Dysterra – Alpha Sign Up

Dysterra is a massively multiplayer sandbox RPG FPS where you build and fight for survival on a prison planet that's being destroyed by a pillar of fire.

The massively multiplayer sandbox gameplay of Dysterra takes place on a distant prison planet where players fight for survival. In the game you'll be able to explore, hunt, harvest resources, craft equipment, build huge bases and team up … Read More

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The Tale of the Cartographer – Prototype Download

The Tale of the Cartographer is a beautifully animated little pixel art platforming adventure where a pumpkin-headed cartographer explores and charts a mysterious world.

In The Tale of the Cartographer you take on the role of an adorable little pumpkin-headed cartographer who is tasked with exploring the world and charting it out with their quill and parchment. As you explore the world you chat to … Read More

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Ripwave Racing – Alpha Demo

Ripwave Racing is a retro speed-boat racing game with chunky colorful polygons and challenging old school arcade gameplay.

Playing a little like Hydrothunder or Wave Race 64, Ripwave Racing is a speedboat racing game with an authentic classic 90's arcade vibe. It currently features one stage, five different drivable boats, three game modes and four difficulty levels.

The current build is very early in … Read More

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Red Solstice 2: Survivors – Beta Sign Up

Beta sign ups are now live for Red Solstice 2: Survivors, the Aliens inspired Sci-Fi tactical combat game where you and up to seven other players fend off hordes of mutants in intense real-time battles.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer during the closed Alpha sign up, Red Solstice 2: Survivors is a sequel to the 2015 original and sees you leading a … Read More

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Sky Fleet – Beta Sign Up

Sky Fleet features a fusion of tower defense, base-building and twin-stick shooter gameplay as you build and defend a city in islands that float in the sky.

Playable in single-player, online co-op and online PvP, Sky Fleet blends action with strategy as you build a city in the sky and defend it with your agile little blimp. Your city is under attack from waves of … Read More

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The Thirteenth Floor – Alpha Download

The Thirteenth Floor is a freaky and funny little PS1 styled first person horror game that doesn't take itself too seriously as you try to escape the 13th floor of a creepy hotel.

Drawing inspiration from PS1 classics like Resident Evil and Silent Hill, The Thirteenth Floor sees you trying to escape from the 13th floor of a hotel, which seems to be haunted … Read More

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Secret Government – Beta Sign Up

Secret Government is a new single-player grand strategy game where you lead a secret society that shapes the world by pulling strings and exerting influence from the shadows.

In Secret Government you become the head of a shadowy Illuminati-esque organisation that's ruled over mankind for hundreds of years without the world noticing. In the game you'll need to strategically manage your agents as they infiltrate … Read More

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Mallory and the Marble Sanctum – Alpha Download

Mallory and the Marble Sanctum is a beautiful and bizarre narrative driven puzzle platforming adventure where a little mouse escapes from her isolation into lucid dreams that contain a mysterious endless labyrinth.

In Mallory and the Marble Sanctum you take on the role of Mallory, an anxious little mouse who ends up in a mysterious endless isometric labyrinth each night when she dreams. In the … Read More

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Block Steady – Game Jam Build Download

Block Steady is a tricky little precision puzzle platformer where you attempt to destroy the entire level to leave you as the only thing remaining.

Created for the GMTK game jam, in Block Steady you control a cute little block who aims to be the last block standing on each single-screen level. The only blocks you can dispose of directly are the cloud blocks which … Read More

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ANGER FOOT – Prototype Download

ANGER FOOT is an adrenaline fuelled door-kicking, face-stomping FPS that plays a lot like Hotline Miami, but in first person, with lots of fun physics-based carnage and a lot more kicking!

Featured on Alpha Beta Gamer last year when it was a Game Jam Prototype, ANGER FOOT is an incredibly fast, fun and brutal run 'n gun FPS where you kick and shoot … Read More

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Corpse Mansion – Beta Sign Up

Corpse Mansion is a retro styled open world pixel art survival horror game where two survivors journey across the country in search of a cure for a virus that's turning everyone into flesh-eating corpses.

In Corpse Mansion you'll follow the story of Cole Woods and Elena Morgan, two survivors who are attempting to reach a research facility that may hold the cure for a T-Virus-esque … Read More

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Adaptation – Alpha Demo

Adaptation is an odd little first person horror game where a game of "The Floor is Lava" turns deadly as a young kid is terrorized by a monster that lives under the ground.

Currently in development by Periltek (creator of Recurrent), Adaptation is a first person horror adventure where you take on the role of a young kid who is keeping himself entertained while … Read More

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Assault Sector – Alpha Sign Up

Assault Sector is a very slick looking new Call of Duty-esque military FPS with a focus on skill-based, brutal and fast paced multiplayer combat.

Currency in development by Chainsaw Games, Assault Sector aims to deliver a high quality FPS excepence with fast paced multiplayer gameplay in it's near-future world. It's essentially aiming to be a CoD-like experience without all the annoyances of CoDRead More

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Wormatozoa – Alpha Download

Wormatozoa is a wonderfully gross mouse-based precision platformer where you attempt to guide a tapeworm through the fleshy insides of its host.

Drawing inspiration from Snake, Super Meat Boy and golf, in each level of Wormatozoa your aim is to guide your gross little worm to its egg. You guide the worm with your mouse and if it hits a fleshy wall then it … Read More

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Stories of Liane – Beta Demo

Stories of Liane is a dark narrative-driven Sci-Fi horror adventure that aims to tell a collection of stories from multiple characters' perspectives, in a dystopian universe where Earth is no longer inhabitable.

The full version of Stories of Liane will tell multiple stories from different characters' viewpoints but the current build focuses on one. You take on the role of a private investigator who has … Read More

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Colossus Mission – Beta Sign Up

Colossus Mission is a tricky Thrust-esque precision flying game where you attempt to pilot a little space shuttle through a mysterious alien spacecraft that's appeared over Earth.

In Colossus Mission you take control of a space shuttle whose crew has been tasked with investigating a giant alien spacecraft that's appeared in Earth's orbit. You've managed to get inside the massive vessel and there seems … Read More

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Meor – Pre-Alpha Download

Meor is a beautiful fantasy themed sandbox game with a custom game engine that uses voxel GPU technology to morph a physics-based world with round edges and materials that can interact with each other.

Think about a voxel-based sandbox world and you'll immediately think of the charming blocky world of MineCraft. Meor's voxel-based world not only looks smoother, but the way different materials … Read More

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WHALIEN – Alpha Sign Up

WHALIEN is a pun-filled puzzle platforming adventure where an old man who lives in a giant mechanical whale uses physics-based abilities to dispatch an invasion of weird squid creatures.

In WHALIEN you take on the role of Ernest Hemmingwhale, an old man who lives inside a massic mechanical whale that was built by his ancestors. One day you awake to find that the whale has … Read More

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Get Out Alive – Alpha Demo

Get Out Alive is a very tense little first person horror survival shooter where you attempt to escape from a toxin-filled apartment block that's inhabited by freaky monsters.

Currently in development by Owl Nest Studios (creators of Aslin's Story: The Bloodbath Trials and The Grimm Stuff) Get Out Alive is a first person horror survival shooter set in a world decimated my mutants and … Read More

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Berserker and Thumbnail Maker – Game Jam Build

Berserker and Thumbnail Maker is a cleverly crafted little puzzle platformer where you copy and paste thumbnails of sections of the levels to allow a lost Viking to escape a dungeon.

Created for the Weekly Game Jam, in Berserker and Thumbnail Maker the character you control isn't the titular Berserker, but an oddly cute little transparent thumbnail maker with eyes. The Berserker auto-walks through each … Read More

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Wigged Out – Open Beta

Wigged Out is a wonderfully chaotic historically inaccurate ball game where players attempt to outscore each other in fast paced mathes that blend pinball, soccer and slapstick carnage!

The aim in each match of Wigged Out is as simple as a traditional game of soccer – knock the ball into the opponent's goal. However, the ball is gigantic and the arenas are a far shout … Read More

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Slipways – Beta Sign Up

Slipways is a single-player economy-focused and micromanagement free space trading strategy game that aims to deliver a grand strategy experience in just 60 minutes.

