Monstrum 2 – Steam Beta Key Giveaway

We have 2,000 Steam Beta Keys to give away for Monstrum 2, a tense objective-based asymmetric 4v1 multiplayer survival horror game where prisoners attempt to escape from a decaying oceanic research facility while being stalked by terrifying monsters.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer during the closed Alpha sign up, in Monstrum 2 a team of up to four players has to use … Read More

Ad Infernum – Pre-Alpha Demo

Ad Infernum is a first person survival horror adventure where you complete dark rituals at a gas station in the middle of the desert while being hunted by freaky demonic monsters.

Currently in development by Entropy Phi, Creator of Heliophobia, Ad Infernum is a fast paced first person survival horror game where a car crash has killed your friend and left you stranded at … Read More

Time and Again – Game Jam Build Download

Time and Again is a cleverly crafted top-down puzzle game where your character repeats your actions, whether you want them to or not!

Created for the Brackey's Jam 2020.2, in Time and Again you control a little character whose aim is to reach the exit of each level. You can move any way you like, but after a certain amount of moves (usually 2 or … Read More

Crucible – Beta Sign Up

Crucible is a first person hero shooter from Amazon Game Studios which blends elements of Overwatch, DOTA and Fortnite as hunters face off against each other in a deadly alien planet.

Crucible was originally released in open Beta back in May, but after a very rocky start it went back into closed Beta to lick its wounds and try to fix the issues players … Read More

Afloat – Student Game Download

Afloat is a beautiful third person action game where a flying robot harvests energy from flying fish to help a flying city survive an impending storm.

Created by students at the Vancouver Film School, in Afloat you take control of a robot that can glide and use a grapple tether to swing through the air. Your purpose is to harvest energy from the fish that … Read More

Pants – Game Jam Build

Pants is a very funny little low rez point and click adventure that takes some hilarious twists as you go in search of your missing pants.

Created for LOWREZJAM 2020, Pants is a short and delightfully silly little point and click adventure about one man's search for his missing pants. After waking up in the street with no memory of how you got there and … Read More

Blankos Block Party – Beta Sign Up

Blankos Block Party is a wonderfully chaotic looking massively multiplayer sandbox party game where Funko Pop!-esque characters come to life in a blockchain world where they can build, play and share.

Currently in development by a team of industry veterans that have worked on Call of Duty, WoW, Guitar Hero and Skylanders, Blankos Block Party looks set to deliver a sandbox gaming experience a … Read More

Little Pink Submarine – Beta Download

Little Pink Submarine is an addictive arcade action game where you control a cute little pink submarine as you dive down into the sea, avoid hazards, collect treasure and resurface before your air runs out.

In each level of Little Pink Submarine your aim is to dive down and collect as much treasure as possible and bring it back to the surface before your air … Read More

Iron Conflict – Steam Beta Key Giveaway

We have 1,500 Steam Beta keys to giveaway for Iron Conflict, the multiplayer real-time strategy game with epic battle with up to 20 players and a huge variety of land and air military vehicles to take command of.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer during the Beta Sign Up Iron Conflict is a spectacle-filled MOBA/RTS hybrid playable in 3v3, 5v5 and 10v10 matches. In … Read More

Bless Unleashed – Beta Sign Up (PS4)

Bless Unleashed is coming to PS4 and players up now for a chance to join in the Beta and join in Bandai Namco's epic massively multiplayer RPG with massive monsters and mythical beasts.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer during the Xbox One closed Beta, Bless Unleashed is an action-focused massively multiplayer open world RPG set in a world that's recovering from a man-made … Read More

Adventures of Chai – Game Jam Build Download

Adventures of Chai is an inventive puzzle platformer where you can record your actions and rewind time to work alongside previous versions of yourself.

Created for the Brackeys Jam 2020.2, in Adventures of Chai you control a cute little creature called Chai who has the nifty ability to rewind time. In each level your aim is to make your way to the exit, but often … Read More

Airhead – Alpha Demo

Airhead is a stylish Limbo/Inside-esque 2.5D puzzle platforming adventure where a headless body and an inflatable head-like organism work together to make their way through a strange alien world.

In Airhead you control an agile little creature with no head as they make their way through a sprawling metroidvania style open world. You're pretty functional without a heat – able to jump, climb, swing, push/pull … Read More

Reggie – Beta Sign Up (PC, Mac, Linux, Xbox, Switch & PS4)

Reggie is a beautifully animated platforming adventure where a gravity defying apple travels through space and time to save the world.

In Reggie you take on the role of a sentient apple from the 16,000th century. In this distant future where scientific achievements from the past are being erased. Among the many other things lost from the past is that the apple never fell on … Read More

Wait! Life is Beautiful! – Beta Demo

Wait! Life is Beautiful! is a thought provoking little narrative driven game where you stand on a bridge renowned for suicides and talk to jumpers to try and save their lives.

In Wait! Life is Beautiful! you step into the shoes of Will – a man who visits the legendary "Suicide Bridge" each night and tries to stop people from killing themselves. The bridge has … Read More

This Means Warp – Alpha Sign Up

This Means Warp is a cooperative roguelike space exploration and combat game that plays a little like FTL: Faster Than Light, but with each player taking control of a different crewmember of the ship!

Playable with up to four players in online or local co-op multiplayer, in This Means Warp you must work together with your crewmates as you traverse a procedurally generated universe … Read More

Seedlings – Beta Demo

Seedlings is a beautiful puzzle platforming adventure which sees you controlling a sentient seed as it makes its way through a game world that's crafted from photos of the forests of New Zealand.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer back in 2018, Seedlings is a puzzle platforming adventure that takes place in the forests of New Zealand, where a new species of sentient seeds … Read More

The Riftbreaker – Alpha Demo

The Riftbreaker features a fast paced fusion of twin-stick combat, base-building and tower defense as you jump in a heavily armed mech-suit and try to colonize an alien planet with thousands of swarming enemies.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer during the closed Alpha Sign Up, The Riftbreaker is a base-building survival action RPG where you travel to a distant alien planet and try … Read More

Salt 2 – Alpha Sign Up

Alpha sign ups are now live for Salt 2, a beautiful looking sequel to Lavaboot's Studios' wonderfully chilled out open world seafaring survival adventure.

