Trump’s Scuttling His Sinking White House

Donald Trump has scuttled his own White House. His ship of state is sinking, and he’s ankle-deep in water. To the rescue, Sheldon Adelson has thrown him a $75 million contribution to tow him back to safety and four more years. On the one hand, wi…

Bukkake World Championships Called Off Due To Health Risk

The Coronavirus, COVID-19, has cast its shadow over normality again this evening, after the dangerous risk of spreading the virus put paid to the 2020 staging of one of the most eagerly-awaited events in the Japanese social calendar - the Bukkake Wor…

Camberwick Green Is Man's All-Time Favourite TV Show

A man who rarely comments on the subject of television has come out to confess that his all-time favourite TV show was, is, and probably will always be the BBC children's animated puppet show from the 1960s, 'Camberwick Green'. Moys Kenwood, 57, c…

English professor fails 'O' Level English exam!

Nuances, idiosyncrasies, diverse meaning of many words, placing of commas, semi-colons, paragraphs, and full stops, within the wonderful English language requires years of university studies to gain complete command of this very difficult tool. Af…

Democrats Plan To Use Trump As A Trampoline After Election

A leaked Democratic Party memo from Washington has revealed that, after he has been ousted from the White House as a result of the November 3 presidential election, Donald Trump is to be used as a trampoline in the celebrations that will follow. A…

Trump promises to perform a backflip if he wins election

In a rambling speech in Florida today, Donald Trump promised to perform a backflip if he wins the US election next month. His supporters cheered him on, causing the US president to babble on about the manoeuvre for almost an hour. "I could do it r…

Man Had To Change His Underpants At Work

We have all, at some time or other, suffered the inconvenience of getting wet and having to change our clothing, but when one man and his wife got drenched in torrential rain yesterday, then drove into an underwater pothole and fell off their motorbi…

All communication to be disabled til after election

Under Denver Airport - Rooters News An anonymous source reports that all communications services will be shortly disabled to prevent dissemination of facts regarding the Biden family. The recent Twittering of Twitter was just a dry run. “The e…

Chrysler Says That It Will Be Dropping The Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo’s Racist Name

DETROIT â€" (Satire News) â€" After receiving hundreds of petitions containing millions of names, the Chrysler Corporation has agreed to change the name of their highly popular SUV, The Grand Jeep Cherokee Laredo. The SUV was originally developed in 1…

Trump Says Construction Will Begin Soon on His New Trump Tower Building in Downtown Moscow

INTERCOURSE, Pennsylvania â€" (Satire News) - President Trump was thrilled to see so many supporters at his last Trump Campaign Hate Rally. He looked out at the crowd, which he estimated to be between one and two million, and gave them all a thumbs-…

Zombie-Owned Restaurants increasing in Popularity across the Country

Despite making up less than 1% of the American population, Zombies are one of the most unique ethnic minorities in the country due to their eccentric, albeit intriguing, lifestyle. One such area of cultural distinction is the rather interesting choic…

The Nine Lives of a Very Stable Genius

Near the end of October of 2020, a small item appeared on the AP wire feed. Lady May, the yacht seized during the arrest of the former White House Strategist, Sloppy Steve, had been seconded to the White House as the new presidential yacht. The artic…

Dr. Billingsgate Answers Letters Regarding Wampum Program

BILLINGSGATE POST: It is apparent that the "Blessings for Wampum Program" article has created a tempest in a tepee. Some of the letters on that and other subjects: "BIllingsgate speak with forked tongue. Medicine Man never sell blessings for wam…

Tab Drink And Donald Trump To Be Retired

After sixty years, Coca-Cola has announced plans to retire Tab, which was once its new diet soda, to trim Cola’s portfolio. Also retiring is Donald Trump, by voters of the United States, to regain the nation’s stature in the world, and trim the tu…

Motorcyclist Crashes After Riding Through Floodwater

A woman motorcyclist who was taking her husband to work during flooding caused by several days of torrential rain, suffered the misfortune of being thrown from the vehicle when an unseen pothole in the road almost swallowed it whole, and left the cou…

GOP: Barrett Will be Really Fair and Impartial As She Eliminates Health Care, Women's Choice and Biden Victory

Washington - At the Senate Confirmation hearings for Amy Coney Barrett, Senate Republicans on the Judicial Committee praised the prospective Supreme Court judge after she indicated that she would be a totally fair judge who would apply the law withou…

The Los Angeles Galaxy’s Chicharito is Unhappy

LOS ANGELES â€" (Sports Satire) â€" The Los Angeles Post-Gazette spoke with L.A. Galaxy star Javier Hernandez, better known as Chicharito. The 32-year-old expressed that he is very upset and unhappy with the teams (4-9-3) record. He noted that sale…

Many in The Black Community Are Calling Rapper Ice Cube an Uncle Tom

CHICAGO â€" (Satire News) â€" Afro Sheen Magazine is reporting that many African-Americans are now turning their backs on rapper Ice Cube, and calling him an Uncle Tom. Others are saying that they are shocked that the black rapper has turned into just…

White House rose garden replaced with bigit tree orchard

The latest update to the White House grounds comes compliments of the First Lady with strong encouragement from the President himself. Melania Trump had ordered the removal of the ornamental trees planted by Jackie Kennedy. The original plan was to…

Girlfriend invents Boyfriend Stick

Local brainbox Lorraine Reid has come up with a great idea to get her boyfriend, Keith Smythe, out of the house for a while - the boyfriend stick. 'A girlfriend was telling me how much she liked throwing a stick for her dog in the park, and so I c…

