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Tuesday, 13 October 2020

Steins;Gate And Anonymous;Code Announcements Coming October 25

Steins;Gate 10th anniversary steins;gate anonymous;code new coming october 25 feature kurisu huke

On October 12, Mages announced a live stream and a talk show event are coming for Steins;Gate and Anonymous;Code. It's happening on October 25. These are the big events that Mages President Chiyomaru Shikura teased in a Famitsu interview in August.

The first stream (Youtube) will be on October 25 at 1700 JST (Click here for other time zones).

This stream will focus on the future of Mages with Colopl, It'll have news on Anonymous;Code, the latest game in the Science Adventure Series. coming to PS4, PlayStation Vita, and Switch. Judging from the latest comments on the game from Chiyomaru Shikura, it's likely we'll finally get a release date. The stream will also focus on the 10th anniversary of Steins;Gate.

Overall, these announcements were supposed to happen earlier in 2020, but were delayed due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The second stream (Youtube) will be at 19 JST (time conversion table). This one will be less important, and fanserivce oriented. It'll be a talk show with the cast of Steins;Gate, Anonymous;Code, and Mages staff including Chiyomaru Shikura.

The seiyuu who will appear on both streams were listed as well: Mamoru Miyano (Rintarou Okabe), Tomokazu Seki (Itaru Hashida), Asami Imai (Kurisu Makise), Shiina Natsukawa (Momo Aizaki in Anonymous;Code) Ayano Yamamoto (Kana Kurashina in Anonymous;Code).

We'll be sure to watch both streams and report anything worthy.

In the same Famitsu interview from August 2020, Chiyomaru Shikura explained why Colopl Acquired Mage. He also shared his wish to make a Super Robot Wars scale crossover with every game in the Science Adventure Series. Lastly, he said he wants to make games for Madoka Magika, Your Name and Evangelion.

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Does… The Burger King Have the PS5?

We're about a month away from the release of the Xbox Series X | S and the PlayStation 5, and press, influencers and even a few celebrities across the board are beginning to get their hands on early versions of the consoles. While Xbox has sent out more units to press and influencers, Sony has seemingly taken a more influence-driven approach, favoring celebrities like Travis Scott, and now, The Burger King.

About half an hour ago, the official Burger King Twitter account tweeted a video of the company's (somewhat creepy) mascot, the Burger King, opening a bag from the fast-food restaurant with a blue glow shining out of the bag with a short jingle playing before he packs it back up and the video displays the date 10/15

Following this Tweet, the PlayStation Twitter account quote Tweeted the King's post with an eye emoji and an ear emoji.

Based on everything we can tell, the Burger King just delivered us our first official taste of the PlayStation 5 UI, with what is presumably, its startup noise. While there's not much else to go off of, this is likely a tease for an announcement of just what exactly the PS5 UI looks like, which would be par for the course for gaming marketing in 2020. Outside of a couple potentially leaked videos, Sony and PlayStation have kept details about their console's user interface surprisingly hush, which is either promising or worrying, depending on whether or not you liked the PS4 UI.

Or, it could be a surprise announcement for a sequel to the infamous Xbox-exclusive licensed game, Sneak King? If so, announcing it as a PlayStation exclusive as a cute little jab at Xbox would be downright hilarious.

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Here's Where the U.S. Potentially Stands on PS5 vs. Xbox Series X

ps5 xbox series x

The United States is divided right now. In early November, the country is going to make a decision that will help shape the course of our nation for the coming years. It's a moment that only comes every few years, but it's a vital one to be sure. And no, I'm not talking about the 2020 presidential election — I'm talking about the choice between buying a PS5 or Xbox Series X.

Based on new data that has been gathered by Hastings Entertainment, it seems as though we might have an idea of which next-gen platform is more anticipated in the United States between the PS5 and Xbox Series X. Going on a state-by-state basis thanks to the use of geotagging, information has been pulled to determine which way states in the U.S. might be leaning in the upcoming "console war." The PS5 notably beat out the Xbox Series X with 28 states finding the next-gen PlayStation platform more favorable compared to 22 states going to the new Xbox.

Here are the full results from the data laid out in full:

Now look — how accurate is this map in the first place? Well, probably not very. The data that is being pulled here to create this layout has been gathered entirely via Twitter hashtags. When gathering tweets that have been tagged with certain designations such as #XboxSeriesX and #PS5 to go along with taglines for each console such as #PowerYourDreams and #PlayHasNoLimits, these were the results. Hashtag usage is an iffy thing to lean on when it comes to drawing larger conclusions, but it at the very least might give us a better idea in terms of how excited folks are in each state for the new consoles.

