Resident Evil: Village – Beta Demo (Playstation, Xbox, Steam & Stadia)

Capcom is holding some special limited time Resident Evil: Village demo events that will allow Playstation players to explore the village and castle areas of the game first, then allow Xbox, Steam and Stadia users to play in May.

After the excellent standalone Maiden demo that was released in January, Capcom are now letting PS5 and PS4 owners check out some real Resident Evil: VillageRead More

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TS!Underswap – Beta Demo

TS!Underswap is an Undertale fan gam……. Wait! Come back! Unlike the vast majority of terrible Undertale fan games, TS!Underswap is genuinely excellent and a worthy companion to Toby Fox's modern classic.

TS!Underswap is a re-imagining of Toby Fox's acclaimed Undertale game, which swaps character roles and introduces new content and characters to create a brand new game that feels very much like an official UndertaleRead More

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Inner Life – Student Game Download

Inner Life is a surprisingly touching little narrative-driven puzzle adventure where you explore and repair the internals of a dying mechanical titan.

Created by a group of students from the Zurich University of Arts, in Inner Life you step into the shoes of a healer who travels the land in search of dying titans to repair. The titans are sentient and appear to be living, … Read More

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Sorrowself – Beta Sign Up

Sorrowself is a very stylish 2d metroidvania action platforming adventure where a young boy goes in search of his missing sister.

In Sorrowself you will follow the adventure of Pilo, a young boy who wakes up one day to find that his sister is missing. He must now make his way through a beautiful hand-drawn world and find her, all under the gaze of a … Read More

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[I] Don't Exist – Alpha Demo

[I] Don't Exist is a cleverly crafted text-based adventure which explores themes of isolation, control and distraction as you try to open a door and reveal a startling truth.

Playing a little like a point and click adventure, but with a text-based interface, [I] Don't Exist sees you typing out instructions to your shadowy avatar as they explore a strange forest. The forest in question … Read More

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UNBEATABLE: Arcade Mix – Kickstarter Demo

UNBEATABLE is a very slick anime styled rhythm action adventure where you beat up monsters in a world where music is illegal.

In UNBEATABLE you follow the story of a young woman called Beat, who lives in a world where music has been outlawed (for reasons that you find out throughout the game). Beat is a musician who aims to bring music back to the … Read More

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Game & Watch – Prototype

Game & Watch features a remarkably authentic recreation of some of Nintendo's iconic Game & Watch games, which you can play in a browser.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer last year when it only contained the original Donkey Kong Game & Watch game, this digital Game & Watch fan recreation has now been expanded with Donkey Kong Jr and Donkey Kong II. Each … Read More

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Denari – Alpha Sign Up

Denari is a cartoon styled isometric hack 'n slash adventure where an agile little yellow warrior uses fighting skill and telekinesis to help defeat an invading empire.

In Denari players will follow the adventure of a gifted young warrior called Taiu, who lives in a peaceful fishing village. When a terrible army called the Denari invades the village using advanced weaponry and dark magic, Taiu … Read More

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Pupperazzi – Beta Sign Up

Pupperazzi is a delightful looking pooch photography adventure where you explore a charming canine-filled world and take pictures of adorable (and slightly derpy) doggies!

Currently in development by Sundae Month, creator of Diaries of a Spaceport Janitor and Dad Quest, Pupperazzi is a first person photography game that's all about snapping pictures of cute little dogs. You step into the shoes of a freelance … Read More

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Elyon – Beta Sign Up

Elyon is a spectacular looking new massively multiplayer fantasy RPG where two factions fight to build the world anew to their own design.

Currently in development by Bluehole (creators of TERA), Elyon takes place on a paradisiacal planet called Elyon where two very different factions have decided to rebuild their ruined civilizations. As a war wages between the old fashioned Vulpin Council and the … Read More

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Devil, It's Me – Beta Demo

Devil, It's Me is a fun twist on tower defense, where you build a tower and fill it with boss monsters to defend from waves of heroes who aim to conquer the tower and slay you.

In Devil, It's Me you follow the story of Magrandes, a demon who was just about to take control of the Netherworld when she was unceremoniously dropped into the … Read More

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Rise Against The Invaders – Beta Sign Up

Rise Against The Invaders is a city building survival game where you're tasked with rebuilding the human race after humanity was decimated by a hostile alien civilization.

In Rise Against The Invaders you are put in charge of a small colony of humans who managed to survive an alien attack that killed most of the people on the planet 20 years ago. You'll start the … Read More

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Demonstone – Game Jam Build Download

Demonstone is a fun five minute PS1 styled reverse horror action game where you become a monster and maul humans inside a research facility.

