Shrine's Legacy – Beta Sign Up

Shrine's Legacy is a SNES styled action RPG adventure where two heroes solve puzzles and battle their way through a vibrant fantasy world to reunite the elements.

Taking place in the rich fantasy land of Ardemia, Shrine's Legacy is a SNES styled top-down action RPG adventure that draws inspiration from classics like Final Fantasy VI, Chrono Trigger and The Legend of Zelda, as well … Read More

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Knight of Exile – Beta Demo

Knight of Exile is a non-linear open world 2D action platforming adventure with RPG elements and tactical hack n' slash combat, where an exiled knight sets out on a journey of revenge and redemption.

Taking place in the medieval fantasy kingdom of Olmur, Knight of Exile follows the adventure of a former royal guard who returns from three years of exile to avenge the death … Read More

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Genana's Ordeal – Tech Demo

Genana's Ordeal is a dark psychological horror adventure where you use facial expressions to decide how your character will react after being abducted by a psychopath and enrolled in an abduction/murder spree.

In Genana's Ordeal you follow the story of a normal family man who is abducted by a crazy old lady called Genana. She's not only abducted him, but also managed to brainwash/manipulate him … Read More

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Heart of Muriet – Alpha Sign Up

Heart of Muriet is a single-player real-time strategy game where you take part in epic battles in its beautiful voxel-based fantasy world.

In Heart of Muriet you'll be able to use minions, buildings and powerful spells to protect your base and destroy your opponents'. It's a voxel-based RTS that sees you attempting to reunite your family across its narrative-driven campaign.

Heart of Muriet aims to … Read More

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Fallow – Beta Demo

Fallow is a beautiful and eerie narrative-driven adventure that blends Gothic Americana and strange alien structures as a girl searches for her sisters in a world that's begun to forget itself.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer way back in 2014, the full version of Fallow is finally due for release next month. It's a beautifully crafted adventure set in a strange wasteland filled … Read More

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Vaporized – Game Jam Build Download

Vaporized is a fun little point and click adventure where you find that your apartment is haunted by vaporwave.

Created for the Vaporjam, Vaporized is a short point and click adventure where you embrace the weirdness as vaporwave starts to engulf your apartment. It starts off fairly normally, with your character watching TV in their living room, but when they go through to the bathroom … Read More

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Behind the Frame: The Finest Scenery – Beta Demo

Behind the Frame: The Finest Scenery is a wonderfully tranquil and beautifully animated narrative-driven adventure where you guide the brush-strokes of a young artist and discover that every painting has a story to tell.

In Behind the Frame: The Finest Scenery you follow the adventure of a young female artist who paints by her window across from a gruff old man who also enjoys painting. … Read More

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Jupiter Moons: Mecha – Beta Demo

Jupiter Moons: Mecha is a single-player card-based roguelike mech combat game where you become a bounty hunting mech pilot who fights corrupted machines on the moons of Jupiter.

The narrative of Jupiter Moons: Mecha takes place in a distant future where mankind has colonized the moons of Jupiter. A war between megacorporations caused cities to be levelled, leaving a lawless frontier and awakening an ancient … Read More

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Atrio: The Dark Wild – Pre-Alpha Demo

Atrio: The Dark Wild features a darkly humorous Sci-Fi fusion of survival and Factorio-esque automation gameplay as disposable androids exploit the environment to keep the lights on and keep the creatures in the darkness at bay.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer during the Alpha sign up is a dark Sci-Fi survival game with automated factory building elements. In the game you take control … Read More

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Ambulance Simulator – Beta Sign Up

Ambulance Simulator is a remarkably dramatic simulation game that puts you in the shoes of a paramedic as they respond to call-outs that can mean the difference between life and death.

Currently in development by (creators of Dieselpunk Wars and Yacht Mechanic Simulator), Ambulance Simulator allows players to become a paramedic and save lives in realistic scenarios. You'll need to prioritize patients using a … Read More

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Dark Prospect – Beta Sign Up

Dark Prospect is a 4v1 asymmetric multiplayer FPS/RTS hybrid where four players play in an FPS mode while another player controls demonic hordes as in an RTS.

