Oxenfree Sequel Coming to PS4 and PS5

Return to Camena in Oxenfree 2: Lost Signals. Oxenfree 2: Lost Signals is coming to PS4 and PS5…

Season 5 of Black Ops Cold War and Warzone Launches August 12th

Maps, modes, zombies, and guns galore this season. Season Five of Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War…

Guide: How Long to Beat Button City?

How long will you be visiting Button City?

Review: Button City – PS5

Fluff Squad, assemble!

WRC 10 Honors Rally Legend With Colin McRae's Subaru Impreza

Rally like it's 1997.

New PS5, PS4, PSVR Games Coming This Week: August 9th – August 13th

Hades is this weeks hotness.

Month in Review: The Best Games of July 2021

Is your favourite game on the list?

No Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Remaster Planned, Says Activision

Not gonna happen, apparently.

Pure PlayStation Plays: Week 272

Weekend gaming sesh, yeah?

The Medium Will Use the DualSense to Bring Horror to Your Hands

Dual reality and DualSense working together.

7 Things We Learned About Rustler

Things you need to now!

Will Rustler Have Multiplayer? No – Here's Why

Rolling solo.

Streets of Rage 4 Developer Bought by Focus Home Interactive

Rage alongside the corporate machine.

Dirt 5 Update 5.02 (5.002.000) for PS4, PS5 Leaves Players Disappointed

Still riding with dirty frame rates

Elden Ring Wishlist Page is Live on PSN

No, it doesn't support PSVR.

Outbreak: Endless Nightmares' Updates Leading The Way To Upcoming Expansions

The dead won't stay dead...

Pistol Whip is Getting a Wild West Campaign, a Sandbox Mode, and a Price Increase

Cloudhead Games is going all-out with the latest Pistol Whip update.

Golf Club: Wasteland Looks to the Apocalypse on September 3rd for PS5, PS4

A bleak future thanks to rocket-loving billionaires.

RiMS Racing Gets a Million-Dollar Gameplay Video and Dev Diary Part 3

Get on your bike and ride!

Merek's Market Opens its Doors on September 15th for PS4

Bring ye old sheep stomach for life.


An interesting game clouded by features from another title.

Guilty Gear: Strive gets a delay into June

Guilty Gear: Strive gets a delay into June
More time needed to polish some aspects of the game.

Clubhouse Pass Season 2 Is on the Green in PGA TOUR 2K21

Clubhouse Pass Season 2 Is on the Green in PGA TOUR 2K21

Karakuri-kun Official Steam Trailer

Karakuri-kun Official Steam Trailer

Marvel's Avengers: Next-Gen Capabilities Trailer

Marvel's Avengers: Next-Gen Capabilities Trailer

Devs Lost In Space - A New Space Engineers Weekly Community Stream - March 4th

Devs Lost In Space - A New Space Engineers Weekly Community Stream - March 4th

Doom VR Edition is bringing the iconic classic to PSVR headsets

Doom VR Edition is bringing the iconic classic to PSVR headsets
We'll get the chance to experience this nightmarish horror by the end of this month.

NBA 2K21 is coming to Xbox Game Pass today

NBA 2K21 is coming to Xbox Game Pass today
A perfect dunk.

Airport CEO Gallery

Airport CEO Gallery
Latest images for Airport CEO

Airport CEO Review

Airport CEO Review
Like Airports? Like Planes? Like construction and management? You've come to the right place.

The Survivalists Farming & Animal Console Update!

The Survivalists Farming & Animal Console Update!

Nintendo Switch | SNK VS. CAPCOM【Super Impact Blasts - CAPCOM】

Nintendo Switch | SNK VS. CAPCOM【Super Impact Blasts - CAPCOM】

Casually Grounded Dev Stream E06 w/ Aarik, Shyla, Roby Atadero, and special guest RooDaaR!

Casually Grounded Dev Stream E06 w/ Aarik, Shyla, Roby Atadero, and special guest RooDaaR!

Casually Grounded Dev Stream E05 w/ Aarik, Shyla, Adam Brennecke, and special guest Mike Lowery!

