[VIDEO] 7-Foot-Tall 'Scary' Robot Stacks Grocery in Japan; Are Robots Replacing Humans?

[ VIDEO] 7-Foot-Tall 'Scary' Robot Stacks Grocery in Japan; Are Robots ... operator who controls its movements remotely using virtual reality ( VR).

Sniper Elite 4 Goes Virtual Reality Style for Oculus Rift and Quest

Part of the video's presentation says: "One bullet can change the course of a war." No pressure, but in Rebellion's Sniper Elite VR the fate of the world ...

Get a job: Remedy is hiring a Development Director

We are looking for a team player with excellent project management and communication skills, someone who is passionate to lead a group of experts at Remedy in the creation of our next projects. ...

Unity valued at $13.7 billion following $1.3 billion IPO

The company closed out its IPO with $1.3 billion raised, ultimately selling 25 million shares for a higher-than-expected price of $52. ...

Blog: Designing a thrilling enjoyable arcade experience for VR

Game design student Vincent Trinel takes a deeper look at the design of virtual reality game, Quash. ...

Don't Miss: The evolutionary process of building Rayman Origins

Rayman and Beyond Good & Evil creator Michel Ancel talks about how the 2011 2D Rayman Origins got its start and why he just can't get enthusiastic about the Mario series. ...

Report: Riot Games, Epic Games come under US Gov't scrutiny over Tencent ties

Bloomberg reports that the US Committee on Foreign Investment has sent letters of inquiry to both Riot Games and Epic Games due to their business ties to Tencent games. ...

Video: Preventing online harassment in games by studying social media's failures

In this 2020 GDC session, the ADL's Daniel Kelley discusses how online games can learn from the mistakes of traditional social media to fight hate, discrimination, harassment, and extremism. ...

Blog: Combating toxicity in online games

AI holds great promise in the ability to stem online toxic behavior from within games, but there are complications that can be daunting. ...

Sponsored Q& A: Advice from Microsoft's GDX lead for taking on next-gen's biggest challenges

In this Q& A, the head of Microsoft's Gaming Developer Experiences team runs down what game devs need to know to keep their games thriving across key platforms. ...

Bandai Namco acquires Unknown 9 developer Reflector Entertainment

The deal includes both the Canadian studio and its subsidiary Reflector Interactive Productions, and is expected to close in Q4 2020. ...

Blog: Rules for a future-proof 2D render order

This guide explains how to set up the render order of your 2D (side-scrolling) game in a future-proof way. Some of it is specific to Unity, but most tips should be helpful regardless of engine. ...

Rayman creator Michel Ancel leaving games industry to work on wildlife sanctuary

Renowned video game designer Michel Ancel is stepping away from the games industry after over three decades open a wild life sanctuary. ...

Directing The Outer Worlds' first narrative expansion The Peril on Gorgon

The Peril on Gorgon game director Carrie Patel shares some insight on developing DLC for The Outer Worlds. ...

Nanobit acquired by Stillfront in $100 million deal

Stillfront has acquired the mobile developer Nanobit in a $100 million deal, though the acquisition could set Stillfront back as much as $148 million if certain sales targets are met.  ...

Get a job: Join Insomniac Games as a Character Artist

This role is responsible for creating blendshapes, models, textures, and materials for characters and other key assets. ...

Sony sees another three to four years of life in the PlayStation 4

The folks over at PlayStation have already said that their support for the PS4 won†™t end with the PS5†™s impending launch, but now SIE†™s Jim Ryan has lightly expanded on that timeline. ...

Met a girl at a party …

I met a girl at a party and she said, "Come outside and I'll show you a good time."So we went outside and she ran 100 metres in 9.79 seconds.

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Electrician's Clothing

An electrician's favourite article of clothing would be their shorts.

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This Supermarket Joke

This Supermarket joke.Its an Aldi but a goodie.

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What's Brown and lies beside the piano?

What's brown and lies beside the piano? Beethoven's last movement.      

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Dropping Latin phrases into conversations to sound smart… That's my modus operandi.

