Rocksmith+ – Beta Sign Up

Rocksmith+ aims to evolve Rocksmith into a fully comprehensive guitar learning experience that makes learning fun, easily accessible and customizable.

When Rocksmith originally released it was pretty much "that Rock Band style rhythm action game you could play with a real guitar", but since then it's evolved dramatically. So much so than now Rocksmith+ is less of a game and more of a comprehensive guitar … Read More

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STUFFED – Open Beta (Steam)

STUFFED is a creepy Call of Duty: Zombies style first person shooter where a cute little teddy bear uses makeshift weapons to fight the waves of nightmares that are tormenting a girl.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer last year, STUFFED is a cute but creepy take on the CoD: Zombies style survival shooter genre, where a little teddy bear takes on hordes of … Read More

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Iron Meat – Beta Demo

Iron Meat is a fantastic side scrolling retro action platformer that's essentially the Contra sequel you've always wanted.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer back in 2019, Iron Meat is a Contra inspired action platformer set in a dark future where a ravenous meat organism has infested the world. It absorbs people and repurposes them, turning them into grotesque abominations of flesh and steel. … Read More

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Crimesight – Beta Sign Up

Crimesight is a multiplayer murder mystery game that blends anime styled visuals with Among Us style back-stabbing and deceit as one player attempts to kill a target while the others try to catch them.

It looks like Konami isn't totally out of the games business yet and they've now announced an Among Us-esque social multiplayer murder mystery game called Crimesight. It takes place … Read More

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INCISION – Alpha Demo

INCISION is an incredibly fast paced and gory QUAKE inspired retro FPS set in a city that's been corrupted by a massive nightmarish fleshy growth.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer back in March, INCISION is a brutal, blood-splattered and extremely tough old school run 'n gun FPS where movement and precision shooting really matter. It takes place in a city that's been corrupted … Read More

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Blue June – Kickstarter Demo

Blue June is a 2.5D narrative-driven psychological horror adventure where a young woman tries to get to the root of what's causing her strange recurring nightmares.

In Blue June you follow the story of a young college student named June who is tormented by surreal nightmares that seem to be linked to her past. These nightmares are beginning to seep into her real life and … Read More

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Successor – Beta Sign Up

You can now sign up to Beta test Successor, a single-player tactical rogue-lite strategy game with real-time battles that you can tactically pause to assign commands to your units.

Successor is a spin-off of the well received Wartile and sees traversing a rich fantasy kingdom and battling enemies in beautiful hex-grid-based dioramas. It looks very much like a tabletop game, but the gameplay in … Read More

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PES 22 – Open Beta (Playstation & Xbox)

PS4, PS5, Xbox One & Xbox Series S/X owners can now download and play the open Beta for PES 22, oddly titled in the online store as "New Football Game Online Performance Test".

PES has been second fiddle to the FIFA series for a while now, but PES 22 is making some serious strides to try and take EA's crown. Obviously PES … Read More

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Chernobyl Liquidators Simulator – Beta Demo

Chernobyl Liquidators Simulator is a first person action game that puts you in the shoes of some of the Liquidators who fought and gave their lives to help contain the fallout from the Chernobly nuclear meltdown.

We previously featured Chernobyl Liquidators Simulator on Alpha Beta Gamer during the closed Beta sign up, but even if you played the closed Beta build you'll want to … Read More

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Wardens Rising – Pre-Alpha Sign Up

Wardens Rising is a co-op PvE twin-stick hero shooter with base defense elements where players attempt to protect their cores from swarms of invading AI enemies.

In Wardens Rising you'll be able to choose from one of six uniquely skilled hero classes then use them to protect a vital energy core from hordes of enemies. It plays a little like a MOBA, but with a … Read More

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Tile Travel – Tech Demo

Tile Travel is an inventive puzzle platformer where the gameplay switches between 2D top-down and 2D side-scrolling perspectives in a 3D environment.

