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Sony Says it Has Not Changed its PS5 Production Number Despite Recent Reports

Earlier today, a new report came about via Bloomberg that said Sony was forced to lower its initial PS5 shipment total by roughly 4 million units after manufacturing issues had come about. Now, it seems as though we have learned that this information isn't correct.

In a new statement given to GamesIndustry.biz, Sony pushed back on the report and simply said that what was reported was not true. "While we do not release details related to manufacturing, the information provided by Bloomberg is false," Sony said plainly. "We have not changed the production number for PlayStation 5 since the start of mass production."

It's honestly rare to see companies like Sony directly shoot down a report like Bloomberg's, which seems to show that what the PlayStation 5 manufacturer is saying is completely true. Considering the way in which the news affected the company's stock earlier this morning, however, it would make sense for them to want to get ahead of this story as much as they can.

This is also surely good news for those that are looking to pick up a PS5 either at launch or in the first few months after its release. Next-gen consoles launches typically almost see all units flying off of store shelves at breakneck speeds, so to know that Sony will have more PS5 consoles to sell in the wake of its release is definitely a positive.

As for when the PS5 itself is slated to launch, we still do not know, but that should surely be changing tomorrow. Sony is set to hold a new PS5 showcase event tomorrow at 4:00pm EDT/1:00pm PDT to share more about the next-gen platform. Stay tuned for more information at that time.

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Spelunky 2 is Out on PS4 Today and Its Launch Trailer is Adorable

Roguelike enthusiasts are surely beaming today as after years of waiting, Spelunky 2 has finally landed on PS4. While the game's release on its own merit is the most notable thing today, Mossmouth also released a lovely launch trailer to celebrate the occasion and it's definitely worth watching.

The launch trailer for Spelunky 2 appropriately sets the stage for the sequel and introduces us to the game's new overarching plot. Playing as the character Ana, you'll venture into the hidden depths of the moon in search of your mother and father, the latter of which was the protagonist from the original Spelunky. The entire trailer is then presented with voiceover from Ana's mother, who is conveying a message to Ana via a note that was left behind.

While talking about the overall narrative thrust of this sequel is presented in a lovingly way, there's also a whole lot of new gameplay on display, too. If you haven't seen much of Spelunky 2 in action just yet, this new video does a great job of showing off some of the new locations and mechanics that have been brought to the follow-up. It looks like there should be enough to chew on here for years to come.

You can check out the launch trailer for Spelunky 2 down below. While the game is out on PS4 today, it won't be releasing on PC until two weeks from now on September 29. Keep an eye out for a review from us once we get our hands on that version of the game.

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Rivals of Aether is Coming to Nintendo Switch September 24

Rivals of Aether, the acclaimed Super Smash Bros. Melee-inspired indie platform fighter has seen a breadth of success in recent years. Since its launch on PC, it's garnered a dedicated competitive scene and active fanbase, as well as a vibrant modding community, especially after the game added Steam workshop support on PC.

Last spring, Rivals of Aether creator Dan Fornance hosted a digital event to talk about the future of the game. Alongside multiple new game mode announcements and the announcement that the game would be receiving a definitive edition, which will include all DLC characters, he announced that the highly anticipated port of the game to the Switch would be coming this summer. Weeks later, Rivals was one of the many games delayed because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Today, the official Rivals of Aether Twitter account announced that the game would finally release on the platform on September 24 for $29.99.

Following the announcement, Dan Fornance wrote a Medium post where he explained some of the reasons why the game was delayed. Among issues with the game engine, Game Maker Studio not having full Switch support, multiple porting studios dropping the project, prioritizing four-player support and rollback netcode, the studio decided to make a definitive edition for the game. Following that decision, they decided to wait to complete that version before bringing it to Switch, complete with new modes.

When Rivals of Aether Definitive Edition launches on Switch, it's sure to draw in a number of fighting game and Smash fans alike. Considering the game has rollback netcode, the holy grail of fighting games, it's sure to blossom as a competitive experience.

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Super Mario 3D All-Stars Games are Said to Just be Running on Emulators

There's no doubt about it that Super Mario 3D All-Stars is the biggest release of this week, but ahead of the bundle's launch this Friday, it seems as though some information of the collection has already leaked out.

As it has become standard with recent Nintendo first-party releases, Super Mario 3D All-Stars has leaked out ahead of time and people are already data mining the game for information. As for what the data mining has produced so far, it seems as though the most notable piece of information is in regards to the All-Stars collection itself and how each title runs. Rather than porting Super Mario 64Sunshine, and Galaxy over to the Switch natively, Nintendo has opted to have each game running via emulation on the platform instead.

