Alwa's Awakening – Open Beta (NES)

Alwa's Awakening is a fantastic retro 8-bit remake of Elden Pixels' Alwa's Awakening that aims to faithfully recreate the entire game as a functioning NES ROM!

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer during the closed Beta sign up, Alwa's Awakening looks set to be a one of the best games playable on a Nintendo's classic NES. The original Alwa's Awakening was released in 2017 … Read More

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Assimilate! – Beta Sign Up

Assimilate! is a local or online multiplayer party game where players attempt to deduce who among them is a human, a robot or a programmer.

Playable with 5-10 players, in Assimilate! each player logs into the game using their phone (much like with the JackBox games) and has three rounds to achieve their objectives as part of whatever team they're on (Humans or Robots). The … Read More

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Peeb Adventures – Beta Demo

Peeb Adventures is a quirky and oddly creepy retro styled 3D platforming adventure where an odd little character with a big trunk gets banished into the back-code of an old abandoned video game.

In Peeb Adventures you control a bizarre (and slightly rude) looking Q-Bert-esque character as he goes on an adventure in a vibrant Mario 64 style 3D game world. It's a charming … Read More

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Magic: Legends – Open Beta

Magic: Legends, the new Diablo-esque fantasy action RPG set in the Magic: The Gathering universe is now in open Beta!

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer during the closed Beta sign up, Magic: Legends is a fantasy action RPG with Diablo-esque gameplay and Magic: The Gathering style deckbuilding elements. The cards you collect can be added to your deck and used … Read More

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Brutal Castle – Alpha Demo

Brutal Castle puts new meaning to the phrase "castle warfare" as you control a fire-breathing castle that punches, stomps and burns Godzilla-esque monsters that are made of earth.

Brutal Castle is essentially a beat 'em up where you are a massive stone castle. The current build features two levels which see you fighting giant monsters that spawn out of the ground and end with challenging … Read More

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Drift or Die – Beta Download

Drift or Die is a narrative-driven cyberpunk driving game set in a dystopian future where conflicts are all settled via drift challenges.

Taking place in the cyberpunk world of Ultra 85, Drift or Die is a racing game where you're tasked with overthrowing a corrupt government with your drifting skills. Due to the collateral damage of war, all conflicts are now settled by drift challenges, … Read More

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Vostok 2061 – Beta Sign Up

Vostok 2061 is a beautiful looking new vertically scrolling shoot 'em up where you travel across the universe, blast aliens and save humanity.

In Vostok 2061 you step into the shoes of a young aviation school graduate who is thrust into an assignment on a distant frontier of the Universe. You'd better learn quickly as you blast your way through nine unique worlds, rescuing Earthlings, … Read More

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Blood Oath: When the Sword Rises – Beta Sign Up

Blood Oath: When the Sword Rises is a brutal multiplayer medieval combat game where you can face off in epic 32 player battles.

There are two very different game modes in Blood Oath: When the Sword Rises – Arcade and Freemode. In Arcade players will be able to face off in fast paced battles in five different modes (Team Deathmatch, Free-For-All, Capture the Flag, Defense … Read More

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Poogue – Game Jam Build Download

Poogue features a clever fusion of Pool and roguelike dungeon crawling as you travel through procedurally generated tables and attempt to pot balls before they pot you!

Created for the 7DRL Challenge, Poogue is a roguelike that sees you attempting to pot your way through a series of procedurally generated pool dungeons. You control your ball much like in a traditional pool game, with you … Read More

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Loretta – Prototype Download

Loretta is a macabre psychological thriller about a 1940's housewife whose husband goes missing while living on a run-down old farm.

Drawing inspiration from the works of Steven King, Hitchcock, Andrew Wyeth, Edward Hopper and Vladamir Babokov, Loretta is a tense little thriller that explores the darker side of human nature. The current prototype build takes around 10 minutes to play through and follows the … Read More

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Sunblaze – Beta Demo

Sunblaze is a charming and brutally touch 2D precision splatformer that takes place within a massive morphing single-screen cyberspace.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer during the beta sign up, Sunblaze is a hardcore precision platformer tat draws inspiration from Celeste and follows a young woman called Josie (aka. Sunblaze) who finds herself trapped inside her father's superhero training simulator. She's inexperienced, but she's … Read More

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The Plane Effect – Beta Sign Up

The Plane Effect is a surreal and very stylish narrative-driven Sci-Fi puzzle adventure where you attempt to make your way home during your last day in a dark dystopian future.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer when it was called The Last Day, The Plane Effect follows the story of an office worker called Solo who is told that today is his last day … Read More

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DRAGON QUEST The Adventure of Dai: A Hero's Bonds – Beta Sign Up (Android)

Android users can now sign up to Beta test DRAGON QUEST The Adventure of Dai: A Hero's Bonds – a new mobile only action RPG set in the DRAGON QUEST universe.

Based on the DRAGON QUEST The Adventure of Dai manga series, A Hero's Bonds looks very much like a fast paced and casual take on the action RPG genre. In the game you control … Read More

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A Musical Story – Beta Demo

A Musical Story is a beautiful lo-fi rhythm action adventure that takes you on a 70's Psychedelia filled journey as a Jimi Hendrix-esque musician relives the memories of a road trip with his band.

