The Stream Team: Facing Path of Exile's Ultimatum for the first time

After it had such a rocky launch, Massively OP's MJ is glad she waited to jump into Path of Exile's new Ultimatum league for the first time. But she can't hold out forever, so she's ready to jump in. Will things be more settled now? and just how much will she risk? Tune in live […]

Wurm Online previews its upcoming animal update with donkeys

Tired of plodding around in Wurm Online on a cow? Then we've got good news for you because here come donkeys. Yes, with the game's upcoming animal update, donkeys will be available for players and can serve as mounts for non-premium players. There's also the distinct possibility that your horses and donkeys can wind up […]

The Cycle previews its updated UI design

Fans of The Cycle will get to enjoy a new and improved UI in the not-too-distant future, and the latest development diary on the game is all about showing off what's changing with the user interface while also discussing some concurrent gameplay and system-wide changes. For example, the game's seasonal pass is being reworked to […]

Destiny 2 brings back the Guardian Games on April 20 with revamped scoring and a new playlist

Life in Destiny 2 already feels pretty competitive, what with all of the PvP and world first raid races and running to the highest Power levels possible, but now that competition is getting another layer added on as the Guardian Games are returning this coming Tuesday, April 20th. For those who missed out on how […]

Aion EU opens Pangaea, adds the Labyrinth, and reworks Legion contribution in Update 7.9

If it feels like you've seen this headline before it's because you kind of have, except this time around the previously announced update to the EU version of Aion is now officially live for players of the region. Of course, the content that's arriving in Update 7.9 isn't different: There's still a new instance in […]

MapleStory is opening the luxurious Hotel Maple to celebrate its 16th anniversary

No, unfortunately for fans of MapleStory, the Hotel Maple is not going to be a thing in meatspace. What it is going to be is the location for the MMO's 16th anniversary event, offering up some glitz, glamor, and a taste of the high life. In-game anyway. Entering the Hotel Maple requires players to have […]

ArcheAge developer XL Games announces mobile sandbox MMO Moonlight Sculptor

Developer XL Games, which readers will know are the folks behind ArcheAge, and publisher Kakao Games are set to unleash a new mobile sandbox MMORPG onto the world. Say hello to Moonlight Sculptor, a new MMO based on the light novel The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor, which is arriving to the globe in May 2021 and […]

Kickstarted VR MMORPG Ilysia is finally nearing alpha

Last fall, we covered the successful Kickstarter of VR MMORPG Ilysia, which pulled in over $150,000 to become the second-biggest Kickstarted MMO of 2020 (topped only by Wagadu Chronicles). Team 21 Studio studio pitched Ilysia as a traditional MMO "inspired by classic MMORPGs such as World of Warcraft and EverQuest" where gamers can "experience the […]

Sony changes course and announces the PlayStation 3 and PSP Vita stores will remain operational

Remember at the end of March when Sony announced that the PlayStation 3, PSP, and PSP Vita stores would shut down this year? Fans were pretty unhappy, especially as it meant that buying things like DLC and otherwise rare games would suddenly get a lot harder. And in the wake of the response, Sony has […]

Fight or Kite: My mobile MMO experience peaked in 2008 with Parallel Kingdom

It's a distant memory now, but in 2008 I played a mobile MMO that completely and totally had me hooked. I remember sitting on the bus, on my way to class, phone in hand and eyes glued to the map. Click here and smash this deer there. Suddenly, my nemesis appeared, which in this game […]

Albion Online buffs matchmaking, loot, and accessibility for its new hellgates

It's patch day for Albion Online, and if you were one of the players fussed over the state of the hellgates introduced in the base Call to Arms patch, then you're going to be happy with the changes today, as it tweaks matchmaking, makes the gates more accessible to more players, and buffs their rewards. […]

Wisdom of Nym: First impressions of Final Fantasy XIV's 5.5 content

This is a bit of an unusual case. I can't think of any patch in recent memory that's been so split between the quality of its content and the quality of its storytelling, to the point that I almost considered changing how I usually split up this particular column. Ultimately, I decided to go with […]

