Insurgency: Sandstorm – Beta Sign Up (Playstation & Xbox)

The highly acclaimed team-based tactical FPS Insurgency: Sandstorm is coming to consoles and you can sign up for the Beta right now!

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer back in 2018 Insurgency: Sandstorm is an objective-orientated tactical FPS with intense close quarters conflicts in war-torn environments. It was released on PC a couple of years ago, but now it's bringing its brutal fast paced FPS … Read More

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The Dream of Yourself – Alpha Download

The Dream of Yourself is an delightfully disgusting and extremely weird exploration game where you wriggle your way through intestines towards a temple full of eyeballs.

The Dream of Yourself is currently being created as a "spiritual exploration of your subconsciousness", but it's arguable that if your subconsciousness looks like this in any way you should probably seek professional help. The whole thing is a … Read More

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Blind Fate: Edo no Yami – Beta Demo

Blind Fate: Edo no Yami is a stylish melee combat focused side-scrolling action adventure where a blind cyber-samurai uses outdated simulations to navigate the real world and fight cyber-Yokai.

In Blind Fate: Edo no Yami your character is totally blind and can only "see" the world around him via the digital simulation that's relayed to his brain by a computer. However, these simulations are essentially … Read More

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Company of Heroes 3 – Open Pre-Alpha

You can now download and play the pre-Alpha for Company of Heroes 3, a long awaited third installment of the popular World War II RTS series, this time taking place in the Mediterranean.

It's been eight years since the Company of Heroes 2 was released so understandably Company of Heroes 3 looks set to be a dramatic upgrade over its predecessor. It features gorgeous … Read More

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Project Altheia – Beta Sign Up

Project Altheia is a narrative-driven third person action adventure that promises fast paced combat as you battle your way through its beautiful fantasy world.

There is very little info available about Project Altheia at the moment other than the statement that it's a "story driven, action adventure that combines exploration, fast paced combat and mysterious dungeons". Aside from that it appears that you're a female … Read More

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Driftmaster – Beta Sign Up

Driftmaster is a drifting-focused top-down arcade racing game where you drift your way through scenic racetracks and gymkhana events throughout Canada.

In Driftmaster you set out across the picturesque countrysides of Canada, with an aim of becoming a true Driftmaster. As you race through each track you earn points and multipliers by drifting through designated drift zones at corners.

Driftmaster features a selection of different … Read More

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The Machines Arena – Alpha Sign Up

The Machines Arena is a PvP top-down hero shooter where heavily armed robots and humans face off in fast paced carnage-filled battles.

In The Machines Arena you'll be able to do battle in action-packed 4v4 online multiplayer matches that last around 5 to 7 minutes. There's a selection of unique combatants to choose from, each with their own personality, skills and distinct play styles. It … Read More

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Xenonauts 2 – Beta Sign Up

Xenonauts 2 is an X-Com-esque Sci-Fi strategy game that puts you in charge of a multinational organisation that's tasked with defending Earth from alien invasions.

The Xenonauts game was released in 2014 and did a great job of updating the classic original X-Com games for the modern era. In fact it felt more faithful to the classic X-Com games than the new Firaxis games … Read More

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Destroyer: The U-Boat Hunter – Beta Sign Up

Destroyer: The U-Boat Hunter is a narrative-driven anti-submarine warfare simulation game where you command a Fletcher-class destroyer in a battle for the Atlantic during WWII.

Currently in development by Iron Wolf Studio S.A. (Creators of 911 Operator and U-BOOT The Board Game) Destroyer: The U-Boat Hunter is a tense narrative driven WWII simulation game that pits your destroyer against an invisible enemy – Nazi … Read More

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Black Lotus Motel – Beta Sign Up

Black Lotus Motel is a cooperative escape simulation game where you and a friend work together to solve the mystery of a strange desert hotel you're locked up in.

Playable in online co-op multiplayer, Black Lotus Motel sees you and a friend searching for clues and solving puzzles as you attempt to escape from a mysterious hotel before it's flooded with a tide of toxic … Read More

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Turgor Pressure – Game Jam Build Download

Turgor Pressure is a surreal and atmospheric six-degrees-of-freedom horror adventure where you pilot an ROV down through into a mysterious abandoned underwater facility.

