tree of Life: Oddria! is a massively multiplayer sandbox survival RPG where you carve out a life for yourself in a strange island that you wash up on.

A sequel to 2017's Tree of Life, Tree of Life: Oddria! is a sandbox MMORPG that gives you freedom to do whatever you want on its sunsoaked tropical island. In the game you'll be able to … Read More

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Balloonomania – Prototype Download

Balloonomania is a fun little high flying arcade game where you control a Victorian gentleman as he attempts to keep his hot air balloon airborne while being attacked by competitors.

In Balloonomania your aim is to travel as far as possible in your hot air balloon before you're caught by a massive balloon that's pursuing you. You do this by moving your balloon upwards and … Read More

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Don't Eat My Mind You Stupid Monsters – Game Jam Build Download

Don't Eat My Mind You Stupid Monsters is a fast paced hack 'n slash survival action game where you try to stop monsters from eating your mind, which is represented by all the blocks in the level.

Created for the BenBonk Game Jam 2, Don't Eat My Mind You Stupid Monsters is an addictive little game where you try to stop your mind from being … Read More

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Dungeon Royale – Beta Sign Up

Dungeon Royale blends roguelite dungeon crawling with battle royale as you explore, battle bosses, collect loot, and slay other players in a fight to be the last one standing in a monster-filled dungeon!

The core dungeon crawling gameplay in Dungeon Royale is similar to the likes of The Binding of Isaac – you fight your way through a network of monster-filled rooms, collect loot and … Read More

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Daft Disputes – Prototype Download

Daft Disputes is a delightful silly little card-based adventure where a sweet old lady and her gang of pensioners fight hoodlums in the park as they try to make it back to their retirement home before their bedtime.

In Daft Disputes, Agnes and a bunch of other senior citizens have got lost in a park that's filled with oddball characters that try to hamper … Read More

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TOEM – Alpha Sign Up

TOEM is a delightful looking hand drawn photography adventure where you explore a whimsical Scandinavia inspired world, meet oddball characters and take pictures.

In TOEM you take on the role of a photographer as they journey through beautiful woodland landscapes and help the various communities they encounter along the way. The game is viewed from a top-down/isometric viewpoint, but you can whip out your camera … Read More

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BOY BEATS WORLD is a whimsical rhythm action adventure where you vibe along to the music and attempt to liberate the last living humans in a robotic world.

In BOY BEATS WORLD you take on the role of a young boy who awakens in a world filled with robots. Thankfully the robots you first meet are all friendly, but out in the rest of the … Read More

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Revita – Alpha Sign Up

Revita is a beautifully animated 2D pixel art twin-stick roguelike action platformer where a child ascends a massive clock tower in search of their missing memories.

In Revita you take on the role of a nameless child who awakens in a train station with no memories, but with a strange desire to reach the top of a distant clock tower. Throughout the game you'll travel … Read More

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Today marks the 26th Birthday of Sony PlayStation

December 3, 1994 is the day Sony PlayStation was officially released in Japan. After its long arrangement with Nintendo to come up with CD-ROM based video game console which was supposed to be called "Game Player". The arrangement didn't end well due to unfavorable impact arrangement with Sony, Nintendo partners instead with Philips to create their own console. The race has begun when Sony decided to create their own 32-bit console with the CD-ROM and it was named "Sony PlayStation".

Sony PlayStation was the brainchild of Ken Kutagari, known as the Father of PlayStation who has been secretly working with Nintendo for SNES console sound processor improvement. He was almost sacked by Sony for this but Sony president Norio Ohga recognized the potential of Kutagari and keep him as protege.

When Nintendo and Sony separate their ways, Ohga and Kutagari decided to develop their own console for the company.

In December 3, 1994, Sony released their first video game console in Japan with 23 game titles readily available during the launch, including these featured game titles.

  1. Ridge Racer (Namco)
  2. Powerful Pro Baseball (Konami)
  3. Gokujuo Parachute Deluxe Pack (Konami)
  4. A-IV-Art Dink
  5. Tama-Time (Warner Interactive)
  6. Hot Blooded Family (Tecnosoft)
  7. Raiden Project (Seibu Kaihatsu)
  8. Motor Toon (GP-SCE)

Sony PlayStation cost around ¥38,500 ($400), while each video game cost around ¥5,800 ($60). According to Historical exchange rates fxtop.com (1 USD = PHP 24.23), at that time, the console only cost around PHP 9,600 when converted to Philippine currency.

There were more than 240 game companies who signed up for a license on PlayStation to create a video game, and that is for Japan alone. A year after, Sony released the console to the other parts of the world, on North America in September 9, 1995, Europe in September 29, 1995 and Australia in September 15, 1995 with various new titles on the day of the launch.