Created for the 32-bit Jam, in Demonstone you become a DOOM Imp-esque demon that has been tasked with fighting their way through a facility to break a seal that will unleash Hell on Earth. You start the game with a simple … Read More

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Twisted Citadel – Game Jam Build Download

Twisted Citadel is a cleverly crafted puzzle platforming adventure set in a castle of illusions and wrap-around levels where the screen only moves in one direction.

Created by Mors (creator of Super Mario Flashback), Darkonius Makavar, and Catonator, Twisted Citadel is a very inventive pixel art puzzle platformer set in a mysterious citadel that seems to be linked to the disappearance of all the … Read More

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Firing Vibes – Alpha Sign Up

Firing Vibes is a new online multiplayer FPS that blends rhythm, construction and verticality as players face off in minimalist Sci-Fi arenas.

In Firing Vibes your weapons are music-based lasers that fire in different patterns depending on the melody you choose. It's a 2v2 multiplayer arena FPS set in minimalist Sci-Fi arenas that have a focus on verticality. As well as your musically powered weaponry … Read More

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SJ-19 Learns to Love! – Beta Demo

SJ-19 Learns to Love! is a charming and challenging pixel art metroidvania adventure where a killer robot learns to love while out on a mission on a mysterious planet.

In SJ-19 Learns to Love! you follow the adventure of a killer robot called SJ-19, who has been sent on a mission to an alien planet to kill a rebel scientist called Professor Flora. The planet … Read More

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Perishment – Pre-Alpha Demo

Perishment is a creepy supernatural survival horror game where you attempt to escape from an apartment block where some very weird sh*t is going down.

In Perishment you follow the story of a young woman who lives in an apartment block and ventures out to check on her neighbor after hearing screaming and disturbing noises. You soon discover a dead body and a dying man, … Read More

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[ECHOSTASIS] – Beta Demo

[ECHOSTASIS] is a mesmerizing cyber-horror adventure where you venture into a corrupted program that's used to let its users live in their own personal digital paradise.

Currently in development by (creator of the excellent Enigma Machine), in [ECHOSTASIS] you take on the role of the lead engineer of the [ECHO] project – an immersive simulation system that allows its users to virtually live in … Read More

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Skydome – Beta Sign Up

Beta sign ups are now live for Skydome, a new fusion of MOBA and tower defense where you'll fight warriors, wizards, heroes, villains, gods and legends as you attempt to become the champion of the Skydome.

In Skydome players will face off in strategic 4×4 multiplayer battles as champions compete to win an artefact that is said to grant that which your heart and … Read More

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Punhos de Repúdio – Alpha Demo

Punhos de Repúdio is a beautiful hand animated satirical side-scrolling beat 'em up where you patrol the streets of Brazil and beat up any of the covidiots that are refusing to wear masks!

In Punhos de Repúdio you take on the role of a heroic citizen who has taken to the streets to beat up the idiots that are spreading lies and disease during a … Read More

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Outworlder – Beta Sign Up

Outworlder blends Terraria-esque 2D Sci-Fi survival sandbox gameplay with colony management elements as you attempt to build self-sustainable colonies on different planets.

You start Outworlder having crash-landed on an alien world in a far-flung galaxy. You need to scavenge resources and craft to survive as you build a colony on the alien planet. As you progress you'll research new technology, defend your colony from … Read More

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Rising Hell – Beta Demo

Rising Hell is a fast paced heavy gothic metal roguelite action platformer where you fight your way up a randomly generated tower in Hell.

In Rising Hell you are a damned soul who has been tasked by Mephisto the Trickster to climb a tower that imprisons Lucifer and defeat the four Archdemons that guard it. Sure, it'll probably free the dark lord and allow him … Read More

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Resident Evil Re:Verse – Open Beta (Playstation, Xbox & Steam)

Resident Evil Re:Verse is now in open Beta on Playstation, Xbox and PC, with players able to face off in deathmatches featuring iconic characters and locations from the long running Resident Evil franchise.

As mentioned during the closed Beta sign up in January, Resident Evil Re:Verse is a multiplayer only Resident Evil spin-off which pits players agaisnt each other in third person deathmatches. It features … Read More

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Myth of Empires – Beta Sign Up

Myth of Empires is an epic new multiplayer sandbox game where players will explore, build and fight in a cruel and brutal 3rd century land that's been raveage by the chaos of war.