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President Trump Misunderstood The Message Of American History X

Experts analyzing President Donald Trump's tenure in the White House have come to the unanimous conclusion that the whole four years spent leading the country were an unprecedented presidential disaster. But everybody knows that. Even a blind m…

Trump To Veto Gareth Bale Move

Just when Tottenham Hotspur fans thought it was safe to breathe again, and count Real Madrid's wantaway star, Gareth Bale, as one of their own, US president Donald Trump has put the skids under the deal, saying "it cannot happen". Bale, who played…

Man Sees His Own Image In Diaper Full Of Shit

We've seen them all in the past, the images of Jesus in a privet, in a dollop of mashed potatoes, in a bowl of porridge, and in the background of someone's photo, but there was the crowning glory of these sightings this week, when a man saw his own i…

Tsunami hits Hartlepool, UK

(NOT EDITED) Hartlepool, UK, is a town parked on the North Sea coast which nobody has ever heard of apart from 'Hartlepool-ians'. However, last night the global tabloid press sent their reporters there, with drones, because it was reported a massive…

Burma earning praise from human rights activists over humane genocide

The government of Myanmar is earning positive recognition from human rights activists and the United Nations for its humane and cruelty free genocide of the Rohingya people. It’s not just for how they are treating minority groups chosen to be liquida…

Man Has Really Let Himself Go

The Coronavirus lockdown, which started in March, is known to be having a significant effect on people's mental health, as we all get rather too irritable, but one man has become so terminally disillusioned with things, that he's really let himself g…

Noodle Shop Woman Aghast At Poor Aim Of Customers

The female owner of a local food eaterie which caters for Asian tastes has commented on the poor aim of many of her customers when attempting to toss refuse into the waste bin. The shop, which is open seven days per week, between the hours of mid…

Biden-Harris to add dazzle to lackluster campaign

Political experts have suggested Democrats not only need to move “left,” there's an additional problem. The Biden-Harris candidacy seriously lacks the dazzle and noise of Trump's rallies. To some Democrats the Biden ticket is pallid and uninte…

The GOP Veterans of The Vietnam War Federation Will Be Honoring President Trump For His Service

DETROIT â€" (Satire News) â€" A White House insider is reporting that President Trump is thrilled beyond belief that, after almost 50 years, he will finally receive the recognition that he deserves. Many Americans are not aware that Trump actually enl…

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Quarterback Tom Brady Says He’s Not Happy With Coach Bruce Arians

TAMPA BAY â€" (Sports Satire) â€" Future Hall of Famer Tom Brady has never been one to take criticism lightly. Some years ago, he got upset with Patriots Coach Bill Belichick, when the coach told him that he needed to stop cussing at his teammates in…

Socialist Biden: I'll Nationalize Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, Etc.

Wilmington, Delaware. Exclusive to The Spoof. Democratic candidate Joe Biden today admitted he's a socialist, and vowed to nationalize the biggest corporations in America by executive order the first day of his presidency. "If you think Trump went…

The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Say Their Cheering Definitely Makes The Cowboys Play Better

DALLAS â€" (Sports Satire) â€" CBS Sports has stated that it’s no secret that the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders are the best cheerleaders in all of sports. It’s been noted by many sports writers that the “Rah Rah Girls”, as comedian Zydeco Dupree has chr…

President Trump Finally Releases the Results of His IQ Test

WASHINGTON, D.C. - (Satire News) - President Trump has finally released the results of his IQ test, after promising to do so for several months. He revealed the results on his favorite Fox News show "Fox & Friends". Trump was grinning from ear…

Big Ben To Go Digital

At last, Big Ben is to finally get a £1 million facelift, and is to go digital just in time for the New Year celebrations. Visitors to London, who flock in their millions to see an enormous CLOCK, will be met with a far more up-to-date timepiece.

No Question: The NBA Playoffs are Rigged

How does one explain the LA Clippers, arguably the league’s most talented team, implosion in their series with the Denver Nuggets? The Clippers somehow managed to lose three straight games after taking a 3-1 lead in the best of seven series. The fina…

Refs To Be Given Truth Serum

"Scottish referees are to undergo jabs of sodium penothane before games, and at half-time. This should hopefully eradicate the myth that the SFA, Masonic Lodges and the Old Bhoys network have collaborated to favour the Old Firm," a FIFA spokesperson…

Drone drops bombshell on Jaggedone's bald head!

