ADV3NTUR3 – Beta Sign Up

ADV3NTUR3 is a creepy retro roguelike horror game set within a mysterious cloned version of the classic Atari 2600 game, Adventure.

In ADV3NTUR3 you have found an unfinished Atari 2600 Cartridge that seems to contain a glitchy cloned version of Adventure. There are rumors that the cartridge has been linked to the disappearance of several children, but still you can't help but plug it … Read More

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Diplomacy is Not an Option – Beta Demo

Diplomacy is Not an Option is a medieval RTS game with a touch of tower defense, which sees you attempting to build and expand your settlement while protecting it from huge waves of invaders.

In Diplomacy is Not an Option you take on the mantle of a Feudal Lord who must build up an empire in a hostile medieval fantasy world full of monsters, raiders … Read More

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360 Chicken – Alpha Download

360 Chicken is a very silly and gloriously brutal physics based skateboarding game where you catch some air and do cool tricks while trying to avoid the many deadly hazards in each level.

In 360 Chicken you take control of a little skateboarding chicken that skates around in some very hazardous skateparks. The current build features one large skatepark level where you can freely skate … Read More

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Scavengers – Beta Sign Up (Playstation & Xbox)

Scavengers is bringing its PvPvE frostbitten wastelands to consoles and PS4 and PS5 owners can sign up now to join in the Alpha

Last featured on Alpha Beta Gamer during the PC open Beta, Scavengers is a strategic multiplayer shooter where players form squads of three and fight for resources on an icy post-apocalyptic Earth. As well as fighting other squads of players you'll … Read More

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Terror of Hemasaurus – Beta Demo

Terror of Hemasaurus is essentially the Rampage sequel you always wanted, with you able to take control of a mighty Kaiju and unleash huge amounts of physics-based destruction on helpless cities!

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer during the Beta Sign Up, in Terror of Hemasaurus you take control of a Kaiju who has been unleashed upon the world by a cult of Kaiju-worshiping … Read More

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Harmony's Odyssey – Beta Demo

Harmony's Odyssey is a delightful little puzzle game where you rearrange scrambled jigsaws of 3D dioramas as you go on an odyssey through mythical lands.

There are two main puzzle types in Harmony's Odyssey– jigsaw-esque 3D tile puzzles and spot the difference. The spot the difference levels are pretty self explanatory and the Jigsaw style levels see you swapping tiles around to get them … Read More

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Re.Surs – Beta Demo

Re.Surs is a narrative-driven Sci-Fi horror action adventure that follows a paranormal investigator as she tracks a dangerous criminal who is unleashing grotesque monsters into the the world.

In Re.Surs you take on the role of Jessie Sullivan, a paranormal investigator who works for a government agency and has been called out to investigate a disturbance in the processing building for Re.Surs (a powerful source … Read More

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Mirror Layers – Beta Demo

Mirror Layers is a very inventive social horror puzzle game which you play in single-player, but get assistance from other players online via a mysterious desktop computer.

In Mirror Layers you find yourself locked inside a mysterious apartment block and must figure out its secrets as you try to escape. To do this you'll need to survive the monsters that lurk in the Mirror – … Read More

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Wintertwined – Alpha Demo

Wintertwined is a narrative-driven horror adventure set in an apocalyptic snow-covered world that's home to grotesque shapeshifting monsters.

Drawing inspiration from Silent Hill and The Thing, in Wintertwined you follow the adventure of a shy teanager called Winter and their parental guardian (Giles) as they try to survive in a frostbitten apocalyptic world. It seems that one day in the middle of Summer it … Read More

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Project Grove – Prologue Download

Project Grove is a beautiful and inventive first person puzzle platforming metroidvania where an old alchemist searches for a cure for a rot that has infected the world.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer back in 2020 during its successful Kickstarter campaign, Project Grove is a first person adventure that blends puzzles, platforming, crafting and metroidvania elements. In the game you take control of … Read More

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Andy's Apple Farm – Beta Download

Andy's Apple Farm is a creepy retro styled horror game where you Beta test a glitchy kids game from the 90's and uncover some very disturbing bugs.