Slipways is a grand strategy game that's about trade, not war. Your aim is to colonize planets and connect trading routes between them so that planets' production serves other planets' needs. You are effectively creating a large Factorio-esque production chain, but … Read More

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Hand of Pain – Game Jam Build Download

Hand of Pain is a fun little third person shooter that looks a lot like a first person shooter, as you take control of a disembodied hand that blasts baddies in bullet-time in a weird vaporwave wireframe world.

Created for the Unexpected Jam, Hand of Pain is a short and strange little shooter where a hand with a handgun goes on a baddie-blasting rampage. Your … Read More

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Title_Pending – Alpha Demo

Title_Pending is a fun and eerie Stanley Parable inspired 4th wall breaking adventure where a playtest for a new game gets seriously weird.

In Title_Pending you take on the role of a playtester who has been hired to find any bugs in an upcoming (still to be titled) game. You're guided through the experience by the developer, Matthew Stanton, who tells you where to go … Read More

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System Shock Remake – Beta Demo

A new demo for the upcoming System Shock remake has been released, with around an hour's worth of gameplay as you fight mutants and robots aboard a space station that's been taken over by a self-aware AI.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer a year ago, the System Shock remake is a from the ground-up remake of the 1994 classic cyberpunk horror adventure that … Read More

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Tribble Troubles – Beta Sign Up

Tribble Troubles is a fun looking new 2D action platformer where you get to become a cute little Tribble from the classic 1967 Star Trek episode.

Currently being created in collaboration with David Gerrold (the writer of the original The Trouble with Tribbles episode), Tribble Troubles is a charming looking action platformer about a cute little Tribble. It turns out you got busted for eating … Read More

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Coven – Alpha Download

Coven is an incredibly brutal old school run 'n gun FPS where a bullet-time witch goes on a bloody rampage after being burned at the stake by villagers.

Drawing inspiration from 90's classics like Quake, DOOM and Hexen, Coven is a retro FPS/slasher set in the 1600's. In the game you take control of a woman who has been magically resurrected after being … Read More

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I Am Fish – Pre-Alpha Sign Up (PC & Xbox)

Pre-Alpha sign ups are now live for I Am Fish, a fishy sequel to I Am Bread, which sees you controlling a goldfish as it attempts to roll its way to the ocean.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer back in 2019 when it was a prototype, I Am Fish is a tricky physics-based platforming adventure from Bossa Studios (creators of I Read More

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OUTRIDERS is a brutal Sci-Fi third-person RPG shooter where you set out to colonize a hostile planet after the fall of Earth.

Currently in development by People Can Fly (creators of Bulletstorm and Painkiller), OUTRIDERS is a brutal and bloody third person RPG shooter with 1-3 player drop-in drop-out co-op multiplayer. It takes place on a distant planet and follows your team as you … Read More

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DISRUPTION is a near-future third-person shooter where skilled paramilitary soldiers fight, hack and build their way through dangerous missions in a world dangerously dependent on robotization.

The Sci-Fi third-person shooter gameplay of DISRUPTION takes place in the dystopian city of Nutropolis. The city is heavily reliant on robotics, so much so that robots outnumber humans. The singularity now seems inevitable and the battle between man … Read More

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Attack on Titan fan-made game gets First-person mode

Developed by an indie developer named Swammy, a new fan-made game based on the Attack on Titan will allow players to experience the anime series in first-person mode. Players will be playing as a member of the scout regiment where they will be facing the Titans invading the Shiganshina District. Upcoming update will also allow the player to face the final boss, as of now this is on development.

Since the game is fan-made, it is FREE to download and you can grab the game at their official game distribution site GameJolt at https://gamejolt.com/games/AOTSwammy/586500

The game was originally developed as a fun side project of the lone developer, Swammy, to just explore the physics system of a certain game engine, then applied to his final project named Aftershock where it has a grapple system needed to complete the project. The developer was also a big fan of Shingeki No Kyogin where he downloaded the art assets from Guedin's project to make his own version. Unexpectedly, players around the globe notice the game and exploded in different social media channels. As of writing, the game page official views count now reaches 95,000.

What do you think of the new fan-made Attack on Titan game? Let us know in the comment section.

How to Fill up YouTube US taxes if you are outside of the US and from the Philippines

YouTube announces today through email that they are starting to deduct U.S. taxes on all content creators outside of the United States (U.S.) for all income generated in the United States of America (USA). Content creators are also asked to fill-up the form before May 31, 2021, or else YouTube will deduct up to 24% in all earnings, not just in the U.S. but worldwide.

Table of Contents

  1. Tax Treaty (US and Philippines)
  2. How to fill up Adsense tax info
    1. Type information
    2. Tax identity
    3. Address
    4. Tax Treaty
    5. Document Preview
    6. Certification
    7. Activity and Services performed in US
  3. Tax info Calculation

The content of the email states the following:

We're reaching out because Google will be required to deduct U.S. taxes from payments to creators outside of the U.S. later this year (as early as June 2021). Over the next few weeks, we'll be asking you to submit your tax info in AdSense to determine the correct amount of taxes to deduct, if any apply. If your tax info isn't provided by May 31, 2021, Google may be required to deduct up to 24% of your total earnings worldwide.

The changes affect all content creators who have viewers from the United States in which their earnings from this country will be reduced by up to 30% depending on the countries' tax treaty. In the Philippines, you can reduce the tax from 0% up to 15%.

Tax Treaty (US and Philippines)

There are some misinformation circulating on YouTube from other content creators that we don't have tax treaty with the US, but we have since 1976 – such treaty will prevent "double taxation", the best example is from the case of Manny Pacquiao in 2003.

If you are a content creators in the Philippines, you can avail of the tax treaty discount by having a BIR (TIN ID) and filling up the W-8ben form. If you're already paying taxes in the Philippines, this is very helpful to avoid double taxation. Take note that when you avail tax treaty, you are encourage to report your earning to the BIR.

For those who does not have TIN yet and wish not to avail the reduced tax using Tax treaty. You can do so, but it will automatically set the taxes to 30% for all earning generated in the United States. This is very bad if most of your viewers are from US. You can get your TIN by signing up on the BIR website or from the nearest BIR branch in your area.

Using the tax treaty between the U.S. and the Philippines, the taxes will be reduced to 0% for Adsense. Other services like Google Play Apps and Movies are down to 15%.

How to fill up Adsense Tax info

To provide your tax information, you need to go to Payments > Settings > Manage tax info. From here, click the Add Tax Info (A window will pop-up, and you need to sign-in to your Google account again).

Type Information

The first question will be What type of account are you using. If you are a content creator without a business name, you may use Individual (This is ideal for personal YouTube channels like vlogs, etc.). But if you already have a business registered in the country, you can use a Non-individual / entity.

Next is, you will be asked if you are a citizen or a United States resident. Since this guide is for Filipino content creators, pick No.

You will then be asked to fill up the W-8 tax form. For an individual, you need to pick W-8Ben, and for business, you need to pick W-8ECI.

Tax Identity

Here, fill it up with your name (FIRST_NAME LAST_NAME). For business, you need to fill up the DBA. Then you have to select the country of citizenship, which in our case, its the Philippines.

To avail of the tax treaty discount, you need to fill up the Foreign TIN, which is your 9-digit BIR TIN. If you don't have TIN and don't want to avail the tax treaty, you can leave this blank.


In the Address form, you have to fill in your permanent residence address. Basically address shown on your I.D.s, electric billing, etc. If your address is the same as the mailing address, check the checkbox in the middle.

Tax Treaty

To claim a reduced rate for Philippine and U.S. tax treaty, you need to pick Yes here. Then check the "Resident of country claiming treaty with the U.S." then select the Philippines as a country. If you wish not to avail the Tax treaty, just select No.

There will be special rates and conditions populated once you have selected Yes. You have to pick the Article paragraph and the withholding rate you want to apply to your account. The following are the explanations:

  • Service (Adsense) – This checkbox is for YouTube ads and other ad services of Adsense. The maximum reduced rate you can get here if you're in the Philippines is up to 0%.
  • Motion Picture and T.V. (YouTube, Google Play) – This is for YouTube movies and Google App. The maximum reduced rate you can get in the Philippines is up to 15%.
  • Other copyright (YouTube, Google Play) – This is for other YouTube content and Google App as well, the maximum reduced rate is up to 15%.

Document Preview

It is important that you need to download the documents' preview for your references and make sure to review the document before proceeding on the next page. This is in PDF format for Form W-8Ben: (Motion picture and T.V., Other copyright, services, and default).