Casually Grounded Dev Stream E05 w/ Aarik, Shyla, Adam Brennecke, and special guest Mike Lowery!

It's time to tell you who I am...

It's time to tell you who I am...

Apex Legends now has a new Nintendo Switch gameplay trailer

Apex Legends now has a new Nintendo Switch gameplay trailer
Legends on the roll.

Rust's console version now has a new trailer as well

Rust's console version now has a new trailer as well
Just in time.

Nintendo Switch | SNK VS. CAPCOM【Super Impact Blasts - SNK】

Nintendo Switch | SNK VS. CAPCOM【Super Impact Blasts - SNK】

Outriders Soundtrack - Main Theme

Outriders Soundtrack - Main Theme

Littlewood, a Stardew Valley-like RPG is now out on Nintendo Switch

Littlewood, a Stardew Valley-like RPG is now out on Nintendo Switch
"The world has already been saved".

Aquapark Renovator – Beta Sign Up

Aquapark Renovator is a new simulation game where you restore a crusty run down old aquapark and turn it into the most epic water park it he world!

Currently in development by Two Horizons S.A. (creators of Hotel Renovator and Car Thief Simulator), Aquapark Renovator is a simulation game that allows you to turn a crappy dilapidated aquapark into the water park of your … Read More

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Arrival: Zero Earth – Beta Sign Up

Arrival: Zero Earth features a fusion of roguelike action and RTS gameplay as you control a militia army of local citizens as they try to defend their town from alien invaders.

Taking place in 90's Finland during a particularly cold winter, Arrival: Zero Earth puts you in control of a small militia army as they fight back against some huge War of the Worlds Tripod-esque … Read More

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Hexblade – Game Jam Build

Hexblade is an excellent little boss rush action platformer where you enter a dungeon in search of a mythical sword forged by a powerful master, but to escape with it alive, you'll need to battle a series of challenging bosses.

Created for the Boss Rush Jam, Hexblade is a short and beautifully crafted retro 2D Boss rush action game set inside a dungeon that's guarded … Read More

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Solys – Beta Sign Up

Solys is an interplanetary FPS where three teams of players start on three different planets then compete to destroy each other's base.

If No Man's Sky had a multiplayer FPS mode it could be something like Solys – a FPS where each team starts on their own planet then fly to their rival's planet to blow up their base. It's played in teams of three … Read More

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What Happened At The Farm? – Prototype

What Happened At The Farm? is a tense and atmospheric first person horror game where your car breaks down near a strange old farmyard that's home to a very freaky cryptid.

Created by Max Horror (creator of The Book) What Happened At The Farm? is a creepy little first person horror game set in a remote farm that's been plagued by attacks from a … Read More

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Joan Jump – Prototype

Joan Jump is a fun little ASCII-based platformer where you're sent on a mission to find a mysterious card by a magician.

In Joan Jump you control a charming little hero called Joan, who is sent to Earth by a magician to find a legendary card. The gameplay is pretty basic, with you simply needing to grab a certain amount of coins in each level … Read More

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Happenlance – Beta Sign Up

Happenlance blends Getting Over it With Bennet Foddy style physics based platforming, puzzles, combat and online multiplayer as you help a Knight of the Round Table fling himself to victory!

In Happenlance you take control of Sir Happenlance and his trusty long lance, and set out on an adventure through a beautiful painterly world. The game features online co-op and PvP game modes and a … Read More

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F.I.S.T.: Forged In Shadow Torch – Beta Demo

F.I.S.T.: Forged In Shadow Torch is a slick and stylish action platforming metroidvania with a focus on melee combat as a bunny with a massive mech-arm punches his way through a dieselpunk city.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer last year, F.I.S.T.: Forged In Shadow Torch is a combat-focused metroidvania that follows the story of Rayton – an angry bunny with a huge metal … Read More

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NHL 22 – Beta Sign Up (PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S)

PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S Beta sign ups are now live for NHL 22, the latest installment of EA's official NHL series.

It's that time of the year again, EA's long running ice hockey franchise is back with NHL 22, and you can sign up now for a chance to join in the Beta tests. There's very little info available … Read More

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Unholy Eyeballs – Game Jam Build Download

Unholy Eyeballs is a surreal retro styled first person horror game that explores the meta of eyeballs in horror games as you venture into a weird eyeball world via your Sega CD!

