Inertial Drift – Alpha Demo

Inertial Drift is an arcade drift racing game with gorgeous 90's retro future styled visuals and an innovative twin-stick precision drifting system.

Drawing inspiration from 90's classics like Ridge Racer and the Initial D games, Inertial Drift is a highway racing game that uses the right analog stick to give you real precision with your drifting. You can steer as normal with the left stick, … Read More

Total War: ELYSIUM – Beta Sign Up

PC owners can now sign up to Beta test Total War: ELYSIUM, Creative Assembly's new CCG based on the Total War franchise.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer during the Android Beta sign up, Total War: ELYSIUM is a CCG spin-off of the popular Total War series, with a focus on strategy over luck. It allows you to choose from leaders throughout history … Read More

Metamorphosis – Beta Demo

Metamorphosis is a beautiful and surreal Franz Kafka inspired first person puzzle adventure where you wake up one morning and start transforming into a tiny bug!

Drawing inspiration from The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka, Metamorphosis is a beautifully crafted first person puzzle adventure where you see and interact with the world from a bug's eye view. After waking up in your friends house after a … Read More

Everspace 2 – Prototype Download

Everspace 2 combines RPG elements, loot, crafting and trading with fast paced space combat as you try to make your fortune in a hand-crafted open-world universe.

A sequel to 2017's well received original by ROCKFISH Games, Everspace 2 is a single-player space exploration shooter with RPG elements. In the game you'll explore deep space and planets as you mine, trade and shoot to earn a … Read More

Eternal Return: Black Survival – Open Beta

Eternal Return: Black Survival's has entered open Beta, so now everyone can jump in for some Anime-styled top-down battle royale survival fun.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer during the closed Beta sign up, Eternal Return: Black Survival is an Anime styled battle royale game with a focus on survival elements and a Diablo-esque mouse-based control system. The game features 10 uniquely skilled … Read More

METAMAZE – Download Game

METAMAZE is an atmospheric little existential adventure where a 2D character dreams of moving in 3D.

Created by Adam Pype (creator of SPOOKWARE and No Players Online), for a game jam where all the developers had to use the same assets, METAMAZE is an eerie little adventure where a 2D character realizes his dream of moving in 3D. He's fed up of being … Read More

Assessment – Game Jam Build Download

Assessment is a creepy and unsettling little psychological horror game where you complete a personalized assessment of your coursework, and of yourself.

Created for the PS1 Summer of Screams game jam, Assessment takes place on a retro CRT styled computer interface, which is running the "Stillman Personal Assessment System". The test is based on English literature, and contains questions on classic novels, though a lot … Read More

Ranch Simulator – Beta Sign Up

Ranch Simulator is an immersive open world first person ranching simulator, which sees you moving into your grandfather's old dilapidated homestead and building it into the most prosperous ranch in the region.

In Ranch Simulator you are given control of your family's ranch, which is now a shell of its former self. The whole thing has been neglected for some time and it's fallen into … Read More

Between These Walls – Game Jam Build Download

Between These Walls is a freaky little psychological horror game where you're plagued by cardboard boxes and a grotesque creature that stalks you.

Created for the My First Game Jam, Between These Walls sees you taking on the role of a young man who has just moved into a new home. The still to be unpacked moving boxes still litter the floor, which isn't too … Read More

Kinoko – Student Game Download

Kinoko is a beautiful little chilled out third person adventure where a forest spirit helps clear the world of Winter, to usher in a new Spring.

Created by Thunderlime, a team of students from Dare Academy, in Kinoko you take control of a cute little forest spirit who is tasked with clearing the world of the remnants of winter to make way for Spring. To … Read More

Retail Royale – Alpha Sign Up

Retail Royale is a first person battle royale game that takes place within a large IKEA-esque furniture retail store.

In Retail Royale players face off to be the last one standing in a IKEA inspired retail store (going by the name of IDEA). There's a focus on melee weaponry, such as crowbars and axes, but you'll also be able to use ranged weapons, such as … Read More

Short Cut – Alpha Download

Short Cut is a fun little low rez horror game where you happen across a very strange house after crashing your car into a lamppost in a woodland.

You start Short Cut standing next to the wreckage of your car, having just collided with a lamppost on a road through a dense forest. Luckily there is a house nearby, but nobody seems to be around … Read More

Cursed Cursor – Game Jam Build Download

Cursed Cursor is an inventive little puzzler and you guide your mouse through tricky obstacle courses and you lose control of the cursor in different ways in differently colored areas.

In Cursed Cursor your aim in each level is to guide your cursor to the goal without hitting any hazards. This may sound fairly simple (and there are many browser games that have done similar … Read More

Blightbound – Beta Download

Blightbound is a multiplayer dungeon crawling action RPG where three uniquely skilled heroes battle their way through a land infected by a fog that corrupts creatures and turns them into ferocious abominations.

Currently in development by Ronimo Games (creators of Awesomenauts and Swords and Soldiers), Blightbound is a stylish multiplayer action RPG set in a land infected by the Blight – a malevolent fog … Read More

Contrast – Student Game Download

Contrast is a Portal-esque first person Sci-Fi adventure where you solve polarity and physics based puzzles while learning what it means to be human.

Created by students at the DigiPen Institute of Technology, in Contrast you become a service android that has just been activated and must carry out a series of tests before you are ready to be released into the world. However, … Read More

Out of CTRL – Game Jam Build Download

Out of CTRL is a dark little text based adventure where you hold a conversation with a strange old computer on a broken keyboard that only allows you to respond via copy and pasting previous words in the conversation.

Created for the GMTK Game Jam 2020, in Out of CTRL you follow the story of a woman who happens across an old computer. The computer … Read More

MOMO.EXE VR – Beta Sign Up (VR)

MOMO.EXE VR is a freaky VR adaption of the first two MOMO.EXE games, where you are ordered to carry out tasks by a mysterious stranger who contacts you on your phone.

A VR adaption of the MOMO.EXE series, MOMO.EXE VR is a horror game that revolves around an urban legend of a woman with large building eyes, a menacing smile and bird legs, who contacts … Read More

Bonsai Fairy – Game Jam Build Download

Bonsai Fairy is a charming little plant-based puzzler where you use your plant fairy abilities to grow plants into specific shapes.

Created for the GMTK game jam 2020, in Bonsai Fairy you control a little bonsai fairy with your mouse which can slice through plants to prune them or emit a glow to make them grow in the direction of your fairy. In each level … Read More

Hello Neighbor 2 – Alpha Download

Fans of the Hello Neighbor stealth horror series can now download and play the Hello Neighbor 2 Alpha, where you return to the old neighborhood and try to track down the Neighbor, while being hunted by a mysterious creature.

Hello Neighbor 2 follows on from the events of the first game and sees you trying to track down the Mr Peterson (the Neighbor) who has … Read More

EXOMECHA – Beta Sign Up (PC, Xbox One & Xbox Series X)

Beta sign ups are now live for, EXOMECHA, a very cool looking new multiplayer FPS with epic battles where you can use gadgets, special abilities and huge mechs to blast your way through a robot-filled planet.

Coming to PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X, EXOMECHA is a competitive multiplayer FPS with multiple game modes (including battle royale and an objective-based game mode) with … Read More

Beasts of Maravilla Island – Kickstarter Demo

Beasts of Maravilla Island is a beautiful non-violent third person adventure that plays a little like Pokémon Snap but rather than being on-rails you can explore at your own pace, solve puzzles and learn all the secrets of a mysterious island.

In Beasts of Maravilla Island you take on the role of an aspiring wildlife photographer who has traveled to a mysterious island full of … Read More

Pong Pong Protector – Game Jam Build Download

Pong Pong Protector features a novel blend of tower defense and classic Pong gameplay as you control paddles at either side of the screen that bounce a magical orb around to vanquish enemies.

Created for the gm48 game jam, Pong Pong Protector takes place in a peaceful medieval fantasy kingdom that's under attack from hordes of monsters. You and your brother are sworn protectors of … Read More

One Shell Straight to Hell – Alpha Sign Up

One Shell Straight to Hell is an isometric roguelite twin-stick shooter where a gun-wielding exorcist priest blasts his way through hordes of demons as he attempts to close the gates to Hell.

Currently in development by Shotgun with Glitters (creators of The Padre and Moss Destruction), One Shell Straight to Hell stars Father Padre Alexander from The Padre, but it shows a distinct … Read More

Vecter – Beta Download

Vecter is a ridiculously cool and blisteringly fast retro synthwave wireframe survival racer where you attempt to stay alive and rack up the highest score to be the Top Dog on tracks that change every 24 hours.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer when it was in Alpha last year, Vecter is a mesmerising survival racer that plays a little like Race the SunRead More

How To Make a Cup of Tea – Game Jam Build

How To Make a Cup of Tea is a surreal and oddly unsettling little experience where you seem to go insane while making cups of tea.

