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Friday, 25 September 2020

Destiny 2: Beyond Light Will See the Game's Overall File Size Shrinking Up to 40%

In a time where games are growing larger when it comes to file size all the time (looking at you, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare), developer Bungie is looking to do the exact opposite and ensure that its own title, Destiny 2, can be less egregious the hard drives of players.

Detailed in a new blog post by Bungie related to the upcoming Beyond Light expansion, the developer said it will be shrinking the install size of Destiny 2 by 30%-40% once the add-on arrives. The new install size will vary depending on your platform of choice, but Bungie says the game's new size will range between 59 and 71GB. Bungie says it is making this move not only for optimization purposes, but also because it will "help us control install size better in the coming years."

While this is surely something that many players of Destiny 2 will be very happy about, there is one major downside. Once Beyond Light releases, players will have to fully download the game all over in order for this new install size to be doled out. Essentially, the current version of Destiny 2 is getting scrapped altogether and the upcoming edition that centers around Beyond Light will be seen as basically a new game. Fortunately, if you're still looking to play Beyond Light on day one and don't want to have to wait to re-download the game in its entirety, Bungie will allow for pre-loading beginning on November 9.

Destiny 2: Beyond Light is set to arrive on November 10 for PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PC, and Stadia, with a version for PS5 coming later on as well. Oh, and it's also available now via Xbox Game Pass if you don't already own the game.

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FIFA 21 Brings Icon Squad Building Challenges Back to Ultimate Team

FIFA 21, EA Play, PS5, Xbox Series X

FIFA 21 is bringing back one of the bigger fan-favorite SBCs after tossing them aside in FIFA 20. Icon SBCs were always a solid way to slowly build up to getting the most famous players in your squad. EA replaced them with Icon Swaps last year, which gave players a chance to earn Icons through gameplay. In some respects, the system worked, but it took away the ability to grind out the best version of most cards. So, while you earn the weakest version of someone like Ruud Gullit, the only way to get his best card was to buy it on the transfer market or spend a ton of real-world money hoping to get lucky.

The latest FIFA 21 Pitch Notes confirms that Icon SBCs and Swaps will be back, which is, on the surface, a big win for the community. Whether you want to grind out objectives through gameplay or grind the menus to finish off SBCs, you'll have both options. That's awesome. Unfortunately, there's a but coming.

The Pitch Notes might confirm that Icon SBCs are coming back; however, it doesn't say if players will be able to get the best version of an Icon through the SBC. They, of course, could do that, but they're not saying it explicitly. So consider me extremely cautious in my optimism.

Let's go back to Ruud Gullit to see why Icon SBCs could be a great reintroduction. Right now, you can get the best version of Gullit on PS4 for 15 million coins. That's a coin balance most people will probably never see. In FIFA 19, his going price was often much lower because so many people were able to craft him through SBCs. His demand went down because he was more available to normal players.

Hopefully, EA uses the reintroduction of Icon SBCs to make those top-tier players much more obtainable. I'm just not willing to give them the benefit of the doubt quite yet.

FIFA 21 is coming to PC, PS4, and Xbox One on October 9. It will also come to PS5 and Xbox Series X at a later date.

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Samurai Shodown Joins the Xbox Series X Release Window Lineup

Samurai Shodown esports

Samurai Shodown has slowly been making its way to every platform around over the past few months, but as we move into the next generation of gaming consoles, the popular fighting title is now confirmed to be releasing on one of the new pieces of hardware.

SNK Corporation announced today that Samurai Shodown is set to be released on both the Xbox Series X and S consoles once they arrive this November. The game won't be a launch day title for the platforms, with SNK simply saying that it's due to arrive this winter. As for what might be new in this edition, well, it doesn't seem like there is anything substantial that SNK is adding for this next-gen version.

You can check out the reveal trailer for Samurai Shodown on the new Xbox consoles right here:

The biggest question revolving around this release of Samurai Shodown comes with whether or not existing owners of the game on Xbox One will be able to freely upgrade on Xbox Series X/S. As of now, SNK hasn't said outright whether the game will qualify for the Smart Delivery program. Considering most games making the jump between the current-gen and next-gen Xbox are using this functionality though, it seems like there could be a decent chance of Smart Delivery being included here.

