Regain Earth: First Strike – Alpha Sign Up

Regain Earth: First Strike is a horde-mode style third person Sci-Fi shooter where you fight for your survival against hordes of mutants and robots.

Playable in single-player and online co-op, Regain Earth: First Strike is an easily accessible wave based third person shooter set in a world overrun by mutants and robots. Taking place 300 years in the future, you are part of a resistance … Read More

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Deepest Sword – Game Jam Build

Deepest Sword is a fun little Getting Over It with Bennet Foddy-esque physics based platforming adventure where you set out to slay a dragon that size-shames you for your little swords!

Created for Ludum Dare 48, Deepest Sword is a physics based platformer where size really matters! In each level you need to climb through obstacles then attempt to slay a dragon. You can't … Read More

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Hotel Architect – Beta Sign Up

Hotel Architect is a hotel management game where you get to design, build and run a wide variety of hotels, designed to serve different clientele in different locations.

In Hotel Architect your aim isn't to build the perfect hotel, it's to build the perfect hotel for the location. You'll be able to build hotels in locations all across the world, from Egypt to Las Vegas … Read More

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Almighty: Kill Your Gods – Beta Sign Up

Almighty: Kill Your Gods is a single-player or online co-op fantasy action RPG where you hunt demons, monsters and gods to protect your people and become Almighty!

In Almighty: Kill Your Gods you are an Alpha – an incredibly badass warrior who is infrared with the power of their ancestors. You are tasked with exploring the world and defeating the false gods that oppress it, … Read More

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City of Beats – Open Beta

City of Beats is a very stylish musical roguelite shooter where you get your groove on as all of your character's actions are synced up to the beat.

Currently in development by Torched Hill (creator of Road to Ballhalla), City of Beats sees you blasting your way through the rooftops of an ever-changing futuristic cyberpunk city. You don't need rhythm to succeed and you … Read More

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No Longer Home – Beta Demo

No Longer Home is a beautiful and melancholic narrative-driven adventure tinged with a little magical oddity, that follows two non-binary students as they say goodbye to the life they've built together.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer back in 2018, No Longer Home is a narrative driven adventure that follows the story of Bo and Ao. They're two non-binary students who have built a … Read More

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Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis – Beta Sign Up (PC & Xbox)

Beta sign ups are now live for the PC and Xbox versions of Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis, the long awaited semi-sequel to Sega's hugely popular Phantasy Star Online 2 MMO.

While not billed as a full-on sequel, Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis is as close to one as players will get for the time being. It takes place 1000 years after … Read More

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Wanderlost – Beta Sign Up

Wanderlost is a beautiful 2D pixel art open world survival game where explore, build, farm and fight in a post-apocalyptic world that's overrun with zombies.

Looking like a more chilled out and less time sensitive take on Don't Starve's open world survival gameplay, Wanderlost sees a lone survivor trying to get by in the wake of a zombie apocalypse. You'll be able to explore … Read More

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Sky: Children of the Light – Beta Sign Up (Switch)

Sky: Children of the Light, thatgamecompany's beautiful social open world adventure game, is coming to Nintendo Switch, and you can sign up for the Beta now!

Previously only released on iOS and Android, Sky: Children of the Light is now coming to a "proper" gaming console. It's the latest game from thatgamecompany (creators of Flower and Journey) and it plays a little like … Read More

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Mortal Sin – Alpha Demo

Mortal Sin is a gloriously brutal first person action-horror roguelike where you slice up monsters, earn perks and collect loot as you fight your way through procedurally generated dungeons.

Featuring a beautiful graphic novel visual style and buckets of red blood, Mortal Sin is a fast paced melee-focused first person roguelike where you fight your way through nightmarish dungeons to destroy the source of evil … Read More

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Time Killer – Prototype Download

Time Killer is a very fast paced roguelike FPS where time is your health as you race through levels, earning a few precious seconds for each kill.