Created for the HPS1 Summer of Shivers jam, Unholy Eyeballs is a short and very strange horror game that focuses on eyeballs. It's all very weird and feels a little like a LSD Read More

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Fashion Police Squad – Steam Beta Key Giveaway

We have 5,000 Steam Beta keys to give away for Fashion Police Squad – an awesome new FPS where you fight back against fashion crimes to make the streets less of an eye-sore!

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer during the closed Beta Sign Up, Fashion Police Squad is a fun new first person shooter that puts you in the shoes of a Fashion … Read More

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Soda Crisis – Beta Demo

Soda Crisis is a high octane side-scrolling platforming shooter where you attempt to escape from a mysterious research facility full of cola loving baddies and fight for the fate of the earth!

In Soda Crisis you take control of an odd looking Minion shaped creature of unknown origin that's being experimented on in a high security laboratory. On your adventure you'll blast your way out … Read More

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The Skinwalker Investigations – Beta Sign Up (VR)

The Skinwalker Investigations is a VR survival horror game where you're sent to a creepy ranch to investigate reports of weird creatures, poltergeist-like activity and lights in the sky.

Coming to HTC Vive and Oculus, The Skinwalker Investigations is a VR survival horror game that follows two FBI agents as they investigate unexplained events at a ranch in Colorado. The ranch in question seems to … Read More

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ARKOS – Beta Demo

ARKOS is a fun new fantasy first person shooter that plays like a voxel-based version of Hexen, as you blast your way through destructible levels, in search of a powerful weapon at the heart of an ancient castle.

Drawing inspiration from Heretic, Hexen and Catacomb3D, ARKOS is an old school fantasy FPS built with destructible voxels. In the game you take on the … Read More

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The Unexpected Quest – Beta Sign Up

The Unexpected Quest blends RTS and RPG adventure gameplay as you build, upgrade and defend your colony while sending out citizens on quests for valuable loot that will aid your colony.

Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer back in 2018, The Unexpected Quest features an easily accessible fusion of RTS and RPG adventure gameplay. In the game you're able to gather resources, build structures, … Read More

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Shield Cat – Beta Sign Up

Shield Cat is a charming looking top-down action adventure where you set out with your throwable shield to help save a kingdom of cats.

In Shield Cat you do have a shield, but oddly enough you're not actually a cat – you're an otter called Lance! One day you wake up to find that the cat kingdom is in chaos and it seems like some … Read More

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Underground Garage – Beta Sign Up

Underground Garage is a mechanic simulation game where you buy, repair, upgrade and race tuned cars that take part in illegal street races.

In Underground Garage you're essentially the mechanic from the Need for Speed: Underground games, where your aim is to make high-performance vehicles that will own the streets at night. The game features over 30 unique cars and you can use over 6000 … Read More

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The Keeper – Game Jam Build Download

The Keeper is a beautiful PS1 styled horror game that tells a tragic ghost story as you explore a mysterious abandoned lighthouse.

Created for the HPS1 Summer of Shivers game jam, The Keeper is a short PS1 styled horror game that follows a fisherman who crashes his boat on a small island with a lighthouse. As you explore the island you see ghosts of the … Read More

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Scraps of Light – Alpha Demo

Scraps of Light is a very cool rotoscoped first person tile-based dungeon crawler where you fight your way through a dark digital world that's been constructed by an experimental AI.

In Scraps of Light an experimental artificial intelligence called MERCURY has been tasked with creating a cyberspace on your company's servers. The cyberspace has been built according to the directives MERCURY was given and now … Read More

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No Plan B – Beta Sign Up

No Plan B is a tactical single-player siege combat game where you carefully plan and execute high-stakes siege missions with no room for failure.

In No Plan B your success or failure is all down to one thing – planning. At the start of the game you get to choose your team and their load-out, including firearms, armor and grenades. Then you plan your team's … Read More

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Extremely Realistic Siege Warfare Simulator – Beta Sign Up

Extremely Realistic Siege Warfare Simulator is a wonderfully chaotic physics-based warfare simulator where you plan and oversee massive siege battles.