(NOT EDITED) A spy drone buzzing over Jaggedone's secluded German residence, not The Eagle's Nest in Berchtesgaden, suddenly swooped, and dropped a bombshell wrapped in a vinegar stinking, 1980 Daily Mail, once a conservative spreadsheet, now a load…

Man still hasn't decided on his creosote

Nigel Havering, from Chutney on the Fritz, has told no-one in particular that, although it is now mid-September, he is yet to decide on the shade and type of creosote that he needs for the shed. 'Yes,' Nigel told us, 'I know that I have left it ve…

Man's Wife Treats Him To Four Chocolate Bombs

A man whose wife woke up in an inexplicably good mood this morning, before going to the market in the town, is in high spirits this evening, as he looks forward to tucking into the sweet treat that she bought him there. Moys Kenwood, 57, gave his…

Car Park Man Claims Throne

City of Leicester Traffic Enforcement Officer Hugh Khanparktheresir was transfixed when he found a man bent over and asleep in a city car park. "I was transfixed," he said, "and he wasn’t even in a disabled bay." The sleeper, Ivor Whiterose, said,…

Chris Grayling still hasn't bought a round in

Poster-boy for the word 'incompetent', and there is stiff competition, Chris Grayling still hasn't bought his round in, Dave from the pub can reveal. Despite having a job that pays him £100,000 a year for working a seven-hour week, the former Mini…

Slim: Talk Dirty To Me

BILLINGSGATE POST: Slim Everdingle and Detrick “Dirty Trick” Detwiler have come a long way. Just a year ago, they were dutifully monitoring the cross-dressing escapades of James Comey and Robert Mueller from their government issued, vintage 1952 St…

Trump’s Secret Telephone Call To Barack Obama For Help

Stop the presses! Donald Trump made a desperate phone call to Barack Obama, asking for help. Nothing was going Trump’s way, particularly the Mexican wall. The wall wasn’t finished, and though he promised it would, Mexico hadn't paid a nickel for it.

Jim Davidson Rants 'Make Politics More Interesting'

Former central-midfielder, striker and now right-winger, Jim Davidson, has taken an amazing swipe at our politicians by slamming MPs all over our great country. The England captain who reached legend status at Blackpool before moving to Coventry,…

Rock Star too Cool to Wear a Mask

Mancunian rock legend Eamonn Docherty has revealed the reasons that he refuses to wear a face mask during the current Coronavirus pandemic. Docherty, who rose to fame in the 1990s with his band Watering Hole, has upset many by claiming that he is…

Paul The Octopus Predicts Trump Win

According to every poll that is worth its salt, a victory for President Trump in the upcoming November election is about as unlikely as a beak on a bison, but experts may have to think again, as the renowned predictor of unlikely things, Paul the Oct…

Beware Of A Donald Trump Vaccine

Beware of a Trump vaccine. You might end up with an extra ear or gain two hundred pounds. And who wants to wear a fat red tie to cover your belly for the rest of your life? Now, about the extra ear. Well, one can easily invest in earmuffs, which w…

Dundonian's Outrage At McDonalds…

A 95-year-old Dundonian has slammed American company McDonalds for selling 'McJeelyPeeces' in all of it's Scottish outlets. Peter Levein has vowed he'll take his fight to the highest court in the land, to stop what he sees as blatant commercialism…

Jennifer Lopez Says She Loves Making Love, Music, and Money

NEW YORK CITY â€" (Satire News) - J-Lo appeared on Kelly Clarkson’s talk show, and said that she and her boyfriend, Alex Rodriguez, and their combined four kids, are doing fine sheltering-in-place in their luxurious Bronx mansion . Jennifer told Kel…

Microbes on Venus claim 'No Intelligent Life on Earth'

After the recent announcement that chemicals in the atmosphere of Venus might signify the presence of life, we at The Spoof managed to launch a space mission to the planet, in order to interview our new alien neighbors. We didn't base this on an old…

Plaintiff's Counsel Maurice "Mac" VerStandig Reflects on the Mike Postle Litigation

Maurice "Mac" VerStandig

Maurice "Mac" VerStandig explains some details surrounding the recent settlement.