If you haven't played Samurai Shodown already, Xbox Series X might be a good spot to finally jump in. Speaking for our team here at DualShockers, it has been one of our favorite fighting games of the past few years.

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Spelunky 2 Will Launch Without Online Co-op on PC

Spelunky 2

Spelunky 2 has been out for a few weeks now on PS4, and PC players will get to join in on the fun next week. However, the launch will be missing one big feature. Today, Derek Yu announced that they'll be releasing without online co-op in the PC version to make sure they hit the launch date. However, it's not all bad news. Check out the announcement below.

You read that right Spelunky 2 fans, once the team adds online co-op back into the PC version, it will support cross-play with PS4. So, even if you and your friends buy the game on different platforms, you'll be able to play together. That's exciting news. There isn't an exact date for this update, but it sounds like we won't have to wait too long for it to hit.

And, to be perfectly honest, the footage I've seen of Spelunky 2's multiplayer on PS4 shows that the mode needs work. Yes, they've already put out a few patches which have improved it significantly; however, I've still seen a lot of laggy gameplay in the streams I've watched. As someone who's waiting for the PC version, I'm more than okay with them taking extra time to iron out online play.

After they get online co-op working, the team already has plans for what comes next. First up could be some new PvP modes. That's never something I thought would come to a Spelunky game, but it sure sounds fun. Especially if you get to use some of the crazier items from the main campaign. Can it get much better than PvP turkey fights?

Spelunky 2 is out now on PS4 and launches on PC on September 29.

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Sega Won't Announce A New Yakuza Game At TGS 2020 (UPDATED)

Game series Yakuza TGS 2020

UPDATE: Yakuza Producer Masayoshi Yokoyama later confirmed on Twitter no new game will be announced at the TGS SegaNama. He added there are obviously various projects in movement for the 15th anniversary of the Yakuza series, and that obviously, this includes game projects. The development team is hard at work so they can announce them someday. Yokoyama apologized for the confusion.

Stay tuned for more Yakuza and TGS 2020 coverage. The original story is below.

Sega started its TGS 2020 plans with the Sega Fan Meet-up 2020, and the first big announcement was actually Ayana Tsubaki denying a new Yakuza game will be announced during the SegaNama TGS 2020 special. She mentioned she misunderstood the event's planning, and corrected herself as saying the "latest information of the Ryu Ga Gotoku series" will be revealed, just like what is written on the official schedule.

Ayana Tsubaki (Twitter) is the regular MC of SegaNama, featuring Toshihiro Nagoshi, and she mentioned on Twitter a few hours ago a new Yakuza game would be revealed. Looks like it's not happening now. She deleted her tweet as well.

SegaNama are monthly stream featuring information recaps, and sometimes new details, on upcoming Sega Atlus games. The stream also includes segments with Toshihiro Nagoshi answering many questions from fans. This is how Toshihiro Nagoshi ended up talking about Ghost of Tsushima for example. We regularly cover SegaNama on DualShockers.

As for the future of the Yakuza series, the newest Yakuza game is already available in Japan on PS4 since January, and is coming west as Yakuza: Like a Dragon on PS4, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X on November 10. A PS5 edition will also be arriving in the future, though no release date was shared for it for now. The series producer Masayoshi Yokoyama insinuated the next main game might keep the JRPG mechanics.

Sega is also reportedly making a new Yakuza live-action movie.

Lastly, it's also possible a new game is indeed coming but she wasn't supposed to say it yet. In any case. we'll know for sure whether a new Yakuza game is coming or not on SegaNama on September 26 at 0700 ET  (other time zones). Be sure to check out our schedule for TGS 2020 and our specific schedule for Sega Atlus events to keep track of everything.

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Among Us Console Port is Met With Trouble According to Developer InnerSloth

Among Us 2 canceled

Among Us has been the hottest new online game, exploding in popularity over the last several weeks and topping Fall Guys in Steam sales as of September 21. Because of its popularity, it's only natural that non-PC gamers would want a port to their consoles, however, developer InnerSloth said that a port is more complicated than many people might think.