In Time Killer time is the real enemy. You start the game with just 20 seconds to race through its randomly generated levels, which is nowhere near enough, but you earn extra time for each enemy you kill. … Read More

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Robin Hood: Sherwood Builders – Beta Sign Up

Robin Hood: Sherwood Builders combines third person open world action RPG gameplay with city-building elements as you rob from the rich to help the poor and build a large forest village.

In Robin Hood: Sherwood Builders players will step into the shoes of Nottingham''s most famous bow-wielding fictional hero as he fights tyranny and develops a forest village. It's played from a third person perspective … Read More

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Pachog Day – Game Jam Build Download

Pachog Day is essentially Pac-Man, but instead of avoiding Inky, Binky, Pinky and Clyde, you need to avoid previous versions of yourself that spawn every sixty seconds!

Created for the gm48 game jam, with a theme of "a lot can happen in a minute", Pachog Day is Pac-Man, but you're playing against yourself. You need to make your way through each map collecting … Read More

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Subugs – Prototype Download

Subugs is a very intense little survival horror game where you attempt to navigate a labyrinthine bug dimension that's filled with massive unkillable insect monsters.

Currently in development by faxdoc (creator of Ecilia and Alice), Subugs is a short and tense survival horror game where you try to gather nine crystals in a dimension filled with giant bugs. The layout of the world is … Read More

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The Salt Order – Beta Demo

The Salt Order is a very tense first person horror game where you attempt to sneak through a creepy forest while laying lines of salt to keep monsters at bay.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer when it was a game jam prototype, The Salt Order is now being fleshed out into a fully salted horror game. In the game you are a prisoner … Read More

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Run: The World In-Between – Alpha Download

Run: The World In-Between is a challenging and very fast paced precision platformer where you run, jump and dash your way through procedurally generated levels while being chased by a shadowy entity.

Drawing inspiration from Celeste, Scourge Bringer and Super Meat Boy, Run: The World In-Between is an intense precision platformer where you need to always keep moving, as you're chased by a … Read More

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Run Prop, Run! – Open Beta

Run Prop, Run! is a lighthearted eight player game of hide-and-seek, inspired by the classic Prop Hunt mod, which sees players attempting to disguise themselves as part of the scenery to avoid detection.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer during the closed Beta key giveaway, Run Prop, Run! is a charming cartoony Prop Hunt style multiplayer game where Hunters try to find players hiding … Read More

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BioCrisis – Game Jam Build Download

BioCrisis is a fun little PS1 styled homage to the classic fixed camera Resident Evil games, complete with zombies, tank controls and fixed camera viewpoints.

Created for the 32-bit Spring Cleaning Game Jam (and to celebrate 25 years of Resident Evil), BioCrisis is a short old school survival horror game that pays homage to Capcom's classics. It sees you waking up after a car … Read More

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Pale Night – Beta Sign Up

Pale Night is a minimalist platforming adventure where light is your enemy, with you having to stick to the shadows and avoid it at all cost.

In Pale Night you explore the minimalist 2D world of Vector as Pal – the last living member of a race of Square People. You need to traverse the world and try to break a curse which causes Pal … Read More

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Resident Evil: Village – Beta Demo (Playstation, Xbox, Steam & Stadia)

Capcom is holding some special limited time Resident Evil: Village demo events that will allow Playstation players to explore the village and castle areas of the game first, then allow Xbox, Steam and Stadia users to play in May.

After the excellent standalone Maiden demo that was released in January, Capcom are now letting PS5 and PS4 owners check out some real Resident Evil: VillageRead More

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TS!Underswap – Beta Demo

TS!Underswap is an Undertale fan gam……. Wait! Come back! Unlike the vast majority of terrible Undertale fan games, TS!Underswap is genuinely excellent and a worthy companion to Toby Fox's modern classic.

TS!Underswap is a re-imagining of Toby Fox's acclaimed Undertale game, which swaps character roles and introduces new content and characters to create a brand new game that feels very much like an official UndertaleRead More

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Inner Life – Student Game Download

Inner Life is a surprisingly touching little narrative-driven puzzle adventure where you explore and repair the internals of a dying mechanical titan.