Once you have reviewed all of the documents, you can proceed to the next section.


In this part, you need to sign the form by filling up with your full name, which includes your middle name (e.g. FIRST_NAME MIDDLE_NAME LAST_NAME). (If you have an legal attorney, guardian, etc. You can use their name as the beneficial owner). Then select preferences of your signature.

Activities and Services performed in US and Affidavit

Then lastly, since we are in the Philippines and we have no actual establishment in the U.S., You can pick No.

For the Status change affidavit, since this is your first time filling up the form, you need to pick "I am providing tax info for a new or existing payments profile that hasn't received payments".

In case you need to change something in your tax info and already receive a payment, you need to pick the other one "I am providing tax info for an existing payment profile that has previously received payments".

Submit the form and you'll be receiving the final tax calculation for your account.

Tax info calculation

When you go to Payments > Settings Manage Tax info. You will see here how much withholding rate you need to pay for U.S. income.

The following are the rates you will get once you have fill-up the form with Tax Treaty.

  • Adsense Services: 0%
  • Motion Picture and T.V.: 15%
  • Other Copyright: 15%

The following are the rates you will get once you have fill-up the form without Tax Treaty.

  • Adsense Services: 30%
  • Motion Picture and T.V.: 30%
  • Other Copyright: 30%

That's it guys! I hope this guide helps you fill-up the new tax changes on YouTube. Continue creating more content Filipino peeps! You may also watch the brief information about Tax changes in YouTube.

8 Reasons Why Online Gaming Is Good for You

There's no doubt that gaming is an addictive hobby. Too much of it can be bad for you. However, while there are negatives, there are a lot of positives that should also be taken into consideration. Some studies have shown that it can help reduce stress and anxiety, all while helping grow a variety of different skills. 

Want to learn more? Below, we are going to discuss eight reasons why online gaming is good for you. Let's get started!

Social Benefits

Obviously, one of the main benefits of online gaming is the social aspects. You get the chance to play with existing friends and make new ones while you're at it. In fact, you can connect with individuals from all over the world and work together to complete a variety of different missions. Check out these ten multiplayer games to get started! The best part is, you can play them all on your mobile device.


Gaming is fun, so one of the best reasons to do it is if you're looking for entertainment. Instead of sitting down and watching a television show, you get the chance to react, respond and discover exciting worlds. From simple puzzle games and simulations to open-world adventures full of unique characters. There really is something for everyone.


If you find that you struggle with multi-tasking, then picking up a game controller or sitting down at your computer desk might actually be beneficial for you. Certain games will encourage you to complete multiple tasks at once, and you'll need to focus on different areas of the screen (your health bar and stamina, etc.). You'll become more observant, have a quicker reaction time and learn how to handle stressful situations. All skills that are useful in the real world.


Above, we talked about the social benefits of online gaming but working together also has another significant advantage: Teamwork. You'll be sharing multiple goals, allocating resources, and delegating tasks amongst yourselves so that you can work together to complete the game. This collaboration is crucial for our wellbeing and will also help you with other life responsibilities. 


Playing games can also be a great way to improve and facilitate your creativity. Take something like Minecraft, for example. You can build almost anything that you desire, from small houses to full-sized theme parks! And being able to play online means you can invent alongside your friends. You really do get the chance to let your imagination run wild, and you never know, you may be inspired to create something in real-life!


In order to advance to the next level, many video games have hidden problems and riddles that you'll need to solve. From split-second decisions to more completed tasks that require trial and error, you can significantly improve your problem-solving skills. Alongside this, you'll be able to retain more information, enhancing your memory and improving your overall thinking ability. There are many studies that back it all up!


This may sound strange at first, but believe it or not, gaming can help individuals regulate their own emotions. When tasks become difficult and challenging, you'll learn to overcome your anger and frustration so that you can complete the level and move forward. The joy and happiness that come from these achievements are what keep pushing you to try again.


Finally, one of the last reasons why gaming is good for you is that it can actually be relaxing. While this does depend on the type of game you play, sitting down after a long day and completing an activity you love can help you unwind, de-stress and relax. Things like Bejewelled, Flow, Little Wheel, and Home Sheep Home are just a few recommended online games that are perfect if you want to chill out. 

Final Thoughts

When putting into consideration all of the above, its easy to see why gaming can be so enjoyable and is loved by many. However, while these benefits certainly are great, it's still essential to game responsibly. Set yourself boundaries, make sure you spend time with your family and friends in real life and know when it's time to turn off. By following the rules, you can reap the advantages that this excellent activity has to offer.

What do you think? Do you have any great online games that you would like to recommend? 

Silkroad Online confirmed the launch date of its Southeast Asian servers, including the Philippines

Silkroad Online confirmed the launch date of its Southeast Asian servers, including the Philippines

Silkroad Online is definitely one of the names associated with many gamers' childhood, especially to the Generation X and Millennials.

Good news! Silkroad Online Mobile will launch in Southeast Asia (including the Philippines) on 11th March (TBD). And it's available for both Android and iOS devices. Players who have previously participated in FB events or made reservations (still available) will be rewarded when they enter the game.

Silkroad Online is a mobile MMORPG that immerses players in ancient Chinese, Islamic, and European civilizations. In a nutshell, the Silk Road was a significant cultural and commercial crossroads. Roads that once bound ancient Asia and Europe have vanished into the annals of glory and adventure.

The origin of Silkroad Online is the reproduction during the 7th century of the Silk Road and the globe. The fantasy game's atmosphere is made up of the history, tradition, and myths of the different regions. The cities you see in the game are the product of a great deal of documentation and consultation on historical studies so as to create a setting that is as similar as possible to the 7th century. The signs and other names of places around the world are derived as much and as similarly as possible from the names used in literature. When you join the game, you can see places like Jangan, Donwhang Stone Cave, and Constantinople as real places. The resemblance between the simulated and historical presence is adequate to make the players believe like they have truly retreated to history.

The combat is really short and flashy and is focused on character building skills. It was a sight to watch the World Championship players go with their fingers in continuous motion, as they selected various ways of attack on monsters and other players. They have had a long time to develop tournament characters before the match and most people said it wasn't enough, and this reflects the system's difficulty.

U1 Game, the publisher, is also dedicated to make regular free game patches, reminiscent of conventional expansion packs. This include new land, levels and abilities for players to discover and learn. On top of that, there are daily minor changes and bug fixes.

Many well-known YouTubers have experienced Silkroad Online

Unlike other MMORPGs with pre-determined materials, Silkroad Online is a living world. Merchants take risks for fun on the large paths, while Rangers plan to rob their merchandise. Despite the high danger of commerce, Hunters would be present to defend Merchants and bring an end to Rangers' mischief. The first idea a player would have is of a vast universe that is only waiting to be discovered and shook up; a never-ending adventure.

Download Link

List of All Crafting Progress in Valheim

Is this your first time to play Valheim? Don't know where to start or what is really the objective of the game? Valheim has no story line and its an exploration and sandbox construction game where players can build structure from stone age to silver age and it's final age the "Black metal".

Table of Contents

In the middle of the game, you might get stuck on ages where you have no idea what to build to unlock the next age and since we've seen a lot of players has this problem.

  1. Trader
  2. Stone Age
    1. Other Craftable
    2. Cooking Recipes (Cooking Station)
  3. Bronze Age
    1. Plant Seeds
    2. Food Recipes (Cauldron)
  4. Iron Age
  5. Silver Age
  6. Black Metal Age

In this guide, we have compiled all of the item that you need to collect in order for you to unlock the next crafting materials.


Trader is a shop you can only find in Black Forest, though its recommended to access this at Bronze or Iron age. We just listed here for reference. Some item here like Ymir Flesh are needed to craft materials for Iron age. If you also want to catch fish at early stage, this is needed to unlock fishing.

Item Description Costs
Yule hat Cosmetic headgear 100 Coins
Dverger circlet Flashlight helmet 620 Coins
Megingjord Accessory to increase carry weight limit by 150 950 Coins
Ymir Flesh Needed to craft materials for Iron Age 120 Coins
Fishing Rod Equipment to catch fish 350 Coins
Fishing Bait x 50 Bait item to use for Fishing Rod 10 Coins

In your adventure, you will be getting valuable item like Amber, Ruby and many more in exchange of coins, for you to buy item sold by the trader. Below are the list of prices:

Item Earns
Amber 5 Coins
Amber pearl 10 Coins
Ruby 20 Coins
Silver necklace 30 Coins

Stone Age

Basically, in this age you have to loot all of the item near the spawn area. Pick up stuff that you see in the ground, if you find something on the river, pick it up to unlock new craft recipe.