Over its lifespan, PlayStation 1 releases 7,918 game title for the console and sold more 962 million game copies. That time, digital copies are no where to find, all of that sales are coming from physical disk copies. One of the best selling game title was the Gran Turismo who sold 10.85 million copies alone.

Sony PlayStation host of the some popular game titles today like Tekken, Final Fantasy, Resident Evil, Tomb Raider, Metal Gear Solid, and many more.

PlayStation 1 Specification

The following are the official specification of Sony PlayStation:

  • CPU: 32-Bit RISC (R3000 custom, 4KB Cache, 1K Data Cache) at 33 8688 mHz
  • RAM: 16 MBit (Main), 8 MBit (VRAM), 4 MBit (Audio)
  • GPU: GLU, Sprite Rendering Performance: Max 4000 per 1/60 seconds rotation/enlargement/shrinking/deformation possible with all sprites displayed.
  • Geometry Engine (GTE): Vertex Processing Speed. 4,500,000 per second (1,500,000 polygons per seoncd in the case of flat shading).
  • Effects: Texture Mapping, Gouraud Shading, Fog depth cueing
  • Full Color Display Max: 16,770,000
  • Resolution: 256×224 to 640×480
  • Sound Processer (SPU): Simultaneous Sound Sources Max 24 channels, Sampling rate Max 44.1 kHz, Playback quantization 16-Bit digital effect capability.
  • Data Decompression Engine (MDEC): Directly connected to CPU bus, supporting format (JPEG), Video playback Function, Fullscreen, full color. Playback time: 35 minutes.
  • Data Memory: Memory Card
  • Other features:
    • Video output
    • Audio output
    • Composite Video
    • S-Video
    • RGB Output
    • Stereo Audio
    • RF Power Output

What's your best memory on this console? We'd like to know your thoughts.

LifeAfter X Resident Evil Crossover Event is Coming Back on December 3

The second phase of the crossover event between NetEase Games' acclaimed post-apocalyptic open world survival game LifeAfter and Capcom's survival horror series Resident Evil™ will go live from December 3rd to December 17th. Starting today, the crossover event-limited website is online, detailing the many benefits of the event.

As the theme The Final Battle states, players need to unite and deal the final blow to the Umbrella Corporation. All the items from the first crossover event, including Leon S. Kennedy and Ada Wong's classic outfits, the motorcycle, limited Resident Evil themed decorations and pendants, will make their return during the new event.

In addition, the phase 2 event will introduce outfits of two more iconic characters — Jill Valentine and Albert Wesker. Other new crossover-exclusive items including a backpack and picture frame will also be available during the event. With these add-ons, players will be able to enjoy the thrill of combat against the horde, Resident Evil-style. The Raccoon Police Department (R.P.D.) crossover scene reopens the portal. Upon setting foot in the ominous R.P.D., players will once again face the iconic bosses from various Resident Evil games – Tyrant, Executioner Majini, G (Stage 2) and Nemesis. Decode the locked chests and collect the three medallions required to unlock the secret tunnel, all while being chased by the Tyrant, then engage the final boss in a deadly battle!

Starting from November 30, a limited-time prize draw event will be launched via the official LifeAfter social media page.

The second LifeAfter x Resident Evil crossover event will officially launch on December 3rd. This event is a great chance for players to have a taste of the Resident Evil experience. Can you defeat the Umbrella Corporation in the Final Battle and save humanity? All will soon be revealed! Last fight to end EVIL!

Super Nintendo World Park Japan is set to open next year, February 2021

Universal Studios Japan has unveiled the official dates for the grand opening of the most anticipated park "Super Nintendo World Park" and it will be set to open next year, February 4, 2021 in Osaka, Japan. The announced was made from the official Twitter account of Universal Studios Japan with various promotional photos of the park featuring the Mario theme.

Some members of the press were already invited to see what's inside the park. Attendees were treated with wide variety of Super Mario themed attractions like custom artwork, AR Mario kart roller coaster, the reconstruction of Bowser's Castle, and the stages of the 90's game "Super Mario Bros".

Here are some of the sneak peak inside the Super Nintendo World Park Japan.

Are you going for a trip next year in Super Nintendo World Park? Let us know in the comment section.

Ragnarok Mobile December 2020 Event (Icy Festival)

Ragnarok M Eternal Love finally reveals the upcoming event for December and it includes the Christmas season theme called "Icy Festival". The event will allow you to interact again with Santa Claus and a new NPC Valeria, your goal is to have a successful Christmas Eve Parade in the kingdom of Rune-Midgarts.

In this guide, we will walkthrough you on the details of the 10 different event for the Icy Festival Event in Ragnarok mobile.