Created by a group of students from the Zurich University of Arts, in Inner Life you step into the shoes of a healer who travels the land in search of dying titans to repair. The titans are sentient and appear to be living, … Read More

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Sorrowself – Beta Sign Up

Sorrowself is a very stylish 2d metroidvania action platforming adventure where a young boy goes in search of his missing sister.

In Sorrowself you will follow the adventure of Pilo, a young boy who wakes up one day to find that his sister is missing. He must now make his way through a beautiful hand-drawn world and find her, all under the gaze of a … Read More

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[I] Don't Exist – Alpha Demo

[I] Don't Exist is a cleverly crafted text-based adventure which explores themes of isolation, control and distraction as you try to open a door and reveal a startling truth.

Playing a little like a point and click adventure, but with a text-based interface, [I] Don't Exist sees you typing out instructions to your shadowy avatar as they explore a strange forest. The forest in question … Read More

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UNBEATABLE: Arcade Mix – Kickstarter Demo

UNBEATABLE is a very slick anime styled rhythm action adventure where you beat up monsters in a world where music is illegal.

In UNBEATABLE you follow the story of a young woman called Beat, who lives in a world where music has been outlawed (for reasons that you find out throughout the game). Beat is a musician who aims to bring music back to the … Read More

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Game & Watch – Prototype

Game & Watch features a remarkably authentic recreation of some of Nintendo's iconic Game & Watch games, which you can play in a browser.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer last year when it only contained the original Donkey Kong Game & Watch game, this digital Game & Watch fan recreation has now been expanded with Donkey Kong Jr and Donkey Kong II. Each … Read More

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Denari – Alpha Sign Up

Denari is a cartoon styled isometric hack 'n slash adventure where an agile little yellow warrior uses fighting skill and telekinesis to help defeat an invading empire.

In Denari players will follow the adventure of a gifted young warrior called Taiu, who lives in a peaceful fishing village. When a terrible army called the Denari invades the village using advanced weaponry and dark magic, Taiu … Read More

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Pupperazzi – Beta Sign Up

Pupperazzi is a delightful looking pooch photography adventure where you explore a charming canine-filled world and take pictures of adorable (and slightly derpy) doggies!

Currently in development by Sundae Month, creator of Diaries of a Spaceport Janitor and Dad Quest, Pupperazzi is a first person photography game that's all about snapping pictures of cute little dogs. You step into the shoes of a freelance … Read More

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Elyon – Beta Sign Up

Elyon is a spectacular looking new massively multiplayer fantasy RPG where two factions fight to build the world anew to their own design.

Currently in development by Bluehole (creators of TERA), Elyon takes place on a paradisiacal planet called Elyon where two very different factions have decided to rebuild their ruined civilizations. As a war wages between the old fashioned Vulpin Council and the … Read More

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Devil, It's Me – Beta Demo

Devil, It's Me is a fun twist on tower defense, where you build a tower and fill it with boss monsters to defend from waves of heroes who aim to conquer the tower and slay you.

In Devil, It's Me you follow the story of Magrandes, a demon who was just about to take control of the Netherworld when she was unceremoniously dropped into the … Read More

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons announces content-light updates until June

Nintendo just announced that Animal Crossing: New Horizons is expected to get some new content for the next several months, starting with a May Day event from April 29th through May 7th, followed by International Museum Day events and the June Wedding Season Events. Sound familiar? That's because as it did with Bunny Day, Nintendo is bringing […]

Survival shooter Vigor adds a new weapon and more loot events in Season 8 update

The multiplayer survival shooter Vigor continues to cross our news desk like a whack-a-mole. This time around there's word of a new season for the game, bringing with it a couple of updates like the PH M82 sniper rifle, a new battle pass, the addition of two loot events to every encounter, and the addition […]

RuneScape player's huge history book goes on sale for charity

The full history of RuneScape, which spans two decades of development and operation, is far more than can fit in any one book. That's why July, the self-proclaimed "RuneScape History Nerd," wrote three such tomes as an exhaustive account of this MMORPG. This History of RuneScape trilogy, which clocks in at over 1,000 pages in […]