In Tile Travel you control an unknown female protagonist with a big axe as she traverses labyrinthine environments. You start the game viewed from a 2D side-on perspective and jump across some boats at an old dock, but when you jump down onto … Read More

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Tormented Souls – Beta Demo

Tormented Souls is a slightly cheesy, but entertaining and unsettling fixed-perspective person survival horror adventure where you investigate the disappearance of a couple of twin girls in a mysterious mansion.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer during the closed Beta sign up, Tormented Souls is a Resident Evil and Alone in the Dark inspired old school survival horror game set in a spooky mansion … Read More

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Forest Grove – Beta Sign Up

Forest Grove is a first person Sci-Fi mystery game where you investigate the disappearance of a teenage girl who is the heir to a billion dollar fortune.

Looking a little like a Sci-Fi version of Knives Out, Forest Grove sees you investigating a missing person's case where everyone in the family is a potential suspect. After the young heiress of a billion dollar tech … Read More

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Tiny Thor – Beta Demo

Tiny Thor is a great little 16-bit inspired action platfomer where a cute little eight year old Thor goes on an epic adventure with his new birthday present from his father – Mjölnir.

Initially Tiny Thor feels like a well made but fairly standard retro action platforming adventure with you able to collect goodies and jump on enemy heads to kill them. But then Odin … Read More

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UNSIGHTED is a beautifully animated top-down action RPG adventure where an android fights to save the consciousness of her robotic brethren.

The story of UNSIGHTED takes place in a war ravaged city called Arcadia, that's been the center of a long running war between humans and androids. The few robots that remain are now running out of the energy that gives them consciousness (called Anima). … Read More

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White Shadows – Beta Demo

White Shadows is a dark and unsettling Inside-esque 2.5D cinematic action platforming adventure where a little Ravengirl makes her way through a dark, weird and violent city.

White Shadows takes place in a dark and distorted industrialised version of our world, where humanity is half human and half animal. The wolves in charge of The White City have been lying to the public to … Read More

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RESEARCH and DESTROY is a simultaneous turn-based co-op action game with real-time shooting, where three brilliant scientists fight back against the supernatural hordes that have devastated the world.

Featuring online or local co-op for up to three players, RESEARCH and DESTROY blend turn-based strategy with real-time shooting as your scientists battle supernatural monsters. In the game your aim is to seek out and eliminate the … Read More

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Batora: Lost Haven – Alpha Sign Up

Batora: Lost Haven is a narrative-driven hack 'n slash action RPG where a gifted teenage girl sets out on a journey that will change the universe after a mysterious event left Earth in ruins.

In Batora: Lost Haven you take on the role of Avril, a sixteen year old girl who finds that she has been gifted with mental and physical powers. Earth has been … Read More

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Ratuz – Alpha Demo

Ratuz is a comically brutal cinematic horror action platformer where you attempt to escape from a prison that's been experimenting on humans and turning them into bloodthirsty abominations.

In Ratuz you take on the role of a prisoner who's locked up in a prison that prefers to experiment on its prisoners rather than reform them. At the start of the game a group of you … Read More

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AudioClash: Battle of the Bands – Beta Sign Up

AudioClash: Battle of the Bands is a very cool looking musical auto-battler starring The Living Tombstone, where players create their dream bands then face off in epic musical battles.

Made in conjunction with The Living Tombstone (the hugely popular electronic dance/rock band who among other things created the FNaF soundtracks), AudioClash: Battle of the Bands brings groovy tunes and tons of style to the auto-battler … Read More

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The Story of the Flood – Open Beta

The Story of the Flood is a stylish and sombre adventure where you paddle a little raft through a flooded post-apocalyptic world and make tough decisions on what five items, animals or people you can rescue in it.

In The Story of the Flood you find yourself on a little raft in a world that's totally flooded with water. As you paddle along you come … Read More

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Catie in Meowmeowland – Beta Demo

Catie in Meowmeowland is a charming and surreal Samorost style point and click adventure where a little girl falls down a rabbit hole into a bizarre world of cats and weird creatures.