Book of Travels explains how gear improves your journeys

For most MMOs, a player's gear is a collection of stat points that accumulate to increase combat effectiveness. But for Book of Travels, gear is far more varied and useful than providing swordplay assists. In the game's latest dev blog, the team explains how items, artifacts, and objects will improve your journey in a myriad […]

Genshin Impact arrives to PS5, adds player housing, and brings new quests in April 28 update

Next week's update is bringing quite a bit to Genshin Impact players. On Wednesday, April 28th, the multiplayer RPG will introduce the usual goodies like new story quests involving Zhongli and Noelle, some new characters to shoot for like the Cryo-powered claymore user Eula and the Pyro-wielding Yanfei, and some new enemies to face in […]

Elder Scrolls Online elaborates on Update 30's tweaked proc sets and champion system

While Elder Scrolls Online's Update 30 is still a little ways out, ZeniMax wants to prepare players for a couple of significant combat adjustments that will come with the patch. The first of these involves addressing overpowered "proc sets" in PvP that are prioritizing gear over builds. The studio will be changing such gear to […]

Swords of Legends Online shows off its Spearmaster class

If you're looking forward to Swords of Legends Online but want to be contrary about what sort of weaponry you use to poke at things even though the game is named after swords, may we suggest… spears? That's the whole trick behind the Spearmaster class, the latest one to be revealed. What does it do? […]

Dual Universe promises less tedium, more meaningful PvP, and prettier graphics in latest dev blog

Followers of Dual Universe have been fed a series of dev blogs outlining the future of the in-development sci-fi building sandbox, with the first two posts talking about the team size of Novaquark and the second discussing dev costs. In the third and final post of the series, we get a look at where development […]

Lord of the Rings Online introduces a line of Bilbo Baggins quests

O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay! It's a LOTRO patch day! That's right: Update 29.5 arrived on the servers rather early in the week, bringing with it a brand-new level-agnostic questline called The Further Adventures of Bilbo Baggins. All players can grab these 10 missions for free this week (non-subscribers are going to have to pay […]

The Daily Grind: What's the most unique experience mechanic in MMOs?

Bhagpuss over on MMO blog Inventory Full recently penned a piece about an experience mechanic in EverQuest II that I had completely forgotten existed: experience vials. They essentially allow players to store up experience and move it to other toons. That part isn't super unique; Ultima Online, for example, has long had a similar mechanic […]

MMO Week in Review: So LOTRO is breathing easier right about now

It's pretty rare that a story that broke over the weekend is the most interesting thing to have happened all week unless it's a treat from Daybreak, but we've got one for you: Yesterday, Amazon admitted that it and Tencent-owned Leyou have canceled the Lord of the Rings MMORPG that they've been working on for […]

MMO Synergy: The Offspring, NERF, Monopoly, and Evangelion

Who doesn't love a good round of corporate synergy? No, no, don't answer that, just cruise on to the next sentence. Today we're going to round up a few interesting crossovers and promotions between online games and other entities. We'll start with the relatively new Dragon Raja, an Archosaur title that's hoping to ride the […]

The MOP Up: Apex Legends racks up 100 million players

For some games, the key metric to brag by is the total number of players that have come in through one's doors. And if we're to look at this number alone, then Apex Legends has a great reason to boast this month, as the title just crossed 100 million total users. More plans for the […]

Perfect World Games unveils Perfect New World, a new PC, mobile, and console MMO set to launch globally

Apparently, there's going to be a lot more Perfect World going on sometime in the near (or distant) future. During a Perfect World Game Strategy press conference, Perfect World Games announced the release of Perfect New World, a new MMORPG based on the Perfect World IP that's coming to consoles, PC, and mobile internationally. The […]

Global Chat: Is fast travel a boon or a bust for MMORPGs?