President Trump is Allocating $14.7 Billion To Send An Exploratory Team to The Newly Discovered Planet Covfefe

WASHINGTON, D.C. â€" (Satire News) â€" President Trump recently sat down with Dr. Amerigo Tennyson, who is the chief scientist at NASA. Dr. Tennyson is the man who discovered the planet Covfefe on April 20, 2020. The doctor has scientific degrees…

Trump says, "Just The Other Day…"

“Just the other day,” starts Donald Trump, as though about to quote documentary evidence and give valuable proof to support his lying position. Caught in a corner, it’s an on-the-spot invention. Does anyone buy his "Just the other day…" Trum…

The Entire Population of Texas Says That Nebraska Senator Sasse is Nothing But a Pile of Chupacabra Shit

AUSTIN â€" (Satire News) â€" iRumors is reporting that Texas Governor Greg Abbott has issued a proclamation prohibiting Nebraska Senator Bennie Sasse from ever setting foot in Texas. The senator from the “Creme-Style Corn State” has angered every man,…

Trump Says Wearing A Mask Makes Him Look Weak

Donald Trump, who already used the weak excuse of bone spurs to get out of the Vietnam draft, now claims that wearing a mask makes him, the same Donald Trump, look weak. Actually, not wearing a mask makes him look more stupid than weak. Think of…

Scientists Say That Lake Michigan Could Dry Up Completely in 8 Years

CHICAGO â€" (Satire News) â€" Environmental scientists have released a report stating that, due to climate change, Lake Michigan could be totally bone dry by 2028. The experts said that when that happens, the city of Chicago is going to find itself up…

Biden Cites Sgt. Bilko And Blessings For Wampum Program As Inspiration

BILLINGSGATE POST: Among the most cherished political scam programs ever devised to line the pockets of family members of high ranking government officials is the “Blessings For Wampum Program.” This program, along with the pithy scams devised by th…

Millions of Houston Astros Fans Are Furious as Hell

HOUSTON â€" (Sports Satire) â€" Houston Astros fans are ready to tar and feather one Senator Benjamin “The Ass” Sasse. The senator from Nebraska, during the Judge Amy Barrett senate hearing, out of the blue, mentioned that the Houston Astros are cheat…

Halloween: Trick Or Treat To Be Replaced By Track Or Trace

Halloween, or All Hallows' Eve, is just around the corner again, but with the deadly Coronavirus still doing its dastardly work, changes to the normal Halloween format have had to be made. Perhaps the most impirtant change is an adaptation of the…

The Donald Trump Town Hall Vs. The Joe Biden Town Hall

NEW YORK CITY - (Satire News) â€" President Trump held his television campaign town hall meeting on NBC in Miami, and Joe Biden held his on ABC in Philadelphia. iNews is reporting that both town halls were about as exciting as watching rust on an ol…

California GOP Prove Their Previous Complaints About Election Fraud by Committing Election Fraud

Orange County, California - Earlier this week, State Republican leaders in California, who have long complained about rampant election fraud in the state and across the U.S. without any evidence to support those claims, finally proved their point by…

Digimon Survive has been delayed...hopefully for the last time

Digimon Survive has been delayed...hopefully for the last time
The game is coming out in 2021.

Sniper Elite 4 now has a release date for Nintendo Switch

Sniper Elite 4 now has a release date for Nintendo Switch
It's November 17.

Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning Review

Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning Review
Games Xtreme returns to the Kingdoms of Amalur once again. Re-engergised, re-stoked, re-visited and ready for a Re-Reckoning!

Assassin's Creed Valhalla's latest trailer shows off Eivor's world from a new perspective

Assassin's Creed Valhalla's latest trailer shows off Eivor's world from a new perspective
Deep dive!







Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning Gallery

Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning Gallery
Latest images for Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning

Ninja Turtles are coming to Smite

Ninja Turtles are coming to Smite
Cowabunga, dudes!

Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition physical release is coming this December

Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition physical release is coming this December
Digital versions will still be arriving on the next-gen launch.

Overwatch's annual Halloween Terror event kicks off today

Overwatch's annual Halloween Terror event kicks off today
Happy advance.

Assassin's Creed Valhalla: Deep Dive Trailer

Assassin's Creed Valhalla: Deep Dive Trailer

DIRT 5 Livestream - Career mode, your questions and more!

DIRT 5 Livestream - Career mode, your questions and more!

Crash Bandicoot™ 4: It's About Time – Accolades Trailer

Crash Bandicoot™ 4: It's About Time – Accolades Trailer

Overcooked! All You Can Eat shows off its upgraded visuals in a brand new video

Overcooked! All You Can Eat shows off its upgraded visuals in a brand new video
I'm so hungry right now.

Raji: An Ancient Epic Story Trailer is up

Raji: An Ancient Epic Story Trailer is up
The game is coming up in three weeks.

Yakuza: Like a Dragon's new trailer is so dynamic and epic at the same time

Yakuza: Like a Dragon's new trailer is so dynamic and epic at the same time
True Yakuza style.

Space Engineers Free to Play Event on Steam. October 20th - 23rd 2020

Space Engineers Free to Play Event on Steam. October 20th - 23rd 2020

Space Engineers Free to Play Event on Steam. October 20th - 23rd 2020

Space Engineers Free to Play Event on Steam. October 20th - 23rd 2020

Ori and the Will of the Wisps Review

Ori and the Will of the Wisps Review
Nature, in all its splendor.