Currently in development by Angela Game (creators of Iron Conflict) Myth of Empires is a massively multiplayer sandbox game set in the 3rd century on the Eastern Continent. In the game … Read More

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Of Love and Eternity – Alpha Demo

Of Love and Eternity is a beautiful and atmospheric third person horror adventure where a dead knight searches for his beloved in the depths of purgatory and tries to save her from eternal damnation.

In Of Love and Eternity you take on the role of a knight who has been murdered by his king. Not only that, the king also killed your lover and now … Read More

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Handdogg – Prototype Download

Handdogg is a tricky physics-based platformer where a dog with a stretchy grappling hand tongue attempts to swing its way to freedom.

In Handdogg you take control of the titular Handdogg – the result of a mad scientist's experimentation in fusing together a hand and a dog. While the results do look a little odd, it does mean that you can use your hand-tongue to … Read More

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Psycho Taxi – Game Jam Build Download

Psycho Taxi is a fun little homage to Sega's classic Crazy Taxi games, where you race a cute little clockwork taxi around a small town and get passengers to their destinations.

Created for the Brackeys Jam, Psycho Taxi is essentially an even more arcadey take on the Crazy Taxi franchise. In the game you get behind the wheel of a little clockwork taxi as it … Read More

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Hats Off – Game Jam Build Download

Hats Off is a charming little platforming adventure where you go out for a little walk and end up having a magical hat battle with a wizard!

Created for the Minimalist Game Jam, in Hats Off you find yourself out for a walk in the countryside where you stumble across a magical talking hat. You then take the hat and take it on a short … Read More

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Scrabdackle – Kickstarter Demo

Scrabdackle is a delightful doodle styled action RPG adventure where a wizard who's never left the wizard academy before sets out into a world that's been corrupted by dark magic.

Drawing inspiration from Link's Awakening, An Untitled Story, and Hollow Knight, Scrabdackle is a whimsical action RPG adventure set in a once harmonious land that's been corrupted by dark magic. There's a good … Read More

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Attack of the Jam Filled Baby – Game Jam Build Download

Attack of the Jam Filled Baby is a very silly RPG Maker Horror game with lots of weird ways to die as you babysit your baby nephew.

Created for the Build Your Own Game Jam, Attack of the Jam Filled Baby is a short and surprising little horror game about jam, monsters and babies. In the game you take on the role of a young … Read More

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Red Alert 2 is Now Playable in your Web Browser

Out of no where, someone just ported the Red Alert 2 game into a web version and it is now playable in any modern web browser (Google Chrome, FireFox, Edge, etc) and even work on mobile browser as well. In addition, it also included a multiplayer game where you can play with your friends or other players online. While it is obviously not from EA or Westwood Entertainment, the amount of work to make this possible is astonishing. Thumbs up to whoever made this port.

On the other hand, some feature of the game is not available like the Skirmish mode or Campaign mode. The only mode that you can play is the Custom Match in which you can play with the other players. You also need to create an account for you to play it.

How to Play Red Alert 2 web version

To play the game, just head to It will automatically load the game at few seconds and lead you right to the main menu screen.

Clicking the Custom Match will allow you to create your own account. You need this access every time you play the game.

After that, you can select any available game from other players or create your own game.

Once you've successfully connected into a match it will load the game and you're good to go.

You can now build your empire and defeat the other players. For caution, some random player may quit suddenly on the middle of the game and may ruin your gameplay. To have a better experience, this game is best played with your friends.

According from the website of ChronoDivide, the game is a fan-made project which aims to recreate the original Red Alert 2 using a web technologies. In result, it will be playable in most web browser without installing any app into your computer.


Some advanced troops and tanks like Rocketeer, Tanya, Spy, Yuri, Crazy Ivan, Flak Trooper, Flak Tank, Kirov, Fighter Jet, V3 Rocket and Terror Drone is not available in the game. As well as building structure like Cloning Vats, Pysycho Sensor and other more. Based from their website, the game are still in work-in-progress and the developer may add these feature on the coming updates.

Recommended Specs

They also added a minimum/recommended specs of the game listed from their website.

  • CPU: Intel Atom Z3700+ @1.33GHz (Intel Core i5 recommended)
  • OS: 64-bit operating system (and web browser)
  • Memory: 4GB (8GB recommended)
  • GPU: Discrete graphics card (NVIDIA GTX800 or later series recommended)
  • Display resolution: 1024×768 minimum
  • Web browser: Latest Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Edge (Firefox NOT recommended for best performance / framerate)

DITO Sim Card is now Available in Lazada and expands to more Cities

DITO Sim is now available through Lazada with free shipping. They also expand their coverage to more cities including General Santos City, Tarlac, Laguna, Cavite, Batangas, Nueva Ecija and Bulacan. Though their listing on Lazada is specified by phone brand, you can still use it on any phone as long it supports 4G or 5G. The sim card will only not work to those 3G / 2G phone like those with keypads. You can also check our DITO Sim Review for more details.