Created for the HPS1 Summer of Shivers game jam, Turgor Pressure is a short and strange subsea horror adventure that draws inspiration from Modus Interactive's Frontier Diver. In the game you pilot an ROV down through a mysterious abandoned underwater research … Read More

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KEO – Beta Sign Up

KEO is a multiplayer vehicular combat game where humans battle for resources in an intense combat sport that uses highly customizable high-tech remote control vehicles.

The multiplayer vehicular combat of KEO takes place in the year 2120, where 66 years ago an apocalyptic event left the world in ruins. Combatants now use remote controlled vehicles that were scavenged from what remains of the old world … Read More

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FRIGID – Beta Sign Up

FRIGID is a frostbitten first person survival game with horror elements that draws inspiration from The Thing after a cataclysmic event sees you fighting for your life in the Canadian Arctic.

In FRIGID you'll need to explore, scavenge and craft useful equipment as you try to fend off cold and hunger in a subzero Arctic environment. However, cold and hunger aren't your only concerns – … Read More

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Lumione – Beta Demo

Lumione is a beautiful Celeste-esque precision platforming adventure that follows a deep-sea fairy as they try to restore the Light of Hope to the seabed.

In Lumione you take control of a deep-sea fairy called Glimmer who sets out on an adventure to restore light to the seabed. It's an uplifting story that revolves around chasing dreams and having hope as you face the … Read More

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Detained: Too Good for School – Kickstarter Demo

Detained: Too Good for School is an Anime styled narrative-driven beat 'em up that follows the story of two schoolgirls who are framed for a crime they didn't commit and set out to find the culprit.

In Detained: Too Good for School you take control of a rebellious schoolgirl who is framed for dealing drugs out of the blue. It soon becomes apparent that another … Read More

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Siren: Rex Maria – Student Game Download

Siren: Rex Maria is a tense and atmospheric subsea horror adventure where you explore a shipwreck while being stalked by a mysterious mermaid-esque cryptid.

Created by students at ETPA in France, Siren: Rex Maria is a beautifully crafted first person horror adventure where a diver explores a shipwreck and investigates the cause of its sinking. As they explore the shipwreck they soon discover that they're … Read More

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Rewinder – Student Game Download

Rewinder is a Sci-Fi first person parkour platformer where you use an ability to rewind time as you race through visually stunning abstract worlds.

Created by students at ETPA, Rewinder is an incredibly stylish parkour platformer with a clever time-rewinding mechanic. In each level your aim is to collect the keys to open a gate then make your way to the gate. Collecting the keys … Read More

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The Invincible – Alpha Sign Up

The Invincible is an incredible looking first person retro-futuristic atompunk Sci-Fi thriller where you find yourself stranded on a hostile alien planet after an interstellar scientific expedition goes wrong.

In The Invincible you'll take on the role of a lone scientist who has been stranded on a hostile alien planet after things went bad on a scientific expedition. You now have to use your brains … Read More

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Spiritway to the Lighthouse – Student Game Download

Spiritway to the Lighthouse is a beautiful narrative-driven first person seafaring adventure where a lonely old seadog sails stormy seas and chases ghost ships as he embarks on one final journey.

Created by a group of students at CNAM-ENJMIN, Spiritway to the Lighthouse follows the journey of an old fisherman who sets out on one last journey into the Celtic Sea. He's searching for a … Read More

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Last Soul – Beta Sign Up

Last Soul is a Sci-Fi action platformer where a cute little robot sets out to save the human race after an AI cyber-being took control of humanity's destiny.

Taking place after a great AI war, Last Soul sees humanity now living in a state of being where every human need is fulfilled by an all-powerful AI overlord. While this may sound nice, it also means … Read More

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PRODUCER (2021) – Alpha Demo

PRODUCER (2021) is a weird and witty visual novel adventure that follows the story of a deadbeat wastrel who somehow manages to land a high-flying city job as a producer.