In How To Make a Cup of Tea you spend your time making a good old British cup of tea, then serving them to someone through a mysterious door. The steps for making a perfect cup of tea are … Read More

Sugarwinds – Alpha Sign Up

Sugarwinds is a colonial Carribean city-building RTS where players colonize, trade and fight to become a powerhouse of the West Indies.

In Sugarwinds you set out from a selected European country and attempt to colonize the West Indies. You'll select the location of your colony, then build, grow and trade to keep the money flowing and your people happy. You'll also have to keep them … Read More

The Shore – Alpha Demo

The Shore is a beautiful H.P. Lovecraft inspired first person horror adventure where a father tries to preserve his sanity while searching for his missing daughter on an island filled with massive eldritch monstrosities.

In The Shore you follow the story of a father who has lost his daughter, Ellie, and has found himself washed up on the shores of a mysterious island. You must … Read More

Argolis – Alpha Demo

Argolis is a first person gladiatorial boss-rush fighting game where you face powerful warriors in first person melee based combat as you take part in a trial that tests your strength and endurance.

Currently in development by Jam, creator of In Somnio and The Crawford Family, Argolis is a very stylish, skill-based first person gladiatorial combat game that takes place in Ancient Greece. In … Read More

Diabotical – Beta Sign Up (Update)

Diabotical is a colorful and very fast paced arena shooter that sees cute little eggbots blasting the crap out of each other in old school FPS combat inspired by Quake and Unreal Tournament.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer in February, Diabotical is a multiplayer arena shooter currently in development by a team of former Quake an e-sport professionals. It very much hearkens … Read More

COME ON! COME ON! COME ON! – Game Jam Build Download

COME ON! COME ON! COME ON! Is a short and intense PS1 styled horror puzzle game where you attempt to figure out how to start a car while being stalked by an axe wielding homicidal maniac.

In COME ON! COME ON! COME ON! you find you are the receiving end of some unwanted attention from the Two Minute Axe Killer. You've managed to run to … Read More

Merge Dungeon Guide – Get The Best Equipment With These Hints, Tips and Tricks

Merge Dungeon is a game that mashes together simple merging gameplay with some meatier RPG elements. Your merges create equipment for your team of heroes, which you need to equip, swap and strengthen.

It's a simple enough game, but there are some hints and tips that we reckon are going to help out. And, lucky for you, we've played a bunch of the game and discovered some helpful suggestions that we reckon are going to help you out.

Have you played the game? Got your own tricks that you think are going to help other players out? Then make sure you let us know in the comments section at the bottom of the article. Before that, though, here's our guide to Merge Dungeon.

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Equip All Your Characters

The game doesn't teach you this in the brief tutorial, but you need to merge and equip all of your characters. How do you do that? Well, you need to tap on the character on the top of the screen to switch to a different merge board.

When you've done that you can produce new items that you can equip to the different characters. Strengthen up all of your characters and you'll find that the game is an awful lot easier.

Check Your MP

You need MP to produce new items to merge. You can see how much MP you've got in the blue vial on the right of the screen. If you don't have enough you can refill it by tapping. You only get a few of these refills, so use them sensibly.

Without MP you can still merge the items that are on screen, you just can't add any more. Be smart about what you're doing and you'll soon find that you're going to get a better feel for the experience.

Use Your Special Moves

Each of your characters have special moves. You'll see when they're charged up, even if you're not on their screen, because a circle will flash up around them. Special moves can deal damage and they can also heal your characters.

Don't waste your special moves – if there aren't any enemies on the screen then don't smash out an attack because it won't do any good. Healing when you get the chance is a great idea though.

Check Which Equipment Is Better

When you merge new equipment, it has different stats. Tap on the piece of equipment and you'll be able to compare it with what you've already got equipped. See which is best and replace what you've got if necessary.

You'll get the piece you've not used back in your merging screen, so you'll be able to combine it to make something new. Always check whether what you've just made is stronger than what you've already got.

Download Merge Dungeon from the App Store and Google Play Store

Good Sudoku Review – It is Good Sudoku, You're Right

Good Sudoku (download from the App Store) is the latest game from Zach Gage, the developer behind the likes of Really Bad Chess, Pocket-Run Pool and Flip Flop Solitaire. While it might sound like it fits into the same canon as those re-workings of classic games, it's actually something a lot simpler.

Rather than reinventing the sudoku wheel, Good Sudoku is more like a gorgeously presented sudoku training program. It doesn't ask you to think outside of the box – instead it gives you new and easier ways to think within that box.

Where Really Bad Chess messed around with the fundamentals of the game, here you're learning, step-by-step, about how to become a better sudoku player. The digital additions are designed to make things easier and, in the long run, more enjoyable.

Good Sudoku, Nice Sudoku

Essentially Good Sudoku offers up everything you need to play quick and entertaining games of the number puzzler. And when things get more tricky, it gives you all the tools and tips you need to cope.

You can take notes, mark squares with potential numbers, and with just a tap find out if there are any cells that you can only put one number in. It makes things flow in a brilliant way, and means you don't have to be constantly scanning the grid – Good Sudoku is only too happy to do that for you.

That's not to say the game is holding your hand – there are still some fiendish puzzles to get to grips with here. But unlike a lot of other games it seems genuinely interested in making you not just a better sudoku player, but a happier one as well.

Throw in some lovely simple presentation, well-written tutorials that walk you through everything and a clever number pad that lets you input your integers, and you're left with another soothing and absorbing Zach Gage hit.

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The Outer Worlds [Switch] Review – Out of this World?

Attempting to port The Outer Worlds to the Switch was incredibly ambitious, but developer Virtuos have done an impressive job. Whether the game itself is a good fit for the system…is another matter altogether. 

A sprawling space-set RPG, The Outer Worlds sees you playing as your own custom-made colonist – one who awakens on your ship much later than anticipated, and ends up heading straight into a conspiracy set across a massive solar system.

From the off it's clear the game's massive scope and setting hasn't been cut down in this port – with all the locations and dialogue remaining intact.

Which is just as well, seeing as it harks back to the older Fallout titles. This is because there's a significant focus on conversations, with branching dialogue trees enabling you to convince characters to fight, trade, co-operate, and – well, a lot more besides.

So it's just as well this dialogue is consistently well written, with characters being clearly defined. There's no lazy repetition in NPCs, and every being you encounter has to be treated in a different way.

It's possible to get through the game without fighting anyone if you wish of course, but it's also easy to do the exact opposite. You may want to avoid doing the latter though, as the combat is often quite unsatisfying and messy. It's not broken by any means, but certainly isn't where the game shines.

Everything is then wrapped up with a levelling up system that is multi-faceted, but not as daunting as you might think – even if you're a newbie to the genre.

Almost every element of your character can be tweaked and levelled up, and then there's the chance to enlist companions to come with you on missions – adding further possibilities in terms of foraging environments and (if you wish) battling the many enemies you'll bump into.

The Outer Worlds is often not a great fit for the Switch though due to the detailed menus and realms of tiny text being thrown at you – when playing in handheld mode at least.

There's also the inevitable hit to the game's visuals – which were never stunning, but the way they've been simplified here can often detract significantly from the spectacle.

Performance wise it works as it should, but perhaps only consider this Switch port if you have no alternative format to choose from.

Office Life 3D Guide – Complete Every Task With These Hints, Tips and Tricks

If you've got a hankering for life in the office during these trying pandemic times, then Office Life 3D might be able to help out. It's a simple game of menial tasks that replicates office existence. There isn't any banal conversation, but hey, it's pretty close.

While the game is pretty simple, there are some more challenging sections that you might need help with. And that's where this guide comes in. We've played hundreds of levels of the game, and discovered some hints, tips and tricks that we reckon are going to help you out.

If you've played the game and have your own suggestions, we'd love to hear them. So make sure you stick them in the comments section at the bottom of the article. Before that, though, here are the best hints, tips and tricks that we've dug up for Office Life 3D.

For more hints, tips and tricks for the best and most popular mobile games, click right here

Match the Colors

There are plenty of levels that really only involve checking the colors of things and putting them in the right position. All you need to do is pick objects of the same hue and put them in the same place and you're going to finish the challenge.

Sometimes you'll also need to match colored objects to colored receptacles – like in the levels where you've got discs and disc drives. These are some of the simplest challenges in the game, so just check out the hues and you'll be well on your way.

Swipe to Delete

On the email deleting levels, you might find yourself a bit stuck to start off with. All you need to do is find the emails that aren't marked with the correct symbol and delete them. But how do you delete them?

Well, it's a simple case of swiping them to the left. They'll turn red and disappear. Make sure you don't delete any important emails – which are marked with a specific symbol shown at the top of the screen – otherwise you're going to fail the level.