In a pretty comprehensive thread over on Twitter, user @OatmealDome broke down the details pretty thoroughly. Super Mario Sunshine and Super Mario Galaxy look to be running on a Wii and GameCube emulator that is perhaps known as "hagi" and seems to have been made by a Nintendo division in Europe. Super Mario 64 is then running on an emulator as well, but it's not currently known which one. Galaxy, however, is said to have its original code running on the Switch's CPU, but the other functions of the game are still performing via an emulator, which is pretty odd.

For some, the fact that Nintendo opted to run the games in this manner on the Switch is potentially disheartening. Many in the larger Nintendo community have been replaying these three games, and many others, off of emulators for years at this point, so for Nintendo to not natively port them all and instead just opt to use emulators as well is a bit disappointing. It also makes the collection's availability, which only extends to March 2021, a bit more unusual.

Regardless of how all three games run though, I imagine many who are looking to pick up Super Mario 3D All-Stars this week won't have had their purchasing decision swayed by the news. Does that stand true for you? Let me know down in the comments.

Super Mario 3D All-Stars is set to launch later this week on Friday, September 18, exclusively on the Switch.

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Amnesia: Rebirth Drops October 20, Here's a Terrifying New Trailer

Amnesia: Rebirth, Frictional Games

Amnesia: Rebirth is the first direct sequel to Amnesia: The Dark Descent. Obviously, A Machine for Pigs was the first follow-up, but it's an indirect sequel and wasn't developed by Frictional Games. Instead, the team published it and worked on Soma. Now, they're finally back with a true sequel and it looks as terrifying as ever. Check out the new release date trailer below.

Its been five years since Frictional released a game. Of course, when your output is as great as this studio's it's hard to argue with their development cadence. And, Amnesia: Rebirth looks to continue that trail of quality. Not only is this game bringing the spooks, but it looks great too.

That early scene where the player exits a plane into a desert is particularly striking. It's been a while since I've played the original Amnesia, but I remember it as a dark and brooding game. Obviously, that comes later in the trailer, but it was pretty striking to see the sunlight in this trailer. I'm intrigued to see if this is just a one-off or if the team is exploring some new environments.

Once things get suitably gloomy, the trailer begins to show off more of what I'd expect from a new Amnesia game. The constant struggle to keep a light on as you navigate dark hallways and avoid monsters is what these games are all about. I'm sure I'm not the only Amnesia fan that can't wait to see where Frictional takes us for this journey.

Amnesia: Rebirth comes to PC and PS4 on October 20.

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Rocket League Will Become Free-to-Play on September 23

Since its debut in 2015, Rocket League has gradually become one of the most popular online multiplayer titles available across consoles and PC. Though the game initially launched as a paid title, and after Psyonix's acquisition by Epic Games, Rocket League will be entering a new chapter with its official transition into a free-to-play title, which will take place starting next week.

Developer Psyonix has officially announced that Rocket League will transition to becoming free-to-play across all platforms starting on September 23, 2020. Ahead of the game's transition to its free-to-play format, a new update will release on September 16 that adds some key features to the title, including cross-platform progression linking through an Epic Games account, Legacy items, along with additional updates and changes.

You can take a look at a new cinematic trailer released by Psyonix ahead of the game's free-to-play debut later this month:

As detailed by Psyonix, the free-to-play launch for Rocket League will also mark the title's debut on the Epic Games Store and removal from the Steam store (current owners of the game on Steam, however, are unaffected). The free-to-play version, when it launches on September 23, will also add new features such as the return of the Rocket Pass, new Item Packs, some upgrades and changes to the Tournaments and Challenges systems, and more. A special limited time in-game event called "Llama-Rama" will also be happening after the game makes its free-to-play debut, which will take place as a Fortnite crossover event.

Earlier in the year, it was confirmed that Rocket League players on PS4 and Switch won't require an online subscription to PS Plus or Nintendo Switch Online to play the game, following in the tradition of other free-to-play games like Fortnite. While the game is popular already, the transition to a free-to-play structure will surely open Psyonix's title up to a wider audience across its numerous platforms.

Rocket League is available now on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC, Mac, and Linux.

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Twin Mirror, Dontnod's New Mystery Game, Will Launch in December

With the Life is Strange series and the recently-released Tell Me Why under its belt, Dontnod Entertainment have become experts at crafting engaging episodic narrative games. The next major release from the studio is the upcoming Twin Mirror, and after the game's reveal over two years ago, the upcoming title is finally set for release later this year.

Developer and publisher Dontnod Entertainment has announced that Twin Mirror will officially launch on December 1, 2020 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC, which will be exclusive to the Epic Games Store. Alongside the release date for the title, Dontnod also confirmed that pre-orders are now available for the game across all platforms, which will also include its digital soundtrack for free.