In Dark Prospect the gates of Hell have opened and begun to flood the world with demonic hordes. Four brave soldiers attempt to defend a plasma cannon – the only weapon capable of closing the gates and sending … Read More

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Bubblegum Zombie Hunter – Alpha Demo

Bubblegum Zombie Hunter is a fast paced and fun twin-stick shooter where a bubblegum chewing streamer uses a gumball gun to blast her way through hordes of zombies that have invaded her hometown.

Currently in development by ProjectLevel (creators of The Lair) Bubblegum Zombie Hunter puts you in the role of Kaylee Bu33le – a popular streamer whose internet connection is disrupted by a … Read More

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Zorya: The Celestial Sisters – Beta Sign Up

Zorya: The Celestial Sisters is a cooperative multiplayer puzzle adventure where players work together and use shadows to bring back night to a never-sleeping world.

Playable in online or local multiplayer with two people, Zorya: The Celestial Sisters sees players working together to help the Goddess of the Night return to the sky. In the game one player takes control of Aysu (Goddess of the … Read More

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Lemnis Gate – Open Beta

Lemnis Gate is a tactical multiplayer FPS that takes place within a 25 second time-loop, allowing you to work alongside previous versions of yourself to defeat your rivals.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer during the closed Beta Sign Up, Lemnis Gate is a Quantum League-esque first person shooter that takes place within a time-loop. It's playable in 1v1 and 2v2 matches and … Read More

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The Plane Effect – Beta Demo

The Plane Effect is a dark narrative-driven Sci-Fi puzzle adventure where an office worker embarks on an impossible time-bending journey back to his family in a world disrupted by a mysterious cosmic anomaly.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer back in 2019 (when it was called The Last Day), The Plane Effect is a surreal and stylish narrative driven adventure set in a futuristic … Read More

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Sector A23 – Prototype Download

Sector A23 is an incredibly disorientating first person exploration game where you explore a vast procedurally generated alien cave system that completely changes whenever you turn your back on it.

We've all played a game (such as Antichamber) where the structure of the level can change when you have your back turned, but Sector A23 takes that concept and cranks it up to 11. … Read More

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Slicer – Game Jam Bild Download

Slicer is an inventive little puzzle platformer where you can use the mouse to slice through sections of the level to make a route for your character.

In each level of Slicer your aim it to get your character to the exit. This usually isn't actually possible when you see how the levels are initially laid out, but you can use the mouse to do … Read More

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Heist Simulator – Beta Sign Up

Heist Simulator is a low poly single-player heist simulation game, where you assemble a team and plan and pull-off daring robberies in unique locations.

In Heist Simulator you'll learn the art of the steal as you go on a robbing spree across England and make off with all manner of valuable treasures. In the game you will assemble a team for each job and utilize … Read More

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Plushie Bomber – Game Jam Build Download

Plushie Bomber is a fun little retro action platformer where a plushie snowman uses bombs to blast his way through levels filled with cute and evil little plushies.

Created for the GJL Parade Summer 2021 jam, Plushie Bomber is a great little retro action platfomer where you don't have any weapons yourself – instead you need to catch bombs that are thrown at you and … Read More

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Radiance Hearts – Prototype Download

Radiance Hearts is a charming 2D puzzle action platforming adventure where you control two separate beings who join forces on a journey to save the world from darkness.

In Radiance Hearts you follow the adventure of a magical knight called the Hero of Light and a cute little blob creature called Lumi. Together they are on a quest to seal away the darkness that's spread … Read More

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Iris: A Colorful Dream – Alpha Demo

Iris: A Colorful Dream is a beautiful third person puzzle platforming adventure where you bring color back to a colorless world.

In Iris: A Colorful Dream you follow the adventure of Iris, a small colorless being whose world has been dull and colorless for as long as it can remember. However, there are stories that tell of a time when the world was drenched in … Read More

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Power to the People – Alpha Sign Up

Power to the People is a management sim where you attempt to build and maintain a power grid that is required to supply a constantly growing population.