While I let you chew on that slightly clickbaity title there, I urge you to check out an essay on Bits & Pieces about the history of fast travel in video games (which, of course, includes MMOs). "Certainly the languid pace of travel in a game like World of Warcraft before its expansions, as well as other […]

Former designer for WoW, StarCraft II, and Diablo IV announces his departure from Blizzard

If you're a fan of live or developing Blizzard titles like Diablo IV, World of Warcraft, or StarCraft II, you were also perhaps a fan of developer David Kim, who worked as a lead systems designer, principle game designer, and game balance designer of those titles respectively. With that in mind, Kim's 14-year tenure has […]

One Shots: Spring is sprung

You seriously are not prepared for the onslaught of pure spring colors waiting for you after the break, so just make sure you have a loved one ready to catch you as you fall backwards in shock. Spring is sprung, and Vincent has captured its full glory in Final Fantasy XIV as part of what […]

The Daily Grind: Which MMO suffers the worst patch-day issues?

So Final Fantasy XIV's latest patch literally broke the ability to visit players on other servers, which is sort of an inauspicious start when the game is literally planning to make that feature even more far-ranging with the next expansion. Still, this is by far the unusual outcome, not the standard one. And the days […]

Corepunk's second Q&A session reveals a strange take on PvP design

The questions keep coming for fantasy-scifi MMORPG Corepunk, and the devs keep dishing answers back. For a second week in a row, Artificial Core compiled a whole bunch of fan questions for the upcoming MMO and answered them to varying degrees of satisfaction. Topics with this Q&A included guild size limits, enchanting, backpack sizes, cross-server […]

TERA and PUBG publisher Krafton files for preliminary approval of its IPO in South Korea

At the beginning of the year, we pointed out that Krafton, the games publisher that handles titles like TERA and PUBG, was getting ready to go public soon. The company has since moved one step closer to that reality as it has filed for its preliminary approval in South Korea. The new IPO stands to […]

Amazon and Leyou have canceled that unfinished Lord of the Rings MMO

For the last few years, we've been covering a new Lord of the Rings MMO that was a collaboration between Tencent's Leyou Technologies and Amazon Game Studios. Back in November, leaked documents showed that the game was meant to be in playable prototype form by this coming June, with a closed beta in the fall […]

Path of Exile addresses messy Ultimatum launch, says giving streamers queue priority was a mistake

In a week that should be full of heady excitement for Path of Exile players, thanks to the release of the Ultimatum league, the mood has taken a turn for the worse due to a messy rollout and a decision to cater to prominent streamers over the rest of the playerbase, which has royally ticked […]

The Stream Team: Sidetracked from AdventureQuest 3D's Sandsea story

A new area for Massively OP's MJ to explore? You better believe she got sidetracked with that! That means there's still more to the AQ3D Sandsea story that MJ needs to do (she didn't get far, after all!), and she aims to keep herself from being pulled away from it this time. Really. Nothing will […]

Lord of the Rings Online addresses performance issues, LIs, and custom difficulty

Lord of the Rings Online decided to put together a Q&A with the executive producer Rob "Severlin" Ciccolini this past Friday, offering up a chance for players to get answers on pretty much any general questions they had regarding the MMORPG. A number of questions discussed technical and performance issues such as loading lag, chat […]

WRUP: The rest of the year of meme trends in advance edition

May: Pictures of eggs that have caught fire with captions about why the egg is on fire, ranging from "my clothes are still wet" to "my cat dislikes me." June: A new viral app that makes your face look like a goat's face takes the internet by storm for one week until it turns out […]

The Daily Grind: What key advice would you give to first-timers in your MMO?

I know that whenever I head into an MMO for the first time (or after a long absence), I always make it a priority to look up threads and lists that players have made along the lines of "Things I wish I had known" or "Tips for new players" or "Hey dummy, don't do this […]

The Stream Team: The atmosphere of Warframe's Call of the Tempestarii

There's a new quest available just for Railjack captains in Warframe, called Call of the Tempestarii. In it, Massively OP's MJ gets to take on the role of Sevagoth, the dark helmsman. How could she pass that up?! Luckily, she now has her own Railjack, so she'll be embarking on this very atmospheric story quest […]

Betawatch: Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis plans a global beta for May

For ages, Phantasy Star Online 2 was in the province of games that simply didn't exist on these shores, but now last year those fortunes were reversed, and now the New Genesis update/sequel/reboot is getting a global beta test on May 14th. Around the world, indeed. Other beta news: Last week, we first heard about […]