Practice Your Swing

On the golf and trash-clearing levels, it's important to find what works and then replicate it. Use your first shot as a warm-up to check the distance or angle you're going to need. If it goes too far, or not far enough, we can pretty much guarantee you're going to be able to adjust accordingly and nail the next three shots.

Obviously if you get a hit with your first shot, then just replicate that. You usually have five chances to make three shots, so even if your first one doesn't go in, you're not wasting it so long as you're learning from your mistakes.

Make the Dinosaur Jump

On the levels where you've got a computer with a dinosaur on the screen, you're essentially taking some time off. All you need to do here is play a level of the dinosaur game to completion in order to finish the challenge and get to the next one.

You need to focus on jumping over the cacti that stick up from the bottom of the screen. Get over all of those and you'll reach a flag, which represents the end of the challenge.

Check the Symbols

When you're shredding and saving documents, you need to make sure you're sticking the right ones in the keep pile. It isn't just about matching the signature, you also need to check the symbols on the document as well.

Shredding or saving the wrong document is going to fail the level, so take your time and check exactly what the game is asking of you. If there aren't the correct symbols on the sheet of paper, shred it and move on to the next.

Download Office Life 3D from the App Store

Update – Every Apple Arcade Game of 2020 Played and Rated

The best thing about Apple Arcade is that there are just so many games to sink your teeth into. The worst thing about Apple Arcade is that there isn't enough time in the day to take a bite out of all of the games on offer. Which is why we've created this list breaking down what you can expect from every new game to hit Apple's subscription gaming service this year.

This list covers all of the new Apple Arcade games that have landed in 2020, and tells you enough about them that you're going to know whether diving in is going to be for you. Don't know what Apple Arcade is? Well you can click here to read our full guide on what it is, how to get it and why it's so great.

We're going to be updating it regularly, as and when new games come out, so make sure you keep checking back to stay on top of everything Apple Arcade related. But for now, here come the games.

Updated on July 27th

The Lullaby of Life

A gorgeous puzzle experience that's painted in some of the brightest colors we've seen in a long time. The key to the game is music – you're a weird blob with the power to create special tones, and those tones can unlock all sorts of magical possibilities.

You'll collect friends, each with their own unique notes, and you'll need to use them to solve puzzles and explore deeper into the game. It's relaxing, easy to pick up, and the perfect way to waste a few hours on a rainy day. We might sound like a broken record – especially compared to The Lullaby of Life – but this is another massive hit for Apple Arcade.


If they gave out awards for the games with the best names, then Necrobarista would definitely be up for one. This stylish and gorgeous visual novel doesn't just have a great title though, it's also a super immersive and engaging adventure.

Expect to meet weird and interesting characters and visit bonkers locations in this tale of caffeinated beverages, ghosts and magic. Even if you're not a fan of visual novels, this one is well worth picking up. Full of heart, humour and suspense, this is a brilliantly written escapade that you should download right away.


The second Amanita Design game on Apple Arcade is a puzzling adventure set in a subterranean mansion. The game is utterly beautiful, with the hand-painted artwork that Amanita is known for. Unlike plenty of its other games though, this one isn't a point-and-clicker.

There are definite shades of the original Prince of Persia here, albeit with a gloomier style. You're going to be trying to escape from horrid furniture monsters, clambering down ladders and solving tricky puzzles as you do. Amanita Design games are always well worth checking out, and this one is no exception.

Beyond A Steel Sky

The long-awaited sequel to a 90s classic has finally arrived on Apple Arcade. It's a massive cyberpunk adventure that sees you returning to Union City in search of a lost child. Expect cheeky robots, a massive conspiracy and some head-scratching puzzles.

The slow pace of the game isn't going to be to everyone's liking, but there's a massive story to explore here. If you're a fan of the original you're going to fall in love all over again with the ongoing adventures of Robert Foster.

Little Orpheus

Little Orpheus is exactly the sort of game that Apple Arcade was made for. It's a deep, engaging, hilarious platforming adventure that ticks all of the right boxes. It's super polished, with some of the best graphics we've seen on mobile in a long time.

You play a Russian in the 60's who's exploring a mythical land at the centre of the earth. There are giant insects, dinosaurs and more. The platforming is super slick, and the story is brilliant enough to keep you playing for hours. Do yourself a favour and get this one downloaded as soon as you can.

SpongeBob: Patty Pursuit

Calling Patty Pursuit an auto-runner would be doing the game a pretty spectacular disservice. It has more in common with the Rayman Run series than any run-of-the-mill runner. It's a slick, gorgeous cartoon platformer that takes the sprinting out of your hands.

There's still loads to explore, a decent level of challenge and some tough if repetitive bosses to destroy. The level of polish here is spot on, from the perfect controls to the voice-acting, everything screams quality. This is definitely one of the best platformers available on Apple Arcade, and we dare you to play without a big grin on your face.

Towers of Everland

A first person fantasy RPG that sees you travelling into the titular towers to find gold, glory and a whole bunch of monsters to hack and slash. The game mixes casual gameplay with a massive world to explore, and plenty of secrets to uncover as well.

There's a tactical bent to the combat here, with blocking and forcing your enemies away just as important as swiping with your sword. Towers of Everland mixes retro and modern ideas into a really pleasing and engrossing package.

Winding Worlds

A smart puzzler with a really interesting control system. You're swiping to move the levels around, changing the plane and perspective to achieve your goals. Winding Worlds looks gorgeous, with a thick-lined cartoon style that really pops off the screen.

A story pushes everything along, and features a mysterious worm, an adorable dog, and a talking windmill robot. Winding Worlds is a charming distraction that's going to put a big smile on your face. It won't stick around in your mind for long, but you're going to love it while you play it.


The latest game for Apple Arcade is a really interesting board game mash-up. There are shades of Stranger Things here – you play survivors half-trapped in a weird world and you need to defend against monster attacks if you want to make it through.

Things start off pretty easily, but as you progress you'll get into more and more trouble. Your ultimate aim is to clear out the anchors that are keeping the monsters in the real world. Once you've done that you need to make a run for the exit.

The_Otherside is smart and entertaining, offering a perfect mix of tactics and action. It's tense in all the right ways, and manages to capture the thrill of tabletop gaming pretty much perfectly.


A haunting and harrowing platform adventure game starring a small boy. That's probably made you think of Limbo, but Neversong walks its own path. It's more open in its storytelling, and deals with a lot of interesting and incredibly difficult themes.

On top of that, it's also super smart, dripping with difficult puzzles and will have you hooked from the get-go. There are a few niggles here, and we had a couple of crashes when we played. Beyond those problems Neversong is a gorgeous-looking game that will stay with you a long time after you reach the end.

A Fold Apart

This one is a gorgeous, narrative driven puzzler that's all about folding paper to create paths. It starts simply enough, but as you play it adds more and more ideas into the fray. It fits into a similar genre box as the likes of Framed and Gorogoa.

The game has a gorgeous look all of its own, and the controls are easy enough that almost anyone can play. A Fold Apart has a massive heart that shines through everything it does – this is one Apple Arcade game that's going to leave you with a big smile on your face.

Beyond Blue

A beautiful adventure game that sees you travelling through the oceans of the world. Set in the near future, you're part of a team of research scientists who are exploring the depths of the sea. You'll interact with all manner of creatures, from enormous whales to sprigs of coral.

Some of the translation isn't great, and the lack of action might put some people off. But if you're looking for an open world adventure with a difference then you're definitely going to fall in love with this one.


First off it's important to note that the title of this game is a pun, which always gets an upvote from us. You play as a robot in a post-apocalyptic waste that's littered with trash. It's up to you to pick up the mess that humankind has left behind and deposit it in a garbage truck.

At the same time, other robots are trying to stop you from getting to that sweet, sweet junk. You need to fight them off, grab the garbage and toss it into the waiting truck. There's a lot to take in, and sometimes the simple controls aren't quite up to the task. But, Scrappers is still an awful lot of fun. Check it out.

Legend of the Skyfish 2

This is a sequel, as you can probably tell from the name, but don't worry if you haven't played the original. The game plays a lot like classic Zelda – you're an adventurer out to save the world by hacking, slashing and solving puzzles.

The game looks gorgeous and it plays brilliantly. There's a massive world to explore and it unlocks as you get new skills and items. This is definitely one of the best games available on Apple Arcade, with hours of fun just waiting to be discovered.


Spyder is a really interesting stealth game that sees you taking control of the titular espionage drone. It's up to you to skitter through a series of levels, saving the world as you do. The first challenge involves stopping a nuclear missile launch, so you know there's a lot of stake.

One of the most interesting things the game does is make you think about the environment in a different way. Hazards that are dangerous to a tiny insect robot aren't threatening to humans and vice versa – sure you can clamber around on vertical surfaces, but wander into some spilt coffee and you'll take damage.