The first priority is to get enough wood and stone to unlock hammer for crafting other item and structure. We also listed here materials that you can as get early as Stone age, like getting fine woods using Trolls.

Task Unlocks
(Obtain item)
Crafting Recipe:

Free item:
Rag tunic
(Obtain item)
Crafting Recipe:
Stone Axe
(Craft item)
Build Piece:
Wood stack
Stone pile
Cooking station
(Craft item)
Build Piece:
Level ground
Raise ground
(Build structure)
Crafting Recipe:
Wood arrow

Build piece:
Wood floor 2×2
Wood floor 1×1
Wood wall
Wood wall half
Wood door
Wood gate
Wood stair
Wood ladder
Thatch roof 45° and 26°
Thatch roof ridge 45° and 26°
Thatch roof o-corner 45° and 26°
Thatch roof i-corner 45° and 26°
Wood wall 45° and 26°
Wood roof cross 45° and 26°
Wood pole 1m and 2m
Wood beam 1m and 2m
Wood beam 45° and 26°
Roundpole fence
(Obtain item)
Crafting recipe:

Build piece:
Standing wood torch
Leather scraps
(Obtain item)
Crafting recipe:
Rag tunic
Rag pants
Crude bow
Flint knife
Wood shield
Wood tower shield
Flint spear
Deer Hide
(Obtain item)
Build piece:
Tanning rack
Deer rug
(Obtain item)
Crafting recipe:
Flint axe

Build piece:
Chopping block
Queen Bee
(Obtain item)
Build piece:
Fine Wood
(Obtain item)
Crafting recipe:
Finewood bow

Build piece:
Wood dragon adornment
(Obtain item)
Build piece:
Black banner
(Obtain item)
Build piece:
White and red striped banner
Core Wood
(Obtain item)
Build piece:
Log beam 4m
Log beam 2m
Log pole 2m
Log pole 4m
sharp stakes
Chopping Block
(Build structure)
Workbench +1 level

Crafting recipe:
Leather tunic
Leather pants
Fire arrow
Flinthead arrow
Deer hide cape
Leather helmet
Tanning rack
(Build structure)
Workbench +1 level
Surtling core
(Obtain item)
Build piece
Charcoal kiln
Greydwarf eye
(Obtain item)
Build piece

Other Craftable

Below you can also unlocked crafting recipe by defeating mini boss Trolls and obtaining Chitin using a boat in the ocean.

Tasked Unlocked
Troll hide
(Obtain item)
Crafting recipe:
Troll leather tunic
Troll leather pants
Troll hide cape
Troll leather helmet
(Obtain item)
Crafting recipe:
Abyssal razor
Abyssal harpoon

Cooking Recipes (Cooking Station)

In this age, you can build a cooking station where you can grill raw meat from monsters.

Foods Recipes
Grilled neck tail 1 x Neck tail
Cooked meat 1 x Raw meat
Cooked fish 1 x Raw fish
Cooked serpent meat 1 x Serpent meat
Cooked lox meat 1 x Lox meat pie

Bronze Age

In the Bronze age, you can now use Ore (Copper and Tin) to craft Bronze and use it to build several equipments like swords, helmet and pickaxe. If you have no idea how to get Ore, you can also use Trolls to smash those deposit found in the forest.

Tasked Unlocked
Copper Ore
(Obtain item)
Smelter Crafting recipe:
Tin Ore
(Obtain item)
Smelter Crafting recipe:
(Craft item)
Build piece:
Forge cooler
(Craft item)
Crafting recipe:
(Craft item)
Build piece:
(Build structure)
Crafting recipe:
Bronze plate cuirass
Bronze plate leggings
Bronzehead arrow
Bronze atgeir
Bronze axe
Bronze nails
Bronze helmet
Copper knife
Bronze mace
Bronze pickaxe
Bronze buckler
Bronze spear
Bronze sword
(Craft item)
Build piece:
Plant seeds
(Build structure)
Workbench +1 level
(Build structure)
Forge +1 level
Forge Cooler
(Build structure)
Forge +1 level
Bronze nails
(Craft item)
Build piece:
Item stand

Plant Seeds

At this age, you also unlock the ability to plant seeds by crafting Cultivator, you can plant the seeds listed below to get equivalent vegetables and beech.

Cultivate Plant Seeds sapling
Carrot seeds Carrot
Beech seeds Beech
Turnip seed Turnip

Food Recipes (Cauldron)

Also in this age, you can also craft foods using Cauldron that you can use to resist frost and restore health. Mead base recipe requires Fermenter to use these potion.

Foods Recipe
Frost resistance
(Mead Base)
10 x Honey
5 x Thistle
2 x Bloodbag
1 x Greydwarf eye
Fire resistance
(Mead Base)
10 x Barley
10 x Cloudberries
Poison resistance
(Mead Base)
10 x Honey
5 x Thistle
1 x Neck tail
10 x Coal
Minor healing
(Mead Base)
10 x Honey
5 x Blueberries
10 x Raspberries
1 x Dandelion
Medium healing
(Mead Base)
10 x Honey
4 x Bloodbag
10 x Raspberries
1 x Dandelion
Minor stamina
(Mead Base)
10 x Honey
10 x Raspberries
10 x Yellow mushroom
Medium stamina
(Mead Base)
10 x Honey
10 x Cloudberries
10 x Yellow mushroom
(Mead Base)
10 x Honey
10 x Raspberries
5 x Blueberries
Queens Jam 8 x Raspberries
8 x Blueberries
Carrot Soup 1 x Mushroom
3 x Carrot
Sausage 2 x Entrails
1 x Raw meat
4 x Thistle
Serpent stew 1 x Mushroom
1 x Cooked serpent meat
2 x Honey
Turnip stew 1 x Raw meat
3 x Turnip
Blood pudding 2 x Thistle
2 x Bloodbag
4 x Barley flour
Bread 10 x Barley flour
Fish wraps 2 x Cooked fish
4 x Barley flour
Lox meat pie 4 x Barley flour
2 x Cloudberries
2 x Cooked lox meat

Iron Age

At iron age, you can now build stone structures and build longship for fast sailing in the ocean. Equipments are also improved with more powerful selection. Also, you need to find the trader in the Black forest to obtain Ymir flesh (120 coins) for you to Iron sledge.

Tasked Unlocked
Iron Ore
(Obtain Item)
Smelter Crafting recipe:
(Craft item)
Crafting recipe:
Iron scale mail
Iron greaves
Ironhead arrow
Iron atgeir
Iron axe
Huntsman bow
Iron helmet
Iron nails
Iron mace
Iron pickaxe
Banded shield
Iron tower shield
Iron sword

Build piece:
Smith's anvil
Forge toolrack
Wood iron pole
Wood iron beam
Iron gate
Reinforced chest
Personal chest
Standing iron torch
Iron nails
(Craft item)
Build piece:
Spinning wheel
Raven throne
(Obtain item)
Crafting recipe:
Linen thread
(Build structure)
Crafting recipe:
Sharpening stone

Build piece:
Paved road
Stone wall 1×1
Stone wall 2×1
Stone wall 4×2
Stone pillar
Stone arch
Stone floor 2×2
Stone stair
Sharpening stone
(Craft item)
Build piece:
Grinding wheel
Grinding Wheel
(Build structure)
Forge +1 level
Forge toolrack
(Build structure)
Forge +1 level
Ancient bark
(Obtain item)
Crafting recipe:
Ancient bark spear
(Trader found in Black Forest)
Ymir flesh
Draugr Elite trophy
(Obtain item)
Crafting recipe:
Iron sledge
Linen thread
(Craft item)
Crafting recipe:
Padded cuiras
Padded greaves
Padded helmet
Linen cape

Silver Age

To unlock this age, you need Silver to do that and some item from wild monsters in the Black Forest.