Drawing from the TABS style of chaotic physics-based warfare simulation, Extremely Realistic Siege Warfare Simulator allows you to command armies in huge siege battles. There are dozens of unique unit types, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. Your soldiers each have independent AI, so … Read More

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Spindle – Kickstarter Demo

Spindle is a charming Zelda-esque top-down action adventure where the Grim Reaper and a cute little pink pig set out to return death to the world.

Something is very wrong with the world in Spindle – nobody is dying anymore. If nobody dies then the world will turn to chaos so it's up to Death and his cute little piggy to venture out into … Read More

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Monsters Domain – Beta Sign Up

Monsters Domain is a reverse dungeon crawler that puts you in the shoes of the monsters as they attempt to defend their domain from greedy looting humans.

In Monsters Domain your goal is to prevent heroes from infiltrating your dungeon and stealing your loot. You can build up your defenses and fill your dungeon with a wide variety of monsters – each of which you … Read More

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Memory Leak – Game Jam Build Download

Memory Leak is an inventive little puzzle platformer that crashes before you can start playing and requires you to use menu buttons to fix it!

Created for the Magara Jam #3, Memory Leak is an inventive little puzzle platformer set within a glitchy menu system. In each level you simply need to press the Start button using either your character or the mouse, but due … Read More

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MONOMYTH – Kickstarter Demo

MONOMYTH is a first person dungeon crawling RPG adventure that draws inspiration from Ultima Underworld, Arx Fatalis and the King's Field series as you set out to vanquish the evil that lurks below an ancient fortress city.

In MONOMYTH your father (the King) sent your brother on a quest to a fortress city that has fallen to evil. Hidden deep within the ruins of the … Read More

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OPUS: Echo of Starsong – Beta Demo

OPUS: Echo of Starsong is a beautiful narrative-driven Sci-Fi puzzle adventure that tells the heartfelt story of an exile and a witch who set out in search of mysterious asteroids that emit "Starsongs" and contain immense power.

In OPUS: Echo of Starsong you follow the story of Lee (a young exiled clan leader) and Eda (a "witch" who has the ability to hear Starsongs from … Read More

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Bigfoot – Beta Sign Up

Bigfoot is a first person hunting simulation game where you attempt to track down and hunt the ever-elusive Bigfoot, on your own or with some hunting buddies.

Playable in single-player or online co-op with up to four people, Bigfoot allows you to go on hunting expeditions into forests and wild reserves as you attempt to bag a Bigfoot. You'll be able to track animals, set … Read More

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Rosewater – Alpha Demo

Rosewater is a non-linear point and click Wild West adventure where problems have multiple solutions as a freelance writer goes in search of a missing fortune.

In Rosewater you follow the adventure of Harley Ledger, an astute and tenacious woman who works as a freelance writer in an alternate 19th century Wild West. After taking up a post at the Rosewater Post in the small … Read More

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Dead Air – Game Jam Build Download

Dead Air is a tense little horror game that takes place in a radio tower, where you need to figure out what buttons and levers to use to allow you to send numerical signals that will guide your companion back to safety.

Created for the Summer Slow Jams July 2021: Remix Games jam, in Dead Air you find yourself sitting in a radio tower in … Read More

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Born Punk – Alpha Demo

Born Punk is a pixel art point and click cyberpunk adventure that blends humor with high concept Sci-Fi as three otherworldly entities with no knowledge of this world possess the bodies of three different characters to complete a mysterious mission.

Drawing inspiration from classics such as Monkey Island and Beneath a Steel Sky, Born Punk is a cyberpunk point and click adventure that follows … Read More

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Star Trek Online shares some epic Klingon heavy metal

It's time to bang your bumpy, circlet-adorned, honorable combat-loving head. Star Trek Online was apparently in the mood to rock when singer/songwriter Jason Charles Miller and actress Mary Chieffo unleashed the song Steel and Flame, a metal ballad in the game's House United update that describes L'Rell's return and rise to power within the Klingon […]