This is a really slick game with plenty of interesting content. Imagine a puzzler, a platformer and a sneak-'em-up getting together and pushing all of their best bits into a blender and the end result would be something like Spyder. Definitely up there among the best new Apple Arcade games of 2020.


What happens when you combine Peggle with an ARPG? Something like Roundguard happens. It's a game about firing adventurers out of a giant catapult and letting them smash into your enemies. There's more depth than the ping-ping play of Peggle, with health points, mana and more to take into consideration before you blast out a shot.

There are roguelike elements here as well, and new equipment to unlock as you play. Throw in a massive map, plenty of characters and a whole heap of loot to collect and you're left with a super-slick Apple Arcade title that's not quite the sum of its parts but it's still an awful lot of fun.

Doomsday Vault

A puzzling platformer that sees you controlling an adorable little robot. You're tromping round a post-apocalyptic wasteland, but rather than killing everything that moves, Doomsday Vault is all about saving things. Specifically it's about saving plants – each level you're searching for a seed to add to the titular vault, pocketing the last of the earth's greenery to try and preserve it. 

There's a strong environmental message here, but it doesn't get in the way of the smart touchscreen gameplay and the lovely visuals. Doomsday Vault is a glimpse into a human-less future, but it manages to be adorable and challenging as well.

No Way Home

A space survival game set in a procedurally generated universe. You're piloting a beaten up escape pod, the last survivor of a tragic ice cream machine accident, and you need to get back to Earth. Unfortunately you've got no idea where you are and your only companion is a slightly bonkers AI. 

No Way Home is more like an action RPG than a standard roguelike, with twin stick blasting the order of the day. You also have a cool grappling hook that you can use to throw things, and enemies, around the screen. This is a meaty, lovely looking intergalactic adventure with its tongue in its cheek and its heart in the right place.

Butter Royale

This one takes the shape of the battle royale genre, then smears it with butter and makes it top down. Not in a weird way though. You're pelting around an ever-shrinking arena, picking up guns, ammo and shields, and trying to be the last adorable cartoon critter standing.

Don't let the cutesy graphics fool you – this one can get pretty tense, especially when the ring has closed to its tightest and there are more than two of you left. It doesn't have the meaty casing of the likes of Fortnite, and it's unlikely to stick in the memory for long, but it's certainly fun while it lasts.

Secret Oops!

What happens when you take a stealth game, wrap it up in a boardgame coat and then throw in some AR and multiplayer for a laugh? Well, you end up with something like Secret Oops! It's probably one of the most unique experiences on Apple Arcade right now, but if you're going to be playing it on your own you might be a little disappointed.

The game's so much more entertaining when you're playing it with friends in the same room, when laughter and barracking get in the way of some of the more frustrating aspects that are a little too obvious when you're playing by yourself. Get some chums round though, and you're going to have an awesome time.

Charrua Soccer

A charming throwback to the golden era of the football game – when all tackles involved sliding, every player had a massive head, and sometimes your keeper decided to leg it out of the goal for no discernible reason. Charrua Soccer is fast, frantic, and dripping with arcade cool.

Sure it might not have the meat on its bones of the likes of FIFA, but it's not trying to. This is the sort of game you pick up for 20 minutes, bash in a few goals, and then wander off to do something else. If you get all misty eyed at the mention of Sensible Soccer or FIFA 96, then this is one game you should be picking up right now.

Loud House: Outta Control

This one's based on the Nickelodeon cartoon series The Loud House, and it's all about trying to keep on top of the chaos. Characters wander onto the screen and you need to guide them to their goal by drawing a route. But if they bump into one another you're going to have to start the level all over again.

There are bonus objectives, clouds that start fights and much, much more here, all presented in a lovely hand-drawn aesthetic that fans of the show are really going to dig. It might not be for everyone, but the fast-paced puzzling on offer in Loud House: Outta Control is definitely worth checking out.

Crossy Road Castle

From the makers of Crossy Road, this one is a competitive platformer that has some amazing ideas up its pixel art sleeve. We don't think we were wrong when we described it as Apple Arcade's killer app in our review. Click here and you can read every word of said Crossy Road Castle review.

The controls are brilliant, the art style is perfect and the game showers new ideas and concepts on you at a regular basis. Where other retro-looking platformers like to ape what's come before, Crossy Road Castle strides out on its own, and it's ruddy brilliant because of that. It's great on your own, it's amazing with friends and it comes highly recommended.

Epic Odyssey is an SRPG with Open World Exploration, Gacha Summons, and More

Gacha-RPGs have become hugely popular over the last few years, which inevitably means that a lot of copycat games have appeared on the mobile app stores. 

The formula for a successful free-to-play RPG is so difficult to crack that developers are apparently reluctant to meddle with it too much, which is why we're always delighted when games like Epic Odyssey come along. 

Developed by Vietnamese studio Hiker Games, Epic Odyssey is a gacha-RPG with a couple of key differences. Firstly, it looks incredible, with clean, colorful high fantasy characters and a bold cartoony aesthetic. And secondly, it gives you a huge open world to navigate at your leisure. 

Simplicity is key to the game's appeal. Epic Odyssey gives you a stripped-back selection of hero classes and factions – just three of each – and lets you pit teams of five heroes against enemy teams in auto-battles. 

These heroes have plenty of personality, with their own backstories, animations, dialogue, skills, and more.

Being a gacha game, Epic Odyssey lets you acquire these heroes through summoning. You can merge any duplicates in your inventory, and churn the low-tier heroes into higher tier ones to level them up. All very much in keeping with gacha game conventions. 

More unusual is the world map of Lynea Continent, a huge open space that you can explore freely, opening chests, chatting to NPCs, accepting quests, solving puzzles, and getting into battles. 

Presented from an isometric perspective, this element of the game plays almost like a classic Diablo-style action-RPG, albeit with auto-combat rather than the customary hacking and slashing. 

It's an engaging format, but you don't have to be engaged with it to make progress. Epic Odyssey also offers idle features, allowing you to make progress while AFK, cutting out the need to grind.

Epic Odyssey looks like the ideal gacha-RPGs for gamers who aren't necessarily taken by gacha-RPGs.

It's free right now on Google Play and the App Store, and we recommend checking it out. Redeem the code ODYSSEY in-game to grab extra freebies too.

Bullet Rush! Guide – Stay Alive and Slaughter Your Foes With These Hints, Tips and Tricks

Bullet Rush! is a hypercasual top-down shooter that sees you blasting waves of enemies. Kill them all and you'll move on to the next level. It's a pretty simple system, but that doesn't mean the game doesn't offer its fair share of challenge.

Which is where this guide comes in. We've played a lot of the game and discovered a bunch of hints, tips and tricks that are going to help you stay alive and kill all of your enemies. Pretty sweet, right?

If you've already played Bullet Rush! and you've got your own helpful suggestions, then make sure you add them in the comments section at the bottom of the article. Before that, though, here's our guide to slaughtering everything in Bullet Rush.

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Don't Waste Your Special

Your special move is a brilliant way of turning the tide of a battle. You unleash it by lifting your finger off the screen. It's represented by a circle – the bigger the circle, the further your special move is going to fire outwards. You increase the size of the circle by killing.

Any enemies that only take a single shot to kill are going to die if they're within the circle when you lift up your finger. So don't waste it when there's not that many foes in its blast radius. And definitely don't fire it accidentally, because that's a massive waste.

Don't Get Cornered

It's important to keep on the move, and ensure that you're not backed into a corner. Stick to the centre of the levels and don't let the enemies push you backwards.

Instead, circle around them. That way you're still shooting, you're keeping out of harm's way and you're not going to end up stuck in a cul-de-sac that leads to your death.

Set Traps

You can use the environment to your own advantage. When there's a break or a piece of scenery that the enemies have to work their way around, stand on the other side of it and shoot them while they go past.

There are other ways to trap your foes as well. Make sure you experiment with how you play. The key is keeping a sensible distance from the killer blobs, while still being able to take them down with your pistols and special move.

Buy a Pet

When you've earned 1500 bucks, you should spend it on a pet. They're not just a cute partner, they'll also attack the monsters that get too close to you. It doesn't really matter which one you buy, and they're all the same price.

You can't stack your pets either – you can only take one into battle at once. Pick the one you want and then stick with it. You can spend any other money you make on getting new outfits, but they're just cosmetic.

Download Bullet Rush! from the App Store and Google Play Store

Hit MMORPG MU Origin Gets an Anniversary Event and a Nobility System as It Hits v14.0

MU Origin, from Korean developer Webzen, has just passed not one but two milestones. Not only is the game celebrating its fourth birthday, but it's just reached version 14.0. 