Tasked Unlocked
Silver Ore
(Obtain Item)
Smelter Crafting recipe:
(Craft Item)
Crafting recipe:
Silver arrow
Silver shield
Silver sword
Wolf Fang Crafting recipe:
Fang spear
Freeze Gland Crafting recipe:

Black Metal Age

The last age is the Black Metal and most end-game item are here. But most item required to craft in this age requires you to defeat the Moder.

Tasked Unlocked
Dragon tear Build piece:
Artisan table
Artisan Table Build piece:
Blast furnace
Black Metal Ore Black furnace crafting recipe:
Black Metal
Black Metal Crafting recipe:
Blackmetal atgeir
Blackmetal axe
Blackmetal knife
Blackmetal sword

That's it guys! We will keep this guide as updated as possible. If you find any missing item from the list, please leave a comment down below.

How to use Domain Name on Valheim Dedicated Server instead of IP Address

When you connect to your Valheim dedicated server, you always enter the public IP Address to connect to it such as – this is way hard to remember and sometimes you forgot or lost it when you're trying to play your remote world. It is ideal to use a words instead of numbers for our server, this will also help your players to connect easily without them memorizing these numeric numbers. But did you know you can use a Domain Name like .com, .ph and etc. instead of an IP Address? Yes this is so possible and it works in Valheim.

If you don't have a domain name yet, you can purchase one from any popular domain name service. Either from the following Godaddy, dotPH or namecheap.

Editing Domain Name DNS Records

Once you've successfully purchase your own domain name, you can then go to the product dashboard of the domain service of your choice. Look for your domain name, then there should be a way to edit the DNS (DNS Management) or something. Click or edit on it to change the records.

At the Records, click Add. Then fill it up with the following details:

If you want to use whole domain name to connect to your Valheim server (eg. YOUR_DOMAIN.com).

  • Type: A
  • Host: @
  • TTL: 1 Hour (43,200 seconds)

If you want to use a sub-domain name instead of the whole domain, you may also edit the host and add the name of your desired sub-domain name (eg. valheim.YOUR_DOMAIN.com).

  • Type: A
  • Host: YOUR_SUB_DOMAIN_NAME (eg. valheim)
  • TTL: 1 Hour (43,200 seconds)

At this point, you can now connect to your Valheim dedicated server using your domain name. To connect, simply open up the Valheim game.

Select your character then click Start. Then click the Community Tab, there should be Join IP button, click on it.

From here, instead of entering the IP Address, you can now enter your domain name to enter the game and no need to include the additional port number. The port number will automatically selected if you're using the default 2456, no need to forward it.

How to Set up Valheim Dedicated Server using DigitalOcean or Vultr

Ever wonder how to setup a Valheim dedicated server using cloud VPS? like the popular cloud hosting DigitalOcean and Vultr? Creating your own Valheim dedicated server allows you to take control of your world and players.

Table of Contents

  1. Sign-up for a Cloud Server
    1. How to Create Digital Ocean Droplet
    2. How to Create Vultr Server
  2. Setting up Valheim Server
  3. How to connect to your Valheim Dedicated Server
  4. Assign Admin access to your Character
  5. How to Backup and Restore Server World Data
  6. How to update your Valheim Dedicated Server
  7. Firewall for Security
    1. DigitalOcean Firewall
    2. Vultr Firewall

In this guide, we will teach you how to setup your own dedicated server for Valheim – from scratch to complete and without using any third party scripts. Good for newbies who has literally no idea about servers and wanted to learn this stuff. This is a step-by-step guide so you can follow each step.

Sign-up for a Cloud Server

First you need a hosting cloud server, you can use either DigitalOcean or Vultr. If you don't have one, you can sign up below to get free $100 credits.

The Valheim server will require atleast 2GB of RAM and 10% of CPU usage. With this, you need to pick a droplet (Digital Ocean) or a product (Vultr) that meet the minimum specs.

There are two type of cloud servers. First, shared server which means the CPU and Memory resources that you're not currently using are shared with other users in that particular server. Dedicated server on the other hand means you solely use all of the CPU and Memory resources, getting rid of noisy neighbor, good for server who constantly uses 50 to 100% CPU loads.

How to Create Digital Ocean Droplet

For DigitalOcean, to create a droplet click the Create > Droplets at the top corner of the page.

At Choose an image, to use the commands in our guides, we need to use Ubuntu 20.04 (LTS) x64. At Choose a plan, pick your server specs that you want to use, below are the minimum specs that you can try (You may also pick higher specs than below if your budget is not an issue).

Server Type Specs
Shared CPU
$10 per month
Shared 1 CPU
2GB Memory
2TB Bandwidth
55GB SSD Storage
Shared CPU (Premium Intel or AMD)
$12 per month
Shared 1 AMD/Intel CPU
2GB Memory
2TB Bandwidth
50GB NVMe SSD Storage
General Purpose
$60 per month
Dedicated 2 CPUs
8GB Memory
4TB Bandwidth
25GB SSD Storage
$40 per month
Dedicated 2 CPUs
4GB Memory
4TB Bandwidth
25GB SSD Storage
$40 per month
Dedicated 2 CPUs
16GB Memory
4TB Bandwidth
50GB SSD Storage
$125 per month
Dedicated 2 CPUs
16GB Memory
4TB Bandwidth
300GB NVMe SSD Storage

In the datacenter, it is ideal to choose the nearest region for lower ping (For example, if you're in the Philippines, the nearest datacenter is Singapore).

For authentication, select password. Then enter the password that you want to use for root user every time you access it. You may also rename your hostname and add a tags if you'd like. Once everything is fine, click Create Droplet.

How to Create Vultr Server

For Vultr, to deploy a server go to the Products page then click the blue + button at the right corner of the page, click Deploy New Server.

From here, pick the type of server you want, below are the list of minimum specs that you can choose, you may also pick higher specs. You must also pick a server location that are nearest to you for lower ping.

Server Type Specs
Cloud Compute
$10 per month
Shared 1 CPU
2GB Memory
2TB Bandwidth
55GB SSD Storage
High Frequency
$12 per month
Shared 1 CPU
2GB Memory
2TB Bandwidth
64GB NVMe SSD Storage
Dedicated Cloud
$60 per month
Dedicated 2 CPUs
8GB Memory
10TB Bandwidth
120GB SSD Storage

For Server Type, make sure to pick Ubuntu 20.04 x64. Then enter your root Password, your Server Hostname and Label. Once done, click Deploy Now.

Setting up Valheim Server

Open up your command prompt (CMD) and we will be using the built-in Windows 10 SSH command to enter to the server that you just created. Go to your cloud server dashboard and get the public IP address of it and enter the following command in the CMD. You also need to enter the root password that you use in creating your droplet/vultr server.


Now, we have to add the i386 libraries into our server. This will allow us to install Steam SDK.

sudo dpkg --add-architecture i386

Afterwards, you need to update and upgrade your server to the latest packages which will also includes our Steam SDK's. If it asked for another confirmation, just type -y then press enter in your keyboard.

sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade -y

Now, install our steam SDK using this command.

sudo apt-get install steamcmd -y

To have a safe environment incase someone was able to enter your server, we need to create an exclusive user intended for Valheim steam server only. Which will avoid them from running executable files using root (sudu). Once you've created a user, it will asked you to enter a new password for steam, make sure to type a strong password to protect your server. (for Full Name, just add Steam and leave blank to other details)

sudo adduser steam

Now, we will logout as a root user.


Login back to your server again, but this time as a steam user.


Make sure we are in the same home directory.

cd ~

We then need to create a symbolic link for our SteamCMD command.

ln -s /usr/games/steamcmd steamcmd

Then we will create a folder for our Valheim inside steam directory.

mkdir /home/steam/valheim

We will now the download and install the Valheim server, this will take time some minutes to complete (3 to 10 minutes).