Table of Contents

  1. Beat the Poring Golden Feast (Event 1)
  2. The 5-day Crystal Mystery Login Event (Event 2)
  3. Gem Contribution for Festival Costume (Event 3)
  4. Little Fairy's Great Adventure (Event 4)
  5. Defend the Christmas Eve Parade (Event 5)
  6. Valeria's Thank-you Gift (Event 6)
  7. Snow Kingdom's Magic Card Bag (Event 7)
  8. Furniture Package (Event 8)
  9. The Christmas Eve Wish (Event 9)
  10. Adventure Support Pack (Event 10)
  11. White Winter Headwear Gacha (Event 11)

Event 1: Beat the Poring Golden Feast

Starting December 3, 2020 to January 1, 2021, the event Poring Battle will continues, you can access this event from the New Event button at the top of your game screen.

It is compose of 4 rounds, each round has 8 Poring mini games where you need to hit them with the Small Wooden Hammer in which you can get from various event for December.

Hitting all of the 8 Poring will reveal the big rewards for the current round.

Event 2: The 5-day Crystal Mystery Login Event

Starting December 3 to December 27, 2020, players can participate for the login event where you need to finish the 5-day quest. The last day of accepting this quest is on December 19.

To start this quest, you need to talk to the NPC Donidoni at the Prontera Square.

Event 3: Gem Contribution for Festival Costume

Starting December 10 to 17, 2020, players can donate specific gem to an NPC in an exchange of an rewards.

To donate the gem, you need to talk to the NPC Elia at the Prontera Square. She requires two type of gem daily and each type of gem is equivalent to different rewards. The following are the rewards you'll get upon donating gem in each day.

  • Thin Snow Chest
  • Cold Snow Chest
  • Frozen Snow Chest

Event 4: Little Fairy's Great Adventure

Starting December 17 to 24, 2020, there will be a mini-game to be held at the Prontera at the Icy Festival where players can get rewards that you can use to exchange for another rewards.

The Icy Festival will be held at the Prontera Square. There will be a mini-games on the event, you need to complete them to get these rewards:

  • 1 x Bright Crystal Gift Box
  • Snow Kingdom Coin.

Event 5: Defend the Christmas Eve Parade

Starting December 22 to 29, 2020, there will be various of Ice-Poring popping up at the West of the Prontera, you need to help Valeria and Santa Claus for the Christmas Eve Parade to be succeeded without a problem.

To start this event, every evening at exactly 9:00PM to 11:00PM (Manila, Philippine Time), players needs to head to the Prontera West Gate to eliminate the Ice-Proing.

Eliminating the Ice-Poring will allow you to get Christmas Eve Gift Box. Each day players can get up to 1 Christmas Eve Gift Box only.

Event 6: Valeria's Thank-you Gift (Frost Gift)

Starting December 24, 2020 to January 4, 2021, players can claim an rewards from Valeria in exchange of the successful Christmas Eve.

To claim your rewards, look for the NPC Valeria at the Prontera Square and you'll get Valeria's Thank-you Gift.

The rewards is limited to 1 gift per account only.

Event 7: Snow Kingdom's Magic Card Bag

Starting December 10 to 17, 2020, there will be a new item to be featured at the Big Cat Coin Store (Recharge Shop), and this is the Snow Kingdom's Magic Card Bag which is cost around 30 BCC and has a limit of 60 purchase per account.

The Snowland's Magic Card Pack contains the following iems:

  • 1 x Gorgeous Card Album
  • 40-60 x Nolan Card
  • A chance to get the following:
    • 75% chance: 1 x Poker Album
    • 20% chance: 1 x Tarot Album
    • 5% chance: 1 x Ancient Magic Card Album
  • Also a 5% chance to get Oracle Exclusive Card

Event 8: Furniture Package

Starting December 1, 2020, there will be a new Furniture item to be featured at the Geppetto's Furniture. This is the Heart Warming Ice Cave Store.

The following are the list of new furniture for the Heart Warming Ice Cave Store set.

Furniture Cost

Snowy Staircase Blueprint
285 Eden Coin

Frozen Star Window Blueprint
390 Eden Coin

Frozen Star Frame Blueprint
255 Eden Coin

Frozen Star Bar Blueprint
260 Eden Coin

Fluffy Snowier Sofa Blueprint
260 Eden Coin

Flourishing Ice Spring Blueprint
700 Eden Coin

Ice Star – Bell Blueprint
170 Eden Coin

Ice Star – Orchid Blueprint
170 Eden Coin

Frozen Wing Star Ladder Blueprint
1,400 Eden Coin

Snowman Han Blueprint
510 Eden Coin

Snow Machine Blueprint
1,400 Eden Coin

Event 9: The Christmas Eve Wish

Starting December 24, 2020 to January 4, 2021, for a limited time, there will be a new item at the Big Cat Coin Store (Recharge Shop).