In Andy's Apple Farm you've been tasked with Beta testing a cheerful looking adventure where Andy Apple meets up with his cartoony friends and plays wholesome minigames. However, the bugs you may encounter while playing the game are … Read More

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V Rising – Beta Sign Up

V Rising is a Diablo-esque massively multiplayer open world action RPG where you become a bloodsucking vampire who must stick to the shadows as they raise a vampire empire.

In V Rising you are a vampire who arises from centuries of slumber to rebuild their empire. You start in a weakened state and must feed on villagers from nearby settlements and convert them to … Read More

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Age of Ascent – Beta Sign Up

Age of Ascent is a sandbox space combat sim that gives new meaning to the term "massively multiplayer", with thousands of players able to take part in gigantic battles within a single universe.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer way back in 2014 Age of Ascent is a massively multiplayer space sim with a player driven economy, deep strategy and mind-blowingly huge battles between thousands … Read More

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Call of Duty: Vanguard – Open Beta (Playstation, Xbox & PC)

Call of Duty: Vanguard is now in open Beta on PS4 and PS5 and will go into open Beta on Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC tomorrow, so everyone will be able to jump in for some WWII FPS fun!

The Call of Duty: Vanguard open Beta features six game modes – Team Deathmatch, Domination, Kill Confirmed, Champion Hill, Search and Destroy, and a … Read More

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Helena – Beta Demo

Helena is a beautiful hand drawn adventure about an elderly man who recalls key moments of his life while chatting with his grandson.

In Helena players will be able to relive important moments of an old man's life on the streets of Oporto, Portugal. The man in question is called Armando, and is based on the game designer's actual grandfather. He's had a difficult and … Read More

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Pain Party – Beta Sign Up

Pain Party is a wonderfully absurd physics-based third person action game that sees you competing in a wacky Japanese game show to decide where your soul will eternally rest.

Currently in development by Icehelm (creators of the excellent Gone Golfing), Pain Party is a crazy new third person action game that takes place in purgatory. This purgatory doesn't look anything like what Dante imagines … Read More

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STHELL – Beta Demo

STHELL is an intense Sci-Fi FPS where you attempt to survive for as long as possible as hordes of robots swarm you in on a small patch of swampland that was once a test site for experimental weapons.

In STHELL you find yourself in a long forgotten test site for a weapons company called Kiraton Industries. Your presence there has activated huge hordes of robots … Read More

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Smashpunks – Beta Sign up

Smashpunks is a vehicular arena combat game that looks like a fusion of Robot Wars/Battlebots and Mario Kart, as players attempt to smash each other to smithereens in chaotic multiplayer matches.

In Smashpunks you'll be able to take control of a diverse selection of weaponized vehicles, each with unique melee weapons and abilities and compete in physics-based vehicular warfare. Matches are fast paced and … Read More

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The Building 71 Incident – Student Game Download

The Building 71 Incident is an intense and atmospheric VHS styled found footage first person horror game where you investigate a Brazilian university building where people have mysteriously disappeared.

In The Building 71 Incident you are viewing the VHS footage recorded by an employee who broke into a Brazilian university to investigate reports of suspicious activities. The building had already been closed for a year … Read More

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SpiderHeck – Open Beta

SpiderHeck is a stylish 2D platform brawler where agile spiders use laser-swords and an assortment of other badass weaponry to blow each other to pieces.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer back in March, SpiderHeck is a fast paced brawler that essentially lets you kick ass as a Jedi spider. It's playable in single-player, co-op PvE multiplayer and competitive multiplayer, and sees you slicing … Read More

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SKULL CHAINZ is a fast paced physics-based arcade roguelite where you swing a big skull around and smash it into your enemies.

In SKULL CHAINZ you take control of a little skull who was beheaded for their crimes. You're quite vulnerable on your own, but when you chain yourself to another skull you can swing it around you and use it to splat your enemies. … Read More

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Noir Storm – Alpha Demo

Noir Storm is a film noir pixel art point and click adventure that follows a PI as he attempts to unravel a Nazi plot to unleash a weapon of mass destrucion.