Neverwinter will reopen the Hell Pit for PC players to test their mettle on April 29

With Neverwinter on the precipice of war and the legions of hell looking for strong souls to join their ranks, now seems as good a time as any for the game to invite players to see if they're worthy with the Hell Pit event, which is coming back on Thursday, April 29th and running until […]

Rise Online is a two-faction MMORPG inspired by Knight Online currently in open alpha

If you were looking for a new MMORPG that's similar to the 2004 title Knight Online but is designed by someone else (and you somehow missed out that game's arrival to Steam in 2016), then Turkish developer Rokosoft would like to introduce you to Rise Online, a new game that's like that old game but […]

Profane previews its sound design by focusing on a tropical beach biome

While the developing PvP MMO Profane will obviously feature the sounds of fighting between players and the sounds of combat in general, a new development preview Twitter thread is taking players on an audio journey to a serene tropical beach while also talking about how head of audio Marlon Kroth crafts the soundscape for the […]

Star Wars: The Old Republic to launch update 6.3, The Dark Descent, on April 27

Earlier today, we made a snarky joke about how the next Star Wars: The Old Republic patch has had plenty of its content teased but not yet gotten a hard release date. It turns out that we should have waited just a little bit longer, because the release date for patch 6.3 has just been revealed […]

Not So Massively: Checking up on multiplayer RTS Iron Harvest 1920

Last fall, this column covered Iron Harvest 1920, an alternate history RTS with a strong multiplayer emphasis and surprisingly poignant story-telling. Once I got into the full game, it only continued to impress, and I've been following it since. I thought now might be a good time to take stock of how Iron Harvest has […]

New Eden is a pixel graphics Souls-like MMORPG that's in open early alpha testing

This one's for the MMORPG fan that likes a more hard-bitten challenge in their game and doesn't mind some old school visuals to go along with it. Introducing New Eden, an in-development 2-D MMORPG that pairs pixel graphics with Soulsborne-esque combat to create a game that the devs at Wanderwolf Studios hope will "push the […]

Stick and Rudder: The frustrating and unsuccessful search for life in Elite Dangerous Odyssey alpha phase 3

I should have been more capable. If I were a better exploration pilot in Elite: Dangerous, I suspect I would have had a better time. Or would have had more fun. As it stands, this past phase of alpha testing for Odyssey left me a bit more frustrated than I would have liked. But then, […]

Old School RuneScape announces plans for story mode and hard mode versions of the Theatre of Blood

While the devs at Jagex are keen to follow player feedback and introduce more endgame content to Old School RuneScape, the team hopes that some plans for the Theatre of Blood encounter will fill the gap before then. Assuming player polls guide the team's steps. The proposed updates seek to introduce a story mode version […]

Wisdom of Nym: Final Fantasy XIV's patch 5.5 stories have some issues

All right, I'm just going to spoil this column up front. Out of this patch's stories… well, one is kind of a wisp of a thing, one is admirable in attempt but doesn't quite land right, and one is just straight-up bad. And if you've played through all of them, you can probably guess which […]

Final Fantasy XIV confirms that there will be no in-person attendance for the digital fan festival

Here's the good news for Final Fantasy XIV fans: The digital fan festival scheduled for May 14th and 15th is still going to go forward as scheduled, with new information and fun events for players around the world to watch. The bad news, especially for fans in Japan, is that none of the fans will be […]

World of Warcraft's director Ion Hazzikostas has no plans for Legendary refunds but does promise catch-up systems in 9.1

Apparently, you should have an entire collection of Legendary items in World of Warcraft. That's one of the takeaways from an excerpt from a recent interview with Ion Hazzikostas from LingHunFuSu in which he discusses the current approach to Legendaries and dealing with refunds or re-arranging secondary stats. Hazzikostas stresses that while players should probably have […]

Star Wars The Old Republic talks about the upcoming Secrets of the Enclave Flashpoint

It's time once again for another de facto dev blog from Star Wars: The Old Republic! BioWare has once more brought forth world designer Allison Berryman to talk about the new Secrets of the Enclave Flashpoint that's arriving to the game in Update 6.3, offering up a couple of lore and location hints for the new […]

Chronicles of Elyria developer offers a look at Milestone 2 features coming to side game Kingdoms of Elyria

Soulbound Studio CEO Jeromy Walsh is back once more with additional update details for Kingdoms of Elyria, the side piece standalone strategy title that claims to be driving development of the studio's originally planned MMORPG Chronicles of Elyria. In the dev blog, followers get a look at some promised features for the next phase of […]

The Daily Grind: Which non-MMO developer should make an MMORPG?