In Power to the People you're tasked with running a power grid that supplies a city whose population is always growing. More people mean more power required, so you'll need to plan carefully and build to avoid shortages … Read More

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Avian – Beta Download

Avian is a beautiful musical third person platforming adventure where a guardian of a long lost civilization uses a flute to transform/move objects in the world.

In Avian you take on the role of a guardian of a lost civilization who sets out to save his fallen brothers. You can jump and glide through the air, and you also have a very handy flute which … Read More

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Sky Traveller – Student Game Download

Sky Traveller is a beautiful first person parkour platformer where you run, air-dash, wall-run and slide your way through a city built on islands that float in the clouds.

Created by students at The Game Assembly, Sky Traveller is a first person parkour platformer set in a city that floats in the sky. It plays a little like Mirror's Edge, but with larger, more … Read More

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Tom Clancy's XDefiant – Beta Sign Up (PC, Playstation & Xbox)

Beta sign ups are now live for Tom Clancy's XDefiant, Ubisoft's take on the Overwatch style Hero shooter genre.

Tom Clancy's XDefiant is essentially an Overwatch style first person 6v6 hero shooter set in the Tom Clancy universe. In the game players take control of uniquely skilled combatants called "Defiants" and face off in locations based on classic Tom Clancy games. There are four factions … Read More

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Island Getaway – Game Jam Build Download

Island Getaway is a very weird little retro Atari styled Eldritch horror adventure where you go to a luxury island resort that's filled with giant crab monsters!

Created for the gm48 game jam, Island Getaway is a retro horror adventure that sees you and a couple of pals visiting a luxury island resort and spa for some much needed rest and relaxation. However, although it … Read More

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Talavah: Book of Jed – Alpha Demo

Talavah: Book of Jed is a retro styled graphic adventure game that follows the son of a chief of a nomadic clan and his servant, as he embarks on a rite of passage across a vast and danger-filled frozen red ocean.

In Talavah: Book of Jed you take on the role of Jed, the son of the current chief of a nomadic clan called the … Read More

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Piratopia – Beta Sign Up

Piratopia is an easily accessible open world pirate game with PvP and PvE elements, where you sail around, battle enemies and upgrade your ship.

In Piratopia you'll be able to take control of a little pirate ship and go in search of trouble and treasure. You'll be able to battle against forts, AI ships and player controlled ships, with you earning loot for your victories. … Read More

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Die After Sunset – Beta Sign Up

Die After Sunset is a roguelite third person shooter where you battle against enemies that are cute and clumsy in the daylight, but when covered in shade transform into powerful beasts.

In Die After Sunset you travel through time and attempt to fend off an invasion of aliens called Murkors. The Murkors look cute and harmless when the sun is shining on them, but when … Read More

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Aquamarine – Alpha Sign Up

You can now sign up to Alpha test Aquamarine, a beautiful hand-animated survival adventure set on an ocean planet, with an art style inspired by 70's/80's psychedelic pulp Sci-Fi comics.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer back in January, Aquamarine is a hand-drawn Sci-Fi roguelite adventure where you attempt to survive and escape from a mysterious alien water planet that you crashland on. You … Read More

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Tower of Fantasy is a new MMO from Perfect World Entertainment with a sci-fi bent

Ah, Tower of Fantasy, a perfect title for a game that actually looks to be more science-fiction inspired than fantasy-inspired. Here, let's get your consternation out of the way up front, as the game is being published by Perfect World Entertainment, it's a Chinese game, and it's on mobile as well as PC apparently. For […]

Thunder Tier One is a multiplayer top-down tactical shooter from a PUBG dev, and you can play test it this weekend

Evidently, one of the developers of battle royale shooter PUBG, the head of action and gunplay unit Pawel Smolewski, has been working on a little passion project since 2016, and now that passion project is being picked up by Krafton Inc. and is headed for its first major public test. Say hello to Thunder Tier […]

Albion Online tweaks several weapon skills and reduces zone skip waiting time

Balance balance balance: That's what Sandbox Interactive is going for with today's Albion Online update aka Call to Arms patch 9 aka the Season 13 balance patch. There are quite a few changes for several weapon lines and some armor pieces too. • Axes: Bloody Reap reworked into AoE execution tool; Rending Rage and Adrenaline […]

