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Tuesday, 8 September 2020

VR MMO Zenith opens up its Steam page and shares some gameplay in a new trailer

The in-development VR MMO Zenith is slowly striding forward to its upcoming alpha release, and while developer Ramen VR still is mum about a date for alpha's arrival, it is eager to begin showing off what it's added up to this point with a first look at alpha gameplay. According to the devs, the video […]

The Daily Grind: Are any MMORPGs ever truly 'ready' for launch when they launch?

A few weeks back, I was proofing one of Tyler's Not So Massively columns, when he said this: "In general it was a very polished beta experience, with few bugs or issues to speak of. The September launch date doesn't seem like rushing things; this game is ready." It leaped right out at me because […]

The Stream Team: Talking Heist as the time of Path of Exile gardening grows short

The time for gardening grows short… and not just because summer is ending! Path of Exile's Harvest league is coming to its end, and Heist will soon take its place. Massively OP's MJ wants to spend some final time in her Sacred Grove before turning to a new life of crime. Tune in live at […]

Massively Uplifting: MMOs from LOTRO to ESO bring comfort, healing, camaraderie, and charity

Summer may be ending, but good deeds and uplifting stories aren't! Throughout August we've been surrounded by stories of kindness, generosity, and goodness within our gaming universe. These moments of making a better world can be big or small, but they always touch us. And they can make us better! On a personal level, we […]

Uncharted Waters Origin is an Age of Sail PC and mobile MMO entering closed beta later this year

So this one had me diving in to the rabbit hole of Uncharted Waters, a Japanese game series from Koei Tecmo Games set in the 15th and 17th century Age of Sail time period. As seen from the preceding link, the game has had a long and storied history, spanning back from the NES days […]

Crucible previews several adjustments coming to Heart of the Hives mode

The devs of Crucible would like to inform those in the game's beta take two of what it's got planned for the Heart of the Hives mode. Which is good considering that is the primary mode for the game thus far. The latest internal build for the game includes some new locked spawn points, a […]

Crowfall plans guild alliance features, mounts, and mass production crafting features

As the beta test of Crowfall continues to roll on, the folks at ArtCraft Entertainment are keen to add what it considers to be "must have" features to the game. One such feature is the ability for guilds to form alliances with one another, which is planned to arrive to the game soon. Guild alliances […]

Legends of Aria is opening a new area and adding pet abilities and necromancy in Point Release 11

Point Release 11 of Legends of Aria is on the horizon and with it comes a variety of new features, the largest of which is the final landmass for the world of Celador, the Outlands, which are about as dangerous and difficult as the name would suggest. "In the Outlands, you'll be exploring an arid […]

The Stream Team: Laboring through Elder Scrolls Online's PvP event

Massively OP's MJ may not participate in PvP much in Elder Scrolls Online, but when an event happens, she's there! She's not about to miss those sweet, sweet tickets and new indriks. And rumor has it she even made a kill this weekend, topped off by then added a number of healing assists. What timeline […]

Jukebox Heroes: Six great ArcheAge tunes

ArcheAge is well-known for being one of the more beautiful MMO game worlds out there, but does its music stack up in comparison? The answer to that is a little yes and a little no. I got ahold of it several months ago, well before I was even paying attention to this game or its […]

Wisdom of Nym: Final Fantasy XIV's second season of crafting PvP

Let's call this side of Ishgard Restoration what it is, yes? This is Final Fantasy XIV giving people another form of PvP in competitive crafting. The name of the game is turning in lots and lots of stuff over and over to hit the top of the rankings, and every scrap someone else turns in […]

Last Oasis addresses its thinning numbers with a promise to continue with development

There's been a recent update to Last Oasis that primarily is about the recently announced Exosuit, a framework of wood, pulleys, and gears that equates to heavy armor in the game's fiction. It's… questionable, but we've all accepted far weirder video game handwavium before, so we'll all just agree to give it a pass. What's […]

World of Warcraft polls players about the game's next free sparklepony

Citing a "spirit of unity" with World of Warcraft players through a difficult year, Blizzard announced on the site that it is going to be creating a brand-new mount to add to the game when Shadowlands arrives. The best part? Not only will players have a say in what this mount will be but everyone […]

TERA's console version gets a new (old) publisher

Just because En Masse Entertainment is out of the picture doesn't mean that TERA's going anywhere. In fact, plans are moving forward to transfer the console edition to a new publisher — which is, in reality, an old friend. "TERA Console's Publisher for North America, Europe and Japan will be KRAFTON Bluehole Studio," the team […]

The Daily Grind: What real-world critter do you wish were in more MMOs?