I've been playing a bit of Cozy Grove lately, and I have to say, I'm incredibly glad that the company behind it, Spry Fox, is working on an MMO too. I haven't always loved the company's business models, but it makes superb games with adorable graphics. I'm really curious to see how well its varied […]

MMO Week in Review: Like butter that has been scraped over too much bread

The good news is that Lord of the Rings Online got its Bilbo adventures update out this week, not all that long after its last update. The bad news is that even MOP's Justin found it a bit of a drag: "If I may spoil it for you, these 10 missions can be summed up […]

Genshin Impact talks up its upcoming PlayStation 5 release in dev video

As we noted last week, there's an update coming to the multiplayer RPG Genshin Impact on April 28th that is adding a variety of things including the launch of the game to the PlayStation 5. It's that portion that has been focused on by a recent developer video that talks up the benefits of playing […]

The MOP Up: Why did Fortnite go dark for a day?

Earlier this month, the ever-popular Fortnite went dark for the better part of April 6th. So what happened? We finally have the full scoop thanks to a blog post by Epic Games. "On April 6th, 2021, an issue with an expired certificate caused an outage across a large portion of internal back-end service-to-service calls and […]

SMITE introduces Gilgamesh to the roster, elects to shut down Southeast Asia and Latin America North servers

This past Tuesday saw a new update arrive to the MOBA SMITE, featuring a new Babylonian god, Gilgamesh the King of Uruk. Gilgamesh is a melee warrior character with a variety of abilities that dish out AoE damage, while his ultimate ability creates a whirlwind that can trap enemies in place. The latest update also […]

Elyon's bonus AMA talks about shifting metas, endgame gearing, and a Russian client

What's better than getting a big fat AMA about an upcoming MMO that you're interested in playing? Two AMAs, of course! Krafton said that last week's Elyon question-and-answer session generated so many questions that a lot of them got overlooked, hence a follow-up AMA for this week. It's not the biggest AMA, but there are […]

Heroes of the Storm players lament Blizzard's neglect and slow development

While Blizzard's all-star character-filled MOBA Heroes of the Storm isn't shuttered or being completely ignored yet — in fact, there have been a couple of balance adjustments in January and March — the ongoing lack of Blizzard presence on the game has initiated more worry than usual since the collapse of the game's dev cadence […]

One Shots: Playing chicken

If your MMORPG ever expects you to take it super-seriously, then you need to follow Minimalistway's example and rebel by wearing a ridiculous costume to undercut the tension in cutscenes. This, I approve. "Now I didn't mean to do this," Minimalistway said. "While doing silly Hildy quests in FFXIV with the chicken suit, the duty […]

The Daily Grind: How important is an MMO's combat to you?

Today, we don't want to talk about whether you prefer tab-targeting gameplay or action combat. It's not important if you prefer harder fights or easier ones, and it's really a tangent if you want to talk about the ideal kinds of content you should be fighting through. No, today we're just asking you how important […]

Make My MMO: Crowfall's GvG tourney is dishing out $50K in cash and prizes

This week in crowdfunded MMOs, you could win a slice of $25,000! Or you could if you're a badass in crowdfunded beta MMO Crowfall, which is in the midst of its Eternal Champions Series event. There's still a few days left for teams to apply for the 3rd through 6th qualifiers, with cash and prizes […]