Taking place in Buenos Aires city 1952 Noir Storm is an old school point and click adventure that follows a gumshoe as he takes on the biggest case of his life. It draws inspiration … Read More

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Lemuria – Beta Sign Up

Lemuria is a single-player third person shooter set in a country where civilization has collapsed and you chase your dreams (while also filling a lot of people with lead).

In Lemuria you follow the story of an average suburban guy called Alex and a female Indian spy called Kanta. Both characters have travelled to the African country of Lemuria for different reasons, but their paths … Read More

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Lighthouse of Better Days – Game Jam Build Download

Lighthouse of Better Days is a short and uplifting experience where you control the light of a lighthouse to give ships hope as they cross stormy seas of despair.

Created by Andyman404 (creator of Fingerpaint Art Restoration and An Obstacle Course For Unconventional Humans), Lighthouse of Better Days is a short game created for the A Game By Its Cover 2021 game jam. In … Read More

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Pac Man's Sky – Pre-Alpha

Pac Man's Sky is a fun fusion of Pac-Man and No Man's Sky where you gobble pellets on little planetoids to collect fuel for a rocket that can fly between them.

Initially Pac Man's Sky plays very much like Pac-Man, but with a spherical 3D maze rather than a rectangular 2D one. Ghosts chase you and you can grab cherries and power-pills much like … Read More

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Dungeonlite Duelers – Beta Sign Up

Dungeonlite Duelers blends roguelike dungeon crawling with battle royale gameplay as you battle monsters and other players in a strange cyberpunk underworld.

In Dungeonlite Duelers you'll be able to choose from a selection of uniquely skilled duellers and then fight to the death in a subterranean labyrinth filled with monsters and loot. As you explore you'll scavenge weapons and spells and use them to battle … Read More

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System Under Surveillance – Beta Sign Up

System Under Surveillance is a beautifully animated isometric pixel art adventure that blends stealth and puzzle elements as a boy and a robot find themselves being hunted through a dystopian futuristic city.

In System Under Surveillance you follow the adventure of a boy called Adam who finds himself alone in a dystopian city after his mother is caught up in a suspicious car chase. It … Read More

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Para Bellum: Hold The Line – Pre-Alpha Download

Para Bellum: Hold The Line features a fusion of real-time strategy and tower defense as you command your troops in small scale military battles against waves of enemy soldiers.

A spin-off of the Para Bellum: The Unknown Soldiers, Hold The Line is a WWII real-time strategy game that tasks you with holding the line in tactical battles against waves of enemy troops. You can … Read More

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Core Keeper – Beta Sign Up

Core Keeper is a sandbox dungeon crawling adventure where up to eight players can work together as they mine, build, craft, farm and fight to unravel the mystery of the ancient Core.

Currently in development by Pugstorm, (Creators of Radical Rabbit Stew) Core Keeper is a multiplayer sandbox adventure that blends mining, crafting and dungeon crawling. It's playable with 1 to 8 players and … Read More

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Yamadera, Yamagata Japan (Lushfoil Photography Sim) – Beta Download

Yamadera, Yamagata Japan is a breathtakingly beautiful first person exploration game where you explore, take pictures and discover secrets in a near-photorealistic recreation of the Yamadera Mountain Temple in Japan.

Created as part of caves rd's Lushfoil Photography Sim series (previous installments including
Lago di Braies, Italy and Castle Rock Beach, West Australia) Yamadera, Yamagata Japan allows you to visit a near-perfect recreation of … Read More

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Vampire survivalbox V Rising discusses crafting, castles, and your insatiable thirst for blood

V Rising has been on our radar for a few months now; it's a multiplayer survival sandbox that's trying to make vampires cool again – and might actually pull it off. With its beta still on the horizon later this year, Stunlock Studios has put out another dev update, this one about the feel of […]

Life Beyond shares a video tutorial all about its new weapon upgrade system

A couple of weeks ago, the survival sandbox Life Beyond added the ability to upgrade gear. If you're curious just how exactly that works or wanted to get a look at the feature without actually playing the game, developer Darewise has you covered with a new tutorial video. The tutorial and the system itself is […]

Profane takes a jog over all sorts of different terrain to show off footfall VFX in latest Twitter thread