Currently in development by Stuffed Wombat (creator of qomp and Everything Else and Thor HighHeels (composer on Umurangi Generation), PRODUCER (2021) is a wonderfully absurd visual novel adventure where you try to wing it … Read More

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Whip and Boot – Game Jam Build Download

Whip and Boot is a fun little Indiana Jones inspired PS1 styled first person action platforming adventure where you use your whip and a few well-timed kicks to fight your way through a dangerous tomb.

Created for the Weekly Game Jam, Whip and Boot is a fun little retro styled romp set in a tomb filled with traps and fascist soldiers. Your aim is to … Read More

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Incarnation – Prototype Download

Incarnation is a mouse-controlled reverse roguelite, where you start with a fully powered up divine entity and have to choose which abilities to sacrifice until you are completely transformed into a mortal human.

In Incarnation you are an angel who aims to descend down through the heavens and achieve mortality. You start as an invincible being who can fly and eviscerate enemies with a single … Read More

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Project G – Alpha Sign Up

Project G is a top-down co-op roguelike dungeon crawler set in a dark fantasy world that's plagued with primeval terrors.

Currently in development by ex-Riot developers Windwalk Games (Creators of Enemy on Board), Project G is a co-op focused action game where you'll fight your way through differently themed regions of a world that's plagued by an ancient evil. It's still early in development … Read More

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Patron – Beta Sign Up

Patron is a survival city builder with a focus on social dynamics, where managing social tensions is just as important as managing resources as you attempt to turn your small town into a thriving city.

In Patron you'll be able to collect resources, construct useful buildings and research tech upgrades as in most city building games, but the politics of running your city will be … Read More

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Severed Steel – Beta Sign Up

You can now sign up to Beta test Severed Steel, a carnage filled FPS where you get into balletic slow-mo gun-fights in destructible voxel-based environments.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer back in May, Severed Steel feels like a blend of Max Payne, Hotline Miami and Vanquish, but in first person and with fully destructible environments. In the game you take control … Read More

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Terrain of Magical Expertise (TOME) – Beta Sign Up

Terrain of Magical Expertise (TOME) is a charming Saturday morning cartoon styled turn-based RPG adventure where a White-Hat Hacker battles cheaters who are attempting to win the "Campaign of Champions" competition.

Terrain of Magical Expertise is a single-player turn-based action RPG adventure that takes place within a fictional MMORPG called TOME. The organisers of TOME are hosting a special event called the "Campaign of Champions", … Read More

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Eden Falling – Alpha Sign Up

Eden Falling is a turn-based Sci-Fi survival RPG set in the hostile wastelands of an Earth that's been decimated by mysterious spore-carrying meteors and freaky feral mutants.

In Eden Falling you'll take on the role of a survivor who must navigate the wasteland and the politics of a savage new Earth. The world is in ruins after meteors carrying alien spores collided with the world. … Read More

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Warp Soldier – Alpha Demo

Warp Soldier is a stylish pixel art metroidvania with a focus on mobility and combo-based combat as you fight your way through it's large monochrome world.

In Warp Soldier you control a little soldier as he makes his way through a monster-filled monochrome world. You can walk and jump as in any traditional platformer, but you also have access to a sword and kick attacks … Read More

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NVIDIA Canvas – Beta Download

NVIDIA Canvas isn't a game but it is a remarkable experience nonetheless, with it using your RTX GPU powered machine learning to turn your crude sketches into photorealistic masterpieces.

Running on all NVIDIA RTX graphics cards, NVIDIA Canvas is a painting program that turns your crude child-like sketches into photorealistic landscapes. At present it only works on landscapes (so no portraits) but there are ten … Read More

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MapleStory provides a preview for the upcoming Neo: Light's Wrath update for July 21

Good news for MapleStory fans, you'll be able to hang out with Seren some more in the upcoming Neo: Light's Wrath update scheduled for July 21st. Somewhat worse news, however, is the fact that Seren is showing up as a boss, so your former ally is going to want to pound your face in. That's […]

World of Warships brings Dutch cruisers to early access in its recent update

Players of World of Warships now have the opportunity to experience some new Dutch hardware with Update 0.10.6, which introduces a series of fresh Dutch cruisers to early access. This variety of ships is described as hard-hitting, heavily armored, maneuverable, but with a shorter range. This new line of ships runs between tiers IV through […]