InnerSloth's Forest Willard streamed Among Us with a handful of streamers when streamer 5uppp asked him if InnerSloth would "consider console support in the long future." Willard's response was a solid "yes, however…" He said:

"It's something we're starting to talk about, but we'd have to write a system for quick comms so it'd basically be for randoms, like Rocket League. I don't know if we'd be able to implement console voice chat or not. I know one of the first things we'd want to add is a friend's list type of account system because it's so hard to do anything without it."

In a game that focuses primarily on written communication between players, it would be challenging to put it on a system that doesn't have a quick way of writing things. Sure, players have the option to attach keyboards to their consoles, but many players don't even know that's an option and might not know how to even set that up.

Additionally, while voice chat might seem like a good fix, not everyone owns a microphone, or would even want to be using it talking to strangers online.

These are common problems for online games, but because Among Us is so heavily reliant on player communication, each problem needs a lot of consideration before fixing as the solutions often introduce other problems. So it might not be a while until we see an Among Us console port.

For more on Among Us, make sure to check out this article on why InnerSloth cancelled the sequel they had planned. You can buy Among Us on Steam right here or play for free on IOS and Android.

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Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Review — The Tedious Journey Of A Crystal Caravan

Back when Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles released on GameCube, I was still a middle school student. The game ended up in my hands, and is still stored right beside me 16 years later. To be honest, FFCC was one of the first games in my life I could play for hours while still thinking it was incredibly lacking in some fronts. This Remastered Edition allowed me to check and see if I'd still felt this way as an adult. Sadly, I still do, even now that an online multiplayer mode was added.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles is set in a world plagued by the Miasma, a poison deadly to all of the four Tribes the player can create their characters from. The only way to live normally in this world is under the protection of giant crystals, shielding populated areas from Miasma. These crystals slowly end up corrupted as well, so each year, each settlement has no choice but to send a Crystal Caravan to travel the world, and bring back Myrrh, a special substance that can purify crystals. Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles is a JRPG, so obviously, Myrrh can only be found deep inside dungeons after a boss fight.

The best word to describe Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles by far is "unconventional." The scenario and world-building are the best aspects of the game, but the way the story is told is quite unique. The game's World Map is in the form of roads followed by your caravan, with icons symbolizing towns or dungeons. As you reach crossroads, you have a chance to trigger events that will expose some of the lore, through meetings with other caravans and various NPCs.

These events are then collected in your diary, including your excursions in dungeons. Once you collect enough Myrrh for a year, which is the equivalent of clearing three dungeons, you go back to your hometown (which you named at the beginning of the game), with a huge feast celebrating your return. There, all the events that happened that year in-game will be recited through your diary, with your own characters and their families dancing and singing. It's a pretty nice feeling and really makes you feel like you've traveled a long way, in life and in the world. FFCC perfectly manages to bring forth a feeling of travel, perhaps even more than some current open-world games.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles is unconventional in how it doesn't tell players much — it's up to you to experiment and figure most things out. I personally like this way of doing things, proceeding with trial and error, but it's definitely not for everyone. FFCC is a game one needs to get used to. It can take a few hours, or it can never click. The game doesn't even tell you your town of origin won't be populated unless you actually make multiple characters. As each character has a family with a different Job, which you'll set. You'll only be able to shop or forge items in your own town if you made Merchant, Blacksmith etc characters. You can also influence what the families at home will sell depending on the gifts you send them by mail while you're on the road.

FINAL FANTASY CRYSTAL CHRONICLES Remastered Edition_20200824015004

Each character in your Caravan holds heir own money and can only exchange items via a common storage accessible in your hometown. With this way of doing things, complete with the diary recording of each event, rather than Final Fantasy, Crystal Chronicles feels much more like another series of Square Enix, Romancing SaGa. Something that makes perfect sense now, as compared to my teen days, I noticed right away producer Akitoshi Kawazu's name in the game's credits, who is the creator of the SaGa series.