In A Musical Story you follow the story of a fictional (Jimi Hendrix inspired) musician called Gabriel, who is critically ill in a hospital. Throughout the adventure you'll relive Gabriel's memories … Read More

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GALAHAD 3093 – Open Beta

GALAHAD 3093 is a 32 player mech-based hero shooter where you customize and pilot heavily armed mechs that are based on Arthurian legend.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer during the closed Beta sign up last year, GALAHAD 3093 is an incredibly cool looking hero shooter where highly mobile and heavily armed mechs do battle. The mech pilots (Knights), and their mechs (Lances) draw … Read More

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House of Rules – Alpha Demo

House of Rules is a creepy narrative driven horror adventure where you search for clues and solve puzzles in an eerie old mansion with dark secrets and some very strange rules.

In House of Rules you take on the role of a young woman who has been searching for work for sometime but has now managed to land a job that seems a little too … Read More

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R-Type Final 2 – Beta Sign Up

R-Type Final 2 is a long awaited return of the R-Type franchise which aims to combine beautifully rendered 3D visuals with classic arcade shoot 'em up gameplay.

The original R-Type Final was released way back in 2004 on PS2, so R-Type Final 2 has been a long time coming and it's looking pretty impressive so far. In the game you'll jump into a selection of … Read More

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Black Blood – Beta Download

Black Blood is a freaky and delightfully cheesy Resident Evil inspired survival horror adventure where you attempt to escape from a hospital that's infested with zombies and a huge horse demon called Helen.

In Black Blood you awaken in a hospital, with no idea how you got there and a cop telling you that you've got to get out of there. It soon becomes apparent … Read More

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Season – Beta Sign Up

Season is an absolutely gorgeous third person adventure where you take a bicycle trip to collect artefacts and document the world before a mysterious cataclysm washes everything away.

Currently in development by Scavengers Studio (creators of The Darwin Project), Season takes you on a journey of discovery through a beautiful doomed world. In the game you take on the role of a young woman … Read More

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Skeletal Avenger – Beta Sign Up

Skeletal Avenger is a hack 'n slash roguelite that promises fast paced skill-based gameplay as you control a little skeleton who uses his head to get ahead.

Currently in development by 10tons Ltd. (creators of Crimsonland, Time Recoil and Tesla Vs Lovecraft), Skeletal Avenger is a hack 'n slash dungeon crawler that focuses on skill rather then stats. In the game you take control … Read More

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6 Bodies – Alpha Demo

6 Bodies is a funny and freaky little retro styled stealth horror game where you attempt to escape from a gas station while being stalked by a psychopathic serial killer.

In 6 Bodies you find yourself out for a drive in the countryside while listening to the radio. A sheriff is being interviewed about a recent spate of killings, with five bodies having been found … Read More

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Blade Assault – Beta Sign Up

Blade Assault is a Sci-Fi rogue-lite action platforming adventure where you're part of a resistance that rallies against a corrupt regime that uses its wealth and military power to keep its citizens in check.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer last year, Blade Assault is a 2D rogue-lite action adventure where you step into the shoes of an ex-military soldier who is fighting for … Read More

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The Insignia Project – Alpha Download

The Insignia Project is a dark Sci-Fi horror game set within a multiverse that's collapsing in on itself, causing all the multiverses nightmares to converge in one place.

In The Insignia Project you take on the role of a survivor that's been living for some time in a version of Earth that's being corrupted as the multiverse collapses into itself. This can cause new objects … Read More

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INCISION – Prototype Download

INCISION is a brutal and blood-splattered old school boomer shooter where you blast your way through a city that's been infected by a nightmarish growth that turns its citizens into grotesque monsters.

Drawing inspiration from 90's classics like Quake, INCISION is a fast paced FPS set in a city that's been devastated by a massive growth. The growth consumes people for sustenance and spits … Read More

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Bless Unleashed – Beta Sign Up (Steam)

You can now sign up for the final Beta test for Bless Unleashed, the fast-paced action-focused MMORPG where you battle massive mythical beasts in a world that was destroyed by a cataclysmic disaster.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer last year, Bless Unleashed is a beautiful looking open-world action MMORPG set in a vast fantasy world full of diverse biomes. Its world is … Read More

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RE:CALL – Alpha Demo

RE:CALL is a very inventive puzzle action adventure where memories are malleable and changing them can alter the present in some very useful ways!

The majority of RE:CALL is told via flashbacks, with your character recounting the memories of what happened to him. However, those memories aren't set in stone. Did you pick up a stone or a rock? Did you shoot a guard or … Read More

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Exploratombe – Beta Sign Up

Exploratombe is a massively multiplayer pixel art platformer where players race through short and challenging levels full of physics-based hazards that they can use to sabotage each other.

The massively multiplayer platforming gameplay of Exploratombe is a little similar to Mario 35, but with players having a lot more interaction between each other and with the physics-based hazards in the world. Players race to … Read More

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Chasing Static – Alpha Demo

Chasing Static is a retro styled psychological horror adventure that draws inspiration from 80's Sci-Fi horror and contemporary surrealist cinema as you discover dark secrets in the untouched wilderness of rural Wales.

