Monday, 14 September 2020

MMO Week in Review: LOTRO's mini-expansion, WoW's covenant fuss

As part of our recaps at the end of every calendar year, we always do a piece here on MOP about developer quotes and related shenanigans. This week offered up a whole bunch of contenders for that piece that I suspect we'll be seeing again, as Chris Roberts, Tim Sweeney, and Raph Koster all went […]

Craftopia's fourth consecutive patch keeps hunger from killing you and adds window frames

Last week, a patch arrived each day for four straight days over in Craftopia, but the most recent patch is notable because you can stop dying of hunger! No, really; hunger damage will no longer kill you, leaving you at 1 HP as you desperately wish for a hamburger. So a slight breeze will kill you, but […]

The MOP Up: Overhit sunsets in Korea

Nexon's Overhit is fading quickly from the mobile MMO scene. Its global servers were shut down earlier this year, leaving only the Korean and Japanese versions alive. And now the Korean shards are on the chopping block, scheduled to close down for good on November 11th. And this is just the beginning of the rest of the […]

Here's how leveling an alt in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands will currently work

We know that World of Warcraft players will have a small battalion of alts to push through the content of Shadowlands. So how exactly does that work? The folks at Wowhead have compiled the currently known steps together in to one handy dandy guide just in case you're curious but not experiencing the expansion's beta. […]

Jukebox Heroes: The best of MapleStory 2's soundtrack

The death of MapleStory 2 earlier this year is seen as somewhat tragic in the Massively OP offices. Many of us got time with this colorful MMO and were charmed by its unique style, robust tools, and generally fun atmosphere. We weren't happy to see it go away so quickly, I can assure you. And […]

Pirates fight ninjas in Trove, Aura Kingdom's 'double patch,' Twin Saga adds a new Senshi

With the number of MMOs under the Gamigo umbrella, it's perhaps easy for some of their updates to fall through the cracks, so consider this story a sweep-up of some recent happenings in several of the publisher's smaller titles. Over in Trove, there's an event where pirates are fighting ninjas over who's the best at […]

One Shots: When nerfing goes too far

We've all seen classes and gear hit with the nerf bat from time to time in MMOs — hey, it's a fact of life! But actually giving players foam weapons seems like the devs are grossly overstepping their duties. Minimalistway shares this World of Warcraft evidence: "Sometimes the game asks me not to kill mobs […]

The Daily Grind: Do you try to be patient with new players in MMOs?

Patience is a virtue. It is also something not everyone is very good at – and I include myself in this particular batch because I have a very easy time becoming impatient when the same person keeps screwing up the same mechanic in the same way multiple times in Final Fantasy XIV. The first time, […]

Global Chat: Which MMO has the least annoying inventory system?

Inventory is something we have to deal with in, oh, pretty much every MMO that we play. Some games are far more generous with space and offer better sorting options, while others give you a shoebox and expect you to store your horse, armor, and sword inside of it. So which MMO is the best […]

Mortal Online 2 scales up testing, aims for a beta later this year

After months running a combat alpha, Mortal Online 2 is ramping up the scope and population of its testing. In this month's newsletter, Star Vault said that it's increasing the number of alpha keys it's distributing and is planning a beta test for late 2020. "In the coming months we will also start a technical […]

Chris Roberts says Star Citizen is 'not a pipe dream' in spite of taking longer than planned

It's been some time since we've heard a peep from Star Citizen's Chris Roberts — the 10 for the Chairman video series has ended, and we haven't had a roundtable Pillar Talk since April, though that's likely more due to the pandemic than anything else. However, CIG's big boss has recently emerged in a couple […]

Tim Sweeney insists Epic Games' legal battle is meant to stop a monopoly

In an interview with NPR, Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney is continuing to explain that the motivation for his company's legal battle with Google and Apple over Fortnite is meant to stop the tech giants from monopolizing the mobile games space. "It's not just Epic being exploited by Apple, but it's every developer who goes […]

The Stream Team: Mo Mania the Third, stream-athon extravaganza

You know what they say, the third Mo Mania's the charm! And we're starting up the third Mo Mania stream-athon right now with plans to dazzle and delight you. (Though if you want to get technical, MOP's fifth birthday celebrations were also Mo Manias, though not stream-athons.) Do you wish to be delighted? Dazzled? Deafened […]

