Sunday, 13 September 2020

Game on for video firms in E. Europe

Video gaming has boomed as workers stayed home because of the coronavirus pandemic. ... Star Wars fan Toni Moore took to the Beat Saber virtual- reality video game, ... It was the first VR game in the world to top 1 million users.

Far Cry VR Dive Into Insanity: Far Cry 3 Vaas is back in Virtual Reality, but …

The presentation video shared by Ubisoft (and attached at the top of this news) will provide you with a precise idea of ​​the characteristics of the game, ...

The future of gaming : How 5G and VR will drastically affect the next gen of teenagers

But secondly, virtual reality ( VR) has redefined gaming as we know it and has offered a completely unique approach to how we see video games.

Artiste Diya Naidu's latest work merges movement arts with virtual reality

While performing, I wear a VR motion capture suit. For this, I have collaborated with artistes based in Sydney and Geneva. It was commissioned for the ...

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