Currently in development by Headware Games (creators of Guard Duty), in Chasing Static you take on the role of a young man who returns to his childhood home in Wales for his … Read More

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Flea Madness – Beta Sign Up

Flea Madness is a melee-focused multiplayer arena combat game where weird looking creatures fight, eat and evolve to become top of the food chain.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer during the Alpha sign up, Flea Madness is a multiplayer arena combat game that takes place in a vibrant alien ecosystem and sees creatures that were created as biological weapons fighting to the death. … Read More

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Grid Force: Mask of the Goddess – Beta Sign Up

Grid Force: Mask of the Goddess blends real-time shoot 'em up gameplay and tactical grid-based combat as you form a team of powerful Goddesses and stop the world from collapsing.

At first glance Grid Force: Mask of the Goddess looks a lot like a tactical turn based strategy game, but really it's a fast paced real-time shoot 'em up that plays out on grid-based battlefields. … Read More

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Valve will starts banning DOTA 2 Smurf Accounts

In a new update of Dota 2 called "A new Approach to Helping Players learn Dota", which basically enhance the overall experience of the game. The new update also includes a new rule that will allow Valve to start banning players who have smurfs accounts in the game.

"Starting today, smurfing will be a bannable offense. We will primarily focus on new accounts created after today for which we have high confidence in their smurfing and game-ruining behavior. Moreover, we will also occasionally manually ban old pre-existing accounts that are clearly game-ruining.", Valve writes in the announcement.

Smurf account are one of the common problem in the every competitive game. The term was first used in 1996 by a two pro-players from the game WarCraft II: Tides of Darkness, whom they created a new account to pretend to be a newbie and named their account as "PapaSmurf" and "Smurfette" to troll the game and other players. Eventually, they are caught by another smurf account. After that, the term was used by the game community and it spread like wildfire across multiplayer online game.

Today, smurfs accounts are not only used to troll a game or to practice a new character, but it is also used by other players to earn money by means of boosting an account or by selling it. This results to rapid increase of smurfing which ruins the experience of new players in the lower rank that are still learning on how to play better in the game.

Valve also encouraging players to report players who they think are smurfing, "if you are found to be selling accounts, boosting or engaged in similar game ruining behaviors, your primary account may also be subject to a ban. To go along with this, we've recently increased our ban rate for boosters and purchased accounts. For cases where we don't have extremely high confidence, but do have cause for smurf suspicion, those accounts are more likely to play with other suspected smurfs until we gain confidence to judge one way or the other. If you do suspect someone of smurfing in your game, use the new post-game report option included in this update to flag them. This will help us track legit offenders and gather data used to inform our anti-smurf efforts moving forward.".

You can also check the full updates on Dota 2 official blog:

What do you think of this new effort of Valve to get rid of booster in Dota 2? Let us know in the comment section.

Sage Class is now Available in Black Desert SEA

Today, Pearl Abyss announced the new class Sage available in Black Desert SEA. Player can now play as the Last Ancient and participate in various event dedicated for the launching of this new class.

The new Sage is a caster type class who master the time and space. He can manipulate time and space to unleash astounding and destructive power. He can wield a cube-shaped Kyve as his main weapon and uses a special skills to open a rifts in space and inflict massive damage to the enemies.

Adventurer can also combine his unique skills to gain upper hand in different battle. Sage's class-specific trait will also allow adventurer to grant Sage access to the ancient Hystria Ruins and Aakman Temple without the required entry items.

Special Events

Together with this new class, there will be various special event will take place in Black Desert SEA. Adventurers who log in as Sage in the game until April 28 will be able to received a rewards like Value Packs and Eyes of the Wise the Challenge menu. Aside from that, those who reach certain level with this new class will also obtain additional rewards depending on how far adventurer can reach.

Ancient Kyve will also make an appearance in the world of Black Desert for a limited time. Until April 27, Ancient Kyve will appear in hunting grounds, and those who get close to it can also obtain an 80-minute special buffs.

To know more about the new class, you can check their official website at

DITO Sim Review, unlisted device can reach up to 50Mbps

DITO finally launched its telco service in the Philippines, the first rollout was in Cebu and Davao City on March 8, 2021. During the initial rollout, subscribers who avail the sim from March 8 to 31 will enjoy their Welcome Offer that includes a 1-month of unlimited Data and (DITO-DITO) Call and Text. The official retail price of the sim card without a promo is around PHP 40. However, you can buy it online through their website for PHP 199, which includes the welcome promo and a free shipping.

Table of Contents

  1. Unboxing
  2. Activating the DITO sim
    1. How to Change APN Settings
  3. DITO App
  4. Speed Test
  5. Calls and Text
  6. Loads and Promos
  7. Share a Load
  8. How to Buy DITO Sim
  9. Sim card Expiry
  10. Customer Service
  11. Conclusion

The entrance of the third major telco probably marks the healthy competition in the Philippines against the two major telcos, PLDT and Globe. It translates into a cheaper, faster and more reliable service that will mostly benefit the subscribers. In fact, other telcos are already promoting new sets of data promos to compete like SMART's non-expiring magic data, PLDT's cheaper internet rate and GOMO's unlimited data. We are pleased to see what DITO will offer when they start rolling out nationwide. 