Elite Dangerous outlines the changes to the camera suite arriving in the next PC update

While it might not be the highest priority fix needed for the Elite: Dangerous Odyssey expansion, those who love to take screenshots of the game or otherwise join in the #StellarScreenshots feature (or even our own One Shots column) will be happy to know that Update 6 of the PC version is adding a whole […]

Bless Unleashed opens up with its founders packs ahead of launch

All right. So we have a release date on PC for Bless Unleashed (specifically, August 6th). We have a clear picture of any and all changes coming to the game at launch. We have various Q&A sessions in which players have asked for something and been told they will not receive it. What are we […]

The Elder Scrolls Online preview's Waking Flame's Dread Cellar dungeon

As intimidating dungeon names go, "The Dread Cellar" doesn't rank highly. You kind of think your next objectives will be the Pantry of Doom or the Evil Coat Closet. But seeing as how this particular dungeon in The Elder Scrolls Online will see you venturing into this former prison now filled with monsters summoned by […]

Lost Ark reveals all of its 'normalized' founder packs and perks

Amazon and Smilegate have released a detailed blog post this afternoon focused on the upcoming Lost Ark's founder packs. And cats. The cats are the star of the show here. While the game itself is planned as a free-to-play title when it launches in the fall, the founder packs are loaded with cosmetics, beta, access, […]

The Stream Team: Tackling the Thunderdeep Drask and more in Dauntless

MOP's Chris is back once again in the world of Dauntless to take on some fresh foes. This time around, there's a Thunderdeep Drask lurking about and possibly a new Heroic Escalation to take on. Either way, the monster slaying will begin today at 2:00 p.m. EDT! What: Dauntless Who: Chris Neal When: 2:00 p.m. […]

Amazon addresses New World crashes, stability, and approach to exploits post-launch

Amazon Games has penned a letter for New World testers addressing the state of the game and its impending fixes. "[W]e created several test builds over the weekend and discovered the problem with the help of a few servers, so as of Monday morning Pacific Time, we have the entire service running with that updated, […]

Oculus pauses sales of the Quest 2 to address headset foam issue

If you were abut to buy yourself an Oculus Quest 2, you can't. Not right away, anyhow. A new notification from the team indicates that Oculus is temporarily pausing sales of the headset to ensure that instead of the original foam face cover, all units are shipped out with a new silicone face cover. This […]

Activision-Blizzard walkout organizers respond to Kotick, Kotaku exposes 'Cosby suite' attendees

In response to Activision-Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick's letter to staff last night, organizers of today's walkout have issued a response arguing that his letter "fails to address critical elements at the heart of employee concerns," including their demands for forced arbitration, worker oversight of hiring and promotion, pay transparency, and third-party auditors not chosen by […]

Stick and Rudder: Trying EVE Online as a new player in 2021

It's not often one has the opportunity to step into a bit of MMO history and do so with a fresh set of eyes and no expectations. Luckily, I've recently had the opportunity to do just that as a brand-new player in CCP's classic space sim/sandbox/gankfest EVE Online. Like most fans of the genre, I've […]

Whatever happened to the Age of Wushu franchise?

This story has something of an interesting progression to it. It began with a dive into whatever happened to Age of Wushu, which then led to a revelation about Age of Wushu 2, which kind of has its own story going on. So with that in mind, we think it's time to run down some […]

The Chronicles of Elyria class-action lawsuit has been split up between two states now

If you can peel your eyballs away from the gaming lawsuit dominating the headlines this week, there's another one you might want to pay attention to: the Chronicles of Elyria class action. Readers will remember that last year, Soulbound Studios ran out of cash, laid off the team, and ended development of Chronicles of Elyria, […]

Black Desert opens the summertime Night Market, tweaks the Atoraxxion dungeon, and updates its TOS

It's time to celebrate the summer season in Black Desert on PC. The Terrmian Night Market is now open, and players are being encouraged to take promotional-styled screenshots of the location for a chance to win in-game rewards and physical goodies. There are a couple of different contests of this sort going on, so players […]