/home/steam/steamcmd +login anonymous +force_install_dir /home/steam/valheim +app_update 896660 validate +exit

After installing the Valheim server, we need to set up a configuration file. The default configuration which is start_server.sh are being replaced with default information by Steam every time our server is loaded. So, we need to create a new copy that contains our own configurations, we will use start_valheim.sh instead.

cp /home/steam/valheim/start_server.sh /home/steam/valheim/start_valheim.sh

We then need to edit the start_valheim.sh file with VIM. If its your first time to use this text editor, once you've enter the command below. You need to press I to enter insert mode which allows you to edit the file like just a notepad. In case it automatically starts at Replace Mode, just press ESC and press I again.

vim /home/steam/valheim/start_valheim.sh

Then change the file with this configuration. Don't forget to chance the place holders:

  • YOUR_VALHEIM_SERVER_NAME – This will be the name that will appear on the Community Server list in Valheim.
  • YOUR_WORLD_NAME – Generated maps will depends on this name.
  • YOUR_PASSWORD – Password to your Valheim server, this is the password that you'll give to other players in order for them to join.
#!/bin/sh  export templdpath=$LD_LIBRARY_PATH  export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/home/steam/valheim/linux64:$LD_LIBRARY_PATH  export SteamAppId=892970    echo $LD_LIBRARY_PATH  echo $LD_LIBRARY_PATH      echo "Starting server PRESS CTRL-C to exit"    # Tip: Make a local copy of this script to avoid it being overwritten by steam.  # NOTE: Minimum password length is 5 characters & Password cant be in the server name.  # NOTE: You need to make sure the ports 2456-2458 is being forwarded to your server through your local router & firewall.  /home/steam/valheim/valheim_server.x86_64 -name "YOUR_VALHEIM_SERVER_NAME" -port 2456 -world "YOUR_WORLD_NAME" -password "YOUR_PASSWORD" -batchmode -nographics    export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$templdpath

The additional configuration -batchmode and -nographics will allow your server to run without additional UI or graphics, this will save you more memory and processes since we're only running our server on the background. After enabling this, our memory usage reduces to half.

After editing, press ESC from your keyboard then type !wq to exit and save the text editor. (If you want to copy and paste the text above, to paste on VIM, make sure you're in INSERT mode – press right click on your mouse).

Since we already installed the steam files, we can now go back to our root user and apply important file permission. To gain root access, just type the commands below. You then need to enter your server's password.

su -

In order for start_valheim.sh to be executable, we need to add permission on it.

chmod +x /home/steam/valheim/start_valheim.sh

The last touch we need to do is to run the Valheim server in start up. To do that, we have to add it at the services. We have to create a new file called valheim.service inside the system directory.

vim /lib/systemd/system/valheim.service

Now, add these codes. Press I from your keyboard to enter Insert mode and paste the following text (To paste in vim, right-click on mouse). To save and exit, press ESC then type wq! to exit the text editor.

[Unit]  Description=Valheim Server  [Service]  Type=simple  Restart=on-failure  RestartSec=5  StartLimitInterval=60s  StartLimitBurst=3  User=steam  Group=steam  ExecStartPre=/home/steam/steamcmd +login anonymous +force_install_dir /home/steam/valheim +app_update 896660 validate +exit  ExecStart=/home/steam/valheim/start_valheim.sh  ExecStop=/bin/killall -TERM valheim_server  LimitNOFILE=100000  [Install]  WantedBy=multi-user.target

After that we have to reload our daemon to reflect the changes. Then enable valheim at startup. Lastly, run our server for the first time.

systemctl daemon-reload  systemctl enable valheim.service  systemctl start valheim

To check if its running, use this command to check it's status.

systemctl status valheim

Here are important command that you can use incase you encounter some problem half way.

  • systemctl start valheim – Start the Valheim Server.
  • systemctl stop valheim – Stop the Valheim Server from running.
  • systemctl restart valheim – Restart the Valheim Server, useful when you do changes on the settings.

If you got an error, you can enter journalctl -e then paste the log on the comment section below so we can help you troubleshoot for any problem.

You can also check our separate guide on setting up Domain Name for Valheim Dedicated Server, which allows you to join the server with memorable words instead of IP addresses.

How to connect to our Valheim Dedicated Server

We have now a working server, what else we need to do is on how to connect into our server. For us to invite our friends to join and play together. Open up Valheim, then click the Start button.

Click the Join Game tab, then at the bottom select the option Community, then press Join IP.

Enter your server's ip address with these format:


Wait until it is connected and enter the server password to connect to the game.

If your server is not listed on the Community tab, there are some reason why it is not listed. First, the server is not near your region. For example, if you're in the Philippines and your server is in United States, players in SouthEast Asia region will not able to see your server at the Community tab. But if your server is located in SEA region like Singapore, Japan, Hong-Kong or Philippines, you server will be listed for players in that region.

Assign Admin access to your Character

To give you complete control not just on your server but as well as in the game, you can assign your Valheim account character as an admin on it. You simply need to the Steam ID in the file adminlist.txt.

To find your Steam ID, simply open a browser and go to your Steam Profile page (eg https://steamcommunity.com/id/GamingPH_com), right click the page and click View Source. Search and find this string g_rgProfileData =. The numeric value of "steamid" is your ID.

Alternatively, you can also find your SteamID in-game, as well as for other player by pressing F2. The ID on the players list is the Steam ID of that player.

Since you already have the SteamID you can then add it on the adminlist text.

vim ~/.config/unity3d/IronGate/Valheim/adminlist.txt

In the vim text editor, just add the Steam ID at the bottom. Save the file !wq. Don't forget to restart your server.

systemctl restart valheim

To use your admin control, in-game just press F5 and you can execute the following command as admin.

  • kick [name/ip/userID] – ban player
  • ban [name/ip/userID] – ban player
  • unban [ip/userID] – unban player
  • banned – List of all banned players

Update: The admin access is not yet available on the game. To banned users, you need to manually add it on bannedlist.txt and adminlist.txt.

How to back up and restore World Server Data

Just like the client side where your map data is located on users directory. For server side, it keeps on the default directory ~/.config/unity3d/IronGate/Valheim.

If you want to back up these file into your computer or transfer it to other server. You can use scp command to copy it. (Note: the CMD must not be connected from your server. To make sure you're not connected, open up a new Command Prompt)

First, we need to create a folder into your computer. Or you can skip this and use your existing folder.


We can then download the file and transfer it directly into your computer.

scp -r root@YOUR_SERVER_IPADDRESS:~/.config/unity3d/IronGate C:\YOUR_FOLDER_BACKUP

To restore the data, first we need to stop our server first. You need to login into your server.


Then run the stop server command. Then exit from your server.

systemctl stop valheim  exit

Then just interchange the path on our backup command. This will automatically transfer all files from your backup folder directly to your server's world data.

scp -r C:\YOUR_FOLDER_BACKUP root@YOUR_SERVER_IPADDRESS:~/.config/unity3d/IronGate

Don't forget to start your valheim to see the restored world data.

ssh root@YOUR_SERVER_IPADDRESS  systemctl start valheim

How to Update Valheim Dedicated Server

For maintenance and updates, it is also important to make your server up to date incase Valheim will drop a huge update into the game. To update to the latest version, simply run the following commands.

/home/steam/steamcmd +login anonymous +force_install_dir /home/steam/valheim +app_update 896660 validate +exit

Do not forget to restart your server after the update installation is completed.

systemctl restart valheim

Firewall for Security

To protect your server from unwanted attempted login or brute force. You can enable a firewall into your server.

DigitalOcean and Vultr has a firewall web interface directly from their dashboard. You can then attached this firewall into your server. If you're using your Valheim server as a game server only, we just need to enable access to the UDP port 2456-2458 for our server to work. Other port is not needed except for port 22 for SSH.

DigitalOcean Firewall

For DigitalOcean, go to Manage > Networking > Firewalls. Then press the Create Firewall button.

At Inbound Rules, click the new rule dropdown menu and select Custom. It will then populate the other settings, select UDP as Protocol, then at the Port Range enter 2456-2458. (Optional) You may also restrict other IP addresses to access your SSH server. This is by removing All IPv4 and All IPv6 at the SSH Sources. Then enter your public IP address on it.

At the Apply to Droplets, search and select your Droplet Server. Then click the Create Firewall to apply the firewall.

Vultr Firewall

For Vultr, go to Products > Firewall. Then hover the + and click Add Firewall Group. Name your firewall and click the Add Firewall Group button.

At the IPv4 Rules, we have to give access first to our SSH server, the default value is for SSH, just press + to add it. (Optional) You can also restrict access to your SSH server exclusively to your IP address only. To do that, at Sources, just click My IP then press + to apply.

At the IPv4 Rules, there should be a dropdown from the list where you can add a new rule. Click the dropdown for Protocol and select UDP, at Port (or range) enter 2456-2458 then click the + button.

To apply it into your server, go to the Products > Instances then click your Server. Then at Settings > Firewall. From the dropdown menu select the Firewall that you just created. Then click Update Firewall Group to complete.