When you're dashing through an MMO's world, how carefully are you staring at your feet? Probably not very closely, if we had to guess. That said, little details like footfalls making some sort of effect or impact on the ground are a nice little flavor touch, and Profane is making sure that little detail isn't […]

Dual Universe brings updates to shields, construct cores, and docking with the launch of the Ares update

A lot of the talk coming out of Dual Universe has been focused around its Ares update — how it's changing shields and construct core stress as well as warping and docking. All of the talk is over now and the time for experiencing these updates is now, as the Ares update has gone live. […]

World of Warcraft brings Brewfest around once more in both retail and The Burning Crusade

Do you feel like celebrating right now in World of Warcraft? No, not so much? Can't imagine why. Let's try a different question: Do you feel like drinking until you can convince yourself to celebrate right now in World of Warcraft? Because that coincides nicely with the fact that Brewfest is back for players to while away […]

Neverwinter brings back the Harvester of Nightmares to consoles and offers a balance patch to Wizards

You might think that someone called the Harvester of Nightmares might actually be a halfway decent guy in Neverwinter. Ominous name, sure, but maybe he harvest nightmares from people who are just having a bad dream. But no, it turns out that he's more like the causer of nightmares which he will subsequently harvest, and that means […]

Starbase previews moon base building and moon mining features in a video

Care to build your own Moon Zero Two? Eventually you'll be able to in Starbase, though it will most likely be more utilitarian and less a location for go-go dancers and soft heist caper intrigue, as outlined in a recent preview video from the devs. The video focuses on the moons that orbit Eos, each […]

Revelation Online's Demonic War update shifts to an October release window

Wait, didn't we hear about the Demonic War update for Revelation Online before? Yes, yes we did; back in May 2021, when the update was eyeballing a summer release date. Now that we're past the summer months, it's pretty obvious that the update didn't arrive, but that's because it's now looking at an October 2021 […]

The Stream Team: A return to raiding in Final Fantasy XIV Shadowbringers

It's been a long time — a number of years to be precise — since MOP's Chris has done any of the raid level content in Final Fantasy XIV, but now he feels it's high time to hop back into the raiding that this particular MMORPG can offer. Join him at 2:00 p.m. EDT for […]

The Elder Scrolls Online previews the Deadlands DLC exploring the realm of Oblivion

Johnny Cash told us all that love is a burning thing that makes a fiery ring. Also a burning thing is the realm of the Deadlands, which is burning away in the next eponymous DLC in The Elder Scrolls Online. It's a hot time as the overarching Gates of Oblivion storyline concludes, but even if you're […]

Elyon begins preregistration ahead of its October 20 free-to-play launch

So Krafton-Bluehole's upcoming MMORPG Elyon's been a bit of a tangle these last few months. After changing its name and its theme, it rolled into beta this past summer, earning praise for its gameplay and customization but criticism for humdrum setting and world. It was then supposed to launch at the end of September, rocking […]

Amazon is publishing Glowmade's new 'creative online co-op experience'

What else does Amazon Games have cooking besides New World, Lost Ark, and that unnamed game from Smed? Apparently, it's also publishing a game from English games studio Glowmade, whose developers have worked on everything from Fable and Little Big Planet to Battlefield and Horizon Zero Dawn. "Amazon Games today announced that it is expanding its third-party publishing […]

Massively on the Go: How to actually have fun in Pokemon Unite as a new player

The mobile version of Pokemon Unite has landed as of today, and those of you who do not have a Nintendo Switch but wish to play will finally be able to do so. Thanks to crossplay, you Switch-less folks can play with the rest of us, but you may be a tad underpowered at first. No, […]

Elite Dangerous brings AA turrets and bug fixes to Odyssey, quality of life to Horizons, and Powerplay changes to all

Today is the day when Elite: Dangerous sees some rather sizeable updates, whether players are in Horizons or in Odyssey. On the Odyssey front, Update 7 is going live, introducing some new anti-air turrets as well as rocket wielding Enforcers to combat zones, the ability for players to redirect Apex taxis, and new social hub […]

Flameseeker Chronicles: Test driving Guild Wars 2 End of Dragons' Vindicator, Bladesworn, and Catalyst elite specs