Salt 2 is an open world pirate survival game set across an infinite ocean filled with islands to explore, quests to complete, pirates to fight, merchants to trade with and ancient ruins to discover. As you travel the seas you'll … Read More

TRAIN 113 – Alpha Download

TRAIN 113 is a very tense first person horror adventure that takes which sees you making your way through a subway train that's haunted by a malevolent spirit.

In TRAIN 113 you awaken alone in a train that's hurtling through the subway. You're not totally alone though – the train is also haunted by a very freaky spirit, and apparently she "likes the dark". It … Read More

Gripper – Alpha Demo

Gripper is a vehicle-based comic book styled action RPG adventure where you use a car with a giant grappling claw attached to it to interact with objects, fight enemies and battle giant bosses.

In Gripper you follow the story of a young man who lives on a farm in the world of Burning Man – a place where androids literally do burn men. It's a … Read More

Circle of Football – Beta Download

Circle of Football has now hit Steam Early Access, and for a limited time only you can grab it for free!

As mentioned during the closed Beta, Circle of Football is a fast-paced physics-based arcade football game from the creators of Circle of Sumo. It features 1v1 and 2v2 matches in a variety of different little arenas – from a furniture-filled living room … Read More

19 Line – Game Jam Build Download

19 Line is a dark and unsettling horror visual novel which follows a rookie subway driver as he stumbles across a gathering of cultists lurking within the tunnels.

Created for the Inkjam 2020, 19 Line follows the story of a man who has always dreamed of being a train driver. You're thrilled to have recently secured a job running the 19 Line in the subway … Read More

Spinch – Beta Demo

Spinch is a very fast paced psychedelic platformer where a super-agile little white ball with legs sets out to rescue its offspring.

Currently in development by award winning cartoonist Jesse Jacobs, Spinch is a fast, fun and visually spectacular platforming adventure set in a vibrant multicolored world. In the game you take control of Spinch, an agile creature that resembles a golf ball with arms … Read More

Patch Quest – Beta Download

Patch Quest is a charming looking roguelike action adventure where you can mount and ride every monster in its colorful patchwork world!

Playable in single player or local 2 player co-op, Patch Quest takes place in the lost civilization of Patchlantis – a magical lane filled with cute monsters which, where the terrain gets shuffled every night by powerful storms. The monsters can be pretty … Read More

Memento – Student Game Download

Memento is a beautiful little SciFi cartography adventure where you control a little reconnaissance robot that can jump like a grasshopper, as it scouts out an alien planet for mankind.

Created by a group of students from CNAM-ENJMIN, in Memento you take control of a reconnaissance robot as it explores dn charts a vibrant alien planet. It's not a dangerous place, but it does require … Read More

Dinosaur Fossil Hunter – Beta Demo

Dinosaur Fossil Hunter is a remarkably in depth narrative driven adventure/simulation game that tells the story of how a young boy with a passion for dinosaurs becomes a very successful paleontologist.

In Dinosaur Fossil Hunter you get to experience some of the work, drive and passion it takes to become a renowned paleontologist. You follow the story of a paleontology enthusiast throughout their life, starting … Read More

Iron Conflict – Beta Sign Up

Iron Conflict is a competitive online real-time strategy game that features hundreds of different WWII and modern era tanks and aircraft for you to command in battles with up to 20 players.

In Iron Conflict players will be able to play in 3v3, 5v5 or 10v10 online battles set cross massive randomly generated battlefields. Each player creates a squad of three units, from a selection … Read More

rococo – Game Jam Build

rococo is a spooky and surreal little dream-like adventure where the ground is a giant trampoline that you jump on to eat cookies and reach the moon.

Created for the Haunted PS1 Summer of Screams jam, rococo is a short and stylish little spooky game set in a surreal dreamworld where you can bounce on the ground like a trampoline. Your aim is to jump … Read More

RE:RUN – Game Jam Build Download

RE:RUN is a speedrunning sword-swinging parkour action platformer where you rewind back to the starting point everytime you pick up a power-up.

Created for the Brackeys Jam 2020 by Dani (creator of Karlson and Milkman Karlson), RE:RUN maintains the chaotic energy of the Karlson games, but has a focus on sword-based combat and a fun rewind mechanism that teleports you back to the start … Read More

Hood: Outlaws & Legends – Beta Sign Up

Hood: Outlaws & Legends is a medieval multiplayer heist game that delivers a dark and brutal take on the age old legend of Robin Hood.

Currently in development by Sumo Digital (creators of Snake Pass, Crackdown 3 and the Sonic All-Stars Racing games), Hood: Outlaws & Legends is a PvPvE multiplayer heist game based on the legend of Robin Hood. It takes place during … Read More

MyPhone MyP1 is now available in the Philippines, a budget friendly phone priced at PHP 2,699

MyPhone just released their budget friendly phone MyP1 here in the Philippines, it is priced at PHP 2,699.

The new MyP1 of MyPhone comes with the 2018 android OS, Pie 9.0, it is powered with 1.3GHz Quad-Core Processor, 2GB of RAM and 16GB of internal storage (Expandable memory up to 32GB). The battery life is quite impressive at 2,600mAh and can be paired with dual SIM. The screen is a 5.45 inch IPS display plus HD. 

For taking photos and selfies, it is equipped with Dual Camera with 8MP AutoFocus and a front facing camera with Face Beauty enhancement.

Currently, the phone is available in four color variants; Red, Turquoise, White and Black.