Siege Survival: Gloria Victis gets a new trailer and developer-narrated gameplay footage

Remember Siege Survival: Gloria Victis? Well, you should; it's the spinoff to the eponymous Gloria Victis that focuses on managing your way out of a siege scenario (by surviving it) that's en route to early access. And there's some tasty new tidbits for the game in the form of two new trailers, with the first […]

Sea of Thieves introduces trade routes, Forts of Fortune, and new cosmetic rewards in season two

The second season of Sea of Thieves officially launched yesterday, bringing with it a variety of new cosmetics to chase after, new events, and some new gameplay elements for pirates looking to do a little more honest work in the form of Merchant Alliance Trade Routes, which sees players purchasing Commodity Crates, finding out where […]

Fallout 76 brings back Armor Ace for Season 4 and shares its latest community calendar

While the next Fallout 76 update will require some locking and loading according to its name, there's also a little something more coming when the update arrives on April 27th: a new season featuring everyone's favorite G.I. Joe standees, Armor Ace and the Power Patrol. Dubbed Cold Steel, season 4 will offer up a fresh […]

Star Wars Galaxies Legends finally puts a date on the City in the Clouds expansion: May the fourth

Rogue server Star Wars Galaxies Legends has been teasing its Bespin expansion, called City in the Clouds, for literally years now. It was supposed to launch in early 2021, and you could definitely argue that early 2021 is almost over since we're already in the second quadrant and fast approaching the middle third. In any […]

No, Square-Enix is not looking to be bought out

Time to relax a little, people. A report last night had the internet in a tizzy after it suggested that Square-Enix had multiple other firms looking into acquiring the company, but Square-Enix shut that rumor down this morning by stating outright that the company has not been involved in any talks about selling, has no […]

Guild Wars 2 players are having a Toga Party on April 24 to raise MS awareness and charity funds

Time for a bit of feel-good philanthropy with Guild Wars 2 as the stage. On Saturday, April 24th, players are invited to an MS Toga Party in Divinity's Reach being held by Gamers Giving Back, with the goals of raising awareness of multiple sclerosis and raising funds for the MS Society of Canada, with all […]

Swords of Legends Online's latest class preview video features the Summoner

Whether it's wielding the mystical power of an extremely aggressive fox friend or healing allies with the power of sparkle butterflies, the latest class preview video from Swords of Legends Online has it all as it offers a look at the Summoner class in action. A class that's attuned with the natural world, the Summoner […]

Path of Exile Ultimatum league is now live

Path of Exile friends, I hope you have blocked off your weekend and stocked your fridge because Ultimatum is very definitely happening to you tonight. As this post goes live, the servers have just come down to begin patching and preloading. They're expected to be back up around 4 p.m. EDT with the update. Our […]

Black Desert offers a sneak peek at the Sage's Awakening arriving to PC April 21

If you thought the Sage class that was recently introduced to Black Desert did some damage using magical cubes, just wait until you see what it can do with some magical lightning. That's the general thrust of the Sage's Awakening, which trades in a magical box for a lightning-infused spear known as a Kibelius and […]

Stick and Rudder: Elite Dangerous Odyssey's second alpha phase had more FPS goodness and even more bugs

The whole that made up the second phase of Elite Dangerous Odyssey's alpha testing could easily be broken up into two parts: Frontline Solutions and the related combat zone gameplay, and being able to join friends for whatever other things we wanted without the use of Holo-Me. In my experience, the former felt a little […]

DC Universe Online's freebie World of Flashpoint episode is live for all players

After a hefty downtime yesterday, DC Universe Online pushed its latest episode, World of Flashpoint, live – for everyone – allowing even free-to-play players a crack at the new daily and weekly missions as well the capped-off raid. "Inspired by the iconic Flashpoint storyline, World of Flashpoint opens a window into this altered timeline. The […]

Raph Koster expounds on MMO fun, retention, and cynicism in the genre

MMORPG developer Raph Koster has been having words about the MMO industry ahead of the reveal of the MMO that his new studio Playable Worlds is working on. Really, kind of a lot of words. This latest piece is all about ensuring that you're having the fun. Koster notes the conflict between what players want […]

World of Warcraft details exactly how adjustments to drops and mechanics will work in The Burning Crusade Classic

So, if you were wondering how exactly WoW Classic would handle the changes implemented over the course of The Burning Crusade, your questions have now been answered officially. The short version? It's a lot like the original WoW Classic in that various stages of attunement, mechanics, and reputation requirements will remain as their launch version […]

The Value of Some PS3 Games is Skyrocketing

With Sony announcing the closure of the PlayStation Store on PS3, PS Vita and PSP consoles, some games have tripled in value.