Starbase releases hotfixes for research trees, markets, and miscellaneous bugs

With Starbase officially in early access, it would make sense for the devs at Frozenbyte to make updates and adjustments as players work through the sci-fi building sandbox. To that point, there have been a couple of hotfixes recently applied that aren't necessarily huge in terms of content but are useful for addressing some bugs […]

Fiesta Online pushes out huge Realm of the Mad Gods expansion

Gamigo's anime MMO Fiesta Online is having a heckuva month, as the colorful title just got its biggest expansion to date: Realm of the Mad Gods. This is an actual expansion, starting with the addition of three new zones in the titular divine realm — Teva, Apoline, and Cypian — that come with over 100 […]

Vendetta Online adds a new ore, capital ship changes, cargo tractor beams, and instant travel in Deneb

Have you been keeping up with the updates applied to space sandbox of Vendetta Online? If not, then you're in luck because the game's latest newsletter is full of details on what's been introduced to the game recently. One of the first things pointed out is the addition of a new Sammic ore, a highly […]

Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis drives SEGA profits in Q2 2021

Despite falling off the radar due to how much has happened in the MMORPG space this summer, Phantasy Star Online 2's New Genesis re-launch proved to be a financial boon for parent company SEGA. The studio posted its Q2 2021 financials, noting that the MMO "strongly performed" during this quarter as its number two top […]

Voidtrain is a survival sandbox where players build an interdimensional train and explore islands by rail

Looking through the description of Voidtrain and watching video footage, the closest I can come to in terms of a summary is that it looks a bit like Worlds Adrift meets Raft but in a vaguely steampunk style, and even that might be short shrift since this survival sandbox appears to be a pretty unique […]

The Elder Scrolls Online previews one of the lorebooks of the Waking Flame DLC

We all know why you play The Elder Scrolls Online. It's not for exciting combat, it's not for boundless exploration, and it sure as heck isn't for immersive crafting. It's because you want to read in-game lore books, and gosh, does the upcoming Waking Flame DLC ever deliver on that particular goal. But if you […]

Neverwinter is selling charity item bundles to benefit the Boys and Girls Clubs of America

Would you like to get your Neverwinter character a big fluffy stag mount and a bunch of other goodies while also helping out a good cause? Then you're going to want to know about the game's latest charity initiative, which is letting players buy up some unique packs to help out a good cause. The […]

Whatever happened to Astellia and Astellia Royal?

So it's been quite some time since we heard anything about Astellia (which is buy-to-play) or its free-to-play cousin Astellia Royal, hasn't it? And unfortunately, sometimes looking into the questions of what might be happening doesn't actually result in a happy story. Longtime friend of MOP Connor over at MMO Fallout noted that both games […]

Fight or Kite: Crowfall's latest release brings RvR and 'pop-up PvP' to the forefront

It's been about a month since the release of Crowfall, and the team at ArtCraft hasn't let off the gas yet. This past week we saw the completion of the first post-launch campaign and an update called The Shadow. The Shadow brought with it a new campaign refocusing players attention on some traditional RvR style […]

Unsealed court documents outline Google's consideration to buy 'some or all' of Epic

Most of the headlines regarding the Epic vs. Apple vs. Google antitrust lawsuits have been focused on the spat between Epic and Apple owing to it making the most noise, but we can't forget that Epic is taking Google to court over pretty much the same matter. When last we looked, Google tried to dismiss […]

Massively on the Go: Niantic's response to Pokemon Go's community is painfully deficient

Well, the timing of my last Pokemon Go article on the release of the ill-timed spin/interaction nerf was interesting in that it coincided with what felt like a last-minute, 24-hour boycott of the game. Good on the streamers who organized this, but it won't be enough. The game's rating on Googleplay hasn't dropped even 0.1 percent since […]

DC Universe Online's next update arrives to PTS with a new social hub, endgame tweaks, and an allies system

Remember when DC Universe Online said that its August update was going to be "a significant departure" from its usual episode formats? If that piqued your interest (along with all of the episode's planned features), then now is the time for players to hop into PTS and take a look at the upcoming House of […]