One of the item is the Christmas Eve Wish I for 15BCC and has a limit of 100 purchase per account. It contains the following items when opened:

  • 10-20 x Mora Coins
  • 10-25 x Gram Dust
  • 50,000-100,000 Zeny
  • 0.2 chance to get a Silver-Winged Reindeer Mount

The other item is the Christmas Eve Wish II for 30 BCC and has a limit of 100 purchase per account. It contains the following items.

  • 25-40 x Nolan Card
  • 15-30 x Gram Dust
  • 200,000-400,000 Zeny
  • 0.5 chance to get a Silver-Winged Reindeer Mount

The new mount Silver-Winged Reindeer can be listed at the exchange once obtained.

Event 10: Adventure Support Pack

Starting December 27, 2020 to January 4, 2021, a new item in the Big Cat Coin Store (Recharge Shop) will be featured, the Adventure Support Pack which cost $1.99 and has 3 limit per account.

The Adventure Support Pack contains the following items:

  • 3 x Pet Adventure Coupon
  • 1 x Magic Card Collection
  • 1 x Glittering Rune Stone – Star

Event 11: White Winter Headwear Gacha

Starting December 1, 2020 to January 1, 2021, the new headwear gacha is the White Winter which features Christmas season headwears.

Here are the list of all possible item you can get from the White Winter sale.

Headwear Description Unlock/Deposit Rewards

Winter's Crown
(5% chances)
Skill Dmg + 6%
Any 3 lines in All attributes Str, Agi, Vit, Int, Dex, Luck reaches 159, skill Dmg + 3%
Unlock Rewards:

Deposit Rewards:
Atk + 1%
M.Atk + 1%


Snow Child [1]
(6% chances)
Base Exp for killing monsters +10%
Job Exp for killing monsters + 10%
When attacking, inflict addtional true dmg of self base lvx100 to the target
Unlock Rewards:

Deposit Rewards:
Max HP + 120


Winter Elf Hotel
(7% Chances)
Move Spd +5%
Crit + 10
Crt.Dmg + 10%
When Crt, 100% chance to reduce the target's Dmg Reduc. by 3% for 5 seconds
Unlock Rewards:

Deposit Rewards:
Atk + 6
M.Atk + 6


Traveler in Snow
(23% chances)
Max HP + 500
Wind Dmg Taken – 2%
Unlock Rewards:

Deposit Rewards:
Max HP + 60
M.Def + 4


Ice Field Hunter's Tail
(28% chances)
Move Spd + 5%
Agi + 5
Unlock Rewards:

Deposit Rewards:
Atk + 4
M.Atk + 4


Winter's Nap [1]
(31% chances)
All Attributes + 1
Dmg to Animals + 3%
Unlock Rewards:

Deposit Rewards:
Max HP + 60
Def + 4


Sony allegedly banned players who abused the PS Plus Collection

There are some reports that some players who abuse the PlayStation Plus Collection are getting banned. People who are banned got the following message when they try to login to the Sony's website "Access to PlayStation Network by this account has been temporarily suspended due to policy violations. An email with more details will be sent to the email address for this account. Also refer to the PlayStation Network Terms of Service and User Agreement.".

This story was been first reported from a Facebook page Nmia 尼未亞. This should be taken with a grain of salt as the information was a collaborative report from players who experience getting banned after claiming the PS Plus Collection from another person's PS5.

UPDATE as of 11/26/2020 @ 3:53PM: It turns out that the banned is not triggered by activating the PS Plus Collection but rather from a defense mechanism of the PlayStation Network that protects the console and the account from being hacked or abused. Nmia 尼未亞 says "When there is more than 50 different accounts logged in to a console, and makes purchases from PS store of other region, the system will detect and determine it as being hacked. The account will be banned for 2 months, while the console will be permanently banned. Currently it is being negotiated at the customer service if there is any turnaround to the situation, but joint purchasing is indeed violating the rules and regulations, and the mechanism existed to protect the hacked account from being further abused."

Since getting Sony's next gen consoles is extremely difficult, players are looking for ways to get that extra perks from a PlayStation 5 unit, and that's the PS Plus Collection. The perks includes 20+ FREE games which you can also play in PS4, it only requires a PS Plus subscription and an activation login to any PS5 unit. 

Following is the list of FREE games. 