The Stream Team: Fireworks and friends for LOTRO's 14th birthday

Who parties better than Hobbits? And there is reason to party today: LOTRO turned 14! Massively OP's MJ is ready to celebrate in her favorite Middle-earth with her friends. There'll be fireworks, horse races, and even a new Bilbo quest (although it is apparently a very small one). Join us live at 6:00 p.m. for […]

Humble Bundle's charity donation caps cause an uproar among donors and subbers

The folks at Humble Bundle decided to light a tinderbox yesterday with an announcement that outlines a shift in how sales of its game charity bundles will work: It's removing the slider that determines how much of a bundle's purchase is donated to charity and replacing it with an "extra to charity" toggle, which places […]

The Stream Team: Exploring the new biomes of Conan Exiles' Isle of Siptah

Conan Exiles' expansion Isle of Siptah got a huge update that expanded the map by 20%. That means there's more island for Massively OP's MJ to explore! And explore she will, in her quest to also rescue thralls and vanquish evil doers. Tune in live at 2:00 p.m. for this first look at the new […]

LOTRO Legendarium: Bilbo's further adventures are anything but adventurous

It is certainly not a quiet week around Lord of the Rings Online, as we got both a mid-tier content update and the 14th anniversary celebration. I don't have a lot to say about the anniversary, other than a regret that SSG isn't continuing to expand the rather excellent scavenger hunts, but I do have […]

Destiny 2's proposed transmog system is out to punish you for looking fine

Close your eyes and imagine a cosmetic transmog system for a looter shooter like Destiny 2. Not too complicated, right? Now open your eyes and behold the convoluted and grindy system that Bungie is proposing. In a perfect example of a studio over-complicating what should be an engaging and streamlined, Bungie has come up with […]

WRUP: Unpopular Mario games edition

Super Mario's Underwhelming Adventure (Super Nintendo, 1991) Mama mia! Bowser has kidnapped Princess Peach… sort of! She's actually already free and said that Bowser seems kind of depressed, like his heart's not really in this one. Hop very occasionally and sort of bop through 64 levels of ambivalent enemy placement, too much generosity with power-ups, […]

The Daily Grind: What's the last positive encounter you had with a random stranger in an MMO?

We all know that MMO developers seem to think that "socialization" means "shoving players into raids together," but the reality is more varied and widespread than that. For me, I tend to treasure more those random encounters with strangers that end up being a positive experience. It's the sort of thing that only can happen […]

Betawatch: Skydome offers closed beta signups ahead of April 27

Remember Skydome? You should; we just talked about it earlier this month! It's a new sort of MOBA and tower defense hybrid from Gamigo. Anyhow, the game is starting its first closed beta test later this month on April 27th, and players can register now for a shot at getting into the closed beta. Don't […]

The Stream Team: Sandsea side quests in AQ3D

AQ3D's Sandsea isn't all about the story quest — there are side quests, too! And while last time, Massively OP's MJ was finally able to stay focused enough to wrap up the available main story, she left side ones undone. Let's see, after scrubbing down some statues, she forgot to fetch some water bottles. Now […]

Battle Bards Episode 191: Digging up the past

Today's episode of the Battle Bards was phoned in — phoned in with 2800-baud modems from the 1990s, that is! Steff, Syl, and Syp return to the early era of graphical MMOs to see what video game music existed in that time. From the bleeps to the bombastic, this show digs deep into the past […]

Wild Terra 2 adds in dungeon difficulties and solo dungeons with its latest patch

Ready to go dungeon diving in Wild Terra 2? What do you mean no? The developers gave you a whole patch just for that! See, there's even a difficulty selection option that lets you move between five different settings, with harder settings rewarding better loot! Heck, there are even solo iron mines and a mysterious hideout to […]

ARK Survival Evolved merges its classic PvP clusters, announces a new Conquest season on April 27

PvP-loving players of ARK: Survival Evolved are seeing some fresh things to their portion of the game according to an announcement post on the game's forums. Earlier this week, the A and B clusters of the game's Classic PvP Clusters were merged, and next week will see the end of the current PvP season and […]

Atlas is bringing faster boat travel, railing modules, and a new map in the Tradewinds update April 28