New Promo

During the initial launched of DITO in Davao and Cebu, they offer unlimited data and DITO-DITO unlimited call/txt for 30 days for just PHP 199.

Today, they offer a new promo which is for PHP 199 and you can get the following:

  • No speed limit 25GB Internet
  • Unlimited text to all network
  • FREE 300 minutes calls to other networks
  • Unlimited calls to DITO networks
  • 30days

Given it is a high speed internet and a month of usage, this is actually a good deal compare to the promo of other network.

New Covered Areas

DITO expanded their coverage to more 18 more cities in different provinces:

  • Bulacan: Baliuag
  • Nueva Ecija: Palayan City, Science City of Munoz, Talavera and Cabanatuan
  • Batangas: Malvar, Santo Tomas, Lipa City and Tanuan City
  • Cavite: Tagaytay City and Silang
  • Laguna: Los Banos and Calamba City
  • Tarlac: Capas, Tarlac City, Conception and Gerona
  • Cebu: Carcar, Cebu City, Compostela, Consolacion, Cordova, Danao, Liloan, Mandaue, Minglanilla, Naga, San Fernando and Talisay
  • Davao: Panabo, Tagum, Carmen, Davao City and Digos
  • South Cotabato: General Santos City

Available to Lazada

The sim card is now available on Lazada but the shipping is only available for the mentioned coverage areas only.

You can purchase the DITO sim card from here:

Resident Evil Infinite Darkness is set to Premiere on Netflix in July 2021

The upcoming CG animated series, Resident Evil Infinite Darkness is set to release on Netflix in July 2021. This is after they reveal a new character trailer for the series on Netflix's YouTube channel. The new video unveils tiny details of the story including a prologue of Leon and Claire working at the White House right before the zombie apocalypse.

The Resident Evil Infinite Darkness is based from the Resident Evil 2 Remake characters, it intertwines horror, action and suspense visual effect that you usually seen on most cut scenes in the game. Though the game and the series has a little twist on the character's story, it is good to see this series begins at the prologue and who knows this twist might just one of the secrets of these character in the whole franchise of Resident Evil.

In the trailer, we seen the previous job of the two main characters at the White House. As well as a vision of a little boy who draws a depiction of a post zombie apocalypse. In the last seconds of the clip, we also seen Leon leading the US Secret service protecting the President.

Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness releases worldwide in July 2021, only on Netflix.

How to Fix SU-101193-5 Error on PS5

When you try to update your PS5, for unexpected reason, an error will appear at the top corner of your PS5 screen saying SU-101193-5. When you try to find a solution on the internet, the official website of PlayStation suggest you three things: restart your system, update system, and the hardest part via USB device.

Table of Contents

  1. Delete Corrupted Update
  2. Re-update your PS5 from console
  3. Update from USB using Safe Mode
    1. Reformat USB to FAT32
    2. Download PS5 Update File
    3. Safe Mode

In this guide, we will help you fix this error on your PS5 system and let's see if this solves the problem.

Delete Corrupted Update

The first aid we need to do is to delete the corrupted updates from our PS5. This way, we are able to make sure to install fresh copy of the new update.

To delete the update, just press the PS button at the center of your PS5 controller.

Find and go to the Download icon.

An error message will appear, select the available option.

There will be an option to delete the update.

After deleting the update, make sure to Restart your PS5.

Re-update your PS5 from console

Since we no longer have those corrupted updates, we can now re-update our PS5 system with a fresh copy.

To update your PS5, just go to Settings > System > System Software > System Software Update.

Then select the Update System Software.

This will update your PS5 to the latest version that are currently available for your console. For most users, this should fixed the problem.

Update from USB using Safe Mode

If above solution doesn't work, your last resort is to update your PS5 through a USB and in Safe Mode. However, you need a Windows computer to copy these file as you need to reformat the USB in FAT32 file system.

Reformat USB to FAT32

To update your PS5 using USB, first, you need to reformat the USB into FAT32. You can do this by plugging the USB into your computer.

Then open This PC from your desktop, then at the drive list, right-click the USB drive, then click Format...

After that, select the File System as FAT32. Then click Start.