  • Bloodborne
  • Days Gone
  • Detroit: Become Human
  • God of War
  • Infamous Second Son
  • Ratchet and Clank
  • The Last Guardian
  • The Last of Us Remastered
  • Until Dawn
  • Uncharted 4: A Thief's End
  • Batman: Arkham Knight
  • Battlefield 1
  • Call of Duty: Black Ops III – Zombies Chronicles Edition
  • Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy
  • Fallout 4
  • Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition
  • Monster Hunter: World
  • Mortal Kombat X
  • Persona 5
  • Resident Evil 7 biohazard

There are some players particularly in Hong Kong who reported that their account is being temporarily banned after asking their friend who has a PS5 to login for their account to claim the PS Plus Collection. Whereas those PS5 units that have been repeatedly used to activate those accounts receives permanent banned. 

Some of them contacted Sony's support, they got a response saying that the ban is not permanent, but just temporary and it will last up to 2 months. So far, no information added on what is the cause of the banned.

The reason for the ban is likely from an abused or repeatedly using their console to activate the PS Plus Collection. Either from a service in a grey market who makes extra money or simply from a group of friends helping each other to claim the perks. However, we see no problem on claiming the perks from one to five different accounts as logging on the same PS5 within the family members is perfectly normal and allowed. Of course, it should be in the same region.

SLAM DUNK Mobile Game, compete with millions of players across the world!

Complete designated tasks from Freshmen Training to obtain "Kaede Rukawa info"!

 "SLAM DUNK", a real-time PvP mobile e-sport game distributed by DeNA, is now available on iOS and Android today (25). Those splendid events and rewards to celebrate the official game launch await you! Download it now to enjoy with us. In SLAM DUNK mobile game, players can participate in various gaming mode and feel the passion and touching moment brought by the competitions, just like SLAM DUNK did during those days.

Rewards for you: To thank you for your patience and support, all pre-registrated players will receive our carefully selected pre-registration and Milestone rewards. 

Game Launch Limited Events

1. Download the game and get "Hanamichi Sakuragi info"

Reach LV.8 in game to get "Hanamichi Sakuragi info"

2. Freshmen Training

Complete designated tasks to obtain numerous cultivating materials and get "Kaede Rukawa info"

3. 7 Days Rookie Check-in Reward 

Accumulate login for 7 days to get splendid rewards including "Takenori Akagi Profile", "Kengo Murasame Profile". Besides, Takenori OR Kogure Exclusive Training Kit are also available for you to choose from!

4. Ryonan Ace Player Slot

Get great deals such as Training Cards and Skill Training Card, and even chances to get Legendary Crystal to exchange for Ryonan Ace Player"Akira Sendoh Info"and his Training Cards. Featuring Ryonan Ace Player: Akira Sendoh.

Toei Animation Authorized, Relive the Classic!

SLAM DUNK Mobile Game is a real-time basketball e-sport game based on the classic Japanese basketball comic — SLAM DUNK, supervised by Toei Animation and distributed by DeNA. The story portraits how Hanamichi Sakuragi starts as an outsider then finally become the core player of his team, and how he fought along with them to pursue the goal of becoming the National Champions. The players will be able to recreate the gorgeous shoots and dunks and relive those passionate and touching moments!

A Brand-New Talent System

Players can play as different characters from each high school in Slam Dunk, and can simulate all kinds of Skills and Talents such as "Jelly Layup" and "Euro-Step", just like in the original series.

Use the new Talent System to unlock more advance moves and customize your own characters by strengthening certain abilities.

Ranking System, Dominate the World!

"SLAM DUNK" is a real-time PvP mobile e-sport game which allows the players to play in Battle Mode and Ranked Matches. The Ranking System breaks down into nine different levels such as "Strong Bench Player", "Starting Player" and "SLAM DUNK". New season starts every two months and Honor Divisions encourage players to compete with one another in the same region. Who will get the title? 

Star Players, Japanese and English Dubbed

SLAM DUNK aim to create a nostalgic feeling for the players, so other than the classic scenes and the Star Players, the game is also dubbed in both Japanese and English which players are free to switch between. 

SLAM DUNK Future Plans

SLAM DUNK will keep on hosting online tournaments to create the best gaming experience. Kenji Fujima, Toru Hanagata, and Skin Head Sakuragi's Info will be release one after another, and more advanced compete mode such as Grand Tournament will be open as well. More news and information will be continuously released, please pay attention to the latest announcement on the official Facebook Fan Page.

Lara Croft is back next year, for this new mobile game Tomb Raider Reloaded

Since the release of Shadow of the Tomb Raider in 2018, we didn't see any new game for Lara Croft. But Square Enix hasn't forgotten the character. In fact, they have just announced a new game for mobile that will probably released in Android and iOS soon, its called Tomb Raider Reloeded.

Completely different from the previously released Tomb Raider games, this mobile game is a free to play action arcade featuring the chibby version of Lara.