The other day, my family was having a discussion about why more of the animals they've seen on TV zoo shows are never represented in the online games we play together. My son, for example, loves koalas, but I couldn't immediately think of an MMO with koalas. My husband blurted out wallabies, which are cute […]

MMO Week in Review: A Heist, a security breach, and a whole New World

The week before Labor Day is always a weird one between conventions and bonus events, and this week was no different in spite of the circumstances. We mused on New World, pondered the Epic/Apple lawsuit, cheered for WoW Classic, welcomed Path of Exile's Heist reveal, puzzled over Camelot Unchained, raised eyebrows over Dual Universe's security […]

Hearthstone will have a three-week event all about Scholomance Academy's Hidden Library

As is always the case with places of magical learning, there's some sort of hidden repository of ancient knowledge that nobody wants students to find out. But, of course, students being students, they're going to go looking anyway. That old chestnut is the basic setup for Hearthstone's upcoming Forbidden Library event, a three week-long series […]

The MOP Up: Elder Scrolls Online's Stonethorn DLC arrives on consoles

Good news for the patient and long-suffering Elder Scrolls Online console players: The game's latest DLC and patch have finally arrived following the PC release last month. "The Stonethorn DLC game pack and Update 27 is now available on all platforms and brings a host of new stories, challenges, tools, and improvements to ESO, including two new […]

Star Citizen sheds some light on how it sheds some lights in-game

You can spend all the time in the world creating neat locations for your internet spaceship sandbox, but none of that work will matter if players can't see what you've done. Basically, lighting is important, and that importance was illustrated in this week's developer roundtable video from Star Citizen. Once more, this development video is […]

The Game Archaeologist: Mirrorworld

In this column, we have previously journeyed to lands where you saw not with your eyes, but with your imagination. I speak, of course, of text-based multi-user dungeons, or MUDs. These games took players to virtual worlds long before technology could handle sharing graphics, electing instead to use text as the medium in which these […]

Google seeks to dismiss Epic's lawsuit as Epic talks up the Fortnite 'Metaverse'

While much of the focus of the Epic lawsuit coverage has been on Apple, which was certainly helped along by that 1984 parody ad played on Fortnite, Epic Games is picking a fight on at least two fronts as the company is fighting Google too. So let's cast our eyes in that direction for a […]

One Shots: Bow before Zuul!

We've all certainly met plenty of kings, queens, and other rulers in MMOs, and as a greater community, we've come to one unified opinion — they're just as incompetent as politicians in the real world. So why not stage a coup and replace them with someone who is effective, vivacious, and smart? Someone like… you? […]

The Daily Grind: Which MMO is best for playing alone (not just solo)?

No, I didn't mean "solo." I meant alone. Because there's a difference. There are many games I play where I have friends, established groups of people, group activities I take part in on a regular basis, and so forth. Sure, I might be playing solo right now in World of Warcraft, but I'm still in contact […]

Battle Bards Episode 176: Orchestral RuneScape

In 2018, RuneScape put out an official orchestral album to highlight some of the best of its remastered and re-recorded soundtrack. From delicate tunes to epic themes, the album shows just how far the game has come since its early MIDI days. The Battle Bards dive into this triumphant score and pull out some vindication […]

Black Desert is adding a tier 10 pegasus mount, new Red Battlefield map, and new world boss

A post made to the Pearl Abyss' Black Desert Global Lab is offering up some enticing new pieces of content for Black Desert players, particularly if those players have ever wanted to travel on the back of a pegasus. And honestly, who wouldn't? People who are wrong, that's who. This new tier 10 mount is […]

Torchlight III's next early access patch reworks Dusk Mage, adds a training dummy