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The Best Single-Player Games on PS4

Online games are great, but sometimes you just want something you can play by yourself. Here's a list of the best single-player games on PS4.

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The Evolution of Crash Bandicoot, a Modern Marsupial Marvel

He's been around for 25 years, and the ever-popular Crash Bandicoot shows no signs of stopping.

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It Looks Like Luigi is Joining the LEGO Super Mario Range Soon

As leaked from a product listing on Amazon China, it looks like a LEGO Adventures With Luigi set is on its way to retail this summer.

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Say No! More is a Ridiculously Entertaining Game About the Power of 'No'

Say No More! is a delightfully bizarre comedic adventure about an intern who learns to say 'no'.

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Prime Gaming Adds Cobra Commander to World of Tanks

Thanks to Amazon Prime Gaming, you can roar into battle in World of Tanks with Cobra Commander hissing in your ear.

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Puzzle Bobble VR is Bringing Bubble Popping Fun to the Oculus Quest

Puzzle Bobble is coming to VR in the shape of Puzzle Bobble VR: Vacation Odyssey, arriving on the Quest and Quest 2 this May.

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Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts 2's New Trailer Shows off Kuamar

Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts 2 has a new trailer, showing off the game's fictional middle-eastern location.

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The Battle of Steeltown, Wasteland 3's First DLC, is Coming This June

Wasteland 3 is getting its first piece of downloadable content, The Battle of Steeltown.

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The Caligula Effect 2 Gets an Anime-Meets-The-Matrix Trailer

The Caligula Effect 2, an anime-styled RPG that takes on The Matrix, gets a new trailer.

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Breathedge Isn't Your Typical Space Survival Sim

Reading Breathedge's description with mention of an "immortal chicken", you know you're not in for a serious space sim.

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Demon Skin is a Clunky But Brutal 2D Hack and Slash Adventure

Available on PC right now and coming to consoles later this year, Demon Skin is a 2D hack and slash adventure let down by clunky controls.

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Genshin Impact is Coming to PS5 on 28th April

Following the announcement earlier this month, Genshin Impact's PS5 release now has a date. And it's not so far away.

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In My Shadow Review

In My Shadow's story may lack appeal but the rest of this puzzle game makes up for that.

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The Best Point and Click Games on PS5

Are you looking for the best point and click games on PS5? Thanks to backwards compatibility, there are plenty to choose from.

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F1 2021 Launches on Next-Gen Consoles and More This July

Codemasters has announced F1 2021. Featuring a new story mode called Braking Point and a whole lot more, it's set for launch this July.

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Here's What We Learnt From Last Night's Resident Evil Showcase

Last night saw Capcom put on their Resident Evil Showcase, revealing more about Resident Evil Village and their other Resi-related projects. Here's what we learnt.

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Resident Evil 4 Will Go Full VR on Oculus Quest 2

Resident Evil 4 is arriving on the Oculus Quest 2 as a first-person VR game, and we couldn't be more excited.

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Resident Evil is Coming to Dead By Daylight

Resident Evil is coming to Dead by Daylight this June.

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Days Gone is Riding Onto the PC This May

Days Gone is coming to PC this May; the sooner we get a Macho Man Randy Savage mod, the better.

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Yoko Taro Working As Creative Director on New Title With Square Enix

NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139_03

Yoko Taro is working with Square Enix as the creative director on a brand new title, according to Square Enix producer Yosuke Saito. The news came during the first official NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139… live stream (via Gematsu).