Unconventional doesn't necessarily mean bad, and all of this would make Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles a captivating and immersive experience, if not for the battle system. In 2004, I thought it spoiled the rest of the game, and it still does. FFCC is an action RPG with, again, unconventional mechanics, that do work together in theory. However, as you play, you'll always feel like no one really play tested the game with the same mindset as a normal player. The battle system simply isn't fun at all. As I previously explained, the Miasma is everywhere, meaning the only way for caravans to travel safely is to carry a Crystal Chalice, forming a safe zone around a caravan.

In the dungeon exploration gameplay, this translates to a very small safe zone, represented by a circle around the Crystal Chalice. Leaving that zone makes you rapidly lose HP and die. Moreover, someone needs to carry the Chalice: A duty handled by a flying Moogle in single player. That Moogle closely follows the player, but can get tired as well, meaning you'll have to wait for him, and it's honestly quite annoying. The Crystal Chalice can be carried by the player themselves as well when the Moogle is tired, but most notably to solve certain interruptors-based puzzles. In multiplayer, the Moogle is absent, and its up to one of the players to carry the Crystal Chalice, and it's needless to say the most boring role to fulfill.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles has no EXP or levels, with the only ways to strengthen a character being forging better equipment and picking a single stat upgrade such as "Strength +1" or "Magic +2" after clearing a dungeon. The four Tribes in the game each have their specialization as well. The Clavat are all-rounders, the Lilty focus on strength, the Yuke on magic, and the Selkie on having a faster charging time for attacks or magic.

Speaking of Magic, there's no MP in FFCC either, and to use spells, you'll have to first get Magic Stones such as "Cure" and "Fire" by defeating monsters. You actually lose these Stones once you clear a dungeon, meaning if you're specializing in Magic, you'll have to get them back each time. This doesn't even count as farming though, as the drop rates are extremely generous. The first monsters you kill after entering a dungeon will almost always drop you magic stones. Note that you can also earn accessories granting you usage of a specific spell at all times.

Moreover, you can also fuse magic stones to create more powerful or brand new Magic by stacking different stones in your Command List. The order in which you stack them will trigger different results as well. Simply put, stacking two Fire in your Command List will fuse them into Fira. Stacking three will fuse into Firaga. Those Tier 3 magic abilities are quite powerful and make many encounters much easier.

This is another problem of the battle system overall, though. The first hours of dungeon exploration in Crystal Chronicles will feel incredibly difficult and unnatural as you get used to the game, but soon enough, you'll realize it's incredibly easy, yet tedious and annoying. Enemy patterns are quite simple to remember, and the most effective strategy is to "bait" enemies. Getting in their attack range so they initiate their attack, while you quickly back off and thus have time to charge your own attack. As charged strikes and especially magic, which always need to be charged, will deal much more damage.

While there is some variety, like ghost enemies which can only be damaged after first hitting them with the holy magic, battles in Crystal Chronicles feel like a repetitive chore. They are needlessly long as well, once you start redoing some of the early dungeons but in higher difficulty. Most mobs feel like HP sponges. They're easy to dodge and to deal with, and yet take forever to defeat.

Again, the game is generous with drops too, so after a few hours, you'll also have an incredible stock of Phoenix Downs — an item which automatically revives you as long as you have one in your Command List. It makes most bosses into a tedious chore you need to go through, slowly chipping away at their HP bar. Plus, the game almost always makes an enemy drop a Cure magic stone, ensuring you an easy, unlimited way to recover HP.

In Multiplayer, fusing Magic by yourself through your Command List isn't possible. Instead, you'll have to coordinate with your teammates and cast each separate Magic you want to fuse at the right moment. It sounds cool in theory, but again, ultimately just feels like adding another hurdle to the already bothersome battle system. Once two in-game years have passed after clearing a dungeon, the Myrrh in that dungeon will be replenished, but the layout will include new, tougher enemies. There are high difficulty post-game dungeons as well. However, it's simply not fun to revisit these, even in multiplayer. At the end of the day, you'll constantly tell yourself you could use your own and your friends' time in a better way.