NullCat – Game Jam Build

NullCat is a quirky little puzzle platformer where you can use the mouse to add and rearrange structures in each level while you play.

Apparently your character (the titular NullCat) has become so null that they've been warped into a place between worlds (called the Nullworld). But if they capture the ten compasses that are scattered through ten short single-screen levels then they'll be able … Read More

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Peachleaf Pirates – Beta Sign Up

Peachleaf Pirates is lighthearted pixel art RPG with farm-sim elements, which sees you exploring and carving out a life for yourself on a beautiful tropical island you wash up on.

In Peachleaf Pirates your character washes up on a strange tropical island with no memory of how he got there. Thankfully the locals are very friendly and the island is very fertile, so you'll be … Read More

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Endfall – Alpha Demo

Endfall is a beautifully animated narrative-driven pixel art platforming adventure that follows a young boy as he makes his way through a gigantic abyss where people have turned into weird creatures.

In Endfall you take on the role of Caleb, a young boy who has entered a mystical afterlife-esque abyss called Endfall for a reason he'd prefer to keep to himself. Endfall is a huge … Read More

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Dark Deception: Monsters & Mortals – Open Beta

Dark Deception: Monsters & Mortals is now in open Beta on PC, so every one can jump in for some asymmetric murder maze fun!

We featured Dark Deception: Monsters & Mortals on Alpha Beta Gamer less than a week ago during the closed Beta sign up, but due to popular demand the devs have decided to do away with the closed Beta and jump … Read More

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NARAKA: BLADEPOINT is a new battle royale game with a high focus on verticality, stealth and player mobility as players use grappling hooks to propel themselves around the its beautiful Feudal Japanese game world.

There's a Breath of the Wild-esque philosophy to NARAKA: BLADEPOINT, in that there is no place that you can't reach and if you see it then you can climb … Read More

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Chess Wars – Student Game Download

Chess Wars features a fun fusion of Chess and turn-based combat, with pieces taking part in tactical turn-based battles when they take each other.

Playable in local multiplayer or in single player against an AI, Chess Wars infuses a bit of turn based RPG combat into the age old game of Chess. The pieces all move as they would in a normal game of … Read More

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The ER: Patient Typhon – Alpha Demo

The ER: Patient Typhon is a very freaky and surreal hand animated horror adventure set in a hospital where patients wake up with missing body parts.

Currently in development by Professional Villains, The ER: Patient Typhon is a sequel/expansion of the original The ER, which we featured on Alpha Beta Gamer back in 2019. In the game you awaken in a strange hospital with … Read More

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Bless Unleashed – Beta Sign Up (PC)

Bless Unleashed is bringing its action-focused massively multiplayer RPG with massive mythical beasts to PC and players can sign up for the Beta now.

Previously released earlier this year on Xbox One, Bless Unleashed is now coming to PC and PS4. We covered the PS4 beta sign up back in August, but now it's time for PC players to jump into its huge fantasy world.… Read More

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LA FAILLE – Game Jam Build Download

LA FAILLE is an incredibly weird and surreal vaporwave experience where you venture into a 00's styled cyberspace filled with silly memes and groovy tunes.

Created for Ludum Dare 47, in LA FAILLE you walk home after a hard day's work, grab a beer and surf the internet on your Windows XP powered laptop. You load up some shill tunes on YouTube then suggest some … Read More

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Homeworld Mobile – Beta Sign Up

Homeworld Mobile brings the Homeworld universe to iOS and Android devices, with an aim of delivering a deep and strategic massively multiplayer RTS experience that you can play anywhere.

Taking place over a decade after the original exodus and rediscovery of the Hiigaran homeworld, Homeworld Mobile sees the Hiigarans using hyperspace gates to explore and colonise planets beyond their galaxy. As you venture into uncharted … Read More

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Victory Heat Rally – Kickstarter Demo

Victory Heat Rally is a retro arcade racer that draws inspiration from classic Sega classics as you powerslide chunky little cars at break-neck speeds around twisty tracks.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer Back in March, Victory Heat Rally is a retro arcade racer with an art style and gameplay inspired by classic Sega Super Scaler engine games such as Hang-On and OutRun. … Read More

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Airborne Kingdom – Beta Sign Up

Airborne Kingdom is a city building and exploration game where you construct a massive flying city that roams the skies of a barren world.

In Airborne Kingdom you'll be able to construct your own flying city that roams the vast wastelands of a world that changes with each playthrough. As you explore the wastelands you'll discover ancient technology, valuable resources, lost kingdoms and learn their … Read More

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Land of Screens – Alpha Demo

Land of Screens is a poignant narrative-driven adventure about a young woman who ditches social media in search of more meaningful real-life interactions.

The beautifully drawn world of Land of Screens is an all too familiar one – it's a place where people interact with each other more online then they do in real life. People spend most their life staring at screens and even … Read More

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Wind Runners – Beta Demo

Wind Runners is a roguelite side-scrolling shooter with Luftrausers-esque dogfighting and lots of stackable upgrades as you fight against a tyrannical empire across beautiful pixel art environments.

In Wind Runners you take on the role of a rebel fighter who is fighting against the oppression of a tyrannical government that uses military superiority to keep its population in check. You may not be able … Read More

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The Door in the Basement – Alpha Demo

The Door in the Basement is a tense and atmospheric low rez first person horror game set within a creepy underground world that you accessed via a mysterious door that appeared in your basement.