Below are the full specification of MyPhone myP1:

  •  OS: Android 9 (Go Edition)
  • Processor: SC7731E 1.3GHz Quad-Core Processor
  • Display: 5.45 inch 18:9 HD + IPS
  • Memory: 2GB of RAM
  • Storage: 16 GB (Expandable MicroSD up to 32GB of Storage)
  • Network: 3G
  • Main Camera: 8MP AF Main Camera with LED Flash (Face Beauty)
  • Front Camera: 8MP (Face Beauty)
  • Battery: 2,600mAh
  • Features: MyPhone DTV Dongle Compatible
  • USB OTG: Supported
  • Variant: Black, White, Red, and Turquoise

myP1 is now available now at select MyPhone outlets nationwide. Also available at MyPhone Flagship store on Lazada.

NBA 2K20 is now on Sale on Steam for PHP 188, Offer ends on September 2

Earlier this week, many third party Digital gaming marketplace offering NBA 2K20 for a discounted priced. Websites like and offers the game at 92% discount for PHP 250 when converted from dollar to pesos. Originally retail at PHP 2,350, Steam today started making the NBA 2K20 on sale directly from their platform. It is also way more cheaper than from other website at PHP 188 due to regional price difference.

The 92% off special promo will end until September 2, 2020. If you're interested to get your own copy, you can get it at

NBA 2K20 was initially released last year, September 5, 2020. It features Anthony Davis as their official cover stars and as a debut member of the Los Angeles Lakers. What's new with the 2020 edition is it includes a playable 12 new teams from Women's National Basketball Association (WNBA), MyGM 2.0, New soundtrack, updated NBA 2k20 player rating as well as gameplay enhancement and other new features.

The original retail price of the game is at PHP 2,350 and you have like less than two weeks to decides to get this cheapest deal. Are you planning to grab this awesome deal? Let us know in the comment section.

The Mobile Legends Bang Bang Professional League Philippines Season 6 starts on August 21

Good news to all MLBB Players, The Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League – Philippines Season 6 will start its eight-week regular season starting on August 21, 2020. After a historic open qualifier which garnered 1,000 participants, two teams emerged on the top of the four-day contest which are Cignal Ultra and NXP Solid.

The two teams have finally joined the eight direct invitees; Aura-PH, Onic-PH, BREN Esports, Execration, Omega PH Esports, Blacklist International, BSB, and Blu Fire to complete the final 10 participants for the regular season of the country's largest mobile eSports league.

Regular Season | Week 1 Schedule

Date Team
Day 1August 21, 2020 Onic-PH vs Bren Esports
7:30 PM to 9:00 PM

Blue Fire vs Nexplay Solid
9:00 PM to 10:30 PM
Day 2August 22, 2020 NexPlay Solid vs Blacklist International
6:00 PM to 7:30 PM

BSB vs Cignal Ultra
7:30 PM to 9:00 PM

Execration vs Aura PH
9:00 PM to 10:30 PM
Day 3August 23, 2020 Blacklist International vs Omega PH Esports
6:00 PM to 7:30 PM

Blu Fire vs Onic PH
7:30 PM to 9:00 PM

Aura PH vs BSB
9:00 PM to 10:30 PM

Giveaway: Mythical Raffle Draw

Raffle draw will also back for MPL-PH Season 6, the Mythical Raffle Draw. They will be giving out prizes during the tournament live and it will begin on the first week of Regular Season and lasts until the Playoffs.

Regular Season Format

The top 10 team will be divided into two groups of five for the regular seasons. The regular season will run every weekend starting August 21, 2020, until October 18, 2020.

Its format will see each team playing two best-of-three series against the other four teams in their group and one best-of-three series versus the five teams of the opposite group. The teams will receive corresponding points per series played and will be ranked accordingly.

  • 3 points for 2-0 victory
  • 2 points for 2-1 victory
  • 1 point for 1-2 loss
  • 0 points for 0-2 loss

Prize Pool Breakdown for MPL-PH Season 6

  • Champion – $25,000 (PHP 1,210,000)
  • 2nd Place – $13,000 (PHP 630,000)
  • 3rd Place – $7,000 (PHP 339,000)
  • 4th Place – $3,000 (PHP 145,000)
  • 5th-8th Place – $1,500 each (PHP 72,000)

MPL-PH Season 6 will be played online. Tune in as the matches will be streamed live via Mobile Legends: Bang Bang official social media channels. For more information and complete schedule of the MPL-PH Season 6 regular season matchups, check out at

Xiaomi's Redmi G Gaming Laptop is a 144Hz Display with i7 10th Gen and GTX 1650 Ti, starts at PHP 34,999

Xiaomi unveiled its first gaming laptop for their budget-focused Redmi brand in China, the Redmi G gaming laptop. It is pack with the latest 10th gen processor from intel, 16GB of RAM and 512GB SSD Storage. And you can pair it with either NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 or GTX 1650 Ti graphics card. However not all variants will have the 144Hz display, only on top and mid variant, while the base variant is stuck at 60Hz Display.

First benchmark results of Redmi G (Mid Variant Intel Core i5-10300H + GTX 1650 Ti) shows an average FPS of 81 for the game Call of Duty Warzone.

Though the battery life is not quite impressive at 55-watt hour, it is good enough for 5 hours of HD movie playing and 6 hours of web browsing. Expect it gives less hour of battery life while playing video games.

For multi-tasking people and streamers, this laptop also supports up to 4 external display. It can support 4K display at the same time up to 3 HD display (1920×1080).

Here are the overall specs of Xiaomi's Redmi G:

  • 16.1 inch FHD (1920×1080, LCD Panel with 100% sRGB, 300 nits)
  • 16GB LPDDR4 RAM at 2933MHz (2pcs, 8GB per stick)
  • 512GB M.2 PCIe SSD Storage
  • 55Wh Battery
  • WiFi 6 supports 2×2 MIMO dual antenna Wi-Fi technology
  • Bluetooth 5.1
  • 1 MP front web camera
  • Digital Array Microphone
  • Realteak ALC 256M Sound Card
  • 2W Speakers with DTS: X Ultra 3D (Left and Right)
  • 1 x USB 2.0 Slot
  • 2 x USB 3.2 Gen 2 Slot
  • 1 x Mini DP 1.4 Slot
  • 1 x HDMI 2.0 Slot
  • 1 x USB Type-C Slot
  • 3.5mm Headphone Jack
  • Gigabit Ethernet
  • Genuine Windows 10 Home
  • Genuine Office Home and Student

It comes with three variants powered with different display hertz, chipset and graphics card. The estimate price starts at PHP 34,999 converted from discounted retail price in China.