In Catie in Meowmeowland you'll embark on a whimsical and delightfully weird adventure through a land of cats after following a Alice in Wonderland White Rabbit-esque white cat through a very deep rabbit … Read More

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I Am Fish – Alpha Demo

I Am Fish is a delightful physics based platforming sequel to I Am Bread, which sees four different fishy friends escaping captivity to reunite once again in the ocean.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer during the Pre-Alpha sign up, I Am Fish is a sequel to Bassa Studios' I Am Bread, but instead of controlling a floppy slice of bread you … Read More

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The Rocket Stop Incident – Alpha Demo

The Rocket Stop Incident is a tense and atmospheric puzzle-driven first person horror adventure where things get very weird as you explore a local Rocket Stop gas station.

In The Rocket Stop Incident you find yourself at a gas station which actually seems to be more of a weird motel. After being greeted by a freaky long arm that hands you a coin and tells … Read More

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A Juggler's Tale – Alpha Demo

A Juggler's Tale is a beautiful Inside/Little Nightmares-esque 2.5D puzzle platforming adventure where a little puppet girl sets out to take control of her own fate.

In A Juggler's Tale you follow the adventure of Abby, a young puppet girl who lives in a world of puppets. She entertains an audience during the day as part of a circus act, but she's kept in … Read More

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TUNIC – Beta Demo (Xbox)

A new demo is available on Xbox for TUNIC – the beautiful isometric action RPG where a cute little fox embarks on an adventure that plays like a blend of Zelda and Dark Souls.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer a year ago, TUNIC is a delightful and surprisingly challenging isometric action RPG starring an adorable little fox in a tunic. Its main … Read More

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Tamarindos Freaking Dinner – Beta Sign Up

Tamarindos Freaking Dinner is a very weird first person horror adventure where you set out to deliver a pizza to the creepiest mansion in the universe!

A spiritual successor to (the also extremely weird) Baobabs Mausoleum, Tamarindos Freaking Dinner is a first person adventure ahta blends horror, surreal oddity, whimsical musical interludes, quirky humor and a beautiful claymation-esque visual style. In the game you … Read More

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Interference – Alpha Demo

Interference is an atmospheric first person thriller where you work as a security guard for a top secret research facility while all hell breaks loose.

In Interference you may be a night shift security guard who is confined to their little security booth while a disaster occurs in the main facility. It's a narrative driven experience where you chat to your friend over the radio … Read More

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TOEM – Beta Demo

TOEM is a wholesome narrative-driven puzzle adventure game where you use your camera to help people and solve puzzles in its wonderfully weird hand-drawn world.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer during the closed Alpha sign up, TOEM follows the story of a young adventurer who sets out into the world to visit a sacred place called the TOEM. It's a long journey, … Read More

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Death Trash – Beta Demo

Death Trash is a beautifully animated isometric action RPG adventure set in a post-apocalyptic meatpunk world where cosmic horrors long for humanity and flesh grows from the ground.

The world of Death Trash is a very fleshy one. It takes place in a distant future where humanity travelled to the stars and unearthed cosmic horrors best left alone. The planet Nexus is where your story … Read More

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Star Stable frolics in the Midsummer Festival and posts its summer road map

As summer soaks into the bones of human and equine alike, Star Stable has a full raft of events and updates to keep the long days full of joy and fun. The studio posted a colorful — if bare-bones — roadmap for the month ahead. Coming up for the game are some riding club updates, […]

Ashes of Creation shows off new areas, new outfits, and passive skills in livestream

Like clockwork, the folks at Intrepid Studios have put together another Ashes of Creation development livestream that's full of previews, updates, and other nuggets for fans of the developing PvP MMORPG. Jumping right into the good stuff, the stream shares a roughly eight minute-long gameplay video from a ruined mage's keep, featuring a look at […]

Neverwinter's upcoming Adventure system promises a streamlined questing experience