In The Door in the Basement you have discovered a strange door in your basement. What's even stranger is that none of the rest of your family could even see it. … Read More

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Dark Deception: Monsters & Mortals – Beta Sign Up

Dark Deception: Monsters & Mortals is an asymmetric multiplayer horror game set in the Dark Deception universe which sees teams of mortals facing off against monsters in creepy maze-like dungeons.

Currently in development by Glowstick Entertainment (creators of Dark Deception), Dark Deception: Monsters & Mortals is a multiplayer Dark Deception spin-off with two game modes. The main game mode is called Maze Escape and … Read More

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F.I.S.T.: Forged In Shadow Torch – Alpha Demo

F.I.S.T.: Forged In Shadow Torch is a dieselpunk beat 'em up platforming metroidvania where you control an angry bunny with a bionic arm as it fights its way through a legion of machines that have overrun his city.

The action platforming metroidvania gameplay of F.I.S.T.: Forged In Shadow Torch takes place in Torch City – a place originally inhabited by animals but which has now … Read More

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Battlecruisers – Alpha Demo

Battlecruisers is a fast paced single-player real-time strategy game where you upgrade your battleship with weapons and defenses while facing off against other ships in stylish silhouetted battles.

In Battlecruisers you embark upon a campaign where you face off against rival battleships in 1v1 RTS battles. The combat takes place across beautiful hand-drawn backgrounds that silhouette the battleships as they wage war against each other. … Read More

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Chains of Fury – Alpha Demo

Chains of Fury is a brutal comic book styled FPS where you don't need to faff about with keys or keycards – you can literally punch or shoot your way through the doors and walls!

In Chains of Fury you take on the role of a mercenary who has outlived his usefulness to the shady organization he was working for. Now you must punch and … Read More

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Hole Punch – Alpha Download

Hole Punch features a very inventive physics based stealth action game where you can literally slice your way through the environment and chop it into pieces.

In Hole Punch you take control of a thief who is attempting to break into a bank and steal lots of gems. As in most stealth games, if you get spotted by a guard then they will shoot at … Read More

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Hidden Deep – Alpha Demo

Hidden Deep is a physics based spelunking Sci-Fi thriller where you explore a vast sub-oceanic mining and research facility that's overrun with deadly alien lifeforms.

Drawing inspiration from Aliens, The Thing and Half-Life, in Hidden Deep you take control of different members of a team as they explore a vast underground facility that your company lost contact with. It turns out that the … Read More

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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War – Open Beta (PS4, Xbox One & PC)

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is in open Beta on PS4 from 10am PT today, with a console exclusive Beta event that takes place over this weekend. Another Open Beta event will be happening next weekend for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

While Xbox and PC players will have to wait until next weekend, PS4 owners are getting to sink their teeth into … Read More

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Accident – Beta Demo

Accident is a vehicle crash simulation game where you turn up to road accidents, help the victims, perform first aid and investigate the cause and timeline of the accident.

In Accident you are a journalist who enters simulations of vehicle crash sites to discover what really happened there. When in the simulations you'll explore the crash site, make the site safe, provide first aid, search … Read More

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Party Animals – Beta Demo

Party Animals is a delightfully silly Gang Beasts-esque physics-based multiplayer fighting game where up to eight adorable little animals beat each other up in a variety of different environments.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer when it was called Happy Nemo, Party Animals is a hilarious multiplayer party brawler with realistic physics and an assortment of incredibly cute combatants. It plays quite similarly … Read More

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Crappy Climber – Beta Sign Up

Crappy Climber is a very silly Getting Over It With Bennett Foddy inspired rage-quit physics based climbing game where you use the power of your poops to help you scale its obstacles.

In Crappy Climber you follow the story of Willy – a young boy whose cat has just kicked the bucket. He's come up with a master plan to climb his way to Heaven … Read More

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KEEP OUT – Beta Demo

KEEP OUT is a tense and atmospheric Little Nightmares/INSIDE-esque 2.5D horror puzzle platforming adventure where a tiny sentient toy struggles to survive in a dangerous world.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer back in February, KEEP OUT is a tense and jump-scare filled horror platforming adventure where being small has its advantages and its disadvantages. In the game you take on the role … Read More

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Skycadia – Alpha Demo

Skycadia is a fast, fun and wonderfully disorientating first person arcade dogfighting game where you swoop through the skies of a little ocean-filled planet and blast pirates out of the sky.

In Skycadia you step into the shoes of Captain Sanders – an elite pilot who has been tasked with collecting bounties on the sky pirates that have invaded your airspace. What this basically means … Read More

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Override 2: Super Mech League – Open Beta

Override 2: Super Mech League is a carnage-filled multiplayer mech combat game where up to four players beat the crap out of each other in destructible environments.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer during the closed Beta Sign Up, Override 2: Super Mech League is a fast paced and chaotic multiplayer mech combat game for up to four players. It takes place in a … Read More

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HORROR TALES: The Wine – Alpha Demo

HORROR TALES: The Wine is a surreal first person horror adventure set in a vast (apparently) empty island that was abandoned due to a deadly pandemic.

In HORROR TALES: The Wine you explore an eerie abandoned island in search of a bottle of wine that may be key in curing your illness. You'll need to explore, search for clues and solve environmental puzzles as you … Read More

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Webbed – Alpha Demo

Webbed is a delightful pixel art platforming adventure where you become an adorable little web-slinging spider who sets out to save her boyfriend from a nasty bowerbird.