Redmi G Base Variant

  • 60Hz Refresh Rate
  • Intel Core i5-10200H 2.4GHz with Max Turbo at 4.1GHz (4 Cores, 8 Threads)
  • NVIDIA GTX 1650 (4GB GDDR6)
  • Estimated Price: PHP 34,999 (CNY 4,999)

Redmi G Mid Variant

  • 144Hz Refresh Rate
  • Intel Core i5-10300H 2.5GHz with Max Turbo at 4.5GHz (4 Cores, 8 Threads)
  • NVIDIA GTX 1650 Ti (4GB GDDR6)
  • Estimated Price: PHP 39,999 (CNY 5,799)

Redmi G Top Variant

  • 144Hz Refresh Rate
  • Intel Core i7-10750H 2.6GHz with Max Turbo at 5GHz (6 Cores, 12 Threads)
  • NVIDIA GTX 1650 Ti (4GB GDDR6)
  • Estimated Price: PHP 45,999 (CNY 6,599)

This gaming laptop is not yet available in the Philippines and the prices may vary once it is landed here in the country. You may also check its product trailer below.

For now, you can check its official product page at

A Guide to New Jungler Hero Lillia in League of Legends (LoL)

Many players have been waiting for the League of Legends to release a new hero for jungle and their prayers have been finally answered. Since the last updates of heroes in League of Legends are more on assassin, fighter, tank, marksman, mage and specialist which can be assigned in different lanes. Either it can be top bottom or mid lanes depending on the hero you choose. Lillia was released on Wednesday July 22, 2020 under the patch of 10.15 in League of Legends.

Lillia is a skirmisher, either a mid-range or melee jungler hero. She is difficult to be use, lacks on defense but she has a good potential during ganks. She is more reliable in clashing rather than in one on one situations. All of her abilities has area of effect (AOE) in her target area. She can roam on top and bottom jungle, she can go in any lane but not too long depending on her level and magic damage.

Lillia is available in the shop and you can brought her through riot points (RP) or blue essence (BE). If you bought already Lillia, I suggest to try her out in Co-op vs AI mode before playing her in normal blind pick or ranked match. If you mastered playing Lillia  in Co-op vs AI, then you can now try her at normal blind pick or ranked match depending on your level. In order to test yourself handling Lillia against other players in the playing field against other players because there is difference between player's vs players and player's vs AI.

Lillia's combo attack, first is hitting the enemy with Swirlseed followed by Litling Lullaby then with Watch out! Eep! And Blooming Blows in clashing.  Any hero can be paired to Lillia but the recommended heroes are Taric, Sion and Twisted Fate. For her items you can follow her recommended items in the open shop like starting items, essential items, core items and situational items. You can create your own as long as it is magic items and suited to the situation, furthermore I will going to explain her skills below:


Dream-Laden Bough (Passive)  

Her passive skill deals 5% of max health as magic damage to jungle monsters over three seconds starting at 40 damage and higher depending on her level. Her passive skill is not intended to damage both minions and champions.

Blooming Blows (Q)

Her first skill will swings the censer around her dealing magic damage inside to the enemy and bonus true damage in the outer edge of the attack when the enemy is caught up. Each time she hits at least 1 enemy, she will grant a stack up to 5 times gaining her bonus movement speed. Each stack will be lost every 1 second.

Watch Out! Eep!

Her second skill will dash to 150 units of minions in her target area having a cooldown of 0.759 seconds. It dealt 200% increased damage especially hitting the enemy at the center spot, even though she can dash, you cannot use this skill while attacking an enemy in the terrain.


Her third skill will throws a seed that will move forward at infinite range, hitting or colliding with an enemy or throw in a terrain while landing or rolling to check enemy in the bushes. When it hits the enemy, it dealt magic damage with 3 seconds of slow and 2 seconds to reveal the position of the enemy. You can use it for kill spree (ks).

Litling Lullaby

Her ultimate skill, she will cast a spell in the enemy within her range that has affected to her passive skill which grants slow in 1.5 seconds making their heroes sleepy and fall asleep for seconds. The enemies cannot be act or moved at this moment, unless they attack by non – periodic damage or awakened by the attack of Lillia which grants an additional magic damage.

TROY A Total War Saga will be FREE on Epic Games on Thursday, August 13

A rare giveaway is coming on Thursday, as the brand-new game TROY A Total War SAGA is set to be free-to-keep forever on Epic Games for 24-hours after the title is released on August 13, 2020.

The new game is a spin-off title of their Total War Saga: Thrones of Britannia. It is turn-based empire management and real-time tactics that offers shorter battle similar to its predecessor.

If you already watch the Troy movie, you'll be familiar with the settings of this new game as it is set to the Mediterranean of the Bronze Age. This epic historical war known for Greeks strategy to win the war against Troy using the Trojan Horse.

Claim the FREE games for 24 hours

Yes, you can only claim this FREE game from Epic Games store for 24 hours starting August 13, 2020 (UTC time). The game will be free-to-keep forever in your Epic Games library after you claim game.

You can claim the game on their official Epic Game page at:

(Note: You can only claim it starting August 13, 2020)

For you not to missed this giveaway, you can get an alert from us at our Facebook page at

Renowned 2-on-2 arcade-style PBA Basketball Slam is coming to Steam for PC

Ranida Games is excited to announce that PBA Basketball Slam: Arcade Edition will be released August 2020 on Steam Early Access. The Arcade Edition is the PC version of the popular mobile game Basketball Slam 2020, which features the teams and players of Philippine Basketball Association (PBA), the first professional basketball league in Asia and the second oldest in the world. 