It's time again for another End of Dragons elite specialization beta! It's an exciting time for Guild Wars 2 players, who are learning what elite specs they will be playing as and alongside in this highly anticipated expansion. This time around we have the Revenant's damage-support hybrid Vindicator spec, the Warrior's totally-not-a-Final-Fantasy-XIV-Gunbreaker Bladesworn spec, and the Elementalist's […]

Final Fantasy XIV players memorialize Stephen Critchlow, the voice behind Count Edmont de Fortemps

The Final Fantasy XIV community is in mourning this week as English actor Stephen Critchlow has passed away at the age of 54. Critchlow was well known for his theater and TV work, but MMO gamers will know him best as the performer for FFXIV's Count Edmont de Fortemps and the narrator for Heavensward; MOP's […]

Dungeons and Dragons Online to revamp epic destinies 'from the ground up'

You know that when an MMO developer tells you to "buckle up" before explaining changes coming in a patch, we're in for a wild ride. And so it is for Dungeons and Dragons Online, which is preparing to overhaul its higher-level character progression "from the ground up." The game's epic destinies, which function as a […]

Rumor: Leaked file list suggests Star Citizen's Theaters of War is being made into a standalone game

Allow us to provide a bit of context before we get to the news: This is all about Theaters of War, a 20v20 mixed arms PvP mode that was first revealed at CitizenCon 2019. The vast majority of the talk about Theaters of War was its inclusion as a new mode into Star Citizen itself, […]

New World posts the names of its 176 launch day servers

With less than a week to go before New World's September 28th launch, there isn't much time left for interested players to make plans for the first day of release. And since it's always quite helpful to have a list of servers beforehand for the purpose of player and guild coordination, we're pleased to see […]

The Daily Grind: Do you enjoy fully 'mapping' MMO zones?

Apart from going through particularly good quest stories, filling out a map is my favorite MMORPG activity. This means slightly different goals depending on the game, but generally, "mapping" is when you fully explore and complete all of the goals, objectives, and vistas in a zone. Guild Wars 2 put this verb in our lexicon […]

Funcom gave a player group its blessing to build a Secret World TTRPG

It hasn't been the best couple of years for fans of The Secret World, thanks to the fact that both games are all but in maintenance mode and the community is still mourning one of its own. But we have a bit of good news for you here: Apparently, Funcom has granted a player group […]

Pokemon Unite mobile update adds squads, addresses pay-to-win items

The mobile version of Pokemon Unite is almost upon us, and TiMi Studio Group is giving us more than just crossplay: The new Galactic Ghost 094 battle pass season has some nice skins from the looks of it, but we're also seeing a feature called "Squads." While there's almost no information about them pre-launch, the press asset […]

Riders of Icarus has apparently sunsetted its only Russian server

Pour one out for Riders of Icarus aka Icarus Online, which apparently sunsetted its Russian server this week. As MMO Fallout first reported, the game had run under Russian publisher 101xp for the last four years; its Steam showing wasn't cause for much celebration, as it clocking with barely a hundred concurrent players the last […]

Diablo II Resurrected has begun preloading – here's when it launches in your timezone

We're fast approaching the launch of Diablo II Resurrected, and Blizzard would really like everyone to focus on that instead of on its ballooning culture and legal problems. This afternoon, the studio posted a complete run-down of what gamers will need to prepare for the launch, including the game itself, which of course is not […]

Massively OP Podcast Episode 339: Kitchen sinks and the Tao of MMOs

Justin and Bree discuss Guild Wars 2, Funcom, Mortal Online 2, WoW Classic, EverQuest II, Star Trek Online, and Final Fantasy XIV, with adventures in Elder Scrolls Online and SWG Legends, plus mailbag topics on the direction of Guild Wars 2 and WoW and what's going on with LOTRO's dead servers.