LOTRO Legendarium: The quiet consistency of Lord of the Rings Online

I want to start this LOTRO Legendarium column today by talking about, well, by talking about World of Warcraft. Like probably many of you, I play several different MMOs, and alongside of LOTRO, WoW has been one of my most consistently visited titles. And as we all well know from general chat, there's no resisting […]

WRUP: Extreme unicorn hammer tag edition

Important note: Due to the sensitive nature of the contents contained within, this post has been auto-checked by ContentReader Safe Censor™! The algorithms of Safe Censor™ ensure that you see as much of a post as is possible while editing out any unpleasantness unsafe for human eyes. Please enjoy! All right, folks, it's time for […]

The Daily Grind: Which MMO has the best in-game cutscenes and cinematics?

There are a lot of ways that stories can be told in MMORPGs, but one of the most straight-forward and visually exciting is the cinematic cutscene. These temporarily yank the player out from actively controlling a character to simply watch an important narrative beat play out as a small movie in the game. Not every […]

Betawatch: Craftopia is doing the difficult Early Access work

There's kind of a pall around early access games, mostly because a lot of them launch into early access and then faff about pointlessly. But Craftopia is doing the hard work necessary to keep itself going along, and that hard work means patching. So many patches hit this week! Points for Craftopia. Other beta news is not being patched […]

The Stream Team: Following the Path of Fire story in Guild Wars 2

Massively OP's MJ was not in any rush to finally finish the Guild Wars 2 Path of Fire story… until she learned that she can't have an underwater mount until she does! Now she's raring to go. There is quite a bit of story to cover, so let's get to it: Tune in live at […]

Meta: Meet Mo Mania the Third, coming to SUBtember this Saturday

Whats better than a regular Mo stream? A Mo Mania stream-athon! (And a third one at that!) Meet Mo Mania the The Third, or MO III for short. If you were seeking hours of livestreaming entertainment filled with silly songs and prize giveaways for your weekend, look no further: Mo Mania III is here for […]

Isometric co-op zombie roguelike OARPG Darksburg exits early access on September 23

While we've been busy keeping eyes on all the games as best as we can, developer Shiro Games has had its head down working away on Darksburg, the isometric online ARPG that sees players trying to survive in the titular town during a zombie outbreak — you'll recall it was among the titles we included […]

The Division 2 details its upcoming Summit game mode and maps out content for the rest of the year

Remember when a dataminer in May unearthed details of a new game mode that involved a multi-story skyscraper being taken back by Agents? The datamine that was confirmed by the devs at the time? Well, now we're all getting more succinct details of this new game mode, which is being dubbed Summit. Summit tasks players […]

Inside Star Citizen offers up a closer look at Origin 100 ships and the Building Blocks UI

There's certainly something to be said for arriving in a big, chunky spaceship, but sometimes you just need something a little smaller and more refined, especially if you're the sort who seeks out dogfights. Star Citizen is feeding that need for smaller spacecraft with the upcoming Origin 100 series, which were part of the game's […]

LOTRO's next 'mini-expansion' content update includes boar mounts and a $100 edition

We already knew that Lord of the Rings Online is working on a Gundabad expansion for 2021, but before that arrives, there's a big fall update on the way. However, if you were expecting to get this for free, you may want to brace yourself: This update is being branded as a "mini-expansion" that will […]

MMO Business Roundup: Guild Wars 2 voice acting, EVE Online mental health, Good Game, and more

Welcome back to another roundup of MMO – and MMO-adjacent – industry news! Guild Wars 2: If you've been bummed about Guild Wars 2's pandemic-times content episodes and their lack of voice recording, your troubles are soon coming to an end. ArenaNet announced last night that the "voice over actors are back in the studio," […]

Legends of Aria makes plants extremely mad with the launch of Season 5: Raging Undergrowth

Are you ready to piss off plants? Then you're prepared for Legends of Aria's latest season Raging Undergrowth, which tasks players with thinning the growing threat of the Tree Lords in the Black Forest. As one would expect, this involves the use of fire — specifically a torch — on Tree Lord Saplings. And as […]