This coming Wednesday, April 28th, is bringing some new features to the early access pirating sandbox of Atlas with the Tradewinds update, which is being touted by the developers at Grapeshot Games as a patch that's bringing big changes. While deeper details on what these changes are weren't shared, the announcement post did showcase some […]

Apex Legends brings its Legacy season online and announces plans for a mobile version

Now is the time for Apex Legends players to build their legacy. Or at the very least leap in to the Legacy season of the battle royale shooter, which features a new character by the name of Valkyrie and her rocket-powered jetpack, a new bow and arrow weapon that promises high medium-range damage for those […]

Cozy Grove studio continues hiring for upcoming 'non-violent' MMO, suggests mobile and PC/console play

Back in January, we covered a tiny announcement from games developer Spry Fox. It's a studio best known for Road Not Taken and a slew of other games, most recently the adorable Cozy Grove – not games we would normally cover as they aren't multiplayer. But earlier this year, the company revealed through job postings […]

Conan Exiles' 2.4 update is live on PC with map expansion and new biomes

As promised, Funcom dropped Conan Exiles' 2.4 update on PC yesterday, expanding the size of the Isle of Siptah, adding new boss-summoning tools, a new religion, and even a way to engage in combat while swimming. "The Isle of Siptah expansion is getting another great set of improvements with a big increase in its map […]

Classic Guild Wars is about to turn 16 years old and the party has begun in Shing Jea

If you want to get absolutely technical about it, Classic Guild Wars doesn't officially turn 16 years old until Monday. But if we waited until Monday to remind you, you'd miss this weekend of festivities because ArenaNet has already turned them on and the party has already started its annual rollout in Shing Jea Monastery. […]

Magic: Legends is looking ahead to the endgame amidst another patch of bug fixes

How's stuff going for you in the endgame for Magic: Legends? The bad news is that the game's latest patch is not going to address that, so if that's what you're currently most unhappy about, it's not going to be fixed with this particular update. The good news is that the developers indicate directly in […]

World of Warships adds the real Leroy Jenkins as a playable ship commander

Not gonna lie, when I first saw the subject line for the press release, the first thing that leaped to my mind was who asked for this – assuming, incorrectly, that it referred to Leeroy Jenkins of World of Warcraft fame. But nope! In fact, World of Warships has added Leroy Jenkins as a playable […]

Warframe's Tennocon 2021 will again be digital-only, benefiting homelessness relief

It won't come as much of a surprise, given the pandemic still raging across the globe, that Tennocon is going digital again in 2021. Digital Extremes announed this week that the Warframe con will broadcast on all the usual streaming platforms on Saturday, July 17th, with no in-person option. Cue MJ's sadness. "TennoCon 2021 is […]

Vague Patch Notes: What we mean when we talk about MMO maintenance mode

I've mentioned before that this column's title was inspired by the vague patch notes of Final Fantasy XI, and here we are diving into that game all over again because it turns out that it screwed something else up. No, not its patch notes; those are still a bit vague, but not like they used to […]

Elite Dangerous announces Odyssey alpha phase 4 start date and details of character snapshot timing

The final phase of Odyssey's alpha is coming a lot sooner than maybe some players of Elite: Dangerous expected. Shortly following the announcement of the expansion's May 19th release on PC, Frontier Developments offered some dates and details for the final phase of alpha testing. The test itself will kick off on Wednesday, April 28th, […]

Star Citizen brings alpha 3.13 online with new vehicles and features, talks with devs at Turbulent in video

Last night saw Star Citizen add a fresh layer to its alpha build with the release of 3.13, otherwise known as Underground Infamy. The new update brings new larger caverns to explore with ships and vehicles, ship-to-ship docking features, new visual effects for ship shields, a reputation system, new mining components, and two new land […]

Valheim could be modded into a 1,000-player MMORPG

While Valheim seemed content to populate its online worlds with a bare handful of brave Vikings, some players are working on a mod that could turn the game into a proper MMORPG. According to PC Gamer, there's a project out there called VaLNGOS that is working to turn the 10-player worlds into realms that can […]