Once done, open the USB drive and create a folder named PS5. (Make sure its all uppercase)

Then inside the PS5 folder, create another folder named UPDATE. (Make sure its all uppercase)

Let's stop from this point as we need to download first the update file.

Download PS5 Update File

You then need to download the PS5 update from PlayStation official website:

Just browse down and find Download an update file for a PS5 console, then there should be a button for PS5 update file. Click it to download.

After downloading the PS5UPDATE.PUP, you need to copy your USB drive at the folder you just created at PS5 > UPDATE.

Our USB is now ready to re-update your PS5.

Safe Mode

Make sure your PS5 system is turn off, then plug the USB to your PS5 system (Any USB slot will do).

To enter Safe Mode, press and hold the power button and release it after you hear the second beep. (Example: Beep, after few seconds, Beep, then release holding the power button).

Your PS5 will enter into the Safe Mode, go to the option 3: Update System Software.

Then select Update from USB Storage Device then OK.

Wait until your PS5 completes its update and check if this fixed the error.

If the problem still exist, your super last resort is to Reinstall the PS5, just repeat the whole step and instead of update file, download PS5 reinstallation file (The same file name and folder) and at the Safe mode, select option 7: Reinstall System Software.

How to Download and Update DITO App

During the initial launch of DITO, you cannot find the app at the Google Play Store or in Apple App Store. The only way to download and install it was via an APK. But now, they finally released the official app and it is now available directly to your android phone without installing an APKs. However, app for IOS are still not available.

Update as of 04/18/2021 – DITO app is now available at the Google Play Store.

Since there is no app for iPhone devices, managing your sim card like topping load is impossible unless you asked someone with android phone. For those who wants to install the DITO using APK, we also preserved our previous instruction and link to their app via their official website below. The latest version of the DITO app is currently at version

Google Play Store

DITO finally releases their app in Google Play and you can now install it directly to your phone without installing the APK.

You just have to visit their official Google Play Store page at

Allow install unknown App

But before anything else, since we are installing the app via APK, we have to allow install from other sources on your android device.

Depending on your Android devices, you need to enable the install from Unknown Sources from your Device settings. This is different from every device, if you didn't find this settings, simply click the APK installer later on our guide and see further instruction.

To allow APK install to your device:

  1. Go to Settings > Security.
  2. From here, check the option Unknown Sources.
  3. Click OK then you're good to go.

Download the DITO APP

DITO provided a link for their subscribers to download their app. This link was sent via text message after you activated your DITO sim. In case you lost those message, in this guide, we have added all of the link where you can download the app officially from their website.

You can download the DITO App (APK) below:

Be careful: Do not try to type the short link to your browser, there are some instances that users type these link manually and end up downloading a malicious file from Google Drive. Make sure that all letters are correctly capitalize and you're redirected to the official website and not from other sources.

How to update DITO App

If there is new update on DITO App, the app will prompt you to update your app to the latest version. However, when you try to update it, the app will redirects you to their IP address website and it returns an error saying "Your connection is not private". This happens because the link they send is an IP Address and basically IP address cannot have an SSL certificate.

To download it, just click Advanced, and click Proceed anyway.

From there, click the Download button.

Or simply, download their updated APK from the link below:

That's it guys! Hope this simple guide helps you download your DITO app for the first time.

The House of the Dead Remake's first Gameplay Trailer Revealed

The 1997 arcade game The House of the Dead is having a remake and its first gameplay trailer is out on YouTube. The developer of the game, Forever Entertainment, announced today their upcoming game The House of the Dead Remake for Nintendo Switch.

House of the Dead was originally released by SEGA for arcade games in 1996 and it was dubbed as one of the hit light shooter game in the 90's sending players into a world of zombies and rescuing surviving civilians. Player will be playing as Agent Thomas Rogan or his partner G to uncover the deadly creation of Doctor Curien.

See the gameplay trailer below.

Based from the gameplay trailer above, it is indeed a remake with its new environment, 3d characters and cinematics while sticking on its classic formula. Forever Entertainment also added "a whole new entourage and gameplay changes to suit modern gaming standards".

Though there are no information yet if this game will be available for PC or other console, but the House of the Dead: Remake will be arriving on Nintendo Switch this year.

A live action Gundam Movie is coming to Netflix

Two years ago, Legendary Entertainment and Japan's Sunrise announced a collaboration for a new live-action adaptation based from the anime series, the Gundam. Since that announcement, we haven't heard any news. Not until this time, the official Twitter account of Netflix made an announcement regarding a Gundam movie.