The first mobile descendant of 2001 PC MMO MU Online, MU Origin is a huge fantasy MMORPG set on the expansive MU continent. It sees you picking a class and romping through a huge story campaign.

There are several distinct environments to explore, PvP battles, dungeons, quests, and much, much more. MU Origin is one of the biggest and best multiplayer RPG experiences on mobile. 

It's also one of the most frequently updated. In a few short years MU Origin has reached its mid-teens, and the 14.0 update brings a host of new features.

First up, there's the Nobility system, which gives you stronger reverse effects. It unlocks after you reach reverse level 30, and consists of Nobility Grade, Nobility Dungeon, and Nobility Equipment, all of which can be upgraded through the Nobility system.

There are nine different Nobility classes, starting at Novice and climbing the social ladder all the way up to Emperor, passing through Page, Squire, Knight, Baron, Count, Marquess, and Duke along the way. Each class can be enhanced up to ten times, with each upgrade increasing your Nobility properties. After hitting ten you graduate to the next class. 

Equipment, Rewards, and More

Progressing through Nobility classes also levels up your Nobility skills, which you can use against Nobility bosses in Nobility dungeons. 

Naturally, there are nine of these dungeons – one for each class – and each of them has its own unique boss. You can take these bosses on alone or with a party. There's a daily limit on boss defeats, and once you exceed it you lose the ability to inflict DMG. Each boss respawns three times a day.

If you manage to deal more DMG than anyone else in a given day, you'll receive drop rewards for your efforts, while defeating boss monsters will net you bounty rewards. 

There's a host of Nobility equipment, too, including helmet, armor, gloves, boots, shield, and badge, all divided into grades.

And then there's that event. From the 25th of July till the 2nd of August you can claim a special wing costume , title, footprint, and accessory just for logging in. Plus, there will be additional rewards every day for nine days at 9pm.

As you can tell, there's a lot to get your teeth into in MU Origin 14.0. You can download the game for free right now on Google Play and the App Store. 

Slidout is a Strangely Soothing Puzzle Game, Out Now

Looking for a relaxing puzzle game that's actually going to test your grey matter? Then you should definitely be checking out Slidout.

The game, which is out now for iPhone, iPad and Android devices, features everything you could want from a mobile head-scratcher, all in one super-polished package.

The game mixes hyper-casual controls with a deeper experience to create something that's both familiar and fresh. You're sliding blocks left and right, but instead of building pictures or making matches, you're trying to get balls to drop to the bottom of the screen. Free the balls, finish the level.

Slidout is a premium game, so there are no IAPs to get in the way of your enjoyment. Instead you unlock new levels while you play. And those levels have been carefully hand-crafted to give your brain a great workout. Every member of the team at Vixa created a couple of their own levels, meaning there are different styles of challenge for you to try and overcome.

There are no time-limits here, either. Instead, you can complete the puzzles at your own pace. You'll need to collect keys to move locked blocks, avoid obstacles that can destroy your balls and much, much more. There's no single way to finish a challenge, so you can jump back in and try a different approach when you've completed a level.

Slidout offers a super-slick, really interesting premium puzzling experience. It's full of new ideas that are going to keep you on your toes, but it's simple enough that you're never going to feel overwhelmed. 

A relaxing puzzler, with loads of hand-made and carefully considered levels, that's easy to pick up and super difficult to put down? What's not to like. Slidout will set you back 99c, and it's available right now on the App Store and Google Play.

1sland Guide – Collect Oysters and Find The Island First With These Hints, Tips and Tricks

1sland is an interesting take on the battle royale genre. Instead of trying to kill all the other players, here you're trying to find the only island in a massive sea. Find it first and not only can you reap the rewards, you can also personalise the chunk of land to really put your mark on it.

It's a much more meditative experience than your usual blaster, but that doesn't mean that there isn't a decent level of challenge here. There's plenty you need to discover if you want to be staking your claim on the island first.

And that's where this guide comes in. We've played a good chunk of the game and uncovered a bunch of hints, tips and tricks that are going to help you get the most out of 1sland.

If you've got your own helpful suggestions then we'd love to hear them, so make sure you add them in the comments section at the bottom of the article. Before that, though, here's our guide to grabbing oysters and finding the island first in 1sland.

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How To Collect Oysters

There are a number of ways to collect oysters, and some are easier than others. You'll get 1 oyster for sailing a set distance, for smashing a specific number of ice chunks, for collecting orbs and for catching different species of fish. You can keep track of how you're doing with each from the in-game menu.

The more oysters you've got, the more you can spend, which is super important for getting to the island first. You'll need to buy faster boats, various upgrades and extra flares to make sure you're the the first to sight land.

Complete Missions After You've Found The Island

When you spot a mission, try and remember where it is – if you've got spare bouys you can drop one, for example. Missions are great ways to work your way up the leaderboards and increase your XP, but you shouldn't prioritise them over finding the island.

Some races are going to be difficult to finish when you've only got the starting boat. That's because you'll have to smash through ice, and won't have the speed to do it. You can still collect the orbs though, so it's worth taking them on.

Watch Out For Whirlpools

You'll see whirlpools from time to time – they're round patches of different coloured water – and if you're not careful they're going to suck you in and halt your progress. You'll only lose a few metres, but you can end up confused about the direction you need to be heading in.

It's best to give whirlpools as wide a berth as you possibly can. It might mean you're missing out on other goodies, but it's not worth the danger of getting sucked under the ocean.

Buy The Torch

Travelling slows down to a crawl during the night because you can't see where you're going. That means that buying the torch should be on the top of your agenda. The light lets you move faster during the dark times, which is essential if you want to get to the island first.

Once you've got the torch, it's time to start making your ship faster. The upgrades you buy will apply to any boat that you unlock, so you'll be helping out your future boating self as well.

Download 1sland from the App Store

Ragnarok Mobile Maintenance Changelog for July 30th

Ragnarok M Eternal Love officially announced from their Facebook page that they will be having a scheduled server maintenance for July 30, 2020 at exactly 12:00 PM to 4:00 PM (Manila, Philippine Time) for both Eternal Love and Midnight Party server.

During the maintenance all players will not able to access and play the game. However, players will be rewarded with "ABUNDANT" items as compensation to their in-game mail.

The scheduled maintenance will also introduced new content for the game especially for the upcoming events.

Below are the Change log updates.

New Contents

4th-Job Rune will be available after the maintenance

  • Each class will have 2 new S tier Rune-star, only available to 4th-Job ascendary.
  • 3 New Skill runes slots and 4 attributes rune slots
  • Attribute Runes can level up to 15.
  • New items in Brave's Holy Emblem such as Glittering Rune Stone – Star.
  • New items in Big Cat Store such as Glittering Rune Stone – Star (20% discount)
  • Singra Master Box added new mission for Louyang Region

New Headwear items for 4th-job Ascendary

  • After finishing the mission for 4th-job, new headwear will be available for its class it will be unlocked after the maintenance.
  • Thanatos Tower added a new Evil Sword Store. Players who finished Rune Master Job advanced quest Gaze into the Abyss can go to NPC Julius to purchase the Evil Sword Weapon transmog.

New Collectable item and toys.

  • After finishing the collectable items set, adventurer can claim certain rewards from the Adventurer Handbook – Collectable item page. (Note: Most of the Collectable Toys can only be used in Towns or out in the fields)

Wasteland World MVP (Dragon Skeleton)

  • At the northweast corner of the Wasteland, a new MVP monster will be spawn every 2-hours from (1:00 PM, 5:00PM and 6:00PM). Players will get tons of rewards when eliminating the MPV.

Brand new Mercenary Cat System

  • New quest mission Meow Inclusive in Prontera which will allow players to unlock the Advanced Mercenary Cat

Five New Pets

  • Two added Luoyang Areas for pet adventure

New Refine Rewards for Depositing in the Handbook

  • Added new effect for Drooping Baphomet Jr., Cap of Blindness, Loki's Whisper, Baby Owl, and Merchant Tail when refining to +8.

Six New Cards to craft to King Poring

  • Kitty Wonderland Card
  • Mysteltain ★ Card
  • Mutant Dragon ★ Card
  • Rafflesia ★ Card
  • Alice ★ Card
  • Clock Tower Manager ★ Card

New Assistant Voucher added to the NPC Mitt's Store

Prontera NPC Sif store added Valkyrie's Gift and some new furniture items.