FINAL FANTASY CRYSTAL CHRONICLES Remastered Edition_20200923041159

Lastly, I'd also add it's a shame many quality-of-life improvements that could have been made to Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles aren't present in this Remastered Edition. Certain issues are really baffling like being unable to check your characters' stats and inventory in the character selection menu on the world map. You need to pick a character, go inside a town, and then you're allowed to check the inventory menu. Want to check another character's stats? You'd like to buy that item you've seen at the shop with another character's money? You'll have to go back to the world map, change to this character, and enter back town again.

Speaking of the towns, some of them are particularly big and it's a pleasant surprise. Once you're done shopping, a shortcut to instantly return to the world map would have greatly helped, instead of having to walk all the way back to the exit. It's incredibly puzzling such simple improvements weren't added to the game, despite the development team going as far as making online multiplayer crossplay between PS4, Switch, and mobile.

The scenario and world-building of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles are by far the best aspects of the game and what will push players forward, clearing dungeons despite the tediousness. Some of these flaws were corrected in following Crystal Chronicles games. Perhaps future remasters, remakes, or new projects from Square Enix could make everyone remember the Crystal Chronicles series for brighter reasons. Meanwhile, if you really want to try out FFCC Remastered Edition, out of curiosity, nostalgia, or anything else, I highly suggest grabbing the trial version (PS4, Switch) first, which also allows online multiplayer.

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The Last of Us Day Celebrates Early With Preview of Exclusive Figures, The Last of Us Board Game, PS4 Theme and More

Naughty Dog celebrates its "Outbreak Day", now known as "The Last of Us Day" due to the current global COVID-19 events, tomorrow but as a surprise to fans, some preview content has dropped one day early. In a tweet on the official Naughty Dog Twitter, they teased that tomorrow seemed like a long way off so instead of waiting, they thought fans would appreciate an early look at some cool new limited-edition collectibles, an Abby cosplay guide, a board game, and plenty of other things to make any The Last of Us fan as happy as can be. Check out the list below of what was cheekily shown today in anticipation for tomorrow's The Last of Us Day.

The Last of Us Part II Original Soundtrack 2XLP Vinyl + Limited Edition Posters Tomorrow, Mondo will be debuting a special vinyl release of The Last of Us Part II Original Soundtrack by Gustavo Santaolalla and Mac Quayle and debuting not one, but two new screen-printed posters.

The Last of Us Board Game – In partnership with the makers of Bloodborne: The Board Game and God of War: The Card Game, a brand new board game for The Last of Us is coming our way. The game is currently in development and Naughty Dog will share more information as time goes so stay tuned.

The Last of Us Part II Abby Cosplay Guide – If you have ever wanted to dress up as Abby from The Last of Us Part 2, this guide will have you covered. Including detailed shots of her clothing, weapons, equipment, and hair style as well as materials, color reference, and more.

New The Last of Us and The Last of Us Part II Premium Statues and Figures – In collaboration with Gaming Heads, a new 16" Ellie statue from The Last of Us Part II that is available in three unique editions as well as two individual figures of Ellie and Joel.

The Last of Us Part II Free PS4 Theme – from now until Monday, September 28 at 11:59 pm PT, you can download a free PS4 The Last of Us Part II themes and avatars.

The Last of Us collection, including the Joel Funko Pop! and a brand new t-shirt and mug – PlayStation Gear Store is introducing new items to their The Last of Us collection, including the Joel Funko Pop!, a brand new t-shirt and mug available tomorrow. There will also be a limited number of the special edition The Last of Us Part II Taylor 314ce and GS Mini guitars back on the store for The Last of Us Day–for one day only–so if you missed an opportunity to grab one in July, you've got another shot.

The Last of Us Part II in Photo Mode – a brand new The Last of Us Part II Photo Mode Contest for the month of October. Each week, Naughty Dog will select winners that will receive a coveted Ellie Edition and runners up will earn a The Last of Us Part II Limited Edition DualShock 4.

Head on over to the Naughty Dog blog for information on everything that has been listed above as well as terms and conditions and preordering.