According to their tweet, a new live-action movie of Gundam will be available at their streaming platform and the director is none other than Jordan Vogt-Roberts, known for the film Kong: Skull Island. With that, we might expect a high quality live action with its director pioneering in a titan movies, but still we don't know how it will turn out.

Netflix didn't add any details regarding the casts or what specific Gundam franchise they will adapt as there are tons of Gundam series and films – like the original series Mobile Suit Gundam that was released in 1979 and featured the iconic RX-78-2 Gundam that we seen as cameo in the movie Ready Player One.

For us, we are hoping for the super hit' Mobile Fighter G Gundam which has similar robotic controls to Legendary's film Pacific Rim and loved by most 90's kid. If they can only hear us, that would be epic. But for now, let's just wait and see.

This is not the first time Netflix did a live-action adaption. In fact, they also announced for an upcoming Cowboy Bebop starring John Cho in which it could arrived early this year.

All Chapters Campaign Guide in Element TD 2 (Hard Mode)

Element TD 2 has been one of the best tower defense game in the history of the mod community dating back from the original mod in star craft, flash game, Dota and many more. With this brand new game releases on Steam, Element TD 2 became a hit for those who remember it, as well as to new blood who wants to try the game. In this guide, we will help you complete all of the campaign chapters in Element TD 2 and it is set to the maximum difficulty Hard Mode.

If you follow our previous post on this site, we created several guide for each chapter on the game. To make everything organize, we decided to make a short list for all strategy and best towers that you can use to defeat all of the missions in each chapters. The mode Hard mode will allow you to obtain the highest star rating of 4 when you complete each mission. You may also check our separate guide for list of towers.

Table of Contents

  1. Chapter 1
    1. Fear the Cows (M1)
    2. Elemental Cycle (M2)
    3. The Burning Darkness (M3)
    4. From the Lava (M4)
    5. Healing Tides (M5)
    6. Paradise Lost (M6)

Before anything else, make sure to start the game at either normal speed or 2x speed. Setting the speed higher than this will be difficult for you to upgrade and build towers during the ongoing wave. However, feel free to speed it up if there is you think you're safe with the current wave.

Chapter 1

When you complete the chapter 1, you will learn the basic advantages of each tower in Elements TD 2 as well as how you upgrade them to get more damage without building the same towers over again. As you progress in this chapter, the more you solve more mission, the easier for you to get familiarize of them and move on to the next mission.

M1 – Fear the Cows

Completing this mission in the normal mode is easy peas, but when you change its difficulty to hard mode. It suddenly become harder as there are more cows spawning and all of them are just fast enough to reach the other portal. For you to complete this mission, you need a tower that has the fastest attack speed and that is the Nature Tower.

So basically, the loadouts you need to for this mission are the following:

  • Nature Tower with Hyper Burst
  • Optional: Income Bonus
Wave / Details Screenshot

In the first mission "Fear the Cows", you'll start with 200 Gold in which you can only build up to two towers. For that we have to put an Arrow towers on the strategic location. One at the right top corner (Left slot), then the other one is just right at the center.
Wave 1
In the first wave, make sure not to spent any gold. You need to collect gold for this round for you to upgrade our first tower to an Nature tower.
Wave 2

Wait until you collect 100 Gold for you to upgrade the Arrow Tower at the top into Nature Tower, this will allow us to penetrate fast moving creeps since this tower has the fastest attack speed.
Wave 3

Build another Arrow tower at cross corner between our two towers.
Wave 4

After that, upgrade all of them to Nature Towers.
Wave 5 to 10

In this part, you can now put the remaining Nature Towers filling the corners.

M2 -Elemental Cycle

The first time you encounter the Elemental Cycle, enemy creeps tends to get faster as the wave increases. But the fastest Nature Tower can do the trick the counter those enemies.

Then, the following are the loadout that you need to get:

  • Nature Tower (Level 2)
  • Water Tower
  • Optional: Income Bonus
Wave / Details Screenshot

For this map, we have to put a tower that has higher attack speed and elements against our creeps. One candidate for those are the Nature Tree, we then place it on the top corner of the map for strategic attack for both the entrance and exit. For the remaining gold, just add an Arrow tower reserved for our Water tower.
Wave 1

During the first wave, you need to immediately upgrade the Arrow tower at the center into Water Tower when enough gold is available. After that place an Arrow tower beside our Nature tower at the top.
Wave 2 to 5

For this wave, do the same thing, place an Arrow Tower first then upgrade them to Water Tower and Nature Tower. You can place them either on the top or the center.
Wave 6

You then need to wait for 500 gold for you to upgrade our Nature tower at the top to Level 2 ( Nature Tower 2).
Wave 7 to 10

For the remaining wave, feel free to spam any Water Tower, Nature Tower or Arrow Tower as you collect more gold.