Game Optimization

  1. Oracle Dungeon casualization: When finished certain difficulties, you will receive the rewards for that difficulty as well as all the rewards for the lower difficulties. So that adventurers don't have to finish all the difficulties.
  2. GVG Notice Optimization: When your guild has an occupied castle, there will be a notice in the guild chat room if any guild members occupied any other castles.
  3. Echoing Corridor Optimization
  • Optimization the monster spawning areas, reduce the chance of being killed right after entering a room
  • Removed the Wraith monster that can teleport away
  • Fixed "Leaf of Yggdrasil" item can be used in Echoing Corridor
  • Optimization for the situation when any party members went offline during the Echoing Corridor instance.
  1. Wasteland Optimization:
  • Daily Elite Monster reward boxes are not affected by Battle Time
  • Nerfed certain elite monsters
  • Buffed certain skills from "Yggdrasil Spirit"
  • The fallen tree trunks are not able to be targeted while auto farming
  • Reduced certain elite monsters' respawn cooldown: elites with respawn CD of 30 minutes are now respawning every 15 minutes; elites with respawn CD of 60 minutes are now respawning every 30 minutes
  • Buffed the effect of transform structure in the Wasteland
  1. MVP Panel Optimization
  • You can now mark your favorite MVPs, the ones you marked as favorite will be displayed on the top.
  1. Thanatos Tower Optimization
  • There is a Mysterious researcher NPC who knows about the "Rathgricy – Fallen Feather". For those who have already finished "Angel Wing Feather Exaltation" mission can go to Thanatos Tower area and talk to NPC Anniru to exchange "Rathgricy – Fallen Feather" with 6 "Angel Snow Feather"
  • "Angel Snow Feather" can be exchanged with 1000 Rune Coins
  1. Puzzle Event Panel Optimization
  • New Mission Description, click the mission panel to check the detailed Mission Descriptions
  • New Event Calendar Button, click "Calendar" button to access the Event Button Panel
  • Optimization for "Currently running Mission" timer, the Currently running Mission will have a remaining timer to inform you how much time you have left.
  1. Cake Battle Optimization
  • New qualification terms: when all the party members enter the Cake Battle instance, the system will check if everyone is qualified for the rewards. If someone is not qualified, there will be a notice;
  • Optimization the Battle Time Rule Description;
  • Optimization Crystal Skill Display.
  1. Skill Optimization: You are now able to cast "Prepare for Elite" skill when using "Warg Rider"
  2. During GvG, when a party member defeats an enemy target, everyone else in the party will receive 20 Honor Points instead of 10.
  3. More costume appearances are available to Doram Race
  4. Merchant Kart is now available to change appearance with transmog features. Merchant Karts can now be saved in the Handbook
  5. Mount item Panel Optimization: Mount items, and Pet monster Egg items now have Unlock/Deposit reward stats in the item description.
  6. King Poring Card Craft feature is now supported with fast purchase.
  7. Item "Deathcat Cape" is now able to be socketed.
  8. Origin Skill Panel Optimization: Optimized the UI display of Origin Skill Panel
  9. Mission Optimizations
  • Fixed the issue with mission [Honey Thief] sometime lost tracking
  • Fixed the issue with mission [Invitation to Death] cannot be finished
  • Changed the terms of Assistant Growth Plan 3 "Kill a person by accident"
  • Fixed the issue with mission "Forest Robber" dispel the horong steps cannot be finished
  • Fixed the issue with mission Saint advance quest lost tracking after re-entered the game.
  • The mission Luoyang riddle is now available only to adventurers with base levels of 100 and above.
  • Fixed the issue with Assistant's mission being reset
  • Mercenary Cat Daily rewards is "Kitty Coin" *4
  • Fixed the issue with Mercenary Cat Daily mission cannot reset.

Issue Fixed

  1. Fixed the issue with base level 150 and above adventurers not able to use "Brand-new Adventure Voucher"
  2. Fixed the issue with Wasteland climate change features not lasting desired durations.
  3. Fixed the issue with skill "Steel Body" not compatible with certain items
  4. Fixed the issue with certain skill will cause auto attack to have delay timer
  5. Fixed the issue with Super Novice class skill reset bug
  6. Fixed the issue with toy item "Thermal Rift"
  7. Optimized Wasteland Mission Display
  8. Fixed the issue with skill "Photon Cannon" being affected in "Earth Field"
  9. Fixed the issue with "Giant Egg" scenery not able to unlock
  10. Fixed the issue with skill "Homunculus Synthesis"
  11. Fixed the issue with certain headwear like "Star Marina" causing avatar display malfunction
  12. Fixed the issue with Skill "Dark View"'s darkness effect can be cleansed
  13. Fixed the issue with certain monsters in Wasteland Map not able to be damaged.
  14. Fixed the issue with skill "Kitty Transformation" display malfunction
  15. Fixed the issue with skill "Tide Shield" can cause teammates to lose SP
  16. Fixed the issue with skill "Moon Chant" buff malfunction
  17. Fixed the issue with Pet Cherry Snow Spirit Monster Egg's skill
  18. Fixed the issue with skill "Eden Team Blessing" not able to put in "Prepare for Elite"
  19. Fixed the issue with skill "Sit Down Elegantly" malfunction
  20. Fixed the issue with certain skills' cooldown malfunction
  21. Fixed the issue with skill "Covered Shot" having no effect
  22. Fixed the issue with "Chirp Skylark blueprint" not able to be unlocked
  23. Fixed the issue with item "Heilion Bracelet" having no effect to skill "Soul Breaker"
  24. Fixed the issue with item "Imperial Guard" having no effect
  25. Fixed the issue with skill "Homunculus Synthesis" not compatible with skill "Faith Pray"
  26. Fixed the issue with skill "Repentance" damage counting as Magic Damage
  27. Fixed the display issue with headwear "Twisted Candy Bag"
  28. Fixed the issue with skill "Accurate Hunting" causing Fly Wing to have more CD
  29. Fixed the issue with item "Delicious Bamboo Shoots" not being able to trade on the Exchange
  30. Fixed the display issue with Oracle Dungeon weekly passing times
  31. Fixed the issue with damage absorb Shield preventing the skill added debuff.
  32. Fixed the issue with mount item skills
  33. Fixed the issue with missing items in Mitt NPC Store
  34. Fixed the issue with Energy Ring item description
  35. Fixed the issue with mission "Invitation to Death" missing quest NPC

Biggest Hero Ever? Upcoming Fighter/Tank Barats Skills Guide (Mobile Legends: Bang Bang)

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang will be releasing the upcoming fighter/tank which will be the biggest hero in the land of dawn. Having skills that gives very high damage output and an overwhelming defense. Barats is one of the best heroes in MLBB that you should be using in clashing, because both of Barats first and second skill have Crowd Control.

Barats is already released in the advance server. Barats name before is actually Barts, and his pet from Rahal to Detona. Barats is a Dino Rider and at the same time Barats is a dessert king who can absorb energy and become bigger.

Detona or was known before as Rahal from his backstory is actually a dragon. Barats uses his tounge as a basic attack, slapping his enemies. Barats has a specialty of damage and crowd control, making him one of the heroes you don't wanna mess with in the late game. Barats is recommended in jungling, because of his tank abilities, he can easily go on farming.

This new hero barats was also featured by Choox Tv. Barats is also compared to the pokemon charmander, because of his flaming tail and physical appearance.

Skills Guide

Barats skills are actually very effective, Kaja and Franco would really be jealous of his second skill, not only because it only takes 8 seconds for cooldown at a max level but it can also push enemies in Barats direction, Making Barats an ideal damage dealer and a perfect hero for sets as long as he doesn't mess around with the combo of guineverre's second's skill and ulti combo.

Barat's passive skill is called I am Big. Each time Detona deals damage with his skills, he absorb energy and enhances himself, gaining 1 stack of robust. The more stacks Detona has, the bigger he becomes, but each stack only takes 10 seconds. Barat's passive is very effective, so use his passive wisely. Each time Detona deals damage to a target, he inflicts 1 stack of Feast to the target. When the feast reaches 4 stacks, Detona will gnaw the target upon the next Basic Attack, dealing physical damage according to his Max HP and restoring HP, making him one of the most effective heroes in clashing, enemies would surely be aware about his massive size. When robust exceeds 10 stacks, Detona's basic attack will now trample the target, where each basic attack inflicts 2 stacks Feast on the target. Whenever you encounter this hero, be aware that you should never get hit more than 3 of his basic attacks, marksman and mages will be very effective against this hero.

Barat's first skill is So-Called Teamwork an AoE. Detona Spits contaminated oil then Barats drops firecrackers in a fan shaped area infront of Barats. The contaminated oil deals 75/100/125/150/175/200 +8% Total HP. Slowing the enemies within the area by 15% for 1 second. The slow effect is more than enough for a remarkable combo of Barat's, which will be explained below.

The second skill is Crowd Control that is called Missiles Expert. Barats launches missiles to the designated area. Upon landing, a blast of flame spout out from the rear of the missile, dealing 300/330/360/390/420/450 +125% total physical attack, the pushing enemies towards his direction. This skill can really counter the enormous heroes like pharsa and odette. This crowd control should really be useful and if used properly, it will be very easy to be used for early game.