Swords of Legends Online drops first raid, Xuanjiu Jade Palace, tomorrowday

Swords of Legends Online is hoping to pique your interest with its first big raid: Xuanjiu Jade Palace. It's a 10-to-20-player dungeon. "In the inner courtyard of the Vixen Yuzao's lair, the flowers bloom and the brook's waters flow crystal clear, as though spring will never end," Gameforge explains. "Recently, a band of immortals was […]

EVE Online's Grand Heist update goes live as players raise concerns about ISK login rewards for subscribers

Yesterday saw the bank robbing profession come to EVE Online as the Grand Heist update officially went live. Readers will recall that this update is effectively letting players become bank robbers thanks to new gameplay features that let them crack open reserve banks and lift some sweet ISK. Of course, if you're a subscriber, you […]

Book of Travels explains how players will communicate without text chat

One of the many, many factors that will set the upcoming Book of Travels apart from your boiler-plate online RPGs is that the game won't be availing itself of text chat. Rather, as explained in a new dev blog, Might and Delight is taking a cue from its previous Meadow to implement a robust emote […]

The Daily Grind: So are you preordering Guild Wars 2 End of Dragons?

I don't know about you folks, but the past week has been rough, and I needed something happy to take my mind off the stress. Guild Wars 2 End of Dragons' big reveal stream yesterday was a big ol' boost of serotonin. New landmass! Turtles! Boats! Fishing! New specs! Just drown me in petrified trees […]

Activision-Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick: 'The leadership team has heard you loud and clear'

As ATVI stock dips and Blizzard employees plan a walkout tomorrow, Activision-Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick has finally publicly addressed the company's workers in regard to the ongoing sexism lawsuit and fallout. He says that the company's initial responses were "tone deaf" and apologizes for the lack of empathy. "The leadership team has heard you loud […]

Blaugust blog writing initiative returns to challenge bloggers to write for a whole month

Regular readers of MOP doubtlessly know that we're all about highlighting and supporting MMO gaming blogs. Regulars also know that we like to signal boost the Blaugust writing initiative, a blogging community event kicked off by Belghast of Tales of the Aggronaut that seeks to encourage new and returning blog writers back to the writing […]

Perfect World Revolution is available for everyone to play now with one hand

You want to play an MMORPG of some kind, any kind, but you also have a delicious sandwich to eat. What can you do about this situation? Until very recently, you'd have to accept that modern technology had failed you by either eating the sandwich or playing the game. But Perfect World Revolution has finally […]

Aether Story melds 'glory days' of classic JRPGs with the modern MMO

Two tastes that go good together: Peanut butter and chocolate. Strawberry and kiwi. Vanilla Ice and Ninja Turtles. And old school-style Japanese RPGs and… MMOs? If you've ever imagined what an MMO would look like if Final Fantasy III was taken into an online format, then you might be in the vicinity of Aether Story, […]

Pathfinder Online, Kickstarted for $1M in 2012, will sunset in November

I'm sorry to report that Paizo has announced the end of Pathfinder Online. MOP readers know that the MMO was Kickstarted for over a million dollars back in 2012, but its development and staffing struggles led to mass Goblinworks layoffs in 2015, followed by several years of Paizo attempting to salvage the game and find new investors. […]

Massively OP Podcast Episode 332: Does every voice really matter at Blizzard?

Justin and Bree discuss the Blizzard sexism lawsuit, with brief stops in New World, Lineage II, and Ship of Heroes.