The changes will take effect within 120 seconds.

How to Teleport in Valheim

Running from the middle of your adventure back to your base takes a lot of time especially the world of Valheim are so vast. In the beginning of the game, this is very helpful if you need to transport materials for crafting and building structures.

Table of Contents

  1. How to build a Teleport Portal
  2. How to get Fine Woods
  3. How to get Surtling Cores
  4. How to get Greydwarf

So, how do you teleport in Valheim? You basically needed an Portal to do this, the portal structure will only unlock on your building menu once you've obtain at least one of the every materials needed to build it.

To build a Teleport Portal in Valheim, you need the following materials:

  • 20 x Fine Woods
  • 10 x Greydwarf
  • 2 x Surtling core

However, portal is bi-directional, meaning you can only teleport from portal A to portal B or vice versa. Building another portal C to teleport to portal A or B is not possible, you need a new set of portal like portal C and D for them to work.

How to build a Teleport Portal

If you need help on getting the required materials, you can check below on how to get these individually. Once you've collected all of them, you need to build at least two portal in order for this to usable. Now, build a portal – example Portal A, then you need to add a name on it, example "Home". At this point, it will say "Unconnected" since there is no connecting portal on it. No more than two portals can share a name or else it will override the oldest portal. Portals can be relinked whenever you want by renaming them. If you're planning on putting a portal in a far away location whilst solo then make sure to place and name a portal in your base before leaving, otherwise you have a long trek home.

Now, go to the destination that you want to build the connecting portal, our Portal B. Build the structure and add the same label we used in Portal A "Home".

Wait for a few seconds and it will successfully say "Connected". Once you're near to the portal, it will automatically lit up.

Once you've crossed inside the circle, you'll automatically teleported to the other point.

How to get Fine Woods

You probably rarely loots a Fine Woods in Valheim, because it can only be looted from the Birch trees or Oak trees and it requires Bronze axe to destroy it. Getting a Bronze axe takes progression, so we will guide you on how to easily get fine woods in the game using these methods:

Wreck Ships – In the shore, there are several wreck ships scattered in these area. Look for these and destroy it with your axe. (Bonus: There is a chest underneath these ships that contains valuable items)

Trolls – Look for Trolls in the forest, they usually hang out near Caves dungeons. Lure them to nearby Birch or Oak trees and let them destroy these trees for you. Make sure you have enough health to this trick.

For two working portals, you need at least 40 pieces of Fine Woods.

How to get Surtling Core

You can get these from dungeon caves (Burial Chambers, Troll Cave), mostly these dungeon can be found in the Black Forest where Trolls are hanging out or in an secluded area.

Enter to these caves and usually it is guarded by a Skeleton warriors.

Look for the red magma like torch, these are the Surtling Core. If you're lucky, you can get up to 7 Surtling Core at a single cave run. You need at least 4 to build two portals.

How to get Greydwarf

Among all of the listed materials, this is one is relatively easy. You probably looted this materials before and might just seating on your inventory. You can loot this material from it's name, the Greydwarf monster. Get atleast 20 pieces of it to build two portals.

Now that you've finished building your portal, you can now easily go back to your base without running for a long time. However, items like Iron Ore or Copper Ore cannot be used in teleport, you need other ways to transport this either from running or using cargos.

How to Build quick Outpost in Valheim

Looking for ideal outpost that you can build in Valheim? In this guide, we will cover some ideal outpost design that you can build whenever you are adventuring in difference places in Valheim and these guide is ideal for players who has limited resources that they can quickly deploy.

Table of Content

  1. Building quick Outpost
  2. Quick outpost with Storage Box
  3. List of ideal outpost design

Before anything else, we need to find a flat surface where we will place our outpost. To avoid using excess pole, you may also flatten the land using a Hoe, make sure it fits the 3×3 m dimension.

Building quick Outpost

For our first outpost, we will be building a basic one that can accommodate beds, crafting station and other important structure like Chopping block or Tanning rack. (Mats for Chopping block and tanning rack are not included in the computation). You need 90 Woods and 9 Stones to complete this outpost.

Now, we will be forming the 3×2 m box shape foundation, prep a 1×1 m on the top for our fireplace. We can use a Wood pole 1m as footing and an Wood beam 2m as a floor framing. You need at least 20 x Woods for this task.

  • 4 x Wood pole 1m
  • 9 x Wood beam 2m

We can then remove the Wood beam on the front center, this will allow us to walk fluidly when we attached ladder on it on the next part. 2 x Woods will be returned in your inventory after this step.

We can then place our floor on the beam foundation. Use Wood floor 2×2 and at the front place a stair a Wood stair. You need at least 14 x Woods on this step.

  • 1 x Wood stair
  • 6 x Wood flor 2×2

After that, we can now build our walls, this time make a T-shape curve placing the 1×1 fireplace on the top. You need at least 22 x Woods.

  • 11 x Wood wall

Now, use your Hoe to elevate the land surface of our fireplace and afterwards put up the campfire on it. Make sure your campfire is facing 90 degrees so that the smoke won't fill your outpost. You need at least 9 x Stones and 2 x Woods on this part.

  • 1 x Campfire
  • 1 x Raise Ground

We can then put up our roof. You can use a 26 degrees Thatch roof o-corner for the 4 corners and for two sides. You need at least 12 x Woods for our roofs.

  • 4 x Thatch roof o-corner 26 degrees
  • 2 x Thatch roof 26 degrees

To seal our outpost, don't forget the Wood door. You need at least 4 x Woods.

  • 1 x Wood door

Now, we can build our Crafting station inside our house and remove the one outside so we have remaining woods for our beds. You need at least 18 x Woods for items inside our outpost.

  • 1 x Crafting Station
  • 1 x Bed

That's it! You need a total of 90 Woods and 9 Stones to complete your quick outpost.

Quick outpost with Storage box

If you have spare woods and wanted your outpost to have a storage box, you can also expand your outpost by just adding a half Wood wall on it. First, clear out the roof. You need an additional 68 Woods to complete this expanded outpost.

Then we will place a half Wood wall on our walls. At the back, skip the T-shape and just place it straight to save some woods.

At the front, our extended wall will look like this. This step requires 20 x Woods.

Then, place back the Thatch roof we've removed earlier.

Inside, you can place a single 2×2 Wood floor under the bed footboard. Though you can place another one on the head area, but it will create a camera stuttering once your character wake up after sleep. Then place a Chest on top of it. You need 12 x Woods on this part.

  • 1 x Wood floor (2×2)
  • 1 x Chest

Then at the work bench, you can add up to 3 Wood floor and 3 Chest. You need 36 x Woods for this.

  • 3 x Wood floor (2×2)
  • 3 x Chest

That's it! In addition, you need a total of 158 Woods and 9 Stones for an outpost with storage boxes.

List of ideal Outpost Design

Since, you already know the quickest way to build an outpost. We will also listed here some ideal outpost design from the community. (If you want to add your own design here, leave a comment down below)

Outpost Design Pictures
The Tower Outpost (2x2x7)

Structure Requires:
– 144 Woods
– 9 Stones

Optional Structures:
– Up to 40 Chest
– Chopping Blocks

Make an half Wood floor to stalk up Chest.

The Mini Outpost (2x2x2)

Structure Requires:
– 70 Woods
– 9 Stones

Optional Structures:
– Up to 6 Chest
– Chopping Blocks

Add a half wood floor to stalk up two chest from the floor. At the top, add two 1×1 floor for the workbench and another half wood for two chests.

You may also watch our step-by-step guide on building quick outpost on Valheim.

Ragnarok Mobile March 2021 Event (Forest Queen and Happy Egg)

March is coming and Ragnarok M Eternal Love already posted their new event due for March 2021. They titled the new event "The Forest Queen and Happy Egg", it includes 13 new event which adventurer can participate to earn rewards and new story quest.

Table of Contents

  1. Puzzle Event (Event 1)
  2. Forest Queen's Call for Help – Sign-in Quest (Event 2)
  3. Method to Restore the Divine Tree – Food Crafting (Event 3)
  4. Take back the Happy Clover – Time limited monster Hunt (Event 4)
  5. Mission Board Quest (Event 5)
  6. Protect the Divine Tree's Barrier – Material Donation (Event 6)
  7. Look for the Happy Egg – Treasure Hunt (Event 7)
  8. Glorious Antique Box (Event 8)
  9. Mysterious Merchant (Event 9)
  10. Forest Queen's Gift (Event 10)
  11. Enhancing Essence Box (Event 11)
  12. Fantasy Rune I & II Gift Pack (Event 12)

In this guide, we will walk through you to different part for Forest Queen and Happy Egg event.