M3 – The Burning Darkness

There will be two directions the creeps will spawn from the upper wave, placing Light and Water tower are effective for these two elemental creeps.

Loudout's needed to complete this mission:

  • Water Tower
  • Light Tower (Level 2)
  • Optional: Income Bonus
Wave / Details Screenshot

To make effective damage against the Fire creeps, you need to build a Water Tower at the center portion of the map. For the remaining gold, build an Arrow Tower top of it.
Wave 1

As you collect gold during Wave 1, you need to upgrade the arrow tower into Light Tower.
Wave 2

When you obtained a total of 75 gold, you need to immediately build an Arrow tower next to our Water tower, after collecting for another 100 gold, upgrade it to Water tower immediately.
Wave 3

Same as Wave 2, you need to collect for another 75 Gold to build the initial Arrow Tower above the previously build tower then upgrade it immediately to Light Tower at the end of the round.
Wave 4

Do the same thing for Wave 4, build a Light Tower for this round to counter the darkness creeps.
Wave 5

Complete our 6 towers by building Water Tower at the bottom. This will give us a balance damage for all Darkness and Fire creeps.
Wave 6 to 7

For this two wave, you need to collect a 500 gold for you to upgrade the Light Tower at the center into level 2 ( Light Tower 2). This is crucial to eliminate faster creeps.
Wave 8 to 10

From here, you just need to fortify everything, build new Light Tower or Water Tower as soon as you collect enough gold and you'll be good defeating all creeps by the end of the wave.

M4 – From the Lava

One of the mission that you can place several defenses, but the trick is in the upper wave, new portal will emerge and it destroy your fortification in seconds. So adding your defenses at the 2nd and last line of defense is ideal for this round.

Then you need to following loadouts:

  • Earth Tower
    • Howitzer Tower
  • Water Tower
  • Darkness Tower
  • Optional: Income Bonus
Wave / Details Screenshot

For the initial wave, we just need to setup the suggested Earth Tower on the first line of defense. Make sure you strategically place them to cover each corner on the top, giving your tower more firepower.
Wave 1

During wave 1, you need to build Arrow Towers as a placeholder for our next upgrade.
Wave 2

By this time, we need to build a Howitzer Tower as our 2nd line of defense. Some remaining gold can be use to build the last line defense of Arrow Towers (We can update it later).
Wave 3

From here, upgrade our Arrow towers to Earth Tower and build two more Arrow towers on the last defense.
Wave 4 to 7

During this wave, we have to setup Water Towers on the last line of defense eliminating the creeps coming out from the 2nd row.
Wave 8 to 10

Fortify everything until you survive all of the waves like upgrading more Howitzer or adding more Earth Tower or Arrow Towers.

M5 – Healing Tides

With minimal towers, you just need seven towers to defeat this round, but make sure you build these towers as you earn gold to make sure there is no surviving creeps passing your defenses. If thus, feel free to restart.

For Healing Tides, the following are the loadouts needed for this round:

  • Darkness Tower
    • Poison Tower
    • Disease Tower
  • Water Tower
  • Nature Tower (Level 2)
  • Optional: Income Bonus
Wave / Details Screenshot

For our initial build, we just need to place a Darkness Tower at the center island, make sure it is on the top so that we can make damage to the entrance portal.
Wave 1

Once you collected enough gold, we can build another Darkness Tower at the bottom. This will serve as our second line of defense.
Wave 2 to 4

Collect more gold to upgrade our Darkness tower at the bottom to Disease Tower and Poison Tower. The poison tower is good for crowd control eliminating those fast moving creeps.
Wave 5 to 6

Add more Poison Tower so we can make more damage to the creeps as the move towards our end portal.
Wave 7 to 10

Lastly, we have to fortify our defense by adding an upgraded Nature Tower 2 at the bottom of our Darkness Tower. This is important to eliminate new waves of enemies at the bottom.

M6 – Paradise Lost

This mission is probably the toughest one, but it can easily solve by using Mushroom towers that are so effective for high health creeps. You also don't need to have a lot of towers, just few of them can do a lot of damage.