Specific details regarding the game were not announced, but the game will be a digital-only smaller title, though Square hasn't ruled out the possibility of a special physical edition. Taro described the game as "off-beat" and "unusual," saying it's something he has "no idea how to explain or sell." He wants people to play but has no idea how to make them do so.

Saito was more upbeat about the game, describing it as "nostalgic and new" and claiming that staff at the company believes it will sell well. Monthly updates on the status of the title were discussed as a possibility, and updates were promised when they became available, with the next few days listed as a possibility for the reveal of more information.

All of this sounds very interesting and more than a little weird…which makes sense for a Yoko Taro game. Taro has been responsible for some of the more interesting stories in games, so whatever this new project is, we hope its just as wild and unique as the rest of his work.

More FPS Boosts are Coming to Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X "Soon"

Xbox Series X-S - Bethesda games_FPS Boost

One of the coolest things about Microsoft's focus on backwards compatibility is that older backwards compatible games often run better than they did on their original hardware through things like enhanced resolutions and better performance.

The big new thing is FPS Boost, which natively doubles and in some cases quadruples the frame rates of the original games. There haven't been any additions to the FPS Boost initiative since March, when Dishonored: Definitive Edition, Fallout 4, Prey, Fallout 76 and The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim Special Edition all received the update, but it looks like the next batch is coming soon.

The news comes courtesy of Jason Ronald, the Xbox director of program management, who, when asked on Twitter when the next set of titles to get the treatment, responded in a single word:

Given that the last set of titles to receive the update got it less than a week after it was confirmed to be coming, I'm guessing "soon" means "really soon." FPS Boost isn't suitable for every game because of the way some games tie their framerate into their internal logic (we're looking at you, Dark Souls II), but it's a great system that allows Microsoft to make some games better without needing help from the original developers.

We may not know what games are in line for the treatment next, but I personally can't wait to find out.

Horizon: Zero Dawn is Free on PS4 and PS5 Today

Horizon Forbidden West (4)

If you've been waiting to play Horizon: Zero Dawn, your wait is over. The game is now available on PS4 and PS5 through Sony's Play At Home initiative. You can download it anytime from now until May 14th at 8 PM PST/ 5 PM EST.

This version is the Complete Edition, which means it comes with the Frozen Wilds expansion, various extra weapons and outfits, a digital art book, and a PS4 theme. If you haven't already claimed the other nine free games Sony is offering, you have until 8 PM PST/5PM EST on April 22nd to do so. You can also pick up a free trial of the Funimation (Wakanim in Europe) subscription service.

The other games are:

  • Abzû
  • Enter the Gungeon
  • Rez Infinite
  • Subnautica
  • The Witness
  • Astro Bot Rescue Mission
  • Moss
  • Thumper
  • Paper Beast

In the past, Sony has also used the program to give away Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection, Journey, and 2016's Ratchet and Clank remake.

It's a pretty great deal. Even if you already own Horizon physically, there's no reason not to pick the Complete Edition (or any of these games) up. After all, you can't argue with free.

Earthblade Announced by Celeste Developer, Coming 20XX


Celeste and TowerFall developer Extremely OK Games has announced its next titleEarthblade, a 2D "explor-action" title that's set in a "seamless pixel art world." It's currently slated to release in 20XX, which means it could be a while. The official poster and logo by Pedro and Medeiros and music by Lena Raine (who also composed Celeste's soundtrack) were revealed in a new tweet clip, providing a general "vibe" of sorts.

On the studio's official website, founder Maddy Thorson said that it will "probably be a while" before more information is shared. It reportedly took four prototypes to reach Earthblade's current design and Thorson believes it could be released "within five short years of Celeste." However, it's already been three years. "The truth is that we don't know how long it will take, just that it will take as long as it takes (and that it will take a long time)," they said.

Thorson notes that the first three prototypes for the title taught the developer a lot but "ultimately we ventured way too far from our comfort zone for them to realistically ever get finished. It took a while, but we feel like we've settled on the right compromise between the two with Earthblade." As of now, the general shape is in place though a lot could change along the way. Thorson says that they feel "really good about where it's going. Now it's our job to turn this ephemeral, pristine mind-object into a real, imperfect & human actual-object. We'll be here, slowly grinding away at that task every day. We really hope that at the end of this, some of you will enjoy what we make."

