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     Mortal Kombat 1may have the best single-player mode in fighting games

The Mortal Kombat universe has smashed the big red reset button - yes, again. And, in the aftermath of an increasingly muddled, corner-painting trilogy, NetherRealm Studios has decided that it might be best to turn back the clock on the fighting game's decades-long battle of the realms. And so next month will see the launch of Mortal Kombat 1, not to be confused with Mortal Kombat (1992), Mortal Kombat (2011), great cinematic endeavor Mortal Kombat (1995), or middling cinematic endeavor Mortal Kombat (2021).

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PCGamesN Sunday, September 10, 2023 11:53 AM
     Prepare for the Elden Ring DLC with this Dark Souls sale, but act fast

The entire Dark Souls series is in a Steam sale ahead of the Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree release date, making now the perfect time to go back to FromSoftware's action RPG game trilogy and plug those gaps ahead of the DLC. As PCGamesN's resident Dark Souls enjoyer, I cannot recommend any of these games enough.

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     Easily grab all the Starfield resources you need in one building

Starfield has a lot of resources. So many in fact that it can often times be a nightmare getting exactly what you need for all your crafting and upgrade plans. If like me you missed one incredibly useful building in New Atlantis in the RPG game then, you'll want to hear about where to go in the Starfield city right now.

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most anticipated fall 2023 games

We tend to see things happen in different quarters, when it comes to certain sorts of video game releases. Big blockbusters and highly anticipated titles can show up around Q3 and Q4. Winter, in general, can be a bit slower. Right now, we're heading into the Fall 2023 season, which is a big one, and decided it's a great time for us to all talk about our most anticipated games for the next few weeks.

I'm actually really looking forward to Fate/Samurai Remnant.. It's been a while since I was super into Fate but the new designs are slick, the story set up sounds good and I'm already knee deep in theories as to the identities of the other servants. Then there's the whittling minigame. Whittling! -- Elliot

Assassin's Creed Mirage! I've been hoping for a return-to-form Assassin's Creed game for years now. -- Caleb

It's a packed year but I know in my heart I'm most excited for Alan Wake 2. I discussed this a little back at Summer Game Fest, but since Control I have been trapped in the Remedy-verse as much as Alan's stuck in that damn lake/ocean. The gamescom 2023 trailer only heightened my excitement, as it's clear how much of an influence Control has had on Alan's side of the story, at least visually. Plus the prominence of Alex "I'm not Max Payne, I swear" Casey already has me prepping the pin board and red string in anticipation for how much there will be to unpack there. -- Leigh

I know many people are thinking about the big releases this fall (and don't get me wrong, Spider-Man 2 is right there!), but the one game I've been eagerly waiting for has been World of Horror. Back in 2020, I watched one of my friends play this game when it was in Early Access and it's lived rent free in my head since then. The Junji Ito-inspired story mixed with the retro visual design captivated me. Now that it is releasing on consoles, I'm ready to turn the lights off, curl up in my bed with my Nintendo Switch, and try to survive the horrors brought on by the Old Gods. -- Arielle

FASHION DREAMER! I know this is not a Style Saavy Switch game, but Syn Sophia is involved and that is good enough for me. It's definitely my most anticipated one out of all the Fall 2023 games, even though I do also want to play Mineko's Night Market, Fate/Samurai Remnant, Moonstone Island, and Star Ocean: The Second Story R. But despite all those other games probably being great, I want to play dress up. I want to be fashionable. It also comes out right in time for my birthday, so it is proof it is made for me. -- Jenni

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Goodbye Volcano High Key Art

Goodbye Volcano High is a game with an intriguing premise. This teen drama game stars dinosaurs figuring out their futures while a visitor from space threatens to end them prematurely. If you don't know how the Cretaceous period ended, then spoilers lie ahead, but things don't look good for our protagonists.

Goodbye Volcano High is what happens when someone plays Life is Strange and thinks it needs more dinosaurs and a much larger environmental threat. You play as Fang, a young musician entering their senior year of high school with big dreams of going on tour and singing for millions of adoring fans. However, as the year progresses, they have to deal with friendship drama, a mysterious secret admirer, and self-esteem issues. This all happens while the news talks about an asteroid hurtling straight towards the planet.