Here are the loudout's needed for this mission:

  • Nature Tower (Level 2)
    • Mushroom Tower (Level 2)
  • Earth Tower (Level 2)
  • Optional: Income Bonus
Wave / Details Screenshot

Strategically, this spot is the highest damage possible you can place your tower. Just add two Nature Tower at the bottom center of our map.
Wave 1 to 3

As you collecting more gold, you need to immediately upgrade these tower to Mushroom towers. This tower can make a lot of damage to mini-bosses.
Wave 4

During wave 4, you have enough gold to upgrade our Mushroom tower to Mushroom Tower 2 that cost around 800 gold.
Wave 5

To make no surviving creeps can pass the defense, add more Mushroom Tower at the bottom.
Wave 6 to 7

From here, you can upgrade the other mushroom tower at the center to Mushroom Tower 2.
Wave 8 to 10

Lastly, fortify the defense by adding more Mushroom tower at the last line of defense. Upgrade if you can.

That's it for now guys, we will add more chapters on this guide as we uncover the game. Check our other guide for Element TD 2 on our site. If you have suggestion or problems, please let us know in the comment section.

Ragnarok M Eternal Love Cosplay Concerto Event will Showcase Adventurers Talent

The first-ever Zoom Ragnarok Mobile cosplay event will be held in The Philippines

Fresh off the launch of its massive RO 2.0 content update, mobile RPG Ragnarok M: Eternal Love (RO:M) is continuing its march into 2021 with the announcement of the Eternal Love Cosplay Concerto, taking place on 1 May, 2021. Hosted in The Philippines, this grand showcase will let fans and cosplayers of the beloved Ragnarok world dazzle with their exquisite costumes. The best amongst them will be chosen by an all-star panel of judges to win more than USD5,000 in cash prizes.

The first stop of this RO:M cosplay event is open exclusively to participants residing in The Philippines. Cosplayers of all stripes are invited to join the event dressed in their finest RO:M outfit, and shortlisted contestants will get their chance to showcase their talent in the Zoom finals to the RO:M community and be rewarded for their efforts. This exciting event will be live-streamed so you can cheer on your favourite cosplayers too. 

Judging the contestants in this cosplay extravaganza is a triple-A panel that includes actor Alden Richards, comedian Pio Balbuena, famed cosplayer Myrtle Sarrosa, and actress Aj Raval. This all-star cast will grade the contestants on their costume craftsmanship, accuracy to RO:M lore, and ability to shine in the spotlight, ranking them all the way to the USD2,000 grand prize winner.

There will also be a special Popularity prize which will be based on public votes from the community, as well as a lucky draw segment. If you're a cosplayer and/or Ragnarok M: Eternal Love adventurer, this is your greatest opportunity to showcase your talents and win magnificent cash prizes. Simply post a public photo or video entry (max 1 minute) onto your Facebook, hashtag #ROConcerto, include the introduction and reference image of who you will be cosplaying as, and complete the registration form here: before 26 April 2021.

Event Mechanics Timeline (2021)
Entry Submission
(Public FB posting + hashtag #ROConcerto + complete registration form)
5 Apr – 26 Apr
Shortlisted Contestants Announcement
(Only shortlisted contestants will be eligible for the special Popularity prize )
29 Apr
Digital Finals
(All contestants are invited to attend in full costume via Zoom)
1 May

Water Festival Event is back in Black Desert SEA

Pearl Abyss had announced today that the previous Water Festival event is back again in the MMORPG game Black Desert SEA. Players can now explore various water-soaked event and able to earn rewards.

One of that event is the Elli's Water Festival. From April 7 to 21, 2021, players who can complete the Water festival quest can obtain Contribution EXP and rewards like Soaked Timber Squares.

The Soaked Timber Squares can be exchanged for a special matchlock where players can use to shoot the water balloon.

On the other hand, Water Balloon is a special feature that will appear at the Terrmian Beach during the event. Players who pops these balloon at least once will able to earn rewards like the following:

  • Caphras STones
  • Traces of a Festival

Players can use the Traces of a Festival to increase luck, health and exp, it can also be obtained from hunting, gathering, fishing or logging in for 1 hour.

There is also new quest that players can participate from Anya and Haro at the Terrmian Beach which players will able to get additional contribution EXP as well as a special decorations. Players will also get an additional rewards (Enhancement Help Kit 1) from Anya when players login at least once during the event.

Other than that, here are the following event that will happen this week:

  • Dark Rift event will change its Box of the Dead reward to an event version (more valuable item)
  • Vessels of Inquisition has been discovered in one of the most favored hunting ground (Star's End), hitting these vessel will spawn forth Kzarka's apostles.