PBA Basketball Slam: Arcade Edition is a 2-on-2 arcade-style full court basketball game with exaggerated gameplay where anything goes. It features epic moves, high-flying dunks, a unique mix of fun, and gameplay experience inspired by the 1990s basketball arcade game NBA Jam and Street Dunk.

The Arcade Edition will have multiplayer features with full keyboard and controller support and will allow up to four players to play together via local multiplayer or play with friends remotely via Steam's Remote Play Together. Campaign Mode and Quick Game features will also be included on its Early Access release.

"Bringing Basketball Slam to PC will allow more players to enjoy the game and will also allow us to enhance the game further, says Ben Banta, CEO of Ranida Games. "With the success of the mobile game having more than 10 million downloads worldwide, we've been able to polish the user interface and experience for the PC version, and more features will be added as we go through development," he added.

Is the Tiki Taka Era Upon Us? New Upcoming Updates for 'Champion of the Fields'

Champion of the Fields, the masterful mobile soccer game from NetEase Games, is getting a new version that promises to enhance the gaming experience of every enthusiast of the sport! The development team has revealed several exciting details about the update: The game will once again take another leap in graphic presentations while improving the controls for even smoother play, plus all new game modes.

Upgraded Realistic Matches for Greater Immersion

Visual Effects for Game Characters Get a Total Upgrade. All Characters will have much more detailed complexion and even sweat for a more intense match simulation. With the new Real Shadow option, the characters have a greater 3-D appearance and cast more realistic shadows. In addition, the game tweaked human physiques and improved the display for uniforms, to the point that even wrinkles on the latter are visible!

Realistic Fields and Atmosphere. The new version optimized the entire lighting effect on a field. Lighting for both day and night now comes off more realistic and naturally. Throwing in the new "Virtual Grass" and you can almost feel the soft green field.

While improving the stadium conditions and environment, the update also enhanced the NPCs working inside. Cameramen, security personnel, etc., have been added to spice up a stadium.

To accommodate both stadium visual and player perspectives, the new version offered a new view angle: mid-range, enabling better experience in competition.

More Celebrations and Replay Angles. To provide cooler, unique goal scoring, the upgrade featured the signature celebration of many soccer players that stayed true to their real-life FIFAPro counterparts. Meanwhile, new multi-angled replays let players experience the thrill of a goal up close.

Enjoy the Fun of Tiki Taka in new Champion of the Fields

The new Champion of the Fields completely revamped the mechanics for dribbling and passing. For those who love to dribble, whether it's dribbling or dribbling feint, the entire control has been greatly improved. Fans of fancy dribbling will also dig the new "Solo Training Mode", where they can work on their ball-control skills. Improve your dribbling in Solo Training Mode and duplicate Messi's classic feat of leaving 7 defenders in the dust!

More essential than dribbling in Tiki Taka is mastering passing accuracy. According to the development team, the update greatly optimized the spot and trajectory of a pass. Smart passing will select the most efficient trajectory for outstanding passers and deliver the ball to teammates faster. The AI also improved nonplayer teammates' position and their reaction to the passes, allowing the player to make timely through passes.

Improve the possession, use remarkable dribblers to control the ball and skillfully create space, then send a pinpoint pass through the defense to score a goal! The fun possession of Tiki Taka can now be experienced in Champion of the Fields!

Pinnacle Match Now Available to Determine the Best of the Best

The new version will launch a new competitive format known as Pinnacle Match, exclusive to managers of Legendary III or higher in the Ranking page. Pinnacle Match is available daily from 12:00 – 14:00 and 19:00 – 22:00. Fabulous rewards are also given to active participants at the end of each season. If you're not Legendary III yet, let's get that tier up so you can enjoy Pinnacle!

ONE PUNCH MAN: The Strongest Redeem Code Giveaway

In collaboration with One Punch Man The Strongest, they are sending us 100pcs of coupon code where players can use this code to redeem awesome in-game items.

Launched last June 2020, ONE PUNCH MAN: The Strongest has been a hit mobile game in Southeast Asia especially here in the Philippines. As of writing, the game already reached over 4 million downloads. The game has been receiving regular updates to give players more fun and features to explores, most notably the newly added heroes King: The Strongest Man on Earth and the Summer 2020 Firework Party.

Code Giveaway

The mechanics to join the giveaway is very simple, you only have to find 3 names of heroes or monsters hidden in the puzzle.

  1. Go to our Facebook post at
  2. Circle the three answer with your favorite photo editing tool, upload your answer in the comment section of the Facebook post.

The first 100 players who give the correct answers will get a FREE redeem code which contains the following:

  • 200 Diamond
  • 10,000 Gold
  • 2 Epic Recruit Voucher
  • 2 Ascend Supply Token

The contest is open to all, promo until code supply lasts. Winners need to redeem the code before September 6, 2020.

How to Redeem

Login to the game, and click your game profile picture. Then click Gift Code.

Enter the gift code you received from us, then hit Confirm.

Using Layla Revamp in Project Next on Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

As Moonton announced on their latest videos, the upcoming PROJECT NEXT, layla will be one of the heroes to get a revamp. Moonton found out that these hero can't be a great counter to current meta heroes, to make her one of the heroes to be efficient in the battlefield and that can compete with meta ones. Layla will get a revamp.

Layla is one of the heroes that is rarely seen in Epic to Mythic Division. Layla now looks younger than before and according to Choox TV she now walks sexier. This new layla has better visual effects than it's model before. Layla's revamp is now available to use in the advance server. Layla still needs a support or tank in a lane, because she is not very durable against assassins. Assassins like Benedetta can be a threat even though she already got her revamp.

Layla's revamp will be a deadly one, being a starter hero, she has straight forward offensive abilities. But this new layla will shine in the land of dawn, this revamp will have layla users excitement awaken.

The revamped layla is one of the perfect counter to melee heroes. If you want a build that is all about raw power and facing tank enemies, then check out this build:

  • Demon Hunter Sword
  • Swift Boots
  • Berserkers Fury
  • Scarlet Phantom
  • Malefic Roar
  • Blade of Despair

This layla build might not be efficient on late games, but depending on the situation, you can change the malefic roar to Rose Gold Meteor, this will give you higher chances for survival.