Currently in development by Sbug Games (creators of STAB STAB STAB), in Webbed you take control of an incredibly cute little spider as she scurries, spins-webs and swings her way through a vibrant forest to save her … Read More

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How to Change Username in WildRift

It is surprising that when you successfully login your first game account in League of Legends WildRift and completed the 5-minutes tutorial introduction, you've found out that your username in the game is in random characters and you have hard time looking for ways on how to actually change it. You're probably one of the people who are encountering this kind of minor hiccups in the game and lead you here in this page.

Table of Contents

  1. How to Change WildRift Username in-game
  2. How to Change WildRift Username from website

So in this guide, we will show you the step by step tutorial on how to change your default Riot ID with the desired IGN you wanted.

There are two ways on changing your username, first is from the game itself and the other one is from their website. If you plan to change in-game, you must have completed the early tutorial introduction in the WildRift and were able to access the homepage menus.

Note: Before changing your username, you need to make sure that it is the final username you need and it is not wrong spelled. After changing the default username, it takes 30 days before you can change it again.

How to Change Username in WildRift from the Game

From the home menu, you need to go to the Settings (you can find the little gear button at the upper right corner of the screen.)

At the Settings, you need to click Account Settings at the upper right corner. This will open up an new window webpage where you'll be accessing your RIOT account.

From here, you'll be asked to login your Riot account. After you've successfully login your account, you'll be redirected to the Account page. Click RIOT ID at the tab at the left corner.

Then you need to click the Pencil button besides your default RIOT ID.

Finally, you can now nominate your new Riot ID. The first field will be your username, and the second field is a 3 and up digit characters. For example: GamingPH#001

Now, don't forget to click the Submit button once done.

You will have 30-days before you change your username again.

How to Change Username in WildRift from the Website

To change your username via website, you need to go to Then, login your RIOT game account.

Then, at the left corner of the page, you need to click RIOT ID.

From here, you then click the pencil button near the default RIOT ID.

Now, fill up with your new RIOT ID. The second field (#) is compose of 3 and up digit characters. Click Submit to finish.

All are set, you can then go back to the game and refresh the game menu. Your new IGN should appear.

That's it guys! Hope this article helps you change your username in WildRift. What is your IGN? lets play in WildRift.

Hellopet House is set to Release on November 17th

Appxplore (iCandy) Ltd has announced an official release date for Hellopet House, their casual time management game co-developed by NANALI Studios, to be released on November 17th, 2020.

The cozy, mansion renovation adventure will have you playing as Jane, a young and passionate pet lover who takes it upon herself to renovate her grandma's rundown mansion into a beautiful dream home for her and her pets. As you complete fun cooking, gardening, and home repair challenges, you'll also meet a wonderful cast of charming characters and discover an adorable array of fluffy cats and dogs pets hiding around the house.

With the upcoming launch, your dream mansion is receiving two new exciting activities to enjoy and master, quality-of-life improvements, and wonderful new pets to adopt!

Game Features

  • Decorate your perfect DREAM HOME
  • ADOPT a huge collection of adorable cats and dogs
  • Addictive GAMEPLAY with cooking, gardening and crafting
  • BOND with your pets by bathing, feeding and playing with them
  • Hundreds of FUN levels to play and complete
  • Obtain keys to UNLOCK new areas in the mansion

The game is currently available for pre-registration on Google Play and the App Store, with over 320,000 pre-registered users and counting. Players can sign up now to receive the exclusive "Bombay Cat" pre-registration reward when the game is officially released in November.

DeNA's SLAM DUNK Mobile Game pre-registration starts Today! a 3v3 Basketball eSports Ready

Supervised by Toei Animation and distributed by DeNA, SLAM DUNK Mobile Game is now open for pre-registration worldwide and users from South East Asia (SEA), including the Philippines will get an additional perks from the website pre-registration. It is a 3V3 real-time basketball game with an e-sports ready feature. You can play as Hanamichi Sakuragi, Kaede Rukawa, Hisashi Mitsui and many more characters, experience the strengths of the Shohoku Team and pursue the goal for being the National Champions; or discover the different strengths of other high school teams. By completing each missions, you'll be able to watch the cut-scene of the original animation series, including the first meeting of Sakuragi and Haruko Akagi, its its epic failed dunk against Takenori Akagi and many more. You can now pre-register at

Through the new mobile games, witness the transformation of Hanamichi Sakuragi from an troublemaker into the core player of the team Shohoku. You can also participate in various competitions, feeling the nostalgia moments of the SLAM DUNK tournaments.

Pre-registration Starts Now! Get tons of Rewards

Starting today, you can now pre-register via their official website of SLAM DUNK. Players who participated in the pre-registration will get an Hanamichi Sakuragi info. Players who also pre-register through the Google Play Store and App Store will get an extra reward as well.

Other than that, there is also an Milestone Event where different rewards will be unlock when a certain number of pre-registration stretch goal is reached. All of the rewards will be distributed to all players upon the official launch (TBA).

Invite your friends now and lets reach together the highest milestone rewards. And we all can say "Ako ang henyong si Sakuragi".

Apart from getting those rewards, you can also participate in the following events: 

Lucky Draw "Kaede Rukawa Info" Event

Here's your chance to get "Kaede Rukawa Info" and received the rewards during the launch of the game. Just complete the pre-registration event on the official site and successfully invite 3 friends to participate in the event.

Limited Close Beta in Late October Event

The Close Beta will be held in the second half of October. In addition to being the first to experience the game, the official team also prepares a series of exciting events including those rare characters for you to play. Please pay attention to the latest announcement on their official Facebook Fan Page.

First Preview of SLAM DUNK Characters 

Here are the first preview of the SLAM DUNK mobile game characters, starring the Shohoku's Team.