Some of the biggest bullet points of Neverwinter's Module 21 update are obviously the new Bard class and the major level squish, but there's one other feature that's important for players of the MMORPG to take note of as well: the Adventure system For all intents and purposes, the Adventure system is a quest log […]

The Game Archaeologist: Anarchy Online, from launch to now

July 27th 2001. On this date, Funcom pulled the trigger on Anarchy Online, launching it in North America with a planned release in Europe a couple of months later. Almost instantly, the game and its support infrastructure buckled and broke under the demand of the 35,000 or so subscribers who ponied up money for this experience. […]

New World wraps up its world tour with Shattered Mountain

With a name like "Shattered Mountain," you kind of know what you're getting into already. It's going to be less of a vacation at a ski resort and more of a terrifying trip through stone, evil, and perhaps a drive-through at Arby's. In New World's final stop on its video tour around Aeternum, the studio […]

WRUP: Come home to a bagel edition

My bagel loves me! This is incorrect. Bagels are not capable of love. Bagels feel only one emotion: contempt. My cat loves bagels! This is correct. Your cat loves bagels. If you do not currently own a cat, purchase one from an animal shelter. There are a variety of cats there which require your love. […]

The Daily Grind: What MMO class sings to you the most?

The other day I was watching a video in which the commenter noted that players should pick a class "that sings to you the most." I loved that turn of phrase because it really cuts to the core of why we tend to like some classes over others. It may very well not be the […]

Betawatch: Swords of Legends Online launches on July 9

It is generally poor form to have the same game get the Betawatch header two weeks in a row, but here we are highlighting Swords of Legends Online as the game is moving out of testing and into the choppy waters of launch on July 9th! That was fast! Feels like it just got here. […]

Vampire survivalbox V Rising highlights its gothic-horror atmospheric feel

Hey, remember V Rising? It's Stunlock Studios' upcoming multiplayer survival sandbox – yeah, the Battlerite folks. The vampire-themed title just got a new dev blog this week focused on the gothic-horror art direction and setting, which is quite different from the cartoony look of Battlerite. "V Rising is a dark and atmospheric vampire-themed game viewed […]

Siege Survival Gloria Victis updates with The Lost Caravan scenario

Siege Survival: Gloria Victis, the survival spinoff off MMORPG Gloria Victis, was fully released only a month ago, but it's already got a big update in store for players. While the press release calls it a content expansion and a DLC, The Lost Caravan is actually a free scenario for game owners. "The new scenario […]

Final Fantasy XI brings back Celestial Nights starting on July 1

Good news, Final Fantasy XI players! Celestial Nights return once more on July 1st, and players can talk to one of the moogles in the three major cities to start the event. What's that? You want to know more about the event, like how to participate or what the rewards will be or what you […]

MMO Business Roundup: EA's executive compensation, Facebook's Oculus shenanigans, KRAFTON's IPO

Welcome back to another quick roundup of MMO and MMO-adjacent industry news! Electronic Arts is still awful: Remember how EA shareholders voted against its compensation plan – by a large majority – in 2020? It's responded with a new compensation plan, which lowers pay for some executives, though not for CEO Andrew Wilson, who will […]

Secret World Legends begins official fourth anniversary event, intends to honor HolloPoint in-game

When we first reported on the community's intention to celebrate the fourth anniversary of Secret World Legends themselves without active support by Funcom, we were bummed that it was a sad commentary on the game's overall state. Fortunately, Funcom is having an official anniversary on top of the player-run MEGAversary 4. The reveal post does […]

Shroud of the Avatar's Release 91 introduces crates as daily questgivers

The crates are talking to you in Shroud of the Avatar. Whispering desires into your ear. Compelling you to complete their tasks and promising great rewards in the process. Don't think about how. Don't question why. Just do as the crates command. Do it. Do it. That's right, the sandbox MMORPG's latest release introduces Storehouse […]

Anarchy Online celebrates 20th birthday with new dev retrospective and video

Last week, we covered some of the initial events Funcom was rolling out for Anarchy Online fans to celebrate its 20th birthday. As of today, the studio has done quite a bit more, with a full retrospective on the game, including the Walk Down Memory Lane video. "In its infancy, Anarchy Online began development in […]