Get ready, get set, and go… wait a little while until Torchlight III's next patch arrives. You won't have to wait long, as the update for the early access title is coming on September 9th, carrying with it a raft of adjustments and a couple of new features. The big change here is a rework […]

Fallout 76's One Wasteland and second season arrive on September 15

Mark your calendars, because September 15th is going to be a significant date for Fallout 76. That's the day when Update 22 arrives, bringing with it the One Wasteland leveling revamp as well as the game's second season of play. Speaking of Season 2, this week's Inside the Vault dev blog gave a preview of […]

Massively on the Go: An open letter to Pokemon Go's Niantic and The Pokemon Company

Dear Niantic and The Pokemon Company, Thank you for Pokemon Go. Despite my criticism, this is probably the longest I've ever played a Pokemon game. Ever. I've also probably made more friends with it than any other game in the series as well. So please understand that my criticism comes from a wish to see the game […]

TERA's Undying update is coming next week, but no new word on game's future

While TERA's players continue to forge on in the wake of En Masse Entertainment's closure, at least everyone is going to have a good distraction come next week when the Undying update lands on September 8th. The patch is adding the Undying Warlord to the Forbidden Arena, bringing back a tougher version of Kezzel's Gorge […]

WRUP: Things you could do if you had twenty fingers on each hand edition

Thing the FIRST: Play the piano really well with way less hand movement. Thing the SECOND: Play a flute really well. Thing the THIRD: Play two flutes at the same time, but not as well. Thing the FOURTH: Play… wait, why would you be doing the fingering for two other people playing the flute at […]

The Daily Grind: What lessons hath WoW Classic taught us?

You might have missed it, but WoW Classic just celebrated its first anniversary this past week. It was a huge and slightly messy launch back in August 2019, and while the server populations have settled down somewhat, it's still a popular MMO with a bustling community that's finding its fun in this old school design. […]

The Stream Team: Meeting the family in Warframe's Heart of Deimos

While Massively OP's MJ had tried to plan on finishing the Deadlock Protocol tonight, she just can't pull herself away from Warframe's Heart of Deimos! Not only is there is so much story left to experience just in the main quest line (and that's not even counting all the extra lore you learn as your […]

Betawatch: New World promises lots of content in its November test

People seem to have generally been rather pleased with the New World preview event this month, huh? It's winding down today, but the promise made is that feedback is not just being heard but actively taken into account, and there should be a lot more content in the game for its next preview event in November. […]

Path of Exile answers a host of player questions regarding the Heist expansion

With the recent unveiling of the Heist expansion for Path of Exile and its various new mechanics, players of the ARPG understandably have questions. Luckily, Grinding Gear Games has answers. Lots and lots and lots of answers. So many answers, in fact, that they were broken up in to two posts and a 30-minute video […]

EverQuest and EverQuest II are ramping up XP earnings, drop rates, and more for Labor Day and autumn

How does one celebrate the Labor Day holiday or the autumn season? If you're EverQuest and EverQuest II, you do it by ramping up all sorts of earnings. Starting on Tuesday, September 8th and running until Monday, September 21st, EverQuest will be offering double rare spawns and double faction bonuses across all of Norrath to […]

Craftopia has entered early access on Steam

When is a launch not a launch? When it's early access, naturally. However, the idea of things being a bit rough around the edges but slowly getting refined until everything is in a useful state is basically the definition of on-brand for Craftopia, the new Japan-developed crafting sandbox under discussion. Make things! Build stuff! And do […]

Star Citizen debuts a grenade launcher coming to alpha 3.11

Why throw grenades like a simpleton when you can fire one from a specially designed firearm? That's just what Star Citizen players will get to do in alpha 3.11 when the Behring GP33 grenade launcher arrives, which was previewed in this week's episode of Inside Star Citizen. The first half of the video is dedicated […]

Legends of Aria opens up the Monolith for free for the weekend

Do you currently have the Dark Sorcery DLC in Legends of Aria? If not, you cannot enter the Monolith normally. But this weekend the developers are letting you have a little Monolith, as a treat; there's a free event running until September 7th to allow everyone into the dungeon, giving the barest taste of what the […]