The ultimate skill is Detona roars skyward and generates a forcefield around himself for 5 seconds. Enemies that come in contact with the edge of the forcefield will be 300/500/700 +100% Total Physical Attack and will be stun for 1 second, while enemies within the forcefield takes 60 + 20% physical attack + 0.7 total hp continously every 1 second and slowing them by 20%. The forcefield looks like a huge circle on fire. Barats and Tigreal's ulti will have a very good combo.

The perfect hero for combo with Barats would be Tigreal and Odette. While Tigreal uses Ulti and catches atleast 2 heroes, Barats should also use Ulti along with Odette's Ulti, this way heroes that don't use purify should be killed easily.

A Quick Guide to Up Coming Fighter: Khaleed (Mobile Legends: Bang Bang)

Khaleed is the new hero of Mobile Legends Bang Bang, it was recently featured by Chooxtv in his latest videos. He is a desert scimitar and has a role as fighter. His abilities are damage and regeneration, he is not recommended to be played in mid lane but rather than to roam in side lanes. He can go to middle lane if he needs to back up his team mates in clashing.

Table of Contents

  1. Khaleed Hero
  2. Skills
    1. Sand Walk
    2. Desert Tornado
    3. Quicksand Guard
    4. Raging Storm

Khaleed Hero

Khaleed is difficult to be use because his attacks are very predictable by the enemy, except in clashing. Although it is very predictable , once you caught up the dealt damage is high. It is recommended that you are fast learner with fast hands in using Khaleed since he is a complicated character to be use especially in his skill sets. You need to be wise using his skills in every situation , especially in clashing.

Khaleed can be combined to any hero depending how the players handle other heroes during battle. But the best heroes to unleash a good combo of Khaleed are Tigreal, Sun, Johnson, Benedetta , Faramis , Jawhead and Sillvana. Depending how the players handle Khaleed and the said heroes to have a high win rate.

Based from Chooxtv video about Khaleed, any item to be use will do as long as it is applicable to its situation. Like wise it will reduce your winning rate if you use the same item in every game. It is better to have revitalize in his equipped battle spell in order to reuse his second skill: quicksand guard which I going to explain below.


Sand Walk

Khaleed's passive called Sand Walk it has the ability to fly and roam around the side lanes. It will allow to increase the speed of Khaleed while dashing his enemies in his range which slows them and dealt damage in his basic attacks. His passive skill will temporary lost when his steady or at rest.

Desert Tornado

His first skill is called Desert Tornado which create a leap or jump while attacking his enemy in its direction. Having a dealt damage to its enemies. Reusable depending how timing it is, at beginning it has long cool down, later in its middle game which it will reduce and very useful at kill spree.

Quicksand Guard

His second skill is called Quicksand guard it restores his health and creates a buff. You can use his second skill after using the first skill while clashing or pushing depending the level of his second skill. At the beginning the health restore is around 70 hp during middle game it will go higher at five seconds in every use. However once you moved Khaleed while activating his second skill will loss his ability to heal.

Raging Storm

His ultimate skill is called Raging Storm which create a sand storm and c stuns his enemies at 1 second. It is best to be used during clashing not one one situations . When using his ultimate make sure to hit at least two enemies or else it will be useless and can affect the game play set by your teammates. Be wise in using his ultimate to create a good combo during clashing.

The New Chasing Assassin Benedetta Guide (Mobile Legends: Bang Bang)

After the release of the black dragon Yu Zhong, many players gets excited of using a dragon in the land of dawn. A new hero is coming to Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, an assassin, Benedetta, she is a shadow ranger. Benedetta's iconic quote is when the body suffers, the spirit blooms.

Is this hero OP (Overpowered)? The answer would be yes, she is very OP, she can chase enemies easily and she can escape from them while guarding herself. Benedetta's basic attack has different looks from the original basic attack, instead it gives an image of two swords crossing each other just like her role, an assassin.

Benedetta's specialty is chase/burst, which means, she can easily chase heroes or escape intentionally. Benedetta should go on farming, the stronger you get in the early the better. Another way of using this hero properly is by always using her basic attack, then holding it, allowing her to activate her passive skill. The hero is all about dashing, she is like a girl version of Lancelot.

Benedetta and Hayabusa would have an OP combo, I would not recommend having 2 assassins in a game unless one of them adjusts and take the enemies blue buff. Benedetta's Ultimate Skill makes her invisible while dashing and slowing them down, then here is where Hayabusa's scene appear, while benedetta use her ulti, hayabusa should also use his ulti, having an unstoppable duo. Another hero that can do a harsh combo with Benedetta is the tank Khufra, the set would be, Khufra's ulti then Benedetta's Ulti, if the tank can properly set it would give higher chances of winning. I would highly recommend not to use Benedetta without a hero that can stun or immobilize because heroes can easily escape her ulti. Benedetta has a sword on her right side, it can only be filled by holding the basic attack. But overall this combo there is one team that would be unstoppable in clashing (if it hits the right combo) The team would be, Benedetta, Tigreal, Zhask, Silvanna and Wanwan. After Tigreal uses the combo of flicker and Ulti, Zhask and Silvanna should do the same, making the enemies stuck inside, then Wanwan should use her first skill, then wait for few hits to activate her ulti, then Benedetta would use her ulti. If this combo is perfectly timed, then it would be one of the best combos on MLBB. The player should always use basic attack to charge the passive.

Skills Guide

Benedetta's passive skill is called Elapsed Daytime it is a blink and damage way of passive. When holding down the Basic Attack button, Benedetta enters the swordout state, at this state, she gathers sword intent, and if Benedetta releases her basic intent after swordout state, she is already fully charged. The way to release her fully charged swordout state is by holding down the basic attack button. She can also gain sword intent when dealing damage by basic attack and casting skills. The skills damage is considered as skill damage. The HP restoration will be reduced to 20% if she hits minions and creeps. Use her passive skill in clashing or while escaping, her passive is what you would like about her, because she is already fast yet still goes faster.

Her First Skill is both burst and blink, this skill let's Benedetta withdraw swiftly and leaves a shadow in the front. After a short delay, her shadow slashes forward in a fan-shaped area, dealing 300/340/380/420/460/500 and an additional 40% physical attack. This skill is best for offense, because it gives huge amount of damage and a dash, but always keep an eye on the map and avoid CC heroes.

Benedetta's second skill is also a very important skill, it not only helps players on defense but also has offensive structures. Benedetta raises her weapon to defend in this skill, it is called an eye for an eye, the title itself is already very good and is obviously for defense. This skill is very helpful for taking buffs and for clashes.

Alecto: Final Blow is an ulti that is also both defense and for offense. It is very helpful, since you can be invisible, it is very helpful for surprise attacks and for escaping.

Guardian Tales has made their Global Debut!

Kakao Games has officially global released Guardian Tales. It is a mobile adventure RPG game filled with challenging puzzles, nostalgic pixel game designs, and amusing storyline. With its uniquely fun gameplay, Guardian Tales has gotten enormous loving feedback from its launch in Korea recently and has also received plenty of respondents during global pre-registration.

The game comes with multiple language options, supporting up to 10 languages including English, Chinese, Russia, and many more!

App Store & Play Store Download :

Guardian Tales is an action adventure RPG with retro pixel game elements combined with beautiful character illustrations. Each world comes with challenging puzzles and hidden routes outside of the map where exciting loots and rewards are waiting to be claimed. With over 50 amazing heroes to collect, Players will create a team of 4 and play together with their Guild in Raid or fight against other players in the Arena and Colosseum. There are also many puzzles and challenging dungeons to complete and hidden locations to discover!

You think that's all? Guess again! A roadmap event "Premiere Night 2", is also held on the same day!

On this event, Guardians will need to collect Event points by playing Rifts, Tower, Arena, Colosseum, and Adventure stages. Each content gives a different amount of Event Points. The more Event Points collected, the more rewards you can exchange during the event.

You can join in and communicate with other Guardians in our community and share some cool tips and get the latest updates of the game!

Earth Women Are Delicious Guide in Destroy All Humans

For the second mission in Destroy All Humans, titled Earth Woman Are Delicious. Crypto has been tasked with different objective specifically using the disguising skills and the introduction of Abduct-O-Beam weapon of your Flying Saucer.


Here are the list of objectives for Mission 2 – Earth Woman are Delicious:

  1. Find a fitting test subject
    1. Enter the fair
    2. Scan human minds
    3. Scan Miss Rockwell
  2. Abduct the test subject
    1. Hypnotize Miss Rockwell
    2. Escort Miss Rockwell to the saucer
    3. (Optional Objectives) Escort Miss Rockwell posing as the Mayor
  3. Get into the Saucer
    1. Board the Saucer
  4. Wreck havoc on the Fair
    1. Destroy the fair buildings
    2. (Optional Objectives) Destroy buildings with the Abduct-O-Beam

In this guide, we will show you all of the details on how to complete each tasks.