We got a chance to check this new SIM with the help of our friend from Davao, Mr. Deane Francis Goyagoy, where he unboxed and tested the DITO sim for us. The whole test is done using Mi Note 10 Lite phone. 


The sim is packaged in a unique sachet pack with their tag line "DITO na tayo!". It comes with a FREE sim ejector pin, a handy tool for plugging in your new SIM to your smartphone. If you notice, the ejector shape is the logo of DITO. 

The sim cartridge tray comes in 3 pre-cut sizes, for standard, micro and Nano sim. Your phone number is visibly seen at the left corner of the sim tray. 

Activating the DITO SIM

DITO Sim will automatically activate once you access any of the following: data Internet, send message or via call. Once you successfully activated it, you will receive a welcome message that confirming the activation. They will also send you the link where to download the app and the initial password. It also displays the promo detail that comes with your sim. 

If you still have no access to the Internet because your phone is not in their compatible list. You can try changing your device APN settings.

How to Change APN Settings for DITO

If your device is not on the list of compatible devices for DITO, the data internet will not automatically work by default. You need to manually change the APN settings for you to access the internet. 

Depending on the Phone you're using. You can access the APN at Settings > Connections > Mobile network > Access Point Names.

  • Name: DITO PH
  • APN:

If the above settings are not working, you may also use China Telecom settings as your APN: 

  • Name: DITO PH
  • APN: ctnet
  • Username:
  • Password:

Apply the new APN settings then try accessing the internet again. 


Unfortunately, the DITO app is not yet available on Google Play and App Store, the application is also only available for Android devices in a form on an APK installer. It may also be the reason why iPhones 11 and 12 are not listed as compatible devices, because there is no app you can use for iOS. 

Once you have activated the DITO sim, you will get a download link for the APK. You can download the DITO app from Make sure you enable the install from unknown sources on your device settings. 

After the app is installed, you can then log on to your DITO account. The password you use here is from the text sent from DITO. Once logged-in, you will have access to the dashboard where you can manage your DITO sim in many ways. 

Speed Test

As of now, we only tested the DITO Sim on a Mi Note 10 Lite phone which is not listed on the compatible device. But still, we get a decent speed of up to 30 to 50Mbps during our speed test. The speed also depends on your location and how far you are in the DITO tower. 

The other advantage of DITO is you are always connected to the LTE and never downgraded to 2G or 3G. This means you will have a consistent connection wherever you go as long as there is a tower near your location. This also means you cannot use DITO sim to older model of phone like those with keypad, such as Nokia 3310 who are using 2G or 3G. 🙂 

In terms of data capping, the current welcome promo of DITO has no data cap. But contrary to the terms and condition under section 3 (3.4) "The DITO Network": subscriber who uses the network more than what is humanly possible (for example: sustained high volume data transfer). If necessary, they may issue and implement a Responsible Use Policy whereas activities on the network will be subject to predetermined allocation.

Based on their example, if you're a regular or a heavy user, you don't have to worry about it. This type of activity is like using your DITO sim in automated kind of way, like using it as a server bandwidth, downloading files 24/7, Piso Wifi or other activities that a human cannot simply do. 

Calls and Text

As of now, calling another network is not yet possible. But with the latest interconnection deal among DITO, PLDT and Globe it will be possible in the coming months. According to DITO, they are working with other network providers for interconnectivity, and we should expect it within this month or until April for it to be implemented. 

If you have a VoLTE phone, you can also enjoy a crystal clear and faster calling when you use DITO. A regular phone without VoLTE usually switches between 2G, 3G and LTE connection to make a call, this lead to drop of the internet connection when being switched. On VoLTE, you will always be connected to LTE which will eventually save battery life and a consistent connection when using both calls and the internet. 

Loads and Promos

You can only buy load through their app and the mode of payment is available through Credit/Debit Card. Other payment portals like GCash, GrabPay and WeChat Pay are also available. But according to DITO, they are currently working with their partners to make reloading accessible to the public, but for the time being, the only way to reload is through the app. 

DITO credit system is 1 to 1, which means 1 DITO peso balance equals 1 peso. Unfortunately, the regular load balance you topped up on your DITO account has an expiration of 1-year. We contacted their live chat support and they mentioned, "The regular load in your account will expire 1 year starting when you purchased the regular load." 

As for promos, the only promo that you can avail for now is the limited time offer "Welcome Promo" which costs around PHP 199. It includes unlimited data and DITO-DITO for call and text. This promotion is only available from March 8 to 31, 2021. Other than that, there are no other promos that you can avail. The Welcome Promo is also not stackable, meaning when you buy it twice, it will simply overlap the existing offering. 

For rate charges, since there is no way to cancel our existing Welcome Promo, we cannot test how much they charge for regular surfing, text, and calls. We will update this post once we have that information. 

