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Monday, 25 March 2019

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Danut Tudorache shared a post with Games, Gaming and Gamers
Danut Tudorache:
#terra2000 #EarnMoney #PlayForFree #PlayGames
Terra2000 is a game that allow to convert your virtual money in real money. How can you earn in game?
There are many ways to earn:
1. Affiliate system (your refferers earn moeny for you)
2. You can open a company in game and earn from virtual goods sold in game
3. You can own shares in other players companies and earn money when the sell virtual goods
4. You can own game shares and you earn money when the game earn money (The administration split his money with you)
5. You can fight in wars, and earn bonuses from the regions conquered by you
6. You can sell affiliates, recruits, shares, etc and earn money
7. You can collect daily bonuses.
8. Run for elections and you can be a governor or even the president of your country
Join now and play
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Terra2000 - Bring your friends in game and earn real money.
Administrate your own country, build your army, conquer the world and earn real money while you playing.

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