Layla's Weakness is her lack of mobility, therefore, once an assassin catches you or gets you with a Crowd Control Skill, Layla would be dead. So I recommend to use the battle spell flicker as a mobility for escaping.

Revamped Skills:

Layla's passive skill is still the same, she gains extra damage when she hits an enemy farther away from her. Her passive is called Malefic Gun. This passive skill is useful if you have a reliable tank.

First Skill – Her first skill still looks like the old one, but it add a new feature, after using malefic bomb (1st skill), it gives her a few seconds of increased basic attack range. This extra range can last up to 3.5 seconds at a max level, and starts out in 2 seconds. The damage output is still the same tot eh current server and can still deal critical hits. The cooldow is now change to 6 seconds at all levels.

Layla's Second Skill – Her second skill now has an extra effect where it leaves a mark on the enemies that are hit. The mark is called Magic Mark, Layla can detonate a Magic Mark with her following attacks, dealing extra damage to nearby enemies and slowing them again for 30%.

Ultimate Skill – Destruction Rush. Layla fires an energy blast, dealing damage to enemies on the path. The damage her ulti is dealing is still as the same as before but it is fixed to 37% at all levels. Upgrading her ulti will increase the range of her basic attack and Void projectile.

Would you use layla in rank games? Will layla be good in rank games or do you have other builds for Layla? Let me know what you think in the comment section.

Star Trek Online previews a set of new support carriers for all of the game's factions

Players will have some new options for carrying support ships into battle in Star Trek Online on August 20th. The game is releasing four new carriers as Tier 6 Support Carriers in both fleet versions and in the game's cash shop, with two of them serving as upgrades of existing vessels and two new ones […]

Phantasy Star Online 2 drops a new urgent quest to cap off your August

Phantasy Star Online 2 has a wee bit of new content in store for players of the western version in the form of its latest urgent quest. No really, that's what these content drops are literally called. In all caps, to boot. "An ARKS Operative is never quite off duty, as there always exists the […]

Sea of Thieves delays bigger patch features and fights toxicity

Sea of Thieves' August update is going to be a mite bit skimpier than players were previously led to believe. This is because Rare said that it made the decision to hold back some of the patch's bigger features until September in order to make sure these systems are on the up-and-up. "Since we started […]

Fractured outlines its plans for meaningful city selection in its next alpha test

In the most recent Fractured test, your goal for selecting a player-run city spot was just picking out a place you liked. That was it. But the next alpha test wants to make your location matter, and the key to that is placing resources there. Yes, that's the big change coming with the next major […]

Massively OP Podcast Episode 284: Mommy, don't let them take my Fortnite away

Justin and Bree discuss Final Fantasy XIV 5.3, City of Heroes Homecoming, Daybreak buying Cold Iron, WoW Shadowlands' prepatch, EVE Echoes' launch, Epic's lawsuit, and the passing of Meridian 59's Brian Grene, with adventures in Valiance Online, LOTRO, and The Sims 4, plus a mailbag topic on industry stress for devs.

Neverwinter kicks off a special new sort of campaign with the Redeemed Citadel today

The latest patch for Neverwinter is delivering a different sort of content for players to take part in. It's a campaign, of sorts, but it isn't approached via the usual campaign interface or with the usual personal progress. Instead, this campaign is all about the entire server coming together in order to work on the […]

Guild Wars 2 has a bunch of sweet anniversary gifts in store for MMO players next week

It's hard to believe Guild Wars 2 is going on eight years old, but we'll roll with it if it means a pile of anniversary and birthday presents for super old toons, and it most certainly does! ArenaNet posted a full list of the gifts we can expect this year; for accounts, we're looking at… […]

Blade & Soul shows off a plethora of summer events starting August 19

There are swimsuits. There will always be swimsuits. Did you think that Blade & Soul, a game with lady characters who are 60% leg by volume and wherein everyone appears to have a layer of oil helpfully applied at all times, would run out of swimsuits? Of course there are swimsuits with the new Summer […]

Torchlight III confirms fall launch window – and Nintendo Switch release

We've been wondering when exactly Torchlight III would launch, especially given its de-MMO-ification and multiple delays throughout development. And technically, we still don't have a hard date, even now that the game's last big test patch and early access wipe are behind us. But today, PWE and Echtra Games have re-confirmed a fall launch, on […]

MMO Business Roundup: Gamers have launched a new class action gambling lawsuit against EA

Welcome back to another roundup of MMO and online games industry news. There's a new class action in town, and EA is the target. Plaintiff Kevin Ramirez's suit claims that the Ultima Team Packs in the FIFA and Madden franchise titles are "predatory and designed to entice gamers to gamble" and "nothing more than a […]

Path of Exile's newest patch finally turns down the bloom (and lets you turn it down further)

Depending on your personal experiences with Path of Exile, the newest patch either adds a largely irrelevant bit of graphical change or will finally provide some sweet, sweet relief from that eye-bleeding syndrome that seems to be everywhere there's bright colors and flashes of random light. Yes, the game's designers have pushed a patch that […]

Global Chat: Getting an early look at Crowfall's beta

Now that Crowfall's beta is on the scene, plenty of curious gamers are streaming in to see what ArtCraft's ambitious PvP title has to offer. Among those looky-loos is Stargrace at Nomadic Gamers, who found herself "pleasantly surprised" at what the initially encountered. "It has been MANY years since I delved into a new-to-me traditional […]

Elite Dangerous previews Odyssey's atmospheric planets in new dev video

Back at the top of June, Frontier announced that the massive Elite Dangerous expansion it's been working on for ages is called Odyssey, coming in early 2021. The expansion's headline feature is a form of "space legs" that allows players to touch down on the surfaces of the planets they've already been touring with their […]