Earthblade hasn't been confirmed for any platforms but a PC release seems a given. Stay tuned for more details in the meantime.

PlayStation Store for PS3 and PS Vita Will Remain Available

PlayStation logo

Sony has reversed its decision to cease PlayStation Store operations for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita, which was originally slated to happen this Summer. Sony Interactive Entertainment president and CEO Jim Ryan said on the PlayStation Blog that, "Upon further reflection, however, it's clear that we made the wrong decision here." Of course, commerce functionality for the PSP will still end on July 2nd.

Ryan notes that the decision to close the storefront for PS3 and Vita was "Born out of a number of factors, including commerce support challenges for older devices and the ability for us to focus more of our resources on newer devices where a majority of our gamers are playing on. We see now that many of you are incredibly passionate about being able to continue purchasing classic games on PS3 and PS Vita for the foreseeable future, so I'm glad we were able to find a solution to continue operations."

On March 29th, Sony announced that the PlayStation Store for PS3 and PSP would cease operations on July 2nd (with the PS Vita's support ending on August 27th). Due to the number of games that aren't backwards compatible on newer hardware, such as classics from the PS One and PS2 eras, they would essentially be lost to history. The decision was met with backlash especially in the wake of Ryan's statements on backwards compatibility in 2017.

Sony hasn't indicated whether the storefronts for PS3 and PS Vita will be shut down at some time later or remain open indefinitely. Whether the web versions of these stores will return also remains to be seen. Stay tuned for more details and updates in the meantime (especially with Sony rumored to be working on their own Game Pass-style competitor).

Returnal's Trophy List Appears Online


Returnal, the latest PS5 exclusive from Housemarque, launches soon, which means we're going to get a lot of information about the game in the next few days. Unsurprisingly, the game's trophies leaked today over at, which tracks Steam achievements and PlayStation trophies.

All told, Returnal contains 31 achievements: seven Gold, five silver, and 18 Bronze. There aren't very many spoilers in the trophies, but it looks like it will be a fairly easy list overall. There are trophies for completing each of the game's three acts, defeating bosses, finding collectibles, and surveying areas.

Previous trailers have shown main character Selene entering houses that look like they're out of place in Returnal world, and the trophy list confirms that there will be several of them. Based on the footage we've seen, it looks like this is where we'll learn more about Selene's past.

So far, Returnal looks like an easy Platinum for Trophy chasers, but we won't know for sure until the game launches on April 30th.

Apex Legends Cinematic Trailer Teases Titanfall 2 Connection With Valkyrie

Apex Legends

Respawn Entertainment released a new Stories from the Outlands video for its battle royale shooter Apex Legends. It introduces Kairi Imahara aka Valkyrie, the newest Legend that's looking to make her own path. Her father seems to be Viper from Titanfall 2, who piloted the Northstar Titan and fought against Jack and B.T. Check out the video below.

Numerous details for Season 9 – Legacy have also been revealed including changes to the Olympus map. It seems that an "infestation" has spread and the city is overcome with roots and "natural growths." A new weapon, the Bocek Bow, is also being introduced and is "capable of inflicting tremendous damage at medium range."

There will also be a new Battle Pass with new cosmetics, Apex Packs and more to unlock. Apex Legends Season 9 begins on May 4th so expect more gameplay showcasing Valkyrie's abilities (with includes flight and rockets, if her character art is anything to go by) and more in the coming weeks. The title is currently free to play for Xbox One, PS4, PC and Nintendo Switch.

Resident Evil Village – Lady Dimitrescu's Pursuits, Mini-Boss Fights With Daughters Revealed

Resident Evil Village

A multitude of previews have gone live for Capcom's Resident Evil Village, offering new details on the village and its castle. Along with discussing the various characters that Ethan encounters in the village, they talk the behavior of Lady Dimitrescu and her daughters. Much like Mr. X from Resident Evil 2, Lady Dimitrescu will pursue players. Check out IGN First's video at 2:40 to see for yourself, though beware of spoilers.