Event 1: Puzzle Event

Starting March 1 to April 1, 2021, Same as the previous event, the Forest Queen and Happy Egg has its own puzzle event where players needs to collect various puzzle by participating this month event.

It has a total of 9 puzzle pieces and each puzzle collected allow players to receive an 1 x Mysterious Box v2.0.

Puzzle Collected Rewards
3 Puzzles 2 x Gold Medal
1 x Freyr Coin
6 Puzzles 1 x Skyfire Shard – Sharp
9 Puzzles 1 x Forest Queen's Thank-you card (Exclusive Card)

Event 2: Forest Queen's Call for Help (Sign-in Quest)

Starting March 1 to 21, 2021, there will be a 5-day quest players can participate. Played has to go to Prontera Square and talk to the NPC Lorgar (Forest Queen's Messenger) and accept the quest Forest Queen's Call for Help. The guide provided by Ragnarok M Eternal Love didn't mention rewards for each quest completed, we will update you more info about this here.

For every quest players completes, player will be able to get a Forest Queen's Protection which contains the following:

  • 30 x Happy Clover
  • with a chance to get:
    • 4 x Oracle Dust
    • 2 x Oracle Crystal
    • 2 x Praying Crystal Pack
    • 1 x Seed of Mastela

Completing the 5-day quest will allow the players to get 1 x Facewear Spirit Eye (Blueprint).

Players can accept the quest until March 14, 2021.

Event 3: Method to Restore the Divine Tree (Food Crafting)

Starting March 11 to 18, 2021, players will be helping the Forest Queen by cooking a special recipe. Players had to go to the Prontera Square and talk to the NPC Camus.

Open up Food preparation and cook the special recipe Divine Tree's Juice. (You don't need to find ingredients for this, it will automatically provided by the quest).

Deliver the meal to the Forest Queen and obtain a food Happy Clover.

When consuming Happy Clover it contains the following boosts (Last for 208 minutes):

  • Max HP + 500
  • Max SP + 50
  • Physical Attack + 40
  • Magic Attack + 40
  • Physical Penetration + 2.5%
  • Magic Penetration + 2.5%

When successful making 10 meals, players will receive an adventurer title Divine Tree Caregiver.

Event 4: Take back the Happy Clover (Time Limited Monster Hunt)

Starting March 18 to 25, 2021, Mutant Willow will appear randomly at the South of Payon. Players had to go to the Payon South to eliminate these Mutant Willow and has a chance to get Happy Clover from the loot. (No need to combat time to loot this item).

Collecting 500 x Happy Clover will also activate a new achievement Divine Tree Guardian as well as a title reward of Divine Tree Guard and a blueprint Spirit's Blessing.

Event 5: Mission Board Quest

Starting March 11 to April 1, 2021, finishing the first daily mission board quest will allow players to receive 20 x Happy Clover. (Once per account only).

Event 6: Protect the Divine Tree's Barrier (Material Donation)

Starting March 4 to 11, 2021, in this event, players can donate some materials in exchange of an rewards. Players had to go to the Payon South and look for an NPC Wendy (Queen's Assistant). Talk to the NPC and donate the materials she needed.

Players can exchange materials need for the following:

  • Divine Tree's Blessing
  • Divine Tree's Prayer
  • Divine Tree's Wish

The NPC will asked for 2 materials daily. Each day the materials needed for donation will be different and players can donate to the NPC twice a day.

Event 7: Look for the Happy Egg (Treasure Hunt)

Starting March 25 to April 1, 2021, in this event an stolen Happy Egg was hided by a monster and a Forest Queen will help you to locate these item on a specific area.

The guide didn't mention where to initiate this quest, but will update this portion during the day of the event. For now, look at the quest tab for any hint.

Players had to find the NPC Hilfing (Forest Queen) and obtain the location of the Happy Egg.

Find the location of the Happy Egg and break the egg to receive an rewards.

Event 8: Glorious Antique Box

Starting February 27 to March 6, 2021, there will be a new item sold at the Recharge (Big Cat Coin Shop), this is the Glorious Antique Box which will be sold for 10 BCC with a limit of 100 purchase only.

The Glorious Antique Box contains the following:

  • v2.0 Boss Materials (Mini or MVP materials)
  • 100,000 Zeny

Event 9: Mysterious Merchant

Starting March 4 to 11, 2021, a new event called Gift will appear the New Event button at the top corner of the game screen. Clicking this will allow players to purchase rare items for up to 20%.

For March 4 to 7, 2021:

Item Sold Cost Description
Mora Lucky Bag
(5 purchase limits)
400,000 Zeny Contains the following:
20 x Mora Coin

No requirement
Bear Mora Goody Bag
(30 purchase limits)
20 BCC Contains the following:
100 x Mora Coin
0.1% chance to receive headwear Cute Bear [1]

Requires 5 purchase of Mora Lucky Bag
Ready-to-Burst Mora Goody Bag 2,000,000 Zeny Contains the following:
200 x Mora Coin

Requires 5 purchase of Bear Mora Goody Bag

For March 7 to 11, 2021:

Item Sold Cost Description
Oracle Gift Box
(5 purchase limits)
400,000 Zeny Contains the following:
5 x Oracle Dust
5 x Oracle Crystal

No requirement
Big Kitty Oracle Gift Box
(30 purchase limits)
30 BCC Contains the following:
30 x Oracle Dust
30 x Oracle Crystal
0.1% chance to receive mount Fenrir Type VI

Requires 5 purchase of Oracle Gift Box
Oracle Gift Box Unable to Shut 2,000,000 Zeny Contains the following:
50 x Oracle Dust
50 x Oracle Crystal

Requires 5 purchase of Big Kitty Oracle Gift Box

Event 10: Forest Queen's Gift

Starting March 11 to 18, 2021, there will a new item sold at the Recharge (Big Cat Coin Shop), the Forest Queen's Gift for 30 BCC without purchase limit.

The Forest Queen's Gift contains one of the following items:

  • 1 x Baphomet Card
  • 1 x Smokie Card
  • 1 x Fire Witch Card
  • 1 x Rotar Zairo Card
  • 1 x Toad Card
  • 1 x Marionette Card
  • 1 x Angeling
  • 1 x Duke Gem
  • 1 x Majestic Goat Helmet
  • 1 x Blazing Soul Weapon Appearance Voucher
  • 1 x Shattering snow Weapon Voucher
  • 1 x Star Realm Weapon Appearance Voucher
  • 15 to 30 x Mora Coin
  • 15 to 30 x Oracle Dust
  • 12 to 25 x Oracle Crystal
  • 5 x Hardcover Card Album Remains
  • 2 x Card Album Remains

Event 11: Enhancing Essence Box

Starting March 25 to April 1, 2021, a new item will be sold at the Recharge (Big Cat Coin Shop), the Enhancing Essence Box for 10 BCC with 100 purchase limite.

The Enhancing Essence Box contains the following:

  • 4 to 7 x Enhancing Essence I
  • 4 to 7 x Enhancing Essence II
  • 4 to 7 x Enhancing Essence III
  • 100,000 Zeny

Event 12: Fantasy Rune I & II Gift Pack

Starting March 25 to April 1, 2021, Fantasy Rune I and II gift pack will be sold at the Recharge (Big Cat Coin Shop) for 20 BCC and 40 BCC respectively.

The Fantasy Rune I Gift Pack for 20 BCC contains the following (60 purchase limit):

  • 2 x Old Rune Box
  • 1 x Glittering Rune Stone
  • 2 x Random Boss Material
  • One of the following:
    • 20% chance to obtain S Level Star Rune of your class
    • 0.2% chance to obtain Mini Unlock Card Album

The Fantasy Rune I Gift Pack for 40 BCC contains the following (60 purchase limit):

  • 4 x Old Rune Box
  • 2 x Glittering Rune Stone
  • 4 x Random Boss Material
  • One of the following:
    • 50% chance to obtain S Level Star Rune of your class
    • 0.5% chance to obtain Mini Unlock Card Album