Furthermore, only 200,000 tweets were gathered over the past thirty days as well. While this is a sizable amount of data, it's still not enough to know for sure that this information is accurate. Still, it's a fun thing to examine and theorize about.

Only time will tell how accurate this map might be, but with only a few short weeks left until launch, we should start to get a better idea of what the masses think of this new hardware in short order. The Xbox Series X/S is due out next month on November 10 whereas the PS5 is set to arrive two days later on November 12.

Oh, and while I was being tongue-in-cheek with the 2020 election allusions in this piece, you absolutely should vote next month if you're in the United States and are able to do so.

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Super Robot Wars Producer Reveals Canceled SRW OG PS3, PS Vita Game Featuring Ricardo And Zamzeed

Super Robot Wars OG Begins feature

On October 12, Bandai Namco held a new stream for the Super Robot Wars series and while no new game was announced, we learned instead about a canceled game, Super Robot Wars OG Begins.

The first part of the stream was the usual, with new additions to SRW Cross Omega being announced, most notably Bokurano. The second part of the stream was a talk show with Series Producer Takanobu Terada and Soichiro Morizumi: the main writer of SRW Compact / Impact, SRW Advance, Real Robot Regiment, Namco x Capcom and its successors: SRW OG Mugen no Frontier and Project X Zone.

The talk show was over four hours and didn't last six hour as initially announced, however, Morizumi and Terada brought up tons of interesting subjects. In particular, Terada showed us the Powerpoint presentation for a canceled Super Robot Wars OG game, planned for a digital-only release on PS3 and PS Vita.

Note that the following contains spoilers for Super Robot Wars Gaiden Masoukishin The Lord of Elemental.

Tentatively titled Super Robot Wars OG Begins, the game would take place before the events of Super Robot Wars OGs / OG 1, and before Masoukishin The Lord of Elemental. The game was planned to be around 26 stages in total, with stages both on La Gias and on Earth.

Super Robot Wars OG Begins Super Robot Wars OG Begins Super Robot Wars OG Begins Super Robot Wars OG Begins

What's even more interesting is how the protagonist was supposed to be Ricardo Silveira, the Brazilian pilot of Zamzeed, the Earth Masoukishin, in the first part of Masoukishin 1. As you already know if you're reading this article in the first place, Ricardo sacrifices himself to protect Tyutti in Masoukishin 1, with Mio Sasuga later becoming the new pilot of Zamzeed. Since each Masoukishin pilot has their own specific Familiars, Super Robot Wars OG Begins would have revealed Ricardo's familiars as well: Amedeo, Mericur, and Joricurl.

Super Robot Wars OG Begins would have also focused on Shu Shirakawa and his past, with his activities in the Volkruss cult, and how he developed the Granzon, explaining the black box inside of it (that was later explained in 2nd Super Robot Wars OG).

Super Robot Wars OG Begins would have also featured characters and mecha appearing in the OG game following it, which should be Moon Dwellers. It's hard to say when OG Begins was planned because Terada didn't give an actual date, and he doesn't remember much himself. He only said he wrote the proposal for the game "Before F", which I assume he meant before Masoukishin F. That would mean somewhere around 2012-2013, as Masoukishin F was released on August 29, 2014.

Terada also explained they ended up never doing the content that would have been in this game. What they show in 2nd Super Robot Wars OG and in Dark Prison isn't from Super Robot Wars OG Begins.

One of the reasons why the game was canceled is because it was too Masoukishin series focused. And the Masoukishin series isn't as popular as the main SRW OG series. That's also why the name OG Begins was temporary. As it felt misleading seeing it was more a Masoukishin game than an regular OG game.

You can watch the Super Robot Wars OG Begins part starting the 4:07:00 timestamp:

Stay tuned as we'll soon publish a summary of the rest of the talk show in a separate article.

Super Robot Wars will celebrate its 30th anniversary in 2021, and it's very likely we'll get a new game on PS4, PS5, PC via Steam, and Switch.

In the past, Takanobu Terada already talked about another canceled Super Robot Wars project, featuring only Showa era mecha anime.

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Spider-Man: Miles Morales New Daily Bugle Teaser Shows Off Miles Training with Peter

Even though we haven't seen new gameplay from Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales recently, Insomniac Games is keeping us more than interested in the lead up to launch day. Following the release of a new screenshot and the announcement of some tie-in books, Insomniac has today fleshed out the potential narrative of Miles Morales in a pretty unique way.