Pokemon Go Fest 2021 brings back most legendaries plus new raid achievements

Remember how we reported on Pokemon Go's next Go Fest's reveal, but we had only Day 1 and general information? Well, Niantic's Released Day 2's raid info and new details on raid achievements (out now), awarding an achievement showcased for dealing the most damage or just having the tallest pokemon. Before we break this down, I will […]

Fallout 76 previews season 5 and everything happening in-game this summer

Fallout 76 is gearing up for the Steel Reign update in just a couple more weeks – and that means players are about to embark on a new season to boot. Season 5 promises new post-rank-100 challenges, new legendary gear and cores, power armor displays, power armor paint, new weapon skins, and a washer and […]

The Soapbox: Abusing MMO community reps over design decisions is not only toxic but futile

Recently, an online video game community rep was run off Twitter by "fans." The CM's fellow game dev shared how upset she was that said employee friend had been harassed. It's sadly not uncommon in our industry – and it needs to stop. Social media brings down the barrier between game developers and fans. When […]

Magic Legends ramps up enemy encounters, improves performance, and fixes bugs in latest patch

Having all of those spell cards and no enemies to use them on makes Planeswalkers in Magic Legends very sad puppies indeed. Luckily, those frowns can turn upside-down with the ARPG's latest patch, which promises an increase to encounters in story missions and ordeals throughout the game. Look at how gleefully those mages unleash explosive […]

WoW Factor: Would you like to take a survey?

All right. Yes, I know that World of Warcraft is finally releasing its first major patch for Shadowlands on June 29th. That's a thing to talk about. That should be a big deal. But I'm sorry, that somehow managed to be dwarfed this week by the fact that the developers made a hash out of […]

Dual Universe is officially part of the GeForce NOW games library (but you still need to pay a sub to play it)

Raise your hand if you want to pay for a sub to access a games service and then pay a sub to access one of that service's games. That's partially what's being offered by Dual Universe as the game has officially announced that it's

Star Citizen previews alpha 3.14 features, Orison landing zone, and Railen cargo ship

The latest weekly video from Star Citizen — and the last for the spring quarter — is wholly devoted to alpha 3.14, starting off the first half by talking extensively about the new Orison landing zone and how the devs came up with the area's design aesthetic, from visuals to lighting to cloud tech to […]

Project Gorgon talks Vampirism, player housing, mounts, Orcs, and new hires

Indie sandbox Project Gorgon is exactly a month out from its big May update, which added an optional subscription and perks like an offline leveling system to go with it. So what is it up to now? Transparency. Elder Game has posted a big dev blog answering the top community questions in what sounds as […]

NCsoft acknowledges pay-to-win uproar in Aion Classic, doesn't believe candy is an exploit

Aion's forums are absolutely raging about the Daeva pass and its candy problem afflicting Aion Classic, as we noted yesterday. NCsoft hasn't directly addressed the outcry, but at least one member of the community team has been engaging with players and bringing feedback back to the dev team, which seemingly hasn't made a decision about […]

The Daily Grind: Are you picking anything up in the Steam Summer Sale?

Steam's summer sale is upon us once again, this time with a bit of a choose-your-adventure theme. Steam always has a summer sale right ahead of the 4th of July, and yet it startled me anyway since it feels like we just had a sale at Memorial Day, and of course we did and the […]

Massively Overthinking: What class is missing from your favorite MMO?