Previously, Naughty Dog used the term "Outbreak Day" as a reference to the day when the Cordyceps virus reached critical levels, thus laying the groundwork to what is known as one of the best PlayStation titles to date. In June, The Last of Us Part 2 topped the charts coming in on the number one spot on the NPD group list which covers US sales closely followed by Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Throughout The Last of Us Part 2's release, it saw plenty of set-backs including launch delays due to complications from the COVID-19 pandemic and major story leaks that began to appear online, not to mention the horrific online abuse some of the cast members of the game received too.

We hope the road will remain a lot smoother these days for Naughty Dog and we also hope that tomorrow we finally get to see something of the much anticipated online mode to The Last of Us Part 2. Long time fans of the online factions mode to the original The Last of Us have been waiting with bated breath for any news on when the much-desired MP add-on would make its way to Naughty Dog's newest title as in September last year, fans found out that The Last of Us Part 2 wouldn't include a multiplayer component but that they are working on releasing it at a later date as it's own standalone experience so, I hope that the wait is finally over on tomorrow's The Last of Us Day!

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Metal Gear Solid 1 and 2 Have Officially Re-Released on PC Today

Rumors began swirling earlier this week that Konami was looking to bring some of its classic titles, most notably the first two Metal Gear Solid entries, to PC at some point in the future. Fortunately, it hasn't taken long for us to learn that those rumors were indeed true.

Releasing via GOG today, Konami has now brought forward the original Metal GearMetal Gear Solid, and Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance to PC. While these titles have been on PC in the past, they haven't been compatible with modern PC setups for quite some time.

In addition to these Metal Gear titles finally returning to PC, Konami has also thrown a bone to fans of its other franchises. KONAMI Collector's Series: Castlevania & Contra has also landed on GOG today and contains five games in total across the two iconic series. The first three Castlevania games along with Contra and Super C can be found in this bundle if you're looking to snag it.

All in all, none of these ports have been drastically upgraded or remastered, but it's nice to see that Konami is showing love to its back catalog. In the case of the first two Metal Gear Solid games, I'm sure many will happily add them to their own PC library.

If you're looking to snag these games for yourself today, Metal Gear Solid 1 and 2 will set you back $9.99. Conversely, Metal Gear and KONAMI Collector's Series: Castlevania & Contra will cost $5.99.

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Tom Holland Might Portray Link in Netflix's Rumored The Legend of Zelda Adaptation

Tom Holland in The Legend of Zelda

While Tom Holland is currently busy shooting Uncharted movie, where he depicts Nathan Drake, it seems he might get a new offer from Netflix for playing as Link in the rumored adaptation of The Legend of Zelda.

Reported by We Got This Covered, the website claims that some sources have informed them that Netflix wants Tom Holland to play as Link in their unannounced The Legend of Zelda depiction. Regarding the fact that the exisitence of such a movie or series itself needs an official confirmation, we strongly suggest you to take it with a grain of salt. That being said, Tom Holland wouldn't be an unfavorable choice at all.

After Marvel Studios took the helm for developing a new set of Spider-Man movies, Tom Holland has been chosen to portray Peter Parker, a.k.a. Spider-Man. The reception of fans and media for his depiction of Spider-Man have mostly been positive so far, which proves his talent for portraying extra-ordianray protagonists.

Holland isn't unfamiliar with video game adaptations as he is currently working with the team behind Uncharted movie, where he is going to play as Nathan Drake, one of Sony's most beloved characters over the past and present generation of consoles. Of course, we still need to wait a lot to finally see how he looks in the shoes of Nathan Drake, but with no doubt, it could be a valuable experience for him to have a role in the future gaming adaptations in cinema.

Tom Holland's latest movie, The Devil All the Time, is currently out on Netflix. Despite some mediocre reviews from the media, those who have watched the movie seemingly liked it, based on the movie's user score on Metacritic.

Nintendo is currently busy working on the sequel for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It would be interesting to know which part of Link's saga in The Legend of Zelda would be chosen as the main arc story of its rumored Netflix adaptation.

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