Wisdom of Nym: A letter to new players and old hands in Final Fantasy XIV

The population surge in Final Fantasy XIV must be stopping. It absolutely must be nearly over at this point or already over. It absolutely cannot be filled with surging population any longer at this point. I cannot believe it. And then literally as I typed this line and went over to check, the server page […]

SWTOR: Legacy of the Sith's combat styles 'separate story from gameplay'

Forget a new planet or the resurgence of the Republic vs. Empire conflict in Star Wars: The Old Republic — when Legacy of the Sith arrives this winter, you know that everyone's going to be showing up for the much-vaunted combat styles. So let's talk about combat styles, then! BioWare put out a new dev […]

Black Desert's Corsair awakens with swashbuckling otter crewmates on August 11

The Corsair class of Black Desert already has some pretty neat tricks by all accounts. After all, being able to slice up enemies, call down a whale breaching, or temporarily transforming into a mermaid are impressive as it is. But what if she instead traded a rapier for a gunblade and mermaid powers for otter […]

Bless Unleashed will now let PC founder's pack buyers redeem their rewards on all servers

This past weekend, we checked in on the PC launch of Bless Unleashed, which had a number of problems including one where founder's pack buyers were getting their paid-for rewards when moving from one region or server to another — a process that the devs said they would be correcting in order to "avoid confusion." […]

Lord of the Rings Online leak outlines legendary item revamp

Many Lord of the Rings Online players would finger the game's outdated, obtuse, and convoluted legendary item system as the biggest sore spot. And despite the studio making noise about addressing this for pretty much forever, a promised revamp has yet to materialize. This may soon change, as SSG said that an actual revamp is […]

The Daily Grind: How do you know when it's time to throw in the towel on your favorite MMO?

Over the weekend, MOP reader Joey tipped us off to the news that the last major German World of Warcraft fansite has put a halt to publishing. Vanion.de had been running for over 11 years; the current editor cites both the current scandal and the design philosophies of the game and studio in recent months, […]

MMO Week in Review: New World's delay, Bless Unleashed's launch, Blizzard's dumpster fire

Doesn't it feel as if J. Allen Brack stepping down as head of Blizzard was a long time ago? But it was only Tuesday, the same day Activision-Blizzard announced its quarterly financials and we learned that Blizzard's revenues were down and it had lost yet another 1M monthly active users across all its games, meaning […]

Runes of Magic offers an FAQ ahead of its upcoming server merges

Server merges! They're fun for the family, assuming that the family in question has some really weird definitions of fun. Also, they're coming to Runes of Magic, with several European servers and two North American servers merging into one in order to ensure a better overall player experience. We probably should have led with that […]

The MOP Up: Wild Terra 2 invites you to have a good time on, uhhh… Plague Island

With a name like "Plague Island," you know you're in for a great time! This zone will be the first seasonal continent that Wild Terra 2 is adding to the game, only lasting for three to four months. "The first season starts this fall! Travelers will sail to the island, where they will face a […]

PSA: Ashes of Creation's Alpha One test shifts its end date to August 15

As the month of August rolls on and Ashes of Creation's final round of Alpha One testing progresses, many players were perhaps looking at the clock as the test was originally set to end on August 13th. That, however, has changed as the devs at Intrepid Studios have announced there are two more days added […]

The Stream Team: Live first impressions of Bless Unleashed on PC

After some beta testing and some delays, Bless Unleashed has arrived to the PC, and it's time for MOP's Chris to dive in for really real this time and see whether the weeks spent refining the game has made any significant changes to his initial beta impressions. Just us today at 12:00 p.m. EDT and […]

Diablo community manager recounts low pay, a sexually threatening culture, and mistreatment at Blizzard

Back in March 2020, we reported on the departure of Diablo III community manager Brandy "Nevalistis" Camel, who noted in her statement that she was not leaving "for any ill reasons." However, she has now joined myriad others in calling out Activision-Blizzard for its now unveiled culture of sexual harassment and sexual discrimination by way […]

One Shots: Eye love you

While giant floating eyeballs always seem imposing, I can't help but feel bad about their life situation. Eyes are vulnerable enough when they're tucked into a protective skull, but when you make them a huge floating target, you must assume that their entire life is a living hell of cornea infections. "My misadventures in ArcheAge […]

The Daily Grind: Are there any MMOs you know are good that just didn't grab you?