Steam's new TOS cracks down on devs using it to promote other platforms

Point your eyeballs at what Valve is up to with Steam: It's apparently trying to bar developers from using Steam to advertise, for example, their entry on the Epic Games Store, but the new policy actually seems to include much more than that. "In the game you ship via Steam, and in communications on Steam, […]

New World is already gearing up for its 'preview event' next week

As August marches onward, New World fans are eagerly anticipating the promised preview event launching on August 25th, which will let in all the folks who've signed up for the beta, participated in past alphas, or pre-ordered the game. August 25th, of course, was meant to be the game's launch date this summer, but Amazon […]

Apple's retaliatory measures against Epic Games threaten Unreal Engine, not just Fortnite

As we've been covering, Epic Games is suing Apple and Google for "unfair and anti-competitive actions" as to their payment markets, over which Apple and Google banned Fortnite when Epic tried to implement its own payment system. Epic sought injunctive relief from the courts, not monetary damages, in an apparent attempt to force movement on […]

EVE Online's weeks-long player war has cost players over $112,000 so far

For over six weeks now, one of EVE Online's largest and bloodiest battles has been waging across the game's galaxy. World War Bee is shaping up to be one for the record books, with "upwards of 130,000 players" participating and $112,000 of virtual assets reduced to space dust. One reason for the high price tag […]

Closers Online's developer is taking over operation following En Masse's collapse

Following the shocking announcement yesterday that MMO developer and publisher En Masse Entertainment is closing its doors, it's only natural to wonder what will become of its games. This morning, we have word that one title — Closers Online — is going to be just fine. On Closers' site, the team announced that the game's […]

The Daily Grind: What's the most annoying travel system in an MMO?

A while back, I finally talked my husband into buying his Elf Warden a basic Hobbit house in Lord of the Rings Online. He did not actually want a house, and so far as I know, he hasn't actually ventured inside or put down a single piece of deco. No, what helped me convince him […]

The Dawngate revival project Kickstarter has funded

We realize this one might be a slightly controversial statement, but we're going to say it anyhow: 2020 has been a weird year. It's been so weird that the fact that a revival Kickstarter for a shuttered MOBA funding successfully may not even break the top 10 for weirdness in this particular year. All of […]

RuneScape takes its community award show online

Considering that RuneFest isn't going to happen this year, Jagex has been looking at other ways to celebrate RuneScape's community. To wit, the studio is taking its community award show completely online this year — and is looking for nominations for the best content creators. "Obviously in this era of COVID-19, things will be a […]

Mad World says it's still on track for a 2020 release

As we noticed back in May, promotion and public updates for Jandisoft's Mad World has all but slowed down to a standstill. This is especially curious considering that the studio had previously said that the grimdark MMO was going to release in 2020, already a delay from its initial 2018 planned launch. So what's the […]

Starbase previews fleet PvP tourney video, works on player progression and exploration design

It's been months since we checked in on Starbase directly rather in our weekly roundup, so we're going to do just that today and bump it back up to the attention of our readers. First announced last year by Finnish studio Frozenbyte, Starbase is the upcoming "massively multiplayer online game with gameplay focused on building […]

Dark Age of Camelot prepares to repossess a lot of abandoned houses

If you've got some property in Dark Age of Camelot that you haven't visited in a while, you might want to make a trip back home to keep it from being taken away from you. Broadsword is preparing a massive repossession of abandoned houses in DAoC come Patch 1.127, which is currently in testing. This […]

TERA and Closers studio En Masse Entertainment is closing its doors (but the games will survive)

I kinda can't believe I'm typing this, but it appears that En Masse Entertainment, which has run TERA here in North America for the last eight years and has been a going concern for the last 11, just announced that it's closing its studio doors. "Today, it is with a heavy heart that we begin […]

Check out Sims 4 builds for living in Dalaran or Darnassus… or in a world of Overwatch

You probably do not want to live in Darnassus in World of Warcraft. For one thing, it's on fire. For another, even when it isn't on fire it's a world perpetually being invaded by demons or satyrs or undead or demonic undead satyrs or some damn thing or another. But what if you had a […]

Wurm Online tops concurrency records and will add yet another new server

Wurm Online has been fully on Steam for just over three weeks now. The surge of new players prompted Code Club to to roll out a new PvE server, Melody, on launch weekend. And now, it's adding another. "After the massive influx of players with the launch on Steam, the lands of Harmony and Melody […]

Warhammer Online's Return of Reckoning linked over 2200 accounts in Twitch

We were pretty amazed last month when we heard that Warhammer Online's rogue server, Return of Reckoning, was getting Twitch drops. It turns out that this was a pretty good move for the popular server, as 2,277 accounts were linked up during this promotional time. Even better, more than 2.5 million minutes of the game […]

So Epic Games is taking on Apple and Google – but can it win?

Last week, Epic Games kicked off both an internet drama and a lawsuit when it instigated legal action against both Apple and Google over barring Fortnite (and more specifically, barring Epic's proprietary payment system that subverted the platforms' cut) from their respective stores, which Epic deemed "unfair and anti-competitive actions" – essentially, monopolies in the […]

Meridian 59 honored the late MMO developer Brian Green in yesterday's memorial

Last week, we covered the tragic news that Brian Green, better known as Psychochild around here, had passed away, far too young at the age of 46. He was one of the founding fathers of the MMORPG genre, given his work on and later stewardship of Meridian 59. And Meridian 59 came out to pay […]

Wisdom of Nym: Impressions of Final Fantasy XIV's Reflections in Crystal content

All right, this format worked well last time; let's go for it again and talk about Final Fantasy XIV's latest patch. But to start off, we're going to talk about it solely from the side of content, leaving story entirely to one side and without even spoiling the big mystery trial. While I would honestly […]

Ghost of Tsushima is getting a co-op mode added with a free expansion

Enjoying traipsing about Japan in Ghost of Tsushima but wish you could do so with your buddy, Ninja Rick? The bad news is that you will not be able to do so in the main game, which remains relentlessly single-player. The good news is that the upcoming free expansion, Legends, will allow you to team […]