We also checked DITO's terms and conditions, and they mentioned Basic Pack which gives basic SMS, Calls and Data promo to their subscribers. However, the price and detail of this promotion are not yet stated. 

Share a Load

Sending a load for your loved ones and friends is possible with DITO, through their app, you can share your credit with other DITO subscribers. Simply input their DITO number, the credit that you want to send and there it is. 

We are also curious whether sending your credit to another DITO subscribers will eliminate the 1-year expiration, what do you think? 

How to buy DITO SIM

DITO only ships their sim to the two service area only, Cebu and Davao City. You also need a compatible device to order the sim through their online store. But if you are techie enough, changing browser's user agent can do the trick. 

You can purchase DITO sim by going to

At the bottom, click the Sign-Up button to register for an account. After that, select Your Location and agree to both Terms and Condition and Privacy. Then press the Check Now

Fill up the form, then assign a 6-digit PIN Code (This is your password) and click Submit. Once completed, after a couple of hours, you will receive a sign-up confirmation email from DITO saying your registration is activated. You will then need to wait for another few days to get an email that will contain the login and order information. If you are unable get that email, you can log in to your account here:

Login your DITO account and enter your nominated 6-digit pin code. After that, click the Order your DITO SIM Card now to start ordering your sim. 

Then you need to fill in your delivery information; you can only ship it on Cebu or Davao City. It will then asked you to confirm your details, check for any error and if its ok then click Check out to pay for your SIM. 

You will then receive an Order Notification email. In a few days, you will get an update on your DITO sim card delivery. 

Sim Card expiry

You need to maintain a credit load of 1 Peso or any subscription to any of their promo to remain active. Inactive sims will be temporarily disconnected. If the temporary disconnection continues for 90 days (3 months), the sim card will be permanently disconnected in which the sim card is disabled, blocked, and blacklisted from the network. 

DITO also does not offer reconnection for permanent disconnected sim, so it is better to keep a balance of 1 peso or more in your DITO account. 

Costumer Service

What is great with DITO is you can get instant support from the various channels, and you are able to contact them right away. If you have concerns, issues or problems, there are 4 ways to reach them: 

Helpline How to
Monday to Sunday (6AM to 12MN)
185 using DITO mobile Number
Monday to Sunday (6AM to 12MN)
Using live chat support
Monday to Sunday (6AM to 12MN)
Sending email at
Facebook Page
Monday to Sunday (7AM to 9PM)
Through their official Facebook page at

We tried their live chat through the application and in just a minute we were able to connect to an agent and resolved whatever concern we have with the sim card. 


It is too early to say whether DITO is the cheapest and fastest sim card available in the Philippines as the promos they are currently offering are just limited time, and we have not yet seen the regular promo. And if we compare them with other telcos, their network is not yet that congested, so there might be a chance that the speed will worsen when there is an increase in subscribers in the coming months.  

The load balance that looks like a credit wallet might be a unique benefit of DITO – if that is without an expiration, but with the expiration of 1 year in place, it defeats the purpose of a credit wallet that supposedly allows you to stack the peso load to your account without worrying of expiring. 

The plus side this telco offers is their nearly 24/7 customer service where you have many options to contact when you have a problem with your connection. 

The speed you'll get on DITO is promising and the welcome promo they currently offer are simply too epic not to try. So Yeah, maka "DITO na tayo!" ka na lang. We hope that the current speed and offering we have will be consistent in the long run, especially when the network starts rolling out nationwide. 

How to Change Browser's User Agent to Bypass Websites (Google Chrome, Mozilla, Edge)

If you're trying to access a website that blocks certain mobile devices, websites usually detects your browser's user agent to check the type of device you're using. But did you know that web browser has actually a settings for it where you can mock your device information into a different device.

How to Change User Agent

To change your browser's user agent, you need to open Developer Tools. You can find this by clicking 3 dot or the hamburger icon in your browser then More Tools > Developer Tools. Or simply press CTRL + Shift + i.

Once Developer Tools, pop up at the bottom. At the upper right corner of it, click the 3 dot icon "Customize and control DevTools", then go to More Tools > Network Conditions.

From here, there will be a User Agent and by default, it is set automatically. To change your browser's user agent. Uncheck the Select automatically.

Then fill-in the user agent of the device that you want to pretend to. For example, mocking your device as a Huawei P30 Pro:

Mozilla/5.0 (Linux; Android 9; VOG-L29) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/73.0.3683.90 Mobile Safari/537.36

Once you've done changing your user agent, refresh the page that you're trying to access and you should able to bypass the device restriction.

That's it!

Intel launches 11th Gen Intel Core Processor, Rocket Lake-S

Today, Intel launches the 11th Gen Intel Core S-series desktop processor, code-named "Rocket Lake-S". Together with this, its flagship Intel Core i9-11900K can reached a processing speed of 5.3GHz with Intel's latest technology, the Thermal Velocity Boost. For the first time, this lineup also supports 20 x PCIe 4.0 for faster M.2 SSD and GPU cards which will bring gamers and PC enthusiasts a performance boost.