You can take a look at a new gameplay trailer for the title below, which gives a deeper look into the mystery adventure game:

Originally announced as an episodic narrative game in the style of Life is Strange, Dontnod Entertainment confirmed over the summer that Twin Mirror will instead be released as a complete experience from beginning to end. While its past titles like Life is Strange used an episodic structure that spanned over several months, Tell Me Why instead released in weekly installments over the course of three chapters. With Twin Mirror, it seems like Dontnod is continuing to experiment with how it is releasing its games, this time opting to release the entire experience at once.

From what we've seen from the game so far, Twin Mirror focuses on an investigative journalist named Sam who returns to his hometown of Basswood, West Virginia. Once there, he begins investigating mysterious happenings in the town with the use of his inner voice, which may help or hinder the investigation based on what decisions that players make throughout the game.

Twin Mirror  will arrive on December 1, 2020 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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The Invincible is a Gorgeous Sci-Fi Thriller From Starward Industries

The Invincible, Starward Industries

The Invincible is a brand new Sci-Fi thriller from Starward Industries, a team made up of several former CD Projekt Red and Techland devs. The game takes one of polish author Stanislaw Lem's works and adapts it to the virtual world. The retro-future aesthetic is stunning and has me more than excited to see more of this 2021 game. Give the screenshots a look below.

In The Invincible, players will take on the role of a scientist stranded on an alien planet. You're trying to track down the rest of your crew while working to survive a hostile landscape. Interestingly, the devs are saying the non-linear story is shaped by your actions and choices. Which means this is probably a looser adaptation of Lem's novel than you might have assumed upfront. That said, it's awesome to see a team taking on a property that has a little less fanfare.

It sounds like that's going to be Starward's whole thing. In an interview with Gamesradar, CEO and former CD Projekt Red producer Marek Markuszewski talked about how the team wants to "develop new IP based on locally recognized series of novels." That, of course, fits right in with The Invincible. Hopefully, moving forward, we'll continue to see excellent, lesser-known works spotlighted.

Of course, first The Invincible has to be successful. Obviously, it's too early to really tell how the game will launch. However, these early screens have me excited. I'm always up for a space thriller, especially when they're this nice to look at.

The Invincible plans to launch sometime in 2021 on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X.


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Uncharted Movie Production is Going "So Well" According to Tom Holland


Despite having been affected slightly by the COVID-19 pandemic earlier this year, filming of the Uncharted movie is currently happening, and according to the film's leading star, Tom Holland, the production has been great so far.

In a recent Instagram live video, Holland took some time to interact with fans to kill some time. One fan ended up asking Holland about how the filming for Uncharted was going and the actor who plays the role of Nathan Drake had nothing but praises to lavish upon it.

"Filming is going so well. It is going so well," Holland said excitedly. "The film is like everything I ever dreamed it would be." Holland didn't go on to say anything else specifically about the production, but he did say that as someone who is a major fan of the video games that the film is based on, he's quite pleased with how it has turned out.

You can check out the clip where Holland talks about Uncharted from the Instagram video below around the 1:15 minute mark:


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At this point in time, it would seem as though the filming of Uncharted has to be near its final stages as shooting began all the way back in July. As such, with footage now actually in the chamber, it would stand to reason that we could see an initial trailer of some sort within the next few months, which is something that hasn't come about as of this writing.

Currently slated to release in March of 2021, Uncharted was pushed back to July 16 of next year in light of the pandemic. Hopefully, if the world is back to normal by this time next year, we'll all be able to visit the theater and see if Uncharted panned out as well as Holland has currently indicated that it has.

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Fall Guys New Midseason Update is Now In Effect

Fall guys update

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout has been one of the biggest hits of the year, amassing over 26,000,000 total players as of September 6, according to Gamstat. This morning, a video posted on the official PlayStation YouTube channel revealed that Fall Guys would be getting a new midseason update to keep all returning players on their toes.

The announcement trailer shows off remixed versions of old levels as well as the "Big Yeetus", a giant swinging hammer that offers players the chance to test their luck. Will they be launched all the way across the level closer to the goal or will they be sent straight down into the slime below? Only the Big Yeetus knows.

This midseason update comes on the heels of another Fall Guys announcement: the announcement at Gamescom Opening Night Live of Fall Guys Season 2. According to the countdown clock on the game's main menu, Season 2 is set to launch October 6 and will be taking on a medieval theme.

The remixed levels are important to have in a game like Fall Guys because once each level is mastered, some players log out and never come back, because the challenge has seemingly disappeared. By changing which ways the giant wrecking balls are swinging or by replacing static foam arms with rotating hammers, the game is different enough for players to hop back in and discover the challenge all over again.

The Fall Guys midseason update is in effect as of today as well as an update for accessibility, according to their twitter account, that allows buttons to be remapped for people playing the PC version of the game.

For more things Fall Guys make sure to check out our confessions of a Fall Guys bully video, or DualShockers Staff Writer Sam Woods' editorial explaining the marketing success of Fall Guys.

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