There are friends I know who didn't enjoy City of Heroes. Not that they think the game was bad; it's pretty easy to agree that while the game had its weaknesses (mitten hands!), it was always a good game. But for various reasons the game just didn't click for them. Little things about it were […]

Global Chat: How New World and Star Wars Galaxies are linked

New World and Star Wars Galaxies aren't often mentioned in the same sentence together, unless you're reading MMO blog Unidentified Signal Source. The author recently tried out the New World beta and came away with an intriguing comparison point. "In the most general sense, it feels like a very different flavor of Star Wars Galaxies […]

Star Citizen opens up the landing zone of Orison, adds new ships and ship features in alpha 3.14

Last night saw the Stanton system of Star Citizen expand by one more planet as the gas giant Crusader, and by extension the landing zone of Orison aka the city in the clouds, is now a destination in the release of alpha 3.14. The new landing zone is a primary feature of this new alpha […]

Bless Unleashed's PC launch is marked by 61K arrivals, server issues, region block, and rough Steam reviews

So, how did the PC launch of Bless Unleashed go? I guess we'll say "bumpy" to start off with. The action MMORPG's launch certainly saw a lot of early interest, with SteamDB recording over 61,000 players hopping in initially and just about as many in-game at the time of this writing. However, this hasn't happened […]

Ariana Grande performs in Fortnite this weekend as part of her Rift Tour

We're betting that social media has already blasted the fact that Grammy-winner Ariana Grande is rocking the Fortnite scene this weekend as she performs multiple shows for the game's murderous population. "Building on and incorporating other celebrated Fortnite moments, the Rift Tour will begin with experiences that pair popular tracks with moments based on elements […]

The Game Archaeologist: Defining the eras of MMORPG history

With MMO history stretching back to the early 1980s (and even before), this genre has accumulated a whole lot of history over the years. Taking a bird's eye view of this history is interesting, because you can see the outlines of several distinct (and many more muddled) eras that defined certain years. For a while […]

Activision-Blizzard: Frances Townsend steps down from one studio post, Jeff Kurtenacker departs

It's a day that ends in "y," which means there's another new development in the ongoing Blizzard sexual harassment and sexual discrimination scandal. This time the story revolves around Frances Townsend, the company's president for corporate affairs, who readers will recall sent out a spectacularly combative internal memo that drew a letter of condemnation from […]

WRUP: Directions for homemade almond milk edition

Ingredients: Almonds, milk Directions: In a large saucepan, pour in your milk. Then pour in the almonds. See, it's almond milk! Isn't that clever? See, everyone laugh. Also, it's now crunchy, because almonds are crunchy. Yes, this was all a setup for this joke. Oh, Aidan, now's the time you have to bring up your […]

The Daily Grind: What's the most impractical-looking MMO weapon?

As a long-time purveyor of MMORPGs, I totally get that visuals and style are the true game and all else supports that. We love to get new armor and weapon models, and the spiffier, the better. Yet what starts as a gradual increase in quality — a chipped wood sword upgrading to a battered tin […]

Betawatch: New World gets delayed once again

What's that? New World with another delay? All right, look, it's not funny any more, folks. This game has been delayed so many times that we all expected this to happen, and even then it was meant to be a joke rather than another actual thing that happened. Seriously, at some point you need to […]

Destiny 2 outlines changes coming to sandbox PvE in season 15 and Crucible PvP in future seasons

The devs of Destiny 2 are looking far forward into the future with regard to the shooter's PvE and PvP experiences. In the game's weekly newsletter, combat gameplay designer Eric Smith took a close look at sandbox changes that are coming, which include a separate melee action button, ability changes for Stasis and class-specific skills […]

PSA: Rhino Prime and Nyx Prime return to Warframe on August 10

The Prime Vault could only hope to contain them for so long. Or something like that. That's probably just a bit more flavor than Warframe's latest announcement needed, but the fact remains that both Rhino Prime and Nyx Prime are going to be coming out of the Prime Vault and back into the game starting […]