The Stream Team: Discovering Secrets of the Sand Sea in AQ3D

What do mummies, sandworms, and lizardmen have in common? Massively OP's MJ is going to face them all as she explores the new Hidden Tomb in AQ3D. This latest update invites all to come discover the secret of the Sand Sea, so join us live at 2:00 p.m. as MJ dons her Indiana Jones hat […]

Star Wars Galaxies Restoration III is a new rogue server blending the CU with the NGE

One of the best (and arguably also worst) parts of the Star Wars Galaxies emulation community is just how many servers we have to play around with, many of them with new ideas and new ruleset combinations that keep the 2003 MMORPG fresh long after its sunset. While we cover SWG Legends and the original […]

Massively on the Go: Pokemon Go's new event includes problematic features and stat bloat

Yes, more not-great-news in Pokemon Go, and yes, it's once again mostly about Mega Evolution. While it's been nice that the official Pokemon Go Twitter account has been trying to engage players in positive ways more so than I can recall in the past, it does so in the face of a tidal wave of […]

Apple reverses its decision to block 'Sign In with Apple' functionality for Fortnite after Apple user blowback

As the battle between Epic Games and Apple continues to wear on, the effects for the players continues to be felt in small waves. Case in point, the Fortnite Status Twitter account stated that Apple would be cutting off future "Sign In with Apple" functionality for the game on mobile on September 11th, offering up […]

Project Gorgon's latest patch sends you to the dungeon(s)

At this point, it wouldn't surprise us if Project Gorgon never actually launched but rather stayed in its early access cocoon indefinitely. At least we know that the MMO would continue to grow at a steady pace, even if it didn't get an official release. And so the pupa grows even larger this week with […]

Elite Dangerous is reviving its in-game storytelling with the return of Galnet and community goals

Earlier this year, the Elite Dangerous community was justifiably grumpy over the revelation that Frontier had seemingly put an end to communtiy features such as community goals, Interstellar Initiatives, and even pure lore content through GalNet. There were petitions and players begging to be allowed to fill the gap themselves, and even Elite novelist Drew […]

WoW Factor: Covenants have become a Shadowlands prison of Blizzard's own making

If there was any remaining question about what stage of the expansion development we were at with World of Warcraft: Shadowlands, this week marked the "we hear the things some of you are asking for and here's why we're not doing any of that" stage of developer communication. This means that yes, we are now at […]

Ubisoft CEO address promises 'real change' in the wake of massive sexual harassment scandal

While publisher/developer Ubisoft was keen to showcase the games its been working on during the Ubisoft Forward broadcast, what wasn't part of the presentation was any mention of the company's still-lingering problems with institutionalized sexual harassment, which has seen to date a total of seven managers ousted from the company. Instead, Ubisoft released a separate […]

Raph Koster argues MMOs are much more than 'a series of kill and fetch quest pellets'

As many of us know, Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning will be the only leavings we may ever see of 38 Studios' ambitious MMO Project Copernicus after the studio famously burst into flames so hard that Rhode Island got hurt. And now that the game has released its remaster, it's back on the minds of many, […]

TERA will 'live on,' starts transferring operations from En Masse next week

It may be the end of an era for En Masse Entertainment, but it's definitely not the end of the road for TERA. The closing publisher posted another notice yesterday that promised that the action MMO would "live on" under new management. Starting next week, TERA is going to begin the process of transferring to […]

Amazon is apparently working on a new unnamed sci-fi MMO

Former SOE and Daybreak boss John Smedley has been a fixture at Amazon Game Studios for the last few years, working on at least one unannounced game that we know of. This week, he tweeted that he's hiring again for the studio in San Diego, though apparently remote work is on the table too. And […]

The Daily Grind: What's the worst MMO you've ever played?