New World composers Ramin Djawadi and Brandon Campbell discuss scoring the MMORPG

Somebody go find our resident Battle Bard and Jukebox Hero, Justin: Amazon's just dropped a bunch of music-related goodies ahead of next week's New World launch. "After players ventured through the land of Aeternum in our Alpha and Beta tests, we received an overwhelming positive response to the immersive sound effects and beautiful music those […]

Albion Online's Call to Arms 10 arrives ahead of this weekend's season start

PvP players, you've been called to arms, quite literally, with Albion Online's latest update. Call to Arms Patch 10 has arrived as of today, and it's a bit of a prepatory patch, as it sets the stage for both the next season and the next major expansion. "The Energy Surge Season starts September 25, featuring […]

EverQuest II brings back its (renamed) summer event and kicks off the prelude to Visions of Vetrovia

Panda, Panda, Panda! No, that's not a remake of the film Tora! Tora! Tora! but with adorable fluffy bears; it's the new name for the Days of Summer event in EverQuest II to more accurately reflect the fact that the event primarily features the Hua Mein and Yun Zi. In this year's event, players are […]

Fractured invites MMO players to test its fall alpha starting tomorrow

As we've been covering, indie MMO sandbox Fractured is preparing its big fall alpha phase, which kicks off tomorrow, September 22nd, and runs through October 13th. "The update introduces a number of new abilities, world events, an overhaul of its equipment progression system, and much more," Dynamight Studios says. "The three-week Fall Alpha phase gives […]

Elder Scrolls Online tests Deadlands DLC and new armory system

The big fall release for Elder Scrolls Online is on the way — and is in fact being tested as we speak. ZeniMax announced that Update 23 is on the test server right now for players who want to get an advance look or put the patch through its paces. Update 23 will bring a […]

Guild Wars 2 End of Dragons testers can play with the Vindicator, Bladesworn, Catalyst, and DX11 update now

Hear that hum? It's the distant rumbling of the hype train to Cantha, and it's getting a little bit closer with this week's Guild Wars 2 End of Dragons beta event. As of this afternoon and running through September 25th, Guild Wars 2 players – yes, even freemium players – can log in and roll […]

Choose My Adventure: The further adventures of a twin pistols gadgeteer in DC Universe Online

So, the powers that be said that keeping to my twin pistols in DC Universe Online was the way to go, and I have to say that I wholly agree with the move, especially since I'm now starting to feel like I'm getting a hang of things in combat. As one of the commenters in […]

Star Citizen kicks off a week-long free fly event featuring the four finalists of its community ship showdown

Those who follow Star Citizen closely are likely familiar with the Ship Showdown, an annual community event where fans pick the best ship in the game's roster through a series of polls. That in and of itself isn't really much to write about, but it's the event that's being used as a reason for another […]

Jagex attributes lag spikes during Old School RuneScape's Deadman finals to 'direct network attacks'

Over the past three weeks, Old School RuneScape has been running its Deadman Reborn PvP competition, which hit its zenith this past Friday with a finals event to determine the ultimate winner. However, the whole affair didn't go quite so smoothly as the event started suffering from lag spikes. Initially, Jagex announced that it believed […]

Hearthstone promises a mix of RPG and roguelike when Mercenaries arrives October 12

There's a new game mode coming to Hearthstone on Tuesday, October 12th, which seeks to blend the CCG's characters with RPG and roguelike elements. It's called Mercenaries, and at the very basic level, it's a PvE mode that lets players form a party of mercs to take on bounties for rewards and to build up […]

Final Fantasy XIV details the process of deprecating belts ahead of its next expansion

Final Fantasy XIV is going to remove your belt. Not like that; get your mind out of the gutter. The game is removing belts altogether with the launch of Endwalker, and the newest posting on the official site details exactly how this is going to work. The short version is that when the update's early access […]

Activision-Blizzard is now being investigated by four state and federal regulators as its top legal VP departs

Yesterday, we covered the news that the US Securities and Exchange Commission is now investigating Activision-Blizzard in the wake of its ongoing sexual harassment and discrimination lawsuit and associated scandal. As we noted, the feds have subpoenaed Activision along with executives including Bobby Kotick, seeking everything from personnel files and board meeting minutes to termination […]

Corepunk adds Diablo-style loot piñatas to its gameplay world

If you've been craving the sweet-and-salty combination of Orcs and high-tech gadgets, the wait for Corepunk must be agonizing. And while it was a bummer to hear that the studio delayed the closed beta until this December, at least we're starting to get more communication on this game as we head down that stretch. Artificial […]

The Daily Grind: Is Blizzard right to 'desexualize' art in World of Warcraft?