The Stream Team: The second day of Shroud hunting in SWTOR

The Shroud of SWTOR has noticed the meddling of Massively OP's Larry and MJ, but that doesn't worry them. Or apparently the Shroud, for that matter. Will the duo be able to disrupt this megalomaniac's dastardly plots? Tune in live at 2:00 Massively OP's Stream Team brings you day two, planet two of Shroud […]

CD Projekt Red's earnings video suggests that Cyberpunk 2077 will not face any more delays

It would appear that the upcoming single-player (and later, multiplayer) RPG Cyberpunk 2077 is on schedule if a recent video from CD Projekt Red CFO Piotr Nielubowicz is to be believed. The video recounts the company's financial progress in the first half of the year and touches on the twice delayed game's progress, noting that […]

Massively on the Go: Here's how Niantic is trying to fix Pokemon Go's Mega Evolutions

A bit before Niantic's wellness week kicks in for employees, Pokemon Go players got an update on the Mega Evolution problem/solution. We've previously covered the Mega Evolution, noting that the feature's release was less than well-received. However, Niantic's already made a few changes and proposed some interesting new ones. Right now, Mega Raids are awarding […]

World of Warcraft Classic's smaller servers are not getting the help they need for the Ahn'Qiraj War Effort

The next phase of World of Warcraft Classic content updates will bring in Naxxramas, which is something you would like to have following the opening of the Gates of Ahn'Qiraj. We already know about players on some Classic servers that made their way through that event with great alacrity. But some of the game's smaller servers are […]

Global Chat: New World might be worth the wait

One opinion I've seen echoed across many corners of our community is that New World is actually shaping up to be a pretty decent MMO. This is especially surprising considering the lengthy delay to 2021, but the recent preview event made several converts, including Belghast from Tales of the Aggronaut. "New World was not a […]

Sea of Thieves' Vaults of the Ancients update brings a rich new voyage and quality-of-life on September 9

While Sea of Thieves is quite literally going to the dogs in September, the latest news bulletin from the devs has more fully outlined the update, which we now know is called Vaults of the Ancients and is due to arrive on Wednesday, September 9th. As announced at Gamescom, the update will bring a new […]

Vague Patch Notes: Apple vs. Epic is not good vs. evil

So Epic has really gone all-in on fighting against Apple here, huh? The company is using Fortnite as a wedge in hopes of bringing down some of Apple's tech monopoly when it comes to its app store. And… on this point, yes, Epic is probably right. Apple is definitely not a good company, and it has […]

New World promises gobs of new content ahead of its next test in November

As Amazon's New World winds down its late-summer preview event, the studio has a new dev blog up, admitting it's been "humbled" by the player response to the event and discussing the game's next steps – specifically, its next testing phase and what types of content it'll be adding. "We will continue development, now armed […]

Warhammer Online rogue server Return of Reckoning's second weekend of Twitch drops is about to begin

Funny ol' world we live in where an MMORPG rogue server is having another round of Twitch goodies dropping on its fans. Warhammer Online emulator Return of Reckoning is hosting a weekend of Twitch drops that will run between Friday, September 4th, at 12:00 p.m. EDT (that's today!) until Monday, September 7th, at 12:00 p.m. […]

Spellbreak trades battle royale's shooting for spellcasting as it officially launches

As we mentioned earlier this week, the battle royale sub-genre has a fresh arrival in the form of Spellbreak, a game where the shooting of guns is replaced with the slinging of spells. Players take up the mantle of a battle mage and can equip two different magical gauntlets, with each one combining to create […]

Casual space sandbox CSC aka Crypto Space Commander launches on Steam with a dash of Star Trek

If you yearn for the stars yet are put off by the complexity and coldness of games like Star Citizen and EVE Online, you may want to check out Lucid Sight's CSC. The space sandbox just launched on Steam as a free-to-play title this week, and it's bursting with personality and casual charm. "The unique […]

WildStar's composer creates a brand-new music track for terminally ill player

For those of you who traveled in WildStar's orbit back in the day, you may remember a guy named Avidguru. Avid hosted the WildCast podcast and was a great supporter of the game, even after WildStar's shutdown. Sadly, he contracted colon cancer several years back and is now coming to the end of his life. […]

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