Realm of the Mad God's biggest patch of the year lands August 17

It's been a while since we poked our head into Realm of the Mad God – the top of the year, in fact. Back in January, in the wake of its 2020 Exalt remaster, Deca Games and Wild Shadow Studios laid out a bold roadmap for the game, which readers will recall is unique in […]

Discord scoops up harassment-detection AI startup Sentropy

Happy Thursday: Here's your weekly argument over toxicity, moderation, and AI, courtesy of Discord, which has apparently purchased a company you've probably heard of once and then immediately forgot. It's a security company that was launched publicly last year thanks to funding from everything from Twitch and Riot Games to Twitter and Reddit founders. Its […]

Champions Online kicks off a limited-time event that grants goodies for hitting max level

How quickly do you think you can hit the level cap in Champions Online? Do you think you can do it in a couple of weeks? Because if you can, you'll be getting an opportunity at a variety of cosmetic rewards from Defender in the game's latest limited-time event. Players who create a new character […]

Netflix hires a new vice president of game development for its game division

In case you had forgotten, Netflix wants to get into the video game industry in some capacity, because being successful in one area of online commerce will naturally translate to other areas of online commerce. What's that you're saying about some river in South America? Hush up. Anyway, the latest part of that push is […]

PAX East 2021: Gaming streamers are frontline workers, not mental health experts

Since PAX East 2021 is virtual again due to that little virus that's been going around for over a year now, it should come to no surprise that it's been prompting topics in gaming spheres. In fact, Take This' Dr. Kelli Dunlap, mental health streamer Mxiety, and Games and Interactive Media MFA candidate Jocelyn Wagner […]

Conan Chop Chop studio finally acknowledges and apologizes for latest delay

Just a few weeks ago, we pointed out that Conan Chop Chop, a Mighty Kingdom game being published by Funcom, was long overdue. The roguelike OARPG was announced in 2019, but the studios delayed the game from September 2019 into 2020 to add full online multiplayer, then delayed to February 2020, then delayed to Q2 2020, […]

Neverwinter gives a quick rundown of the changes coming to professions with its level squish

With the arrival of Neverwinter's level squish with the Jewel of the North update on July 27th, players are going to have to deal with a lot of changes. Maybe even more than they realized because it turns out crafting is changing as well. And no, not just so that players can craft gear for […]

Star Citizen discusses balancing for shields, energy weapons, ships, and thrusters coming in alpha 3.14

While the upcoming alpha 3.14 build of Star Citizen has a number of headline features of its own like the Orison landing area, there are other things of note coming as well – namely, some changes to thrusters, shields, and weapons, and more, which were outlined in a pair of forum posts. Shields are seeing […]

Massively on the Go: How Jackbox Games helped gamers stay social through COVID

For some people, Jackbox Games' Party Packs were a COVID lifesaver. While many of us have a lot of virtual connections thanks to our MMO communities, others don't have much overlap between our virtual and meatspace lives. As we struggled to keep in contact with family members who were drifting further and further into awkwardness […]

Elder Scrolls Online kicks off Pan-Elsweyr Celebration next week

What's the Pan-Elsweyr Celebration? Well, it's ZeniMax's way of smooshing players into the Elsweyr zones in The Elder Scrolls Online, and it's your way of scooping up gobs of loot and event tickets by complying. "The Pan-Elsweyr Celebration in-game event begins Thursday, July 22 at 10AM EDT, and will run until August 3 at 10AM […]

Vague Patch Notes: Hating an MMO isn't the same as having a personality

There was a friend I had at one point who had a particularly annoying habit. Whenever I would bring up something obnoxious that was done in World of Warcraft (which, at the time, was still knee-deep in Northrend and looked like it was just going to continue being fun forever, so, you know… ha), she […]

Swords of Legends Online touts 200K units sold as Gameforge insists NA server can handle player load