The 11th Gen Intel Core S-series desktop processors launched worldwide on March 16, 2021, are led by the flagship Intel Core i9-11900K. It can reach speeds up to 5.3 GHz with Intel Thermal Velocity Boost. (Credit: Intel Corporation)

The new processer was engineered on a new Cypress Core architecture which are designed to transform hardware and software efficiency and increase raw gaming performance. The new architecture brings up to 19% gen-over-gen instructions per cycle (IPC) improvements for the highest frequency cores and with its built-in graphics card Intel UHD that features Intel X graphics architecture for rich media and intelligent graphics capabilities. This will help games and application to give more performance that relies on high-frequency cores to drive high frame rates and low latency.

Design for Gaming

With the new 11th Gen desktop processor, Intel is pushing its new processor for improved gaming performance breaking the limits which delivers amazing and immersive experience for everyone.

The flagship 11th Gen Intel Core i9-11900K, features an unmatched performance of up to 5.3GHz, 8 cores, 16 threads and 16mb of Intel Smart Cache. It also supports fast memory speed with DDR4-3200 to enable smooth gameplay and seamless multitasking on the platform.

Here are the improvement against its previous generation:

  • Up to 19% gen-over-gen IPC performance improvement
  • Up to 50% better integrated graphics performance with Intel UHD graphics
  • Intel Deep Learning Boost and Vector Neural Network instructions supports for artificial intelligence (AI) interence for deep learning tasks.
  • Enhanced overclocking tools and features for flexible overclocking and tuning performance and experience.

Intel also collaborated with over 200 top game developers to bring Intel's optimization to their game, engine, middleware and rendering.

The new processor will also supports the long-due PCIe 4.0 lanes. Here are the complete specs of the new Intel 11th gen.

Core i9 Core i7 Core i5
Prices i9-11900K ($539)
i9-11900KF ($513)
i9-11900 ($439)
i9-11900F ($422)
i9-11900T ($439)
i7-11700K ($399)
i7-11700KF ($374)
i7-11700F ($298)
i7-11700T ($323)
i5-11600K ($262)
i5-11600KF ($237)
i5-11600 ($213)
i5-11600T ($213)
i5-11500 ($192)
i5-11500T ($192)
Maximum Base Frequency 3.5 GHz 3.6 GHz 3.9 GHz
Intel Thermal Velocity Boost Technology Single/All Core Turbo Frequency Up to 5.3/4.8 GHz n/a n/a
Intel Turbo Boost Max Technology Up to 5.2 GHz Up to 5.0 GHz n/a
Intel Single Core Turbo Frequency Up to 5.1 GHz Up to 4.9 GHz Up to 4.9 GHz
Max Number of Cores/Threads 8/16 8/16 6/12
Intel Hyper-Threading Technology Yes Yes Yes
Intel Smart Cache Size 16 MB 16 MB 16 MB
Memory Type Support Up to DDR4-3200 Up to DDR4-3200 Up to DDR4-3200
Number of Memory Channels 2 2 2
Intel UHD Graphics (Intel X graphics architecture) 750 750 Up to 750
Graphics Dynamic Frequency Up to 1300 Mhz Up to 1300 Mhz Up to 1300 Mhz
Intel Quick Sync Video Yes Yes Yes
Processor Core/Graphics/Memory Overclocking Yes Yes Yes
Intel Virtualization Technology Yes Yes Yes
Intel AES New Instructions Yes Yes Yes
Intel AVX2 Yes Yes Yes
Intel BIOS Guard Yes Yes Yes
Intel OS Guard Yes Yes Yes
Intel Identity Protection Technology Yes Yes Yes

To check the complete specs, you can check the SKU tables here.

Super BomberMan R Online is coming to PC and Consoles, a free-to-play 64-player Battle Royale

Konami is set to release the Super Bomberman R Online battle royale game on PlayStation 4/5, XBOX One, Switch and PC via Steam. It is a free-to-play title that will allow up to 64-player to fight in battle arena like game. Super Bomberman R Online was first released for Google Stadia back in September 2020, with this new announcement, players in all platform will much enjoy this addictive game as it will also support a cross-platform play in which players from other platform can play and match together.

Just like the Tetris Battle Royale, the game will not literally put 64 players in one map (area), but players will be divided and spawned in 16 different area. Areas will begin to close down as the clock ticks and players must survive and pass through the games as they battle other players. Those who make it to the last remaining area, player must battle it out to become the last one standing.

Since the game is a Free-to-play, a skin customization will be available in the game where players can purchase a Premium Pack for $9.9. This pack allows players to obtain random customizable items and skins based on the different Konami's IP like Castlevania, Gradius, Metal Gear, and the Silent Hill. To set up a private game or access the Grand prix mode, a Premium pack is also needed to access this exclusive feature.

For more updates and news about Super Bomberman R Online, you can check their official website at

How to Reconnect PLDT Disconnection

For any reason, either of a busy schedule or simply unable to pay the overdue bill at the earliest time, you might be surprised one day that you can no longer connect to the internet. You were eventually showing up in the "Payment portal" of the PLDT when you tried to open a particular website. This time, you'll know that you're being disconnected and have to pay your dues. Getting a disconnection when you need the internet the most is troublesome; you need to pay the due amount, and you have to wait a couple of hours for the internet connection to go back. And sometimes, it takes days to be reinstated.