2020 PokerStars PACOOP Kicks Off Today; 50 Events & $1.5M Gtd.

PokerStars PACOOP 2020

Check out the full schedule for the upcoming PokerStars PACOOP running from Sept. 19 to Oct. 5.

The Muck: Kuraitis, Stones Lash Out After Twitter Silence

The Stones Twitter account has been firing lasers in the days following the conclusion of the court case.

Stones TD Justin Kuraitis has been slinging flames on Twitter.

Playing a Draw Multiway Can Be a Really Tough Spot

Jonathan Little

Jonathan Little shares more NLH tournament strategies in his new PokerNews column.

Bracelet Winner Daniel "centrfieldr23" Lupo Discusses partypoker US Network Win


Get to know the New Jersey family man and architect who thrives playing poker.

Weekend Preview: GGMasters GGSOP Edition, Mini Mega Deep, and WPT Weekender

The Weekend Preview

Low buy-in, high-value MTTs take place at GGPoker, 888poker, and partypoker this weekend.

Leaked Term Sheet Reveals Details Regarding Stones/Kuraitis Settlement; Plaintiffs Paid $40,000

Stones Legal Update

Mike Postle was specifically excluded from the settlement.

Have You Got Your 888poker Millions Superstorm Main Event Ticket Yet?

888poker Millions Superstorm Superstorm

Learn how you can play in the $1 million guaranteed Superstorm for FREE at 888poker.

Steve O'Dwyer Wins $3,200 WPTWOC Heads-Up Championship ($135,000)

Steve O'Dwyer

Steve O'Dwyer wins again. This time the WPTWOC $3,200 Heads-Up event.

888poker Millions Superstorm: "heroes333" Wins Two Events in Past Two Days

888poker Millions Superstorm Superstorm

"heroes333" was the biggest hero in the past two days in the 888poker Millions Superstorm.

WCOOP 2020 Day 19: Fabiano "Kovalski1" Kovalski Continues Brazilian Dominance

Fabiano "Kovalski1" Kovalski wins WCOOP title

Joep "Pappe_Ruk" van den Bijgaart and Andrey "Kroko-dill" Zaichenko also booked big wins on Thursday.

Main Event Victory Puts Mighall in the Running For WPTWOC Leaderboard

Phil Mighall

Check out the latest WPTWOC Player of the Championship and Rising Star standings.

Value Town: The $55 Buy-in $1.25M Gtd WCOOP Main Event

WCOOP $55 Low Main Event Value Town

Take a trip to Value Town with the $55 buy-in $1.25M Gtd WCOOP Main Event at PokerStars.

How to Pick a Winning Slot Machine and Win (Almost) Every Time!

How to win at slots

Looking for advice on how to pick a winning slot machine? Look no more – I have you covered. Read this article to know how to win at slots.

PokerNews Podcast: AJ Kelsall Discusses WSOP Global Casino Championship Win

AJ Kelsall

Catch up on all the recent Mike Postle/Justin Kuraitis/Stone's developments.

WCOOP 2020 Day 18: Parker "tonkaaaa" Talbot Becomes A WCOOP Champ

WCOOP 2020 Day 18: Parker "tonkaaaa" Talbot is a WCOOP Champ

Stevan "random_chu" Chew also struck gold on Wednesday night with a big win in the Super Tuesday.

Want to Win A Free $530 Entry to the WCOOP? Here's How!

WCOOP 2020 at PokerStars

PokerNews is giving away free entries to the WCOOP Main Event! Learn more inside.

Phil Mighall Triumphs in the WPTWOC Main Event ($1,550,298)

Phil Mighall

Phil Mighall is more than $1.5 million richer than a couple of days ago and a WPT Champion

Unibet Poker Online Series Kicks Off September 18

Unibet Poker

Check out the full Unibet Poker Online Series schedule here at PokerNews.

Fedor Kruse Accused of Using Solver to Cheat in High-Stakes Cash Games

Fedor Kruse made the leap to high stakes, but did he cheat to get there?

Kruse allegedly climbed from $100NL to the highest stakes in a year's time.