As we noted previously, the NA server of Swords of Legends Online had something of a rough start as the MMORPG launched here in the west, as technical issues caused lag, login issues, and other problems. Despite that, Gameforge is crowing happily about SOLO's debut, touting in a statement to MMORPG that it sold 200K […]

Camelot Unchained boss rebuts theory that its studio finances are in disarray

Dedicated readers of MassivelyOP already know that Camelot Unchained has become an MMO saddled with controversy over the last couple of years. Originally Kickstarted in 2013, it has seen multiple major delays, the founding of a second studio, and the announcement of a second game using its custom-built engine. It's also run some pretty impressive […]

City of Titans is crushing its sound and music design

Although City of Titans is lagging far behind where it should be in development (and release) by now, given that it was Kickstarted in 2013, there are some signs of life in this superhero MMORPG project. Not only is flight coming very soon to the game build, but a lot of work has been poured […]

DC Universe Online's latest patch sells a new $10 bundle and beefs up World of Flashpoint

A small-but-not-insignificant patch arrived yesterday for the bold heroes of DC Universe Online. Game Update 115 brought back a $10 booster bundle in the marketplace that includes replay badges, a metal detector, artifact XP, a radar enhancer, a repair bot, and a bonus reward box with a random cosmetic feature. It's not just blatant sales […]

The Daily Grind: What's your least favorite content in an MMO that you still take part in?

I have a lifelong policy of not being spicy to people who are bad in World of Warcraft PvP because I can hardly blame them for it. It's not just because I'm not all that great but also because I remember full well when PvP was the best deterministic gearing system in the whole dang […]

Massively Overthinking: The curious cycle of MMO refunds, tutorials, and reviews

MOP reader Steve recently posed us an intriguing question about the state of tutorials in MMOs and other games – and how those tutorials' increasing lengths have impacted everything from refund periods to reviews. He pointed out to us that in particular, Steam's two-hour/two-week refund period no longer seems like enough time to actually decide […]

Overwatch seeks an entry-level narrative designer, Hearthstone adjusts cards and fixes bugs

We have a fresh little list of smaller news snippets from Blizzard games that aren't WoW, so once again we'll be bundling these smaller stories into one larger one for your reading ease. This bundle, for the record, is all about Overwatch and Hearthstone, if the headline isn't a hint enough. We'll begin with Hearthstone […]

Fallout 76 plans to re-open the public test server this month

You thought you were done with the Fallout 76 public test server just because the game's Steel Reign update is out in the wild and has been for about a week now? Don't be foolish. There's still so much more to do, and the developers intend to have you testing more stuff this month in […]

Path of Exile's battle royale mode returns for weekend fun

Do you miss Path of Exile's 2018 April Fools' joke battle royale mode made real? Or did you miss out on it completely as I regrettably did? Either way, if you've been yearning to play it, then today's your lucky day — and a good start to the weekend! That's because Path of Exile: Royale, […]

Path of Exile's Expedition league sets off next week

The show's over, folks, but the journey has just begun! Grinding Gear Games just concluded its reveal livestream for Path of Exile's 3.15 expansion and challenge league that starts July 23rd. And this one has players going on an Expedition! GGG Managing Director Chris Wilson not only unveiled the new Expedition league and its introduction […]

Path of Exile is about to unveil its long-teased 3.15 expansion

It's showtime for Path of Exile: Grinding Gear Games is finally taking the wraps of its next expansion. Not a whole lot is public right now, apart from the date – it's launching July 23 on PC and July 28 on console – and the extremely brief teaser video. "Exact details of our upcoming expansion […]

Elyon opens preorders and CBT2 signups on July 26, confirms 'early fall' western launch

MMO players already knew that Kakao was plotting a second round of beta for Elyon in August. We knew this because the studio has been telling us so for month. But as of today, we have more details on what to expect thanks to a new outline from the studio and the launch of its […]

Grand Theft Auto Online is bringing the Los Santos Tuners update on July 20

Do you have a customized, tricked-out vehicle just made for gracing the streets in Grand Theft Auto Online? Then the Los Santos Tuners update is made just for you. Not only will the update see you starting out with the new Los Santos Car Meet where you get to show off your custom-made ride, it'll […]