Table of Contents

  1. How to pay PLDT due bills online
  2. Request PLDT Reconnection through Hotline Number (171)
  3. Request PLDT Reconnection via Facebook
  4. What to do next

But did you know that there is the easiest way to restore your internet connection as fast as possible? This is by requesting a reconnection either from their hotline number or from their Facebook page. This is all automated, and you don't have to talk to an actual person.

How to pay PLDT due bills online

There are many ways to pay your PLDT bills without going physically to the PLDT office, and there is also an accessing payment portal from the disconnection page portal when you try to access a website.

However, some online payment portal takes days to appear your payment. Here, we will list all of the payment portals that will process in just an hour or instantly.

Payment Portal How to
UnionBank of the Philippines You can pay through their app or website, go to Pay Bills, add PLDT as the biller and enter your account information. Then pay the due amount.
Paymaya On PayMaya, there is a special section called Bills, where you can pay Telecoms like PLDT Home. Just enter the Account number, amount due, phone number, and service type. Then pay the amount due.

There is also a cashback that you can get when you pay through PayMaya.
PLDT Home website You can also pay directly to the PLDT home website. Login and go to your account information. There should be a Pay Now button to pay through BancNet (It accepts any debit/credit card).

Request PLDT Reconnection through Hotline Number (171)

To request a PLDT reconnection, you can dial their hotline number 171. However, it is only available for Smart, Talk n' Text, Sun Cellular, or PLDT phone subscriber. Calling from other networks is not currently possible.

  1. Press 1 to select existing PLDT customers.
  2. You'll be asked with your PLDT number, including area code (e.g., 0838781111). You need to dial those numbers on the keypad.
  3. The automated customer service (ACS) will then repeat the number you've entered. If correct, you have to press 1. If not, press 2.
  4. After that, ACS will prompt that your internet connection was restricted, and you have to pay the remaining dues.
  5. Since we already paid for it. Press 2 to request for reconnecting. If you want to know your outstanding balance, press 1.
  6. The ACS will then validate the reconnection request, and you'll be expecting 2 hours for your connection to be fully restored.
  7. If two hours have passed and there is still no internet connection. You can press 1 at this point to fasten the request.

It took about 2 hours or less for your connection to be restored. The time may also vary on how many days you have been disconnected.

Request PLDT Reconnection via Facebook

You can also request via PLDT's official Facebook page or to their messenger at

  1. Press Get Started to request reconnection.
  2. It will then asked you to accept their Terms of Service (TOS) and Privacy Policy. You have to press I accept to proceed.
  3. Then, you have to press Go to main menu to select for options.
  4. From here, it will ask you if you're an existing PLDT Home subscriber. Press Yes.
  5. Then you'll be asked to prepare your account number and telephone number. Press Proceed.
  6. Then from here, it will ask you for your telephone number, including the area code. (eg. 0838781111)
  7. Then, it will ask for your 10-digit PLDT account number. Just add an 0 at the start if your account number is only 9-digit.
  8. Then you'll be ask what you'd like for help. You have to select Billing Services.
  9. From here, scroll to the right and select Reconnection Request.
  10. Then it will ask you for some important details about reconnection. Just press Proceed.
  11. If you recently request for reconnection, it will prompt you that the reconnection request is still ongoing. If not, press Yes to proceed with the request.
  12. You may also choose to Receive Update for you to get updates with the status of your reconnection. It will ask you for the following details:
    • Previous amount paid (eg. 1,999.00)
    • Payment date (MM/DD/YYYY)
    • Payment method (PLDT branch, PayMaya, Online Banking, 7-Eleven, etc…)
    • Payment Reference number
    • Your email-address
    • Your updated mobile number

What to do next

Since we already paid and request reconnection for our disconnected internet. The thing that you need to do now is to wait. If you settled your bill during the evening, the chances of getting a reconnection are from 1 hour to 8 hours. Some may get their connection reconnection the next day.

If it's on the day, you'll probably get it restored in the 2 to 4 hours. If it's been the whole day and you still didn't get your internet connection back, you can speak to an Agent to prioritize your request.

How to Change GPS location on Web Browser (Google Chrome, Edge and Firefox)

Do you have website or service that you want to use that only available on certain area? Aside from VPN technology, some website starting to use GPS location to recognize the location of their customer or readers when using their services. There are lots of risky third party app that do this thing, but did you know that you can do this inside your browser? without installing harmful third party app that could damage your computer.

You can change your GPS location by just opening the Developer tools of your web browser, this is available on Google Chrome, Edge and Firefox. Click the 3 dot/hamburger icon on the upper right corner of your browser > go to More tools > Developer Tools.

Then you need to go to Sensors, to unlock this, click the 3 dot, More tools > then find Sensors.

From here, you there will be a settings for Location, click Manage.

Then, click Add location…. There will be a new row that you can edit your GPS location. Let's say you want to change your location to Davao City, you just need to enter the following GPS coordinates (Latitude, Longitude).