Earlier this month, I first heard about Josh Strife Hayes, a YouTuber doing noble work by playing his way through a pile of unloved and distressingly terrible MMOs in order to find the worst one ever. To be fair, some of the games he's tried really aren't that bad. But I'm having Scarlet Blade flashbacks […]

The Stream Team: Plundering a pirate fort in Neverwinter

Shaben Shortcloak found a likely cache of treasure in Neverwinter's Pirate's Skyhold, and he's not moving a muscle until he can plunder it! Of course, he doesn't want to try for it alone, so Massively OP and her team will be lending a hand. (And that means they will take a cut!) Tune in live […]

Massively Overthinking: Contemplating in-game advertising

Last week, EA announced that it would finally be removing all the in-game ads from UFC4 after a few days of intense complaining from fans. Not only were the ads fundamentally annoying, but this was a $60 title, and the studio turned on full commercials in-game a few weeks after the launch, after all the […]

Torchlight III delays its next patch once again to next week

Remember when we were young and innocent and were looking forward to the next early access patch for Torchlight III this week? How foolish and naive we were. It turns out that the next patch and its changes to Dusk Mages, training dummies, and other systems will be waiting for a bit longer, as September 8th […]

Last Oasis introduces the lava-slurping Camelop Walker in its latest update

Harvesting lava has got to be tough, whether in real life or in the survival sandbox of Last Oasis, but as of the latest update that job has gotten a bit easier thanks to the introduction of the Camelop Walker. This unique new machine is specially designed to pump up large amounts of lava or […]

Final Fantasy XI delivers the second installment of the Voracious Resurgence today

Black-clad beastmen, a mysterious threat, and also the meta level of new story content in Final Fantasy XI should be more than enough to excite players about today's patch introducing the next part of the Voracious Resurgence. Of course, there's more to the latest update than that; the addition of Sheol C to Odyssey provides new […]

MMO gamers held an inspiring memorial for a fallen friend on Warhammer Online's Return of Reckoning server

As part of our Massively Uplifting column this past week, we covered an emerging story on the Warhammer Online Return of Reckoning rogue server, as a veteran player named Gary aka biploargary shared that he had terminal lung cancer and wished to say farewell to the Warhammer community he loved so much. That community sprang […]

Albion Online player steals an in-game billion's worth of assets from a guild in a self-described 'long con'

On the one hand, you have to respect a good caper, but on the other hand, this particular bit of thievery that happened in Albion Online saw assets stolen from Fricks, a guild that reportedly tries to help new and inexperienced players through the game. So that kind of sucks. According to a report of […]

Black Desert counts 40M players as its PC version buffs music and adds new Shai instruments

Pearl Abyss has officially turned 10 years old today, and it's brought some hard liquor to the party. Did I say hard liquor? I meant hard numbers, which might be less entertaining short-term but is significantly more interesting long-term! Specifically, the Korean company says that Black Desert counts 40M players across four platforms and 150 […]

SMITE's design director confirms one more new god in 2020, outlines early plans for 2021's Season 8

If you're not among those who are following SMITE design director A.J. Walker on Twitter, then you might have missed a thread with some pretty important details about the game's future moving in to the rest of this year and the early party of next year. In it, he discusses how the dev team has […]

World of Warcraft: Afterlives highlights Ardenweald – if you can bear it

We are happily resurrecting old memes with the latest installment of the World of Warcraft Afterlives animated shorts because watching this video should aggro every bears within a 40 yard radius. It only makes sense, you are watching a video about their best friend. Yes, it's time to go to Ardenweald, and that means looking at a […]

Ubisoft's long-delayed Skull and Bones promises new 'vision' and a 'comeback' next year

If it seems as if you've been hearing about Ubisoft's Skull and Bones for an absurdly long time without a game to show for it, that's because you have. It was announced and demo'd at E3 all the way back in 2017 – we even played it! But it's been delayed and delayed more in […]

Corepunk is aiming for a 'WoW Classic difficulty level,' with housing and farming in the works

With closed beta on the way for this December, Corepunk is generating some degree of interest among cyberpunk MMO fans. To feed the hype machine, Producer Eugene Kiver appeared on Reddit this week to tackle an AMA about the upcoming game. Kiver said that the team is aiming at "WoW Classic difficulty level" for Corepunk, expecting […]

Perfect Ten: How to speak with your family members about playing MMOs

The nice part about growing up with serious social awkwardness as "the weird one" in my family is that really, every strange fixation I had was more or less already covered by all of my other issues. When you have a hard time being around other human beings for more than half an hour at […]

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