Ashes of Creation gives rapid-fire answers to dozens of community queries

There's never enough time in any studio AMA or livestream Q&A to address all of the questions that players put out there. This is why Ashes of Creation followed up its recent stream with a forum post answering dozens of questions from fans that didn't get covered. The weird thing is, this forum post is […]

ArcheAge and ArcheAge Unchained tout an August full of events and a list of returning ArchePasses

Are you eager for some new content in ArcheAge and ArcheAge Unchained? Too bad, it's leftovers month as this August is mostly about returning events and promotions. That might be unfortunate news for players looking for something new, but it also might be welcome news for those who missed out on certain things. Headlining the […]

Inside Star Citizen casts a spotlight on a dev, previews bombs, flying while drunk, and a new star system

The latest episode for Star Citizen's regular video digest is, by its own admission, taking the opportunity to do a little something different as the devs at CIG are heads down for presentations and reveals for this year's digital CitizenCon. The video first starts off with a segment Cloud Imperium is calling Origin Stories, highlighting […]

Skyforge prepares players for a month of invasions and a summer event in August

What's the true meaning of summer? Fighting off snake monsters. No, wait, maybe it's fighting off demons. Depending on your platform for playing Skyforge, it's going to be one or the other. Players on the Xbox, PlayStation, and PC are still dealing with the Gorgonide invasion and fighting off snakes, but players on the Nintendo […]

New exposé reveals still more layers of sexual harassment and discrimination at Blizzard

Bloomberg has yet another piece up on the ongoing Activision-Blizzard sexual harassment and discrimination scandal, this one interviewing "more than 50 current and former employees" at the company and opening with the story behind the 2018 departure of CTO Ben Kilgore, Mike Morhaime's then-"heir apparent." When Kilgore's replacement was asked what happened, he apparently told […]

Book of Travels focuses on roleplaying choices for its character creation

How often do you start a character creator and think about your character's backstory beyond what the stats say? If you're a dyed-in-the-wool roleplayer, the answer is probably "most of the time," and that means you're going to be delighted by the character creation in Book of Travels. Far from being focused solely on your […]

X-Treme sports romp Riders Republic plans a beta for late August

Grab your virtual wingsuit, mountain bike, skis, or snowboard and give nature a good thrashin' when Riders Republic's beta test lands later this month. The extreme sports playground is opening up to everyone from August 23rd through the 25th prior to its September 2nd launch. This NDA-bound beta will let you join up to 50 […]

Final Fantasy XIV readies itself for a cool Moonfire Faire on August 13

It's time for Final Fantasy XIV to kick off its annual summer celebration very soon, but this year's celebration is going to just hit a bit differently. How so? Well, this year the goal isn't giving you a new swimsuit; it's getting you in the mindset of being chill. You know what's the chillest conceivable […]

Enter to win mounts, keys, and even a physical treasure chest in our Neverwinter Jewel of the North sweepstakes

In celebration of the launch of Jewel of the North last week on PC, Neverwinter has granted Massively OP a huge stack of goodies for our readers. This is a multi-part giveaway with both physical and digital items, so hang with us while we explain! One gold-prize winner will receive a Neverwinter Swashbuckling Bard Treasure Chest […]

For Science: Men roll more female characters than women roll male toons, new survey shows

Do you play MMO characters who reflect your gender in real life? Apparently, the answer depends a bit on which gender and how old you actually are. That's according to a new report out of Quantic Foundry, whose Gamer Motivation Profile we've covered extensively over the last few years. Nick Yee and his fellow academics […]

WoW Factor: The ethics of playing on private World of Warcraft servers right now

There's a problem to be found when it comes to World of Warcraft, and that problem is Blizzard Entertainment. That is a known fact at this point. You either don't need me to reiterate the problems with the studio at this point or you're willfully ignoring those problems, and in either case re-linking the articles […]

Pokemon Go players intensify boycott over COVID rollbacks as Niantic offers only minor concessions

Anyone who follows our Massively on the Go column and its long-running Pokemon Go coverage knows that Niantic has faced years of criticism from everyone from accessibility advocates to non-urban players. Over the global pandemic in 2020 and 2021, the company wisely tweaked the game to reduce its potential for pushing players out into the […]