  • Location Name: Davao City
  • Latitude: 7.190001
  • Longitude: 125.455001
  • Timezone ID: Asia/Manila
  • Locale: en_US

After that, click Add. You can then close the small x button inside the Developer Tools. (Note: Do not close the Developer Tools).

Back to the Sensor tab, at Location, pick the new GPS location you added. In our example, Davao City. (There are some instances that the value are greyed out, in which the mock location will not work, to make it work, you just need to pick another location, then pick back the location you want to use)

In the same tab where the Developer tools is opened, you can then go to the website that you want to use your new GPS location.

To check your new GPS location, go to Google Map ( At the bottom right corner of the map, click the Crosshair icon. If there is a pop-up saying "Google Maps does not have permission to use your location", just click the Pin icon at the web browser URL to enable location.

That's it guys! Hope this guide helps you change your GPS location from your web browser.

Unknown Culprit tries to peel-off PS5 scratch code out of Doritos Bag

Just a few weeks ago, Doritos recently announced their newest special promotion in the Philippines with Sony's partnership. The promotion will allow Filipino gamers to get a chance to bring home a brand-new PlayStation 5 (PS5) when they purchase a bag of Doritos.

A single bag of Doritos contains a scratchable coupon code that they could use to redeem it on Doritos' official website. When lucky, 10 winners will able to get PS5 units. And over 2000 winners will able to get random PlayStation games and other devices.

Amidst the PS5 stock shortage, an unknown culprit desperately ripped off the scratchable sticker on one of the Doritos bags displayed in a supermarket.

A picture uploaded by RK Bautista in the PlayStation Philippine Facebook group shows a rip-off sticker of an Doritos bag inside a super market. The incident happened in SM City Bacoor, Cavite. "mga sir wag naman ganyan! hahahaha. kung nasa group man gumawa nito grabe ka" (Sir, don't be like that! Hahahaha. if you're in this group, you're too much), RK Bautista write in a post.

Members in the group also reacted, "Sana hindi masarap yung pagkain yung nag sira niyan pramis" (I hope he didn't enjoy the food and it taste bad), Precil Canoy write in the comment. "Dapat ung code nilagay sa loob" (The code should be placed inside the bag), Adrian Sy added.

In unexpected twist, the culprit didn't know that even being able to get the winning code, an actual picture of Doritos bag and the coupon code is needed to claim the prize as part of the verification process. 

A large bag of Doritos is cost around 150 PHP in the Philippines; it includes one scratchable code that could contain a winning code of the following prizes:

  • 10 PlayStation 5 Console
  • 24 PlayStation 4 Console
  • 24 DualSense wireless controller
  • 1,960 PlayStation 5/4 games

The Doritos PlayStation 5 promotion will run from March 1 up to April 30, 2021.

Genshin Impact Paimon's Quiz Event on Facebook Messenger

Genshin Impact is giving away another free primogems to all players. This time, by participating into a quiz event on their official Facebook page. Players had to send them a message through Facebook messenger and navigate to the paimon quiz, when players answer the question correctly, they will get free 40 x Primogems.

Table of Content

  1. How to participate in Paimon's Quiz
  2. Answer to Quiz Question

However, the reward will not automatically appear to players in-game maibox, but will be sent on March 19, 2021. The event is a promotion for their upcoming rerun of Venti "Windborne Bard" banner and players will be expecting the quiz question is about this returning character.

How to participate in Paimon's Quiz

To participate in Genshin Impact Paimon's quiz, you need to go to their official Facebook page or through their messenger at

Paimon will be welcoming you on their messenger page. You need to click the Get Started button.

After that, it will asked you to select a language. Pick the language that you understand.

From here, there will be a selection of help page. You need to pick Paimon's Quiz.

After that, it will asked you a question. For English, the question is What is Venti's favorite food?

There will be 3 choices of answers, the correct answer is Apple.

You will then be asked to enter your in-game (9-digit) UID. You can find this number on the bottom right of the game (For example in the screenshot below, our UID is 80054970). You need to enter your own UID in the messenger chat to be eligible to get your reward.

The page will then prompt when you'll get the rewards in your in-game mail which is March 19.

Answer to Quiz Question

Here are all answers and question to every language in Paimon's quiz.

Language Question Answer
English What is Venti's favorite food? Apple
French Quelle est la nourriture préférée de Venti Pomme
Deutsch Welches von den folgenden Nahrungsmitteln isst Venti am liebsten? Apfel
Español ¿Cuál es la comida favorita de Venti? Manzana
Português Qual é a comida favorita do Venti? Maçã
Pусский Какая у Венти любимая еда? Яблоки
한국어 벤티는 아래 음식 중 어떤 음식을 좋아할까? 사과
Tiếng Việt Venti thích món nào nhất dưới đây? Táo
Indonesia Apa makanan kesukaan Venti? Apple
ภาษาไทย อาหารที่ Venti ชื่นชอบที่สุดอะไร? Apple

Players can only participate on this quiz event until March 16, 2021. After that, the quiz will no longer appear on their Facebook messenger.

That's it guys! Happy grinding!