Find a fitting Test Subject

The mission will start by erasing the memory of the first human in the mission that spotted you. You need to reach near the folks and use the Forget skill to erase his memory (In PC, Press X on the keyboard).

After that, with the same folks, you need to use Holobob (For PC, Press F on keyboard) on him to disguise yourself.

As you roam around the area, your Holobob skill will be degraded, you need to refresh your Holobob for it to work for a longer period of time. Find any person in the area and use Refresh Holobob (In PC, Press R on your keyboard).

Basically, your first major objective is to reach the Fair. Simply enter the gate and Pox will give you more details.

Once you've reach the fair, your next object to scan human minds and find the fitting test subject. You don't have to scan each of the humans in the fair, you just need to scan those with ? marks in their head. The indicator are also shown in the map that has blue hexagon shapes.

The first one is near the gate area, just outside the backyard cow farm. You need to use Cortex Scan (In PC, Press R in keyboard) to test the subject.

The second one is seating at the entrance of the Ferris Wheel.

The third one is in the stage, basically the Mayor talking in the rally.

The last one is Miss Rockwell, inside the red/yellow large tent. You'll find inside Miss Rockwell posing on the stage.

After completing scanning the 4 human species, Pox will tell you which one of them are the test subject which is basically Miss Rockwell.

Abduct the Test Subject

You need to abduct Miss Rockwell for you to get her using the Implant Command (In PC, Press E on keyboard). Once done, Miss Rockwell will follow you, you need to escort her to the ship.

There is an optional objective that you need to disguise as the Mayor. For you to disguise as the mayor, you need at the back of the stage and use the Holobob.

Once done disguising as the mayor, escort Miss Rockwell to the Flying Saucer. From time to time, you also need to recharge your Holobob or else your disguise will be gone and unable to complete the optional objective. Use Refresh Holobob to any human species near your area.

When reaching near the Flying Saucer, you'll be able to complete the optional objective as well as escorting Miss Rockwell.

From here, Miss Rockwell will be entering to your ship for Test subject.

Get into the Saucer

In this part, you just basically need to enter the ship. (In PC, Press E to board the Saucer).

Wreck Havoc on the Fair

Once you've boarded the saucer, your primary objective is to destroy the fair. But there is an optional objective that you need to use Vehicles either car or tanks to destroy the buildings.

You need to use the Abduct-O-Beam to get the car, you just need to point to the vehicle and use the Abduct-O-Beam (In PC, Right-click and hold the mouse button).

Once you're holding the vehicle, swing the vehicle and throw it on the building. You need to destroy 3 buildings to complete this optional objectives.

Once you've done the Optional Objectives, you can now freely destroy the remaining building in any method you want.

Once you've completed all of the objectives, you'll get a 100% Mission Completion and unlock the 1,000 DNA rewards.

You may also watch this walkthrough video for the whole mission.

That's it guys, we will be doing more tips and guides for Destroy All Humans, See Yah.

How to Restart Mission on Destroy All Humans

Uncompleting the objective for each mission on Destroy All Humans are commonly avoidable, especially if you're new on the game. For some reason, there are no restart mission when you're trying to go to Mission tab, making other players unable to retry completing the objectives without creating a new game.

The advantage of completing the objectives is it gives you DNA points rewards that you can use to upgrade Crypto abilities and your Flying Saucer such us increasing the duration of disguising other human species to help you with your mission.

If you didn't figure out how to replay the mission in Destroy All Humans, we will teach you where you can find it in the game – it's just hidden on some tabs.

How to Restart Mission

To restart the mission, from Pox's Lab, simply go to Archives tab.

Then select Holopox Deck, this will show you all of the available mission you've already completed.

You can then select the mission you'd like to replay. Hit the Replay button.

From here, it will asked you to confirm for a Restart Mission. Select Yes to restart it.

Using the Holopox dex will allow you to replay the mission and do other handy, invasion improving activities. Basically to get a perfect star for each mission.

How to Abduct Cows on Destroy All Humans (Cornered Beef)

In the Turnipseed Farm, there is a specific quest called Abduction – Cornered Beef, where you'll be abducting cows for research. Orthopox said "We need to collect samples for further research. I've marked the drop zone. Hurry up: Earth's axial rotation combined with its polluted atmosphere makes it impossible to target lock the Colossal Abduct-O-Beam Orbital Transporter for long!".

Basically, you need to abduct those cows and you have to use the Abduct-O-Beam and throw the cows in the circle drop zone to deliver it to the mothership.

You only have roughly 2-minutes to finish the mini game and your goal is to get at least 1-star which is equivalent to 15 cows. Getting 3-star will also reward you additional 1,000 DNA.

How to Abduct Cows

When the rounds starts, there will be a blue drop zone circle that will appear in the field, you need to jump off and reach near the circle that has hoard of cows. Using jetpack is very effective for moving around ahead of the moving drop zone circle.

Then point your cursor to the cow and use the Abduct-O-Beam (For pc, its right-click mouse button).

Once you've captured the cow, you need to throw it straight to the moving blue drop-zone (releasing the mouse right-click for PC). To be effective, you need to point it on the center and top of it.

You need to do it quickly for you to get the minimum quota. However, you can retry the game as many as you can until you'll reach the 3-star.

You may also watch this video for complete walkthrough.


When you completing the task by reaching atleast 1-star, you'll get the following rewards.

  • 1-star – 200 DNA
  • 3-star – 1,000 DNA

That's it guys! This is one of the few guides we will be covering for the Destroy All Humans alien game.

Redeem Code for Black Desert Mobile x Netflix Cursed Event

Cursed, a Netflix Original Series collaborated with the mobile game Black Desert Mobile to give the players in the game new adventure to explore in the world of Cursed. Starring Nimue, you need to help her with her quest to escape from those enemies who seek eliminate magic from their world. Doing the quest in the game will give players a Fey Coin which can be exchanged for valuable and rare items.

In addition to this event, they also announced a Redeem Code for Black Desert Mobile that players can claim to get awesome items. Though you need to act fast as this redeem code is valid until August 24, 2020.

The Redeem code for Black Desert Mobile X Cursed event are the following:

Codes Rewards

You can redeem this code at or from the in-game redeem.

Once successfully redeemed, check your in-game mail and the rewards should be located in their containing the Fey Coins.

That's it guys! Enjoy playing BDM!

Tencent Games Releases The Everlasting Regret on iOS & Android

An unforgettable interactive poetic and puzzle-solving experience awaits

Tencent's Lightspeed & Quantum Studios, has released poetic puzzle game The Everlasting Regret on iOS and Android in more than 50 countries and regions with language support for English and Chinese. The game is an adapted version of the Chinese narrative poem Song of Everlasting Regret and features tailor-made levels told across four chapters designed to present this tragic love story in a beautiful artistic style reminiscent of the Tang Dynasty.

Song of Everlasting Regret is a poem written by the Chinese poet Bai Juyi. It is inspired by the love story of an emperor of the Tang Dynasty who falls in love with a beautiful young girl. Emperor Xuanzong becomes so entranced by Lady Yang that he forgets all of his responsibilities while they both enjoy every minute of their love. Suddenly, war breaks out and the emperor must lead his troops into battle but brings the girl for fear of leaving her alone. His men see that he is distracted and demand Lady Yang be killed to focus his attention on the battle. Xuanzong has no choice but to allow it. After her death, Xuanzong regrets his decision and reflects on all the happy moments they had together.

Xuanzong misses her and even asks priest to contact her soul. This is a sad love story but people are touched by the love, sacrifice, death, and the hope that couple will be reunited one day. The poem ends with the lines "The boundless sky and endless earth may pass away, but this vow unfulfilled will be regretted for aye."

The Everlasting Regret plays like an interactive poem as players need to solve puzzles in order to move on to the next page. Three paint elements, Vivify, Bond, and Destroy, will help players interact with each story segment to complete its narrative, but they can also be used to discover secret scenarios featuring new illustrations. The whole love story of Xuanzong and his beloved concubine Lady Yang is reproduced after finishing four chapters. In addition to its main story, The Everlasting Regret boasts an encyclopedia with a dictionary, commentary, achievements, and artifacts.

The game chooses a Chinese ink-brush painting art style to tell its love story. This special drawing technic and symbol of oriental esthetics is created by using a brush dipped into ground ink, then submerged in water before being painted onto a canvas of paper or silk. A similar impressive visual presentation can also be found in Zhang Yimou's film Shadow.

The game's soundtrack also plays a key role in telling this tragic love story and is characteristic of the Tang Dynasty in its use of Chinese traditional instruments.

The Everlasting Regret is now available on iOS and Android devices in more than 50 countries and regions at the following locations:

Check out this awesome poster from The Everlasting Regret.