I've been obsessed with Albion Online the last few weeks – it really feels so much like Ultima Online to me. Ultima Online but better! And yet it's still missing a few things. I really want to play a bard so badly. That was one of my two favorite things to do in old and […]

Frozen Flame adds rams, killable Titans, and new magic with its most recent patch

Here's the bad news about the Titans in Frozen Flame: Their mechanics and loot drops are still very much a work in progress. But here's the good news: You can definitely kill them with the game's most recent patch. Yes, these gigantic weapons once used for defensive purposes are now decidedly in the "killable" category, […]

Craftopia introduces a pet system, firearms, and 'the concept of the chunk' in latest update

Just as promised, the multiplayer survival sandbox of Craftopia has released another broad and diverse content update that includes the addition of pets, guns, and "the concept of the chunk," which we hasten to point out is different from the concept of the chonk. So just what is a chunk in Craftopia? It effectively is […]

Conan Exiles adds character copy tools, modder quality-of-life extension

Modder friends, today's Conan Exiles update some goodies for you: Funcom's 2.4.6 update today adds improved data table merging. OK, that sounds really tame, but trust me when I say this is a big deal. The team has also implemented character transfers/copies (still in beta for Xbox). "[Patch 2.4.6] focuses on addressing many reported issues, […]

World of Tanks adjusts HE shells and SPG mechanics, War Thunder adds new vehicles and better nuclear blasts

We've got another round of updates for the various multiplayer military vehicle battle games in our genre's sphere to report on. Specifically, World of Tanks and War Thunder are getting some adjustments, updates, or new content to make firing heavy ordinance at one another that much better. In World of Tanks, update 1.13 focuses on […]

Blizzard clarifies that new Legendaries in World of Warcraft's next patch will have sockets automatically

All right. So here's the situation. World of Warcraft: Shadowlands is adding a new socketing system for Shards of Domination starting in patch 9.1, Chains of Domination. That's fine. These slots will always be available on very specific pieces of gear. (That's good!) But some of those pieces of gear may already have been crafted […]

Lord of the Rings Online's two new progression servers launch June 30

Not even two weeks ago, Standing Stone Games took the wraps off two new progression servers for Lord of the Rings Online, and as of this afternoon, we have a hard date for their launch: June 30th. The news came via a Tweet from the studio this afternoon. As MOP readers already know, these two […]

Secret Worlds Legends' player-run MEGAversary 4 radio show will pay tribute to HolloPoint

Yesterday saw the Secret World Legends community celebrate the game's legacy with the start of the player-run MEGAversary 4 anniversary event, but the event was also marked by tragedy as beloved community leader HolloPoint passed away last week. In honor of him and the game, Quantum State Radio will once more be running its usual […]

Crowfall posts a recap on its steps ahead to the launch on July 6

Attention, Crowfall fans: The game's beta has ended. Of course, if you bought the game, that's really more like trivia than anything else, as you can continue to play away until the game's official launch on July 6th. A new post on the game's Kickstarter page outlines the steps and changes coming to the game […]

Elyon teases experience curve rebalance coming in August's closed beta test

KRAFTON is back with another update on the state of Elyon as we press onward to the second closed beta test in August. "With our second Closed Beta Test, we want you to be able to play a more updated version," the studio says. "So we will bring you a build that is much closer to […]

Warhammer Return of Reckoning begins its Ranked Season 2 next week

Warhammer Online's Return of Reckoning rogue server has been teasing its second ranked season over the last few weeks, and now it's almost here. Come June 28th, the summer season leaderboards are live, as are their rewards – everything from armor and mounts to trophies and cloaks. The season-accompanying patch also buffs matchmaking and the […]

ArcheAge Unchained hands out a stuffed cow sheriff in latest ArchePass as the Freedom Festival returns

There's a new sheriff in town. A new cowboy. Who also happens to be a cow boy. That's the primary feature of ArcheAge Unchained's latest ArchePass offering, which includes Billy the Moo, a sheriff cow plushie battle pet that does things like taunts enemies, buffs attack, defense, and magic defense, and throws milk bottles at […]

EverQuest II begins Scorched Sky festival this weekend, PlanetSide 2 unveils the Chimera

"Scorched Sky" – is it the weather report for today or EverQuest II's summer festival? Hey, why not both? I'm not sorry. But yep, the festival returns for EQII players this weekend, beginning Friday afternoon and running through July 8th. New additions for 2021 will apparently include new feats, new loot, a new flying mount, […]