Rebound King: Hanamichi Sakuragi

He is considered as a newcomer, but his super athletic ability and skill improvement are amazing, especially his unparalleled rebound skill that even strong opponents from Kanagawa are not as good as him. 

Personality: He is the core member of the team who has very flexible skills, which allow him to quickly return for a rebound after defense. His Flying Dunk could help maintain the difference in scores if needed. 

  • Player No.10 
  • School: Shohoku Yr.1 
  • Height: 188 to 189.2 cm  
  • Weight: 83kg 
  • Position: Power Forward (PF) 

Super Rookie: Rukawa Kaede  

As a freshman, Rukawa is considered to have an innate talent for basketball. His impressive offensive schemes makes him become an ace player of Shohoku Team and the dominator of the game. 

Personality: Ace player with outstanding scoring and defensive abilities. 

  • Player No.11 
  • School: Shohoku Yr.1 
  • Height: 187 cm  
  • Weight: 75 kg 
  • Position: Small Forward (SF) 

The Pillar of Shohoku: Takenori Akagi 

He is a leader of a troubled teen gang which includes Hanamichi Sakuragi. Akagi "Gori" is a main pillar of the Shohoku team, who is good at using his body as an iron wall to defend under the basket. 

Personality: Possess a strong ability to take control under the basket, He also can score through Alley-oop. 

  • Player No.04 
  • School: Shohoku Yr.3 
  • Height: 197 cm  
  • Weight: 90 → 93 kg  
  • Position: Center (C) 

Lightning Fast: Ryota Miyagi 

Ryota "Kolot" is known as a commander. Good at using his dexterous figure to organize quick attacks, and exhibit his ability to control the game. 

Personality: He is skillful in stealing the ball, and able to interrupt the opponent's crossover move. His fascinating fast move, which works like an engine, can make quick layups when the opponents are unaware. 

  • Player No.07 
  • School: Shohoku Yr.2 
  • Height: 168 cm  
  • Weight: 59 kg 
  • Position: Point Guard (PG) 

Man of Fire: Hisashi Mitsui 

Because of a word from coach Anzai, Mitsui finally gets over the shadow of pain. Although his physical fitness is slightly insufficient, his weapon to compete against the opponent is precise three-point shooting. 

Personality: He is a key scorer who acquires high HIT while making 2-pointers or 3-pointers. 

  • Player No.14 
  • School: Shohoku Yr.3 
  • Height: 184 cm  
  • Weight: 70 kg 
  • Position: Shooting Guard (SG) 

SLAM DUNK is an e-Sport mobile game depicting rich competitive content from the original story and characters. The announcements allow players around the world to pre-register into the game from Google Play and App Store, players from South Ease Asia Region (The Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Singapore) will get an additional rewards by pre-registering on the official website.

For more news & information, check the official Facebook Fanpage of SLAM DUNK Mobile game below:

Sega's 60th Anniversary, FREE games and up to 90% sale, COH 2 for PHP 25

Sega is celebrating its 60th anniversary and for that, they are giving away Sonic the Hedgehog 2 complete for free (keep forever) for limited time. Along with the freebies, they also put up to 90% sale for some of their greatest games like Company of Heroes 2.

To those who are interested, you can grab these curated deals below.

Aside from the list above, there are other games of Sega are also on sale, you can check the complete list here:

The Sega 60th Anniversary sale will end on October 19, 2020.

Choetech Gaming Earphone with Detachable Mic (Green) Review

Hearing the footstep of your enemies while playing your favorite FPS games requires a good headphone or an earphone, it helps you spot his location and its distance. There are option out there that gives you 100% quality but its too expensive, some would go to a cheaper alternative but ending with a bad quality products. However, there is a budget gaming earphone from Choetech that gives you similar experience from a branded earphone and it is now available on Lazada for PHP 229 at

Choetech Gaming Earphone with Detachable Mic is marketed as a headphone for PC, consoles and mobile. The one we got is the Green variant, it comes with a unique nuke like design on its decoration cover, matching the color combination of green and black. Yeah, like a Razer themed accessories.

The cable is a tangle-free which allow you to comfortably play during intense matches, it is made with a soft sturdy rubber. In the middle, you'll find the other mic and a volume controller. You can switch to detachable mic and the middle mic anytime.

The detachable mic is in a small form factor, the cable is flexible and adjustable to any form you want. Though the output of the mic is a little wonky, it sounds like an airplane pilot speaking to its radio. You can check our audio mic sample here.

When you see a regular headphone with mic, its usually big and bulky. But this gaming ear phone from Choetech are so compact and portable.

Wearing it will fit just right for most Asian young and adults. It is comfortable to ears, the rubber hook also helps the ear phones to stay in its place even for longer use.

It comes with an ear tips earbuds, so soft that when pull it out from your ear, it creates a plucks sound (may na na). When wearing it, you can barely hear the sound outside your environment, allowing you to focus in the game without distraction. The output of the sounds is decent with good high notes and very good bass effect, we have tried with Spotify premium, so far it delivers that extra high quality.

If you're using it to your Desktop computer, it comes with a FREE Audio/Mic splitter adapter where it splits the input audio of the mic and audio output into to 2 separate 3.5mm male for your motherboard audio ports.

For wear and tear, it comes with free extra ear tips earbuds. You can replace it anytime in case you damage or tear from prolong use.

This is the packaging, it looks generic, showing the PUBG cast and labeled it with "BATT ROUNDS".