Top-down looter shooter Space Punks begins its paid-for early access journey exclusively on the Epic Games Store

Earlier this month we showcased Space Punks, a multiplayer top-down looter shooter from developer Flying Wild Hog and publisher Jagex Partners. For those who'd rather not re-read that link, it's an ARPG-like title that has players taking up several different characters to blow up enemies, hoover in loot, and experience what was described at the […]

Valve announces portable PC gaming device called Steam Deck

If you've ever wanted a device that smooshes your PC games with something cute and portable like a Switch, welp, Valve has your toy. It's just unveiled the long-rumored Steam Deck, a slightly-larger-and-much-more-powerful-than-the-Switch device using a version of SteamOS that will run all your Steam games, though according to IGN, it'll also run your non-Steam […]

Guild Wars 2 gives a full technical accounting of last year's server rollbacks

Guild Wars 2 studio ArenaNet has been the subject of many side-eyes over the last few years, amassing a reputation as a studio with a messy and opaque technical side and a messy and opaque leadership side – and the mass layoffs in 2019 didn't help. Earlier this month, however, the company finally publicly admitted […]

Elite Dangerous deploys a fix to weapons engineering in an effort to alleviate material grinds

The materials required to engineer weapons in Elite Dangerous: Odyssey are pretty high right now, all things considered. With a recent small patch applied to the game, Frontier Developments appears to be trying to address this issue, while the patch announcement itself has kicked off a discussion about material grinds in the expansion. The patch's […]

EVE Online announces the return of the 10v10 Alliance Tournament PvP event

After a two year-long hiatus, fans of official PvP tournament action in EVE Online as CCP Games announced the return of the Alliance Tournament this coming November, a double elimination 10 vs. 10 PvP throwdown where alliance representatives will duke it out for glory and prizes. Sing-ups for the tournament begin this coming Monday, July […]

Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen offers up more details and video footage of the new Monk class

Developer Visionary Realms is really excited to showcase the Monk class that's being added to Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen. Hot on the heels of an in-depth gameplay breakdown video, the devs have put out some supplemental details on the class. For those who like a bit of lore sprinkled in with their class information, […]

Ashes of Creation kicks off its long-awaited Alpha One playtest

Arriving amid a frantic summer season where every MMO is clawing for attention and engagement, the Ashes of Creation Alpha One test hopes to make an impact on the gaming community and prove that it has the chops to be a serious contender. The Alpha One playtest kicked off yesterday after a series of delays […]

RIFT's Summerfest has finally, silently begun in Europe

If you've been wondering where RIFT's Summerfest event was this year, you're not alone. Apparently, the festival rolled out to EU servers this morning without any official studio announcement, while North American servers are still waiting for both an announcement and the patch. Readers will recall that Gamigo, which bought RIFT in the Trion firesale […]

Chronicles of Elyria tweaks NDA, locks down Reddit over death threats, and proposes NFT land trades

A week ago, Chronicles of Elyria backers sounded the alarm on a new NDA that Soulbound Studios was asking them to sign in conjunction with the Kingdoms of Elyria testing. It included a clause that seemingly waived the players' rights to engage in class-action lawsuits, among other things. While as we noted that's not an […]

Google's Stadia monetizes game engagement, pressuring studios to keep players around

Perhaps you haven't heard the latest news about Stadia. That would be fair, considering that the platform's been in crisis mode ever since its poor release and reception. And no, the news isn't that Google's pulled the plug on Stadia — but rather that the mega-corporation has shifted the platform's business model so that studios […]

LOTRO considers improving its business model as players present Weatherstock XIII

After years of guarded communication, Lord of the Rings Online's fanbase has a new champion in Producer Oleg "Raninia" Brodskiy, who joined SSG a few months ago. In yet another public interview, Brodskiy spent over an hour talking with YouTuber Bludborn about many of the current hot topics, such as the legendary item revamp and […]

The Daily Grind: Should MMO PvP be about skill or loot?