Across its various social media platforms today, Insomniac posted a new "article" snippet that was meant to be written from the perspective of the Daily Bugle's Robbie Robertson. The faux report details the backstory of Miles and the original Spider-Man, Peter Parker, being seen training together across New York City by citizens. Packed with new images as well, the story talks about how this new Spider-Man was "messy" at first, but he has since improved on his web-slinging and wall-crawling. Clearly, what is being described takes place between the events of Marvel's Spider-Man and the upcoming follow-up Miles Morales.

It's a really cute piece of promotional material that you can check out right here:

Likely the biggest thing that we can potentially glean from this article though comes in the form of a new screenshot (or brief video) that can be seen on the final slide. The image sees both Miles and Peter swinging through the city, although Miles notably isn't wearing his black and red tights. Instead, he is donning a suit that looks more similar to Peter's to go along with shorts and a hoodie. If you have watched Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, you'll probably find it to be quite familiar.

The biggest question surrounding this image, however, comes in regards to whether or not this sequence is actually from Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales. Will the game perhaps open up with Miles still training under Peter? Or is Insomniac purely showing this off in this format to detail the time between the two games? Only time will tell, but I know that I'd personally find it cool if the game kicked off with a training sequence before later seeing Miles acquire his standard set of tights.

Either way, it won't take long for us to find out as Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales will launch alongside the PS5 exactly one month from today on November 12. It will also be releasing on the same date for PS4, too.

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Xbox Now Has an Emoji of the Xbox Series X for a Bunch of Hashtags

xbox series x hashtags

With the release of the next-generation Xbox Series X / S on route, Microsoft has already pushed a fancy trailer live last week. But now it's also got a bunch of hashtags available on Twitter that all come with an emoji of the Xbox Series X against a green circle.

Hashtags are fun things, and they get even more fun when brans get access to custom emojis that are tacked onto the end of the hashtag. Earlier this year, when it felt like PlayStation was actually marketing its console, we saw the DualSense emoji added to the end of the #PS5 hashtags. PlayStation did the same thing for The Last of Us Part 2 and Ghost of Tsushima that featured Jin.

It seems Microsoft has gone all-in with emoji coverage by getting a good number of hashtags covered. Now, if you're planning on using a hashtag and talking about the Xbox console, you can expect to see the emoji automatically added. Here's the list of approved hashtags according to the official Xbox Twitter account.

  • #XboxSeriesX
  • #PowerYourDreams
  • #Xbox
  • #SeriesX
  • #PYD
  • #JumpIn

The last one, #JumpIn is a nice little nostalgic throwback, but I'm more upset that the Series S doesn't appear to be getting any love here. Either way, it's great that we can now use the Xbox Series X and PS5 hashtags and get some cute emojis pop up in our tweets. Emoji culture is fun isn't it?

The Xbox Series X / S is slated to be launching next month on November 10.

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Football Manager 2021 Video Teases New Features

Football Manager 2021

Football Manager is undoubtedly the premium football management simulator on the market. Primed with thousands of players, dozens of leagues and tonnes of management options, the game is a must-play for any budding Jose Mourinho. With every new iteration comes a host of new changes and improvements and Football Manager 2021 looks no different.

Released as a video through the official Football Manager Twitter account, developers Sports Interactive have shared a preview some of the new additions to the 2021 edition of the game.

Some of the first additions and tweaks briefly showed revolve around the transfers and the transfer market. Managers will be able to hold recruitment meetings with their backroom staff, as well as approaching agents about the availability of their players. The media will also have some new questions regarding new signings and whether they'll be featuring in upcoming matches.

The video also teased new tactical options, giving you the chance to "perfect your tactics". These look to include the ability to offer players pre-match advice such as dropping deeper defensively.

Football Manager 2021 offers managers the power to "manage the game in more detail than ever before." While the video didn't fully explain how, it was littered with plenty of graphs. These included shot maps, XG (expected goals) graphs and player heat maps.

While the video was brief and details fairly sparse, Sports Interactive says that this reveal "marks the beginning of our FM21 feature drops…" With the game now just over a month away, launching on November 24 on PC, it would be wise to expect snippets of information to drop fairly regularly.