The Choetech Gaming Earphone with detachable mic is available in two variants Green and Red with the same price of PHP 229. Given the very affordable price, the sound quality of these ear phones are above average, its very good bass quality and good high/low frequency notes. Playing your favorite competitive games will provide you an advantage and an immersive gaming experience.

Overall it is a decent headphone and highly recommended for gamers who has low in budget. This is also useful for students and teachers especially in online classes who are looking for affordable headphone and microphone.

What's in the Box

The unboxing part, it comes with an hard cardboard which protects your precious earphone. Below, you'll find all of the item included in the box. We take picture outside for you to see the actual colors.

Choetech Gaming Earphone, the earphone itself with ready attached air tips on it.

2 x Pair of Ear tips buds, it comes with two extra pairs in different sizes. However, haven't tried it yet, if it creates a pluck sounds :).

Detachable Mic, the 5-inch detachable microphone.

Audio/Mic Splitter Adapter, in case you need to use the headphone to your computer.

Choetech RGB Gaming Mouse Pad (Large) Review

When you're trying to setup a new Gaming Rig, one of the PC-gaming arsenal you most likely forgotten on planning to purchase is an mouse pad. But it is one of the important rig that gives you a smooth and precise movement especially when playing FPS games. Aside from that benefit, what if your mouse pad is also powered with an RGB? Well, Choetech a popular computer manufacturer in China, just release an affordable RGB Gaming Mouse Pad which is now available to purchase in Lazada at

In addition, The LED Light Mouse Pad by Choetech is a large RGB mouse pad. The materials use in its surface is a superfine fiber braided cloth that gives a smooth, precise and comfortable feel while maneuvering your mouse. The extra-wide surface also offers more roam for placing your keyboard on top of it, giving a cleaning look on your desk with RGB on the corners. The one we get is the large variant, the dimension size of this mouse pad is at 11.81 x 30.7 inches.

At the back, it has natural foaming rubber that would not move any single inch while you're using your mouse, either you're playing an intense FPS games or an MOBA games. It is one of the important features for a mouse pad especially for those gamers whos table is in a glass surface.

Easy changing of RGB color, you don't need to install a third party software into your computer to customize the RGB. It has a physical button where you can switch to various light mode pattern. A clever design which saves you some RAM memory for not installing a third party software.

It has very nice lightning effect, which you can select for solid light or to a breathing light effect that loops into different color. The side corner is made with flexible optic LED in a plastic look.

If you're kind of that gamer that eats in front of their computer while playing your favorite games or just browsing your social media account. Sometimes, you accidentally throw up your drinks into your peripheral. The LED Light Mouse Pad has its own protection for it, it is equipped with waterproof coating that prevent damage from spilled water, allowing you to easily clean it.

For durability, it claims the LED life span will lasts up to 30 thousands hours, equivalent to 1,250 days or almost 3.3 years if using for 24 hours straight. Since we just unbox and too early, we cannot give you for now the wear and tear test. After 6 months, we will update this post to give you more details on that.


What more we can say, it is the best price around, at PHP 359 for the small variant and PHP 559 for the large variant. It has a premium but simple design, plus its incredible lightning effect. The LED Light Mouse pad will stood out among other expensive mouse pad out in the market. You also have an option to change its RGB through its physical button without installing third party into your computer. Its the best deal and highly recommended.

What's in the Box

Inside the box, you'll get the following:

RGB Gaming Mouse Pad, the mouse pad itself. It is so huge that we have to use wide angle camera from phone to capture the whole thing.

USB to Micro-USB Cable, a two meter cable wire for connecting it to your computer or any USB outlet.

Razer and Visa unveils its First Prepaid Card with an LED that lights up on Payment

Every computer peripherals now has an RGB, from mouse, keyboard, SSD and many more. But what if we put an RGB inside our wallet, like a prepaid card? That's how Razer and Visa come up with a new idea and a collaboration, a prepaid card that lights up during payment. Though it only has single-color LED, still, its a new RGB for gamers!

The new Razer card has three variants, a virtual card and a standard/premium physical card. The virtual card is free, it will allow users to sign up and use the virtual card at no extra cost and no subscription needed, think of it like a PayMaya or a GCash. To get a hand on the physical card, users need to upgrade to Standard with no-LED or a Premium with an LED. All users will benefit for a year-long cashback rewards (1% to 5%) with no capped limit for participating in-app rewards, and over 61 million merchants globally that accepts Visa.

Gamers who are using the Razer Pay app can integrate their Razer card to get the following:

  • Make digital payments at over 61 million merchant locations worldwide where Visa is accepted, including online, in-store, contactless and chip transactions.
  • Receive cashback for all payment purchases with:
    • 1 per cent for purchases made across categories
    • Up to 5 per cent on RazerStore and Gold purchases
    • No minimum spend and no capped limit for cashback (only prepaid card in Singapore with no capped limit for cashback)
  • Access a unique gamified rewards system through the Razer Pay app, where unlike traditional cards' loyalty programmes, users go through a personalised experience to track, score and redeem rewards based on tasks and everyday transactions.
  • Opt-in to get their hands on a free virtual card via Razer Pay and easily activate and access card information and controls in-app.
  • Upgrade to own one of the numberless-designed physical cards, including the Premium card—the world's first card that lights up on payment.

Beta testing will start initially in Singapore, if you're in that area, you can join from this link:

You can actually install Crysis 3 directly on RTX 3090 VRAM as Storage

Someone just installed Crysis 3 directly on their NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090 VRAM using a software card VRAMdrive (GPU RAM Drive). And the result is outstanding, at a 4K very high settings, good FPS and super fast load.