[caption id="attachment_982413" align="alignnone" width="1200"]Goodbye Volcano High Rhythm Game Screenshot by Siliconera[/caption]

Goodbye Volcano High is a visual novel, one where much of the interactivity comes in the form of choices. As the story progresses, you are offered different responses for Fang, as you'd expect from games of this type. However, the game loves to play around with these options, often presenting them in different styles of text box depending on the emotion expressed. Some choices even require you to hold down both shoulder buttons, with resistance from the PS5's haptic feedback, to represent how difficult this option is for Fang to say. It's a nice touch.

Similarly, there are moments where choices will move around or lock out as you try to select them. There was one moment where I attempted to make a snarky remark to Fang's brother and was instantly told this was "too mean" and had to select something else.

That said, this isn't the only gameplay mechanic. Fang is a musician, after all, and much of the game's story involves preparing for the local Battle of the Bands competition. This means songs, and lots of them. Even better, these musical moments are interactive, as a whole rhythm game crashes in, using the stick and face buttons in different combinations to play along.

These sections were a treat, as there was a surprising amount of challenge to the mechanics here. It also helped that the songs themselves were extremely good. There's a dreamy indie pop feel to them, which I greatly appreciate. My sole criticism of these rhythm sections is that there's no unlockable song replay mode where you can jump in and try out your favourites again. Maybe my brain's been addled by coming into this off the back of Samba de Amigo, but I was incredibly disappointed to not have this mode unlock after the credits rolled. Please patch this in, KO_OP. I beg of you.

[caption id="attachment_982414" align="alignnone" width="1200"]Goodbye Volcano High Fang Trish Screenshot by Siliconera[/caption]

Of course, the real draw here is the story. The character writing is superb. Fang is a relatable character, full of big dreams and small confidence. Their struggle is one that many players are likely to have experienced, especially for the creatives in the audience. Their fellow bandmembers, Trish and Reed, are both likable in their dorkiness. I was rooting for Fang and Trish to be able to address the problems in their friendship, because they were both good kids who deserved each other's support. I didn't necessarily like some of the orbiting cast, but there weren't many moments where I felt the less interesting characters got in the way of the overarching story.

The story is also genuinely heartfelt, asking a lot of heavy questions while still maintaining a cozy feeling for much of its runtime. It's a game that seeks to find answers and meaning in situations where you know your time is running out. It explores the idea of how to live your best life for now because you never know what the future might hold. And even if it does feel a little cheesy, its earnest celebration of the power of friendship is uplifting. The ending even managed to leave me in tears. The cast were so likeable, and the finale so defiant and powerful that it took over my emotions and expertly short circuited them.

[caption id="attachment_982415" align="alignnone" width="1200"]Goodbye Volcano High Fang Texting Screenshot by Siliconera[/caption]

Which is why it's so sad for me to have to point out the many glaring flaws that Goodbye Volcano High suffers from. You see, while there are times the game is a heartfelt, life-affirming work of art, it equally spends a lot of time meandering around. While there are certainly some significant dramas spread throughout the story, it also tries too hard to be nice. Conflicts are often resolved quickly, there's a lot of time spent staring at group chats and far too much time dedicated to the more boring aspects of high school, such as yearbook photos and assemblies. It results in an experience that can sometimes feel disjointed, with high emotion one moment, and tedium in the next.

I also found the in-universe Dungeons and Dragons pastiche to be a little tiresome. The mode of storytelling shifts to a style closer to standard visual novels, where everyone's voice lines (except the GM) now being replaced by Animal Crossing style gibberish. These outings at their best offered a fantasy counterpart to the characters dealing with their real-world problems. However, at their worst, they were long trudges through an unrelated interactive story you have no interaction with.

I couldn't help but compare it to a similar sequence in Life is Strange: True Colors. Both games are in a similar genre, with a section where the characters take part in a real-world roleplay scenario. However, while the LARP section was arguably my favorite part of True Colors, I often found myself willing the D&D sessions in Goodbye Volcano High to end. It sometimes felt like the writers including their own D&D game in the story because they thought it was cool, as opposed to something that served the story at large.