This year is a big one for Football Manager. For the first time since 2007, the game will be launching on the Xbox platform. Football Manager 2021 is confirmed to be coming to the Xbox One, Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X before the end of this year. Unfortunately for fans, it won't be hitting the PS4 or PS5, simply because Sony didn't get dev kits to the developers on time.

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Ghost of Tsushima Can Run at 60fps on PS5 with Game Boost Active

Ghost of Tsushima, Sucker Punch Productions, PS4

While the PS5 will boast a library in the thousands when it comes to PS4 titles that are forward compatible on the next-gen system, only a certain number of those games will receive boosts for the upcoming hardware. In the case of one of the biggest PS4 releases of this year, we now know that it will indeed receive Game Boost functionality, and we also have a better idea of what that now entails.

Developer Sucker Punch recently took to Twitter to announced that its open-world action RPG Ghost of Tsushima will indeed be one of the PS4 titles on PS5 that will support Game Boost. As a result, Sucker Punch says GoT will be able to run with "frame rates up to 60FPS" in addition to having shorter loading times. The game will also be available on PS5 on day one and will allow users to transfer their saves from PS4 to PS5, too.

Even though we haven't heard much from other developers in the industry when it comes to their own plans for Game Boost, I imagine most will feature similar specs. Drastic graphical overhauls might not be commonplace for PS4 games that come to PS5, but I imagine many will be happy with better frame rates alone. Speaking for myself, I know that I would gladly return to games like God of War and Bloodborne if they ran at a consistent 60fps.

The PS5 is set to launch exactly one month from today on November 12. For more on Ghost of Tsushima, you can hear our thoughts on the game in our latest Game of the Year video discussion.

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Bokurano Gets in Super Robot Wars Cross Omega

Super Robot Wars Bokurano

Bandai Namco held a new stream for the Super Robot Wars series on October 12. The first part of the stream was the usual, with new additions to SRW Cross Omega being announced, the toys corner, etc. The second part of the stream was a talk show with Producer Takanobu Terada and Soichiro Morizumi, one of the main writer of SRW games. We'll be covering the talk show in upcoming separate articles. For now, here's what happened on the first part of the stream, with all the announcements regarding the 5th anniversary of Cross Omega.

First off, Bokurano and Space Runaway Ideon were announced as the new time-limited additions coming to SRW Cross Omega. Bokurano was revealed with a trailer:

A Bokurano anime Bluray Box was announced as well. it'll launch in Japan on January 27.

Producer Terada explained Bokurano is one of the series seiyuu Tomokazu Sugita has been asking him about for years. Sugita often brings up the subject when they meet, so now, Bokurano is finally in Super Robot Wars. Though many would like to see it in a console game too.

Another reason why they're adding Bokurano is because they're now also adding Ideon to Cross Omega. They wanted to add both at the same time. Seiyuu Kenji Akabane joked they're adding way too much power in one go. Ideon has already been in a console SRW game.

Lastly, Bandai Namco released a Live 2D model for Chatte, the female main character of SRW Cross Omega. You can download the model on the game's official site. Live 2D is the most popular app used to animate models by Virtual YouTubers.

Stay tuned as we'll soon post summaries of the talk show with Soichiro Morizumi.

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Fall Guys Adds a Sonic the Hedgehog Costume October 14

Fall Guys, Mediatonic, Sonic

Fall Guys quickly became a massive hit for developer Mediatonic. The battle royale party game does an excellent job of capturing the feel of something like Takeshi's Castle. And recently, Fall Guys entered its second season, which has a heavy medieval focus. However, today the team revealed that their next big featured costume is Sonic the Hedgehog. Check it out.

The new Sonic costume in Fall Guys will run you 10 crowns. Given that Mediatonic has greatly increased the number of crowns you can earn via the new battle pass, you should expect to see tons of Sonics running around soon.

The new costume is part of an ongoing 60th-anniversary celebration for Sega. The Japanese titan has been holding sales and events to celebrate, so this move makes total sense. After all, Fall Guys is among the most successful games of the year. Partnering with them is a move that almost everybody is trying to do these days.

Of course, Sonic is far from the only thing players have to play for right now. Season 2 has tons of new content for you to unlock. Plus, Mediatonic has incorporated a new Showdown Selector mode. This lets you switch to something like all-gauntlet mode, which takes all of the non-race levels out of the hopper to give you a more competitive experience. That said, it is pretty neat to see this jelly bean version of Sonic.

Fall Guys is available now on PC and PS4. Season 2 just kicked off last week, so now is the perfect time to hop back in.

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