Tomb Raider Reloaded was developed by Emerald City Games known for its G.I. Joe: War on Cobra and the Square Enix London mobile team. It will arrive in mobile devices next year, 2021. So far, no information about the gameplay but based from the trailer itself, it is possibly a side-scroller arcade game like the metal slug or 3d platformer game like Crash Bandicoot.

What do you think of this new mobile game of Tomb Raider? will you play it? What do you think about this news, tell us in the comment section below.

A Comeback Story: Crazy Kart heads back to the Racetrack

Who says cuteness and competitiveness cannot go together?

Without a doubt, Shanda Group was the leading online game developer in China by early 1999. They are the ones who developed the cute but highly competitive game called Crazy Kart that once touched so many hearts, including the Filipinos. On July 31, 2013, with a heavy feeling, Shanda Group finally had their last race and let Bakal Boy, Tweetums, Sid, and other characters maneuver on their own. #DriveFree

When Shanda Group licenses CrazyKart overseas, various countries in Asia availed of the franchise, including the Level Up! Games, the Philippines' forefront of successfully localizing foreign games such as Ragnarok Online, RF Online, Flyff, Cabal Online, and immeasurably more.

Nowadays, when somebody mentions "CrazyKart," it sounds like jargon. But from 2008 to 2013, Crazy Kart is widely known in the Philippines, and it is seemingly one of the reasons why high school students in the country cut class. Not emphasizing the unfavorable impact of this game, but to give a clear manifestation that this game dominates back then.

Out of longingness for the competitive gameplay, In 2018, Shanghai Longwan Network Technology Co., Ltd. reached out to Shanda that their company is more than excited to take over and has decided to bring CrazyKart back to life from a 5-year death.

Shanda's game licensing agreement that the game developers and online racers care about is successfully signed. Therefore, game development is continuous under the new management of Shanghai Longwan Network Technology Co., Ltd.

To somehow ease the anxiety brought by the Covid-19, Here's a piece of good news. The server is up and running smoothly! Even if it is a China-based game, there is a character named Bakal Boy waiting for you in-game and a racetrack called Pinas where you can compete intensively around the Mall of Asia while listening to Tsuper Duper by Ang Bandang Shirley. How cool is that?

The in-game ambiance appears to be adorable like Cocomelon or as soft as a marshmallow, but "After you" is not a thing here. No matter how low your level is, whether a sprout or a king, still, your opponents are traitors that will not give any consideration. They can charge destructing unique skills that will take you behind them from a 100-kilometer lead. So, be ready to fall, jump, drift, spin, and fly!

Now, are you mystified how Bakal Boy and the Pinas racetrack look? Why don't you try playing the game and see for yourself? There are a lot of updates coming. Nevertheless, the server is percent playable 24/7.

You may now download the files at this link https://ckfksc.com/.

Ragnarok Mobile November 2020 Maintenance Notice

Ragnarok M Eternal Love will have a 5-hour schedule maintenance this coming November 26, 2020 at 1:00 AM to November 26 at 6:00AM (Manila, Philippine Time). The maintenance is for the new patch fixes for reported issue in the game and new content update as well for Episode 7.0.

Client Update

Due to the engine being optimized and upgraded, players will not be able to enter the game from the old client after this maintenance. iOS/Android users must update the complete client through the App Store/Google Play to enter.

New Client update includes the following:

  • EP 7.0 "Moon's Echo"
  • Optimized the problem whereby some models easily crashed and other such issues.

Rewards Compensation

Aside from the usual maintenance compensation, players will can also get rewards from November 26 to December 3, 2020 when they complete the daily board quest. The rewards are the following:

  • 1 x Glittering Rune Stone – Star
  • 2 x Valkyrie Growth Gift Box
  • 2 x Pet Adventure Coupon

Moon Lake is the new Map in Ragnarok Mobile

Newly added the main city "Moon Lake", the wild map "Odin Palace", and "Palace Main Hall". The 10th chapter of the new main story "Guardian in the Moonlight" will be officially launched. The fall of the Star Bridge shards changed the Midgard continent and caused panic among people. No one knows what this is all about.

  • Adventurers that have reached Base Lv.105 can go to Prontera to retrieve their "lost memories" and explore the truth of the Star Bridge's fall…
  • After completing all the quests in single-player main story "Faith and Fate – Epilogue", you can unlock the main city and wild map (please refer to the Quest Manual for main story quests)

New added Moon Lake "Anecdote Quest"

  • After reaching Base Lv.15 and clearing the main story of Chapter 10, you can trigger this series' quests in Moon Lake, Odin Palace, and Palace Main Hall respectively
  • Moon Lake: "Moon Lake"
  • Odin Palace: "Gungnir", "Fortune Kim and Muninn", "Fountain of Wisdom", "Louen Character", "Glepuneil" and "Odin Palace"
  • Palace Main Hall: "Hilydescarf", "Brothers' Past Memories", "Moon Wolf Fenril" and "Mortal World Python".