NVIDIA's RTX 3090 has a total of 24GB or a usable of 20,434MB according to GPU-Z reports, in a Linux system you can utilize these VRAM as general purpose RAM disk. In Windows, there is available utility that is called GpuRamDrive that has the same function as in linux, it is now available at Github (

A user named @Strife212, posted his adventure on Twitter on how he installs Crysis 3 in his Graphics Card. Basically, he partitioned the available 24GB VRAM on RTX 3090 into two separate variants. 10GB VRAM for the graphics card and the remaining 15GB for the storage (Drive R:). Despite utilizing all of the VRAM, the GPU load still remains at 40% without hiccup. "At 4K very high settings get good fps and the game loads very fast – GPU-Z reports total VRAM use 20434MB", he said.

Since RTX 3090 is utilizing the PCIe 4.0, the load times of the games will be similar to an NVME M.2 SSD drive which gives up to 5GB/s read speed. The same technology used in PS5 and XBOX Series that enable their games to render in-game assets at real-time.

What do you think of this experiment? Will you take risk and try it when you get an RTX 3090? Or you're going to use it as a storage for storing secret files? Let us know in the comment section.

Ragnarok Player and beauty queen Megan Young is the newest Foodpanda endorser

The first Filipina who wins the Miss World title in the pageant's 63-year history and a gamer in Ragnarok M Eternal Love, Megan Young is the newest endorsers of Foodpanda.

But how exactly did Megan Young started playing video games when she's not busy being a beauty queen?

"I'd like to say that I was a gamer first, so, actually, the better question is How did a gamer become a beauty queen?" Young says, laughing. "I started gaming when I was pretty young. My parents introduced me to educational games, then, eventually, it developed into a love for recreational games."

She knows that some people may think she is not into gaming, or the only reason she's playing is because of her husband. But Megan has been playing video games since 90's, classic video games title like Mario Party, and Pokemon Snap on her Nintendo N64.

Since the lockdown started, Megan has been playing a lot of video games specifically Ragnarok M Eternal Love together with her husband and also a fellow gamer/foodpanda endorser, Mikael Daez.

"It's actually surprising because at some point in our relationship, we both realized that we're both into video games and that we've actually played these games even before we met each other," she says. "I remember when we first heard about Ragnarok coming to mobile, I was like 'I loved this game in high school!' and Mikael could not believe it because it was also a game he played back then."

Animal Crossing in Lockdown and FoodPanda

Since lockdown started, Megan also started spending time playing Animal Crossing on her Nintendo Switch. Since this game requires grinding and needs some refreshing foods, a recent favorite order of her from foodpanda is the steak burrito with cheese.

"Having foodpanda makes everything so much easier when you just want to have fun gaming," Young says. "I think it's always fun to have the food you love the most with you while gaming. It just makes the experience more exciting."

Megan also added that she and her husband are happy to be part of the foodpanda family, especially with how food and gaming go hand-in-hand. Saying its the perfect combination to go with their personalities.

How to Redeem Codes on Genshin Impact

The first day release of Genshin Impact was a success, becoming the trending topic on Twitter for almost three days. Genshin Impact is a free-to-play RPG fantasy-adventure game with a strong resemblance with handled game Breath of the Wild, Legend of Zelda. The game is now available on PlayStation 4, PC and mobile devices (iOS and Android).

Since most of you're looking for a rewards to get started with Genshin Impact. The good news is Mihoyo often provide an in-game freebies where player can use to get rewards for their progress.

In this guide, we will list all of the available Redeem Codes that you can use in the game. It will work in any platform either PlayStation 4, PC or mobile devices.

List of Genshin Impact Redeem Codes

Here are the list of available codes that you can redeem in the game. Please select your current server. New codes added.

Codes Rewards

(Only works for North American Server, requires Rank 10 to claim)
30 x Primogen

(Only works for European Server, requires Rank 10 to claim)
30 x Primogen

(Only works for Asian Server, requires Rank 10 to claim)
30 x Primogen

(Expired – Only works for North American Server, requires Rank 10 to claim)
30 x Primogen
5 x Adventurer's Experience

(Expired – Only works for European Server, requires Rank 10 to claim)
30 x Primogen
5 x Adventurer's Experience

(Expired – Only works for Asian Server, requires Rank 10 to claim)
30 x Primogen
5 x Adventurer's Experience

(ExpiredOnly works for North American Server, requires Rank 10 to claim)
60 x Primogen
10,000 x Mora

(ExpiredOnly works for European Server,
requires Rank 10 to claim)
60 x Primogen
10,000 x Mora

(ExpiredOnly works for Asian Server,
requires Rank 10 to claim)
60 x Primogen
10,000 x Mora

How to Redeem Genshin Impact Codes

To redeem the codes above, you need to visit their official website and look for gift redemption page.

Go to, login your game account.

Select your server, select the character's nickname and enter the Redemption Code.

Once done, click the Redeem button.

The item will be arrived in your in-game mailbox.

(Note: Before redeeming the code, make sure you already created your character in the game and have linked the miHoYo account in the User center menu. Otherwise, you cannot select your characters name in the form.)

Redeeming on PS4

Account for the PS4 players are automatically created once the game is opened, there is no way of binding MiHoYo account or other 3rd party login. Because of this, some players has problem redeeming the code, when accessing the Account Settings in-game, it only displays a blank page.

We will update this part once we've got information how to bind your PS4 account with MiHoYo so you can redeem a code.