Along with utilizing large claws, she seems mostly impervious to bullets. The good news is that she's generally slow so players can look for opportunities to avoid her. With the castle offering multiple different routes and passageways, it should be easy. However, you also have to deal with her daughters who are much quicker.

Interestingly, each daughter has a common weakness (which seems to be an item) and you can use that to your advantage. Each daughter can function as a separate mini-boss and it seems that you'll have to solve separate puzzles with that item to overcome them. Other enemies also lurk in the castle including some that seemingly have wings as per GameSpot.

Also, as IGN points out, the Duke, who serves as the merchant, has his own room in the castle. What is his relation with Lady Dimitrescu and Mother Miranda? We'll have to wait for more details to find out.

Resident Evil Village is out on May 7th for Xbox One, PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X/S, Stadia and PC. The village portion of the demo went live for PlayStation players on the weekend but the castle part will be live on April 24th. On May 1st, the complete demo will be live for all platforms.

Kazunori Yamauchi Wants to Keep Making Gran Turismo – And Do Something New, Too

Gran Turismo 7

Kazunori Yamamauchi is the face of Gran Turismo and the man behind developer Polyphony Digital's legendary attention to detail and drive for perfection. But just because he and his team are working on Gran Turismo 7 doesn't mean he isn't thinking about what comes next.

Yamauchi discussed a variety of things in an interview with accountant firm KPMG. That might seem odd until you realize he was speaking to Masayuki Chatani, KPMG's chief digital officer, who held the same job at Sony Online Entertainment (then Sony Computer Entertainment) for fourteen years, including the PS3 days.

While the interview is both long and detailed, one of its most interesting aspects focuses on Yamauchi's dreams for the future, and the projects he'd like to work on. Don't worry, folks. He still wants to keep making Gran Turismo games. "At the same time, I would like to also do something different," he said.

Yamauchi elaborated by saying that digital worlds have long tried to be a "digital twin" to the real world, but that he didn't feel they needed to emulate reality to create something that feels real.

"I would like to take on the challenge of creating a world where people feel more reality than the real thing, whether this is through Grand Turismo or not," he said.

Yamauchi also talked about how digital worlds could be used to create or recreate moments that can no longer be experienced in the real world, citing examples from his childhood. "In the 1970s, mountain foothills and flat land, very much like the world of Totoro, extended in my hometown Kashiwa City. As I liked to collect insects and climb mountains from when I was a child, I used to spend all day in the forest or played in the river."

While he feels that such things aren't really possible in modern Japan, he's still thinking creating "some kind of digital nature and convey the complexity and severeness of the world when we get out into nature and the feeling that things do not work out as one expects."

It sounds like an interesting concept, and it would be nice to see someone of Yamauchi's stature work on something new. If he does decide to pursue this project, though, we probably won't see it anytime soon. Gran Turismo 7 was recently understandably delayed due to COVID. Hopefully, however, we'll see that, and the project Yamauchi is fantasizing about, sooner rather than later.

Two Years After It Was Announced, We Have 28 Seconds of New Homeworld 3 Footage

Homeworld 3

It's been almost two years since Gearbox announced Homeworld 3, the long-awaited follow-up to the beloved Homeworld 2. We haven't seen or heard much from the game since, but we finally got a glimpse of it recently.

The footage (which doesn't feature any sound) comes from the latest Fig update. In it, the brand new railgun frigate charges up and fires its railgun, completely destroying another ship. It doesn't amount to much, but it's about the most we've seen of the game since its announcement. There's been tons of concept art, but very little footage to speak of.

In addition to the footage, the Fig update also offers a deep dive into the design of the railgun frigate from various members of the development team.

It's hard to gauge what's going on with Homeworld 3 with twenty-eight seconds of footage, especially when that footage doesn't have any sound, which also makes you wonder why they're showing it in the first place. Maybe it's to remind people that the game exists and is actively in development, or to assure its backers that Homeworld 3 is still being worked on. That probably isn't something you should have to do for the sequel to one of the greatest RTS games ever made, but Homeworld 3 looks like a classic case of a game that was announced way before it should have been. Only time will tell if it can live up to its pedigree.