New Gameplay – Holy Ground War

Check our other post to learn about the new Holy Ground War in Ragnarok Mobile.

3D Visual Angle On

* Added [3D Visual Angle], you can switch between [2.5D Visual Angle] and [Viewing Angle Lock] in settings.

* The screen ratio of 3D Visual Angle is 3:7, the left 30% is the rocker area, and the right 70% is the lens rotation area.

* The current version only supports 3D Visual Angle in some scenes, and more scenes will be available with 3D Visual Angle in the future.

Game Optimizations

1. Optimization of Extraction System

  • Enchantment Perfusion equipment can also be consumed as extraction materials. The extraction attributes are the same as the equipment before perfusion.
  • The extraction attributes of the perfusion equipment cannot coexist with the equipped equipment before the perfusion, and the extraction attributes will be deactivated when there is a conflict.
  • Extraction attributes can be activated in non-main city areas. Deactivation or replacing the activated attributes will add a 60-second cooldown time.

2. Optimization of Team Competition

Skillpoint reset adjustment: The skillpoint reset time has been changed from the end of each season to the start of each season (8pm).

New [Legend Tier] items have been added to the Team Competition Shop:

  • Newly added [Origin Book], the price is 16800 [Honor Proof], unlimited purchase;
  • Newly added [Glittering Rune Stone – Star], the price is 1500 [Honor Proof], each account can purchase up to 2 per week.

3. Echoing Corridor Optimization

  • The number of Gold Coins dropped in the Machine Room doubled;
  • Increase the price of [Osteoacusis Chips] and [Broaden Horizons] in the shop to 50;
  • Reduced the initial number of Gold Coins obtained from the 31st, 41st, and 51st floors;
  • Reduced the HP MVP and mini in each monster room;
  • The effect of the monster room [Confinement Domain] changed from being unable to perform Magic Restore to reducing the percentage of Magic Restore;
  • Reduce the monsters' spawn range in the monster room to avoid the situation where players are defeated when switching scenes;
  • No longer need to challenge the highest 10 levels in the level clearance record to win weekly rewards. After maintenance, the captain can select any 10 levels less than the highest record via "Weekly Mode" to obtain the corresponding weekly rewards. Weekly rewards can only be obtained once a week.

4. Rune System Optimization

  • The Rune Box can now directly perform Rune Smelting, including Advancement Smelting, Precision Smelting, Attribute Synergy, Rune Replacement, and Rune Carving functions;
  • Increased the limit of Skill Rune and Attribute Rune Bags from 300 to 400.

5. Barren Land Map Optimization

  • Added pre-material tips to the Skillpoint of Divine Tree Spirit system;
  • Barren Land items [Lucky Bags], [Dream Chopping Blades] and [Conjury Power Potions] can be used in batches.

6. Job Skill Adjustments

  • When the Bard and Dancer are in an ensemble, they can no longer use [Bragi's Faith] and [Smile of Eden];
  • [Star Arrows]' Dmg calculation is adjusted to be affected by the damage bonus of [Shrimp Pond], and the Dmg Reduc. of [Shrimp Pond], [Killing Puppet Rune] and [Smile of Eden];
  • [Knell] is no longer immune to all controls and debuffs;
  • [Enchant Deadly Poison]'s duration is adjusted from 40 seconds to 120 seconds, and the cooldown time is adjusted from 40 seconds to 20 seconds;
  • When [Imperishable Dragon] and [Knell] are triggered, the boll ball-holding status in Team Competitions will be lost;
  • [Cart Tornado]'s cooldown time has been changed from 2 to 3.5, delay has been changed from 2 to 1.5.

7. Skill Damage Display Optimization: now the Damage Data and Healing Data will disappear quickly.

8. "Phen Guitar" can be transformed into [Musical Instrument] weapon appearance now! If you have already stored "Phen Guitar", you need to take it out of the Adventure Handbook and store it again to unlock the corresponding weapon appearance.

Issue Fixed

  • Fixed the problem where some Adventurers' Adventure Handbook achievements cannot be activated;
  • Fixed the problem where the Rift Dungeon of the Adventurer's Assistant interface cannot be completed quickly;
  • Fixed the problem where some Adventurer Assistants displayed abnormal [Thanatos Tower] clearance statuses;
  • Fixed the problem where interface abnormalities appeared when tapping on other NPCs in the Precision Smelting Rune class switching interface;
  • Fixed the problem where Zeny is insufficient and it didn't prompt the issue, but the interface automatically closed when producing headwear.