Lost Ark sets the scene of the game's world with its lore-filled landing page

Nine times out of 10, the only motivation one needs to play a multiplayer ARPG is "bad enemies explode good and give shiny," and that's totally fine, but Amazon Games would like to direct your attention to the story section of the official Lost Ark website. In synopsis, the game's universe consists of two worlds […]

EVE Online tests out some new color filters, EVE Echoes introduces exploration

Both EVE Online and EVE Echoes are seeing some new things introduced to their respective games. In EVE Online, there's a new test build on Singularity that seeks to bring a little more vibrancy to the game's visuals by way of shader adjustments and lighting changes in order to "remove the grey" from the game's […]

Starborne dev announces new sci-fi MMORPG called Starborne Frontiers

MMO players know Starborne: Sovereign Space as a space MMORTS, but if you wanted something more MMORPG-like, then I have good news for you, as Iceland-based indie dev Solid Clouds just announced a new game in the same universe that fits the pure MMORPG category. It's called Starborne: Frontiers, and the studio bills it as […]

World of Warcraft Senior Artist Eric Braddock leaves Blizzard

The brain drain continues over at Blizzard Entertainment, as World of Warcraft Senior Artist Eric Braddock announced this month that he had left the studio for an unnamed opportunity, one of many veterans to leave the company in the last few months. "Yesterday was my last day at Blizzard Entertainment," Braddock said on June 19th. […]

Aion Classic encourages global first races as players raise fresh pay-to-win alarms

Aion is enjoying a rare moment in the spotlight thanks to yesterday's launch of a legacy mode called Aion Classic. The opening day was what you'd expect: crowds, bugs, excitement, and consternation that this wasn't officially being offered over in Aion Europe (which is operated Gameforge and in fact is running a totally different event […]

The Daily Grind: Have you ever had to try an MMO multiple times before getting into it?

I have literally lost count at this point of how many times I've seen posts on the Final Fantasy XIV subreddit from someone saying that they tried the game X times before it finally "clicked" for them. Part of the reason for that is that I wasn't trying to keep count in the first place, […]

Closers' latest character is knives out… to the max

I always wondered what happened to the infamous little kid who found a pocket-knife at a party and was so gleeful about it. Wherever he is, he's probably flipping out that Closers has released the knife class to end all knife classes with its June update. Eunha, the 18th playable character released in Closers, brings […]

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite celebrates its second anniversary with 742 million real-world kilometers walked

Those that choose to dive in deep with an alternate reality game should expect to walk (and drive) an awful lot. And all of that shambling, ambling, and shuffling has racked up incredible results in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, as the collective community has walked nearly 742 million kilometers so far. This factoid — and […]

Here's over an hour of footage from mobile MMO Re: Tree of Savior's Japanese beta

There's been quite some time since Tree of Savior made its way into the news, but we're bringing this title back into the spotlight due to the game's upcoming mobile port, the weirdly titled Re: Tree of Savior. We first got wind of this MMO back in October 2016 and further saw publisher Nexon hedge […]

Old School RuneScape outlines future patch updates and releases its first wave of Steam client updates

Last week, Old School RuneScape kicked out an update that was headlined with its 150th quest, and since then the devs at Jagex have been making a wide variety of adjustments to the update based on player feedback. This past Tuesday saw another list of planned changes to things like the Ash Sanctifier, Demonbane spells, […]

PAX West returns to its in-person format this fall

As much of the United States returns to normal after a year of social distancing and virtual events, the organizers of PAX West have decided that it's safe enough to bring back the event in person after last year's online-only format. PAX West, which will run from September 3rd through the 6th, will take place […]

Dungeons and Dragons Online brings Saltmarsh dungeons, endgame item changes, and more to PTS

The PTS of Dungeons and Dragons Online is once again flush with new things for players to check out as this past Tuesday saw a preview of Update 50 go online. The headline attraction of this new update is the Saltmarsh adventure area, which is modeled after the AD&D module of the same name and […]