Last week, there was a big social media hubbub over World of Warcraft, as Blizzard quietly changed out a pair of obscure paintings in the game. Once changed a blurry portrait of a woman into a sharper version with less visible cleavage, while the other changed an obvious tongue-in-cheek homage to a reclining female nude […]

Niantic is shutting down Catan: World Explorers after a lackluster early access run

Not everything Niantic touches turns to gold — or becomes an instant hit. Case in point, Catan: World Explorers has been kind of a dud ever since coming to early access in 2020. While the board game is a legitimate hit, the thought of running all over the real world to pick up sheep and […]

PSA: Closers is handing out free level 85 boosts until November 3

Want to play Closers but can't be bothered to do all of that leveling up or playing the game? Then you're going to jump for joy for the game's returning Jumping Character event, which is dishing out a ticket to boost characters up to level 85 and a whole bunch of related goodies for doing […]

Wild Terra 2 adds over 25 new peaceful skills, plans to open Plague Island seasonal content October 14

Wild Terra 2 would like players to both enjoy new peaceful skills and prepare for Plague Island. Both of these things sound diametrically opposed to one another, but that's basically the thrust of the game's content updates, starting with the game's most recent update, which has introduced over 25 new passive and active abilities for […]

Starbase introduces new modules, replenishes asteroids, and makes various fixes in latest update

Starbase's latest patch is being flagged as a "major" patch, but reading the notes you might be let down by the fact it doesn't bring anything game-changing to the table. That said, there are still a lot of things being added with the update regardless. At the top of the list are the addition of […]

The feds are now investigating Activision-Blizzard as the SEC subpoenas execs including Bobby Kotick

Early on in our coverage of the Activision-Blizzard sexual harassment and discrimination lawsuit scandal, we noted that the company's response took some ineffective swipes at the state of California bureau heading the investigation and all but threatened to leave the state over the suit. Activision-Blizzard may want to set aside that posturing now, as it'll […]

Uncharted Waters Online hopes to boost visibility with its 'first' official trailer

It's safe to say that Uncharted Waters Online isn't the name that's on every MMO player's lips. The quirky seafaring title has labored in obscurity for many years now under several different owners, most recently Papaya with a 2017 relaunch. Getting eyes on the game's been a challenge for the current owners, so any excuse […]

MapleStory M adds the Dual Blade class and the Victoria Road region in recent patch

If your MMO doesn't have a character that can expertly wave two bladed weapons about with precision, guile, and agility, then what are you even doing with yourself? Luckily, MapleStory M isn't suffering from such a shortage as the game received the Dual Blade class this past Thursday, along with a new region to check […]

MechWarrior Online is tweaking weapons, chassis, and a map as MechWarrior 5 unveils its next expansion

Tomorrow will see a fresh update to the online Mech battler MechWarrior Online, bringing with it some revamps, reworks, and tweaks including a new version of the Caustic Valley map, adjustments to several weapons, and changes to 'Mechs like the Flea, the Vindicator, and the Hatamoto-Chi. The patch will also add a second set of […]

SEED shares blogs about multiplayer appointments, economy, Seedling interactions, and horrifying mutations

Well, I did it to myself. Last time I reported on SEED, I remarked with surprise that the devs at Klang Games only kicked out one dev blog. The fates heard me, smirked among themselves, and saw fit to send a muse to the devs so that they may release another deluge of blog posts. […]

EVE Online players speculate at least 110K players are subscribed based on the August economic report

Last month we reported on some number crunching done by a Redditor that took a stat from EVE Online's July economic report to tease out some possible subscriber numbers. In that report, the Redditor known as Angry Mustache noted that the data had imperfections and that a clearer picture may be available once August's econ […]

Diablo II Resurrected devs talk about maintaining the core experience and hint at post-release content

Remastering a game as venerable as Diablo II has got to be something of a tightrope walk. On the one hand, you're expected to maintain the core experience of the game, but at the same time it's also 21 years old and things have progressed. Toeing that line was a big part of an interview […]