Ragnarok Mobile added new Holy Ground War Gameplay (MOBA)

Ragnarok M Eternal Love is adding a new mode to the game that will surely all of the players will enjoy even if you're low level. That is because this new mode will not pick up the equipment stats during the gameplay and everyone will start fresh in every game, its like the MOBA game that you're playing.

Addison Kang, former producer of Dragon Nest SEA, now the vice president of Ragnarok M Eternal Love shares some insight into the game with his question and answer from the dev team.

Ragnarok M: Eternal Love is an in-depth mobile game, steep in its lore. Can you share more about the background of the new Holy Ground War mode?

"The Holy Ground War is set in the country of Lakh, split by two factions Hawk (freedom advocators) and Doves (peace advocators). These two factions are often in conflict with each other.", dev answered.

What went on in the team's mind when creating this new mode?

"Our original intention is to introduce a new way of fighting, one which reduces the reliance on players' own equipment. Instead, they must now work together and focus on skills and strategies. This allows more players to participate and enjoy the fun.", the dev said.

Holy Ground War is a new season-based matching and racing PvP gameplay. Both sides will form a team of 12 people. The game will be launched in the new map "Holy Ground War". The map contains a variety of mechanisms.

Both sides will kill and compete for resources to attack the opponent's crystal. The outcome is decided based on the crystal's HP.

Holy Ground War (Casual Mode & Season Mode)

Rules of gameplay, after entering the instance, the team will be randomly assigned to Hawk or Dove. Each faction has defense towers, barracks, bases, shops, one offensive route and one defensive route.

The defensive route has three defense towers, and the offensive route has a siege cart that can cause a lot of damage to buildings. The siege cart requires an ally nearby to move it forward, so the team must cooperate to push the siege cart and break through the opponent's base to attain victory.

The defensive route's breaking order is [Outer Tower] – [Central Tower] – [Inner Tower] – [Base].

Rules for the Map

Base: your own base is the goal when defending. When the base is destroyed, it will be considered as defeat. Adventurers can obtain Base Exp by defeating enemy units. After the base is upgraded, the attributes of minions produced by the barracks will be enhanced

  • Barracks – there is a barracks on both the offensive and defensive routes. There will be minions produced every 30 seconds to attack and defend.
  • Defense Tower – causes a lot of damage to enemy units, only siege carts can cause obvious damage to them.
  • Siege Cart – only when your own units are nearby will it move forward, otherwise it will retreat or go unused. It is invincible.
  • Shop – Adventurers can get Gold Coins by defeating enemy units. Tap on the Base or the Shop button near the Base to open the shop and exchange equipment.
  • Portal – Adventurers can quickly teleport to the corresponding route by tapping on the portal on the offensive or defensive route; (the offensive route requires destroying the enemy's Defense Tower to be activated)
  • Wild Zone – there are a wide range of wild zones in between offensive and defensive routes. The wild zones will refresh a variety of MVPs with different effects. After a force kills an MVP, the MVP will refresh on the force line to improve the force's strength.

How to Win

oth sides fight in [Holy Ground War]. When one side breaks down the enemy base, it wins immediately, or the Base and Defense Tower with higher HP after 15 minutes wins.

Season Mode and Casual Mode additional attribute Bonus

  • Provides the [Adventure Handbook], [Aeisr Monument] and [Guild Blessing] attribute bonus.
  • Provides a 15 attribute bonus to the equipment worn by the Adventurer in instances.

How to Participate

Added [Holy Ground War] entrance in season mode and casual mode. After a team of 12 people that have reached Lv.100 is formed, the captain can undergo matching. When the team doesn't have enough members, the system will randomly match other players to form a team of 12 people.

The season mode will start from December 19th, 2020 to January 2nd, 2021, lasting 3 weeks in total. The matches start from 18:00 to 20:00 on Saturday.

The Casual Mode is open long-term and can be used for practice and experience. The rules and rewards of Tournament Mode will be announced separately before the function is opened.


There will be no rewards when playing Casual Mode. While playing Season Mode, you can obtain Bishop Emblem by reaching the corresponding quests in the instance. Each account can obtain up to 80 ones per week, which can be exchanged for the following items:

  • Costume [Robe Series Costume Voucher], [Beast Doll Series Costume Voucher]
  • Back Headwear [March of the Saints]
  • Tail Headwear [Moral Shorthand Spirit]
  • Headwear [Pope's Crown [1]]
  • Extract Light Crystal, Glittering Rune Stone – Star, Glittering Rune Stone, Praying Crystal Pack, Mora coin