The choices also tend to feel inconsequential. Even in the moment, it feels like it doesn't matter what you say as the outcome is the same. In some cases, the choices are all variations on the same thought, making me question why a choice even existed in the first place. The most egregious example of this obvious illusion of choice was a significant decision made in the opening scene. This scene reappears later in the game, where my earlier choice was unceremoniously discarded without any input from me.

[caption id="attachment_982417" align="alignnone" width="1200"]Goodbye Volcano High Band Screenshot by Siliconera[/caption]

The visual design of Goodbye Volcano High is also a problem. The character designs are fine, with faces being especially expressive. It's when you start to go beyond the faces that the cracks begin to appear. Full body shots reveal character models with rigid posture, while stiff animation plagues anything more strenuous than basic hand gestures. While I respect the game aiming for a very distinct visual style, it's unfortunate that the end result often feels uncomfortably like the early entries of a mid-2000s webcomic.

It doesn't help that the game is riddled with technical issues. There were many times where voice lines took an age to load in or would sometimes cut halfway through. Lip syncing would frequently break. Sometimes scenes would cut to black, then flicker back in and out a little before cutting to what it was supposed to. This sort of thing happened during my playthrough with such frequency that I wondered how any of it passed playtesting.

All these issues make Goodbye Volcano High frustrating to judge. The issues were glaring enough that I find them hard to overlook. However, the visceral emotional reaction it dragged out of me with its ending was a testament to how close it got to greatness.

Goodbye Volcano High is going to be an acquired taste. When it really gets going, it's a meaningful exploration of finding meaning in friendship and the present moment, backed with a killer soundtrack. You just need to wade through a lot of technical problems and pacing issues to get to that heart.

Goodbye Volcano High is out now for PS5, PS4 and PC.

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     What Do Companion Skills Do In Starfield Crew Expand Add Use How ToThe experience of meeting new people throughout the galaxy is a big part of Starfield. During your journey through the stars, you'll make alliances, create new enemies, and even pick up talented individuals who become Companions. If you're wondering what the point of Companions having companions is in Starfield, it's all about what their skills do. What do Companion skills do in Starfield? Companions are significant because they each have unique skill sets that you can apply to buff your ships and outposts. A scientist type might boost your ship's grav engine jump distance or improve your research capabilities. Likewise, a pilot or soldier will bring skills to help with firepower and technology. Image via Bethesda You can find out precisely what their skills do by navigating the skills menu and matching their skills to the descriptions. Each Companion also holds different skill levels, just like your character, so check what extra perks they possess...

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PCGamesN Sunday, September 10, 2023 5:35 AM
     Starfield surpasses Skyrim on Steam, but lags behind Fallout 4

Starfield has been a mammoth of an RPG game launch for Bethesda. Between the sheer volume of Starfield mods, the number of players across all platforms, and the response to the game overall, Bethesda Game Studios could very well have its next Skyrim moment. Well, they definitely have on Steam, but there's a catch to the statistics.

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AMD's Radeon RX 6800 and 6800 XT graphics cards have proven surprisingly popular even into 2023, as new price drops (and relatively modest gen-on-gen performance increases for newer models) has left them as competitive options in terms of value for money.

Today we've got a deal on the RX 6800 non-XT, with an MSI model going for just under $400 at Newegg. That's a $70 reduction from its usual price and $20 cheaper than the cheapest RX 6800 model on Amazon. That's an awesome deal for a strong 1440p graphics card that comes with a copy of Starfield Premium Edition (which includes the Shattered Space story expansion, a digital art book, the game's OST and a few weapon/suit skins on top of the base game).

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1440p 144Hz monitors have been the most popular category for PC gamers for a little while now, offering a good blend of detail and responsiveness, and over time we've seen what was once a £500+ spec drift down to below £300. It's still rare to see a good example closer to £200 though, and that's exactly what we've got today: a 27-inch model from system integrators AWD-IT, the X= XRGB27WQ, available for £210 after a £70 discount.

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