Massively on the Go: August is recycling month in Pokemon Go

Well, we're finally on the downside of the Pokemon GO rollercoaster this year it seems, but things may still be exciting for some of us, at least until Niantic reveals what the third Ultra Unlock is. We previously mentioned how Part 1 (now live) was focused on fossil pokemon and Dialga, while part 2 starting on August […]

GDC 2021: Biometrics, advertising, and charming communities in video games

While other gaming conventions do big game reveals, the beauty of GDC is that we hear about some of the cool tech and practices going on behind the scenes. It helps devs out, for sure, but it also helps players paying attention better understand market trends and practices that guide our hobby. Oh, and there […]

Blizzard workers plan walkout over sexism scandal, WoW team addresses playerbase

Axios is reporting that Blizzard workers have organized a walkout tomorrow to protest the company's handling of the sexual harassment and sexual discrimination lawsuit that broke last week. According to the report, employees will walk out in-person at 1 p.m. EDT, while virtual workers appear to be invited to join all day. This particular leg […]

Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem releases its Arise update after a brief delay

Multiplayer ARPG Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem has gotten some new content after a short launch delay. Yesterday saw the developers release the Arise update, which brings a variety of features including a rework of summons that features improved visuals, auto-respawning, and summon power levels scaling with player characters, along with new areas, new endgame armor, […]

Grab a MU Online scroll key to buff your new Gun Crusher toon on the speed server

Webzen MU Online is embarking on a new journey today with the release of the first chunk of its 16th season, which includes a brand-new toon and a quick-leveling server. "Season 16 Part 1 brings a special giveaway to celebrate the arrival of a new character, 'Gun Crusher' with the addition of a new Speed […]

Neverwinter's Jewel of the North is live on PC with the new Bard class and level squish

It's a big day for Neverwinter players, as Jewel of the North is live on the platform. This is the big update that's adding the Bard class and squishing and improving the game's entire leveling experience and tutorial. "Along with the new class, Neverwinter: Jewel of the North brings major game-changing improvements that make it […]

Guild Wars 2's End of Dragons expansion launches February 2022, with preorders live now

The day is finally here: We're getting our first look at Cantha Cantha Cantha! Yes, Guild Wars 2 is taking the wraps off its long-awaited third expansion, End of Dragons. We're crossing our fingers for some launch details (as the expansion was delayed from 2021 to 2022 already), plus ArenaNet has promised "expansion features, a […]

Elite Dangerous details issue tracker work, Update 6 features, and four-player multicrew in July update post

Elite: Dangerous continues to try and do right by its fans with the next monthly roundup of its promised series of posts updating players on what's being done to correct the PC version of the Odyssey expansion. In the July update bulletin, Frontier Developments first starts off with some issue tracker items that are being […]

Choose My Adventure: Wakfu definitely isn't my cup of tea (and that's alright)

Well, I tried, everyone. I really did. But sometimes you just have to sort of admit when you're diametrically opposed to a game. Thus is the way with me and Wakfu, a game that I had some curiosity about that has since been wholly and completely sated. And I came to that decision in alarmingly […]

PAX West 2021 will require attendees to prove they're vaccinated or COVID-free

PAX West won't be letting folks through the doors unless they're vaccinated or have successfully passed a recent COVID-19 test. The convention will require proof of one of the other and ID verification to go along with it. "[W]e feel confident that verification of fully vaccination or negative test, along with continued face covering requirements […]

Casually Classic: Making the call to quit WoW or not

A week ago I didn't think I'd be sitting here and writing this, but I'm done with WoW Classic — and with this column. As you've no doubt read, last Wednesday highly disturbing allegations of company-wide abuse and discrimination came to light as the state of California filed a lawsuit against Activision-Blizzard. Considering how intensive […]

Old School RuneScape became a gold seller's paradise fueled by Venezuelan hyperinflation

We can all agree that gold farmers in an MMORPG are a blight and that people shouldn't support such "businesses," but the problem of gold sellers being drawn in to Old School RuneScape some years ago has a few more wrinkles to it than one might expect. In the most recent episode of NPR's Planet […]

Elyon locks in on a September 29 launch date

Kakao's steampunk fantasy MMO Elyon, formerly Ascent Infinite Air, finally has set a date for you and it to get much better acquainted. On September 29th, Elyon is scheduled to splash down in the west — and sink or swim. However, there's an easy way to get into the game before the 29th, thanks to […]

The Daily Grind: Do you reroll old familiar classes on MMO progression servers?