First impressions and hands-on with Razer's left-handed Naga MMO mouse

A little-known fact: I am one of the less than 10% of the world's population who are left-handed. It's not always convenient (those chairs with the desk that folds down on the right side were pretty annoying for me to use in school, and writing on chalk/marker boards is a pain because I either erase […]

Final Fantasy XIV is planning more housing plots for patch 5.4 in addition to new housing servers

It's not exactly a surprise to Final Fantasy XIV fans that more housing plots are in the plan, considering that Ishgard restoration is pretty clearly setting up a new housing district. Yet more housing is planned as soon as patch 5.4 according to a new letter from producer and director Naoki Yoshida. As the player […]

Valiance Online has extended its open beta event another two weeks

PlayNYC, the newly digital games con in New York, ended yesterday, which means Valiance Online's brief open beta whereby anyone could play should have ended also. It didn't, though, and that's because the team decided to extend that beta another two weeks. "The sad news? We were so focused on finding fixes for some major […]

Jagex is publishing a new game, this one a 'multi-format living' UE4 multiplayer action RPG

I dunno about you, but I always get a little nervous whenever Jagex announces a new game, given how so many of them have petered out before even being finished. But today's announcement that Jagex is working on a new game actually refers to more of a publishing arrangement, this one with Polish studio Flying […]

The $420K ArcheAge class action lawsuit settlement is finally paying out

I'm quite sure our readers will remember the class action lawsuit a group of gamers lodged against Trion Worlds way back in 2015 – that one was the one where they accused the ArcheAge publisher of violating consumer laws, falsely advertising a 10% founder perk discount for its cash shop, and breaking California's illegal-lottery law. […]

The Daily Grind: What borky system in your favorite MMO needs some love?

A few weeks back, a new SWG Legends chef was chatting me up on Discord, asking what were frankly very reasonable questions about some of the nonsense in the game's crafting system. I found myself basically counseling this player to ignore whole schematics and experimentation lines and enhancement tissues that seem like they'd be really […]

MMO Week in Review: EVE Echoes, Epic Games, and Reflections in Crystal

Well, at least this week wasn't boring! While gaming headlines were dominated by the emerging Epic Games lawsuits against Apple and Google over Fortnite and money, the MMO industry brought its A-game, with EVE Echoes going fully live, FFXIV launching Reflections in Crystal, Guild Wars 2 rolling out the Festival of the Four Winds, and […]

Electronic Arts is rebranding all its EA Access and Origin stuff as EA Play

Less than a week ago, we covered EA's new plan to port EA Access, which was originally part of the EA Origin hodgepodge, over to its new best friend Steam, with a subscription plan of $4.99 monthly ($29.99 annually). At the time, we didn't have a hard date, just late summer, but on Friday, EA […]

The MOP Up: Old School RuneScape's trailblazer league

A brand-new game mode is coming to Old School RuneScape with special challenges and special rewards. It's called the Trailblazer League, and you are invited to be a part of it. "In this approximately two-month League, you will start off as a fresh account on a separate game mode locked in Misthalin, where it all […]

This is the weirdest Fortnite lawsuit you're going to read about all week

While Epic Games busies itself taking on some of the biggest digital platforms in the world, it's being sued by a Samson of its own. According to the lawsuit, the problem is the Coral Castle launched as part of Fortnite's recent underwater-centered season. As Polygon notes, it's basically just a cute Atlantis. But "Coral Castle" […]

Star Citizen promotes its latest buyable ship, stays mum on Squadron 42 progress

Star Citizen is having a busy August, what with the release of alpha 3.10 and breaking last year's sales records and all. This week, Cloud Imperium released the Esperia Talon, the previously leaked light fighter, asking as much as $100 for the ship that won't be flyable until December. If that doesn't put you off […]

Vendetta Online pretty much just went free-to-play last night

One of the first cross-platform MMORPGs ever just got even more friendly to the free-to-play PC crowd. Sci-fi MMO Vendetta Online announced last night a business model shift that makes the subscription truly optional: Before, PC players had to jump from a trial to a $1 subscription, whereas now they default to freemium as on […]

One Shots: Showing up to play hard

It's always a great feeling when you know you're not alone when facing great challenges in your life — or in your video games. That world boss might look intimidating, but it doesn't stand a chance when you show up in Blade and Soul with your four best friends and their elite battle skills. "You […]

The Daily Grind: How aggressive do you like to be in MMO group content?

It will probably not surprise anyone reading this that I do a fair bit of group content in Final Fantasy XIV, and veterans of the game will probably recognize that there are two distinct sorts of groups you get in anything larger than a dungeon. The first is where you have tanks both hanging back, […]

Make My MMO: Crowfall extends its beta as the superhero MMOs vie for testers

This week in MMO crowdfunding, Crowfall blasted into beta, becoming the latest crowdfunded MMORPG to break through that barrier. In fact, it's even extended that playtest for non-backers based on community feedback. "Registered players, who are not Backers, can now playtest for 30-days from the date of the beta invite. This extended period will give […]

Albion Online's massive spider mount is coming in Season 10

Today's Albion Online post is brought to you by your friendly nightmare spider, Gary. Gary is excited to tell you that Albion is preparing its 10th guild season, which is scheduled to kick off on August 29th (which was delayed from the 22nd). If guilds perform well enough, they can get a giant spider mount […]

Blade and Soul's next update introduces a compound system to the mix

Are you ready for some foooootballlll? No? Well then, maybe you're more in the mood for some Blade and Soul instead. You've got that way about you. And if this is the case, then you definitely want to be around next week when the game drops its next content release. The Midnight Reborn update is […]

Ubisoft ousts its seventh manager in sexual misconduct investigation

Ubisoft reckoning with its workplace culture continues, most recently with the firing of Assassin's Creed Valhalla creative director Ashraf Ismail. According to Kotaku, Ismail was already on leave from the team following accusations that he'd abused his position at Ubisoft to prey on industry newbies, but Ubisoft Montreal made it official this week, announcing his […]