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Saturday, 21 September 2019

Meet our New Apprentice!

Macy's journey to Pilates began early as a young dancer using it as a cross training method. Unfortunately she injured her knee, but found Pilates "to be the most helpful thing to recover with. One of the first things I could do after my surgery was supine abs on the reformer. Pilates has really enriched my knowledge of the body and I am a better dancer because of Pilates".

Macy did her Pilates Teacher Training through Pilates Sports Center and is ready to take on clients as an apprentice Pilates Instructor.

The BEST part?
You get 5 Solo Pilates Sessions for ONLY $200*!

Macy's Hours:
Mondays 9-11am
Tuesdays 9-1pm
Saturdays 2pm- 5pm
Sundays 9am or 11am

Click HERE to Sign Up NOW!
*Apprentice Sessions are only available in packages of 5.
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