When Aion Classic opened its doors last month, I saw an intriguing thread on the game's subreddit about what class they were going to roll, framed in the context of whether they were going to roll something new or pick something they'd never tried before. Maybe it shouldn't have been a shock, given that these […]

The Wagadu Chronicles takes followers on a visual tour of the Emere people's village buildings

The devs of the afrofantasy MMORPG The Wagadu Chronicles would like to take fans on a little trip through the rainforest and the villages of the Emere people by way of a Twitter thread, which shows off several pieces of concept art and outlines the function and design inspirations of several of the in-game culture's […]

Paladins releases a new character – Rei – as Hi-Rez debuts a new logo and slogan

Are you ready for some new Paladins content? That's right, the multiplayer hero shooter from Hi-Rez Studio's sub-studio Evil Mojo has kicked out a new update that brings the game's 50th roster member, an animated series crossover, and more, all of which were previewed in June but have gone live as of last week. This […]

EverQuest II ushers in Tinkerfest 2021, EverQuest releases new Overseer packs

Summer is never dull in Norrath, and no matter what MMO you pick, there's something happening. Over in EverQuest II, Norrath is in the grips of Tinkerfest 2021. Raging until August 5th, Tinkerfest offers four hubs of Gnome-related activities. Daybreak added some new merchant items and Overseer quests and agents for the event. "There are […]

Final Fantasy XI brings back the Sunbreeze Festival once again

Considering the sheer number of world-shattering threats that your character has no doubt dealt with in Final Fantasy XI, it would make sense if there were a stage show in-universe commemorating that. But no, instead you have to watch Mumor perform on stage and back up her antics in order to get rewards. Why? Well, […]

Neverwinter's Summer Festival offers returning contests and new rewards on July 29

You have to love that good ol' seasonal event MMORPG content. If you do and your chosen MMORPG is Neverwinter, then you'll be glad to learn that the Summer Festival is coming back, starting on Thursday, July 29th, and running through to Thursday, August 19th. The summertime event brings back a host of familiar contests […]

GDC 2021: Accessibility in gaming means innovation for everyone

You may have noticed that accessibility comes up a lot whenever we cover GDC, and GDC 2021 won't be much different. However, while presentations often repeat some of their advice, one thing I keep noting as a player is that developers have all kinds of interesting tech and approaches but outside of certain developers, games feel like they're stuck […]

Destiny 2 will eliminate the armor transmog bounty currency starting in Season 15

The armor transmog system of Destiny 2 – you know, the one that was widely unpopular – is going to see an adjustment with the arrival of Season 15. Bungie's weekly newsletter confirms that the Synthstrand currency, which is passively earned and is currently required to purchase the bounties needed for armor synthesis, will be […]

Profane provides a look at a tropical region cenote in latest Twitter thread

Today we're all going to learn more about some of the tropical landscape of Profane as well as a new word: cenote. That's basically what the newest Twitter thread from the devs has to offer. Just what is a cenote, exactly? It's a natural pit, or sinkhole, resulting from the collapse of limestone bedrock that […]

Aliens: Fireteam Elite starts selling pre-order packs — now with bandanas!

For Aliens fans, August 24th can't come soon enough. That's the date when Cold Iron Studios' Daybreak-published Aliens: Fireteam Elite will deliver the latest generation of multiplayer co-op shooters set in this dark universe. And if you're contemplating picking up a flamethrower or pulse rifle to comb space stations and derelicts with your buddies, you […]

Guild Wars 2 unveils two more voice actors ahead of tomorrow's End of Dragons showcase

The hype train keeps on chuggin' along for Guild Wars 2's End of Dragons expansion. ArenaNet has pulled the curtain off of two more voice actor reveals: Tina Huang, an actress who has starred in series like Rizzoli & Isles and The Night Shift; and Rina Hoshino, a bilingual actress known most recently as one […]

PSA: Square-Enix is reprinting the Final Fantasy XIV lore books once again, and they're up for pre-order

If you're a fan of Final Fantasy XIV and want more of the lore behind this game, the Encyclopaedia Eorzea volumes one and two are invaluable pieces of your collection. They're hardcover, handsomely bound, full of lore facts, cleverly written, stuffed with lovely art… and largely inaccessible, because they sold through their print runs in […]