Classic Guild Wars was a bit of an awakening for me. I'd grown up in MMORPGs where the PvP was often predetermined by your level and your loot rather than your physical skills, so when Guild Wars equalized the playing field in PvP, I was really intrigued. I didn't do tons of PvP there myself […]

VR MMO Zenith showcases zipline traversal in latest video snippet

What's a great way to get around in a forest? Flight? Walking on giant suspended bridges? How about ziplining from one place to another? That's just what players are going to do in the developing VR MMO Zenith according to a newly released video demonstration. This short clip is pretty self-explanatory, as it shows a […]

SoulWorker fills the month of July with events and a new character arrival

This July is seeing the anime action MMO SoulWorker get itself a new character. Her name is Lee Nabi, a firearms-wielding firecracker who brings a whole lot of guns to a gun fight. This new character will be arriving to the game on Thursday, July 22nd, along with a leveling event running between July 22nd […]

Old School RuneScape makes several Slayer improvements and talks about bug abuse

This week in Old School RuneScape, Slayers are seeing a lot of love with the introduction of Poll 75 improvements for the skill line. These improvements include refreshed Slayer helmet visuals, the option to store Slayer tasks for later with an unlocked feature that coasts 1,000 Slayer Points, and a host of Slayer-related task adjustments. […]

TitanReach adds revamped Glimmermoore and standalone launcher in today's early access update

At long last, after lots of tweaking and adjusting and development, TitanReach has opened the doors to the new and improved Glimmermoore with the launch of today's early access update. Followers of the game know that it's taken some time for the devs at Square Root Studios to get to this point, with the most […]

Fiesta Online plans to release its Realm of the Gods expansion on July 28

Ready to climb up to the top of power and fight some deities? Fiesta Online is counting on exactly that with its upcoming Realm of the Gods update, which is arriving on July 28th for fans of the game. And it's a pretty big one, with players gaining another five levels of power along with […]

Australian MP plans to introduce a bill banning lockbox sales to minors

You may remember back last year that there was some noise made in Australia about banning the sale of video game lootboxes to people under the age of 18. It looks like those recommendations and suggestions were taken to heart, as one of the Australian MPs, Andrew Wilkie, has announced his plan to introduce a […]

Black Desert sets Atoraxxion launch for July 21 as console counts 3M players

I'm sorry to report that Cursed, the Netflix TV show that Black Desert collaborated with on a whole patch last year, has been canceled. This isn't exactly Defiance levels of transmedia synergy sadness, but hey, this thing was up for a Golden Yachtie last year, so it's a bummer to follow it up with bad […]

The Stream Team: Mission running in Elite Dangerous Odyssey

Last time MOP's Chris took to the stars of Elite: Dangerous, he was in the final leg of Odyssey's alpha test, and in spite of the launch fiasco that has happened since, the call of internet spaceship shenanigans is too strong to be stopped. Tune in today at 2:00 p.m. EDT as he takes flight […]

New World teases next week's closed beta test – and no, there's no NDA

Just this morning we asked our readers what expectations they had for Amazon's New World, and hopefully somewhere in that thread, someone asked for a solid beta. That's certainly what Amazon is hoping for, as today it's posted a recap of the plan for pre-launch event, now just a week away on July 20th and […]

Crowfall addresses launch issues, Australian campaigns, marketing, and the game's first post-launch update

Crowfall's Executive Producer Gordon Walton has penned a fresh dev blog this afternoon, one week in to the game's launch, to discuss the state of the MMO and ArtCraft's plans going forward. Walton reiterates what players experienced with the launch last week: that it was marred by some technical difficulties and DDOS attacks but that […]

Indeed, Final Fantasy XIV is getting an official cookbook

If you've ever looked with envy at the polygonal meals lining the tables in Final Fantasy XIV's inns and thought, "I'd eat the crap out of THAT!" — your day is about to come. Apparently there's an official FFXIV cookbook in the works that's coming out this fall. This was spotted by Twitter user Wario64, […]

Perfect Ten: MMOs with the noisiest fanbases

In my particular neck of the woods, there are a lot of big fans of the Boston Red Sox. There's also something of a joke about that. How do you know if someone is a fan of the Red Sox? The answer is "don't worry, they'll tell you." Or, you know, you could look at […]